Sunday, September 4, 2016

Event Update For 2016-09-03

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Aircraft Incidents

2016-09-03 - Small plane hit by smoke, plane makes emergency landing in Goodyear (Arizona):

Quote: "There are no injuries after a small aircraft made an emergency landing in Goodyear. Goodyear fire officials say the airplane was forced to land in a dirt road after smoke began coming out of the cockpit Saturday afternoon. The aircraft landed without incident near Rainbow Valley and Germann roads."

Note: This is the 96th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2016...

2016-09-03 - Small plane crashes into the ocean near coastal Dania Beach (Florida), 2 killed:

2016-09-03 - Small plane crashes into the Trinity River in Liberty County (Texas), engine failure, 2 killed:

2016-09-03 - Small plane crashes shortly after takeoff in Park Township (Michigan), engine failure, 1 injured:

2016-09-03 - Small plane crashes into barn in Trenton (Maine), 1 injured:

2016-09-03 - Small plane crashes near Sarnia (Canada), 1 killed:

2016-09-03 - Gyrocopter crashes into field near airport in Bryant (Arkansas), 1 killed:

Note: Flying in planes, especially small planes, just keeps getting more 'exciting'...

2016-09-03 - Home blown apart by explosion in Smithdale (Mississippi), 1 injured:

Quote: "An 81-year-old man managed to walk out of his house after it exploded around him Saturday morning, scattering a debris field into nearby pastures and rattling houses miles away."

Note: This is the 297th residential explosion in 2016...

2016-09-03 - Electrical substation damaged by explosion at 3 AM in coastal Kaikoura (New Zealand), blackouts ensue:

2016-09-03 - Auto salvage yard hit by fire just before 11 PM, 10 scrap cars burn, in Santa Rosa (California):

2016-09-03 - Recycling center erupts in flame in Escondido (California):

2016-09-03 - Boat bursts into flame on Lake Granbury at Rough Creek Park (Texas):

2016-09-03 - Boat bursts into flame on the Gorge Waterway in coastal Victoria (Canada):

Quote: "A thick cloud of smoke filled the air over Victoria’s Gorge Waterway Saturday morning, after a wooden boat burst into flames near Banfield Park in Vic West."

Note: These are the 1208th and 1209th boats or ships to burn in 2016...

2016-09-03 - Tour bus bursts into flame at 7:12 AM on I-69 in DeKalb County (Indiana):

2016-09-03 - Passenger bus bursts into flame on street in Manaus (Brazil), buses burning regularly here now:

Quote: "Only in recent months at least seven buses have caught fire by electrical problems..."

2016-09-03 - Bus, home and outbuildings destroyed by fire near coastal Melbourne (Australia), nobody there:

Quote: "A house, outbuildings and a bus have been destroyed by fire in Melbourne's outer west on Saturday night."

Note: These are the 613th, 614th and 615th buses to burn in 2016...

2016-09-03 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-80 in Parleys Canyon (Utah):

2016-09-03 - Tractor bursts into flame at property near Warrenton (Texas):

Note: These are the 1690th and 1691st tractors/tankers/semis to burn in 2016...

2016-09-03 - Ambulance bursts into flame near Walgreens in Newington (Connecticut):

2016-09-03 - Ambulance bursts into flame on road in Kanpur (India):

2016-08-03 - Tow truck bursts into flame at 11:10 PM while parked at salvage yard near Molino (Florida):

2016-09-03 - Truck bursts into flame on East Main Street in Dothan (Alabama):

2016-09-03 - Van bursts into flame while parked on street in Leederville (Australia):

Quote: "There was a fire drama in Leederville on Saturday morning when a van burst into flames. The vehicle was parked near the intersection of Vincent Street and Oxford Street when the fire started."

