Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Event Update For 2020-08-25

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Variety Pack

2020-08-25 - Earth has lost around 31 trillion US tons of ice in just 23 years:

Quote: "This has been a bad summer for ice news. Another study published this month found that Greenland's ice sheet had reached the 'point of no return' and would continue to melt even if the climate crisis were halted. A third study found that Greenland lost a record amount of ice in 2019."

2020-08-25 - Growing underwater heat blob speeding the demise of sea ice in the Arctic:

2020-08-25 - Horrific Australian bushfires likely to happen again, and they could be even worse:

2020-08-25 - Hurricane Laura becomes ferocious Category 4 storm as it heads toward the US Gulf Coast, hundreds of thousands of people evacuating:

Quote: "As of 7 p.m., Hurricane Laura’s maximum sustained wind speed has increased to 150 mph. The Category 4 storm will become a Category 5 hurricane if it reaches 157 mph."

Quote: "More than half a million people were ordered to evacuate the Gulf Coast on Tuesday as Laura strengthened into a hurricane that forecasters said could slam Texas and Louisiana with ferocious winds, heavy flooding and the power to push seawater miles inland. More than 385,000 residents were told to flee the Texas cities of Beaumont, Galveston and Port Arthur, and and another 200,000 were ordered to leave low-lying Calcasieu Parish in southwestern Louisiana, where forecasters said as much as 13 feet (3.96 meters) of storm surge topped by waves could submerge whole communities."

Quote: "Unsurvivable storm surge with large and destructive waves will cause catastrophic damage from Sea Rim State Park, Texas, to Intracoastal City, Louisiana, including Calcasieu and Sabine Lakes. This surge could penetrate up to 40 miles inland from the immediate coastline, and flood waters will not fully recede for several days after the storm."

Quote: "Please evacuate and if you choose to stay and we can’t get to you, write your name, address, social security number and next of kin and put it a ziplock bag in your pocket."

2020-08-25 - Concrete truck bursts into flame, brakes fail, truck crashes into gift shop, in Garden City (Utah), 1 injured:

Quote: "Tuesday's crash was a concrete pumper truck, the Utah Highway Patrol reports. Witnesses told troopers the truck's brakes 'appeared to be on fire' before it crashed into Lighthouse Landing Gift Shop."

2020-08-25 - Car bursts into flame while parked inside garage on Plum Tree Court in Streamwood (Illinois):

Quote: "The residents of the house were outside when firefighters arrived and informed fire officials the car in the attached garage was on fire."

2020-08-25 - Coast Guard icebreaker 'Healy' damaged by fire near coastal Seward (Alaska):

2020-08-25 - Shrimp boat explodes into flame, burns and sinks, in coastal Newport (North Carolina), 1 injured:

2020-08-25 - Superyacht 'Lady MM' bursts into flame, burns and sinks, off coastal Sardinia (Italy):

Quote: "Seventeen people were saved after a 50-metre yacht caught fire off Sardinia on Tuesday. The nine crew and eight Kazakh tourists took to the rescue dinghy. The yacht, Lady MM, flying a Cayman Island flag, was sailing to Sardinia from Capri. It caught fire about 50 nautical miles from Capo Comino, on Sardinia's northeast coast."

2020-08-25 - Boat bursts into flame while parked in storage yard on Saskatchewan Drive South in Melfort (Canada):

2020-08-25 - Two boats, two RVs and 19 other vehicles go up in flames in the wee hours while parked in tow yard in Visalia (California):

Quote: "The fire was under control after nearly an hour of 'aggressive firefighting' by 11 firefighters. By sunrise, 23 vehicles were damaged including two RVs and two boats."

Note: These are the 763rd, 764th, 765th, 766th, 767th and 768th boats/ships to burn/explode in 2020, and these are the 269th and 270th RVs to burn in 2020...

2020-08-25 - Transit bus bursts into flame on street in Lima (Peru):

Note: This is the 209th bus to burn in 2020...

2020-08-25 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame just before 4 AM on US Highway 70 Bypass near Ranch Road in Clayton (North Carolina):

2020-08-25 - Tractor (excavator) bursts into flame at construction site on Willow Avenue near Cayuga Lake in Ithaca (New York):

Quote: "With Cayuga Lake nearby, firefighters were able to create a dam to control the runoff of fuels and oils as they worked to control the blaze."

