Saturday, June 1, 2013

2013 - MAY - Low-Lying Corpses

2013-05-31 - Teen boy, 17, found dead at home in Holland Township (New Jersey), near the Delaware River:

2013-05-31 - Teen girl, 17, found dead at home in Medina (Ohio), near Lake Medina:

Quote: "Police listed the case as a possible drug overdose, but no drugs or paraphernalia were found in a search of Brittnee’s room and purse."

Note: I mentioned the authorities will likely try to use 'drug overdose' as an excuse to disguise some of the deaths caused by hydrogen sulfide poisoning. So they found zero evidence of any drug involvement here - none at all - and what do they do? They list possible drug overdose as cause of death. Sure, that's possible, but so is hydrogen sulfide poisoning...

2013-05-31 - Young man, 18, found dead in Coleman Creek at University of Arkansas in Little Rock (Arkansas):

2013-05-31 - Man, 59, found dead in partially submerged vehicle in retention pond in coastal Texas City (Texas):

Quote: "A Texas City man was found dead in his partially submerged car after he suffered an apparent heart attack..."

Note: Say, that's exactly what hydrogen sulfide is going to look like in many cases: an apparent heart attack. And this city is right on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, near its dead zones, which are surely pluming hydrogen sulfide now. Also, as mentioned in the full hypothesis: "More people will be found dead in submerged vehicles."

2013-05-31 - Body found in submerged car in the Wabash River near Lafayette (Indiana):

2013-05-31 - Man, 69, found dead in vacant home in Macon (Georgia):

2013-05-31 - Inmate, 36, drops dead in his cell at jail in Baxter County (Arkansas):

2013-05-31 - Woman, 32, found dead at factory compound near Wankaner (India):

2013-05-31 - Man, 46, found dead at Fort McCoy (Wisconsin):

2013-05-31 - Carpenter found dead at home he was working at, in Haddam (Connecticut), near the Connecticut River:

2013-05-31 - Woman, 26, found dead in woodland near her car in Sedgley (Britain):

2013-05-31 - Body found in the Umatilla River near Mission (Oregon), may be missing 41-year-old woman:

2013-05-30 - Missing boater, 40, washes ashore dead tethered to his boat, in Cuba:

Quote: "The Coast Guard received a distress radio beacon from Rydberg's boat around 4 a.m. on May 14th, 30 miles north of Key West. They launched a crew but weren't able to find Rydberg or his boat. They called off the search four days later."

Note: The wee hours are when the atmosphere cools and contracts, which will push any hydrogen sulfide or methane floating in the atmosphere above closer to the ground, making explosions, fires and hydrogen sulfide poisoning events more common during those hours. I mentioned this man when he went missing, in the 2013-05-22 update. Lots of fishermen have gone missing similarly, though usually they find their empty 'ghost boat' first then the corpse(s) later. This story here sorta reminds me of 'Dracula', where the ship washed ashore with the captain tied to the wheel...

2013-05-30 - UPDATE on woman, 26, found dead in bathtub at lawyer's home in Center City (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "Sources close to the investigation say Julia Papazian Law had been foaming at the mouth and likely suffered an episode that caused her drowning. No drugs or alcohol were found at the scene."

Note: Mentioned this story in the 2013-05-25 update, when they first found this young woman dead in the bathtub. Hydrogen sulfide poisoning can cause seizures and foaming at the mouth. It's also water-soluble and I'm pretty sure it's contaminating municipal water supplies here and there now (as well as the water in lakes, creeks, ponds, rivers, etc). But she may also have had a window open and simply gotten a whiff the old-fashioned way too...

2013-05-30 - Man, 74, goes fishing, next seen dead at lake in Plantersville (Mississippi) near Tombigbee State Park:

Quote: "Johnson says the man was fishing from a small boat that was found upright but partially filled with water. His tackle box and fishing pole were missing."

Note: Empty 'ghost boat' found first, as usual...

2013-05-30 - Missing teen, 17, found dead in the Kentucky River in Jessamine County (Kentucky):

Quote: "Jacob began yelling for help, then went under and did not resurface..."

2013-05-30 - Two men, 25 and 47, found dead within an hour in the shores of Lake Ray Hubbard (Texas):

Quote: "Police are classifying the deaths as unexplained, pending a report from the medical examiner’s office. Detectives have found no evidence linking the deaths."

Note: Seems like they were obviously linked by at least two things: the atmosphere and the lake...

2013-05-30 - Two missing men, 26 and 22, found dead in submerged SUV in Toogoodoo Creek (South Carolina):

2013-05-30 - Man found dead in the car park area on Avon Dam Road in Bargo (Australia):

Note: Possible toppler...

2013-05-30 - Man, 25, found dead in the Ohio River in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania):

2013-05-30 - Man found splattered in parking lot in coastal Kuching (Malaysia):

Note: Possible toppler. Gruesome picture at link...

2013-05-30 - Man drops dead near bowling alley on the island of Borneo:

2013-05-30 - Missing man, 21, found dead in Lake Pontchartrain (Louisiana):

Quote: "Chavez went under the water but never resurfaced."

2013-05-30 - Boy, 14, found dead in pond in Webb City (Missouri):

2013-05-30 - Man, 50, found dead in water-filled ditch outside Lake City (South Carolina):

2013-05-29 - Man, 45, burns to death in burning car near the La Plata Highway in Farmington (New Mexico):

2013-05-29 - Woman, 79, suffers 'medical condition' and dies after 'suspected gas leak' in Hawick (Scotland):

Quote: "Our engineers carried out checks and have found no problem on our gas network."

Note: Natural gas actually HAS no odor. They add stinky mercaptan to it so that it can be smelled, and mercaptan smells like 'rotten eggs', just as hydrogen sulfide does at low concentrations. So I think many times when people say they smell 'gas', they are confusing the smell of hydrogen sulfide with that of mercaptan. No sign of a gas leak here either, so whatever the smell was, it came through the air, not through gas lines. The fact that a fatality resulted is also a clue that this may have been hydrogen sulfide and not any 'gas leak'. Also see the event below where 'gas' was smelled at the airport in Sacramento and 2 workers sickened - possibly the same scenario there.

2013-05-29 - Man, 33, goes fishing at Lake Eildon (Australia), next seen dead:

Quote: "Early police discovered Mr Pearson's boat, but there was no sign of the father of two."

Quote: "Mr Pearson, an experienced angler, went to the Bonnie Doon area to fish over the weekend and last spoke to his family on the phone on Sunday afternoon."

Note: Empty 'ghost boat' found first, as usual...

2013-05-29 - Missing boy, 9, found dead in Barkley Lake at Kuttawa (Kentucky):

2013-05-29 - Girl, 14, found dead near landfill in Kampung Solok Gaung (Malaysia):

Quote: "Gunarajan added that the victim had been found on her back and fully clothed among discarded plywood. 'There were no obvious signs of injury, so we will await the post-mortem report to determine cause of death. However, the victim had been found with her jewelry intact, so we have ruled out robbery,' he said."

2013-05-29 - Woman, 25, found dead in camper in Lawrence Township (Minnesota):

2013-05-29 - Body found on the island of Lanzarote (Spain), may be missing woman:

Quote: "She was last spotted in Orzola, to the north of the island, on a coastal path later the same day."

2013-05-29 - Woman, 21, drops dead at home in Delhi (India):

Quote: "A PCR van was despatched to the spot and its members broke open the door to find the victim lying on the ground with her mobile phone in the palm of her hand..."

Note: She may have been trying to call for help as hydrogen sulfide killed her...

