Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 - DEC - Other Stories

2016-12-01 - Boy, 13, suddenly collapses and goes into cardiac arrest at bus stop in coastal San Francisco (California):

Quote: "A 13-year-old boy waiting to board a Muni bus in San Francisco collapsed with a suspected heart attack, officials said Thursday. The medical emergency was reported around 6:20 p.m. at Lombard and Powell streets in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood, said Lt. Jonathan Baxter, a spokesman for the San Francisco Fire Department."

2016-12-01 - Unknown 'chemical odor' sickens 4 people at school in coastal Havant (Britain):

Quote: "Five crews from Havant, Winchester, Cosham and Southsea were called to a secondary school after reports of a chemical smell. Pupils in classrooms were unaffected but evacuated to the sports hall by staff as a precaution. Three adults and a teenager were taken to hospital by South Central Ambulance Service for precautionary checks. A joint investigation by HFRS and Hampshire Constabulary found no source of a smell and it is believed it had dissipated."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2016-12-01 - Shallow magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes near the coast near Juliaca (Peru):

2016-12-01 - Magnitude 5.3 earthquake hits Costa Rica, followed by 400 aftershocks:

2016-12-01 - Unusual seismic activity reported on the North Island (New Zealand):

2016-12-01 - Atmospheric methane spewing from the Arctic has risen steeply since 2014, and it's getting worse:

Quote: "Emissions of methane from the East Siberian Shelf – which is the widest and most shallow shelf of the World Ocean – exceed the average estimate emissions of all the world’s oceans. We have reason to believe that such emissions may change the climate. This is due to the fact that the reserves of methane under the submarine permafrost exceed the methane content in the atmosphere by many thousands of times..."

2016-12-01 - 'Abrupt Climate Change and Extreme Events', with Professor Paul Mayewski:

2016-12-01 - 'Cracks in The Big Picture', from Radio Ecoshock:

2016-12-01 - Melting permafrost could affect weather worldwide:

2016-12-01 - Heatwave bakes the Northern Cape (South Africa):

2016-12-01 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Brunei:

2016-12-01 - Heavy rain - almost 10 inches in 24 hours - and flooding hit Terengganu (Malaysia):

2016-12-01 - Crazy atomic-bomb-looking cloud appears over Nekounam (Argentina):

2016-12-01 - A radioactive berry-picking boom outside Chernobyl:

Note: Mmmm, radioactive berries...

2016-12-01 - Ivanka Trump wants to speak up on climate change:

Quote: "Her climate position, though, would be at odds with that of the president-elect, who repeatedly has called climate change a 'hoax' and pledged to undo all of President Obama’s global warming policies."

2016-12-01 - Population decreasing in some European countries, Europe facing overall decline:

2016-12-01 - Masked wagtail bird from Asia found in the UK for the first time:

2016-12-01 - UFOs spotted in the skies over Turkey:

2016-12-01 - 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn' and 'To Kill a Mockingbird' banned in Accomack County Public Schools (Virginia):

Quote: "A racial slur appears 219 times in Mark Twain's 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn' and 48 times in Harper Lee's 'To Kill a Mockingbird.' The use of both novels in both classrooms and libraries has been temporarily suspended per the Accomack County Public Schools policy manual."

Note: Well yeah, because 'nigger' was a commonly-used word in the settings and times portrayed in both books, both of which were at least in part about racism!

2016-12-02 - More than 150 children sicken at school in Sheffield (Britain):

2016-12-02 - Man, sailor, sickens on cargo ship 'Nandu Arrow' near coastal Penmarch (France), medevac'd off:

2016-12-02 - Volcano Bulusan showing signs of possible imminent eruption in the Philippine Islands:

2016-12-02 - Volcano Mount Hudson shaking and rumbling in Chile, alert level raised:

2016-12-02 - Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strikes near Lampa (Peru), eight homes collapse, 1 killed, 17 injured:

2016-12-02 - Shallow magnitude 5.2 earthquake strikes near the border of India and Nepal:

2016-12-02 - Carbon feedbacks accelerating:

Quote: "'It’s fair to say we have passed the point of no return on global warming and we can’t reverse the effects, but certainly we can dampen them,' said biodiversity expert Dr. Thomas Crowther."

Note: Mmmm, I can smell that juicy hopium...

2016-12-02 - 2016 set to be hottest year ever recorded, global temperature hasn’t dropped for 370 months:

2016-12-02 - Extreme road-melting heatwave to broil New South Wales (Australia):

Quote: "The sort of temperatures that see roads melt and cold taps flowing with boiling water are set to scorch Sydney and northern New South Wales over the next few days with the weather bureau officially forecasting a rare 'extreme heatwave'."

2016-12-02 - Lightning strike kills 3 people, injures 3 more, in Swaziland:

2016-12-02 - Deadly flooding hits Cali (Colombia), at least 6 killed:

2016-12-02 - Heavy rain turns desert into a veritable sea in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia):

2016-12-02 - Seven states in the US deal with the aftermath of dozens of tornados:

2016-12-02 - Four tornadoes touch down in Atlanta (Georgia):

2016-12-02 - Tornado outbreaks are increasing - but scientists don't understand why:

2016-12-02 - Luxury real estate having flooding problems in Miami as sea level keeps rising:

Quote: "Miami's luxury real estate developers are looking for solutions to the problem of increased flooding from rising sea levels as they see a recent decrease of sales in the City's luxury market."

2016-12-02 - U.S. House science committee tweets climate-change-denying Breitbart article:

Note: If it takes the entirety of the US being turned into charred wasteland to snap them out of their stupidity, the Earth will have no problem at all with that. Unfortunately, while they will retreat to underground bunkers and say, 'Damn, we couldn't have been more wrong,' the rest of us will be dead or dying. It's ironic that the people who will be most protected while the rest of us die are the very same people who've denied all along there was ever a problem in order to boost profits for the oil companies and coal companies and other corporations. Something to ponder as we're dying!

2016-12-02 - Earth’s temperature has not plunged at record clip and nationwide record cold not coming:

2016-12-02 - Eight NEO asteroids will approach Earth in December:

2016-12-02 - Fiery atmospheric sprites photographed over Japan:

2016-12-02 - All in the eyes - women and men look at things differently:

2016-12-02 - Australian schoolkids recreate Martin Shkreli's $750 malaria drug for $1.50:

2016-12-02 - Putin grants Russian citizenship to Steven Seagal:

2016-12-03 - Dozens of people poisoned by unknown cause in Xiaokou Township, Taihe County (China):

Quote: "Dozens of villagers in east China's Anhui Province have fallen ill with symptoms similar to rodenticide poisoning, but investigators are yet to confirm the cause for their sickness. Twenty-one people from nine families in Xiaokou Township, Taihe County, had been hospitalized as of Saturday with severe symptoms of poisoning, the county's health department said in a statement. Another 15 villagers had milder symptoms and were allowed to go home, it said. The first two cases were reported on Nov. 25, when Liang Guibin and his wife were admitted to hospital with seizures, hematemesis and blood in their urine. Doctors suspected this was a result of consuming rat poison. The subsequent investigation, however, found no traces of any harmful substance in samples of leftover food and water taken from their home in Maozhuang Village. The couple had not dined out or been exposed to harmful chemicals. Similar symptoms were reported by many other villagers over the past week."

Note: Highly likely to be hydrogen sulfide poisoning. An obvious neurotoxic effect out of nowhere - these days, probably hydrogen sulfide. Many rodenticides and most or all insecticides are neurotoxic too, so hydrogen sulfide poisoning may be mistaken for one or the other by those who have no idea what's going on. It also disappears quickly, both in the environment and in people's bodies once they've been poisoned, so the fact that they've had no luck identifying the source makes it more likely, not less, that this was hydrogen sulfide...

2016-12-03 - Woman collapses on road in Snaith (Britain):

Quote: "Snaith. Sat 3 Dec 2016 21:51 (No:27130) Fire Service administered first aid to adult female found collapsed in road. Casualty left in care of ambulance."

2016-12-03 - Sulfurous rotten-egg smell sickening people near landfill in Ahmedabad (India):

Quote: "Strong sulphurous rotten-egg smell overwhelms senses as one approaches this mound, and these days, with tonnes of Diwali cracker waste dumped at the site by the municipal corporation, the loose flammable chemicals often set off a series of fires aided by methane emanating from the rotting garbage -- engulfing an entire 3-km area in thick smoke. But more dangerous are the landfill gases that are constantly emanating from the garbage dump."

