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2016 - DEC - Animal Attacks

2016-12-01 - Pit bull attacks and injures woman at 1 AM in Rochester (New York), cops shoot dog dead, part of woman's arm amputated:

2016-12-01 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures 17 children near coastal Kundapur (India):

2016-12-01 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures 7 people in coastal Kundapur (India):

2016-12-02 - Pit bull attacks and injures 3-year-old boy at home in Hephzibah (Georgia):

2016-12-02 - 260 people killed by animals and nearly 11,000 injured in the last 5 years in Madhya Pradesh (India):

2016-12-03 - Pit bull attacks and kills 6-year-old boy at home in Huntington (West Virginia):

2016-12-04 - Elephants kill 213 people in three years in Odisha (India):

2016-12-04 - Kangaroo puts dog in headlock, man punches kangaroo in the face, in rural bush area in Australia:

2016-12-05 - Woman's dog attacks and seriously injures her at home in Lauderhill (Florida), near the coast:

2016-12-05 - Pit bull attacks and injures 4-year-old boy at home in Pocatello (Idaho):

2016-12-06 - Stray dogs attack and kill 4 children in a week in Uttar Pradesh (India):

2016-12-06 - Goat goes on rampage and runs amok in coastal Carrickfergus (Ireland):

2016-12-07 - Dog attacks and injures 2 teen girls at home at same time as fire breaks out, in Manchester (Connecticut):

2016-12-07 - Pit bull attacks and injures teen boy in coastal Wilmington (Delaware):

2016-12-07 - Elephant attacks and kills safari leader in Malawi:

2016-12-07 - Swarm of bees attacks and kills man, injures five people, in coastal Visakhapatnam (India):

2016-12-07 - Moose attacks man and dog, seriously injures dog, near Jackson Hole (Wyoming):

2016-12-08 - Swarm of bees attacks and kills woman, injures three people, in coastal Mangaluru (India):

2016-12-09 - Family dog attacks and injures baby at home in Xenia (Ohio):

2016-12-10 - Woman's dog attacks and seriously injures her, face attack, in coastal Marstons Mills (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Scanner reports indicates a 36-year old woman suffered a dog bite to the face on Water’s Edge around 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, leaving her with potentially life threatening injuries. Dispatchers described the woman’s injuries in radio reports as a complete amputation of her lower lip and face."

2016-12-11 - Dogs attack and injure man putting up Christmas decorations at home in York (South Carolina):

2016-12-12 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures 60 people in Pratapgarh (India):

2016-12-14 - Pit bull attacks and seriously injures woman at home in Dallas (Texas):

2016-12-14 - Dog goes on rampage, attacks and injures 10 children, in Maharashtra (India):

2016-12-14 - Seal attacks and injures man at coastal Abel Tasman National Park (New Zealand):

2016-12-15 - Shark attacks and lightly injures man in New Smyrna Beach (Florida):

2016-12-15 - Shark attacks and lightly injures man at beach in Trigg (Australia):

2016-12-16 - Black bear charges family, man shoots it, near La Verne (California):

2016-12-17 - Dog attacks and kills man in coastal Grover Beach (California):

2016-12-17 - Bobcat attacks animal control officer near school in Odessa (Texas):

2016-12-18 - Jackal attacks and injures woman at home in Uttar Pradesh (India):

2016-12-19 - Rhino attacks and kills woman along the Rapti River near Chitwan National Park (Nepal):

2016-12-19 - Shark knocks man off surf ski in Plettenberg Bay (South Africa):

2016-12-20 - Animal attacks up 25% in three years in coastal Tayside (Scotland):

2016-12-20 - Pack of three cats attacks and injures woman and her dog in coastal Taupo (New Zealand):

Quote: "A woman was left cut and bloodied after being attacked by a gang of feral cats as she walked her dog. Jude Merwood was out for an early evening stroll with her Husky Sam, in Hinekura Ave, near Tamatea Reserve, Taupo, recently when she was set upon by the three cats."

Note: Extraordinarily unusual, the first time I've seen a pack of cats attack a person. ONE cat attacking a person, have seen that from time to time, but not a pack of cats. I read a not-very-good fiction horror book as a kid called 'Feral' which was basically a cat version of Hitchcock's 'The Birds', where cats suddenly and inexplicably began attacking and killing people, but I never thought I'd see anything like that in reality...

2016-12-20 - Giant rats eat baby girl alive at home when mom goes out drinking, in Johannesburg (South Africa):

2016-12-20 - Coyotes attack and kill one dog, injure another, in coastal Darien (Connecticut):

2016-12-20 - Pit bull attacks and seriously injures man at home in Urbana (Illinois):

2016-12-21 - Pit bull attacks and injures 3-year-old boy at home in Groveland (Florida):

2016-12-22 - Crocodile attacks and kills man in Kampung Sabah Baru (Malaysia):

Quote: "This was the second incident involving a crocodile attack within a month. On November 30, a government pensioner was killed, also believed attacked by a crocodile while diving and spear-gun fishing in the waters near Palm Oil Industrial Cluster (POIC) bridge."

2016-12-23 - Two dogs attack and injure woman in parking lot, cop shoots them, in Fayetteville (North Carolina):

2016-12-25 - Cat attacks man while he opens present at home in Georgia:

2016-12-26 - Two elephants destroy home and kill man in Saptari District (Nepal):

2016-12-26 - Bear attacks woman on TV show about how dangerous animals can be, in Moscow (Russia):

2016-12-27 - Shark attacks woman, bites her buttocks, near Exmouth (Australia):

2016-12-27 - Coyotes attack and kill pet dog at home in Lisle (Illinois):

2016-12-27 - Mountain lion attacks two dogs, kills one, near Ketchum (Idaho):

2016-12-27 - Swarms of bees attack and kill four dogs in Newcastle (South Africa):

2016-12-28 - Shark attacks and injures boy wearing shark-repellant bracelet at beach in St. Lucie County (Florida):

2016-12-28 - Cougar attacks dog outside fast food restaurant, man punches cougar, in Whitecourt (Canada):

2016-12-28 - Herd of elephants attacks and kills one person, injures two more, in Bardiya District (Nepal):

2016-12-29 - Two pit bulls attack and injure 7-year-old boy at home in Gwinnett County (Georgia):

2016-12-29 - Bear attacks and injures hunter in Mitchell County (North Carolina):

2016-12-29 - Dog attacks and injures person on Downing Road in Dagenham (Britain):

2016-12-30 - Family pit bull attacks and injures family, 3 injured, in coastal Tampa (Florida):

2016-12-31 - Venomous jellyfish sting four people at Fraser Island (Australia), jellyfish moving closer to shore due to rising sea temps:

Quote: "James Cook University Associate Professor and Irukandji jellyfish expert Jamie Seymour has stated that the deadly jellyfish are moving towards Queensland's Sunshine Coast beaches because of rising sea temperatures. The specialist, who is also associated with the Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine in Cairns, used sampling to confirm the move. He found a one to two degrees temperature rise in the waters off the southern coast. The animals have started moving because of that and Seymour predicts that south-east Queensland beaches could be closed down as stings from the Irukandji jellyfish may increase. Marine experts sounded the alarm after four people had to be rushed to the hospital after they received stings from the deadly jellyfish on Wednesday and Thursday on the western side of Fraser Island."

2016-12-31 - More than 1500 dog attacks reported since 2014 in the West Midlands (Britain):

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