2013-05-29 - Teen, 18, found dead in bed at youth hostel in coastal Dublin (Ireland):

2013-05-29 - Missing college student, 22, found dead in his car in Saluda County (South Carolina):

2013-05-29 - Missing woman, 75, found dead in Sutherland Reservoir (California):

2013-05-29 - Woman found dead in river near Picnic Island near Fort Snelling State Park (Minnesota):

2013-05-29 - Infant, 4 months old, found dead in apartment in Dallas (Texas):

2013-05-29 - Body found on the banks of lagoon near the River Cafe in Prince's Island Park (Canada):

2013-05-29 - Man found dead in the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon (Canada):

2013-05-29 - Man, 50s or 60s, found dead in the Beaver River in Bridgewater (Pennsylvania):

2013-05-29 - Man, 35, found dead in pond at the Subramanya Swamy temple in Ulsoor (India):

2013-05-29 - Man found dead in the Rock River near Rockford (Illinois):

2013-05-29 - Man, 59, found dead in creek near Myron Lake (Washington):

2013-05-28 - Cullen Finnerty, 30, goes on fishing excursion, next seen dead in woods in Webber Township (Michigan):

Quote: "One of the winningest quarterbacks in college football history was found dead in the woods of northern Michigan on Tuesday night, days after disappearing while out fishing near his family's cottage."

Quote: "The only solid lead on Finnerty's whereabouts had been the discovery of a small pontoon boat he had been using in Bray Creek, near the Baldwin River, Hilts said. Video from CNN affiliate WTOM showed the boat perched on the waterway's rocky shore."

Quote: "Hilts said the 30-year-old ran into the forest after having a 'nervous episode' and hadn't been seen since. 'He phoned his wife and explained he was afraid,' Hilts told USA Today. 'He left his equipment and ran off into the woods.'"

Note: Very interesting, and of course tragic. Hydrogen sulfide can cause anxiety. He may have gotten a whiff, gotten very anxious, and ran off, then eventually he breathed enough gas that it killed him. He'd abandoned his boat, so at some point he was out on the water, exactly where a heavier-than-air gas like hydrogen sulfide would tend to accumulate...

2013-05-28 - Man found dead at beach in coastal Christchurch (New Zealand):

2013-05-28 - Man goes fishing at White Rock Creek, falls in and dies, in Dallas (Texas):

2013-05-28 - Man, 21, found dead in Tempe Town Lake in Tempe (Arizona):

2013-05-28 - Man, 52, found dead in the Delaware River at Upper Mount Bethel Township (Pennsylvania):

2013-05-28 - Man found dead in the St. Johns River in coastal Jacksonville (Florida):

2013-05-28 - Employee, man, early 50s, found dead in toilet at DWP premises in Norwich (Britain), near the River Wensum:

Note: DWP = Department for Work and Pensions...

2013-05-28 - Man found dead in Sydney Harbour in coastal Cape Breton (Canada):

2013-05-28 - Woman, 20s or 30s, found floating dead in the ocean in coastal Kalapana (Hawaii):

2013-05-28 - Man, 29, drops dead in guest house in Varanasi (India):

2013-05-27 - Two men burn to death when truck bursts into flame in Rautahat District (Nepal):

2013-05-27 - Young man, 19, found dead at his home on Ferry Road West in Scunthorpe (Britain):

2013-05-27 - Missing boy, 6, found dead in the Comal River near Hunman Island Park in New Braunfels (Texas):

2013-05-27 - Boy, 15, swimming at Scott's Cove, screams, disappears, found dead, in North Laurel (Maryland):

2013-05-27 - US sailor, 24, topples off his 6th floor balcony and dies, in coastal Yokosuka (Japan):

Note: Possible toppler...

2013-05-27 - Man drops dead near Martin Middle School in Austin (Texas):

2013-05-27 - Man found dead in the New River in coastal Fort Lauderdale (Florida):

2013-05-27 - Missing man, 50, found dead in the River Severn at Shelton (Britain):

2013-05-27 - Man found dead behind a wall at Shooter's Hill (Britain):

2013-05-27 - Two bodies found floating in the ocean near Japan:

2013-05-27 - Missing woman, 50, found dead in Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma):

2013-05-27 - Middle-aged man found dead floating in water in ditch in Basalt (Colorado):

2013-05-27 - Woman found dead in Terry Lake in Pontiac (Michigan):

2013-05-26 - Woman found burned to death in field in Houston (Texas):

Quote: "Officials tell us the only thing not burned was the woman's left hand."

2013-05-26 - Baby found dead, infant critical, at apartment in Price George County (Virginia):

Quote: "Investigators, who said the children’s mother was home at the time of the incident, are not ruling anything out, including carbon monoxide. That’s why the fire department was dispatched."

Quote: "However, residents were skeptical about carbon monoxide since they said the complex is 'all electric.'"

Note: Have the residents considered hydrogen sulfide poisoning yet? Seeing as it might kill them next, they might want to...

2013-05-26 - Man, 28, drops dead on street in Weatherford (Texas), near Lake Weatherford:

2013-05-26 - Man found dead on the shore of Britannia Bay in Ottawa (Canada):

2013-05-26 - Man found dead in car at River Spirit Casino in Tulsa (Oklahoma):

2013-05-26 - Man found dead in the St. Francis River near Lake City (Arkansas):

2013-05-26 - Man, 73, pulled unconscious from the Firth of Forth (Scotland), dies shortly later:

2013-05-26 - Missing man, 45, found dead in woodland at Wythop on the western shore of Bassenthwaite Lake (Britain):

2013-05-26 - Missing teen, 19, found dead in the Augusta Canal in Augusta (Georgia):

Quote: "That's when officers say Cunningham jumped into the Augusta Canal. Deputies say at some point he went under the water and never came back up."

2013-05-26 - Man, 28, found dead at home in New Delhi (India):

2013-05-26 - Missing man, 64, found dead in the Queens Way Meadow area of coastal Newport (Britain):

2013-05-26 - Man found dead on Malibu Road in coastal Malibu (California):

2013-05-25 - Two charred corpses found in burning vehicle in coastal Nassau in the Bahamas:

Quote: "Two (2) people were found burnt beyond recognition inside a vehicle off Carmichael Road on Saturday 25th May, 2013."

Note: From the full hypothesis: "Vehicles of all kinds will continue to burn, as they have been, and the number of vehicular fires will continue to escalate, inevitably resulting in a corresponding increase in the number of people being incinerated in their vehicles." Also, there's another corpse in a burning vehicle listed in the Corpses section for this day...

2013-05-25 - Charred corpse found in burning van before 6 AM in coastal Vancouver (Canada):

2013-05-25 - Woman, 26, found dead in bathtub at lawyer's home in Center City (Pennsylvania):

Note: This is what I call Whitney Houston Sydrome - people found mysteriously dead in bathtubs or hot tubs. I believe hydrogen sulfide, which is water-soluble, is contaminating water, not just in lakes and rivers and streams and ponds, but also municipal water supplies here and there...

2013-05-25 - Missing man, 56, found dead with his kayak on the West Coast at Brown's Island Regional Shoreline (California):

2013-05-25 - Missing boater, man, 55, found dead in Percy Priest Lake (Tennessee):

Quote: "Raissian was out on the lake boating with friends near the island when he jumped off the boat and never resurfaced."