2020-08-25 - Tractors, vehicles, shop and barn destroyed by fire near Thornbury (Canada), near Lake Huron:

Quote: "He said when crews first arrived just before noon, the 5,000-square-foot maintenance shop – which housed antique tractors, vehicles and other equipment as well as items like tires and paint cans – was fully engulfed in flames and the fire was breaching the barn."

2020-08-25 - Tractor (combine) bursts into flame along Highway 7 near Kindersley (Canada):

2020-08-25 - Tractor bursts into flame on the A96 near Elgin (Scotland):

2020-08-25 - Tractor bursts into flame in Seamer (Britain):

Quote: "Seamer, Stokesley Time of call: 15:14 Crew from Stokesley responded to reports of a tractor on fire in the Seamer area. On arrival they found a tractor well alight in a field. This was caused by an electrical fault. Crews used 2 Breathing apparatus and 1 hose reel jet to extinguish the fire."

Note: These are the 1230th, 1231st, 1232nd, 1233rd, 1234th, 1235th and 1236th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2020...

2020-08-25 - Van bursts into flame on Highway 75 in Tulsa (Oklahoma):

2020-08-25 - Border Patrol SUV bursts into flame on the border in Nogales (Arizona):

2020-08-25 - SUV bursts into flame at 12:27 AM on State Route 428/Wallaceville Road in Plum Township (Pennsylvania):

2020-08-25 - Six cars destroyed by fire at 3:30 AM while parked at townhomes on Willow Turn in Mount Laurel (New Jersey):

2020-08-25 - Car bursts into flame while parked on North Logan Street in Fremont (Nebraska):

2020-08-25 - Car bursts into flame on street in Mankato (Minnesota), woman burned:

2020-08-25 - Car bursts into flame on street in Scranton (Iowa):

2020-08-25 - Car bursts into flame while parked at apartment building in Langley (Canada):

2020-08-25 - Car bursts into flame on the M2 near Sittingbourne (Britain):

2020-08-25 - Car bursts into flame in Bedale (Britain):

Quote: "Time: 1850 Location: Snape, Bedale area Bedale crew attended a car fire in the area. Crew worked with hose reels to extinguish the fire. Crew requested an additional fire appliance attend to help with water supplies. Masham crew attended and assisted Bedale in extinguishing the fire, which had caused extensive fire damage to the vehicle."

2020-08-25 - Vehicle bursts into flame on Route 15 in coastal Milford (Connecticut):

2020-08-25 - Vehicle bursts into flame on US 101 near Tajiguas (California):

2020-08-25 - Two vehicles go up in flames at 1:31 AM on New Exeter Street in Chudleigh (Britain):

2020-08-25 - Vehicle bursts into flame on London Road in Chipping Norton (Britain):

2020-08-25 - UTV bursts into flame while parked at home in Chetek (Wisconsin):

2020-08-25 - Two vehicles, RV trailer and garage destroyed by fire just before 3 AM at home in Augusta (Maine):

Quote: "Groder said firefighters responded to the blaze just before 3 a.m. Tuesday. He said the fire started in the garage, which housed a vehicle, and spread to a camper and a vehicle outside of the garage. The garage, vehicles and camper were all destroyed, Groder said, but no one was injured."

2020-08-25 - RV trailer, motorcycle and barn/shop destroyed by fire at 2:10 AM in Terrebonne (Oregon):

Quote: "A Terrebonne barn/shop and a nearby travel trailer and motorcycle were destroyed by a fire early Tuesday morning, but the trailer resident and her dogs escaped unhurt, officials said."

2020-08-25 - Vehicles, barn and 100 tons of straw and hay destroyed by fire in Bridge Reeve (Britain):

Quote: "Once the crew got in attendance the officer in charge has confirmed one barn well alight containing 100 tonnes for straw, hay and vehicles."

