Thursday, March 4, 2021

Event Update For 2021-03-03

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2021-03-03 - Man, 73, burns to death in his kitchen in apartment in Carson City (Nevada):

Quote: "They found a man dead on the kitchen floor. Investigators believe the man may have had some sort of medical event and then come in contact with a heat source. The fire did not spread so there was no damage to the apartment."

2021-03-03 - Car bursts into flame just before 4:30 AM while parked at condo complex, fire spreads to more vehicles and building, in Las Vegas (Nevada):

Quote: "When officers arrived, they say they found a vehicle inside a carport engulfed in flames. Officers then evacuated residents from eight units prior to the fire department's arrival. Firefighters were able to extinguish the flames but three vehicles caught fire in the incident and the building sustained some apparent damage."

2021-03-03 - Car bursts into flame while parked at home, fire spreads to home, on West 41st Street in coastal Savannah (Georgia):

Quote: "At 2:15 p.m. Wednesday, March 3, firefighters said they were called to a home on the 900 block of W. 41st Street, where they found a fully engulfed car in the carport. Firefighters said the flames extended to the roof of the home and damaged portions of the interior."

2021-03-03 - Car bursts into flame while parked at home in Santa Ynez (California):

Quote: "The first engines on scene discovered that the fire was actually a vehicle that erupted in flames inside the carport of a mobile home."

2021-03-03 - Car bursts into flame while parked at grocery store, fire spreads to two more cars, in Secaucus (New Jersey):

Quote: "A Mercedes-Benz caught fire in the Secaucus Kohl’s parking lot yesterday, damaging three other cars, Police Chief Dennis Miller said."

2021-03-03 - Car bursts into flame while parked in parking garage off Perkins Road in Baton Rouge (Louisiana):

2021-03-03 - Car bursts into flame just after midnight while parked on street in Homewood (Pennsylvania):

2021-03-03 - Dozens of geese and ducks found dead at Wolf Lake (Indiana):

Quote: "The mysterious deaths and the possible explanations behind them are stirring debate among the people who live in the area."

2021-03-03 - Firefighter, man, has 'medical emergency' and loses consciousness in Montour Falls (New York):

2021-03-03 - Scientists in Iceland say 'strong signs' volcanic eruption is imminent:

2021-03-03 - Home damaged by explosion and fire just after 4 AM near East Skelly Drive in Tulsa (Oklahoma):

Note: This is the 26th residential explosion in 2021...

2021-03-03 - Fishing boat 'Phamonsin Nava 10' bursts into flame off the island of Koh Adang (Thailand), crew abandons ship:

Note: This is the 132nd boat/ship to burn/explode in 2021...

2021-03-03 - School bus bursts into flame in parking lot in coastal Tiverton (Rhode Island):

Note: This is the 12th school bus to burn in 2021, and this is the 103rd bus to burn in 2021...

2021-03-03 - Passenger bus bursts into flame on the N1 near Pretoria (South Africa):

Note: This is the 104th bus to burn in 2021...

2021-03-03 - Car-hauler bursts into flame on I-93 near Waterford (Vermont):

Quote: "According to fire crews, numerous 911 calls reported the fire in one of the roadway's southbound lanes near mile marker 10 just after 2 p.m. Those first to the scene found the blaze had completely consumed a car hauler."

Note: This is the 11th car-hauler to burn in 2021...

2021-03-03 - Tanker truck bursts into flame at 11 PM on the Pune-Solapur Highway near Theur (India):

2021-03-03 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-81 near Christiansburg (Virginia), car bursts into flame separately too:

Quote: "During the early afternoon hours, Christiansburg Volunteer Fire Dept., Christiansburg Rescue, and Virginia State Police responded to a tractor-trailer fire on I-81 northbound at mile marker 114."

2021-03-03 - Tractor, pickup truck and shed destroyed by fire off Lake Minatare Road near Minatare (Nebraska):

Quote: "No one was inside the shed at the time of the fire. A pickup truck, tractor, and other farming equipment were destroyed by the flames."

