Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2017 - JAN - Other Stories

2017-01-01 - The 50 doomiest graphs of 2016:

2017-01-01 - Volcanic activity around the planet remains high, 13 volcanoes erupting now:

2017-01-01 - Lava delta collapses, lava pours into the ocean, at Volcano Kilauea (Hawaii):

2017-01-01 - Massive number of earthquakes hit New Zealand in 2016:

2017-01-01 - Stronger winds causing further warming of the Arctic Ocean:

2017-01-01 - Toxic air pollution hits coastal Mumbai (India):

2017-01-01 - Heavy rain and flooding hit parts of Tasmania (Australia):

2017-01-01 - Britain's flooding during winter of 2015-2016 was worst in 100 years:

2017-01-01 - Brilliantly-colored polar stratospheric clouds appear over the Arctic Circle:

2017-01-01 - The 15 most ridiculous things that media figures said about environmental issues in 2016:

2017-01-01 - Journalist believes it was fire that sank the Titanic:

Quote: "In a Channel 4 documentary Titanic: The New Evidence, Irish journalist Senan Molony claims that a fire on the RMS Titanic weakened the ship’s hull before it hit the iceberg that caused it to sink. The belief that a fire burned in one of the vessel’s coal bunkers for days is not new. However, Molony appears to be the first to link it directly to the vessel’s loss."

2017-01-01 - Damning investigation finds Trump's philanthropy largely a facade:

Quote: "Perhaps more worrisome, Fahrenthold notes that the largest recipient of Trump's charity 'appears to be his own: the Donald J. Trump Foundation.' The foundation, which he has said he will dissolve, is currently under investigation by the New York Attorney General over accusations that it fraudulently used funds to settle personal lawsuits."

2017-01-01 - The philosophical musings of Bruce Lee:

2017-01-01 - Robots to take over many jobs in the future:

Note: I guess that's good, since there won't be any humans around in the future anyway!

2017-01-01 - Iconic 'Hollywood' sign altered to read 'Hollyweed' in California:

2017-01-02 - Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the Fiji Islands:

2017-01-02 - Earthquakes continue at the California-Mexico border, 250 small quakes since New Year's Eve:

2017-01-02 - Is there a relationship between global CO2 increase and El Nino? Yes and no:

2017-01-02 - Lightning strike injures woman at beach in Itanhaém (Brazil):

2017-01-02 - Tornado touches down in Houston County (Alabama), 4 killed:

2017-01-02 - Birds migrating earlier as global temperatures rise:

2017-01-02 - Arctic air pervades the US from coast to coast during 1st week of 2017:

2017-01-02 - Hottest year ever recorded comes to a close in Sydney (Australia):

2017-01-02 - Threat of floods is shifting across the US, risk increasing in the north, dropping in the south:

2017-01-02 - Civil conflict and unpredictable weather cast 'long shadow on food security' in 2016:

2017-01-02 - Sherwood Forest faces fracking threat in Britain:

2017-01-02 - The Orwellian war against alternative media:

2017-01-02 - Predicting economic crashes:

2017-01-02 - World oil field discoveries lowest since 1947:

2017-01-02 - For the first time since WWII, no US carriers are deployed anywhere in the world:

2017-01-02 - Trump is the candidate the elites wanted to win, and he is stuffing his cabinet with insiders:

2017-01-02 - Research scientist David Meade says Earth will be destroyed by rogue solar system in 2017:

2017-01-02 - New organ discovered, the mesentery:

Note: I went to bed thinking I had 78 organs, and now I find out I have 79!

2017-01-03 - Person sickens on boat in the River Orwell near Harwich (Britain):

Quote: "Coastguard rescue teams from Felixstowe, Holbrook and a lifeboat from Harwich joined firefighters and ambulance crews to deal with a medical incident this morning. A Maritime and Coastguard Agency spokeswoman said teams were called shortly after 5.30am to reports a person had been taken ill on a boat. She could not specify where the incident took place but said it happened near to the western shore on the Harwich side of the river."

2017-01-03 - Man strokes out on passenger ship near coastal Gothenburg (Sweden):

2017-01-03 - 2016 was the hottest year ever recorded, beating the previous record set in 2015, which beat the previous record set in 2014:

2017-01-03 - Global atmospheric methane concentrations in September were highest ever recorded for any September:

2017-01-03 - As sea level continues rising, migrants get moving in the South Pacific:

2017-01-03 - Guy McPherson's presentation in Syracuse (New York):

2017-01-03 - The latest from Paul Beckwith on abrupt climate change and the Arctic:

2017-01-03 - Magnitude 6.9+ earthquake strikes in the ocean near the Fiji Islands:

2017-01-03 - Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strikes near Tripura (India), landslides ensue, woman killed:

2017-01-03 - Rare magnitude 3.9 earthquake shakes coastal Sydney (Australia), government urges calm:

2017-01-03 - Magnitude 3.9 earthquake, biggest in nearly a decade, strikes in the ocean near Scarborough (Britain):

2017-01-03 - Lightning strike kills man in Thakurgaon (Bangladesh):

2017-01-03 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Terengganu and Kelantan states (Malaysia):

2017-01-03 - Up to 32 inches of snow in 1.5 days set to hit Longmont (Colorado):

2017-01-04 - The US had more floods in 2016 than any year since records began in 1980:

2017-01-03 - James Kunstler's predictions for 2017 - 'the wheels finally come off':

2017-01-03 - 'Asbestos of the Sky' - the aviation industry's darkest coverup:

2017-01-03 - Arizona UFO theories reignited after mystery lights appear on New Year's Eve:

2017-01-03 - Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year, falls on January 16 this year:

2017-01-04 - Hydrogen sulfide hits parts of Moscow (Russia), people sickened:

Quote: "Moscow residents continue to complain of a strong smell of hydrogen sulfide in the air on the street and in the apartment, covered with messages of emergency services. In the MOE does not yet give any comments, and from Muscovites in social networks have already received a few reports that people are starting to become bad."

Quote: "We will remind, the first messages to the community about a strong smell of hydrogen sulfide in the air appeared in the second half of the day Wednesday, January 4th. First, the increased content of substance in the air was felt only on the street, and later, the tenants began to complain, and in a similar situation in their apartments."

Note: This is now at least the third time that hydrogen sulfide has hit Moscow. A huge cloud of hydrogen sulfide hit Moscow in November 2014, mentioned in the 2014-11-10 update. Residents were told to shelter-in-place during that event and soldiers in gas masks were on the streets. Then high levels of hydrogen sulfide hit Moscow again in July 2016, mentioned in the 2016-07-04 update...

2017-01-04 - Man on kayak goes missing near coastal Allyn (Washington):

2017-01-04 - China issues first-ever national red alert as cities choke on smog:

2017-01-04 - Record drought in Bolivia drains lakes, threatens capital, and kills livestock by the thousands, situation critical:

2017-01-04 - Heavy rain and terrible flooding hit Bolivia, 8+ killed:

2017-01-04 - Heavy snow to hit California:

2017-01-04 - Heavy snow hits Poland, blackouts ensue:,Heavy-snow-winds-leave-thousands-in-Poland-without-power

2017-01-04 - Fierce winter storm brings heavy snow and 100 MPH winds to Austria:

2017-01-04 - 'Freak wave' injures at least 4 people at coastal Crescent Head (Australia):

2017-01-04 - Tenfold jump in green technologies needed to meet global emissions targets:

Note: Even if somehow we were to achieve that tenfold jump, that's predicated on the Earth not ramping up its own emissions, and that's already happening. So, the situation is out of our control, if it was ever in our control in the first place. Even if every factory shut down and every vehicle and human being disappeared, the Earth will keep on spewing more and more methane and hydrogen sulfide and CO2 into the atmosphere, just as has happened before. We are now irrelevant...

2017-01-04 - Flowers bloom early in the UK and India:

2017-01-04 - Purty sundogs seen in the sky over Minnesota:

2017-01-04 - New scientific study debunks biotech's 'substantially equivalent' argument:

2017-01-04 - Soil depletion and the decline in nutritional content of fruits and vegetables:

2017-01-04 - CDC keeps secret its mishaps with deadly germs:

2017-01-04 - Fake news fallout - WikiLeaks suing CNN for defamation:

Note: And the winner of this legal battle - lawyers!

2017-01-04 - Zombie apocalypse could give humans just 100 days to live:

2017-01-04 - Photo of 'demon' goes viral on Facebook:

2017-01-04 - Two boys on horseback and a tag-along goat go through McDonald's drive-thru in Powell (Wyoming):

2017-01-04 - Man in Vietnam found with scissors in stomach that'd been there for 18 years:

2017-01-05 - 2016 saw highest natural disaster losses in four years at $175 billion:

2017-01-05 - Volcano Turrialba erupts in Costa Rica, emergency declared:

Quote: "Costa Rica declared a state of emergency Thursday after eruptions of ash from a volcano forced international flights to be postponed and threatened the capital, authorities said. 'For several days now volcano Turrialba has had continual eruptions marked by the constant expulsion of ash,' the National Emergencies Commission (CNE) said in a statement. It declared a state of emergency for the capital San Jose and other central cities."