2016-09-03 - SUV bursts into flame on the Everett Turnpike near Merrimack (New Hampshire):

2016-09-03 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on street in West Milton (Ohio):

2016-09-03 - Car bursts into flame shortly after 2 AM while parked on street in Bristol (Connecticut):

2016-09-03 - Car bursts into flame on I-89 in Williston (Vermont):

2016-09-03 - Car bursts into flame on the New Jersey Turnpike in Mercer County (New Jersey):

2016-09-03 - Car and RV trailer destroyed by fire at 1:37 AM at home in coastal Portugal Cove (Canada), nobody there:

2016-09-03 - Car bursts into flame on Highway 11 in Bracebridge (Canada):

2016-09-03 - Car bursts into flame at 4:45 AM while parked on Lower Pitone Road in coastal Pitone, Okato (New Zealand):

2016-09-03 - Car bursts into flame on street in Wandegeya (Uganda):

2016-09-03 - Four or five vehicles go up in flames at 1 AM on Yarrow Road in coastal Poole (Britain):

Quote: "One crew from Poole was mobilised to a report of a vehicle fire in Yarrow Road. On arrival crews found 4 to 5 vehicles alight and requested the attendance of two extra fire engines. At 02:00 am the fire was deemed extinguished."

2016-09-03 - Four cars go up in flames while parked at service center along the M1 in Newport Pagnell (Britain):

2016-09-03 - Car bursts into flame on Redwood Road in Upton area in coastal Poole (Britain):

2016-09-03 - Car bursts into flame on the M5 near coastal Burnham-On-Sea (Britain):

2016-09-03 - Car bursts into flame on the M5 near Bridgwater (Britain):

2016-09-03 - Car bursts into flame on Old Station Road in coastal Barnstaple (Britain):

2016-09-03 - Car bursts into flame at 4:08 AM on Eggardon Close in Beaminster (Britain):

2016-09-03 - Car bursts into flame on the A30 in Exeter (Britain):

2016-09-03 - Car bursts into flame on Bridge Road in Long Sutton (Britain):

2016-09-03 - Food trailer bursts into flame at 5 AM while parked in Fargo (North Dakota):

2016-09-03 - Barn, hay and straw go up in flames in West Chinnock (Britain):

2016-09-03 - Wildfire breaks out in coastal Searsport (Maine):

2016-09-03 - Brush fire burns near I-15 in Devore (California):

2016-09-03 - AC unit bursts into flame at 3:52 AM, fire spreads to hotel, in coastal Nags Head (North Carolina):

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2016-09-03 - Lakefront restaurant damaged by fire on Lake Shore Road on Lake Erie in the Town of Hamburg (New York):

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

016-09-03 - Restaurant destroyed by fire at 12:50 AM in Vilas County (Wisconsin), nobody there:

2016-09-03 - Home damaged by fire at 4 AM in coastal New Port Richey (Florida), 1 injured:

2016-09-03 - Home under renovation heavily damaged by fire in Baton Rouge (Louisiana), nobody there:

2016-09-03 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 2 AM in Seekonk (Massachusetts), near the coast:

2016-09-03 - Home heavily damaged by fire in Fond du Lac (Wisconsin):

2016-09-03 - Home destroyed by fire before 4 AM, two homes damaged, in Cobbs Creek area in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

2016-09-03 - Home destroyed by basement fire in Portage (Michigan), nobody there:

2016-09-03 - Apartment building damaged by fire at 6 AM in Lewiston (Maine), dog killed:

2016-09-03 - Apartment building damaged by fire in coastal New Haven (Connecticut):

2016-09-03 - High-rise apartment building damaged by fire in Kansas City (Missouri), 5+ injured:

2016-09-03 - Deadly fire burns home in Douglasville (Georgia), 1 killed:

2016-09-03 - Deadly fire burns apartment building on Mill Street in Colchester (Connecticut), 1 killed:

2016-09-03 - Deadly fire burns apartment building at 1:45 AM in Phoenix (Arizona), 1 killed:

2016-09-03 - Vacant commercial building burns in Banning (California):

2016-09-03 - Thousands of fish found dead in Stoney Lake in Alberta (Canada):

2016-09-03 - Male leopard, around 10 years old, found dead in Bhyrapur (India):

2016-09-03 - Pregnant lioness found dead in river in Sangodra (India):

2016-09-03 - Girl, 17, found dead in community swimming pool in Raleigh (North Carolina):

2016-09-03 - Man in his 30s found dead in Richardson Bay near coastal Sausalito (California):

2016-09-03 - Man found dead in the water near the Naples Pier in coastal Naples (Florida):

2016-09-03 - Man, 38, found dead in retention pond at apartments in Indianapolis (Indiana):

2016-09-03 - Man, 38, goes missing while swimming, next seen dead in Bluff Creek in Vancleave (Mississippi):