2021-03-03 - Semi tractor bursts into flame at farm in Glasgow (Kentucky):

Note: These are the 766th, 767th, 768th, 769th and 770th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2021...

2021-03-03 - Box truck bursts into flame at post office in Smiths Falls (Canada):

2021-03-03 - USPS mail truck bursts into flame on street in Lincoln (Nebraska):

2021-03-03 - SUV bursts into flame on Red Hills Parkway in St. George (Utah):

2021-03-03 - Car bursts into flame on Kenwood Avenue in Delhi Township (Minnesota):

2021-03-03 - Car bursts into flame on Lake Avenue in Ashtabula (Ohio), near Lake Erie:

2021-03-03 - Car bursts into flame on the Garden State Parkway near coastal Bargaintown (New Jersey):

2021-03-03 - Car bursts into flame on Highway 1 near Richer (Canada), separate rollover crash too:

2021-03-03 - Car bursts into flame at 11:19 PM on Church Street in Hadley (Britain):

2021-03-03 - Vehicle bursts into flame on Newhaven Terrace in coastal Grimsby (Britain):

Quote: "Newhaven Terrace, Grimsby. Wed 3 Mar 2021 20:46 (No:003537) Fire involving one vehicle, extinguished by crews using one breathing apparatus and two hose reels. Vehicle made safe by disconnecting battery."

2021-03-03 - Vehicles and auto shop destroyed by fire on South Ladd Street in Pontiac (Illinois):

Quote: "It appeared that there were a number of vehicles that were going to be lost because of the fire."

2021-03-03 - Barn destroyed by fire at 4:50 AM near Waseca (Minnesota), animals killed:

2021-03-03 - Mobile home destroyed by fire shortly after 6 AM on West 83rd Street in Shreveport (Louisiana), 1 injured:

2021-03-03 - Home destroyed by fire on 5th Street Road in Lavalette (West Virginia):

2021-03-03 - Home destroyed by fire on Morefield Bottom in St. Paul (Virginia):

2021-03-03 - Multi-family home heavily damaged by fire at 5:10 AM on 85th Street in the Woodhaven area in coastal Queens (New York):

2021-03-03 - Hotel heavily damaged by fire at 3:30 AM on North Black Horse Pike in Gloucester Township (New Jersey):

2021-03-03 - Motel destroyed by fire in Jellico (Tennessee):

2021-03-03 - Deadly fire destroys mobile home at 1:15 AM on Kansas Avenue in Woodward (Oklahoma), 6 killed:

2021-03-03 - Deadly fire burns home in the Valle Vista area near Kingman (Arizona), 2 killed:

2021-03-03 - Deadly fire burns apartment building on East 54th Street in coastal Manhattan (New York), 1 killed:

2021-03-03 - Sperm whale washes ashore dead on the Isle of Lewis (Scotland):

2021-03-03 - Whale washes ashore dead in coastal Quang Binh (Vietnam):

2021-03-03 - College student, man, 20, found dead in coastal Newark (New Jersey):

2021-03-03 - Man, 60, drops dead before 7 AM at gas station near the Hackensack River in Little Ferry (New Jersey):

Quote: "The day-shift attendant called police shortly before 7 a.m. after coming to work and finding his co-worker's body at the desk of the Sunoco station store on eastbound Route 46 at the Bergen Turnpike, an interchange once known as the 'Little Ferry Circle' at the foot of the Winant Avenue Bridge over the Hackensack River. The man apparently had been texting with his ex-girlfriend before he died, the chief said, adding that there were no signs of foul play or drug use, Police Chief James Walters said."