2017-01-05 - Volcano Colima erupts again in Mexico:

2017-01-05 - Volcano Bogoslof continues erupting in the Aleutian Islands (Alaska):

2017-01-05 - Magnitude 3.5 earthquake shakes Volcano Katla (Iceland):

2017-01-05 - Lightning strikes kill 2 girls and injure 2 people in Zimbabwe:

2017-01-05 - 100-year flooding hits Denmark:

2017-01-05 - Winter storm Helena heads east, killing 2, state of emergency declared in Alabama and Georgia:

2017-01-05 - Rare waxwing birds from abroad that signal harsh winter seen across Gloucestershire (Britain) as temperatures plummet:

2017-01-05 - Study finds potential instability in Atlantic Ocean water circulation system could trigger global cooling:

2017-01-05 - Jury orders DuPont to pay $10.5 million in cancer lawsuit over poisoned Ohio River Valley water:

2017-01-05 - Astronomers observe new double-ringed galaxy 'unlike anything seen before':

2017-01-05 - Macy's to close 68 Stores and cut over 10,000 jobs amid weak sales:

2017-01-05 - Man, 26, goes on shooting rampage at airport in coastal Fort Lauderdale (Florida), says government controlled his mind, 5 killed, 8 injured:

2017-01-05 - Severed human arm found in canal in St. John Parish (Louisiana):

2017-01-06 - Hydrogen sulfide leaking from landfill in coastal Escambia County (Florida):

Quote: "Recent weather has eroded the soil cap at a controversial Wedgewood landfill and released elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide, according to an Escambia County news release."

2017-01-06 - Chilean navy releases footage of UFO spraying unknown chemical in the sky:

Quote: "Described by the captain as a 'flat, elongated structure' with 'two thermal spotlights-like discharges that did not coincide with the axis of motion,' the object can be seen discharging a chemical plume at approximately eight minutes into the video."

2017-01-06 - Shallow magnitude 5.3 earthquake strikes near coastal Seddon (New Zealand):'severe'-earthquake-strikes-near-seddon-overnight

2017-01-06 - Magnitude 5.1 earthquake strikes near Saifabad (Iran), 4 killed, 4 injured:

2017-01-06 - Heavy rain and flooding hit southern Thailand, 8 killed, 150,000 homes affected:

2017-01-06 - Major highway closed for fourth consecutive day due to heavy snowfall in Jammu (India):

2017-01-06 - Study documents tree species' decline due to climate warming:

2017-01-06 - White House says risk of catastrophic asteroid impact is real:

2017-01-06 - University of Connecticut professor predicts societal collapse in the 2020s:

Quote: "We are living in society's twilight years - if a professor of ecology and mathematics from the University of Connecticut is correct. Studying history as a science with variables and trends, he predicts the 2020s will see massive instability. For some, our political future is frightening. Others find it exciting. But Professor Peter Turchin from the University of Connecticut claims that it is time to prepare for political turmoil that could rock society to its core."

2017-01-06 - Strange 'vibrating boat horn' noise heard in the wee hours across coastal Liverpool (Britain):

2017-01-06 - Bentley shows off 700-horsepower Bentley Continental Supersports in Britain:

Quote: "The $293,300 Continental Supersports four-seat coupe comes with a six-liter, twin-turbocharged W12 engine that gets 700 brake horsepower and 750 pound-feet of torque, up 79bhp and 160 pound-feet over the 2009 version."

Note: A little pricy for something that's gonna be turned into melted slag, but hey, if you've got that kind of money to burn - literally - then it looks like a nice ride!

2017-01-07 - Hydrogen sulfide killing fish in Lake Averno (Italy):

Quote: "Lake Averno is situated in the Campi Flegrei volcanic field. Today, hydrogen sulfide present in the waters killed hundreds of fish in the lake. Is that a sign of an imminent eruption of Campi Flegrei? Hundreds of dead fish were found along the shores of Lake Averno in the volcanic field of Campi Flegrei. Next eruption? via Leggo. Today, you will only hear talking about this sudden and strong smell of sulfur around the shores of the lake of Averno, the historical door to the underworld according to Romans."

Quote: "This would be due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide in the water that comes from the volcanic activity below the water surface – emission of fumaroles releasing the strong smell of sulfur."

Note: The bacteria and archaea that produce hydrogen sulfide do grow around volcanic vents, so if Campi Flegrei is pushing lava closer to the surface, then bacterial mats will start growing wherever the water temps rise, there's little or no oxygen in the water, and there's biomatter (like dead fish) or methane present. The story says maybe it's a natural event, as if that means it's of no concern. The Permian-Triassic extinction event - the Great Dying - was a natural event too, and it wiped out most oxygen-using life on this planet. The same thing is happening now. Maybe your toe tag will end up with the words 'natural event' on it, but dead is still dead...

2017-01-07 - Volcano Teide struck by shallow magnitude 3.0 earthquake on the island of Tenerife (Spain):

2017-01-07 - Heavy rain and flash floods hit parts of South Africa, 3+ killed:

2017-01-07 - Heavy snow paralyzes Istanbul (Turkey):

2017-01-07 - Cold wave hits Punjab and Haryan (India):

2017-01-07 - British Royal Navy tests 3D-printed drone in the Antarctic:

2017-01-07 - Dell ships first 32" 8K display:

2017-01-07 - Child's head fills with fluid, head gets gigantic, in Ranpur (India):

Note: Whoa, that's one big head!

2017-01-08 - Crack grows another 11 miles on the Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica, break could be imminent:

2017-01-08 - Volcano Bárðarbunga shaken by magnitude 3.5 earthquake in Iceland:

2017-01-08 - Magnitude 5.8 earthquake shakes coastal Resolute (Canada):

2017-01-08 - Spaceship Earth's main oxygen systems are collapsing:

2017-01-08 - Snow and ice cover 49 states in the US:

2017-01-08 - Heavy snow hits Greece, 2 killed:

2017-01-08 - Deadly freeze sweeps across Europe, first deaths of the new year reported:

2017-01-08 - Former US Secretary of Defense Bill Perry fears nuclear apocalypse:

2017-01-08 - Record 95,102,000 Americans not in labor force, unemployment rate more like 30%:

2017-01-08 - Unknown object spotted in the sky over Scunthorpe (Britain):

2017-01-09 - Barge worker has 'medical emergency' on barge on the Delaware River near Pennsauken Township (New Jersey), medevac'd off:

Quote: "The Coast Guard and other emergency crews responded to a barge along the Delaware River off the coast of Pennsauken Township for a medical emergency. Crews were called to the vessel around 3:30 p.m. Monday. Officials say a worker on the barge suffered a medical emergency."

2017-01-09 - Woman, 71, has breathing problems on cruise ship near coastal Melbourne (Florida), medevac'd off:

2017-01-09 - Man has heart problems on fishing ship near coastal Ouessant (France), medevac'd off:

Quote: "A Cayman helicopter of the Lanvéoc-Poulmic air base medevaced a crew member of the 'Ksora' off Ouessant on Jan 9, 2017, around 7 p.m., who was suffering from chest pain. Fearing a heart attack, the Navy intervened to transport the man to the hospital La Cavale-Blanche in Brest."

2017-01-09 - The effects of earthquakes on methane clathrate deposits in the Arctic:

2017-01-09 - Shallow magnitude 4.9 earthquake strikes coastal Antirrio (Greece):

2017-01-09 - High levels of air pollution hit coastal Sydney (Australia):

2017-01-09 - Lightning strike kills man in Dowa (Malawi):

2017-01-09 - Heavy rain, flooding and landslides hit parts of Nevada, evacuations ensue:

2017-01-09 - Death toll from flooding hits 21 in Thailand, over a million people affected:

2017-01-09 - Good-sized asteroid whips close by Earth:

Quote: "An asteroid between 11 to 34 meters across (36 to 111ft), roughly the size of 10 jumbo African elephants, made a remarkably close approach to Earth on Monday morning, passing by at a distance only half that of the Moon."

Note: Their elephant-based math sucks. A rock 36 feet in diameter would be a hell of a lot bigger than 10 elephants...