Quote: "At Shahwadi, Piplaj, Ektanagar and Citizen Nagar, a local NGO run by Shahid Sheikh collected several medical records of people suffering from asthama, cancer, kidney related disease and heart disease as well."

Note: There's hydrogen sulfide blowing around there and that's definitely going to cause heart and kidney problems over time, among other things...

2016-12-03 - NASA photo reveals a startling 300-foot-wide rift in Antarctic Ice Shelf:

Quote: "The breakup of the massive Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica is getting closer and will eventually produce an iceberg the size of Delaware prowling the Southern Ocean, according to new NASA data. On Friday, NASA released an astonishing new image taken by researchers flying above the ice shelf on Nov. 10 showing the crack is getting longer, deeper and wider. Scientists think it will eventually cause a large section of the shelf to break off. The scientists associated with a NASA field campaign known as Operation IceBridge measured the Larsen C fracture to be about 70 miles long, more than 300 feet wide and about a third of a mile deep."

Note: She's breaking up, Captain!

2016-12-03 - Strong 'gustnado' touches down on the Darling Downs near Clifton (Australia):

2016-12-03 - Record-setting rain and flooding hit Texas City (Texas):

2016-12-03 - Huge storm batters the Black Sea resort of Sochi (Russia):

2016-12-03 - Up to 30 inches of snow forecast for the mountains in Hawaii:

2016-12-03 - Rare 'fog dome' photographed near Tremeirchion, Wales (Britain):

2016-12-03 - Siberian air will blow to the US as polar vortex breaks down and jet stream crosses North Pole:

Quote: "The polar vortex that had strengthened over the Arctic ocean north of Alaska is going to be replaced by a dome of warm air that will be almost summer-like for the Arctic. As the polar air dives down the Rockies, the polar vortex will begin to reform near the U.S. Canadian border. The ridiculously warm temperatures that much of the U.S. has enjoyed will end shockingly with the southward and eastward advance of the Siberian air."

2016-12-03 - Dazzling sundog filmed in Ukhta (Russia):

2016-12-03 - EPA watered down major fracking study to downplay water contamination risks:

2016-12-03 - Scientists discover new species of giant air-breathing fish in the Amazon:

Quote: "Capable of growing to 10 feet long and weighing upwards of 400 pounds, the heavily-armored fish lives in oxygen-poor waters and surfaces to breathe. The arapaima is difficult to catch and study and is also endangered, which is why species classification is so important: Only about 5,000 of the fish still live in the wild."

2016-12-03 - Mindfulness tips to reduce anxiety:

2016-12-04 - 'Thunderstorm asthma' set to strike again in Victoria (Australia):

2016-12-04 - Smog strands 20,000 people at airport in Chengdu (China):

2016-12-04 - Heavy rain and deadly flooding hit Thailand, 11 killed:

2016-12-04 - Heavy rain and worst flooding in nearly 30 years hit Malaga (Spain):

2016-12-04 - 6.1 inches of snow falls in late first snowfall of the season in Chicago (Illinois):

Note: The latest first snow of the season in Chicago was December 20 in 2012, so this wasn't the latest first snowfall ever there, but it was quite late...

2016-12-04 - More reasons NOT to trust the Feds on GMOs, pesticides and chemicals:

2016-12-04 - Australia's One Nation party versus science:

2016-12-05 - Hundreds of methane vents spewing methane off the coast of the Pacific Northwest:

Quote: "'It appears that the entire coast off Washington, Oregon, and California is a giant methane seep,' said Robert Ballard, founder of Ocean Exploration Trust, in a statement."

Note: Just a matter of time until the ocean off the West Coast turns into a regular firebomb-spewing machine and flamethrower. Ditto for the East Coast, and the Laptev Sea area in the Arctic, and the coast of New Zealand, and the sea off the coast of Israel, and so on and so on...

2016-12-05 - Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the coast of Indonesia:

2016-12-05 - People in New Zealand warned of quake after slow slip detected between tectonic plates:

2016-12-05 - Dec 8th, we'll be hitting a maximum for temperature in the Arctic and a minimum for temperature in Texas:

2016-12-05 - Unknown object spotted in the sky over Houston (Texas):

2016-12-05 - NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope takes colorful photo of NGC 4388:

2016-12-05 - Watch Tom Cruise get killed in a plane crash in trailer for The Mummy:

2016-12-06 - Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Aceh Province (Indonesia), buildings collapse, 102+ killed:

Quote: "National Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said the death toll had risen to 102 and warned it could increase."

Quote: "More than 40 buildings including mosques, stores and homes were flattened in the district located 18 kilometers (11 miles) southwest of the epicenter, according to Abbas. Roads cracked and power poles toppled over."

2016-12-06 - Magnitude 6.2 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Trinidad and Tobago:

Note: 'De earthquake, it shake de trichomes off my ganja, mon!'

2016-12-06 - Two earthquakes in two days, M4.4 and M4.3, strike in the ocean and on the coast, near Eureka (California):

2016-12-06 - Hailstorm pounds Kwekwe (Zimbabwe), 350 hectares of crops destroyed:

2016-12-06 - Freezing temps, 35 degrees below normal, head to the US:

2016-12-06 - Sundog filmed in St. Petersburg (Russia):

2016-12-06 - NASA just spotted a massive coronal hole growing on the sun — here’s what it means:

2016-12-06 - Pentagon suppressed study that revealed $125B in waste - report:

2016-12-06 - Artificial intelligence has taken over:

Quote: "The globalized economy is a colossal Ponzi Scheme in which the vast majority survive on the bread crumbs falling off the table. The possibility of 7 billion people achieving a consumption-oriented lifestyle is zero, so the World Bank conveniently set the poverty line at $1.25/day to legalize global slavery. As long as someone else's children are doing the suffering, it's 'all good'. Post-2008, this illusion was extended merely by plundering all future generations."

Note: 'All future generations'? As if there were going to be any. It all makes a kind of sense when you realize that there aren't going to be any future generations...

2016-12-07 - Man, 52, goes out on boat, goes missing, empty 'ghost boat' found, near coastal Honolulu (Hawaii):

2016-12-07 - Volcano Cayambe rumbling and quaking in Ecuador:

2016-12-08 - Arctic air temps set to hit 35F to 55F above average by Thursday, out-of-season sea ice melt possible, again:

2016-12-07 - Climate change won't stop in 2016, despite misleading reports:

2016-12-07 - Worst air pollution in 10 years hits Paris (France):

2016-12-07 - Lightning strike kills 5 cattle in Zimbabwe:

2016-12-07 - Blizzard dumps 19 inches of snow on parts of North Dakota:

2016-12-07 - Trump picks ardent supporter of doing nothing to fight climate change to run the EPA:

Note: Well, hopefully people won't mind watching their loved ones fall over dead or burn to death or whatnot...

2016-12-07 - Meteor explodes in the sky, lights up the night, over Siberia (Russia):

2016-12-07 - Firefighters warn that a Christmas tree fire can burn an entire room in 60 seconds:

2016-12-07 - Cities passing laws against feeding and sheltering the homeless:

2016-12-07 - Large Hadron Collider wraps up its 2016 run in Switzerland:

2016-12-08 - Hydrogen sulfide found in the ground in the Bahamas, people protest industrial plants:

Quote: "'We learnt this week that one of the plants was drilling a storm drain and had to stop almost immediately because of the pungent odours that emanated from the ground. It was so bad that work had to be stopped because of the harmful gases. That tells us the whole ground in these communities are polluted as well,' Mr Hepburn claimed. He believes that the gas was hydrogen sulfide."

Note: Wouldn't be so sure the hydrogen sulfide in the ground has anything to do with the industrial plants, but it's possible that it does. Either way, the natives grow restless...

2016-12-08 - Magnitude 7.7+ earthquake strikes in the ocean near the Solomon Islands:

2016-12-08 - Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strikes in the ocean west of Ferndale (California):

2016-12-08 - One by one, the floodgates of Antarctica are breaking open:

2016-12-08 - More than 60 million trees have died this year alone in California:

Quote: "The recent death count found that 62 million trees have died just this year in California, bringing the six-year total to more than 102 million."