2013-05-25 - Man, 49, found dead near Scorpion Bay at Lake Pleasant (Arizona):

2013-05-25 - Woman found dead in the Boise River in Boise (Idaho):

2013-05-25 - Body washes ashore at Fowler Beach (Delaware):

2013-05-25 - Body found in marsh in Syracuse (New York):

2013-05-25 - Woman, 40s or 50s, found dead at the beach in coastal Myrtle Beach (South Carolina):

2013-05-25 - Woman, 60, found dead beneath the Rockpile Road bridge not far from Warm Springs Dam at Lake Sonoma (California):

Note: Possible toppler...

2013-05-25 - Man, 47, drops dead in field near school in Covina (California), in the San Gabriel Valley:

2013-05-24 - Man, 21, found dead in pond in Bolsoevr (Britain):

2013-05-24 - Missing man, 29, found dead in Lake Whelchel in Cherokee County (South Carolina):

2013-05-24 - Missing man, 32, found dead near airport in Covington (Tennessee), near the Hatchie River:

2013-05-24 - Man, 25, found dead in lake in Grapeland (Texas):

Quote: "Shearer said he had jumped in the lake and never resurfaced."

Note: Seen this many times now, where someone dives into water, they don't resurface at all, and the next time you see them, they're dead. It appears that if hydrogen sulfide, which is water-soluble, is dissolved into water and you dive into it, death or at least unconsciousness can be almost instantaneous, and if you're unconscious in water then you'll die from drowning anyway. If you breathe it and the concentration is 0.1% (1 part per thousand) then death can also be nigh-instantaneous, the so-called 'Slaughterhouse Sledgehammer Effect', where you're dead before you hit the ground. You'll never know if the water is fatal either, until it's too late...

2013-05-24 - Retired American serviceman, 53, found dead at home in coastal Cavite City in the Philippine Islands:

Note: Take a sec if you have time and google "Cavite City", see how extremely coastal this place is...

2013-05-24 - Man, 21, found dead in rooming house in Magnolia (Arkansas), 4 miles from Lake Columbia:

Quote: "Reed said that a full crime scene investigation was performed by the Magnolia Police Department but that lawmen 'don’t have a clue' about the actual cause of death."

2013-05-24 - Man, 50, found dead in the Detroit River in Windsor (Canada):

2013-05-24 - Woman found dead in car in Memphis (Tennessee):

2013-05-24 - Man found dead in the harbor in coastal Bristol (Britain):

2013-05-24 - Man in his 50s found dead on the coast at Old Harry Rocks in Dorset (Britain):

2013-05-24 - Man found dead at home in Oxford (Britain), near the River Cherwell:

Quote: "The man’s death is being treated as unexplained, but at this stage there are not believed to be any suspicious circumstances."

2013-05-24 - Man, 35, found dead below high-rise in Ahmedabad (India):

Note: Possible toppler...

2013-05-24 - Missing woman, 31, found dead in Owen Sound (Canada):

2013-05-24 - Body found inside vehicle in storage unit in Carmel (Indiana):

2013-05-23 - Charred corpse found in burning car on Barber Road in Smith County (Texas):

2013-05-23 - Child, 4, stops breathing and dies at apartment in San Antonio (Texas):

2013-05-23 - Body washes ashore at beach south of Coral Bay (Australia), may be missing snorkeler:

2013-05-23 - Beloved teacher, 55 (1 day from 56) found dead at school in Zia (new Mexico):

Quote: "Fenchel’s husband of 30 years, Gregory A. Fenchel, 59, said there were no signs she was ill."

2013-05-23 - Man, 43, found dead at home in Hartlepool (Britain):

2013-05-23 - Teen, 18, dies at Lake Inks in Burnet County (Texas):

2013-05-23 - Man found dead at community pond at Kwakeithel Thounaojam Leikai (India):

2013-05-23 - Man, 19, found dead at North Topsail Beach in Onslow County (North Carolina):

2013-05-23 - Man, 41, found dead near Pescadero Creek Road near Pescadero (California):

2013-05-23 - Man found dead in Pikeville City Park in Pikeville (Kentucky):

2013-05-22 - Charred corpse found laying on cot in hostel room at Panjab University (India):

Quote: "According to police sources, Singh's body was lying on the bed in a sleeping position with hundred percent burn injuries."

Quote: "The room was bolted from inside..."

Note: Was there a ventilation duct of some kind in the room? Was a window open? Any streams or ponds or lakes nearby? Where were his clothes previously, and his bedding? Were THEY near a window or ventilation duct? Anything electrical in the room, e.g. electrified copper? Or rusty iron? Sounds like his bedding or clothes or both had absorbed some hydrogen sulfide and/or methane, and there was an ignition source in that room somewhere, which could have been any number of things, like a cigarette, lamp, candle, anything electrical, anything rusty, or even static electricity as he slept and moved bedding around...

2013-05-22 - Man, 35, goes fishing, next seen dead in pond in Mount Laurel (New Jersey):

Quote: "A concerned citizen called police Wednesday afternoon after noticing fishing rods, tackle and valuables had been left unattended at the pond."

Note: Kinda like the empty 'ghost boats' but in this case it was unattended 'ghost stuff', then the corpse found later...

2013-05-22 - Woman, 37, found dead near bridge in Cleator Moor (Britain):

2013-05-22 - Man found dead in the Willamette River near Portland (Oregon):

2013-05-22 - Missing man found dead near car in Wessington Springs (South Dakota):

2013-05-22 - Man, 70, found dead in water next to his boat at the Holiday Hill Marina in coastal Edgewater (Maryland):

2013-05-22 - Woman, 85, found dead in her pool at home in Kingston Township (Pennsylvania):

2013-05-22 - Man, 73, found dead in estuary near marina in coastal Oakland (California):

2013-05-22 - Body found in the Eastern Mangroves in coastal Abu Dhabi (UAE), kayak tours cancelled:

2013-05-22 - Missing man, 55, found dead in irrigation culvert in Camp Verde (Arizona):

2013-05-22 - Missing boy, 9, found dead in water sump in Chikkajala (India):

2013-05-21 - Charred corpse found in burning car in Houston (Texas):

2013-05-21 - Diver suddenly dies during dive at the Isle of Man (Britain):

2013-05-21 - Missing fisherman, 64, found dead in Lake Marian (Florida):

Quote: "On Monday night, Platt's boat was found running with no one aboard, officials said."

Note: So, empty 'ghost boat' found first, as usual. This is getting to be routine. Fishing and diving and swimming are all rapidly becoming far more dangerous than they ever were before...

2013-05-21 - Missing man, 62, found dead in a canal near Pilot Butte Reservoir (Wyoming):

2013-05-21 - College student, 26, found dead in dorm at University of Hawaii in coastal Honolulu (Hawaii):

Quote: "Police said initial investigations have not found any indications of foul play."

Note: Whew, that's good news. So that means it was probably just poison gas that killed him. Yay?

2013-05-21 - Man found dead in the Mississippi River at St. Paul (Minnesota):

2013-05-21 - Woman, 18, found dead in car near motocross track in Jurby (Britain):

2013-05-21 - Man in his 50s falls off bridge into the River Cam in Cambridge (Britain):

Note: Possible toppler...

2013-05-21 - Man found dead at base of UCLA building in coastal Los Angeles (California):,0,6351133.story

Note: Possible toppler...

2013-05-21 - Woman, 29, found dead near cliffs in coastal Oahu (Hawaii):

Note: Possible toppler...

