Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Event Update For 2014-01-21

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Fires And Explosions
2014-01-21 - Auto salvage yard hit by huge fire at 4 AM, 80+ vehicles destroyed, in coastal Melbourne (Australia):
Quote: "Residents in Melbourne's north were terrified by explosions erupting from a car-wrecking yard, as a fire tore through the grounds early on Tuesday. Metropolitan Fire Brigade crews were called to the yard in Sarah Street, Campbellfield, at 4am to fight the blaze."
2014-01-21 - Two trailers destroyed by fire at auto salvage yard in coastal Vallejo (California):
2014-01-21 - Auto salvage yard erupts in flame on Beachwood Road in Collingwood (Canada):
Note: This road runs right along the shore of Lake Huron...
2014-01-21 - Auto crusher and five trailers destroyed by fire at auto salvage yard in coastal Bay Shore (New York):
2014-01-21 - At least 77 cars destroyed by fire at workshop in Selayang (Malaysia):
2014-01-21 - Metal recycling business hit by fire in Lubbock (Texas):
2014-01-21 - Metal business ravaged by massive blaze just before midnight in Cleveland (Ohio):
Note: Whew, the situation is not looking good. From the full hypothesis: "Metal-related businesses will be hit hard, including salvage yards and metal recycling centers."

2014-01-21 - Another mysterious explosion shakes homes and alarms people in Colonial Heights (Virginia):

Quote: "Diana Penn, who said this is the third boom she has heard this month, said the latest one at 4:10 p.m. was the closed one she has felt. In fact, Penn said the first two blasts were from the southwest. She said Sunday’s boom sounded closer — as if it was from the southeast and did not have the telltale rumble sound afterward..."

Note: More mysterious explosions rattled this town a coupla weeks prior, as mentioned in the 2014-01-07 update. This town is located where the James River flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Right off the coast there are 2.5 gigatons of dissociating methane hydrates...

2014-01-21 - Explosion and fire destroys warehouse containing earth moving equipment, in Edwardstown (Australia):

Note: That's about 3 miles due east (downwind) of the ocean...

2014-01-21 - Explosion and fire hits wastewater treatment plant in Pickering (Canada):

Quote: "The Duffin Creek Water Pollution Control Plant is located on McKay Road near Squires Beach Road, south of Highway 401."

Quote: "Durham Regional Police Sgt. Nancy van Rooy says several 911 calls came in at around 9:20 a.m. reporting a 'large explosion' at a building on McKay Road."

Note: Pickering is located on the shore of Lake Ontario...

2014-01-21 - Potato warehouse destroyed by explosion and fire, near Perham (Minnesota):

Quote: "'I pulled into work and it was like nothing,' says Teresa Ternus who watched the fire from across the street, 'and within 10 minutes I came walking by the window and I heard a boom, something was exploding in there and there was just flames everywhere!'"

2014-01-21 - Underground electrical explosion and fire breaks out in Murrieta (California):

Quote: "Firefighters checked the area that the witness led them to and discovered that the metal cover to an underground vault was dislodged, and that there was evidence of an explosion around the entrance to the vault..."

2014-01-21 - Mulch fire erupts in the wee hours near airport in Austin (Texas):

2014-01-21 - Grass fire erupts along Edgewater Drive in Athens (Georgia), threatens homes:

Note: Edgewater Drive is right next to Dekle Lake...

2014-01-21 - Plastics plant damaged by blaze in Lake City (South Carolina):

2014-01-21 - Sacramento (California) sees 500% increase in fire calls this year:

2014-01-21 - Boat bursts into flame in coastal Hejamadi (India):

2014-01-21 - Passenger bus bursts into flame on I-80 in Parsippany (New Jersey):

2014-01-21 - Car-hauler truck bursts into flame on the Florida Turnpike near coastal Fort Pierce (Florida):

2014-01-21 - Tanker truck bursts into flame while parked at business, in Hamiltonban Township (Pennsylvania), 9 injured:

Quote: "An order was issued earlier Tuesday for residents to stay in their homes and close their windows. Some emergency responders remain on scene of the fire on Orrtanna Road. A Gettysburg Hospital spokesman also said seven people were taken there for potential exposure to the chemical toluene..."

Quote: "Fire crews were called to the Knouse Foods plant in Orrtanna around 8:30 a.m. for a fire in a tractor-trailer parked on the property."

2014-01-21 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-94 in Caledonia (Wisconsin), near Lake Michigan:

2014-01-21 - Dump truck bursts into flame while parked in town garage, fire spreads, 2 plow trucks destroyed too, in Winhall (Vermont):

Quote: "The police chief says it appears that the fire started in a dump truck before spreading to the building. A pair of plow trucks were totaled and a grader damaged. The blaze is not considered suspicious but authorities say Winhall won't be able plow or sand its roads."