Note: Well, that should make for some spectacular fires...

2016-12-08 - US life expectancy declines for first time since 1993:

Note: And there was that 'spike in dying' in the UK last year too, which was very profitable for the funeral industry...

2016-12-08 - Republicans block trucking safety rules, aim to roll back more trucking safety rules:

Note: Yeeha, more killer tanker truck crashes in our future. As if things weren't bad enough, Republicans are working hard to make things even worse! On the plus side, unlike the relaxing of methane emission regulations, which will hasten the death of everyone on the planet, these particular trucking safety changes will just kill more Americans but won't affect people in other countries. Maybe Republicans are working for OUR funeral industry - wouldn't want the UK to out-die us!

2016-12-08 - 'Great American Eclipse' coming August 21, 2017:

2016-12-08 - Chimps recognize rear ends like humans recall faces:

2016-12-08 - Legendary astronaut John Glenn, last surving member of the Mercury Seven, dies at age 95:

2016-12-09 - Volcano Sabancaya erupts 349 times in a week in Peru, Volcano Colima rumbling in Mexico too:

2016-12-09 - Arctic and Antarctic sea ice reaches record lows after area the size of India melts:

Quote: "The amount of sea ice at both the Antarctic and the Arctic has hit record lows, leading scientists to worry that the effects of global warming might be far worse than previously thought. The worrying findings come after an area roughly the size of India melted away because of rising global temperatures and bizarre weather."

2016-12-09 - Atmospheric CO2 levels rising at fastest rate ever seen by man:

2016-12-09 - Australian scientists slam Trump plan to scrap NASA climate research:

2016-12-09 - Radiation from Fukushima has reached the US West Coast:

2016-12-09 - Freezing temperatures, snow, icy rain to hit more than 200 million people in the US:

2016-12-09 - Extreme cold, Arctic outflow, blizzard and snowfall warnings across Canada:

2016-12-09 - Rats outnumber people in Paris (France):

2016-12-09 - Mass extinction and mass insanity:

Quote: "The latest WWF Living Planet Report shows us that the planet is a whole lot less alive than it used to be. And that we killed that life. That we replaced it with metal, bricks, plastic and concrete. Mass consumption leads to mass extinction. And that is fully predictable, it always was; there’s nothing new there. We killed 58% of all vertebrate wildlife just between 1970 and 2012, and at a rate of 2% per year we will have massacred close to 70% of it by 2020, just 4 years from now."

2016-12-09 - Science says the US empire will devolve into fascism and then collapse, says sociologist who predicted the fall of the USSR:

2016-12-09 - Are we being set up for a crash? Stocks hit a level only seen during the bubbles of 1929, 2000 and 2007:

2016-12-09 - Saturn’s weird hexagonal storm like you’ve never seen before:

2016-12-09 - Dinosaur tail with feathers found encased in amber from sample from mine in the Hukawng Valley (Myanmar):

Quote: "While individual dinosaur-era feathers have been found in amber, and evidence for feathered dinosaurs is captured in fossil impressions, this is the first time that scientists are able to clearly associate well-preserved feathers with a dinosaur, and in turn gain a better understanding of the evolution and structure of dinosaur feathers."

2016-12-09 - Ayahuasca found to stimulate the brain, helping fight against Down's Syndrome and Alzheimer's:

Note: Also includes a bonus effect: you get to trip balls!

2016-12-10 - Volcano Colima erupts spectacularly in Mexico:

2016-12-10 - Volcano Shiveluch erupts, blows ash 11 kilometers into the atmosphere, on the Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia):

2016-12-10 - Most of Greenland ice melted to bedrock in recent geologic past – 'Unfortunately, this makes the Greenland ice sheet look highly unstable':

2016-12-10 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Diamond Lake in Johnson Township (Canada):

2016-12-10 - Meteor explodes and lights up the night sky over Norway:

2016-12-10 - Unappetizing assessment of the US food supply - 85% of the food has pesticide residues:

2016-12-10 - Economist warms that 'a thousand Lehmans’ event is going to plunge the world into total chaos:

2016-12-10 - The deadliest animal in the US may surprise you:

2016-12-11 - Man, fisherman, 24, sickens on fishing boat near coastal Provincetown (Massachusetts), medevac'd off:

2016-12-11 - Eleven volcanoes erupt in a week, global volcanic unrest continues:

2016-12-11 - Shallow magnitude 5.7 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the Central East Pacific Rise:

2016-12-11 - Several smallish earthquakes shake Oklahoma:

2016-12-11 - Enormous earthquakes occur on both sides of the Pacific, experts warn that San Andreas could 'unzip all at once':

2016-12-11 - Global warming won't cause extinction, just civilisation's end, says scientist:

Quote: "The winner of one of New Zealand's top science medals, Professor Peter Barrett, has backed off a controversial claim that humanity faces extinction within 100 years because of global warming."

Note: He should've stuck to his guns. Now he's gonna look foolish...

2016-12-11 - Large areas becoming increasingly uninhabitable due to heat:

2016-12-11 - The North Pole is 25F warmer than Bismarck (North Dakota):

2016-12-11 - Cold wave hits Telangana (India):

2016-12-11 - Britain's Met Office data confirms record drop in global temperatures:

Note: Look at people with agendas try to spin that - and yet AFTER that drop the temps are still almost as high as they were at the PEAK of the late 90s El Nino. So, the trend is still up, up and away. And nowhere is there any mention of atmospheric methane levels, which continue climbing. Think they'll catch on before they're literally ON FIRE? Hah, wouldn't bet on it...

2016-12-11 - Rare waterspout filmed over Lake Erie:

2016-12-11 - Mysterious spherical cloud hovers over Fujisawa (Japan):

Note: Bizarre...

2016-12-11 - Meteor spotted in the sky over Wraysbury (Britain):

2016-12-11 - Two-headed cow found dead in Guru (Nigeria):

2016-12-11 - Malcolm Turnbull set to axe Tony Abbott’s Green Army environmental program in Australia:

2016-12-11 - Supermoon and peak of the Geminids both to occur on December 14:

2016-12-11 - Trump expected to pick ExxonMobil chief Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State:

2016-12-11 - Trump picks Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris to head American Manufacturing Council:

Note: The swamp is getting deeper, and now it's getting oilier and more chemically too!

2016-12-11 - Man found dead with two puncture wounds on his neck in Irisan (Philippine Islands):

Quote: "The lifeless body of a man with two punctured wounds on the left side of his neck was found by concerned citizens in a vacant lot at Purok 3, Irisan, here, Saturday."

Note: This is how vampire outbreaks begin!

2016-12-12 - Scientists report that atmospheric methane levels are spiking:

Quote: "'Methane in the atmosphere was almost flat from about 2000 through 2006. Beginning 2007, it started upward, but in the last two years, it spiked,' said Rob Jackson, an earth scientist at Stanford University who co-wrote the study."

Quote: "The authors of the 2016 Global Methane Budget report found that in the early years of this century, concentrations of methane rose by only about 0.5ppb each year, compared with 10ppb in 2014 and 2015. The scientists speculate that agriculture may be the main source of the additional methane that has been recorded."

Note: So scientists think that we started doing TWENTY TIMES more agriculture on this planet, suddenly, starting in 2014? It never occurred to them that those hundreds or thousands of kilometer-wide seeps spewing methane from the seabed in the Arctic might have something to do with it? Derp. Maybe they work for the Retarded Scientists Institute or something...

2016-12-12 - Video - global dimming and how screwed we are:

2016-12-12 - Woman, 66, strokes out on cruise ship 'Carnival Conquest' near coastal Cat Island (Bahamas), medevac'd off:

Quote: "The US Coast Guard medevaced a 66-year-old woman from the 'Carnival Conquest' on Dec 11, 2016, around 27 miles north of Cat Island, Bahamas. Watchstanders at the Seventh Coast Guard District Command Center received a call from the ship stating one of the passengers developed symptoms of a stroke."