2013-05-21 - Man in his 40s found dead at home in Chesham (Britain), near Skottowe's Pond and Bury Pond:

2013-05-21 - Man in his 40s found dead outside flats in Coventry (Britain):

2013-05-21 - Solider, 33, drops dead on the way to Port of Spain on the island of Trinidad:

2013-05-21 - Woman in her 70s found dead in canal in Natomas (California):

2013-05-21 - Man in his 20s found dead in field in coastal Dublin (Ireland):

2013-05-21 - Man, 62, found dead in Lake Estes in Estes Park (Colorado):

2013-05-21 - Body found on the shore of the Raritan River in Woodbridge (New Jersey):

2013-05-21 - Body found in rural community near Sullivan City (Texas):

2013-05-21 - Middle-aged woman found dead in the Gaerezi River in Manicaland (Zimbabwe):

2013-05-20 - Middle-aged woman found dead near train station in coastal Newark (New Jersey):

2013-05-20 - Missing man, 46, found dead in creek near Kamrar (Iowa):

2013-05-20 - Tourist in his 30s found dead on beach in coastal Phuket (Thailand):

2013-05-20 - Man, 54, found dead at beach at the South Bay in Scarborough (Britain):

2013-05-20 - Man found dead in drainage ditch in Rapid City (South Dakota):

2013-05-20 - Man, 63, dies while driving, then crashes, near Hayden Island exit in Portland (Oregon):

2013-05-20 - Man, 44, found dead inside vehicle outside school in Topeka (Kansas):

2013-05-20 - Man, 51, found dead in truck in the Town of Cleveland (Wisconsin):

Note: All the corpses being found dead in vehicles like the above three events: being inside a vehicle is basically like being outside if heat or AC is running or windows are rolled down. Even with no heat or AC running and windows rolled up, you're still more exposed to any hydrogen sulfide blowing around than you would be in a well-insulated and well-sealed home, simply because vehicles aren't very airtight...

2013-05-20 - Man, 35, found dead on the bank of the Yamuna River in Kakrahaghat (India):

2013-05-20 - Army major found dead in dormitory at Fort Sam Houston (Texas):

2013-05-20 - Inmate, 28, found unconscious in cell in jail in Mohave County (Arizona), dies shortly later:

2013-05-20 - Older man drops dead on sidewalk in Pequannock Township (New Jersey):

2013-05-19 - Charred corpse found in burning dumpster in Chicago (Illinois), near Lake Michigan:

2013-05-19 - Teen, 17, drops dead on side of road in Lorain (Ohio):

2013-05-19 - Girl, 7, found unconscious in swimming pool in Springfield (Massachusetts), dies shortly later:

2013-05-19 - Woman, 61, found unconscious at bus stop in Chicago (Illinois), near Lake Michigan, dies shortly later:

2013-05-19 - In separate incidents, two men in their 30s found dead in the sea near coastal George Town (Malaysia):

2013-05-19 - Man, 59, found dead in submerged tractor in water in a field north of Estevan (Canada):

2013-05-19 - Woman found dead in communal tenement garden in the Marchmont area in coastal Edinburgh (Scotland):

2013-05-19 - Man falls off canoe in Lake Arlington (Texas), disappears, found dead:

2013-05-19 - Boy, 8, found dead at beach in Perdido Key (Florida):

2013-05-19 - Man found dead in vehicle at airport in Atlanta (Georgia):

2013-05-19 - Missing girl, 14, found dead in house in Columbus (Ohio):

2013-05-19 - Woman in her 20s found dead at home in Peshawar (Pakistan):

2013-05-19 - Man, 25, found dead in apartment in Lincoln (Nebraska):

2013-05-19 - Man, 52, found dead at bridge construction site in Fairbanks (Alaska):

Note: Possible toppler...

2013-05-19 - Woman, 37, found dead in quarry in Lawrence County (Indiana):

2013-05-19 - Man, 28, found dead in pond at Heti Nandagibawa village in Saoner tehsil (India):

2013-05-19 - Man found dead along shore of the Thornapple River in Thornapple Township (Michigan):

2013-05-19 - Man, 56, found dead in the water near the Keys Bridge in coastal Miami (Florida):

2013-05-18 - Man, 55, found dead under a Chester Creek bridge near Mulcahy Stadium in coastal Anchorage (Alsaska):

2013-05-18 - Man, 36, found dead in retention pond in Aurora (Illinois):

2013-05-18 - Man, 78, found dead in canal in Scottsdale (Arizona):

Quote: "Police believe Brawley was riding his bike along the canal and somehow fell into the water."

2013-05-18 - Young woman found dead in the Black River in Walnut Ridge (Arkansas):

2013-05-18 - Body found at Ravenwood Apartments in Westwood (Ohio):

2013-05-18 - Missing policeman found dead in seasonal stream in Chapri Waziran in Hangu (Pakistan):

2013-05-17 - Man in his 20s found dead in the River Kennet in Reading (Britain):

2013-05-17 - Man, 52, found unconscious in pond in Wattisham (Britain), dies shortly later:

2013-05-17 - Naked man, 51, found dead in car near Rockaway Beach Boulevard in coastal Queens (New York):

2013-05-17 - Man, 79, found dead in submerged truck after he drives into the bay in coastal Oakland (California):

2013-05-17 - Man found dead in submerged dump truck near Karivalamvanthanallur (India):

2013-05-17 - Man, 50, goes missing while tubing on Jordan Lake in Chatham County (North Carolina), found dead:

2013-05-17 - Four people found dead in Chandrapur Forest in last two weeks:

Quote: "We can't conclude from an eaten body that the person was attacked. Most of these bodies were 2-3 days old and could have been eaten after the people died."

Note: So the police want to insist that these people were killed and eaten by animals. The people who actually work with animals professionally say no, they may have died and THEN been eaten. I think I'd go with the forestry people here, seeing as it's the police in India making up ludicrous stories to hide the mass poisoning by hydrogen sulfide from the people, like the story they made up about the recently engaged and happy couple that police said had suddenly decided to kill themselves by consuming poison...

2013-05-17 - Boy found dead in water at quarry in Bangoda (India):

Quote: "This is third such incident in the past six days in which bodies of students were found from ponds in different parts of the district. Earlier on Sunday two Class X students drowned in the Bokaro cooling pond while bathing with their friends. On Wednesday, a body of Class XII student of DAV Public School was found from Garga Dam near Chirudih under Balidih police station."

Note: Say, that's a lot of young people being found in bodies of water in a short amount of time in that area...

2013-05-17 - Woman, 50, found dead in hotel in Rolla (Missouri):

2013-05-17 - Man in his 50s falls off parking garage and dies in Guildford (Britain):

Note: Possible toppler...

2013-05-17 - Man in his 50s found dead on the East Ridge in Butte (Montana):

2013-05-17 - Man found dead in motel room in Pasadena (California):

2013-05-17 - Body found in Glenmore Reservoir near Calgary (Canada):

2013-05-17 - Man found dead in car in parking garage in Trenton (New Jersey), near the Delaware River:

2013-05-16 - Two men, 54 and 64, go fishing on Lake Erie, go missing, found dead at Estral Beach (Michigan):

2013-05-16 - Mother and daughter, 32 and 8, wash ashore dead at Sherman Cove near Pensacola Naval Air Station (Florida):

2013-05-16 - Man in his 20s found dead at home in coastal Malibu (California):

Note: California (and the entire North American West Coast) is downwind of the giant dead zone known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is surely pluming hydrogen sulfide now...

2013-05-16 - Man, 51, goes fishing, goes missing, found dead in pond at Spruce Run Recreation Area (New Jersey):

Quote: "Divers discovered his body after they found a capsized canoe in the pond."