2016-09-03 - Man, 53, drops dead before 6:40 AM in jail cell in Fairfax County (Virginia):

2016-09-03 - Person found dead in driveway at home in Yadkinville (North Carolina):

2016-09-03 - Man, 69, found dead on Tornillo Avenue in Tornillo (Texas):

2016-09-03 - Man, 19, found dead in Lake Waco at Speegleville Park (Texas):

2016-09-03 - Woman found dead in wooded area near downtown Hattiesburg (Mississippi):

2016-09-03 - Man, 23, found dead in bushland in coastal Tomewin (Australia):

2016-09-03 - Man drops dead in Samgoli (India):

2016-09-03 - Man, 62, drops dead outside his home in Thumbal (India):

2016-09-03 - Woman found dead in canal in Dera Murad Jamali (Pakistan):

2016-09-03 - Man drops dead in Victoria Park in coastal Aberdeen (Scotland):

2016-09-03 - Man in his 30s found dead in home in Lurgan (Ireland), near Lough Neagh:

2016-09-03 - Woman, 36, found dead in submerged car in coastal Kerrykeel (Ireland):

2016-09-03 - Man found dead in lake at Platt Fields Park in Fallowfield, Manchester (Britain):

2016-09-03 - Man, 48, slumps over dead in car in carpark at coastal Snowdonia National Park (Britain):

2016-09-03 - Passenger bus and tanker truck collide head-on, fire erupts, in Zabul Province (Afghanistan), 36+ killed, 20 injured:

2016-09-03 - Tanker truck overturns, bursts into flame, on I-81 near Christiansburg (Virginia), 1 killed:

2016-09-03 - Tractor trailer veers off road, crashes into building, in Ashland (West Virginia):

2016-09-03 - Tractor trailer overturns on I-64 in coastal Hampton (Virginia):

2016-09-03 - Heavy truck overturns on the N14 in Centurion (South Africa), 3 killed, dozens injured:

2016-09-03 - Catering truck veers off road, hits tree, bursts into flame, in Dix Hills (New Jersey):

2016-09-03 - Pickup truck overturns in Prospect (Maine), 2 killed, 1 injured:

2016-09-03 - Car plows into pedestrians, fence and parked car, in Irvine (California), 9 injured:

2016-09-03 - Car veers off road, plows into home, in Indianapolis (Indiana), 1 injured:

2016-09-03 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures 20 people at Cerritos Regional Park in Cerritos (California):

Quote: "The Los Angeles County Fire Department says a swarm of bees attacked at a suburban park, stinging more than 20 people and sending three to the hospital. Dispatching supervisor Bernard Peters said Sunday that the attack happened Saturday evening at Cerritos Regional Park. Witnesses tell KCBS-TV that there were thousands of bees chasing hundreds of people and that the insects seemed to be attacking people with long hair."

2016-09-03 - Three dogs attack and injure 7-year-old boy in Charlotte (North Carolina):

2016-09-03 - Man, 30, falls off boat at 1:30 AM and goes into cardiac arrest near coastal Governors Island (New York):

2016-09-03 - Number of sickened students hits 100 at school in Manhattan (Kansas):

2016-09-03 - Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strikes near Pawnee (Oklahoma), felt across broad swath of the Midwest:

Quote: "People in Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri; Chicago; Gilbert, Arizona; Fayetteville and Little Rock, Arkansas; Des Moines, Iowa; Memphis, Tennessee; and Big Lake in southwest Texas, all reported feeling the earthquake."

Note: I felt that one in St. Louis, 400 miles from the epicenter. It wasn't too bad here, some swaying, nothing fell down, but it did go on for a fair amount of time, at least a minute or two. I was nervously eyeing the windows as potential escape routes if it kept intensifying...

2016-09-03 - After M7.1 earthuake strikes off the coast of New Zealand, many aftershocks ensue:

2016-09-03 - Puget Sound has new climate refugees, white pelicans – 'It’s like seeing aliens arrive':

Quote: "Ehler and Kerschbaum were among the first to notice the pelicans. 'It was like seeing aliens arrive,' says Ehler, a seasonal biologist with a degree in ornithology. 'It’s unprecedented for them to be here, so something really unusual is happening.'"