2016-12-12 - Hydrogen sulfide forces workers off mill site in Camas (Washington):

2016-12-12 - Video - methane, water vapor, and an ice-free Arctic:

2016-12-12 - Magnitude 4.7 earthquake strikes near Seddon, magnitude 4.1 earthquake strikes near Culverden (New Zealand):

Quote: "Two earthquakes in two minutes, one of them a 'strong' 4.7, have shaken central New Zealand on Monday evening. GeoNet reported a preliminary magnitude 4.1 quake at 6.13pm, 10 km north of Culverden at a depth of 20km.The second quake, a stronger magnitude 4.7, struck at 6.14pm, 15 km south-east of Seddon at a depth of 15km, GeoNet said."

2016-12-12 - Around 120 small earthquakes in a week rattle Mount St. Helens (Washington):

2016-12-12 - Cyclone Vardah roars into India, brings heavy rain and flooding, 10+ killed:

2016-12-12 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Jamaica:

2016-12-12 - Snowstorm pounds Georgia, some areas see 40 inches, widespread power outages:

2016-12-12 - Severe hailstorm pounds Ladysmith (South Africa):

2016-12-12 - Stunning sun dog spotted over the Twin Cities (Minnesota):

2016-12-12 - Meteor explodes in the sky over Spain:

2016-12-12 - Piglet born with face of monkey in China:

2016-12-12 - Mutated fish that have become 8,000 times more resistant to toxic waste:

2016-12-12 - Hot hydrogen atoms in upper layer of Earth's atmosphere discovered by researchers:

2016-12-12 - Austria had a Bundespraesidentenstichwahlwiederholungsverschiebung this year:

Quote: "For all those who don't speak German — and indeed for those who do — here is Austria's word of the year, adding to the challenges of reading and speaking the language. It's 'Bundespraesidentenstichwahlwiederholungsverschiebung,' or 'postponement of the repeat of the runoff of the presidential election.'"

2016-12-13 - Hydrogen sulfide still keeping some residents out of their homes in South Sioux City (Nebraska):

2016-12-13 - Foul odor(s) hitting Marana (Arizona), wastewater plant says it's not them:

2016-12-13 - Lighting strike kills 2 children in KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa), 25 lightning deaths in the province this year:

2016-12-13 - Lighting strikes kill 4 people, injure 10 more people, in Zimbabwe:

2016-12-13 - Lightning strikes kill 7 people in Swaziland:

2016-12-13 - Tornado rips through area in Negros Occidental (Phillipine Islands), dozens of homes damaged:

2016-12-13 - Purty rainbow-colored cloud spotted over Brazil:

2016-12-13 - Four meteors streak across the sky over Ireland:

2016-12-13 - Massive solar coronal hole facing Earth creates geomagnetic storm:

2016-12-13 - Huge mysterious UFO disc-shaped object captured crossing moon's surface was alien spaceship, say ET hunters:

2016-12-13 - 25 cities on the brink of disaster -  'Don’t be here when things get violent, unsafe and fragile':

2016-12-13 - 500% increase in infants showing up addicted to heroin, opioids:

2016-12-13 - Iran warns of 'World War, the destruction of Israel', if Trump tears up nuclear pact:

2016-12-13 - 2007 all over again - stock valuations enter 'crash' territory:

2016-12-13 - When it comes to fake news, the US government is the biggest culprit:

2016-12-14 - Hydrogen sulfide exposure injures man at plant in South Sioux City (Nebraska):

Note: This is the city where a bunch of people have evacuated their homes because of high levels of hydrogen sulfide migrating through the ground into their homes...

2016-12-14 - Magnitude 5.0 earthquake strikes near The Geysers (California):

2016-12-14 - Scientists conclude that 'the Arctic is unraveling':

2016-12-14 - As North Pole melts in November, wildfires rage across the US well into winter:

2016-12-14 - Scientists frantically copy US climate data, fearing it might vanish under Trump:

2016-12-14 - Rare winter lightning strike kills man in Molino (Florida):

2016-12-14 - Winter storm to create dangerous travel conditions along 1,200-mile swath of central US:

Note: Just had my central heater serviced, plus I have a backup gas fireplace (no chimney, safer these days), and I've got a pile of boxes of hot chocolate packs - so bring it on!

2016-12-14 - Heavy snowfall blankets Gangwon Province (South Korea):

2016-12-14 - Wave taller than a six-storey building sets 'remarkable' world record:

2016-12-14 - Responders train for mass casualty aircraft crash incident at airport in coastal Naples (Florida):

Quote: "Naples Municipal Airport was the scene for a full-scale training exercise Wednesday that included a simulated commercial passenger airline disaster with a fire and mass casualties."

2016-12-14 - John Deere unveils electric tractor prototype:

2016-12-14 - Amazon makes first drone delivery in the UK, in Cambridge (Britain):

Quote: "On Dec. 7, a bag of popcorn, along with an Amazon Fire TV stick, left a Cambridge warehouse in the U.K. and 13 minutes later, both were accepted by an Amazon customer, one of two who had agreed to be part of the test program."

2016-12-14 - Ponzi World, over 3 billion not served:

2016-12-14 - Life at the end of Empire, two-hour movie:

Quote: "A middle class white guy comes to grips with Peak Oil, Climate Change, Mass Extinction, Population Overshoot and the demise of the American Lifestyle"

2016-12-14 - Strange Dutch skies - triangle UFOs and mysterious 'smoke rings':

2016-12-15 - Hydrogen sulfide odor advisory issued again near the Salton Sea (California):

Quote: "Foul odors were expected again from the Salton Sea, with an odor advisory issued Thursday, Dec. 15 warning of a stench similar to rotten eggs through Friday, stemming from elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide at the lake, according to the South Coast Air Quality Management District."

2016-12-15 - Warming soil not being properly accounted for as a climate feedback:

Quote: "50 scientists warn official predictions don’t include a feed-back as large as all U.S. emissions: the warming soil. From the Netherlands, Dr. Thomas Crowther. From Maine, paleobiologist Dr. Jacquelyn Gill says abrupt climate change hit species before us. We’re next."

2016-12-15 - There's a giant crater in East Antarctica, and it's very bad news:

Quote: "Scientists have visited a vast, 2-kilometre-wide (1.2-mile) ice crater in East Antarctica for the first time, and after years of speculation, say they finally know how it got there. Despite media reports suggesting that the crater was left behind by a meteorite strike, the team says the giant circle is the result of a meltwater lake collapsing under the surface - and it’s a signal that the coldest place on Earth might be far less stable than we thought."

2016-12-15 - Record hot temperatures bake Australia:

Quote: "The 'freak' heatwave sweeping Australia caused temperatures to soar by five degrees in just three minutes at midnight on what was the hottest December evening on record in Sydney."

2016-12-15 - Heavy snow killing many animals in Russia:

2016-12-15 - EPA concludes fracking a threat to US water supplies:

2016-12-15 - Strange trumpet sounds heard in the skies over Spokane (Washington):

2016-12-15 - Trump advisor compares climate science to flat-Earth theory:

Note: Should be interesting watching him saying that and looking ever more idiotic as more and more people fall over dead and burn to death...

2016-12-15 - US gun murders 10 times higher than other countries:

2016-12-16 - Two children lose consciousness at school in Winslow Township (New Jersey):

Quote: "Two students passed out at a school in New Jersey on Friday morning. It happened around 11:30 a.m. at Winslow Twp. Elementary School #1. Police were on the scene at the school located on the 100 block of Charter Avenue. Firefighters and school officials are also on scene. It was not immediately clear what caused the two children to pass out."

2016-12-16 - Volcano Popocatepetl loaded with 3 million cubic meters of magma and ready to blow in Mexico:

Quote: "Scientists observed the inner crater was almost completely filled with lava. In other words, about 3 million cubic meters of lava are likely going to blow in the air by one or more explosions in the coming days or weeks."

2016-12-16 - NOAA issues 'jaw-dropping' assessment on 'unprecedented' Arctic warming:

2016-12-16 - When permafrost melts, what happens to all of that stored carbon?

2016-12-16 - Giant 'rivers in the sky' could cause extinction-level floods:

Quote: "Atmospheric rivers - narrow corridors of concentrated moisture suspended in the atmosphere - were responsible for the mysterious mass die-off of wild Olympia oysters in San Francisco Bay in 2011, scientists have found. This is the first documented case of these 'rivers in the sky' - which can hold 15 times more water than the Mississippi River - directly harming an entire population, and they’re expected to increase in frequency, intensity, and unpredictability as the global climate warms."