2017-01-09 - Two meteors burn up in the sky over Arkhangelsk Region (Russia):

2017-01-09 - Cirrus clouds create 22-degree sun halo in Alabama sky:

2017-01-09 - It's a retail apocalypse as Sears, Macy’s and The Limited close stores:

2017-01-09 - Man arrested and jailed for meth, but it was actually kitty litter, in Cypress (Texas):

2017-01-09 - More than 60 cities celebrated 2017's No Pants Subway Ride:

2017-01-10 - Unknown chemical gas hospitalizes firefighter during fire in Fort Worth (Texas):

2017-01-10 - Volcano Sinabung erupts in Indonesia:

2017-01-10 - Magnitude 7.3 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the Philippine Islands:

2017-01-10 - Magnitude 6.4 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the Solomon Islands:

2017-01-10 - Lightning strike kills 2 people in Chivhu (Zimbabwe):

2017-01-11 - Parts of Russia freeze at -53C -63F, while Australia bakes with temps of +43C +110F:

2017-01-10 - Blizzard dumps 10 feet of snow on Sierra (California), I-80 closed:

2017-01-10 - Humans will drive polar bears to extinction without climate action, feds say:

Note: The implication is that we CAN do something to prevent their extinction. We can't even do anything to prevent our OWN extinction, so fat chance that there's anything we can do to save polar bears...

2017-01-10 - Department of Defense testing swarms of autonomous 3-D printed drones:

Quote: "The Department of Defense is testing low-cost, autonomous, micro-drones for low-altitude intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions. The drones, dubbed Perdix, operate as a swarm and are not individually pre-programmed. Instead, they act as a collective organism with one distributed brain for decision-making, the DOD said in a statement on Monday."

2017-01-10 - Chinese company implants 3-D printed blood vessels into monkeys:

Quote: "Chinese scientists working for Sichuan Revotek have successfully 3-D printed blood vessels and implanted them in rhesus monkeys, the company said. It is a major step on the road to mass printing human organs for transplants."

2017-01-10 - Monkey has sex with a deer on coastal Yakushima Island (Japan):

Quote: "Scientists on Tuesday revealed the 'highly unusual' behaviour of a male monkey filmed trying to have sex with female deer in Japan -- a rare case of inter-species nookie."

2017-01-10 - Over 60% of Swedes see US as major threat to world peace:

2017-01-11 - Man, 50, has 'medical event', collapses onto tractor exhaust, on coastal Waiheke Island (New Zealand), 1 injured:

Quote: "A man has been airlifted to hospital with serious burns to the face after falling on to a tractor's hot exhaust pipe on Waiheke Island, Auckland. St John Ambulance and the Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter were called to the scene at 1.15pm on Wednesday. The rescue helicopter spokeswoman said a 50-year-old man appeared to have suffered a medical event and collapsed, falling onto the exhaust of his tractor lawnmower."

2017-01-11 - Magnitude 5.1 earthquake shakes coastal Seddon (New Zealand):

2017-01-11 - Tornado touches down and damages homes in Sacramento (California):

2017-01-11 - European rivers and bays freeze, Istanbul paralyzed and record snow hits Greece again:

2017-01-11 - Dangerous long-duration ice storm looming for 1000-mile swath of the Central US:

2017-01-11 - Meteor spotted over the Central US and Canada:

2017-01-11 - Firefighters train for aircraft fires in Lakeland (Florida):

2017-01-11 - Walmart and Boeing laying off workers:

2017-01-11 - Raising a child in the US costs over $230,000:

2017-01-12 - Hydrogen sulfide blowing off landfill onto homes in East Orlando (Florida):

Quote: "The problem goes back years, when construction trash mixed with trash from homes. It created a build-up of hydrogen sulfide gas, which stinks."

Quote: "Over the last couple of days, many Orange County residents have been crying foul over the odors coming from the county's landfill. Officials say they're aware of the problem and working hard to fix it. People living in the Randal Park neighborhood, in East Orlando, describe the smell like this: 'It smells like rotten eggs,' says John Tice, a Randal Park Resident. 'Diarrhea,' says Michael Carlucci, another Randal Park Resident. They're worried about smells coming from the Orange County Landfill, just a few miles north of the community."

2017-01-12 - Hydrogen sulfide kills worker, injures 2 more, at refinery in coastal Ciudad Madero (Mexico):

Quote: "Petroleos Mexicanos says in a statement that the employee came in contact with a release of toxic hydrogen sulfide while doing maintenance work. Two others were injured and were in stable condition Thursday."

2017-01-12 - Unknown chemical odor emanates from the River Clyde in Rutherglen (Scotland):

2017-01-12 - Volcano Krakatoa rumbling and quaking in Indonesia:

2017-01-12 - Hospitals overflowing with patients needing medical care in the UK:

Quote: "Crisis has ensued at UK's NHS with more than 23 hospitals having called a BLACK ALERT on account of overcrowding of patients so much so that the said hospitals can no longer guarantee patient safety and provide their full range of normal services. Hospitals have declared a black alert - the highest level, which means they cannot cope with the number of patients - while others are on 'red alert', which means they are under 'extreme pressure'. Unable to cope with the sheer number of patients, Struggling hospitals have been forced to take highly unusual steps in order to manage a surge in demand for care."

Note: So first there was a spike in dying in the UK, mentioned in the 2016-03-14 update, which resulted in the funeral industry posting some hefty profits. And now the hospital system in the UK is overloaded with people needing medical care. More people dying, more people sickening, on an island nation...

2017-01-12 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits the Waimea River and the Wai-iti River (New Zealand):

2017-01-12 - Record flooding hits the US West Coast, Californians evacuate by the thousands:

2017-01-12 - 350 billion gallons of water top off California reservoirs after record flooding:

2017-01-12 - Heavy snowfall collapses roofs in Oregon and Ontario:

2017-01-12 - Too much snow closes second resort in 2 days in Colorado:

2017-01-12 - Blizzards and heavy snow hit Scotland:

2017-01-12 - Heavy snow hits northern Japan:

2017-01-12 - Light-pillar phenomenon photographed over Ontario (Canada):

2017-01-13 - Man, 45, goes out on boat, goes missing, empty 'ghost boat' found, in coastal Little Egg Harbor (New Jersey):

Quote: "Coast Guard Petty Officer 1st Class Seth Johnson released a statement Friday, clarifying that the missing man's 'boat was reportedly found containing fishing gear on Hither Island earlier.' Firefighters from Little Egg Harbor and Tuckerton were also on scene, Goez and Johnson said. Goez said a relative reported the boater missing Friday morning."

2107-01-13 - Increased volcanic activity for Bogoslof (USA), Bezymianny (Russia), Reventador (Ecuador), Lopevi (Vanuatu) and Nyamuragira (Congo):

2017-01-13 - Storm Egon brings hurricane-force winds and snow to Germany, blackouts ensue, flights cancelled:

2017-01-13 - Storm Egon pounds France, 300,000 homes lose power:

2017-01-13 - Meteor explodes in the sky over Puerto Rico:

2017-01-13 - Obama renews seven national emergencies:

2017-01-13 - Trump picks Rudy Giuliani to be his advisor on cybersecurity:

2017-01-13 - 'Chicago Fire' actor Joe Minoso rescued from elevator by Chicago Fire in Chicago (Illinois):

2017-01-14 - Hydrogen sulfide found in the water at beach area in coastal Playa del Carmen (Mexico):

Quote: "According to a release issued by City Council, the Department of Environment carried out a tour of the area taking eight water samples and found the presence of hydrogen sulfide which is being generated by the natural decomposition of organic matter. The smell has been particularly troublesome to beachgoers and business owners in that area as the smell of sewage has been detected as far away as Shangri-La beach, some 300 meters away."

2017-01-14 - Colony of cat-rat chimeras found in home in Lethabong (South Africa):

Quote: "Strange creatures that appears to have a cat’s head and rat’s body has apparently been discovered by a terrified family who called their local church leader to kill them. The animals were found in a house in Lethabong, Rustenburg, in South Africa."

Note: Those are genetic chimeras, a combination of two species. As methane and hydrogen sulfide react away the UV protection in the atmosphere and turn the Sun whiter, the Earth is being hit by more UV, which damages DNA/RNA. It appears Mother Nature has a trick - which humans have replicated in labs - where holes in DNA/RNA are filled with genetic information from another species. We do it in labs with retroviruses, so it is my working hypothesis that Mother Nature also uses viruses to blend species in an effort to 'patch up' genetic damage. Not every species will be able to be blended with any other species. Birds and mammals have different genetic structure, and I haven't seen a bird-mammal chimera yet, so that looks unlikely or impossible. But lizard-human, cow-human, wolf-human, pig-human, cat-rat, fish-human, anything like that - all possibilities which could appear anywhere at any time now.

As this extinction event progresses, we're extremely likely to see all kinds of new lifeforms, and sometimes there will be enough to form a breeding colony and establish a new species. Some of these could be extremely dangerous to humanity, like human-lizard chimeras which reproduce via parthenogenesis, needing only one individual for reproduction, and which have hands and near-human (or better) intelligence. If such a species gains a foothold, they could rapidly raise armies and they would not be likely to be friendly to humans. On the plus side, this means that even if humans go extinct (extremely likely), fragments of our DNA may yet live on, embedded in other new species that arise, species which may have a much better chance of surviving this extinction event than we do...

