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2013 - SEP - Other Stories

2013-09-30 - HazMat event, 15 sickened by unknown odor at hotel in Fisherman's Wharf area of coastal San Francisco (California):

Quote: "The San Francisco Fire Dept. was informed about 5:30 p.m. that over a dozen people at the Raddison Hotel at 250 Beach Street were overcome by smell after being exposed to an unknown substance. Of the 15 victims who became ill, three were transported by ambulances to hospitals for evaluations."

2013-09-30 - Boater goes missing on Engh Pond in Nokesville (Virginia):

2013-09-29 - Burning car starts itself and backs into street:

Note: No idea where or when this car fire happened, but it's another incident involving a burning vehicle starting itself, and there have been a number of such incidents now...

2013-09-29 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak at Baywood Chase Pond at Byron Bay (Australia):

2013-09-29 - Sea-robin (fish) caught in Connaigre Bay (Canada):

Quote: "According to the Encyclopedia Britannica website, sea robins are common in warm and temperate seas."

Note: Like the worldwide jellyfish population explosion, this is another sign of warming waters...

2013-09-29 - Huge number of jellyfish clog cooling, nuclear reactor shuts down, on the Baltic coast in Sweden:

Quote: "The 1,400 megawatt Oskarshamn-3 unit, located about 340 kilometers (211 miles) south of Stockholm, accounts for 5 percent of Sweden’s power supply..."

Quote: "This situation is caused by a huge amount of jellyfish..."

2013-09-28 - Flesh-eating bacteria infesting coastal waters in Volusia/Flagler Counties (Florida), 26 people infected so far:

2013-09-28 - Submarine volcano erupts near the island of Jebel Zubair:

Quote: "The activity manifestated itself in form of a strong SO2 anomaly and steam plume spotted on satellite imagery. No signs of activity are visible on images taken on 27 Sep, which confirms that the eruption started yesterday. The presence of the significant steam plume suggests that the eruption vent is a shallow depth (less than 100 m), and possibly in the stage of producing so-called surtseyan activity (violent steam-driven explosions breach the surface with jets of water and steam, and become more and more rich in lava fragments as the vent becomes shallower)."

2013-09-28 - New volcanic vent forms off the coast near Fiumicino (Italy):

2013-09-27 - Snowstorm dumps as much as 20 inches in Wyoming, up to 8 inches even in lower elevations:

Quote: "A winter storm warning is in effect for parts of central Wyoming, including Riverton and Lander, until noon Friday. Snow also is falling in Casper and Buffalo, where a winter weather advisory is posted. Power outages in Fremont County from falling branches, forcing Lander Regional Hospital onto emergency power. The National Weather Service reports 4 inches of snow at Thermopolis, 3 inches in Lander, 8 inches in the Buffalo and Riverton areas. Up to 20 inches is possible in the mountains."

Note: And summer just ended a week before. Hmmm. Lots of volcanoes have been erupting all over the world. This could be an early sign of volcanic winter and it's not the first sign. In late May, an area in New York got hit by 30 inches of snow, as mentioned in the 2013-05-26 update. To find anything comparable to that event, meteorologists had to look back to 1816, 'The Year Without A Summer', which was caused by the volcanic eruption of Mount Tambora. Volcanic winter all by itself could be devastating, even without poison gas, fires and explosions to deal with. 77,000 years ago, volcanic winter reduced the human population to 10,000 breeding pairs, so there may have been less than 50,000 people left alive on the ENTIRE PLANET, and the odds are that a lot of those people - our ancestors - were cannibals at one time or another...

2013-09-27 - High methane levels found in water in well at home in Parker County (Texas):

Quote: "Staff in our Oil and Gas Division inform me that the Dawson household and other residents in the area have filed new complaints regarding methane in their water wells..."

2013-09-26 - Man and child go fishing, go missing, on the Indian River near coastal Titusville (Florida):

Note: Lots of dead animals have been found in the Indian River too...

2013-09-26 - Fish kills escalating in Indian River (Florida), nicely documented:

2013-09-25 - New island that just formed off coast of Pakistan is spewing methane:

Quote: "Experts from the National Institute of Oceanography who are evaluating the island said it was spewing methane gas at several points."

2013-09-25 - People get high off fermented human excrement containing hydrogen sulfide and methane:

Quote: "They say it keeps them warm and makes them fearless."

