Monday, June 24, 2013

Event Update For 2013-06-23

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Other Stories Of Interest
2013-06-23 - Plane makes emergency landing in Portland (Oregon) after little girl has seizure:
Quote: "Her father, Stephen Lane, said since the burns, Ireland has suffered from pseudo-seizures that aren't dangerous but can alarm others nearby."
Note: This is the little girl whose clothes burst into flame at Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland (Oregon) earlier this year, as mentioned in the 2013-02-18 update. The 'official' explanation was that it was caused by hand sanitizer and olive oil. A doctor who worked there said he'd seen nothing like it in 30 years. I suspected then that some hydrogen sulfide was involved. Maybe her t-shirt was contaminated, or the hand sanitizer itself had absorbed some (it's water-soluble, and hand sanitizer is probably mostly water), something like that. Then some static electricity ignited her clothes and she got burned. Now she is suffering seizures. Hydrogen sulfide is neurotoxic and can cause brain damage, resulting in seizures.
Remember those kids who started suffering Tourette's-LIKE muscle tics and spasms after playing basketball outside in Le Roy (New York)? Those symptoms are also indicative of neurological damage. That it affected all the girls who were playing outside that day indicates that it was something environmental that caused it but whatever it was had moved on or dissipated by the time anyone looked - in other words, it had to be a gas. Now a 'rotten egg' odor is wafting in off the ocean in Quincy (Massachusetts). That's what hydrogen sulfide smells like in low concentrations.
Clue after clue after clue, what's happening is getting more and more obvious with every passing day now. I still think it will be all the fires and explosions that eventually wake up the sleeping masses though, not the animals or people dropping dead or the land subsidence events, etc.

2013-06-23 - Firefighters still working to protect South Fork (Colorado) from fearsome inferno:

2013-06-23 - Home explodes at 7:45 AM in Jarrow (Britain), 6 injured:

2013-06-23 - Explosion rocks chemical plant in coastal Shanghai (China):

2013-06-23 - Huge mulch fire erupts at pallet company in Argos (Indiana):

Quote: "This is not the first time there has been a fire at the pallet company. The assistant chief told me he and his crew have been called out four other times since the beginning of the year for mulch fires."

2013-06-23 - Trash transfer station catches fire near Merrick (New York):

2013-06-23 - Landfill erupts in flame in Seward County (Kansas):

2013-06-23 - Motorcycle showroom destroyed by massive blaze in Bikaner (India):

2013-06-23 - Boat bursts into flame, fire spreads, 6 boats destroyed, 2 damaged, in coastal Des Moines (Washington), 2 injured:

2013-06-23 - Boat bursts into flame near the Aegean Sea island of Crete (Greece), 8 injured:

2013-06-23 - Boat damaged by explosion at Foxhaven Marina in Port Clinton (Ohio), 1 injured:

2013-06-23 - Several tractor trailers destroyed by blaze at 5 AM at business in Koorlong (Australia):

Quote: "Believed to have originated from the newest truck in the fleet, the fire quickly engulfed several trucks and trailers after starting about 5am on Sunday. Three prime movers were destroyed and a fourth damaged, while a number of trailers attached to and parked beside the vehicles were also damaged."

2013-06-23 - Semi bursts into flame in coastal Hertford (North Carolina):

2013-06-23 - Tractor bursts into flame in Liskeard (Britain):

2013-06-23 - Truck bursts into flame on the N-433 in Aroche (Spain):

2013-06-23 - RV bursts into flame in Costa Row in Long Bennington (Britain):

2013-06-23 - Van and car burst into flame at home in Cape Girardeau County (Missouri):

2013-06-23 - Pickup truck and car burst into flame at rest area along the New Jersey Turnpike in Secaucus (New Jersey):

2013-06-23 - Car bursts into flame while parked at Trader Joe's in coastal Berkeley (California):

2013-06-23 - Car bursts into flame while parked at shopping center in Hot Springs (Arkansas):

2013-06-23 - Car bursts into flame on Lucklands Road, in Weston, Bath (Britain):

2013-06-23 - Car bursts into flame in ditch in Yeovil (Britain):

2013-06-23 - Car bursts into flame on Shays Lane in Winsford (Britain):

2013-06-23 - Car bursts into flame in Depauville (New York):

2013-06-23 - Car bursts into flame at 2:20 AM while parked at home in Sutton St James (Britain), home damaged too:

2013-06-23 - Car bursts into flame on Chao Fa East Road in coastal Chalong (Thailand):

2013-06-23 - Boat, wood pile and garage destroyed by fire at home in Conewago Township (Pennsylvania):

2013-06-23 - Barn destroyed by fire in Hillsboro (Oregon):

2013-06-23 - Barn destroyed by fire in Sheldon (Vermont):