2021-03-03 - Police officer, man, 33, has 'medical emergency' and dies on the way to work in Dallas (Texas):

Quote: "A Dallas police officer died Wednesday after having a medical emergency on his way to report for duty, said Melinda Gutierrez, a spokeswoman for the Dallas Police Department. Officer David Clark, 33, started with the department in 2009 and was assigned to the Northwest Patrol Division, Chief Eddie García said in a tweet Thursday."

2021-03-03 - Man, 65, drops dead at construction site adjacent to the Peachtree Creek Greenway in Brookhaven (Georgia):

2021-03-03 - Woman, 39, found dead in the water near coastal Holmes Beach (Florida):

2021-03-03 - Woman, 50, dies while diving off coastal Key West (Florida):

2021-03-03 - Man, 25, found dead on trail along the Link River in Klamath Falls (Oregon):

2021-03-03 - Man found dead in the Rio Grande near Brownsville (Texas):

2021-03-03 - Soldier found dead at home in Lawton (Oklahoma):

2021-03-03 - Woman, 40, found dead at home on Maple Avenue in Opelika (Alabama):

2021-03-03 - Woman, 28, found dead in Forest Park in coastal Queens (New York):

2021-03-03 - Man found dead in Augusta (Maine):

2021-03-03 - Man, 47, experienced diver, dies while diving in Thung Yai District (Thailand):

Quote: "An experienced diver was found dead in the water at Talay Songhong park, a popular cave diving site in Thung Yai district, on Wednesday afternoon. Tosak Warinchaikamon, 47, of Samut Prakan’s Bang Bo district, was wearing diving gear."

2021-03-03 - Man found dead in canal in coastal Georgetown (Guyana):

2021-03-03 - Man has 'medical issue', pickup truck crashes into car and shop, in Hoosick Falls (New York):

Quote: "Officials said they believed a man driving a red pickup truck had a medical issue and pushed a second car, a gray Buick, into the shop at the corner between Main Street and Classic Street."

2021-03-03 - Small plane makes emergency crash-landing in orchard in Lodi (California), engine failure:

2021-03-03 - Small plane crashes near coastal Exmouth (Australia), 2 killed:

2021-03-03 - Tractor trailer overturns on Mike Padgett Highway in Augusta (Georgia):

2021-03-03 - Car veers off road, plunges into the Rock River, in Rockford (Illinois), 1 injured:

2021-03-03 - Car veers off road, plunges into Tinker Creek, in Roanoke (Virginia), 1 injured:|

2021-03-03 - Car veers off road, crashes into apartment building, in Fayetteville (North Carolina), 1 injured:

2021-03-03 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures 3 girls in Sambalpur (India):

2021-03-03 - Bridge over the River Mamieso collapses in Amenfi East Constituency (Ghana), 1 killed:

2021-03-03 - Strong magnitude 6.2 earthquake strikes central Greece, felt in the Balkans:

2021-03-03 - Powerful storm turns streets into rivers in Brisbane (Australia), nearly 3 inches of rain in half an hour:

2021-03-03 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Grande Do Sul (Brazil), a month's worth of rain in 2 hours:

2021-03-03 - Heavy rain, flooding and landslides hit Colombia, 4+ people killed:

2021-03-03 - The US Navy plans to launch swarms of aerial drones from unmanned submarines and ships:

Quote: "Unmanned surface and underwater vehicles capable of deploying drone swarms in contested territory could be game-changing for the Navy."

2021-03-03 - Poison-laden attack drones are latest tool in Australia’s fight against plagues of invasive mice:


  1. Fatal Friday Jonny, everyone.

    Largest earthquake in years, an 8.1 hit off the Kermedec Islands north of NZ yesterday! That'll get people's attention. [Seemorerocks has the most comprehensive article on it, if interested]

    Here's how it started

    Boom, Boom, Boom! 3 powerful M7.3, M7.4 and M6.1 earthquakes hit New Zealand and Vanuatu within 4 hours

    In the recent weeks, the region was also recently hit by a swarm of powerful quakes south of the Royalty Islands. Something very big is brewing in the area… Be ready for the big one! [more]