2017-01-14 - Volcano Lopevi erupts on Lopevi Island (Vanuatu):

2017-01-14 - Magnitude 6.1+ earthquake strikes in the ocean near the Fiji Islands:

2017-01-14 - Heavy flooding and nine-foot storm surge hit Britain:

2017-01-14 - 2016 was the deadliest year ever for migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea:

2017-01-14 - Exxon ordered to hand over climate documents – 'Exxon must come clean about what it knew about climate change':

2017-01-14 - SpaceX sends 10 satellites into orbit, lands rocket booster on drone ship in first flight since September explosion:

2017-01-14 - Mystery object spotted in galaxy Cygnus A:

2017-01-14 - Ben Affleck gets frisked by TSA at airport in Los Angeles (California):

2017-01-15 - 2016 shattered previous record for hottest year ever recorded globally:

2017-01-15 - 2016 was second-hottest year ever recorded in the US:

2017-01-15 - Climate doomsday is already here:

2017-01-15 - Antarctica seeing rain and melting:

Quote: "'When I used to come to Antarctica in the 1990s, it never used to rain,' said Rodolfo Sanchez, director of the Argentine Antarctic Institute (IAA). 'Now it rains regularly—instead of snowing,' he told AFP during an Argentine government visit to King George Island, off the tip of the western Antarctic peninsula."

2017-01-15 - Antarctic ice shelf crack expanding near British research base, Britain abandons base:

2017-01-15 - Heatwave and new hottest-night record hit Sydney (Australia):

2017-01-15 - Tornadoes cause damage in parts of Texas:

2017-01-15 - Deadly ice storm threatens 44 million people in the US Midwest:

2017-01-15 - Russian TV talks ice age even as Arctic ice disintegrates like never seen before:

Note: Well, it's reassuring that the US doesn't have a complete monopoly on stupidity!

2017-01-15 - UFO hunter demands inquiry into mysterious black object filmed over the Bristol Channel:

2017-01-15 - Live cam video of 'bigfoot family' at Yellowstone Park in Wyoming divides web:

2017-01-15 - 2017, the year when the world economy starts coming apart?

2017-01-15 - C-SPAN interrupted by 10 minutes of broadcast from Russian news site RT:

2017-01-16 - Three men gassed to death by hydrogen sulfide in manhole, firefighter injured, in coastal Key Largo (Florida):

Quote: "A law enforcement source told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench this was a chain reaction. One worker went into the manhole and collapsed because of gasses. A second worker went into rescue him and collapsed as well. The same thing happened to a third worker who tried to help him. Ramsay said the men were overwhelmed by a combination of methane and hydrogen sulfide gas coming out of the 15-foot deep hole."

Quote: "A woman who lives near the manhole told Local 10 News that the area has smelled of rotten eggs for the past couple of months."

2017-01-16 - Municipal water smells like sulfur and tastes like sewage in Southgate (Michigan):

Quote: "Foul odor sparks worries about Downriver water. Residents say water smells like sulfer, tastes like sewage."

Quote: "Residents living Downriver in Metro Detroit are complaining about the water quality, saying their tap water smells like sulfur and tastes like sewage. After testing the water, the Great Lakes Water Authority and individual municipalities said the water is safe to drink, despite the smell. But residents are still leery. Kristina Bacon, of Trenton, is hesitant to drink her own tap water after her cats and dogs got sick last week. '(My) big dog started vomiting and so did (my) little dog, so we said, "No. no. We're switching to bottled (water),"' Bacon said."

2017-01-16 - Man in his 20s goes missing while diving at coastal Pahoehoe Beach in Kailua-Kona (Hawaii):

2017-01-16 - Continuous eruptions at Colima (Mexico), Turrialba (Costa Rica) and Sinabung (Indonesia) volcanoes:

2017-01-16 - Effect of methane on climate change could be 25% greater than we thought:

2017-01-16 - Atmospheric CO2 levels continue rising:

2017-01-16 - Never in the history of humanity has global sea ice been so weak and reduced:

2017-01-16 - Heatwave heads to the Sunshine Coast (Australia):

2017-01-16 - Researchers develop battery with built-in fire extinguisher:

Quote: "Researchers have designed a lithium-ion battery that contains a fire-extinguishing material, which is released if the battery gets too hot. Flame retardant triphenyl phosphate (TPP) sits inside a shell within the electrolyte fluid. The shell melts when the temperature reaches 150C (302F), releasing the chemical compound. In tests, battery fires were extinguished in 0.4 seconds."

2017-01-16 - Lightning strike kills 4 people, injures 4 more, at church in Tsomo (South Africa):

2017-01-16 - Russia hit by lots of snow:

2017-01-16 - Meteor explodes in the sky during the daytime over Norway:

2017-01-16 - Protestors take aim at Louisiana pipeline that would traverse 600 acres of wetlands and 700 bodies of water:

2017-01-16 -  Airbus intends to test flying car before the end of the year, CEO says:

2016-01-16 - Gene Cernan, last astronaut to walk on the moon, dies at age 82 in Houston (Texas):

2017-01-16 - Mysterious flashing lights speed past ISS, astronaut hides evidence from camera with hand:

2017-01-16 - The world's 8 richest people have the same wealth as half of humanity combined:

Quote: "Oxfam’s report, ‘An economy for the 99 percent’, shows that the gap between rich and poor is far greater than had been feared. It details how big business and the super-rich are fuelling the inequality crisis by dodging taxes, driving down wages and using their power to influence politics."

2017-01-16 - Bruce Springsteen cover band drops out of the Trump inauguration:

2017-01-17 - Hydrogen sulfide leaking from sewers in coastal Warwick (Rhode Island), smoke test to be performed:

Quote: "The mystery cause of odors from sewer lines along Cedar Swamp Road, a long-time source of area residents’ complaints, may soon be uncovered as the Warwick Sewer Authority (WSA) conducts a 'smoke test' of the system there. Janine Burke-Wells, WSA’s Executive Director, said her office has received complaints about odors in the area for the last nine years. In fall of 2011, a sewer line on Cedar Swamp Road, corroded by hydrogen sulfide, collapsed. The corrosive gas, which smells like rotten eggs, also generated complaints from neighbors. Following the collapse, the WSA installed odor control chemicals at three pump stations, removed an obstruction that was causing hydrogen sulfide buildup, adjusted pumping frequencies to prevent stagnant wastes, flushed the lines there, added carbon filters and sent staff to investigate complaints. Those efforts were focused on controlling the odors. Now, 'We would like to prevent the odors, if possible,' she said."

Note: I wonder how many people in this area have dropped dead from heart attacks, strokes and brain aneurysms in the last few years...

2017-01-17 - More than 30 hot springs in Japan found to have dangerous levels of hydrogen sulfide:

Quote: "The onsen study was conducted after a news report last autumn about a man who was found unconscious at a hot spring in Ashoro, a town in Hokkaido, in October 2014. The man showed signs of hydrogen sulfide poisoning. The case prompted the ministry to call on local governments to measure gas levels at onsen in their jurisdictions."

2017-01-17 - Ocean layering around Antarctica could signal major meltdown:

Quote: "As scientists learn more about the dynamics of the ocean around Antarctica, they’ve discovered a climate warming signal. Distinct layers of water, marked by temperature boundaries, are forming right now, leading to conditions similar to about 14,000 years ago, when Antarctic ice sheets melted rapidly, raising global sea level by more than 10 feet."

2017-01-17 - Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strikes near coastal Medan (Indonesia):

2017-01-17 - Lightning strike kills 6 people at funeral in Zimbabwe:

2017-01-17 - With two weeks to go, snowiest month on record hits Gunnison (Colorado):

Note: Another high-precip event...

2017-01-17 - Heavy snow, as much as a meter, blankets parts of Italy:

Note: And another...

2017-01-17 - Record snowfall forces migration in areas of Pakistan:

Note: And another...

2017-01-17 - More rain to come for Thailand as floods leave 43 dead, 1.6 million affected, 500,000 homes damaged:

Note: And another. As the world warms, more moisture enters the atmosphere, and as the methane around the world spews into the atmosphere, it breaks down into CO2 and H20, adding yet more water to the atmosphere. The result is more high-precip events, more snow where it's cold, more rain where it's warm. The methane will cause yet more warming, releasing even more methane and the additional warming will cause yet more water vapor to enter the atmosphere, so high-precip events are going to be getting continuously worse from now on, as they already have been for some time...

2017-01-17 - Tidal surges wiping out coastline in Skipsea, Yorkshire (Britain):

Quote: "The coastline and its valuable infrastructure is being rapidly destroyed by unstoppable erosion, leaving residents and business owners fearing for their future."