Note: What happens when significant amounts of hydrogen sulfide and/or methane in the atmosphere get into those 'rivers in the sky'? Both are water-soluble. Deadly poisonous flaming rivers in the sky? Already had people drop dead after storms - 41 children and some animals in Indonesia, 8 people in Australia, 5 people in Kuwait, all after storms rolled in off the ocean. Things that make you go 'Hmmmm...'

2016-12-16 - Two-headed baby born near Lagos (Nigeria):

2016-12-16 - Lightning strikes kill 5 people, injure many more, in Malawi:

2016-12-16 - Snowstorm dumps 13 inches of snow on parts of Oregon:

2016-12-16 - Study warns that tornadoes are an underestimated threat in Europe:

2016-12-16 - Flaming objects fall from the sky in Zhangjiapan (China):

2016-12-16 - Meteor filmed in the sky over Switzerland:

2016-12-16 - Blood red sunset and weird-colored sun spotted over Chile:

2016-12-16 - Amazon deforestation in 2016 up 29 percent over 2015 – 'The loggers are better equipped than we are':

2016-12-16 - California Governor Jerry Brown promises to fight like hell against Trump's war on science:

2016-12-16 - Major economic warning sign - the euro is heading for parity with the US dollar:

2016-12-16 - Chinese Navy warship seizes US underwater drone in the South China Sea:

Quote: "A U.S. oceanographic underwater drone was seized by a Chinese Navy warship in international waters of the South China Sea on Thursday. The United States has filed a diplomatic protest with China over the incident, demanding the return of the drone that was clearly marked as U.S. government property."

2016-12-17 - Unknown odor sickening people in coastal Seal Beach and coastal Huntington Beach (California):

Quote: "Periodically and unpredictably, mysterious chemical-like fumes drift into Rhonda Wainwright’s home not far from Huntington Beach’s Central Park. The noxious odors have induced headaches, burning of the eyes and throat, nosebleeds and vomiting, she says. Even her dog and two cats have retched during the malodorous episodes that 'about knocks you on your knees,' said Wainwright."

Quote: "Roughly 6 miles away in coastal Seal Beach, resident Susan Perrell reports suffering similar foul odors. Perrell, an environmental adviser to an oil and gas company, also describes a petroleum-like stench that can be intense enough to 'knock you over.' Their experiences are far from isolated."

Quote: "Last month, air-quality regulators saw a spike in such complaints in the Huntington Beach and Seal Beach areas. Over several consecutive days, the South Coast Air Quality Management District fielded dozens of calls involving 'a nasty egg odor (or a) petroleum odor,' said agency spokesman Sam Atwood."

Quote: "Residents also have lodged complaints with fire officials, the gas company and others, seeking help in pinpointing the source of the smells, which many say have increased in frequency and intensity over the past two years."

Note: Most likely this is hydrogen sulfide blowing ashore. In early October, hydrogen sulfide hit coastal Goleta (California), mentioned in the 2016-10-09 update. In mid-October hydrogen sulfide hit coastal South Laguna (California), mentioned in the 2016-10-13 update...

2016-12-17 - Magnitude 7.9 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Taron (Papua New Guinea):

2016-12-17 - Scientists confirm that warm ocean water is melting the biggest glacier in East Antarctica:

2016-12-17 - Horrifying smog envelops Beijing (China), factories told to reduce output or shut down, driving restricted:

Quote: "With Christmas just a week away, others resorted to dark humour to help cope with the latest episode of toxic air. One Beijing resident posted a cartoon on WeChat, China's mobile messaging platform, showing Santa Claus on his sleigh almost completely obscured by smog, saying: 'I can't find China.'"

2016-12-17 - The maddening, uncertain reality of sea-level rise – 'This actually makes preparation more difficult':

2016-12-17 - Lightning strike kills person in Malawi, third such death in the country within a week:

2016-12-17 - Global environmental crime valued up to $258 billion annually:

2016-12-17 - Nearly a quarter of the world’s children live in conflict or disaster-stricken countries:

2016-12-17 - Fences aimed at refugees killing animals from Mongolia to the United States to Europe:

2016-12-17 - Elon Musk getting into the tunnel boring business:

Quote: "Tesla and SpaceX’s Elon Musk has floated the idea in the past of digging tunnels under highways to reduce traffic – an idea he had while sitting in Los Angeles traffic. Now he is apparently serious about doing it and he even has a name and tagline for the venture: 'The Boring Company – Boring, it’s what we do'."

2016-12-17 - US shale boom has already 'peaked' says former government geoscientist - industry 'now in decline':

2016-12-17 - Large meteor lights up the sky over Colombia:

2016-12-17 - Rare ghost shark filmed for the first time, in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California:

2016-12-17 - Petrodollar party over? Saudi Arabia suspends investments in US due to Trump:

2016-12-17 - GOP legislators attempt to rewrite state law in North Carolina as a form of legislative coup, citizens ejected:

Quote: "The North Carolina GOP, facing the defeat of incumbent Gov. Pat McCrory on November 8, are doing everything they can to hold onto power, even if it means literally rewriting state law. Such is the decaying state of American democracy in 2016."

Quote: "The North Carolina General Assembly is currently debating a series of Republican-sponsored laws designed to strip power from the newly progressive governor and state Supreme Court. If passed, these measures would have far-reaching effects on the state, significantly curtailing judicial independence, loosening environmental standards, diminishing the quality of public education, and preserving unlawful voter suppression laws. However, the public was not able to witness the debate over this de facto legislative coup on Thursday afternoon after the Assembly decided to close the House and Senate galleries and arrest a group of protesters, as well as a reporter."

Note: Dastardly miscreants!

2016-12-18 - Man, 80, found unconscious on boat near coastal Hatteras Island (North Carolina):

2016-12-18 - The extinction crisis is worse than you think:

2016-12-18 - Volcano Colima erupts three times in one day in Mexico:

2016-12-18 - Mount Asphyxia and Mount Michael erupt in the South Sandwich Islands:

2016-12-18 - Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes near Esperanza (Peru):

2016-12-18 - Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the Solomon Islands:

2016-12-18 - Magnitude 4.5 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Hawaii:

2016-12-18 - Magnitude 3.0 earthquake strikes on the coast of Nova Scotia (Canada), big boom heard:

2016-12-18 - 40C heatwave to bake Australia for Christmas:

2016-12-18 - Fierce storm pounds Brisbane and Ipswich (Australia):

2016-12-18 - Heavy rain, flooding and landslides hit North Sulawesi (Indonesia), 5+ killed:

2016-12-18 - Torrential rain and flooding displace nearly 24,000 people in Eastern Samar (Philippine Islands):

2016-12-18 - Strange bird-like cloud forms over Poland:

2016-12-18 - Google provides first look at 'Waymo' self-driving minivan:

Note: Self-driving vehicles = anti-slumper tech...

2016-12-18 - New dwarf galaxy detected orbiting the Milky Way:

2016-12-19 - Magnitude 5.8 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Atacames (Ecuador), 2 killed, 15 injured:

2016-12-19 - There are some baby volcanoes brewing below the surface of New England:

2016-12-19 - Tsunami risk for Florida and Cuba with worst case scenarios of 4.5 to 9.5 meter high waves:

Quote: "Submarine slope failures are a likely cause for tsunami generation along the East Coast of the United States."

Note: As the methane clathrate deposits continue to dissociate along coasts around the world, the risk of slope failure increases...

2016-12-19 - Scientists discover jet stream within earth's molten iron core using satellite data:

2016-12-19 - Lightning strike kills couple in Malawi:

2016-12-19 - Lightning strike kills 2 children, injures 3 people, in central Tanzania:

2016-12-19 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Murcia (Spain), 1 killed:

2016-12-19 - Oceans poisoned by plastic –'No matter where you go, the sea is covered in plastic':

2016-12-19 - Trump’s energy nostalgia and the path to hell:

Quote: "Scroll through Donald Trump’s campaign promises or listen to his speeches and you could easily conclude that his energy policy consists of little more than a wish list drawn up by the major fossil fuel companies..."

