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Event Update For 2014-03-23

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-03-23 - Landfill erupts in flame in coastal Praeksa, Khlong (Thailand), 1200+ people sickened:

Quote: "About 1,200 people sought treatment for fume-related illness..."

2014-03-23 - Landfill erupts in flame in Naga City (Philippine Islands), near the coast:

Quote: "Firemen reported that methane deposits from the garbage piles caused the fire."

Note: Wouldn't doubt that. Probably some hydrogen sulfide mixed in there too, as the two gases go together, thus the various cities being plagued with hydrogen sulfide coming from landfills. I see why insurers are dropping coverage for recycling facilities and the like. Just too many fires nowadays. From the full hypothesis: "Trash-related facilities such as recycling centers and landfills will burn hard too, as hydrogen sulfide is absorbed into flammable absorbent materials like wood, paper, cardboard, straw, hay, dried brush, generic trash, clothing, cotton, wool."

2014-03-23 - Apartment building hit by explosion and fire in coastal Tel Aviv (Israel), 3 injured:

Quote: "Also on Sunday, a welder at a Petah Tikva building site was hurt by an explosion believed to have been caused by an underground gas canister."

Note: Gas odor mentioned, which may have been hydrogen sulfide, which smells like 'rotten eggs', like the mercaptan which is added to natural gas. Israeli scientists discovered hundreds of 'gas springs' off their coastline spewing gas from the sea floor, mentioned in the 2012-11-12 update. An Israeli patrol boat burst into flame and injured 15 people earlier this year along the Gaza Coast, as mentioned in the 2014-01-24 update. Israel's military headquarters burst into flame in Tel Aviv this month, as mentioned in the 2014-03-05 update. In late spring of 2012, a 'mysterious smell' hit central Israel and sickened people, as mentioned in the 2012-05-03 update. Methane is odorless, so it wasn't methane. Hell, Israel might just wanna close all their consulates around the world and bring people home. Oh, they HAVE closed all their consulates around the world? Huh...

2014-03-23 - Underground electrical fire takes out power to two buildings in Gold Coast, Chicago (Illinois), near Lake Michigan:

Quote: "A ComEd vault located at 53 E. Schiller St. caught fire about 1:30 p.m., said ComEd spokeswoman Allana Johnson. As a result, at least two buildings in the 1300 block of North Lake Shore Drive lost power, Fire Media Affairs chief Larry Langford said."

2014-03-23 - Auto shop heavily damaged by explosions and fire in coastal National City (California):

Quote: "Witnesses tell NBC 7 they heard explosions and then saw flames pouring from the building."

2014-03-23 - Auto scrapyard hit by fire, several vehicles destroyed, in Stoke (Britain):

2014-03-23 - Laptop battery explodes and ignites apartment in New Holland (Pennsylvania), nobody home:

2014-03-23 - One hundred homes destroyed by massive fire in coastal Barangay Canelar (Philippine Islands):

Quote: "Ongoing ocular investigation is still being conducted by the BFP personnel."

Note: Hah, never heard the term 'ocular investigation' before. 'We're lookin' at stuff!'

2014-03-23 - Fishing boat bursts into flame and sinks at 4:55 AM off the coast of South Korea, 6 killed, 2 rescued, 1 missing:

Quote: "According to Kim, the 37-year-old captain of the boat, the fire broke out around 4:55 a.m. while the vessel was sailing in waters 108 kilometers southwest of Jeju City."

2014-03-23 - Boat bursts into flame in Mission Bay near coastal San Diego (California):

Quote: "Three people are safe Sunday after the small rental boat they were on caught fire in the middle of Mission Bay this afternoon."

2014-03-23 - Double-decker bus bursts into flame on road in Scarborough (Britain):

2014-03-23 - Bus bursts into flame at 6:30 AM near Springfield (Missouri):

Note: It was a school bus, but it was being used as a cargo transporter...

2014-03-23 - Tanker truck bursts into flame in the wee hours on I-35 in San Antonio (Texas):

2014-03-23 - Garbage truck bursts into flame at 5:47 AM in Needham (Massachusetts), near the coast:

2014-03-23 - Two RVs burst into flame while parked in storage lot in Las Vegas (Nevada):

Quote: "There were about 20 RVs on the one-acre lot when the fire broke out, he said. The blaze was contained to two RVs and was extinguished in about 20 minutes."