2014-01-21 - Garbage truck bursts into flame on I-75 near Weston (Florida), near the coast:,0,2041998.story

2014-01-21 - Garbage truck bursts into flame on road in Newark (California), near the coast:

2014-01-21 - RV bursts into flame on I-5 near Manteca (California):

2014-01-21 - Van bursts into flame on Dougall Avenue in South Windsor (Canada):

Note: South Windsor is located on the shore of Lake St. Clair...

2014-01-21 - SUV bursts into flame while parked at auto shop in St. George (Utah):

2014-01-21 - SUV bursts into flame while parked at home, fire damages home too, in coastal Pwllheli (Britain):

2014-01-21 - Three cars go up in flames while parked in parking garage at medical center in Fairview (Minnesota):

Quote: "The fire broke out in the engine compartment of a car on the ramp level between the fifth and sixth floors, said Minneapolis Fire Department Assistant Chief Charles Brynteson. The flames then reached one vehicle on each side of the burning car..."

2014-01-21 - In separate incidents, parked car and van burst into flame, in Casino and coastal Byron Bay (Australia):

Note: First fire was a car that burst into flame while parked at an auto shop in Casino. Second fire was a van that burst into flame at 1:37 AM  in the Belongil Beach carpark in Byron Bay...

2014-01-21 - Car bursts into flame while parked inside garage at home in coastal Greenwich (Connecticut), garage damaged too:

Quote: "According to Deputy Greenwich Fire Chief Tom Nixon said that when fire crews arrived after the 6:22 p.m. call from the neighbor, 'there was a fully involved car fire inside' a three-car garage."

Note: Nobody was home but a nice neighbor called in the fire, which probably saved the home itself...

2014-01-21 - Car bursts into flame on the M66 near Ramsbottom (Britain):

2014-01-21 - Car bursts into flame on Liverpool Road in Chester (Britain):

2014-01-21 - Car bursts into flame at picnic area along Cathiron Lane near Brinklow (Britain):

2014-01-21 - Car bursts into flame on the A3075 near Goonhavern (Britain):

2014-01-21 - Vehicle bursts into flame while parked inside barn, in Batavia (New York):

2014-01-21 - Vehicle bursts into flame, fire spreads to truck repair business, in Detroit (Michigan):

2014-01-21 - Vehicle bursts into flame on Fairview Street in Piedmont (West Virginia):

Note: This address is located just 300 feet east (downwind) of a river...

2014-01-21 - ATV and battery charger burst into flame, fire spreads, home destroyed, on Lower Pleasant Valley Road in Cambridge (Vermont):

Note: That's just east (downwind) of Lake Champlain. I've seen numerous fires just like this now. Hydrogen sulfide is reactive with copper, especially electrified copper. When you open up the battery compartment and plug those heavy cables in, suddenly there's a lot more electrified copper fully exposed to the atmosphere. A man's mansion just burned down when he was charging his car battery, in coastal Strachan Point (Canada), as mentioned in the 2014-01-18 update...

2014-01-21 - Boat, car, two ATVs and garage destroyed by fire at 5 AM at home near Jersey Shore (Pennsylvania):

Note: Jersey Shore is located along the West Branch Susquehanna River...

2014-01-21 - Truck repair shop bursts into flame at 3:47 AM in Richmond (Virginia), near the James River, nobody there:

2014-01-21 - Auto shop destroyed by fire in coastal St. Augustine (Florida), nobody there:

2014-01-21 - Barn destroyed by fire at 6:30 AM in Hartwick Township (Michigan):

2014-01-21 - Barn destroyed by fire near Fairview (Kentucky):

2014-01-21 - Barn damaged by fire in Oakland (Maryland):

2014-01-21 - Garbage bursts into flame in garbage truck on road in Mira Mesa (California), near the coast:

2014-01-21 - Upholstery business damaged by blaze in the wee hours, in Oakland Park (Florida), near the coast:,0,1948849.story

2014-01-21 - Garage exterior bursts into flame at home in Boise (Idaho):

2014-01-21 - Porch ignites at 4:36 AM, fire spreads to apartments on Ashley River Road, in coastal Charleston (South Carolina):

2014-01-21 - Home damaged by blaze in coastal Virginia Beach (Virginia):

2014-01-21 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire at 1:46 AM in coastal San Jose (California):

2014-01-21 - Vacant home destroyed by fire in Dacula (Georgia):

2014-01-21 - Vacant Petone College building devastated by fire in coastal Lower Hutt (New Zealand):

2014-01-21 - Vacant car dealership goes up in flames at 2:30 AM in Inglewood (California), near the coast:

2014-01-21 - Vacant warehouse hit by huge fire, fire spreads to another building, in Cicero (Illinois), near Lake Michigan:,0,3976936.story

2014-01-21 - Eight pilot whales die near Fort Myers (Florida):

Quote: "Authorities said eight pilot whales have died in shallow waters off Florida's southwest coast. Six others remain unaccounted for."