2016-12-19 - Leaked document reveals that Trump's Secretary of State pick Rex Tillerson is director of Bahamas-based US-Russian oil company:

2016-12-19 - Many GMO crop research studies have financial conflicts of interest:

2016-12-19 - Man drives tractor trailer into pedestrians at market in Berlin (Germany), 12+ killed, dozens injured:

Quote: "Berlin police have raised the death toll to 12 after a truck rammed into a Christmas market in the German capital. The police statement on Twitter also says 48 people were injured, some of them seriously, and taken to hospitals."

2016-12-19 - Three meteors in three days spotted in the sky over France:

2016-12-19 - Multiple suns (?) filmed in the sky over Letras, Minas Gerais (Brazil):

2016-12-19 - Eye of Africa - ISS astronaut snaps bizarre Sahara desert formation:

2016-12-19 - NASA's Dawn probe discovers ancient ice on dwarf planet Ceres:

2016-12-19 - Giant manned robot can walk and move hands, in South Korea:

2016-12-19 - The biggest dog in the world, in the UK, is 7.5 feet tall when he stands on his hind legs:

Note: You ready for the NBA, dawg?!

2016-12-20 - Volcano Bogoslof erupts on Bogoslof Island in the Aleutian Islands (Alaska):

Quote: "The Alaska Volcano Observatory has issued its highest level of alert for aviation after what it says was a brief eruption of a volcano on the Aleutian Islands. The observatory says pilots reported the Bogoslof volcano on Bogoslof Island, which is part of the Aleutian Islands, erupted about 4 p.m. Alaska time. The pilots told the observatory that a volcanic ash cloud rose to 34,000 feet."

2016-12-20 - Volcano Campi Flegrei filling with magma near the coast in Italy, eruption could be imminent:

2016-12-20 - Magnitude 6.7 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the Solomon Islands:

2016-12-20 - Arctic ice melt destabilizing the climate system and causing problems around the world now:

2016-12-20 - Regions near the North Pole to experience above-freezing temps 3 days before Christmas:

2016-12-20 - Incredibly thin Arctic sea ice shocks researchers:

2016-12-20 - Warmest December day ever recorded bakes Miami (Florida):

2016-12-20 - Lightning strike kills 3 cows in Invergordon (Australia):

2016-12-20 - Lightning strike kills man in Salima (Malawi):

2016-12-20 - Devastating flooding submerged parts of Valencia and Murcia (Spain):

2016-12-20 - Snow falls for the first time in 37 years in the Sahara Desert in Algeria:

2016-12-20 - Thundersnow reported on the summits of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa on the Big Island (Hawaii):

2016-12-20 - Moonlit iridescent clouds appear over Trinidad (Colorado):

2016-12-20 - Car-tastrophe - GM, Fiat and Chrysler idle 7 Plants in the US and Canada, over 10,000 workers affected:

2016-12-20 - State pensions time bomb spells disaster for the US:

Note: Eh, maybe everyone will be dead before that becomes a problem - always look on the bright side of life!

2016-12-20 - The Trump administration is filling up with Koch allies:

2016-12-20 - Scientists hit antimatter with laser to observe spectrum:

2016-12-20 - Ancient 'blood miracle' failed to liquefy heralding disaster for the coming years:

Note: As if we didn't have enough doom, now we get non-liquefying ancient blood doom too?!

2016-12-20 - Around 70 Department of Health workers sicken at Health Department party in Santa Fe (New Mexico):

2016-12-21 - Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strikes in the Banda Sea between Australia and Indonesia:

2016-12-21 - 2016 summed up in one word - 'surreal', according to Merriam-Webster online dictionary lookups:

2016-12-21 - Greenland 'powerhouse' storm may increase North Pole temperatures by 40-50 degrees:

2016-12-21 - As Greenland ice melts away, major ocean circulation pattern at risk:

2016-12-21 - A flood of warm water the size of 30 Amazon Rivers is melting one of East Antarctica's largest glaciers:

2016-12-21 - Potent storm to bring blizzard conditions to the northern Central US Christmas weekend:

Note: Gonna be 62F with rain for Christmas here in Misery..

2016-12-21 - Four separate Christmas cyclones bear down on Australia:

2016-12-21 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits the Waikirikiri/Selwyn River in Canterbury (New Zealand):

2016-12-21 - Unknown virus causing migratory pain and black urine reported in Bahia (Brazil):

2016-12-21 - Rising inequalities, economic growth in the US, a tale of two countries:

2016-12-21 - Donald Trump removes Russia from list of US defense priorities:

2016-12-21 - Legal medical marijuana results in fewer traffic fatalities:

Quote: "Since 1985, American states that passed laws permitting medical marijuana use have seen significant reductions in the number of traffic fatalities. On average, these states had lower rates of automobile-related deaths than states without medical marijuana laws."

Quote: "Traffic fatalities fell 11 percent after enacting medical marijuana laws and had 26 percent lower rates of such deaths on average compared to other states. As of November 2016, 28 states and Washington, D.C., had legalized medical marijuana to some extent, though it remains illegal at the federal level."

2016-12-22 - Workers hit pocket of hydrogen sulfide in the ground in coastal Corpus Christi (Texas):

Quote: "A number of people were told to stay in their homes during a gas leak scare on the southside this evening. It happened near a neighborhood off Tiger Lane, not too far from Yeager Elementary. It all started when a crew was drilling into the ground to get some soil samples. That's when they hit a pocket of Hydrogen Sulfide gas, which smells like rotten egg and is extremely hazardous. We're told the crew left the drill in the ground to contain the gas as much as possible, then called the fire department, which along with police, asked nearby residents to stay in their homes."

Note: Yikes. So you can be walking along around there and a cloud of hydrogen sulfide burps from the ground and kills you. Sounds similar to the hydrogen sulfide found in the ground in Chinchilla (Australia), last mentioned in the 2015-04-13 update. No cause was ever found for why there's hydrogen sulfide in the ground there...

2016-12-22 - If water levels in Lake Baikal in Russia drop significantly or the lake warms, the lake could gush vast amounts of methane:

Quote: "The amount of methane stored in the form of hydrates at the bottom of Lake Baikal in Siberia is an estimated 1 trillion m³, which translates into 424 trillion kg of methane, or 424 Gt of methane. By comparison, the amount of methane in the atmosphere is about 5 Gt."

2016-12-22 - Woman, 55, sickens on cruise ship near coastal Miami Beach (Florida):

Quote: "A passenger was rescued from the 'Navigator of the Seas' late on Dec 22, 2016, off the coast of Miami Beach. The cruise ship was about four miles off Miami Beach when the 55-year-old woman began experiencing a medical condition that required her immediate medevac. Miami firefighters were called and rescued the woman. She was taken to Bayside marina, where paramedics took her to a nearby hospital."

2016-12-22 - Heavy rain hits the San Diego area (California):

2016-12-22 - Giant dust cloud hits Western Australia as cyclone Yvette looms:

2016-12-22 - Heart disease killing more people in the US:

Quote: "The rise in heart disease deaths is a surprising change, since they had been declining rapidly since 1969. The last time there was an uptick was between 1992 and 1993. The latest data reinforces another troubling trend: the annual number of heart disease deaths hasn't gone down since 2011."

2016-12-22 - Christmas solar storm threatens Earth's electrical infrastructure:

2016-12-22 - Percentage of young Americans living with parents rises to 75-year high:

2016-12-22 - Barack Obama is the first Nobel Peace Prize winner to bomb 7 countries:

Note: Gonna be tough to beat that record!

2016-12-22 - NASA releases spectacular image of diffuse nebula NGC 6357:

2016-12-22 - Science fiction or new reality? Sex and marriage with robots:

Note: A new way to die! 'His spouse apparently suffered an electrical fault and burst into flame at an inopportune time. The couple is survived by a refrigerator and a toaster.'

2016-12-22 - Chewbacca sings 'Silent Night':

2016-12-23 - Rotten egg smell hits homes in coastal Tampa (Florida), blamed on odorant:

Note: They use mercaptan to add a rotten egg odor to natural gas, which is normally odorless. But even if this WAS mercaptan, mercaptan is essentially the same as hydrogen sulfide: flammable, poisonous, neurotoxic. As per this CDC document: "Because no useful data on acute inhalation toxicity are available on which to base the IDLH for methyl mercaptan, the chosen IDLH is based on an analogy with hydrogen sulfide. ACGIH [1971] reported that some investigators show toxicities of the same magnitude for hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan [Ljunggren and Norberg 1943]; others indicate that the toxicity of methyl mercaptan is somewhat less than that of hydrogen sulfide [DeRekowski 1893; Frankel 1921]."