Note: So, they found the empty 'ghost boat' first, as usual...

2013-05-16 - Body found in Lake Irving in Bemidji (Minnesota), may be missing man:

2013-05-16 - Missing man found dead in the Bogachiel River in La Push (Washington):

2013-05-16 - Body found in the Neches River in Jefferson County (Texas), second body in that river since May 5:

2013-05-16 - Body found in rugged terrain in the Marin Headlands west of Kirby Cove near coastal Sausolito (California):

2013-05-16 - Body found in Modjeska Canyon (California), may be missing 36-year-old female war vet:

2013-05-16 - Four miners die from asphyxiation in mine in Assam (India):

2013-05-16 - Man in his 40s found dead at base of high-rise in coastal Singapore:

Note: Possible toppler...

2013-05-16 - Man, 27, drops dead at motel in Tok (Alaska):

2013-05-16 - College student, 27, found dead in residence hall in York (Britain):

2013-05-16 - Woman, 86, found dead in submerged car at Billingborough Fen near Sleaford (Britain):

2013-05-15 - Charred corpse found in burning car in Laval (Canada):

Quote: "Whether this is a suicide or a murder is not known at this time."

Note: Obviously, if they had good investigators there, they wouldn't start out making the assumption that it's gotta be either suicide or murder. It might simply be a smoker who lit a cigarette as a hydrogen sulfide and/or methane plume blew by, or another case of a vehicle spontaneously combusting and killing the occupant...

2013-05-15 - Woman, 41, snorkeler, washes ashore dead at Coral Bay (Australia), husband still missing:

2013-05-15 - Teen, 17, goes for swim in pond in Moore Park in Lafayette (Louisiana), next seen dead:

2013-05-15 - Missing woman, 48, found dead in pond near her home on Kiwanis Beach Road in Upton (Massachusetts):

2013-05-15 - Man found dead in the San Rafael Canal near Canal Street in coastal San Rafael (California):

2013-05-15 - Man, 42, goes to look for dog, next seen dead in pond, in Winthrop (New York):

2013-05-15 - Man, 59, goes fishing at Shuswap Lake (Canada), goes missing, found dead in the lake:

2013-05-15 - In separate incidents, woman found dead in creek and woman found dead in garage, in coastal Jacksonville (Florida):

2013-05-15 - Man and woman found dead, separate homes, same area, in coastal Perth (Australia):

2013-05-15 - Economics student, 22, found sitting dead in chair, blood oozing from nose, at Panjab University (India):

Note: As mentioned, though it doesn't always do so, hydrogen sulfide can rupture blood vessels and cause bleeding from nose, mouth, ears...

2013-05-15 - Man in his 70s found dead in Hervey Bay (Australia):

Quote: "A land and air search had begun about 11am when an empty dinghy was found in waters near Woody Island."

Note: So, empty 'ghost boat' found first, as usual...

2013-05-15 - Man found dead in the water at Hull Marina near Humberside (Britain):

2013-05-15 - Woman in her 70s found dead along canal on the island of Jamaica:

2013-05-15 - Diver goes missing during dive, found dead in Attersee Lake (Austria):

2013-05-14 - Man, 86, burns to death while smoking pipe in shed in Lake County (Indiana):

Quote: "She says Johnson was covered in flames by the time her husband reached him after hearing calls for help..."

Note: There've been a number of events now where people take their lawnmower out, mow their lawn, put the mower back in their garage, then fire breaks out or explosions followed by fire. The sheds or garages are mostly closed, so they will tend to build up any hydrogen sulfide or methane that infiltrates them, since there's no one there to open doors or windows regaularly and let accumulated gas out. So the same thing was probably the case here with this shed. Then instead of a hot mower igniting the contaminated building, it was this guy, his pipe and a lighter...

2013-05-14 - Charred corpse found in burning car in Lordstown (Ohio):

2013-05-14 - Person and dog found burned to death in burning car on Highway 23 in Fond du Lac County (Wisconsin):

2013-05-14 - Firefighter, 59, collapses and dies while responding to aid call in Tacoma (Washington):

2013-05-14 - Woman, 30, found unresponsive, roommate drops corpse at fire station, woman dies, in Rimrock (Arizona):

Note: Roommate found her 'incoherent and distraught'. She went to bed, was unresponsive in the morning. Roommate dropped her off at fire station and drove off as they tried and failed to resuscitate her. Hydrogen sulfide is neurotoxic and can cause incoherence and anxiety, among other things...

2013-05-14 - Woman, 40, found dead in submerged vehicle in Center Hill Lake (Tennessee):

2013-05-14 - Man, 65, goes to unload his boat, found dead near it, at Lake Waco (Texas):

2013-05-14 - Man, 37, found dead in Singel Canal in coastal Amsterdam (Netherlands):

2013-05-14 - Man, 24, found dead in water at beach in Panama City (Florida):

2013-05-14 - Man, 23, found dead along railway track near West Malling (Britain):

2013-05-14 - Woman, 51, topples off balcony and dies at The Esplanade in Cairns (Australia):

2013-05-14 - Man, 45, drops dead in field in coastal Edinburgh (Scotland):

2013-05-14 - Missing NASCAR fan, 28, found dead in grassy area at dam near Talladega Superspeedway in Lincoln (Alabama):

2013-05-14 - Body found in the St. Croix River in Lakeland (Minnesota):

2013-05-13 - Man burns to death in burning RV in North Odessa (Texas):

2013-05-13 - Serviceman, 37, found dead in ornamental pond at Chicksands Barracks Army Base (Britain):

2013-05-13 - Man, 39, found dead beneath I-44 overpass in Springfield (Missouri):

2013-05-13 - Missing man, 74, found dead in pond at golf course in Eagle (Idaho):

2013-05-13 - Man, 60, drops dead in storage unit in Atascadero (California), near the coast:

2013-05-13 - Man, 22, goes missing, found dead in canal in Bhakra (India):

2013-05-13 - Woman, 32, found dead in home in Nikol (India):

2013-05-13 - Taxi driver, 30, found dead in his car in Teynampet (India):

Note: Lots of mysterious deaths in India. That's probably because India is a peninsula nation, surrounded on three sides by water. It's basically a larger version of Florida (where there have also been many mysterious deaths, not coincidentally)...

2013-05-13 - Man, 21, found dead in car in parking lot in Augusta (Georgia):

2013-05-13 - Man, 86, found unconscious in standing water along road near Saskatoon (Canada), does shortly later:

2013-05-12 - Man found dead in canal in Coral Springs (Florida), near the coast:

Note: Another mysterious death in a canal in Florida. Florida is downwind of the dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico, which are surely pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide now. It's also a heavier-than-air gas which will tend to accumulate anywhere water does, like canals. People walking near canals in Florida (and elsewhere) are probably getting hit when a gust of wind blows some accumulated gas onto them...

2013-05-12 - Man, 41, found dead near his boat 50 feet into mangrove patch in coastal Islamorada (Florida):

Note: If you have the time, take a minute and Google Map Islamorada. You don't get more coastal than that! His boat engine was still running, but he wasn't in the boat. Sounds like he may have been knocked unconscious or dead by hydrogen sulfide, then the boat kept running until it hit land and threw him off the boat...

2013-05-12 - Man, 55, found dead near ATV in Saint-Michel-des-Saints (Canada) in the Lanaudiere region:

Quote: "Provincial police received a call from a fisherman who made the discovery. Authorities say the man may have suffered a health problem and crashed."