    The biggest quake of the year! A tsunami warning has been issued by NOAA after a very powerful, extremely shallow 8.1 quake struck the Kermadec Islands, New Zealand tonight just hours after a mag 7.4 rocked the Kermadec Islands, New Zealand and a mag 7.3 shook NE of Gisborne New Zealand

    The six major quakes, mag 6 or higher reported today bring the total to 7 in the first 4 days of March and the total for 2021 to 36 so far which is the highest number this century for the time of the year. [more]

    Unusual volcanic earthquakes recorded in Utah show Black Rock Desert volcanic field is still alive and kicking

    Tsunami waves hit New Zealand’s coastline (video)

    New Zealand’s tsunami threat level has been downgraded to a Beach and Marine threat, with authorities saying the “largest waves have now passed.” [more; video]

    Pinatubo alert status raised from normal to Level 1 after thousands of earthquakes swarm the volcano – First time since 1996!

    According to the latest Bulletin, Pinatubo Volcano’s monitoring network recorded nine (9) volcanic earthquakes since yesterday, March 4, 2021.

    Meanwhile, the Pinatubo Volcano Network (PVN) has detected a total of 1,722 imperceptible earthquakes beneath the volcano since 20 January 2021. [more; things are shaking]

    Why has the CDC just released a zombie apocalypse preparedness guide?

    The CDC does say that its website began as a tongue-in-cheek campaign. So the CDC doesn’t seem to be saying that a zombie apocalypse will happen in 2021 or anytime soon. Of course, this assumes that tongue-in-cheek means something like “whimsical exaggeration.” A zombie apocalypse could result in many real tongues being in many others’ real cheeks. [Forbes] [more]

    [2nd comment follows]

  2. Home Invasions: All the Ways the Government Can Lay Siege to Your Property

    “How ‘secure’ do our homes remain if police, armed with no warrant, can pound on doors at will and … forcibly enter?”—Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the lone dissenter in Kentucky v. King

    Americans are not safe in their homes.

    Not anymore, at least.

    This present menace comes from the government and its army of bureaucratized, corporatized, militarized mercenaries who are waging war on the last stronghold left to us as a free people: the sanctity of our homes.

    The weapons of this particular war on our personal security and our freedoms include an abundance of laws that criminalize almost everything we do, a government that views our private property as its own, militarized police who have been brainwashed into believing that they operate above the law, courts that insulate police from charges of wrongdoing, legislatures that legitimize the government’s usurpations of our rights, and a populace that is so ignorant of their rights and distracted by partisan politics as to be utterly incapable of standing up to the government’s overreaches, incursions and power grabs. [more]

    [and if it isn't them . .]
    The Streets Of U.S. Cities Descend Into Chaos As Criminals Brazenly Hunt For New Victims In Broad Daylight

    The thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted on a daily basis is steadily disappearing all around us. As I write this article, hordes of criminal predators are roaming the streets of major U.S. cities searching for their next victims. Even when crime rates were high in the 1970s and 1980s, most of the time you would be okay as long as you were inside by nightfall. But in 2021, criminals are so unconcerned about the police that they are brazenly committing crimes in broad daylight. When KPIX 5 reporter Don Ford went to do a report on the horrible crime wave that had hit one troubled section of San Francisco, he got robbed too… [more]

    Brazil’s Covid crisis is a warning to the whole world, scientists say – “The acceleration of the epidemic is leading to the collapse of public and private hospital systems”

    Covid-19 has already left a trail of death and despair in Brazil, one of the worst in the world. Now, a year into the pandemic, the country is setting another wrenching record.

    No other nation that experienced such a major outbreak is still grappling with record-setting death tolls and a health care system on the brink of collapse. Many other hard-hit nations are, instead, taking tentative steps toward a semblance of normalcy.

    But Brazil is battling a more contagious variant that has trampled one major city and is spreading to others, even as Brazilians toss away precautionary measures that could keep them safe.