2013-06-23 - Barn destroyed by fire in Mount Pleasant Mills (Pennsylvania):

2013-06-23 - Barn damaged by fire in Hailey (Idaho):

2013-06-23 - Fire breaks out beneath Fisherman's Wharf in coastal Provincetown (Massachusetts):

2013-06-23 - Massive blaze destroys grain facility in Scribner (Nebraska):

2013-06-23 - Compost bursts into flame at home in Tupper Lake (New York), fire spreads, home destroyed:

2013-06-23 - Porch bursts into flame at home in Tulsa (Oklahoma):

2013-06-23 - Two-story home destroyed by fire in North St. Louis (Missouri), near the Mississippi River:

2013-06-23 - Home destroyed by fire in Kihei on the island of Maui (Hawaii), 4 people homeless:

2013-06-23 - Vacant house burns in Sioux City (Iowa):

2013-06-23 - Vacant home undergoing renovation burns in Mount Prospect (Illinois):

2013-06-23 - Vacant house burns in Fostoria (Ohio):

2013-06-23 - Vacant apartment building destroyed by fire at 12:20 AM in coastal Keansburg (New Jersey):

2013-06-23 - Large number of dead fish found in waters near Yue Wang Ben (China):

2013-06-23 - Man and young daughter, 2, found dead in home in Hassanabdal (India):

2013-06-23 - Charred corpse found in burning van at business in Houston (Texas):

2013-06-23 - Man, 30, found dead in residential swimming pool in coastal Water Mill (New York):

2013-06-23 - Woman, 20, found unconscious in campground swimming pool, dies shortly later, in Sherman (New York):

2013-06-23 - Man goes fishing, goes missing, found dead at Coila Lake in Tuross (Australia):

2013-06-23 - Man apparently drowns after van plows into Kewaunee Harbor (Wisconsin):

Note: A woman just drove her van into San Francisco Harbor and died too, two days prior, as mentioned in the 2013-06-21 update. From the full hypothesis: "More people will be found dead in submerged vehicles."

2013-06-23 - Bike racer, 59, suffers 'medical problem, falls off bike and dies, in Vernon County (Wisconsin):

Note: That's near - and downwind of - the Mississippi River...

2013-06-23 - Man found dead near Captain's Cove Marina in Lake Ray Hubbard in Garland (Texas):

2013-06-23 - Boy, 14, found dead in woods in Mooreville (North Carolina), near Lake Norman:

2013-06-23 - Woman, 35, goes swimming, goes missing, found dead, in coastal Coos Bay (Oregon):

2013-06-23 - Man found dead in creek in Rusch Park in Citrus Heights (California):

2013-06-23 - Man in his 80s found dead in the Housatonic River in coastal Stratford (Connecticut):

2013-06-23 - Man found dead in front of apartment building in Fort Wayne (Indiana):

2013-06-23 - Woman drops dead on roadway in Orlando (Florida):

2013-06-23 - Boeing Dreamliner makes emergency landing in Houston (Texas), brake problems:

Quote: "A man told KHOU 11 News that his wife was on the plane. She said all passengers were warned the plane might not have working brakes and to prepare for landing."

Note: They grounded the Dreamliners because the batteries kept catching fire. Hydrogen sulfide is reactive with copper, especially electrified copper, like battery cables and other wiring in vehicles. So maybe they isolated the battery compartments more thoroughly from the atmosphere. The planes still use rubber tires and friction for braking though, so even if they solved the battery problem, they still have the tire absorbency and brake-friction problem. Hydrogen sulfide is being absorbed into tire rubber and brake pads. Then when brakes are applied, an abnormal amount of heat is generated, because hydrogen sulfide burns very hot. Then bad things can happen: tires explode or ignite, brakes burn out or ignite, fluid lines rupture, the entire vehicle goes up in flames, or all of the above. So they're still gonna have all of those problems with Dreamliners (and other planes and all vehicles generally), as long as they use a flammable absorbent material for tires and heat-generating friction for braking...

2013-06-23 - Small plane crashes into field near Wolcott (Colorado), 2 killed:

2013-06-23 - Small plane crashes near airport in Ellington (Connecticut), 1 killed:

2013-06-23 - Small plane crashes shortly after takeoff in Idaho Falls (Idaho), 2 killed, 1 injured:

2013-06-23 - Small plane crashes near Owyhee Dam in Malheur County (Canada), 1 killed:

2013-06-23 - Small plane makes emergency landing near Beaver Dam (Wisconsin):

2013-06-23 - Passenger bus slams into two trucks near Cairo (Egypt), near the Nile River, 8 killed, 14 injured

2013-06-23 - Passenger bus crashes off bridge into the Moraca River near Podgorica (Montenegro), 16 killed, 30 injured:

2013-06-23 - Transit bus overturns in coastal Hampton Bays (New York), injuries reported:

2013-06-23 - SUV goes airborne, crashes off turnpike onto bridge, in Catoosa (Oklahoma), 1 injured:

Quote: "The troopers report listed Smith's condition as faint or dizzy. He was reportedly talking to troopers before he was taken away in an ambulance. He was listed in critical condition at an area hospital."