2014-01-21 - Tigress found dead in Thengumaradah (India):

2014-01-21 - Taal Lake experiences 'sulfur upwelling', mass deaths of fish ensue, in the Philippine Islands:

Quote: "Sulfur upwelling in the Taal Lake has triggered fish mortalities in four barangays in Talisay, Batangas, which is equivalent to P10.5 million of the lake’s total production cost, according to the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR)."

Note: That's the chemocline rising to the surface, releasing accumulated hydrogen sulfide and methane, and smothering the fish. The same thing happened in the Inner Harbor in coastal Baltimore (Maryland), as mentioned in the 2013-07-18 update. This same process will hit bodies of water all over the world, including the oceans, eventually releasing enough hydrogen sulfide and methane into the atmosphere to burn, explode and/or poison most life on the planet, just as has happened in the past...

2014-01-21 - Major fish kill hits pond in coastal Venice (Florida):

2014-01-21 - Three men burn to death when car ignites at 4:30 AM on highway in Amritsar (India):

Quote: "Three men were burnt to death when a car they were travelling in caught fire near Manawala on National Highway 1 in this district on Wednesday at around 4.30am."

Quote: "Police said the fire reportedly broke out due to a short circuit, and the doors also got locked."

Note: Hydrogen sulfide is reactive with copper, especially electrified copper, which will look exactly like a fire breaking out near some electrified copper, e.g. 'short circuit'. And I've mentioned the electric lock problem before. When one of these 'electrical fires' hits, your locks may not function, and then you may get trapped and burn to death. So, you might wanna keep a window-breaking tool handy in your vehicle if you have electric locks, just in case. From the full hypothesis: "Vehicles of all kinds will continue to burn, as they have been, and the number of vehicular fires will continue to escalate, inevitably resulting in a corresponding increase in the number of people being incinerated in their vehicles."

2014-01-21 - Man and daughter, 66 and 31, burn to death when station wagon ignites on highway in coastal Tokyo (Japan):

2014-01-21 - Man found dead in harbor in coastal Hamilton on the island of Bermuda:

2014-01-21 - Man found dead in Willen Lake in Milton Keynes (Britain):

Quote: "It is believed that the man found dead in Willen Lake yesterday was staying at the Milton Keynes Premier Inn along the waterside."

2014-01-21 - Man drops dead in Codornices Park in coastal Berkeley (California):

2014-01-21 - Man found dead in the Exe Estuary in coastal Exmouth (Britain):

2014-01-21 - College student found dead in GWU residence hall in Lanham (Maryland), near the coast:

2014-01-21 - Man, 23, found dead in Shivaji Lake in Bhandup (India):

2014-01-21 - Woman found dead at Centennial Park on the riverfront in Davenport (Iowa):

Note: Story also mentions a man, 42, found dead NEAR the Mississippi River, across the river in Rock Island (Illinois), but who had not been IN the river and did not drown, and 2 other people are missing...

2014-01-21 - Man found dead laying on frozen retention pond in Beaver Dam (Wisconsin):

Note: That street is about half a mile due east (downwind) of Beaver Dam Lake...

2014-01-21 - Man, 18, found dead in the Two Mile Gulch area in Shoshone County (Idaho):

2014-01-21 - Infant found dead at home in coastal Bay St. Louis (Mississippi):

2014-01-21 - Man, 86, goes to walk dog, next seen dead near creek in Babinda (Australia):

2014-01-21 - Man, 51, found dead outside his home in Folkston (Georgia):

2014-01-21 - Passenger plane makes emergency landing in Buenos Aires (Argentina), turbulence and sparking:

Quote: "A slat departed the aircraft's right hand wing. The crew diverted to Montevideo (Uruguay) for a safe landing on runway 06 about 30 minutes later. Passengers reported seeing sparks, possibly lightning, and a part flying off the right hand wing."

Note: 'If you direct your attention to the right, you'll see our plane sparking and falling apart...'

2014-01-21 - School bus and truck collide in Bassaleg, Newport (Britain), near the coast, 25 injured:

2014-01-21 - Heavy truck hauling radioactive waste veers off road and overturns, on the A697 near Thrunton (Britain):

2014-01-21 - Tanker truck and tractor trailer crash in the Brynglas Tunnels (Britain):

2014-01-21 - Tanker truck hauling hot tar overturns on I-95 in coastal Brevard County (Florida):

2014-01-21 - Two tractor trailers crash, both burst into flame, in the Massachusetts Turnpike in Auburn (Massachusetts):

Quote: "It took firefighters about four hours to extinguish the resulting blaze, which was producing heavy flames when emergency crews arrived."