2014-03-23 - SUV bursts into flame during test drive in Anaheim (California), near the coast:

Quote: "Officials said the 2015 GMC Yukon caught fire, inexplicably, during a test drive."

Note: 'So, are you interested in purchasing this vehicle?'

2014-03-23 - In 'separate' incidents, four parked cars burst into flame in the wee hours in Vista (California), near the coast:

Note: They suspect arson as usual. Anybody see anyone? Nope. Any evidence at all of people being involved? None mentioned. Looks very similar to the three boats that burst into flame in two separate events within 3 minutes in Washington DC, mentioned in the 2014-02-11 update. As the atmospheric contamination intensifies, we're going to see more and more vehicles going up in flames, especially near bodies of water and other low-lying areas, and especially in the wee hours, and they need not be running nor have been running recently in order to spontaneously ignite...

2014-03-23 - Car bursts into flame shortly before 5 AM while parked at duplex, fire spreads to duplex, in Aurora (Colorado):

2014-03-23 - Car bursts into flame while parked on Starling Drive in Waldorf (Maryland):

Note: The story mentions an SUV that burst into flame in Waldorf too, but I already mentioned that in the 2014-03-21 update...

2014-03-23 - Car bursts into flame on Storrow Drive in coastal Boston (Massachusetts):

2014-03-23 - Car bursts into flame on Nobel Avenue in coastal Bridgeport (Connecticut):

2014-03-23 - Car bursts into flame at 3:30 AM while parked at home in coastal Slade Point (Australia):

2014-03-23 - Car bursts into flame on highway near coastal Wellington (New Zealand), followed by a 5-car crash in the same spot:

Quote: "A five-car crash on State Highway 2 into Wellington this morning is at almost exactly the same spot as an earlier car fire, which caused significant commuter delays."

2014-03-23 - Car bursts into flame on highway in coastal Sharjah (UAE), accidents mentioned too:

2014-03-23 - Car bursts into flame at 1:30 AM while parked at home in coastal Thalang District (Indonesia):

2014-03-23 - Car bursts into flame while parked in driveway at home in Steinbach (Canada):

Quote: "Shortly before 4:30pm, a car on Homestead Crescent was destroyed by a fire.  The car was parked in a driveway, and as such traffic was never affected."

2014-03-23 - Car bursts into flame while parked in The Orchard, in Leven (Britain):

2014-03-23 - Car bursts into flame at 12:25 AM in Winterton, Paston (Britain):

2014-03-23 - Car bursts into flame at 2:36 AM on the M5 near Blackbrook (Britain):

2014-03-23 - Vehicle bursts into flame while parked in garage at home in Bonshaw (Canada), on Prince Edward Island:

Quote: "Wakelin said the fire was believed to have started from a vehicle inside the garage."

2014-03-23 - Vehicle bursts into flame on State Route 29 in coastal Collier County (Florida):

2014-03-23 - Vehicle bursts into flame on Highway 401 in North York (Canada):

2014-03-23 - RV trailer bursts into flame while being towed, in Great Falls (Montana):

2014-03-23 - Vehicle and barn destroyed by fire in Sumner (Illinois):

2014-03-23 - Auto shop damaged by fire on Scott Street in Dryden (Canada), near Wabigoon Lake:

2014-03-23 - Barn destroyed by fire in at Perkins Village, near Exeter (Britain), 6,000 chickens roasted:

Note: Oops, didn't mean to make this fire sound so delectable...

2014-03-23 - Barn destroyed by fire at 4:30 AM in the Town of Wayside (Wisconsin), some dogs and chickens killed:

2014-03-23 - Barn destroyed by fire near De Soto (Missouri):

2014-03-23 - Barn destroyed by fire in Columbia (Missouri):

2014-03-23 - Barn destroyed by fire, home damaged, in Gilmanton (New Hampshire), some goats killed:

2014-03-23 - Barn damaged by fire in Kent City (Michigan):

2014-03-23 - Electrical box bursts into flame, fire spreads, buildings burn, in Folsom (California), near Folsom Lake:

2014-03-23 - Commercial building destroyed by fire shortly after 3:30 AM in Chattanooga (Tennessee):

2014-03-23 - Warehouse heavily damaged by major 4-alarm fire in coastal Vallejo (California):

2014-03-23 - Row of stores goes up in flames in coastal Bronx (New York):

2014-03-23 - Propane heater bursts into flame, fire spreads, propane tanks explode on porch, in Columbus (Indiana):

2014-03-23 - Deck bursts into flame at home in Lexington (Kentucky), passers-by stop and help put it out:

2014-03-23 - Waterfront vacation home damaged by fire on Lake Avenue in Lagoon City (Canada), nobody home:

Note: Waterfront, lake, lagoon, unoccupied - there's a recipe for a fire nowadays. This home is located on the eastern (downwind) shore of Lake Simcoe...