Note: Just came across this info, and had no idea that people did this. They call it 'Jenkem' or 'butt hash'. The fact that users say it keeps them warm is interesting in light of all the crazy naked-people incidents. Maybe hydrogen sulfide alters human metabolism in a way that increases body temperature, at least in some cases, so as you go crazy from the neurological damage (while possibly hallucinating), you might just strip off your clothes too, to cool down. In any case, it looks like we'll all eventually become involuntary Jenkem users. Human civilization on Earth, wiped out by planetary-scale 'butt hash'. That's doom that I don't think too many people saw coming...

2013-09-25 - Foul odor causing problems in Mexico City (Mexico):

2013-09-25 - Feds working on Richter-like scale for wildfires:

2013-09-24 - Volcanism creates new island in sea near Pakistan, after large quake hits Pakistan killing at least 150:

2013-09-24 - Trench to be dug to protect nuclear waste from underground fire in Bridgeton (Missouri):

Note: I hope that works...

2013-09-23 - HazMat event at oceanfront hotel in coastal Myrtle Beach (South Carolina), 15 sickened, blamed on chlorine:

2013-09-23 - Toddler, 2, has seizure, foams at the mouth, in coastal Washington DC:

Quote: "Derrick and Denise Jones told FOX 5 they called 911 Saturday night because their toddler was having seizures. Derrick, 2, was foaming at the mouth."

Quote: "Children's National Medical Center treated the toddler for a viral infection that caused his seizures, the boy's parents told FOX 5."

Note: I didn't know they could identify a virus instantly like that, and without even bothering to do a toxicology. Oh, right, that's because they can't. So to go along with firefighters assuming arson whenever they're baffled, now we have doctors assuming viruses without even bothering to check toxicology...

2013-09-23 - Woman has seizure in Brockton (Massachusetts), medevac'd via helicopter to coastal Boston:

Note: Getting a bit seizure-ish on the East Coast there. Could be that as larger numbers of people start spazzing out and foaming at the mouth - or going crazy, or dropping dead - they'll try to play it off as a virus, declare martial law, keep people inside. Keeping people inside actually would tend to keep them alive longer, since the poison gas is coming from outdoors. And the officials and soldiers will probably be wearing full-body HazMat suits too, which is what they'd need to wear if it actually was a virus killing people - the same type of suits they will need when there's deadly neurotoxic hydrogen sulfide blowing around. Of course, there are the odors too, like the 'rotten egg' odor blowing in off the ocean in coastal Quincy (Massachusetts), and the sulfur smell when the water suddenly turned milky-green-white in the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, so it won't be that hard to see the truth of things. In fact, it's not hard to see the truth of things right now. But most people will still tend to believe whatever they're told to believe...

2013-09-20 - Children sickening at Manatee Bay Elementary School in Weston (Florida), near the coast:

Quote: "Parents said that they’ve learned that somewhere between 200 and 300 kids are out with some kind of bug with flu like symptoms."

Note: Hydrogen sulfide poisoning, from air or water, can cause 'flu-like' symptoms...

2013-09-20 - Around 130 people sicken on cruise ship near coastal St Petersburg (Russia):

2013-09-20 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak at Willow Creek Lake (Nebraska), in Pierce County:

2013-09-19 - Mass casualty disaster response drill scheduled for Saturday in Johnson County (Texas):

2013-09-19 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak in Brunner Reservoir in Broomfield (Colorado):

2013-09-18 - FEMA readies 100,000-person National Disaster Medical System Mobilization for 1,000 locations:

Quote: "6,000,000 autoclavable cotton blankets and so on and so forth, all must be available under 'SURGE TEMPO' and typically in 48 hours notice."

Note: First link contains links to the fedbizopps.gov procurement solicitations. The autoclavable cotton blankets part is the most interesting: autoclaving blankets would be one way to at least somewhat decontaminate them when they get contaminated with hydrogen sulfide...

2013-09-18 - Empty pickup found on bridge, man missing, on the Norman Wood Bridge in Martic Township (Pennsylvania):

2013-09-17 - NASA wants new experimental space plane:

2013-09-16 - Earthquake swarm rattles the Yellowstone area in Wyoming:

Note: There have been quake swarms here before and nothing bad came of it. Still, this is a supervolcano with potentially planetary-scale effects if it should have a major eruption, so it's worth keeping an eye on...

2013-09-16 - Oregon government urging people to have supplies for at least two weeks in case of major Cascadia quake:

Quote: "State officials say Oregon is due for a magnitude 9.0 Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake. Emergency officials have previously encouraged people to have 72 hours of supplies such as food and water on hand. Now they say people should plan for at least two weeks. Essential supplies in Oregon could be cut off for weeks or months, according to The Oregon Resilience Plan, prepared for the Oregon Legislature. Electricity could be knocked out for up to three months, drinking water and sewers might not be available for up to one year, priority highways could be out of commission for up to a year, and health care facilities could take up to 18 months to be operational. On the coast, essential services could be knocked out even longer."