2020-08-25 - Meat business damaged by fire on Milwaukie Avenue in Portland (Oregon):

2020-08-25 - Home damaged by fire on Stevens Street in East Petersburg Borough (Pennsylvania):

2020-08-25 - In separate incidents, homes damaged by fire in coastal Stuart and coastal West Palm Beach (Florida):

2020-08-25 - Home destroyed by fire before 5 AM on Old Blackhawk Road in South Beaver (Pennsylvania), nobody there:

2020-08-25 - Apartment building under construction heavily damaged by fire in Kitchener (Canada):

2020-08-25 - Apartment building under construction destroyed by massive fire shortly before 6 AM in Phoenix (Arizona):

2020-08-25 - Deadly fire burns mobile home in Fresno (California), 1 killed:

2020-08-25 - Deadly fire burns home in Winklers Road near Red Boiling Springs (Tennessee):

2020-08-25 - Deadly fire burns home just after 6:15 AM in Oak Grove (Louisiana), 1 killed:

2020-08-25 - Deadly fire burns apartment building on Shamrock Drive in Erin (Tennessee), 1 killed:

2020-08-25 - Young dolphin washes ashore bleeding from nose and dies in coastal Pacific Beach (California):

Quote: "Lifeguards spent about an hour trying to steer the dolphin back into deeper water, but it went straight back to the beach each time, Lerum said Monday. The lifeguards noticed that the animal had blood near its rostrum, or nose."

2020-08-25 - Hundreds of fish found dead in the Buskin River in Kodiak (Alaska):

2020-08-25 - Two men, 29 and 49, found dead in Lake Texoma (Oklahoma/Texas):

Quote: "Two bodies were recovered from the waters of Lake Texoma on Tuesday on both sides of the Texas-Oklahoma border."

2020-08-25 - Three young men die in the Orkhon River (Mongolia):

2020-08-25 - Police officer, man, jumps in pond for a swim and dies in coastal Davie (Florida):

3030-08-25 - Man, 31, jumps into the water and dies in the Mississippi River in Dubuque (Iowa):

2020-08-25 - Man, 69, found dead at school in Summerville (South Carolina):

2020-08-25 - Man, 18, found dead in Hamilton Lake (Indiana):

2020-08-25 - Woman jumps into pond and dies near Capitol Federal Sports Complex in Liberty (Missouri):

Quote: "Police said dispatchers received a 911 call on Monday at about 2:51 p.m. from a woman who reported she was driving by the sports complex with Jordan and Jordan began to panic. The caller pulled over and police said Jordan got out of the car, jumped into the pond and did not come out of the water."

2020-08-25 - Man, 57, found dead in Hager Lake in Farmington (Missouri):

2020-08-25 - Man, around 60, slumps over dead inside donation bin in Kansas City (Kansas):

Quote: "The body of an unidentified Hispanic male, approximately 60 years old, was found inside the bin, but police do not suspect foul play. 'At this point he appears to have died from natural causes,' KCKPD Media Relations Specialist Nancy Chartrand said via email."

2020-08-25 - Man found dead in the Arkansas River in Wichita (Kansas):

2020-08-25 - Woman, 58, found dead in the Great South Bay in coastal Lindenhurst (New York):

2020-08-25 - Man found dead in the East River near coastal Manhattan (New York):

2020-08-25 - Man found dead in pickup truck just before 5:30 AM on Metropolitan Parkway at St. Johns Avenue in Atlanta (Georgia):

2020-08-25 - Man in his 20s found dead in the water near Green River Gorge State Park (Washington):

2020-08-25 - Man found dead near Ponderosa Drive 2 miles west of London (Kentucky):

2020-08-25 - Person found dead near the Big Blue River near Riverside Park in Beatrice (Nebraska):

2020-08-25 - Man, 35, found dead in Lake Diefenbaker (Canada):

2020-08-25 - Man, 35, found dead in lake in Mangaluru (India):

2020-08-25 - Man, 19, found dead in Chandratal Lake in Lahaul and Spiti (India):

2020-08-25 - Man has 'medical episode' on transit bus in coastal Liverpool (Britain):

Quote: "A man is believed to have suffered a medical episode on the number 15 bus at around 10:20am. Paramedics were called who dealt with the incident and the man was taken to hospital."

2020-08-25 - Man has 'medical emergency', car crashes into stopped vehicle, in Manchester (Connecticut), 1 injured:

Quote: "Police believe the driver of the car that struck the stopped vehicle had suffered a medical emergency. The man was given medical care and taken to Hartford Hospital, Doyon said."

2020-08-25 - Man has 'medical emergency', car crashes into pole, in Walker (Iowa), 1 injured:

Quote: "Deputies believe that the man was having a medical emergency and lost control of his vehicle."