2014-01-21 - Three tractor trailers crash on the QEW (highway) in Fort Erie (Canada):

Note: Fort Erie is located on the northeastern (downwind) shore of Lake Erie, where it meets the Niagara River...

2014-01-21 - Tractor trailer veers off road just before 3:45 AM, bursts into flame, south of Warwick (Australia), 1 killed:

2014-01-21 - Tractor trailer crashes off I-495 onto street below, near Chelmsford (Massachusetts):

Quote: "The truck went through the guardrail down onto the street below, there are currently no reports of injuries, but there are reports of fuel spilled on the scene."

2014-01-21 - Van plows into adult health center in Arcadia (California), 5 injured:,0,6908228.story

2014-01-21 - Pickup truck veers over centerline, clips box truck then hits SUV head-on, in Polkton Township (Michigan), 2 injured:

2014-01-21 - Car veers over centerline, hits dump truck head-on, near Taylorsville (North Carolina):

Quote: "Officials said there was no snow on the ground at the time and that weather was not a factor in the crash."

2014-01-21 - Five cars crash, at least 3 burst into flame, on highway in coastal Dubai (UAE), 1 killed, 2 injured:

2014-01-21 - Car and SUV collide head-on, near Cornville (Arizona), 3 injured:

2014-01-21 - Car and taxi collide in Landover (Maryland), 2 killed:

2014-01-21 - Car slams into 7-Eleven in Vista (California), 1 injured:

2014-01-21 - Car crashes, bursts into flame, in Albuquerque (New Mexico), 1 injured:

2014-01-21 - Two vehicles collide head-on, near London (Kentucky), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2014-01-21 - Vehicle veers off road at 5:30 AM, hits tree, bursts into flame, near Comptche (California):

2014-01-21 - Bridge over river collapses in coastal Serang (Indonesia), 2 killed, 16 missing:

2014-01-21 - Thousands of homes lose power and go dark on coastal Staten Island (New York):

2014-01-21 - Substation transformer problem cuts power to 1200 homes in Danville (Virginia):

2014-01-21 - Airport loses power in coastal Stockholm (Sweden):

2014-01-21 - Robert Scribbler discusses the hydrogen sulfide problem:

Note: Well, look at that! After 706 straight days of warning people, finally, a flicker of awareness of the threat from elsewhere?! Do my eyes deceive me!? I might just have to open a bottle of some vintage Trader Joe's $4-a-bottle wine for this occasion!

2014-01-21 - HazMat event, three people lose consciousness in tank, 1 dies, at truck wash in Sully (Iowa):

Quote: "The Sheriff's office says that they got a 911 call that three people passed out inside the tank. Once firefighters got there, all three employees were taken out of the tank and transported to a nearby hospital. One of them later died."


  1. 706 straight days!!!... plus you put forward the MISA Theory.

    I am making informed decisions, because I am aware, because of your angelic efforts... a million Thank You's to you Sir!

    1. I appreciate the kind words, so thanks back atcha! ;)

  2. Congratulations Jonny! Let's spread the message far and wide now.

    I think I asked you once before, but can't remember getting a reply (probably my fault) - do you ever contact the fire or police departments in some of these areas?
    Like when multiple cars go up in the wee hours and they chalk it up to arson (with no evidence) and shrug their collective shoulders, wouldn't it be helpful to at least introduce them to this new concept?

    Great job! i'll drink a glass of my home-made wine in celebration. If you were near me (in SE PA) i'd drive over and share. Thanks again for your dedication.


    1. I tried a couple of times, but got no response. That's probably because when *I* do that, it may feel to them like I'm tooting my own horn, or I'm trying to gain something, even if they can't figure out what that might be. Also, I'm just one guy, and there's only so much time in a day; if the truth requires my own personal intervention to spread, then it's not going to. So, I leave that in the hands of others, like you! If you want others to know, you can tell them. The same goes for anyone! And that way it's actually harder for them to dismiss so readily.

  3. So the freaking authorities don't wanna hear it unless they think it up. No one we're doomed.

    Anyway, I posted your first story of interest over at xraymike's Collapse of Industrial Civilization site and a man I became familiar with over on NBL, calls himself Benjamin the Donkey (~70) and writes limericks, posted this:

    BenjaminTheDonkey said:

    January 23, 2014 at 11:16 am

    Tom said: Robert Scribbler discusses the hydrogen sulfide problem:

    Hydrogen Sulfide and Our Butts

    Add hydrogen sulfide gas
    To the woes of our final impasse;
    Before it just smelled
    After being expelled,
    Now it’s going to be killing our ass.


    1. LMAO, that's pretty good for an off-the-cuff limerick!