2017-01-17 - Cold wave hits Bangladesh:

2017-01-17 - Antibiotic resistant nightmare bacteria show worrisome ability to diversify and spread:

2017-01-17 - World unemployment rate to rise amid economic uncertainty and growing inequality:

2017-01-17 - Nigeria accidentally bombs refugee camp, dozens killed, in Borno State (Nigeria):

Note: Apparently they have not yet discovered the wonders of map technology in Nigeria...

2017-01-17 - NASA to explore asteroid made of $10 quintillion worth of metal:

2017-01-17 - Meteor breaks up in the sky over Victoria (Australia):

2017-01-17 - Stunning images of frozen Lake Baikal in Russia:

2017-01-17 - Mysterious 6,000-mile-long wave discovered in the atmosphere on Venus:

2017-01-17 - Governments struggling to retain trust of citizens, global survey finds:

Note: Wait 'til people realize their government has been hiding the end of the world from them!

2017-01-17 - Drone-in-a-box system can launch, land and recharge itself autonomously:

2017-01-17 - Trump tweets at wrong Ivanka -- and she hits back:

2017-01-17 - Obama commutes Chelsea Manning's prison sentence, to be released in May this year instead of in 2045:

2017-01-18 - Hydrogen sulfide kills 3 oilfield workers in Nargesi (Iran):

Quote: "The incident occurred on Jan. 18 morning as a massive leak of toxic hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas from a crude oil storage tank in the Nargesi oil field killed at least three workers."

2017-01-18 - Volcano Bogoslof erupts again on coastal Bogoslof Island (Alaska):

2017-01-18 - Four earthquakes, magnitudes 5.3, 5.7, 5.3 and 5.1, shake central Italy, buildings collapse:

Quote: "The first tremor, with a preliminary magnitude of 5.3, hit Montereale at about 10:25 a.m. local time, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. A second quake with a magnitude of 5.7 hit the same area about 50 minutes later, and 10 minutes later a third was measured at magnitude 5.3. Several hours later another 5.1-magnitude quake shook the same area. Throughout the day, seismologists registered more than 100 aftershocks."

Quote: "The four quakes, which came in quick succession, caused buildings to collapse but miraculously resulted in no deaths or injuries."

2017-01-18 - Magnitude 3.8 earthquake strikes near Hawthorne (Nevada):

2017-01-18 - Thousands of Portuguese men-of-war washing ashore and stinging people on beaches in Brevard County (Florida):

2017-01-18 - Endangered wolves freely prowling suburbs of Paris (France):

Quote: "French told not to fear wolves roaming Paris streets as 'they only eat four-legged animals'..."

Note: ..unless they're really hungry. They forgot to add that part for some odd reason!

2017-01-18 - Waxwings coming to the UK, probably because of harsh Siberian winter and/or lack of food:

Quote: "An unusual species of bird is enjoying a winter vacation here in the UK, according to the RSPB charity. Waxwings are a small starling-sized bird with a prominent crest and colourful markings. They only travel here from Siberia and northern Scandinavia when they experience a particularly harsh winter or if there is a shortage of food."

Note: Could be they don't like the atmosphere in Siberia too - that's where those giant exploding methane craters are, and Moscow itself has been hit by hydrogen sulfide three times in the last 26 months too...

2017-01-18 - 4-6 inches of rain in 12 hours hits Houston (Texas), more flooding possible:

2017-01-18 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Misamis Oriental (Philippine Islands), 4 killed, thousands displaced:

2017-01-18 - Heavy snow hits Mediterranean countries:

Note: Yet more high-precip events...

2017-01-18 - Flooding and cold causing food scarcity in Europe:

Quote: "Floods in Spain's south-eastern Murcia region combined with cold weather in Italy has meant that many field crops such as lettuce and broccoli have been nearly wiped out, Nationwide Produce food marketing company managing director Tim O'Malle told the BBC. Peppers and aubergines are among others that have been hit. Murcia is reported to have recently had its heaviest rainfall in 30 years and is estimated to supply about 80% of Europe's fresh produce during the winter months."

2017-01-18 - Warm atmospheric river aims parade of storms at the US West during La Nina year of 2017:

2017-01-18 - ‘Weather bomb’ set to hit New Zealand:

2017-01-18 - Avalanche hits hotel in Pescara (Italy), 30+ killed:

2017-01-18 - Mysterious giant cloud bubble captured by satellite over the Island of Meanguera (El Salvador):

2017-01-18 - Six-wheeled robots are about to start delivering food in the US:

Quote: "A small number of Americans will soon be able to have food and other goods delivered to them by an adorable semi-autonomous robot. Starship Technologies announced the first two commercial partnerships for its ground-based delivery robots in the US today — one with DoorDash in Redwood City, California, and one with Postmates in Washington, DC. The commercial trials will see these services start making deliveries in the coming weeks using Starship’s six-wheeled robots within a four-mile-wide test area in each city."

2017-01-18 - Vampire bats found to be feasting on humans in Brazil:

2017-01-18 - Wilbur Ross, Trump's Commerce pick, offshored 2,700 jobs since 2004:

Quote: "Companies controlled by Wilbur Ross, a billionaire known as 'the king of bankruptcy' for buying struggling businesses and turning them around into profitability, cut roughly 2,700 jobs since 2004 by shipping their production into other countries, according to data obtained by Reuters under a Freedom of Information Act request on Tuesday. These included textile, finance, and auto-parts companies."

Note: You couldn't possibly ask for a more corporatist and elitist group than that which Trump has selected to fill his cabinet positions. I see what Trump meant by 'Make America Great Again' now - he meant great for BILLIONAIRES!

2107-01-18 - Blackwater founder and notorious mercenary Erik Prince is Trump's secret advisor:

2017-01-18 - Unlike Trump, Americans want strong environmental regulator, says Reuters/Ipsos poll:

Note: I highly doubt any of the oil and chemical bigwigs with which Trump is filling the government are going to care about the environment, since they never have before...

2017-01-19 - Hydrogen sulfide leaking from landfill in Cleveland (Ohio):

Quote: "Hydrogen sulfide is present at the site in concentrations two to three times higher than the U.S. EPA deems acceptable, according to air tests conducted by Jim Riffle of Auburn Environmental."

2017-01-19 - Hydrogen sulfide leaks from refinery at 6:30 AM in Corunna, Ontario (Canada):

Quote: "There was a hydrogen sulfide leak Thursday morning at the Shell Canada refinery in Corunna. Company spokesperson Randy Provencal says H2S alarms sounded at around 6:30am in one of the units."

2017-01-19 - Man, late teens, suddenly collapses near County Hall in Norwich (Britain), in critical condition:

Quote: "At 3.03pm emergency services were alerted to a 'medical incident' near the roundabout close to County Hall, Norwich. The reports suggested a male had collapsed."

Quote: "The patient, a male believed to be in his late teens, has been taken to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital by an East of England Ambulance crew. His condition is 'life-threatening', according to an ambulance spokesman."

2017-01-19 - Volcano Colima erupts powerfully, again, in Mexico:

2017-01-19 - Magnitude 6.8 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the Solomon Islands:

2017-01-19 - Food disruption, climate change, and ocean sources of food, part 1 of 3, with Paul Beckwith:

2017-01-19 - North Pole was warmer than the south of France, Italy, Greece Turkey and Syria yesterday:

2017-01-19 - Even the most efficient coal plants put global climate goals out of reach:

Note: They're out of reach even if we blow up every coal plant and every person on the planet blows his or her brains out with a gun, because the Earth is ramping up its OWN emissions, which will dwarf ours, and there's nothing that's going to stop that...

2017-01-19 - Lightning strike kills boy, injures another, in the village of 109-North (Pakistan):

2017-01-19 - Lightning strike killes fisherman in Malawi:

2017-01-19 - Spain hit by heaviest snowfall in 35 years:

2017-01-19 - Abnormally cold weather in Serbia caused parts of the River Danube to freeze over:

2017-01-19 - Three months after Hurricane Matthew, 1.5 million people face hunger in Haiti:

2017-01-19 - Rare high Arctic gull turns up in Half Moon Bay (California):

2017-01-19 - Trump's nominee to EPA says human impact on climate change 'needs more debate':

Note: While people are debating, more and more people are going to be falling over dead and/or burning to death. If we debate long enough there won't be anyone left alive TO debate. Maybe that's the plan!

2017-01-19 - Scientists race to save US government climate data from Trump:

2017-01-19 - Mark Zuckerberg scheming to be president of the United States:

2017-01-19 - Bernie Madoff continues to be a greedy bastard:

Note: Once a greedy bastard multimillionaire, always a greedy bastard multimillionaire...

2017-01-19 - CIA unveils new rules for collecting information on Americans:

2017-01-19 - CIA releases 13 million pages of declassified documents:

2017-01-19 - Elephant protein destroys human cancer cells, researchers say:

2017-01-19 - Chinese 'hack-proof' quantum communication satellite put into service:

Note: Cool Schrödinger's Cat stuff here...