Note: Sounds kinda like the boat event above, but this time it was an ATV. Obviously a body of water was nearby, as a fisherman found this man's corpse...

2013-05-12 - Missing man, 31, found dead in the Yakima River near the Wanawish Dam outside of Richland (Washington):

2013-05-12 - Man, 20, goes under, never resurfaces, in Percy Priest Lake in Long Hunter State Park (Tennessee), found dead:

2013-05-12 - Experienced diver, 51, goes for dive in Victoria Bay (Australia), found dead:

2013-05-12 - Man, 43, goes fishing, next seen dead in the Arkansas River near Toad Suck Park in Faulkner County (Arkansas):

2013-05-12 - Woman in her 80s found dead near vehicle at Batemans Bay (Canada):

Note: Hydrogen sulfide doesn't just kill young and healthy people. It's an equal opportunity killer...

2013-05-12 - Man, 32, found dead in his car at gas station in Lexington Park (Maryland):

2013-05-12 - Man, 70, found dead in lake in Ararat in coastal Melbourne (Australia):

2013-05-12 - Man, 26, drops dead at home in Kishangarh (India):

2013-05-12 - Man, 56, goes horseback riding, found dead in stream in Jessamine County (Kentucky):

Quote: "Officials say Reynolds and his horse tried to cross a stream, but the horse likely slipped, causing Reynolds to fall off."

Note: Or some heavier-than-air hydrogen sulfide has accumulated along that stream and it spooked the horse, which threw the rider, who then lost consciousness and drowned. Or the rider himself simply lost consciousness and fell over into the stream and drowned (horses are bigger than people, so it takes more gas to knock them unconscious or dead)...

2013-05-12 - Man, 22, found unconscious in boutique in Rajnagar (India), dies shortly later:

2013-05-11 - Woman, 38, found dead in her swimming pool at home in Napa (California):

2013-05-11 - Teen, 18, found dead in parked car at the University of Albany in Albany (New York):

2013-05-11 - Teen, 17, experiences seizures and dies in swimming well in Pardiwada (India):

Note: Hydrogen sulfide is neurotoxic and can cause seizures or unconciousness. It's also a heavier-than-air gas which will accumulate in the same places that water does, which means being in or near bodies of waters is now more dangerous than it's ever been before, and it's growing more dangerous with each passing day...

2013-05-11 - Man in his 30s collapses and dies at Towan Beach in Newquay (Britain):

2013-05-11 - Man found dead in pond at resort in Mena (Arkansas):

2013-05-11 - Man, 57, found dead in lake behind his home in Land O' Lakes (Florida):

2013-05-11 - Man found dead in submerged vehicle in Fort Bend County (Texas):

2013-05-11 - Teen, 17, falls unconscious at academy in Staffordshire (Britain), dies shortly later:

2013-05-11 - Man found dead in the River Rheidol in Aberystwyth (Britain):

2013-05-11 - Woman found dead in the River Derg near Castlederg (Ireland):

2013-05-11 - Missing man, 45, found dead at the Black Mountains (Britain):

2013-05-11 - Woman, 66, found dead in wooded area near Lake Tahoe (California):

2013-05-10 - Missing woman, 27, found dead in shallow pond in Chisago Lake Township (Minnesota):

2013-05-10 - Boy, 15, found dead in swimming pool in Hawally (Kuwait), less than 1 mile from the ocean:

Note: For the first time in human history a major metropolitan area was told to shelter-in-place because of hydrogen sulfide. That was Kuwait City, as mentioned in the 2012-10-17 update. They blamed that on an oil well leak 60 miles away. Very doubtful. If that were possible then we'd have seen it happen before many times, but it was only in this past year that we've seen widespread hydrogen sulfide incidents like that in Kuwait and in Southern California. Never before have events like these happened. The Earth is gassing us, and the gases are originating primarily in the oceans...

2013-05-10 - Woman found dead on beach in Swordale (Scotland):

2013-05-10 - Man found dead and covered in blood in sauna in Montreal (Canada):

Note: Hydrogen sulfide can cause blood vessels to rupture, resulting in bleeding from the mouth, nose, ears. It can also cause tears in the skin that may look like wounds caused by a sharp instrument (though that's at very high concentrations). The ruptured blood vessels can also look like bruising, as if you've been beaten even when you haven't. Mostly you just find people who've fallen unconscious and crashed their vehicle, or drowned, or fallen off a high place, or their heart has stopped beating, or they've stroked out - 'no sign of foul play'. But sometimes you will see people who bleed out too. Not long ago a man abandoned his car and ran into a store covered in blood and then died, on the Gold Coast in Australia, as mentioned in the 2013-05-05 update. If you smell something 'sickly sweet' or 'flowery' and you suddenly start bleeding from your nose or mouth or ears, then your death may be imminent...

2013-05-10 - Missing teen, 18, found dead in the River Foyle (Ireland):

Note: He and a female friend, 21, disappeared two months ago. They found her body in the river first, now his...

2013-05-10 - Woman, 56, found dead in creek at golf course in Lexington (Kentucky):

2013-05-10 - Two men found dead in the Rio Grande in Zapata (Texas):

2013-05-10 - Man found dead in car in Killeen (Texas):

2013-05-10 - Man drops dead in jail cell in Deaf Smith County (Texas):

Note: Above three events: Texas, Texas, Texas. What's Texas near? The Gulf of Mexico and its horrible dead zones...

2013-05-10 - Man, 37, found in alley behind tavern in Sayre (Pennsylvania):

2013-05-09 - Man found dead in burning van in coastal Anchorage (Alaska):,0,586434.story

2013-05-09 - Man, 45, found dead in shallow water in the River Wear at Riverside Park in Chester-le-Street (Britain):

2013-05-09 - Man, 55, drops dead on side of road in Forest Lake (Minnesota):

2013-05-09 - Trucker found dead in truck off I-94 near Woodville (Wisconsin):

Note: Hydrogen sulfide may have knocked him dead while driving, then he drifted off the road and came to rest in the field...

2013-05-09 - Man found dead sitting on park bench in Hermann Park in Houston (Texas):

2013-05-09 - Woman, 56, drops dead in tent at prayer service in Mbangweni (South Africa):

2013-05-09 - Man, 40, found dead in car outside his home:

Note: LMAO, India is hilarious sometimes in their efforts to disguise all the mysterious deaths occurring as our atmosphere fills up with poisonous hydrogen sulfide. Look at them work hard to provide alternatives here. He drank too much! The AC may have emitted poison gases! He might have eaten some poison! Sure, sure, all possibilities. What about the possibility that some poison gas blew by and killed him? Funny how they NEVER mention THAT possibility. That's because that's actually what's happening, and they definitely DON'T want you to realize the truth, so they'll do basically anything to steer you away from it...

2013-05-09 - Police officer, 27, found dead at relative's home in Pine County (Kentucky):

2013-05-09 - Man, 66, goes fishing at Mittry Lake (Arizona), goes missing, found dead in the lake:

2013-05-09 - Man, 49, found dead in field near creek in Polk County (Iowa):

Quote: "A creek abuts the terraced field where the man was reportedly found."

2013-05-09 - Man, 90, found dead in his wheelchair in swimming pool in coastal Broward County (Florida):

2013-05-09 - Missing college student, 22, found dead in the Hudson River in coastal New York (New York):

2013-05-09 - Missing woman, 56, found dead in the Bow River in Calgary (Canada):

2013-05-09 - Man in his 50s found dead at Junkanoo Beach in the Bahamas:

2013-05-09 - Man, 46, found dead near Ste. Anne's Road in downtown Sudbury (Britain):

2013-05-08 - Man, 37, found dead in Point San Luis Harbor (California):

Quote: "Authorities believe Hebert was staying at one of the boats, which they say belonged to a relative. His kayak was found floating right side up near the pier several hours before his body was discovered."