So maybe it's not QUITE as deadly as hydrogen sulfide, but either way, these homes just got hit by poison gas of one kind or another. It couldn't have been very concentrated, or they'd all be dead, but still, breathing deadly poison gas is not apt to be good for you, even if it's not concentrated...

2016-12-23 - US melanoma rate rising:

Quote: "More Americans are developing the potentially deadly skin cancer known as melanoma than in the past, new research shows. In 2016, one out of every 54 Americans was expected to develop a potentially lethal, invasive melanoma over their lifetime -- up from the one in 58 estimate when the same tally was performed in 2009."

Note: The atmosphere's UV protection is being reacted away. That makes the Sun look whiter because more 'blue' light is getting through. That causes melanoma. Back when AH was a boy, the Sun was yellow. Not anymore. The extra UV also causes more mutations, more two-headed babies and animals, more albinism, more genetic chimeras, that kind of thing - DNA/RNA damage. This problem will eventually be bad enough that crops won't grow. One way to prolong life as we know it would be for large numbers of planes to spray the skies in grid patterns with chemicals that block UV, especially between the Sun and population centers and croplands, much like the grid patterns used in radiation protection screens on microwaves but on a bigger scale. Ever really watch the skies in the last decade? Lots of grid patterns in the skies. That's not only not a coincidence, that's a desperation measure, a last-ditch effort to buy us a little time, and one not without detrimental side effects of its own...

2016-12-23 - China launches emissions-tracking satellite as nation eyes climate leadership:

Note: Climate leadership - what, lead people through all the smog?

2016-12-23 - Smog refugees flee Chinese cities as 'airpocalypse' blights half a billion:

Quote: "Greenpeace claimed the calamity had affected a population equivalent to those of the United States, Canada and Mexico combined with some 460m people having to breathe either hazardous pollution or heavy levels of smog in recent days."

2016-12-23 - Actress Carrie Fisher, 60, goes into cardiac arrest on passenger plane after departing coastal London (Britain):

Quote: "The Los Angeles Times reported that Fisher is in critical condition after being rushed to the hospital and cited emergency officials who said she had a 'cardiac episode.'"

2016-12-23 - The year of extremes, did climate change just hit home?

2016-12-23 - 'Weather bomb' storm Barbara set to batter the UK with 100 mph winds and more flooding and bring chaos to Christmas preparations:

2016-12-23 - Severe weather heads to the Central Plains and middle Mississippi Valley:

2016-12-23 - As the Arctic experiences abnormally high temps, Siberia freezes:

2016-12-23 - EPA bans 72 pesticide chemicals, some linked to cancer:

2016-12-23 - Trumpocalypse? Suddenly liberals are the pnes stockpiling food, guns and emergency supplies:

2016-12-23 - World’s largest hedge fund to replace managers with artificial intelligence:

2016-12-23 - Incoming star Gliese 710 could spawn swarms of comets when it passes our Sun in a million years:

2016-12-23 - Hundreds of cards warning 'something terrible is going to happen' found on cars in Chicago (Illinois):

2016-12-24 - Sulfury rotten egg odor spreads across parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, blamed on refinery leak:

Quote: "It was determined that the smell came from the Paulsboro Refinery in Paulsboro, Gloucester County. Police say the refinery released approximately 130 pounds of Sulfer Dioxide and 9 pounds of Hydrogen Sulfide around 10:30 p.m. Friday."

Note: Another day, another area getting hit by poison gas. Not sure I buy that refinery leak excuse. When hydrogen sulfide breaks down in the atmosphere, it forms sulfur dioxide and water, and the winds were blowing in from off the ocean when this occurred (I checked), and this was smelled all the way from coastal Toms River (New Jersey) to Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)...

2016-12-24 - Sulfury rotten egg odor smelled in various parts of Jackson (Michigan):

Quote: "The reports mostly came from the west side, but they stretched from Loomis Park on Gilbert Street to Walmart on W. Michigan Avenue, said Capt. Bob Walkowicz, who wrote five reports on natural gas odor investigations. Summit Township firefighters had two reports around 9 p.m. Dec. 24. Walkowicz said Consumers Energy representatives and Blackman-Leoni Township public safety officers also were involved. The smell was not consistent despite an almost total lack of wind Saturday night, Walkowciz said."

Note: No natural gas leaks detected anywhere. They appear to be assuming this was natural gas, when it likely wasn't, which is why they couldn't find anything. A rotten egg smell just hit coastal Tampa (Florida) the day prior too, mentioned in the 2016-12-23 update...

2016-12-24 - Sulfury rotten egg odor hits Columbus (Ohio):

Quote: "Columbia Gas of Ohio says they're still receiving calls about an offensive odor in the Columbus area that has residents thinking there might be an unidentified gas leak. Officials say they have not found any evidence that natural gas is responsible."

2016-12-24 - Volcano Colima erupts twice near the coast in Mexico:

2016-12-24 - Series of shallow earthquakes shake Siargao Island (Philippine Islands):

2016-12-24 - Arctic Ocean warming continues:

Quote: "Warming is accelerating in the Arctic. On December 22, 2016, the Arctic was on average 3.33°C or 5.99°F warmer than it was in 1979-2000."

2016-12-24 - Climate and extreme weather news for December 13th to 21st 2016:

2016-12-24 - As groundwater dwindles, a global food shock looms:

2016-12-24 - Research on how many Americans are really struggling financially:

2016-12-24 - Artificial intelligence could replace almost half of US jobs over the next 20 years:

2016-12-24 - Multiple lights appear and disappear in sky over Buxton (Maine):

2016-12-24 - 9 Stoic principles to help you keep calm in times of chaos:

2016-12-25 - Man, 50, has heart problems on cruise ship near coastal San Diego (California), medevac'd off:

Quote: "The US Coast Guard medically evacuated a 50-year-old man approximately 27 miles southwest of San Diego from the 'Carnival Inspiration' on Dec 25, 2016. At approximately 7 p.m. watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector San Diego received a report from the cruise ship stating that a male passenger was experiencing heart-attack like symptoms."

2016-12-25 - 13 different volcanoes erupt since mid-December:

2016-12-25 - Magnitude 7.6+ earthquake strikes in the ocean off the coast of Chile:

2016-12-25 - A weather buoy near the North Pole just hit melting point:

Quote: "A weather buoy floating 144 km (90 miles) south of the North Pole registered 0.4 degrees Celsius (32.7 Fahrenheit) yesterday, and if the North Pole follows suit as expected, it will have officially hit melting point. Temperatures in the Arctic are now 30°C (54°F) above normal for this time of year, because according to the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, the region should be around -30°C (-22°F)."

2016-12-25 - Powerful typhoon Nock-Ten hits the Philippine Islands, 220,000 people evacuated:

2016-12-25 - Global corporate defaults hit 150 for 2016, most since financial crisis:

2016-12-25 - Trump's economic plan is a betrayal of the people who voted for him:

2016-12-25 - The science behind Ponzi schemes is not settled:

2016-12-25 - Was the movie 'Children of Men' prescient? A look ten years after the movie was released:

2016-12-26 - Magnitude 5.2 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the Philippine Islands:

2016-12-26 - Professor Jason Box on the North Pole's extraordinary heating:

2016-12-26 - Arctic sea ice retreating, from December 15th to 23rd:

2016-12-26 - Large numbers of jellyfish swarming off the coasts of Balochistan and Sindh (Pakistan):

2016-12-26 - Lightning strike kills two people, injures four more, in Sulawesi (Indonesia):

2016-12-26 - Lightning strike kills man in Mvurwi (Zimbabwe):

2016-12-26 - Snow, ice, and severe gusts of wind cripple Great Plains, leaving tens of thousands without electricity:

2016-12-26 - Meteor streaks across the sky over Michigan:

2016-12-26 - Intense pink Aurora Borealis captured over Alaska:

2016-12-26 - Large unidentified object falls from the sky and smashes man's van in Milwaukee (Wisconsin):

2016-12-26 - Obama quietly signs the "Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act" into law as part of the NDAA:

2016-12-26 - Watership Down author Richard Adams dies at age 96:

2016-12-27 - Man, 61, goes into cardiac arrest at stadium in Foxborough (Massachusetts), resuscitated:

2016-12-27 - Volcanoes Sabancaya and Ubinas erupt within 60 miles of each other in Peru, state of emergency declared:

Quote: "Worryingly, Peru is suffering from two active volcanoes at the same time, the first time this has occurred in recorded history. The Ubinas volcano with is only 60 miles away is currently active as well, spewing an ash cloud into the atmosphere around two miles high."