2017-01-19 - US jobless claims fall unexpectedly in latest week:

2017-01-19 - Trump pre-inauguration party's fireworks display spells out 'USR' instead of 'USA':

2017-01-20 - Eight earthquakes rattle Colorado:

2017-01-20 - Crack continues to grow on the Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica:

Quote: "The crack that looks set to spawn a giant iceberg in the Antarctic has continued to spread. The rift in the Larsen C Ice Shelf has grown a further 10km since 1 January. If the fissure propagates just 20km more, it will free a tabular berg one-quarter the size of Wales. That would make it one of the biggest icebergs ever recorded, according to researchers at Swansea and Aberystwyth universities, and the British Antarctic Survey."

2017-01-20 - SOTT earth changes summary for December 2016 - extreme weather, planetary upheaval, meteors:

2017-01-20 - The Sixth Extinction:

2017-01-20 - Food disruption, climate change, and ocean sources of food, with Paul Beckwith, part 2 of 3:

2017-01-20 - Cosmic radiation hitting people on passenger planes:

Quote: "A new study published in the peer-reviewed journal Space Weather reports the discovery of radiation 'clouds' at aviation altitudes. When airplanes fly through these clouds, dose rates of cosmic radiation normally absorbed by air travelers can double or more."

Quote: "Any changes as a plane navigates airspace should be gradual. Tobiska and colleagues have found something quite different, however: Sometimes dose rates skyrocket for no apparent reason. 'We were quite surprised to see this,' says Tobiska."

2017-01-20 - Man escapes death as lightning stikes same place twice in Singapore:

2017-01-20 - Freak heavy snowfall, up to a meter deep, hits the Sahara desert:

2017-01-20 - Heavy snow shuts down highways in Spain, thousands trapped:

2017-01-20 - Heavy snow hits Idaho, animals struggling:

2017-01-20 - Cold wave heads to Morocco:

2017-01-20 - AI still a major concern despite scientific assurances:

2017-01-20 - First footage of a new species of seadragon alive in the wild off Australia:

2017-01-20 - Heating the Earth’s atmosphere with military lasers to create a giant surveillance lens in the sky:

2017-01-20 - Independent readers' poll thinks we are closer to Doomsday:

2017-01-20 - Protesters set fire to limo and car as Trump inaugurated in Washington DC:

Note: Annoying, deluged searches with bullshit car fire stories, slowed me down. Bad, protesters, bad!

2017-01-20 - Pro-marijuana group gives out free joints in protest of Trump inauguration:

Note: That's how you protest!

2017-01-20 - Trump tweets that he's 'honered' to serve the people:

2017-01-20 - Trees fall and crush two of man's cars in different cities on the same day in California:

Note: Sounds like some treemendously bad luck!

2017-01-21 - Woman goes into distress while diving near coastal Jupiter (Florida):

2017-01-21 - Central Italy hit by more than 48,000 earthquakes since deadly August 24, 2016 quake:

2017-01-21 - Magnitude 3.3 earthquake and 3 smaller quakes shake West Yellowstone (Montana):

2017-01-21 - The warming of the planet is accelerating:

Quote: "Over just the past three years, global temperatures have risen by about 0.4 degrees Celsius. This was an extreme acceleration in the rate of warming. One that is unmatched in all of the past 136 years of climate record keeping."

Note: Feedbacks are kicking in at a faster and faster rate now, each feedback amplifying others. The methane clathrates in the Arctic could go bonkers with explosive methane releases at any time now, especially if the Arctic continues to be hit by record warmth. And then the global firestorms will begin, starting in the northern hemisphere and spreading southward. That's probably why George W. Bush bought almost 100,000 acres in Paraguay. He and his family might be able to live an extra year or two or three that far south...

2017-01-21 - Runaway warming baking the Arctic:

2017-01-21 - All references to climate change eliminated from the White House website:

Note: If only that would do anything other than making Trump look like an idiot. Alas, people will keep on falling over dead and burning to death until we run out of people. The Earth doesn't care about 'presidents' or 'websites' or 'politics' or 'economies'...

2017-01-21 - Permafrost thaw will have devastating impact on buildings in Russia's Arctic:

2017-01-21 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Harrington Park Lake in Harrington Park (Australia):

2017-01-21 - Tornado rips through Hattiesburg (Mississippi), 4+ killed:

2017-01-21 - More than triple average January snowfall breaks records at California ski resort:

2017-01-21 - Freak winter storm dumps snow on resort during the summer in Cardrona (New Zealand):

Note: The climate system is seriously destabilizing now. Winter warmth and melting at the North Pole during the winter, rain instead of snow in Antarctica, snowfall in New Zealand during the summer. This kind of climate chaos will disrupt food production with the obvious inevitable result...

2017-01-21 - Heavy rain and 'once-in-a-decade' flooding hit parts of New Zealand:

2017-01-21 - Huge waves destroy historic concrete ship at Seacliff State Beach (California):

2017-01-21 - Massive waves pound the coast in Oregon:

2017-01-21 - Double sun halo photographed over Fairbanks (Alaska):

2017-01-21 - Chinstrap penguin makes rare 1500-kilometre trip from Antarctica to Macquarie Island:

2017-01-21 - West Virginia lab manager gets 2 years in prison for doctoring water samples to benefit coal industry:

2017-01-22 - The 50 doomiest stories of 2016:

Quote: "For a long time, Desdemona has feared that when the effects of global warming become obvious to everyone, governments will shut down our Earth observation science, so that collectively, the human species can bury its head in the sand. The year 2016 saw huge strides toward this goal of dismantling science and blinding us all. The May government in the UK and the Turnbull government in Australia defunded their climate science research programs. In the U.S., the Trump team declared that they are seeking quick ways of withdrawing from the Paris agreement on climate change, and that NASA Earth science will be defunded. Scientists undertook a desperate effort to copy public climate data from government servers, in the event that Trump’s climate denialists order its destruction."

2017-01-22 - 'Mystery illness' sickens 200+ people at Humber College in Toronto (Canada):

Quote: "Symptoms so far have included stomach pain, vomiting, cramping, nausea and dizziness."

2017-01-22 - Minnesota's Governor Mark Dayton loses consciousness and collapses during speech in St Paul (Minnesota):

2017-01-22 - Mount Paektu supervolcano in North Korea is set to erupt and cause a global catastrophe:

Quote: "Mount Paektu once underwent one of the most devastating eruptions in history in 946 AD when it erupted so powerfully that it formed a five kilometre caldera at its summit and produced enough ash that it even showered Japan – almost 1,100km away."

2017-01-22 - Magnitude 7.9+ earthquake strikes near coastal Bougainville (Papua New Guinea):

Quote: "A powerful magnitude 8 earthquake hit the Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands on Sunday, but no tsunami was reported hours after the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued an alert for nearby islands. The quake struck at a depth of 167 kilometers (103 miles) under Papua New Guinea's most eastern province of Bougainville, where the two South Pacific countries meet in a continuous archipelago, said Chris McKee, assistant director of Papua New Guinea Geophysical Observatory in Port Moresby."

2017-01-22 - Magnitude 3.2 earthquake strikes near North Bend (Oregon):

2017-01-22 - Leading ocean researcher says we could see iceless Arctic in 2017:

2017-01-22 - The North Island in New Zealand getting hotter, with more droughts, floods and erosion:

2017-01-22 - Tornado rips through mobile home park, 20 homes destroyed, in Cook County (Georgia), 7+ killed:

Quote: "On Sunday, a tornado blew through a mobile home park in rural Cook County in southern Georgia — sheering off siding, upending homes and killing seven people, officials said."

2017-01-22 - Heavy rain and flooding hit California:

2017-01-22 - Heavy flooding displaces thousands in Malaysia:

2017-01-22 - Devastating drought spreading across Africa:

2017-01-22 - Flyboard firefighting system showcased in coastal Dubai (UAE):

2017-01-22 - Meteor spotted in the sky over Donegal (Ireland):

2017-01-22 - Psychic who predicted Trump, Brexit and Nice attack releases predictions for 2017:

2017-01-23 - Abnormal Antarctic heat, surface melt, giant cracks in ice shelves — more troubling signs of a world tipping toward climate chaos:

2017-01-23 - Volcano Bogoslof back to red alert in Alaska, eruptions and increased activity at Reventador (Ecuador), Erta Ale (Ethiopia) and quake swarm at Katla (Iceland):

2017-01-23 - Volcano Takawangha shaken by earthquake swarm on coastal Tanaga Island (Alaska):

2017-01-23 - Lightning strike kills 3 cows near Maryborough (Australia):

2017-01-23 - Ferocious hailstorm and an earthquake hit the coast in Spain:

2017-01-23 - Heavy snow isolates 12 municipalities in Algeria:

2017-01-23 - Charting irreversible climate change with Jason-3:

2017-01-23 - US health officials cancel climate conference, don’t say why:

Quote: "But a co-sponsor said he was told by the CDC that it was worried how the conference would be viewed by the Trump administration."