2016-09-03 - Lightning stike kills two schoolboys in Bangladesh:

2016-09-03 - 300,000 people without power in Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Hermine, state of emergency declared:

2016-09-03 - Typhoon Namtheun heads toward southern Japan:

2016-09-03 - Third wettest winter on record wipes out crops in New South Wales (Australia):

2016-09-03 - After Hanjing Shipping declares bankruptcy, 'clogged supply-chain' chaos spreads rapidly:

2016-09-03 - Quantum computer created that can tap into parallel universes:

2016-09-03 - 80-foot-tall man goes up in flames in Black Rock City (Nevada):


  1. Your creativity (and humor) on display there with the swaying Skully & Molder. Got me chuckling right away.

    Coupla ambulances and a tow truck go up in flames on this day! Relatively unusual.

    Well, the weather people were completely wrong in their forecasts here on the coast regarding Hurricane Hermine. It's been beautiful here (and at the Jersey shore, except ya aren't allowed in the water, which was described as resembling a washing machine). Mid-70's, very low humidity, bright sun, and blue sky with a few clouds. I'd rather they be "off" this way (predicting the bad, and getting great weather) than the reverse. They do the same in winter time with regard to snow, etc. Once in a while they're correct.

    Battered Japan braces for new typhoon

    Typhoon Namtheun was heading north towards the southern main island of Kyushu with gusts of up to 198 kilometres (123 miles) per hour, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

    Lionrock landed on Japan's northern Pacific coast on Tuesday evening, dumping torrential rain over a wide area.

    Overflowing rivers wreaked havoc, stranding many communities in the country's largely agricultural north.

    Iwaizumi was the hardest hit as nine people were buried inside a building of an elderly care facility, which was engulfed by a massive flood from a nearby river.

    Some 1,000 people were still cut off in isolated communities in Iwate prefecture, the prefectural government official said.

    Lionrock was the third typhoon to strike Japan's northeast in about 10 days, the previous two causing at least two deaths.

    [so back to back to back to BACK typhoons!]

    Welp, God Just Cast His Vote. The Election Is Over.

    [as cloud image of Trump appears in sky]

    D.C.-area forecast: A pleasant Labor Day, then a big September heat wave starts

    Watch As Mysterious Fireball Streaks Across The Oregon Night Sky

    Spanish wildfire forces 1,000 from their homes near Valencia

    [part 2 below]


  2. Monday, 5 September 2016
    How climate change in changing cloud cover

    Climate change is messing with clouds – and it's a really big deal

    Scientists have found that a warmer Earth is indeed pushing clouds upward and poleward – a response to global warming that climate models have predicted for some time, but we had difficulty detecting until now.

    New research published last month in the journal Nature revealed the changes in cloud elevation and coverage after analyzing 30 years of satellite data.

    A warmer Earth elevates clouds because the troposphere, the lowest layer of our atmosphere where weather occurs, can extend higher with a hotter surface. Warming also moves clouds poleward because circulation patterns in the tropics are expanding, pushing storms north and south.

    But there’s a bigger issue at play here: These perturbed clouds may cause further warming, triggering a vicious cycle of increasingly rising global temperatures. That critical detail was often glossed over as news of the cloud changes spread last month.

    As clouds move higher, they trap more heat [more]

    The Young Turks play catch-up over climate change

    An example of liberal media trying to play catch-up. With the speed of change they'll never catch up.

    NASA Warns Of Mass Extinction If We Don't Fix Climate Change [wtf? civilization will have to shut down!]

    Mysterious bangs possibly caused by meteor over South Island, New Zealand


  3. Wrong time, wrong place: Tropical seabird rescued on beach at St Leonards, UK

    Only 350,000 African elephants are left in the savannah

    [human poaching is the problem]

    Bear beaten by frightened villagers after it wandered into a house in China

    Shocking research confirms vaccines are contaminated with Monsanto's RoundUp herbicide

    SOTT Exclusive: UFO caught on camera during Falcon9 Space X rocket explosion (VIDEO)


  4. Study: Typhoons that slam Asia getting much stronger

    [noooo . . . really?]

    Giant 450,000 km long solar filament growing since August 31 to ignite an Earth directed Hyder Flare explosion

    Newton to hit Baja California as a hurricane, reach Arizona on September 7