Note: So, an empty 'ghost boat' found first, as usual. Also, people still live on boats!? Crrrazy...

2013-05-08 - Man, 67, falls unconscious then dies in swimming pool in suburb of coastal Jacksonville (Florida):

2013-05-08 - Woman, 38, drops dead in garage in the Durkeeville area in coastal Jacksonville (Florida):

Note: From the above two stories, could be some hydrogen sulfide is blowing through Jacksonville, knocking people dead here and there. Gotta wonder how many people are having seizures or going into cardiac arrest and dying in their homes, and those events simply aren't deemed newsworthy...

2013-05-08 - Body found on walking trail in Edmonton (Canada) near the North Saskatchewan River:

2013-05-08 - Man, 70, goes fishing, found dead in canal in Winterhaven (California):

2013-05-08 - Man, 52, found face-down dead in the sea at Whitby (Britain):

2013-05-08 - Man, 22, found dead in transit train in Chicago (Illinois), near Lake Michigan:,0,5715152.story

2013-05-08 - Industrialist drops dead in hotel room in Noida (India):

2013-05-08 - Woman, 32, Russian tourist, found dead in her tent in Nanda Devi National Park (India):

2013-05-08 - Worker, 48, found dead in railroad car in Kimberley (South Africa):

2013-05-08 - Woman, 23, drops dead in park in Union Square in coastal New York City (New York):

2013-05-08 - Man, 42, found dead in water at Pacific Beach (California), shark had eaten him some after death:

2013-05-08 - Body found in the Mississippi River in St. Paul (Minnesota):

2013-05-08 - Body found in van at Lewisville Park (Washington), near the Lewis River:

2013-05-07 - Jogger, 48, man, drops dead in street in Oakdale (Minnesota):

Note: Jogging is good for you, but jogging OUTSIDE, when the atmosphere is filling up with poisonous hydrogen sulfide, maybe not so good for you...

2013-05-07 - Man found dead in canal at Butt Lane in Stoke-on-Trent (Britain):

2013-05-07 - Girl, 15, dives into swimming pool, doesn't resurface, dies, at sports center in coastal Mumbai (India):

2013-05-07 - Man, 58, found dead in Sourdough Creek in Bozeman (Montana):

2013-05-07 - Man found dead in Alkali Creek in Billings (Montana):

2013-05-07 - Engineering student, 23, falls in lake and dies in Kolkata (India):

2013-05-07 - Girl, 8, found dead in pond in Howrah (India):

2013-05-07 - Tata Steel employee found dead in car on road in Llannon (Britain):

2013-05-07 - Body found in field in East Bay Township (Michigan):

2013-05-07 - Woman, 44, found dead along Newtown Creek in Elmira (New York):

2013-05-07 - Man found dead in hotel lobby in Dallas (Texas), apparently after falling and landing with a thud:

Note: Possible toppler...

2013-05-07 - Man, 73, found dead at base of waterfall in Yosemite National Park (California):

Note: Possible toppler...

2013-05-07 - Man found dead in the Harlem River in coastal New York City (New York):

2013-05-07 - Man, 80, goes missing from his idling boat, found dead in the water, at Craycroft Island (Canada):

Quote: "Mr. Gordon was reported missing to RCMP on May 4 when his neighbours noticed his boat tied up near his house, idling and secured by only a stern line."

2013-05-07 - Man, 26, found dead in well in Jaipur (India):

2013-05-07 - Man found dead in canal on the outskirts of Nuneaton (Britain):

2013-05-07 - Fisheries boss drops dead in rental house in Nyeria (Kenya):

2013-05-06 - Man found burned to death in burning car in Roanoke (Virginia):

2013-05-06 - Man, 24, found dead in gutter in Bangalore (India):

Quote: "There were signs of frothing and bleeding from the nose and mouth. 'The body had turned bluish, indicating that it could be a case of poisoning,' the officer said."

Note: Yep, sounds like poisoning. Could very well be that he got a good strong whiff of hydrogen sulfide. As mentioned in the full hypothesis, people will be seen foaming at the mouth from time to time because of hydrogen sulfide poisoning, since breathing it can cause chemical damage to lungs. Looks like India is using 'they poisoned themselves' as one of their main excuses to explain the mysterious deaths. In the U.S. we seem to be using 'overdose' for the same purpose. Someone once said, 'You can fool too many of the people too much of the time.' That seems to be true. Most people will probably buy these stories until they themselves choke and die or get incinerated in their vehicle or whatever...

2013-05-06 - Man, 56, found in retention pond in coastal Sarasota (Florida):

Quote: "Authorities say there were 'no obvious signs of death' at the scene..."

Note: A dead body isn't an obvious sign of death? Heh, they meant 'no obvious signs of foul play'. Also, this is on Florida's Gulf Coast, downwind of the horrible dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico, which are surely pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide now. There have been lots of mysterious deaths on the Gulf Coast in Florida, and in Florida generally. The West Coast of the U.S. has the same problem, except that those states (California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska) are downwind of the dead zone known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. But the gas keeps on blowing anyway, so the whole planet really has the same problem, to one degree or another...

2013-05-06 - Missing teens, both 17, found dead in Nicola Lake (Canada):

Quote: "The boys were reported missing April 21st when they didn't return home from a family cabin -- their partially submerged canoe was found the next day."

Note: Empty 'ghost boat' was found first, as is usually the case...

2013-05-06 - Man found floating dead in the Clipper Yacht Harbor in coastal Sausalito (California):

2013-05-06 - Missing man, 51, found dead in car in coastal Isle of Wight County (Virginia):,0,5900793.story

2013-05-06 - Missing woman, 69, found dead in the River Tees at Eaglescliffe (Britain):

2013-05-06 - Young man, 19, found dead in the Yocona River near Oxford (Mississippi):

Quote: "A search began Wednesday for Stephen Tyler Emerick, 19, who was reported missing early last week. His truck was found Wednesday morning south of Taylor off Highway 328. Authorities say his wallet and cellphone were inside the truck and the key was in the on position."

Note: Kinda like all the empty 'ghost boats' being found, then they find the matching corpse later, except this time they found an empty 'ghost car' first, and now here's the body...

2013-05-06 - College student, woman, found dead in Kent Hall at University of Maryland in College Park (Maryland):

Note: That's 1 mile from Lake Artemesia...

2013-05-06 - Former college student, 24, found dead in Ithaca (New York), near Cayuga Lake:

2013-05-06 - Woman, 24, drops dead at home in Salem (Oregon):

2013-05-06 - Man, 70, found dead near canal in Dauphin County (Pennsylvania):

2013-05-06 - Man, 36, found dead at home in Ilion (New York), very close to the Mohawk River:

2013-05-06 - Man, 72, drops dead in parking lot in Yuma (Arizona):

2013-05-06 - Man, 47, found dead in field near Readlyn (Iowa):

2013-05-05 - Man, 25, dies in swimming pool in Shenoy Naga (India):

2013-05-05 - Woman found dead in Lake Concow (California):

2013-05-05 - Bus driver, 30, found dead in his quarters in coastal Mumbai (India):

2013-05-05 - Man found dead in car after light crash in Centerville (Indiana):

Quote: "We think it might have been something medically related because the accident wasn’t that severe..."