Note: Buh-bawk! Heh, unlike gubment employees, Trump can't fire ME, and no corporations or organizations have their hands in my pockets - too poor to afford pockets! - so I'm free to speak the truth, even if every science organization in the world is shut down, which is starting to seem vaguely possible...

2017-01-23 - Trump plans to ban the EPA from funding science, report says:

Note: Science, who needs it! We've got plenty of that other stuff, whatever they call it, you know, the stuff that isn't science - delusions? Yeah, that's it!

2017-01-23 - Toxic pit at Superfund copper mine site killing birds in Butte (Montana):

2017-01-23 - Foreigners are dumping US debt at a record pace and our $20 trillion debt is poised to become a major crisis:

2017-01-23 - Viruses communicate with one another helping them decide how to proceed with process of infection:

2017-01-23 - Dark matter may be killing galaxies across the universe:

2017-01-23 - Beautiful 'tulip sun' photographed in Chile:

2017-01-24 - Volcano Colima erupts in Mexico, third eruption this week:

2017-01-24 - Volcano Etna (Italy) awakens after 8 months, Ebeko (Russia) and Sabancaya (Peru) strongly erupt:

2017-01-24 - Are we ready for another massive volcanic eruption?

2017-01-24 - Shallow magnitude 2.4 earthquake strikes near the coast near Argyll and Bute (Scotland):

2017-01-24 - There was no pause in global warming:

2017-01-24 - Harvests in the US to suffer as the world warms:

Note: Not just in the US either, but everywhere. Well, maybe Greenland will have better harvests...

2017-01-24 - Trio of storms pound California, state of emergency declared, 4+ killed:

2017-01-24 - Heavy rain and flooding hit parts of Italy, 1+ killed:

2017-01-24 - High tide and coastal flooding ravage Cuba:

2017-01-24 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Singapore:

2017-01-24 - Record snowfall hits Mammoth Mountain (California):

2017-01-24 - Record snowfall hits parts of Alaska:

2017-01-24 - Freezing smog chokes Europe:

2017-01-24 - Armyworms spreading and destroying crops in Malawi:

2017-01-24 - Rare Seoul rat virus sickens 6 people in Illinois and 2 people in Wisconsin:

2017-01-24 - Asteroid flies past between the Earth and the Moon:

2017-01-24 - Brilliant green meteor photographed over Southern India:

2017-01-24 - Bright green meteor lights up the sky over Exeter (Britain):

2017-01-24 - Meteor blazes across the sky over Omsk (Russia):

2017-01-24 - Synthetic DNA paves way for creation of entirely new life forms:

2017-01-24 - Trump administration silences scientists at USDA, EPA, National Park Service defies gag order with tweets on climate science:

2017-01-24 - Is the GOP playing Trump until they can dump him? Are Democrats planning impeachment?

2017-01-24 - Pakistan test-fires nuclear-capable ballistic missile:

2017-01-24 - US Navy prepares to fire 150-kilowatt laser from sea vessels:

2017-01-24 - Amazon patents in-flight transformer drones:

2017-01-24 - Multi-million-dollar 45-foot RV comes with rooftop hot tub and its own helicopter:

2017-01-24 - Prehistoric architects with no written language or numbers built sophisticated architectural complexes in US Southwest:

2017-01-24 - Engineering students working on experiment to brew beer on the Moon:

2017-01-25 - Man, 45, has heart problems on cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico near Louisiana, medevac'd off:

Quote: "The US Coast Guard medevaced a 45-year-old man from the 'Carnival Triumph' 11 miles south of Southwest Pass, Louisiana, on Jan 25, 2017. Watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector New Orleans received a report at 6:57 p.m. that a cruise ship passenger was suffering from symptoms similar to a heart attack. They directed the launch of an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans to assist the man."

2017-01-25 - A new Arctic feedback emerges related to the jet stream:

2017-01-25 - Storms becoming more dangerous as the world warms:

2017-01-25 - US tornado outbreak - deadliest January since 1969 and exceeded entire the 2016 death toll in two days:

2017-01-25 - Heavy snowfall in Oregon, Idaho and Alaska is collapsing buildings:

2017-01-25 - Rare 'punch hole' clouds appear over Southern California:

2017-01-25 - Rogue wave blows out windows of restaurant in Pacifica (California):

2017-01-25 - Mysterious midnight 'raging' orange light in the sky puzzles resident in Toowoomba (Australia):

Note: Could've been a large cloud of methane and/or hydrogen sulfide burning off in a flash fire in the atmosphere...

2017-01-25 - Meteor lights up the sky over Huntersville (North Carolina):

2017-01-25 - Mysterious lights seen over Mesa (Arizona):

2017-01-25 - Two-headed snake found in India:

2017-01-25 - The US rapidly becoming worse than a banana republic:

2017-01-25 - Dow hits 20,000 for the first time:

Note: I bet the Dow falls significantly once the markets 'price in' the end of the world...

2017-01-25 - Legendary actress Mary Tyler Moore dies at age 80:

2017-01-25 - Kim Jong Un orders flight attendants to wear skimpy skirts, bids to make North Korea tourist hotspot:

2017-01-26 - Permafrost melting away in Alaska:

Quote: "Permafrost is thawing at a brisk rate across Alaska, and the Kenai Peninsula is no exception. A recent study estimates permafrost coverage on the peninsula has decreased by 60 percent since 1950."

2017-01-26 - Volcano Bogoslof erupts again, blows ash cloud 30,000+ feet into the atmosphere, in the Aleutian Islands (Alaska):

2017-01-26 - Volcano Katla shaken by magnitude 4.3 earthquake in Iceland:

2017-01-26 - Sixteen earthquakes shake Italy:

2017-01-26 - Lightning strike kills 2 students pupils at assembly in Macheke (Zimbabwe), 30 others injured:

2017-01-26 - Lightning strike kills two children on the way to school in Jaipur (India):

2017-01-26 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Johor (Malaysia), thousands evacuated:

2017-01-26 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Chile, Bolivia and Peru:

2017-01-26 - Ice storm hits New Brunswick (Canada), tens of thousands lose power:

2017-01-26 - Record snowfall hits Japan:

2017-01-26 - Heavy snowfall hits the Gurez Valley (India), two avalanches kill at least 10 people:

2017-01-26 - Heavy snowfall hits Jawzjan (Afghanistan), 27 children killed:

2017-01-26 - Over 90 percent of water in besieged Gaza unfit for use:

2017-01-26 - Human-pig 'chimera' embryo grown in lab:

2017-01-26 - Driverless bus begins nationwide tour in Atlanta (Georgia):

Note: Drivereless vehicles = anti-slumper tech...

2017-01-26 - Russia Today under attack from 'all sides' as West cracks down on free speech:

2017-01-26 - Trump calls for 20% import tax on Mexican products to pay for border wall:

Note: So WE would pay for the wall, not Mexico, by paying 20 percent more for stuff which comes from Mexico...

2017-01-26 - Is it just coincidence that the Dow has hit 20,000 at the same time that the debt is reaching $20 Trillion?

2017-01-26 - Meteor spotted in the sky over Leeds (Britain):

2017-01-26 - The super-rich are preparing for the end of the world:

2017-01-26 - How to dodge the antibiotic apocalypse:

2017-01-26 - Three people check out of hotel but forget a pound of pot, in Secaucus (New Jersey):

2017-01-27 - 'Doomsday Clock' moves to 2.5 minutes until midnight:

2017-01-27 - Volcano Bogoslof erupts again, blows ash cloud 25,000+ feet into the atmosphere, in the Aleutian Islands (Alaska):

2017-01-27 - Magnitude 5.2 earthquake strikes near Shashemane (Ethiopia):

2017-01-27 - Magnitude 4.1 earthquake strikes in coastal Cook Strait (New Zealand):

2017-01-27 - Unusually warm weather brings pollen season to Atlanta (Georgia) in January:

Quote: "With Atlanta tying a record for 70-degree days in Atlanta, it appears Mother Nature is confused. Tree pollen — thanks to Juniper, Alder, Pine and Maple trees — along with grass pollen are contributing the pollen count for Thursday, which reached 122. In 2016, the highest pollen count in January was five. Pack your tissues."

2017-01-27 - Lightning strike kills teen boy in Uttar Pradesh (India):

2017-01-27 - Second summer snowfall hits New Zealand:

2017-01-27 - Proliferation of bird flu outbreaks raises risk of human pandemic:

2017-01-27 - Washington State hit by nearly 300 cases of mumps:

2017-01-27 - US government scientists at climate conference terrified to speak to the press:

2017-01-27 - Lenticular cloud baffles skiers in Sweden:

2017-01-27 - Mikhail Gorbachev says, 'It all looks as if the world is preparing for war':

2017-01-27 - Poll says only 15% of physicians want Obamacare repealed:

2017-01-27 - Man, 61, KGB/FSB agent who leaked Trump's 'pee pee tape' info, found dead in car in Moscow (Russia):

Quote: "The mysterious death of Erovinkin just happened to occur around the same timeframe in which Russian authorities dragged a top FSB agent, Sergei Mikhailov, out of a meeting with a bag over his head and then made him disappear — while also arresting three other agents. It paints a picture of Vladimir Putin wiping out those within his own ranks whom he suspected of having helped leak the Trump blackmail story to the Western World."