    On Tuesday, Brazil recorded more than 1,700 Covid-19 deaths, the highest single-day toll of the pandemic. [more; media hype imho]

    [3rd selection below]

  3. [somewhat as Kevin Sandbloom suggested]
    The Guardian suggests lockdowns every 2 years 'to meet Paris climate goals', CNN expert blasted over advice for masks & restrictions every winter

    The Guardian accidentally confirmed the suspicions of a whole lot of conspiracy theorists with an article suggesting a "global lockdown every two years" was needed to meet Paris climate goals. The title was quickly changed. [more]

    Friday, 5 March 2021
    Children are dying in Germany [from mask wearing]“Children are dying”” An impassioned plea from a German doctor [~ 1.75 min. video in German with English subtitles]

    The desperate situation in Israel

    A desperate plea from Israel [~ 3 min. video]

    Body found 465 feet below Grand Canyon rim believed to be missing Kentucky man, authorities say

    Authorities believe they have found the body of a Kentucky man who disappeared at the Grand Canyon last week.

    An investigation into the incident is ongoing. No additional information was immediately available. [more]

    [as expected]
    Barrett authors first U.S. Supreme Court ruling, a loss for environmentalists

    Justice Amy Coney Barrett on Thursday authored her first ruling since joining the U.S. Supreme Court in October - a decision that handed a defeat to an environmental group that had sought access to government documents.

    In the 7-2 ruling, the justices sided with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, thwarting the Sierra Club's bid to obtain documents concerning a regulation finalized in 2014 relating to power plants. Barrett and the court's other five conservative justices were joined by liberal Justice Elena Kagan in the majority, with liberals Justices Stephen Breyer and Sonia Sotomayor in dissent. [more; you can't handle the truth!]

    Quake-ravaged part of Croatia sees gaping sinkholes emerge

    A central Croatian region about 40 kilometers (25 miles) southwest of the capital, Zagreb, is pocked with round holes of all sizes, which appeared after December's 6.4-magnitude quake that killed seven people and caused widespread destruction.

    “These are so-called dropout sinkholes, and they appeared because of the specific geological composition of this area, as the soil rests on limestone rocks heavily saturated with groundwater,” said geologist Josip Terzic of the Croatian Geological Survey. [more]

    [4th piece awaits]

  4. EU threatens UK with fine for 'systematically' breaking pollution laws

    The UK has "systematically and persistently" broken air pollution laws, the European Court of Justice has said in its first ruling against the UK since Brexit.

    Britain could face a fine from the EU after it did not adhere to levels of nitrogen dioxide associated with heavy vehicle traffic.

    The court added that the UK failed to take measures to keep breaches of pollution as low as possible. [more]

    Study Suggests Blood Type Could Impact Likelihood of Contracting COVID-19

    Published on March 3, 2021 in the scientific journal Blood Advances, the study indicates that the virus that causes COVID-19, SARS-CoV2, appears to have a blood type preference. In particular, COVID-19 seems to gravitate towards blood group A in respiratory cells. The same can’t be said for red blood cells in the same group. The study also shows that there’s no preference towards respiratory or red blood cells in type B and O blood groups.

    It’s worth pointing out that the study does not show that people with blood types B and O are immune to the virus, but it does suggest that blood type A individuals are more likely to get infected. Scientists have stressed that the study does not offer a clear indication on how COVID-19 impacts people of different blood types, but it is a step forward for coronavirus research. [more]

    Lance Waldroup Dies: Discovery’s ‘Moonshiners’ Reality Series Star Was 30

    Lance Waldroup, a bootlegger featured on the early seasons of Discovery’s reality series Moonshiners, died Feb. 25 at his home in Robbinsville, NC. He was 30. His father, Jeff, who also appeared on the show, confirmed the news but did not disclose a cause of death.

