Monday, November 28, 2016

Event Update For 2016-11-27

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Variety Pack

2016-11-27 - Two people found burned to death in burned-out SUV in Soldotna (Alaska), near the coast:

2016-11-27 - Man, 27, burns to death in burning car at 4:45 AM at shopping plaza in Fairborn (Ohio):

2016-11-27 - Passenger plane engine spits fire, plane makes emergency landing at airport in Albuequerque (New Mexico):

Quote: "AmericanAir Flight 1693 DFW to LAS. Engine on fire before being shut off and diverted to Albuquerque."

Note: This is the 138th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2016...

2016-11-27 - Hydrothermal eruption creates geyser on Lake Rotorua (New Zealand):

Quote: "'Hydrothermal eruptions happen reasonably regularly in that area of the lake edge but they more often than not just cause a bit of bubbling up of water and mud from the lake bottom, rather than creating a geyser like this morning’s one did.' According to Brownbridge, the eruption was like a cap blowing off a well shaken bottle of fizzy drink."

Quote: "While it was noisy, it was nothing to worry about, says council geothermal inspector Peter Brownbridge."

2016-11-27 - Guy McPherson - human extinction within 10 years:

2016-11-27 - 19 volcanoes erupt in a week around the planet:

Quote: "Are there still any people around saying that the seismic activity isn’t high around the world?"

Note: MISA Theory keeps on chuggin'...

2016-11-27 - Arctic experiencing rapid ice melt unlike anything seen before:

2016-11-27 - Thawing Arctic ice reveals new clues to mystery of the lost ships Terror and Erebus:

2016-11-27 - Utility pole bursts into flame in Merriam (Kansas), thousands of homes go dark:

2016-11-27 - Transformer bursts into flame in Urbandale (Iowa), 1500 homes go dark:

2016-11-27 - Passenger train hit by smoke near Emirates Stadium in coastal London (Britain):

2016-11-27 - Passenger train bursts into flame near Adams Hill in Knutsford (Britain):

2016-11-27 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on highway in Ganzhou (China), 38,000 eggs fried:

2016-11-27 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-84 in Westfall Township (Pennsylvania):

Note: Eggs and ham - it's starting to look a lot like Christmas...without breakfast!

2016-11-27 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame just after 6 AM near I-95 in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "A major early morning fire is out and now investigators are looking for the cause. If you look closely, you can see it was a tractor-trailer that was burning. It started just after 6am at Shunk and Front streets, just west of I-95."

Note: These are the 2163rd, 2164th and 2165th tractors/tankers/semis to burn in 2016...

2016-11-27 - Box truck bursts into flame on road in coastal New Smyrna Beach (Florida), potato chips crisped:

2016-11-27 - Hay truck bursts into flame on Alexanders Road near Kaniva (Australia):

2016-11-27 - RV bursts into flame in parking lot in South Windsor (Connecticut):

Note: This is the 518th RV to burn in 2016...

2016-11-27 - Camper-van bursts into flame on the M1 near coastal Sydney (Australia):

2016-11-27 - SUV bursts into flame at 4:24 AM while parked at home, home scorched, on Duke Street in Wellington (Britain):

2016-11-27 - Two cars go up in flames while parked in impound lot in Bridesburg (Pennsylvania):

2016-11-27 - Car bursts into flame on the Massachusetts Turnpike near Worcester (Massachusetts):

2016-11-27 - Car bursts into flame at I-10 underpass in Beulah (Florida):

2016-11-27 - Car bursts into flame at 12:58 AM on Jeffcott Place in Latham (Australia):

2016-11-27 - Car bursts into flame outside sign business, fire spreads to business, in coastal Swansea (Britain):

Quote: "Michael Grant, aged 59, fears for the future after fire broke out in a car outside Trevor Lewis Signs at 6.35pm and raged throughout the night through the building. Eight fire crews were sent to the Winch Wen Industrial Estate and they only left at 8am on Sunday morning."

2016-11-27 - Car bursts into flame on the M69 near Nuneaton (Britain):

2016-11-27 - Car bursts into flame on the M1 near Lutterworth (Britain):

2016-11-27 - Car bursts into flame at 12:02 AM on The Drumber in Winsford (Britain):

2016-11-27 - Vehicle bursts into flame on I-39 near Rockford (Illinois):

2016-11-27 - Motorcycle bursts into flame on Council Avenue in coastal Hull (Britain):

Quote: "Council Avenue, Askew Avenue, Hull. Sun 27 Nov 2016 17:23 (No:26599) Motorbike involved in fire. One hose reel."