Note: He may have been killed because he was screwing stuff up by leaking potentially useful information on Trump's 'activities' in Russia. Strategically speaking, I'm sure Putin would rather have dirt on Trump to use as leverage than simply see the dirt given away for no gain. Ergo, this guy had to die. If they've got significant dirt on Trump, which they might, then this is the first time Russia has EVER had blackmail-caliber information on a sitting US president, and Putin would definitely not want that capability wasted. On the other hand, numerous people ARE randomly slumping over dead in cars nowadays, and former KGB/FSB generals aren't immune to that. Still, it does seem mighty convenient...

2017-01-27 - China's new microwave weapon can disable missiles and paralyze tanks:

2017-01-27 - Actor John Hurt dies at age 77:

Quote: "Among his better-known roles were the title character in 1980's 'The Elephant Man;' wandmaker Ollivander in the Harry Potter films and Chancellor Adam Sutler in 'V for Vendetta.' He also played Kane in 'Alien.' In one of that 1979 film's more gruesome scenes, his character dies horribly as an alien bursts out from inside his body."

2017-01-27 - The Year of the Rooster begins:

2017-01-27 - Study finds dogs are happiest listening to reggae and soft rock:

2017-01-28 - Volcano Erta-Ale spews lava from crater for first time in a decade in Ethiopia:

2017-01-28 - Strange nighttime orange cloud glows over Sheffield (Britain):

2017-01-28 - Deadly jellyfish swarming near North Stradbroke Island (Australia):

2017-01-28 - Increased cosmic rays are irradiating airline travelers:

2017-01-28 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Peru, hotel collapses into river:

2017-01-28 - Brutal Western US winter weather has been terrible for animals:

2017-01-28 - Public hospital infested with flies on the island of Ibiza (Spain):

2017-01-28 - Corn-heavy diet turning hamsters into erratic cannibals in France:

2017-01-28 - Magical 'light pillar' phenomenon photographed across Russian skies:

2017-01-28 - US scientists create metallic hydrogen for the first time:

2017-01-28 - GOP prepares to let coal mining pollute streams and oil/gas sites send more methane into the atmosphere:

Quote: "Two Interior Department rules — one protecting streams from coal mining waste and another to cut methane emissions at oil and natural gas drilling sites — are the targets of Congressional Review Act resolutions due up in the House next week."

Note: More polluted streams and more people burning to death and more homes and businesses going up in flames - what's not to like?!

2017-01-28 - Trump's wall will benefit Mexican construction companies the most:

Quote: "The biggest winners from the construction of Donald Trump’s 'big, beautiful, powerful' wall along the U.S.-Mexico border are likely to be Mexican cement companies and construction workers."

Note: At the end of the day, everybody north of the wall is gonna be dead, and everybody south of the wall is gonna be dead, and neither piles of corpses are going to care if there's a wall between them. I guess it gives us something to do though, and it'll help keep people oblivious and distracted as they BECOME those piles of corpses. Of course, we could be using all the effort and resources to, you know, preserve human life and civilization, but it appears that creating a wall between soon-to-be piles of corpses is a much bigger priority than that. Derpity do dah, derpity day...

2017-01-29 - Gary Null and Guy McPherson - collapse of civilization within next 10 years due to climate change:

2017-01-29 - More info on Arctic Ocean feedbacks:

2017-01-29 - Trump administration seizing computers related to climate science:

Quote: "POTUS isn’t just suppressing, he’s destroying data — they’re taking computers."

2017-01-29 - Lethal plague detected among rare Mongolian antelope:

2017-01-29 - Rainbow in freezing temps - which should be impossible - appears in Alaska:

2017-01-29 - Polar vortex brings rare nacreous clouds to Britain:

2017-01-29 - Thousands of black birds swarm the sky over Houston (Texas):

2017-01-29 - Asteroid whizzes by Earth closer than 41,000 miles distance:

2017-01-29 - Cancer warning label on Roundup clears hurdles in California:

2017-01-29 - The US is on the precipice of widespread civil unrest:

2017-01-29 - Scientists confirm brand new form of matter - time crystals:

2017-01-29 - Man climbs into tiger enclosure at feeding time, gets mauled to death, at Ningbo Youngor Zoo (China):

Note: He was a young man, there with his wife and child. Doesn't sound like he was suicidal, so I dunno what he was thinking, but approaching tigers, at feeding time - not the brightest move!

2017-01-29 - Man, 27, right-wing nationalist, kills 6 people at mosque in Quebec (Canada):

2017-01-30 - Man, 44, has severe chest pain on fishing ship near coastal Lanvéoc-Poulmic (France), medevac'd off:

Quote: "On Jan 30, 2017, at 2.47 p.m. the CROS was alerted that a 44-year-old sailor on the 'Bara Bihan' was experiencing severe chest pain. The 'Bara Bihan' was 127 nautical west of Lanvéoc-Poulmic. The decision was taken to evacuate the sailor by helicopter to the hospital center of Brest."

2017-01-30 - Woman, 66, strokes out on passenger ship 'Ortelius' in the Antarctic:

Quote: "A 66-year-old Dutch woman who probably had suffered stroke, was medevaced as quickly as possible from the "Ortelius" which was sailing in the Antarctic. It changed its course to the American McMurdo Station, a research station on an island on the edge of the Antarctica. When it was decided to evacuate the woman on Jan 30, 2017, the ship was 620 kilometers from the station."

2017-01-30 - Volcano Turrialba erupts in Costa Rica:

2017-01-30 - Volcano Etna shaken by 60 earthquakes in Siciliy (Italy), schoolchildren evacuated:

2017-01-30 - Magnitude 3.5 earthquake strikes near Ridgemark (California):

2017-01-30 - ESA satellite images reveal devastating speed of growing Larsen ice shelf rift:

Note: Nice, even if Trump shuts down science in the US, we'll still be able to see at least some stuff via the European Union...

2017-01-30 - Antarctic bottom waters freshening at unexpected rate – 'If you change the circulation, you change everything in the ocean':

2017-01-30 - Sudden rain from thunderstorms is increasing due to the warming of the planet:

2017-01-30 - Meteor explodes in the sky over Greenbrier (Arkansas), seen across 11 states:

2017-01-30 - China wants their money back:

2017-01-30 - Seven bricks of cocaine found in nose of passenger plane in Tulsa (Oklahoma):

2017-01-31 - Wettest January in 17 years for Perth (Australia):

2017-01-31 - Blizzard hits Norilsk (Russia):

2017-01-31 - Bees suffering from 'deformed wing virus':

2017-01-31 - Iran test fires medium-range ballistic missile:

2017-01-31 - Earth 'overdue' for magnetic pole reversal:

Note: Maybe the human race will be extinct before that happens - always look on the bright side of life!

2017-01-31 - Traces of a lost continent found in the Indian Ocean:

2017-01-31 - Rare dinosaur prints found in British Columbia (Canada):

2017-01-31 - Some scientists theorize that the universe is actually flat:

2017-01-31 - Volcano Kilauea spews firehose of lava into the ocean in Hawaii:

2017-01-31 - Underwater volcano erupting near Tonga:

Quote: "An underwater volcano situated near Tonga named 'Submarine Volcano III' has been erupting for over a week, according to a GNS scientist and Nasa images. On January 31, a plume was seen emanating from a 'submarine volcano' by University of Auckland geographers. It is situated about 46km northwest of Tonga's capital, Nuku'alofa. Satellite images taken from the Tongan area proved the underwater eruption is underway - and still going."

2017-01-31 - Arctic continues warming at never-before-seen rate:

Quote: "Essentially, there has been no winter this year in the Arctic, at least not anything remotely resembling winters of even the recent past. Mark Serreze, the director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, has a good description of the likely culprits. His conclusion: 'after studying the Arctic and its climate for three and a half decades, I have concluded that what has happened over the last year goes beyond even the extreme.' It’s not yet known what the consequences of this will be. The Arctic is changing far faster than most scientists believed was likely, or even possible, just a few years ago."

2017-01-31 - Hydrogen sulfide hitting parts of Plano (Texas):

Quote: "For years, residents have complained to the city about a 'rotten egg smell' in their neighborhood. 'You can’t ignore it,' said homeowner Tami Stepp. 'It’s just awful.' Plano’s Public Works Department said what residents smell is hydrogen sulfide, or H2S, coming from poorly designed sewer lines in the area."

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