    Finally! A lasting warmup is on the way for parts of US

    AccuWeather meteorologists say that those hoping for an extended stretch of warm weather, especially Americans sick of one-day teases of spring warmth of late, should be happy as a change in the weather pattern will allow more lasting warmth to build over the central United States this weekend. The warmth will then expand into much of the East next week. [more]

    [5th part coming up]

  5. [from Nobody Cays news]
    Mounting emissions data paints bleak picture on Paris climate goals

    Ben Geman
    Thu, March 4, 2021, 9:28 AM

    Researchers keep finding new ways to reveal that nations are together showing very few signs of getting on track to meet the Paris Agreement's goals. [more; correct! all talk and no action, because there IS NO meaningful action to take]

    [lest we forget]
    ‘I’m not sure how much more of this we can take’: Water crisis continues in Mississippi weeks after cold snap

    Mississippi’s largest city is still struggling with water problems more than two weeks after winter storms and freezing weather ravaged the system in Jackson, knocking out water for drinking and making it impossible for many to even flush their toilets.

    Residents in the city of 160,000 are still being warned to boil any water that does come out of the faucets. [more]

    The Himalayan hazards nobody is monitoring

    Retreating glaciers in the Himalayas are not only dangerously filling up glacial lakes but they are also causing other hazards that are not being monitored, scientists have warned.

    The recent flash flood disaster in India's Uttarakhand state, they say, is the latest example of such a perilous knowledge gap. [more]

    Scientific paper discusses extensive release of methane from the East Siberian Arctic Ocean [PNAS]

    Extensive release of methane from sediments of the world’s largest continental shelf, the East Siberian Arctic Ocean (ESAO), is one of the few Earth system processes that can cause a net transfer of carbon from land/ocean to the atmosphere and thus amplify global warming on the timescale of this century. An important gap in our current knowledge concerns the contributions of different subsea pools to the observed methane releases. This knowledge is a prerequisite to robust predictions on how these releases will develop in the future. Triple-isotope–based fingerprinting of the origin of the highly elevated ESAO methane levels points to a limited contribution from shallow microbial sources and instead a dominating contribution from a deep thermogenic pool. [more]

    [after that one comes this short read]
    The destruction of permafrost in the Laptev Sea provokes methane emissions

  6. Packing up to head out west tomorrow, Jonny. I’ll comment when I can.

    REPORT: Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine killed 40 times more old people than the virus itself would have

    The experimental Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines from Pfizer that were rushed into production and distribution via Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” program are killing far more elderly people than the so-called “virus” itself would have.

    A re-analysis of data provided by the Israeli Health Ministry concluded that Pfizer and BioNTech’s messenger RNA (mRNA) gene therapy injections have already killed “about 40 times more (elderly) people than the disease itself would have killed” during a recent five-week vaccination period.

    Piggybacking on research from back in January which found that Chinese virus vaccines are “not safer” than the virus itself, this latest study indicts the Trump vaccines for causing more death rather than preventing it.

    Dr. Hervé Seligmann, a faculty member at Aix-Marseille University in France demonstrated using a full mathematical analysis that among “those vaccinated and above 65, 0.2% … died during the three-week period between doses, hence about 200 among 100,000 vaccinated.”

    “This is to be compared to the 4.91 dead among 100,000 dying from COVID-19 without vaccination,” he added.

    Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine killed 260 times more young people than the virus itself would have
    Seligmann and his colleagues found that the situation is even worse for younger people who are jabbed with Pfizer’s China virus injections. Among those under the age of 65, the vaccines killed 260 times more people than would have died from the virus itself.

    “This scary picture also extends to those below 65,” the researchers wrote. During the five-week vaccination process, “0.05% meaning 50 among 100,000 died.”

    “This is to be compared to the 0.19 per 100,000 dying from COVID-19 (who) are not vaccinated … Hence the death rate of this age group increased by 260 (times) during this five-week period of the vaccination process, as compared to their natural COVID-19 death rate,” they added. [more]