2014-03-23 - Apartment building damaged by blaze at 12:45 AM in Phoenix (Arizona), 5 injured:

2014-03-23 - Deadly fire rips through home in coastal Los Angeles (California), 1 killed:

Quote: "The city has seen a surge in fire deaths this year, with 13 so far compared to 22 in all of 2013."

Note: So fire deaths are up well over 150% so far if the current pace continues, and that pace is likely to worsen, not improve...

2014-03-23 - Vacant hunting cabin destroyed by fire near Hayward (Wisconsin):

2014-03-23 - Two adjacent vacant structures burn at 5 AM in Lafayette (Louisiana):

2014-03-23 - Vacant house burns in Trotwood (Ohio):

2014-03-23 - Vacant historic home burns twice in a week on West Shore Road in coastal Oyster Bay (New York):

2014-03-23 - Vacant home burns in Syracuse (New York):

2014-03-23 - Vacant home bursts into flame, fire spreads, three homes damaged or destroyed, in Harrisburg (Pennsylvania):

2014-03-23 - Vacant army barracks destroyed by fire near Moses Lake (Washington):

2014-03-23 - Three bottlenose dolphins found dead in a week in coastal Beaufort County (South Carolina):

Quote: "For the third time in a week, a dead bottlenose dolphin has been found in Beaufort County waters."

2014-03-23 - Man found dead in the Waikato River near Hamilton (New Zealand):

Quote: "Police have no explanation for the death of a man whose body was found in the Waikato River yesterday."

2014-03-23 - Man found dead near grocery store in coastal Auckland (New Zealand):

2014-03-23 - Man found dead at beach in coastal Vale of Glamorgan (Britain):

2014-03-23 - Woman, 52, found dead near her home in Asquith area of coastal Sydney (Australia):

2014-03-23 - Man found dead in parked SUV in coastal New Orleans (Louisiana):

2014-03-23 - Man, 48, found dead in pond at Foster Park in Stroud (Oklahoma):

2014-03-23 - Woman, 49, drops dead in cell at jail in Bucks County (Pennsylvania), second in 7 months:

Quote: "A 29-year-old female inmate was found dead at the prison last September. There were no signs of foul play in that incident, officials said."

2014-03-23 - GWAR frontman Dave Brockie, 50, found dead at home in Richmond (Virginia):

2014-03-23 - Woman, 53, found dead at pallet company in Waterloo (Iowa):

2014-03-23 - Man in his 50s found dead in apartment parking lot in Boise (Idaho):

2014-03-23 - Man found dead outside convenience store in San Antonio (Texas):

2014-03-23 - Woman, 51, found dead at motel in Amarillo (Texas):

2014-03-23 - Driver has 'medical condition', car slams into the Prime Minister’s Lodge in Canberra (Australia), 1 injured:

2014-03-23 - Passenger plane makes emergency landing in Hong Kong (China), electrical failure:

Quote: "A Malaysia Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur to Incheon Airport in Seoul was forced to make an emergency landing in Hong Kong last night after an electricity generator failed."

Note: Say, a passenger plane recently took off from Kuala Lumpur and disappeared too...

2014-03-23 - Passenger plane makes emergency landing in Syracuse (New York), landing gear issue:

2014-03-23 - Small plane crashes near Baum Bay in coastal Kill Devil Hills (North Carolina), 2 injured:

Quote: "A pilot and a passenger were hurt Sunday morning after their plane crashed on the edge of the Wright Brothers National Memorial. The plane came down before 11 a.m. near First Flight Airport, the airstrip located on the grounds of the park. The crash site also was close to homes in Baum Bay."