Note: Maybe they know something. Best to assume they do and prepare accordingly. Worst case, you're over-prepared and nothing happens, which is way better than being under-prepared if something happens...

2013-09-15 - 37 homes evacuated because of a methane-water leak near coastal Los Angeles (California):

Quote: "Brian Jordan tells that crews have been working since Thursday to cap the leak found when a water company was trying to cap a well on Imperial Highway in Hawthorne. Jordan says contractors found an unexpected outflow of water, and tests showed methane gas had mixed with the water. Surrounding homes were evacuated and the residents have been staying in hotels. Golden State Water Co. has hired a well-capping company to control the water and gas mixture that is leaking at about 3,000 gallons per minute. Officials are unsure what caused the leak or how long it will take to control."

Note: So, look at the maps of methane clathrate deposits around the world, linked on the right. Among other places, there are such deposits all along the West Coast of North America. Clathrates are methane locked inside frozen water. When they dissociate (melt), the ice becomes water and the methane gas is released. Methane dissolves into water, so you'd expect to see methane-contaminated water unexpectedly bubbling up along coastal areas as clathrates dissociate. This process may also result in land subsidence events like sinkholes as the solid (of a sort) clathrates transform into water and gas. Methane was also detected in the ground around 19 homes in Santa Maria (California) earlier this year, also near the coast, as mentioned in the 2013-01-18 update. Events like this, especially along coasts, make me very nervous...

2013-09-14 - Man acts disoriented and agitated near the Port Authority Bus Terminal (New York), cops shoot, hit two bystanders:

Note: The guy was diving into traffic and he was clearly not right in the head. But he was also unarmed. I dunno, crazy guy, but unarmed, and piles of people around - if you whip out a gun and shoot, you better be damn sure you don't miss, and these cops did, and hit innocent people. They eventually tased this man into submission. Why didn't they just start with that? And isn't this the type of situation where those billy clubs come in handy too? Seems like the cops jumped the gun here, pardon the pun. Sounds like one of those 'if you have a hammer then everything looks like a nail' deals here...

2013-09-14 - Possible landfill fire 750 feet from nuclear waste in Bridgeton (Missouri):

Note: Another fire has been burning, about 1200 feet from the nuclear waste. Now there are elevated temps at a gas extraction well 750 feet from the nuclear waste, which may mean a new fire. The previous fire was moving toward the nuclear waste at about 100 feet per month. If this is a new fire and it moves at that same pace then in less than 8 months the United States could end up with radioactive smoke blowing around with the wind from the middle of the country...

2013-09-14 - Researchers working on methane-selective nanoporous graphene membranes for gas purification:

Quote: "The capability of functionalized graphene nanopores to efficiently separate methane from air is analyzed using density functional theory."

2013-09-13 - $15 million in aid going to Seaside Heights (New Jersey) to help rebuild after massive boardwalk fire:

Note: Well, since I take the gubment to task when they screw up, it's only fair that I point out when gubment helps people out too. I'm not so sure rebuilding a GIANT PILE OF WOOD ON THE COAST is a great idea, but the thought counts...

2013-09-12 - Man, 44, has chest pains on boat near Oregon Inlet (North Carolina), medevac'd off:

2013-09-11 - New fungus wiping out salamanders in the Netherlands:

Quote: "The detection of a new fungus that rapidly kills fire salamanders is an alarming development..."

Note: As our protective ozone layer disintegrates, DNA and RNA is being damaged. This is leading to new species, sometimes blends of two existing species - genetic chimeras. We did not evolve with these new species, and they will sometimes be highly hostile to existing life on Earth. This is also likely why governments around the world have become incredibly paranoid in recent years about infectious disease outbreaks - new bacteria and new viruses (and other new lifeforms too) can spring up anywhere at any time now, and they could be devastating to life as we know it...

2013-09-10 - Jellyfish populations on the rise all around the world:

Quote: "As the world's climate and oceans become warmer jellyfish species from across the globe are spreading quickly and vastly."

Note: Jellyfish obviously don't care about air temperatures. It's the water temps that are rising and causing the worldwide jellyfish population explosion. This warming is likely coming from below, thus all the volcanic eruptions around the world. The warmer waters also dissociate (melt) the methane clathrate deposits and improve the environment for the ancient anaerobic bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide. This is an ancient extinction event. Most life on the planet is highly likely to die from poisoning (both air and water), fires and explosions, lack of oxygen and biosphere destruction leading to starvation...