2020-08-25 - Small plane crashes near airport near Rawlins (Wyoming), 3 injured:

2020-08-25 - Tanker truck and car crash, fire erupts, river ignites, in Akron (Ohio), 1 killed:

2020-08-25 - SUV veers off road, crashes into building, in Colorado Springs (Colorado):

2020-08-25 - SUV veers off road, crashes into pole, bursts into flame, in coastal Seattle (Washington), 1 injured:

2020-08-25 - Car veers off road, crashes into home, bursts into flame, on New Brighton Road in Avalon (Pennsylvania):

2020-08-25 - Lightning strikes kill around 500 sheep in Jumla District (Nepal):

2020-08-25 - Storm Francis batters the UK:

2020-08-25 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Pakistan, 90+ killed:

2020-08-25 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Cameroon:

2020-08-25 - Three asteroids inbound this week were only spotted this month, NASA reveals:


  1. Mornin' Jonny, everyone. Damp, cool mornings each day this week develop into warmer afternoons here. Bits of ash drift down now and then, but it's much less Smokey than earlier this week. Flower petals show it.

    Most people still wear these awful masks while walking around, but not so much on the beach.

    It's a MONSTER: Hurricane Laura now category 4 and will cause an unsurvivable storm surge with large and destructive waves which will cause catastrophic damage: 150mph (241 km/h) Hurricane-force winds are expected; Area has not taken a hit from a category 4 or 5, storm since the start of modern records

    The category 4 storm was expected to unleash strong winds, heavy rains, and a potentially catastrophic storm surge on an area that has not taken a direct hit from a category 4 or 5, storm since the start of modern hurricane records. [more]

    Category 4 Hurricane "Laura" ties for strongest Louisiana landfalling hurricane on record

    Category 4 Hurricane "Laura" made landfall near Cameron in southwestern Louisiana at 06:00 UTC (01:00 CDT) on August 27, 2020, with maximum sustained winds of 241 km/h (150 mph) and minimum central pressure of 938 hPa. Catastrophic storm surge, extreme winds, and flash flooding are occurring in portions of Louisiana. [more]

    North Korea on high alert as Typhoon Bavi makes landfall: “It’s a clear sign of fear for a loss of life and destruction.” The typhoon couldn't come at a worse time as the country is already facing multiple challenges, including the fallout from its protracted antivirus campaign and floods caused by recent heavy downpours.

    The typhoon couldn't come at a worse time as the country is already facing multiple challenges, including the fallout from its protracted antivirus campaign and floods caused by recent heavy downpours. [more]

    [2nd comment below]

  2. Thursday, 27 August 2020
    An Italian doctor speaks out

    The Dangers of the COVID Operation. Dr. Roberto Petrella

    What do we know?

    We know that the tests do not work but governments pretend that they do. We also know that some vaccines sterilize people. Warp Speed vaccine preparation almost guarantees vaccine injury, plus it is an entirely new DNA altering vaccine. Big Pharma is not liable for injuries. Nano-tech is also part of the equation with Immunity Passports etc. — Mark Taliano

    Dr Petrella is a retired gynaecologist from Teramo in Italy who has already garnered controversy over his Covid 19 views. Petrella was expelled from the Order of Doctors after retirement for his views surrounding the HPV vaccine which he considers to be ineffective and in some cases dangerous. Petrella upheld his right to his opinion and stated that he is against any kind of mandatory vaccine. Petrella is appealing against the decision. [more; read this short article]

    Pine Gulch Fire could become largest in Colorado history

    If the Pine Gulch Fire 12 miles north of Grand Junction, Colorado continues growing at the pace it has shown for the last couple of days, it will soon become the largest fire in the state’s recorded history, surpassing the Hayman Fire that burned 137,760 acres in 2002. On Wednesday the Pine Gulch Fire was 135,920 acres, an increase of 1,795 in the previous 24 hours. [more]

    “We Have A Lot of Evidence That It’s A Fake Story All Over The World” – German Doctors on COVID-19

    they are simply implying that it’s not as dangerous as it’s being made out to be., and I summarize some of that information below that has them coming to that conclusion. [more]

    Dead Dolphins And Whales Wash Ashore In Mauritius Near Site Of Massive Oil Spill

    17 dolphins wash ashore near site of oil spill at Pointe d'Esny; 14 were found dead

    18 whales washed up on Grand Sable, about 25 kms north [more]

  3. Raging wildfires burn out of control in central and northern Argentina

    Raging wildfires in forests and grasslands are spreading in northern and central Argentina, with outbreaks in at least a dozen provinces. [more; video]