2013-05-05 - College student, 20, found dead in residence hall in Falmer (Britain):

2013-05-05 - College sophomore found dead in Northwestern University lab building in Evanston (Illinois):

2013-05-05 - Jail inmate, 36, drops dead in her cell in Bosque County (Texas):

2013-05-05 - Man, about 60, drops dead in lot in Yuma (Arizona):

2013-05-05 - Body found in the Delaware River in Tusten (New York):

2013-05-05 - Man, 58, found dead in the St. Joseph River at Shoaff Park in Fort Wayne (Indiana):

Note: Also mentioned, a man, 52, pulled unconscious from the St. Mary's River, who died shortly later, also in Fort Wayne...

2013-05-05 - Man abandons car, runs into store covered in blood and dies, on the Gold Coast (Australia):

Note: Hydrogen sulfide poisoning can cause bleeding from the mouth, nose, ears, as blood vessels rupture. It doesn't always do so, but it can. So if you smell something strange, or your eyes start hurting, and blood starts flowing out of your nose or mouth or ears, you're in deep trouble and you're probably about to die...

2013-05-05 - Missing man, 35, found dead in field in Hyderabad (India):

2013-05-04 - Man, 64, goes fishing, next seen dead in pond in Harrison County (Mississippi):

2013-05-04 - Body found in the Connecticut River in Windor (Connecticut):

2013-05-04 - Missing man found dead in the Susquehanna River near Narvon (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "This is the second body pulled from the river this week, and the fourth in just over two weeks."

2013-05-04 - Woman, 26, found dead on side of road in Penllergaer (Britain), 2 miles from the coast:

2013-05-04 - Missing man, 46, found dead in the Androscoggin River in Auburn (Maine):

2013-05-04 - Man, 31, found dead outside high-rise in Chicago (Illinois), near Lake Michigan:

Note: Possible toppler...

2013-05-04 - Man, 55, found dead on street in Ennis (Ireland), near the River Fergus:

2013-05-04 - Man found dead in SUV in coastal Essex (Maryland):

2013-05-04 - Man, 59, found dead sitting in chair at shopping mall in coastal Penampand (Malaysia) on the island of Borneo:

2013-05-03 - Fishing vessel skipper, 46, goes missing, then found dead in the water near Belkofski (Alaska):

Note: Not long ago, two men, 44 and 41, were found dead on separate boats in harbors near Kodiak (Alaska), as mentioned in the 2013-04-22 update. Looks like the jet stream is probably bringing hydrogen sulfide up to the coast in Alaska, knocking people dead here and there. Because hydrogen sulfide is a heavier-than-air gas and will seek out the same areas that water does, any activity on bodies of water is now inherently more dangerous than it's ever been before: boating, fishing, swimming, kayaking, tubing, etc.

2013-05-03 - Boy, 10, goes missing while swimming in pond in Worcester (Massachusetts), found dead:

2013-05-03 - Fisherman, 49, goes missing in Lake Taupo (New Zealand), found dead:

2013-05-03 - Man, 20 to 40, found dead on reef at Sand Island near coastal Honolulu (Hawaii):

2013-05-03 - Man, about 50, washes ashore dead at beach in Huguenot (New York), on Staten Island:

2013-05-03 - Missing fisherman, 46, found dead in Flaming Gorge Reservoir (Utah):

2013-05-03 - Man, 43, found slumped over dead in car in Cambria (New York):

Quote: "It looked like he just pulled over and died..."

Note: Get a whiff of air that's 0.1% hydrogen sulfide (which is lethal) while you're driving and this is probably the best possible result. Better than veering over the centerline and hitting another vehicle head-on or plunging into a river to be found months later...

2013-05-03 - Woman found dead in her car at Motel 6 in Knox County (Tennessee):

2013-05-03 - Man, mid-50s, found dead at intersection in coastal Ft. Lauderdale (Florida):

2013-05-03 - Person drops dead in Ramada Inn in State College (Pennsylvania):

2013-05-03 - Man, 70, drops dead in street in coastal Norwalk (Connecticut):

2013-05-02 - Woman, 24, screams, found burned to death at home in Chennai (India):

2013-05-02 - Man burned to death in burning car in Chesley Park in New Britain (Connecticut):

Note: People tried to help, did pull him out of the burning car, but he was too burned and died. I did mention in the full hypothesis that as the number of vehicles bursting into flame continues to increase, there will be a corresponding increase in the number of people burning to death in them. I was hoping that most people would be stricken unconscious or dead by hydrogen sulfide BEFORE the fires consume them - more merciful that way - but this man was clearly conscious as he died, so obviously it won't always be a merciful death...

2013-05-02 - Young man, 18, goes missing, found dead in Slocan Lake (Canada):

2013-05-02 - Man found dead in canal in Wigan (Britain):

2013-05-02 - Man, 58, found dead in pond in Hickory (North Carolina) in Catawba County:

2013-05-02 - Tourist, 54, drops dead in hotel room in Uttarakhand (India):

2013-05-02 - Man, 37, found dead in canal near Calexico (California):

2013-05-02 - Man in his 60s found dead near cliffs near Clifton Bay in coastal Sumner (New Zealand):

2013-05-02 - Man found dead in the Susquehanna River at Safe Harbor Dam (Pennsylvania):

2013-05-01 - Soldier, female, 21, falls unconscious and dies at Kotalawala Defence Academy on the island nation of Sri Lanka:

Quote: "The deceased, Sachitra Kalpani Maragoda (21) of Bataduwa, Galle, had been following a training course in rowing conducted by the Kotalawala Defence Academy in the vicinity of the Bolgoda Lake for about eight months."

Note: So she spent a lot of time on a lake. Well, no wonder she dropped dead. Hydrogen sulfide doesn't always kill a person immediately, incidentally; there can be a delay of minutes, hours, sometimes even days. She probably got a whiff the last time she was on that lake...

2013-05-01 - Missing tugboat captain washes ashore dead in Ocean City (New Jersey):

Note: The tugboat was found empty, a 'ghost boat', as mentioned in the 2013-04-27 update...

2013-05-01 - Body found floating in lake near high school in Houston (Texas):

2013-05-01 - Chris Kelly, 34, of Kris Kross, found dead at home in Atlanta (Georgia):

2013-05-01 - Croatian goalkeeper Turina, 32, found dead at home in coastal Stockholm (Sweden):

Quote: "I can confirm that Ivan Turina is dead but there are no suspicions of crime..."

Note: Not all that worried about criminals, personally. You can see them coming. Poisonous hydrogen sulfide, on the other hand, is a different story...

2013-05-01 - Missing woman, 24, found dead in the Pelorus River near Totara Flat (New Zealand):

2013-05-01 - Soldier, 34, found dead in barracks in Fort Bragg (North Carolina):

2013-05-01 - Missing woman found dead in the Beach Cove Hotel in coastal Myrtle Beach (South Carolina):

2013-05-01 - Man found dead in pond near his house close to Hickory (North Carolina):

2013-05-01 - Body found in the Pitt River in coastal Port Coquitlam (Canada):

2013-05-01 - Man in his 40s found dead in the South Branch of the Chicago River in Chicago (Illinois), near Lake Michigan:

2013-05-01 - Man found dead in farm field in Sedgwick County (Kansas):

2013-05-01 - Man, 51, drops dead at home in Parkton (North Carolina):

2013-05-01 - Man, about 50, found dead in the bay near Pier 33 in coastal San Francisco (California):

2013-05-01 - Body found dead in bushes near Highway 78 in Vista (California), near the coast:

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