2014-03-23 - Small plane crashes into Tampa Bay near St. Petersburg (Florida), engine failure:

2014-03-23 - Small plane goes missing near Calderwood Lake, near Maryville (Tennessee):

Quote: "The FAA says an alert has been issued for a Dehavilland DHC-1 aircraft that may be missing in an area adjacent to Calderwood Lake. The two-seat plane did not reach its intended destination, the Franklin County Airport in Canon, Georgia, when it was expected earlier Sunday evening."

2014-03-23 - Passenger bus loses tire and overturns at 6 AM in Laguna (Philippine Islands), near the coast, 20 injured:

Quote: "A woman passenger's hand was severed during the accident, reports added."

Note: That's at least the third hand-severing event in the last few days. No conclusions to draw from that, just kinda weird...

2014-03-23 - Truck and double-decker bus collide head-on, near Dhamrai (Bangladesh), 30 injured:

2014-03-23 - Van veers off road, plunges 100 feet down embankment, near Salgran (Pakistan), 10 killed:

2014-03-23 - Car slams into transit bus in Orlando (Florida), 16 injured:

2014-03-23 - Car and SUV collide head-on, near Ancaster (Canada), 5 injured:

2014-03-23 - Car veers over centerline at 3:45 AM, hits truck head-on, near Mount Vernon (Missouri), 5 killed:

2014-03-23 - Two cars collide head-on, in Minto (Canada), 1 killed, 4 injured:

2014-03-23 - Car veers off road at 5 AM, takes out power pole, slams into building, near Budd Lake (New Jersey), 1 injured:

Quote: "A man was injured after he drove his car off Route 46, hitting a telephone pole before striking a building Sunday morning, according to Budd Lake Fire Chief Robert Sheard. Just after 5 a.m. Sunday, the Budd Lake Fire Department, EMS and Mount Olive Police Department responded to a reported vehicle into a building..."

2014-03-23 - Car veers off road, hits pole, in Bristol (Wisconsin), 1 injured:

2014-03-23 - Car veers off road at 2 AM, hits pole and building, in Rockford (Illinois), near the Rock River, 1 killed, 1 injured:

2014-03-23 - Car veers off road at 11:30 PM, hits pole, bursts into flame, in coastal George Town (Malaysia):

2014-03-23 - Car veers off road at 6:30 AM, hits pole, bursts into flame, ignites home, in Canterbury (New Zealand), 3 injured:

Note: Aha, so we're replacing friction-based braking with a pole-based rapid-stop high-impact system!

2014-03-23 - Motorcycle veers over centerline at 1 AM, hits car head-on, on Broad River Road in Columbia (South Carolina), 1 killed:

2014-03-23 - At least 18 college students suddenly sicken in Badahare (Nepal), cause unknown:

Quote: "Following the viral disease outbreak, the doctors have been carrying out medical treatment to the students."

Note: They have identified no virus or disease, so either their wording is deceptive or they're idiots. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt about being deceptive, which means they're idiots...

2014-03-23 - Israel closes every embassy in the world, blamed on labor strike:

Quote: "Foreign Ministry’s workers committee declared a full-fledged strike on Sunday, closing the ministry and all the country’s embassies and consulates around the world for the first time."

2014-03-23 - Hogs sickening all across the United States:

Note: Blamed on a virus. Well, that's what the CDC says, anyway, but that's the government, the very organization that's hiding what's happening, so do you trust the word of those who are deceiving you? That's up to you, but I certainly have some doubts myself. That's the problem with lack of trust and that also exposes the problem of centralized data sources being contaminated with deception. The lack of trust problem is a very serious problem and THAT problem is ENTIRELY human-caused, which means it is at least theoretically solvable...

2014-03-23 - Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes off the coast of Peru:

2014-03-23 - Firefighters train for boat fires by burning boat off the coast of Sunderland (Britain):

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  1. With almost every post, we see more and more species sickening, beaching themselves, dropping out of the sky, melting, and otherwise dying out. The atmosphere and the oceans are polluted to the extent that supporting any kind of life is becoming a problem.

    That article about Israel closing all its bases worldwide is pretty spooky. What are they up to?

    Gases and noxious odors wafting around sickening and killing people, igniting fires and causing explosions continues apace.

    Vehicle and building fires, scrapyard and landfill fires - "we're burnin' up out he'!"