    Dead Fin Whale And Dead Juvenile Humpback Wash Up On Unalaska's Shores

    Two dead whales have washed up on Unalaska's shores in the past week: an adult fin whale — which is the second largest mammal in the world — and a juvenile humpback. [more]

    “Full Beast Mode”: Hurricane Laura Has The Potential To Be One Of The Greatest Natural Disasters In All Of U.S. History

    Experts are using phrases such as “full beast mode” and “unsurvivable storm surge” to describe what coastal communities are facing, and many of those that refused to evacuate may not survive. [more]

    Forecast for wildfire smoke, August 27, 2020

    [most of the US affected! see map]

    California is Australia now

    CalFire advised every citizen of the state — all 40 million of them — to be prepared to evacuate.

    In just five days, more land had burned than in all of 2019. And the number kept growing—well past a million acres to 1.25 million.[more]

    Three workers trapped 20 feet underground die in sewer manhole, Indiana officials say

    The men were 20 feet underground and the manhole was filled with 5 feet of water, officials say. A rescue team pulled up the men and started life-saving efforts. But all three men died at the scene, officials say.

    The cause of the accident remains under investigation, officials say.
    [more, officials say]

    Defense official: Arson suspected as cause of Navy ship fire

    Arson is suspected as the cause of a July 12 fire that left extensive damage to the USS Bonhomme Richard docked off San Diego, and a U.S. Navy sailor was being questioned as a potential suspect, a senior defense official said Wednesday.

  4. [some Thursday headlines from RF]
    News Links, August 27, 2020
    Rice Farmer

    Mexico slumps to 'Great Depression' economic lows, central bank slashes forecast

    “Central banks, not elected governments, run the world”

    Opinion: Destructive inflation will be the price we pay for free money in the economy

    Currency War: Will China's e-RMB fade out dollar's global sheen?

    The Eurasian Century has already begun. [pffff]
    America's obsession with global strategy resulted in neglect at home and the first casualty will be the dollar

    Latest variant of Patriot missile misfired in major test of command system [JUNK!]

    Literal Battle Zones Are Erupting All Over America (WARNING: VIOLENT CONTENT)

    High Profile Nuclear Reactor Rollout Faces 3-Year Delay

    California reports 50 new wildfires overnight and 1.3 million acres burned so far, Gov. Newsom says

    More than 12,000 people taken to hospital nationwide for heatstroke Aug 17-23 [Japan]

    Wind speed records broken and homes flooded as Storm Francis sweeps across UK

    Many in U.S. struggling to afford health care during pandemic

    Nordstrom’s sales fall 53% as department store chain suffers store closures amid pandemic

    In most cities, it’s impossible to live on jobless benefits. The gap is $3,211 a month in San Francisco

    The CDC tells stores not to argue with angry anti-mask customers

    US commercial mortgage debt in distress surges 320%: Moody's

    Law Enforcement Training: People Saying 'I Can't Breathe' Are Just Suffering From 'Excited Delirium'
    [Lemme kneel on yo neck!]

    CDC: Suicide rate spikes in rural U.S. amid nationwide increase

  5. When I think of 11 feet of water covering the entire 1st floor and anything beneath with foaming contaminated sea water, it's hard to imagine the loss, the cost of rebuilding, the psychological and emotional hit, and it's impact on immediate family, the headache and heartache of insurance claims, loss of neighborhood and community, and it all overwhelms.

    French horse owner surprises animal attackers in the night

    The horse owner scared away two individuals armed with knives on his property, after they had already stabbed a horse. This comes following at least 15 other macabre horse attacks in France this year. [more; shoot 'em]

    Typhoon Bavi makes landfall in North Korea

    Seoul: North Korea was on high alert as typhoon Bavi made landfall early on Thursday, dumping heavy rains and uprooting trees after skirting the coast of South Korea overnight, damaging homes and other buildings, flooding roads and toppling. [more]

    Bavi had maximum winds of 115km/h and was passing near Pyongyang after making landfall in a western coastal region of North Korea that is a major source of farming and fishing, South Korea’s weather agency said. It was forecast to weaken to a tropical storm in the next 12 hours.

    The North’s Korea Central TV showed footage of snapped trees and utility poles and flooded roads while also reporting damages to houses and public facilities in North Hwanghae and South Hwanghae provinces, where the typhoon made landfall. Roads were also flooded in the city of Nampo, which is closer to Pyongyang. [more]