2016-12-27 - Volcano Bogoslof erupts again in the Aleutian Islands (Alaska), alert level raised to red:

2016-12-27 - Hundreds of species are already going locally extinct because of global warming – 'In some ways, this is just the beginning':

2016-12-27 - Ominous revision to Wisconsin government site on climate change removes science on climate change:

2016-12-27 - Donald Trump and the triumph of climate-change denial:

2016-12-27 - On global warming and the economy, we’re trapped in an idiotic netherworld:

2016-12-27 - Storm Urd lashes Sweden with hurricane-force winds:

2016-12-27 - Caught in 'poverty trap', least developed countries being left behind:

2016-12-27 - Man who lived through Holocaust says US showing chilling parallels with Nazi state:

2016-12-27 - China's giant cow farms leave neighbours up milk creek:

2016-12-27 - David Collum says we've got a bad recession coming:

2016-12-27 - Virtual reality allows the most detailed, intimate digital surveillance yet:

2016-12-27 - Beautiful circumzenithal arc and two sundogs seen over Illinois:

2016-12-27 - Six more fast radio bursts have been discovered coming from the same mystery cosmic source:

2016-12-27 - Comets and asteroid summary for Novermber 2016:

2016-12-27 - Beautiful crop circle makes an appearance in Antsy (Britain):

2016-12-27 - Long-lost Nikola Tesla drawings reveal map to multiplication:

2016-12-28 - Magnitude 5.9 earthquake strikes near the coast in Ibaraki Prefecture (Japan):

2016-12-28 - Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strikes near Nereju (Romania):

2016-12-28 - Several earthquakes, two of them magnitude 5.7, strike near the Nevada-California border:

2016-12-28 - Fierce storm hits Southern Australia, 155,000 homes lose power:

2016-12-28 - Heatwave set to broil Sydney (Australia):

2016-12-28 - 41 elk fall through ice and die on the Powder River (Oregon):

2016-12-28 - Meteor disintegrates in the sky over Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua:

2016-12-28 - NASA captures spectacular display of northern lights over northern Canada:

2016-12-28 - Astronomer's modeling show how low-mass supernova created our solar system:

2016-12-28 - Alternative news sites censored via social media 'ghost bans':

2016-12-29 - Rotten egg smell for the second day in a row hits coastal San Francisco (California):

Quote: "For the second night in a row, San Francisco residents reported a rotten-egg-like odor wafting through the city, the origin of which remained a mystery Thursday. Crews from Pacific Gas and Electric Co. responded to 15 calls about the bizarre smell between 11 p.m. Wednesday and 1 a.m. Thursday, said J.D. Guidi, a spokesman for the utility."

Note: Both San Francisco and coastal Long Beach were hit by mysterious rotten egg odors the day prior, mentioned in the 2016-12-28 update...

2016-12-29 - Volcano Bulusan erupts in the Philippine Islands:

2016-12-29 - Volcano Bogoslof continues rumbling in the Aleutian Islands (Alaska):

2016-12-29 - Volcanic unrest intensifying around the planet:

Quote: "Volcanoes Campi Flegrei in Italy, Sakurajima in Japan, Pavlof in Alaska, Popocat├ępetl in Mexico and Iturrialba in Costa Rica among others showed signs of reawakening in the last semester of 2016, sounding the alarm among the scientist community that warns about a chain of imminent eruptions."

2016-12-29 - Magnitude 6.2 earthquake strikes near coastal Tolotangga (Indonesia):

2016-12-29 - Shallow magnitude 5.5 earthquake strikes in the ocean near New Zealand:

Note: MISA Theory keeps on chuggin' away...

2016-12-29 - The United States' 10 most extreme weather events of 2016:

2016-12-29 - Lightning strike kills man in Zimbabwe:

Quote: "The sources sources further explain that the weather in the town was good with a clear sky since morning before a few clouds gathered followed by a light shower. It is at that moment that it started to thunder and the man was hit by lighting. According to the sources the showers and clouds immediately cleared after the lightning strike leaving fearful residents superstitious about the circumstances of the little showers and thunder."

2016-12-29 - Flash flooding hits Melbourne (Australia), mass road closures across Victoria:

2016-12-29 - Torrential rain and flooding hit Mersin (Turkey):

2016-12-29 - Record cold, 48 states going below freezing in the first week of 2017:

2016-12-29 - Winter storm to bury New England in up to 2 feet of snow, blizzard conditions possible:

2016-12-29 - Powerful winds blow waterfall upward on the Isle of Skye (Scotland):

2016-12-29 - China to impose nationwide smoking ban, again:

2016-12-29 - Satellite spots massive object hidden under the frozen wastes of Antarctica:

Quote: "The huge and mysterious 'anomaly' is thought to be lurking beneath the frozen wastes of an area called Wilkes Land. It stretches for a distance of 151 miles across and has a maximum depth of about 848 metres. Some researchers believe it is the remains of a truly massive asteroid which was more than twice the size of the Chicxulub space rock which wiped out the dinosaurs."

2016-12-30 - The ten most important climate stories of 2016:

2016-12-30 - Global ice coverage plummeting like never seen before:

2016-12-30 - Previously frozen soil now exhaling greenhouse gases:

2016-12-30 - Magnitude 6.2 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the island of Sumbawa (Indonesia):

2016-12-30 - Food insecurity scare hits Upper East Ghana after 2016 floods destroy crops:

2016-12-30 - Heavy fog strands thousands of people for days at airport in London (Britain):

2016-12-30 - Persistent dense fog blankets countries in the Persian Gulf:

2016-12-30 - Waterspout filmed off Rhodes Island (Greece):

2016-12-30 - Meteor streaks across the sky near Volcano Turrialba in Costa Rica:

2016-12-30 - Changing environment - 'aurora sounds' recorded in Sweden:

2016-12-30 - Experimental brain cancer treatment injects 'biological assassin' cells into brain that 'seek and destroy' cancerous cells:

2016-12-30 - Economic recovery is mostly a myth for the 99%:

2016-12-30 - Anonymous hacks Bilderberg, issues ominous threat to 'Work for humanity' or lose it all:

2016-12-30 - Kremlin names Trump employee of the month:

Quote: "Speaking to reporters at his Mar-a-Lago estate, in Florida, Trump called the award 'a tremendous honor, just tremendous. Obama was President for eight years and he didn't win this a single month,' he said. 'Loser.'"

2016-12-31 - Heavy snow shuts down I-5 through the Grapevine (California):

2016-12-31 - Mysterious slow-moving fireball spotted in the sky over Japan:

2016-12-31 - NASA's Near-Earth Object hunting mission spots a comet and a body that's 'either a Comet or an asteroid':

2016-12-31 - Journal studies on genetically modified crops are rife with conflicts of interest:

2016-12-31 - Corporate media admits to publishing viral fake news after independent media busted them:

2016-12-31 - Top news bloopers of 2016:

2016-12-31 - In Pennsylvania, they drop everything for New Years:

Quote: "Pennsylvania has a rep for doing New Year's night right. The commonwealth is said to have more New Year's drops - of various objects and entities - than any other state."

2016-12-31 - Lightning strike ignites hut and kills 3 people in Masvingo (Zimbabwe):

2016-12-31 - Heavy flooding kills 50+ people and leaves thousands homeless in Boma (Democratic Republic of the Congo):

2016-12-31 - Jennifer Hynes interviews Professor Peter Wadhams on Arctic sea ice collapse and abrupt climate change:

2016-12-31 - Swarm of more than 100 earthquakes strikes near Brawley (California):

2016-12-31 - Over 6,500 earthquakes felt across Japan in 2016, three times more than previous year:

2016-12-31 - Shallow magnitude 4.1 earthquake shakes Van Province (Turkey):

2016-12-31 - The 50 doomiest images of 2016:

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