2013-09-10 - Man, 53, goes out on boat, goes missing, empty 'ghost boat' found, near Oceanside (California):

Quote: "The boat was found just before 6:30 a.m. about 10 miles northwest of the most northern point of La Jolla, U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Connie Gawrelli said."

Quote: "As of 8 a.m., the boat was still circling in place and authorities were working on a plan to safely board the vessel, she said, noting they may wait until it runs out of fuel or find a way to disable its engine."

2013-09-09 - In two days, 19 students sicken and collapse at school in Kharmi (Nepal):

Quote: "Kalika Secondary School in Kharmi pulled down its shutters after students complained of headache, fever, stomachache and passed out. Yuddha Bahadur Rai, head teacher at Kalika Secondary School said they had to close the school after 17 students collapsed today. Yesterday, two students had collapsed."

2013-09-09 - Small plane disappears off radar and goes missing in the Gulf of Alaska near Yakutat (Alaska):

2013-09-08 - Man falls out of boat and goes missing in the Missouri River, in Franklin County (Missouri), near Hermann:

2013-09-05 - Fire-suppression system to be installed inside the Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnel (Colorado):

Quote: "The system will not completely extinguish a car fire but it will help with emergency response and allow the tunnel to reopen faster. The system is expected to be installed by fall of 2016."

Note: Might wanna put a rush on that job, move that date up...

2013-09-05 - 19 firefighters losing their jobs in East St. Louis (Illinois):

Note: Yikes, bad timing there. More fires, fewer firefighters. This area is just east (downwind) of the Mississippi River and there've been a lot of fires there, especially in vacant structures...

2013-09-04 - 'Mystery substance' sickens man and deputy at 5:20 AM in Windsor (California):

Note: A very very similar event just happened on Shoreline Drive near Orono (Minnesota), but a man and four responders were sickened in that event, as mentioned in the 2013-09-02 update. Cars with cloth upholstery may be absorbing hydrogen sulfide into the cloth and the padding. (Leather or plastic should be at least somewhat safer.) Then when you sit in the car you may get poisoned, sustain neurological damage, go crazy, sicken, and anyone who comes near you (your clothes) or the interior of the car may sicken too. The man in the Orono event was 'combative'. The man in this event was involuntarily being held for psychiatric assessment (e.g. crazy). That's also very similar. So even if you don't end up getting incinerated in your vehicle, you may end up becoming a brain-damaged neuro-zombie...

2013-09-04 - Skyscraper reflecting sun and melting cars in London (Britain):

Note: Obviously the shape has something to do with this. But also, as the protective ozone layer withers and methane accumulates in the upper atmosphere and forms a kind of magnifying glass, the Sun is becoming both brighter and whiter. There have been lots of events where Sun going through glass of some kind is being blamed for fires. That's always been the case sometimes, but it's happening more now. The Sun is more intense, and these building planners may not have factored in an increasingly intense Sun. Many many people have noticed this too - the sun glare while driving is ridiculous sometimes, way worse than it was five or ten years ago...

2013-09-02 - 'Mystery chemical' sickens man in car and four responders on Shoreline Drive near Orono (Minnesota):

Quote: "The officers were called about 9 p.m. Monday night to the 3300 block of Shoreline Drive in Navarre, where they found a man in a locked vehicle and apparently unconscious, according to fire officials. As officers tried to take him from the vehicle, he became confrontational. At some point during the struggle, said Fire Chief James Van Eyll, the officers either ingested or came into contact with a chemical that was on the man’s body. 'There was no chemical in the car itself,' Van Eyll said. 'Not really sure what it is.'"

Note: Well, I doubt the responders INGESTED anything, unless they were licking this guy. And he was confrontational, as in violent. This man's clothes may have absorbed some hydrogen sulfide, which poisoned him and damaged his neurology. In other words, he was zombifying from brain damage. And the responders sickened when they touched his clothes or breathed in some gas as they dealt with him. This reminds me of an event in Dunedin (Florida), where a homeless man covered in 'unknown chemicals' entered a hospital and several hospital employees suddenly sickened, and the hospital was evacuated, as mentioned in the 2012-06-19 update. There've been a number of incidents where people have burst into flame too. It's not the PEOPLE catching fire, it's their clothes. Hydrogen sulfide is not just poisonous, it's also extremely flammable...

2013-09-01 - Firefighter goes missing near Jemez Springs (New Mexico):

2013-09-01 - Two people killed and three sickened by 'unexplained condition' in Rome (Italy):

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