2013-06-23 - Jeep and car collide head-on, one bursts into flame, in Lakeside (California), 1 killed, 2 injured:

2013-06-23 - Two cars collide head-on, one bursts into flame, near Carson City (Nevada), 2 killed:

2013-06-23 - Two cars collide, both plunge into river, near Hahayan Bridge in coastal Inarajan (Guam):

2013-06-23 - Car veers off road, plunges into wash, in Fountain Hills (Arizona), 2 injured:

2013-06-23 - Car overturns, bursts into flame, in Hyderabad (India), 1 person incinerated, 2 injured:

2013-06-23 - Car veers over centerline, off road entirely, into ditch, bursts into flame, in Winthrop (Maine), 1 injured:

2013-06-23 - Car veers off road, hits sign, bursts into flame, on I-295 near coastal Jacksonville (Florida), 2 killed:

2013-06-23 - Fumes and chemical smell reported at the Aspen Townhomes in Colorado Springs (Colorado), 5 sickened:

2013-06-23 - Pit bull attacks and seriously injures couple in Glen Burnie (Maryland), near the coast:

2013-06-23 - Around 100 meters of beach collapses in coastal Candelaria, Zambales in the Philippine Islands:

2013-06-23 - Sinkhole opens up on Route 460 in Bedford County (Virginia):,0,1341067.story

2013-06-23 - Widespread power outage hits the Central Coast area in California:

Quote: "The outage stretch[ed] from the beach town of Cambria in San Luis Obispo county to Solvang in Santa Barbara's wine country. Santa Maria, with a population of about 100,000, was the largest city affected by the outage."

Note: Santa Maria is where flammable methane was found in the ground around 19 homes, as mentioned in the 2013-01-18 update...

2013-06-23 - Wall collapses on people in Gedaref (Sudan), 12 killed:


  1. Do you have any clue as to how small these hydrogen sulfide plumes can be? I'm thinking of the little girl whose clothes burst into flame at the hospital. Where would the hydrogen sulfide come from in a hospital? Why wouldn't the same thing happen to other people near her room? I mean, can hydrogen sulfide be in such small plumes that one person is affected, while someone not very far away is not? Btw, I happen to think that your theory is correct. I'm just trying to understand the dynamics of the plumes. I figure that they can easily get very large. What I'm curious about is how SMALL they can be (at whatever concentration). Correct me if I am wrong, but I see the size of the plume and its concentration as two different aspects of the same phenomenon.

    1. I think pretty small. You ever see those lava lamps? Well, if you shake em a bit, how small are some of the 'lava' balls? Pretty freakin' small! So I think the same concept probably applies.

      But I did mention thaty maybe it was the hand sanitizer, or even water, that got contaminated there. There was a library in Ohio that was closed because hydrogen sulfide infiltrated the building via a water sump; it came in through contaminated outdoor water. It is water-soluble, so while it may blow in as a gas, it looks like it's going to absorb into stuff: clothes, wood, water and water-based fluids, rubber, cardboard, paper, etc.

      There was a story about a homeless guy in California, went to the emergency room, felt sick, and suddenly everyone in the mergency room got sick too. His clothes were probably contaminated, and oozing gas, sickened him AND everyone he got near.

      So while the gas will exit the ocean as a gas, and blow across the world as a gas, it will also absorb into stuff, so we'll have to deal with not only the gas, but all the stuff it's contaminated too. And eventually stuff absorbs so much that it just spontaneously combusts, and then you have pallets and decks and porches and clothes and tires bursting into flame.

      As to where the gas might come from in a hospital in GAS form, the obvious answer would be the air intake system for their central heat/air system, outside somewhere. The hospital near me has their central air system right out in back, on a little concrete pedestal. Any gas that blows over that is gonna get pulled inside the hospital. Same for most homes and their central air units, and apartments, hotels, etc. That's probably how that engaged couple got killed on New Years in a vehicle too. It was cold, so they probably had their heat on and windows rolled up, but some gas still got in via the car's heating system, knocked them unconscious, then ignited and they burned to death without ever even trying to get out.

    2. Also, yes, concentration and size are two different variables of the problem. Like the hydrogen sulfide that swept over Southern California a few months back: that was probably HUGE, but very low in concentration (else people wouldn't have smelled it). But because it's a heavier-than-air gas, that huge low-concentration plume would have sunk to the ground and concentrated in ditches, valleys, streams, etc, the plumes shrinking but getting more concentrated, then blowing on with the wind...