2016-11-27 - RV trailer bursts into flame while parked at campground in Lafayette Township (Pennsylvania):

2016-11-27 - Auto shop destroyed by huge fire in the Town of Genessee (Wisconsin), dog killed, nobody there:

2016-11-27 - Barn destroyed by fire near Vinton (Iowa):

2016-11-27 - Big pile of mulch bursts into flame in Antioch (Tennessee):

2016-11-27 - Lumber mill heavily damaged by fire in Royersford (Pennsylvania):

2016-11-27 - Restaurant destroyed by fire at 6:55 AM in Eveleth (Minnesota), nobody there:

2016-11-27 - Commercial building heavily damaged by fire in Chatsworth (California):

2016-11-27 - Church damaged by fire just before 2 AM in Daniels (West Virginia):

2016-11-27 - Church destroyed by fire in the wee hours in Ensley (Alabama):

2016-11-27 - Mobile home destroyed by fire in coastal North Fort Myers (Florida):

2016-11-27 - Home damaged by fire at 12:15 AM in San Jacinto (California):

Note: An unoccupied home just exploded and burned the day prior in San Jacinto too, mentioned in the 2016-11-26 update...

2016-11-27 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Big Pool Road in Clear Spring (Maryland):

2016-11-27 - Home heavily damaged by fire on North Bailey Bridge Road in Chesterfield County (Virginia), nobody there:

2016-11-27 - Duplex destroyed by fire in coastal Dorchester (Massachusetts):

2016-11-27 - Multi-family home heavily damaged by fire in coastal Anchorage (Alaska):

2016-11-27 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire before 1 AM in El Paso (Texas), 1 injured:

2016-11-27 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire just before 2 AM in Columbia (South Carolina):

2016-11-27 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire in coastal Bronx (New York), 1 injured:

Note: Not the same apartment building where the 25-year-old man dropped dead, mentioned in this update, but in the general vicinity...

2016-11-27 - Vacant home burns in Petersburg (Virginia):

2016-11-27 - Vacant home burns at 2:36 AM in Grandview (Washington):

2016-11-27 - Vacant home burns in San Bernardino (California):

2016-11-27 - Vacant home destroyed by fire at 12:15 AM in Toledo (Ohio):

2016-11-27 - Vacant home destroyed by fire, adjacent homes damaged, in Indianapolis (Indiana):

2016-11-27 - Vacant apartment building under renovation burns at 4:10 AM in coastal Newport (Britain):

2016-11-27 - Vacant apartment building destroyed by fire in Houston (Texas):

2016-11-27 - Two beluga whales die within ten days at aquarium in coastal Vancouver (Canada):

2016-11-27 - Thousands of fish found dead in the Malacca River (Malaysia):

2016-11-27 - Thousands of starfish wash ashore dead at beach in coastal Portsmouth (Britain):

2016-11-27 - Man, 39, slumps over dead before 3:30 AM on bench at Penn Station in coastal Manhattan (New York):

2016-11-27 - Man, 25, drops dead in apartment in coastal Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn (New York):

Quote: "Anton Yenikeev, 25, was found dead in his apartment on Black Friday, November 25. Police are investigating his death, but the Medical Examiner hasn’t found a cause of death yet. The police showed up to his apartment at 1075 Sheepshead Bay Rd at around 4:40pm and found him unresponsive and unconscious. There were no signs of trauma or distress, according to the police."

2016-11-27 - Man, 47, found dead in pond at park in Norman (Oklahoma):

2016-11-27 - Man collapses dead into Lytle Creek in Murfreesboro (Tennessee):

2016-11-27 - Man, 20, found dead in lake in Chandler (Arizona):

2016-11-27 - Man, 31, found dead in the water at coastal Point Lookout (Maryland):

2016-11-27 - Man, 58, goes hunting, drops dead near his camp in Ellenberg Center in Clinton County (New York):

2016-11-27 - Man, mid-40s found dead in submerged pickup truck in Lake Pontchartrain (Louisiana):

Quote: "Crews have recovered the body of a motorist whose pickup truck plunged off the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway before dawn Sunday (Nov. 27), authorities said. The Jefferson Parish coroner's office was working to confirm the identity of the man, who appeared to be in his mid-40s, bridge General Manager Carlton Dufrechou said."

2016-11-27 - Man, 59, found dead in canal in Marrero (Louisiana):

2016-11-27 - Man, 73, goes for walk, drops dead near trail in Botetourt County (Virginia):

2016-11-27 - Man, 52, drops dead before 7 AM in parking lot at Manor Care on Rocky River Drive in Cleveland (Ohio):

2016-11-27 - Boy, 12, found dead in swimming pool near his home in China Springs (Texas):

2016-11-27 - Girl, 9, found dead in swimming pool at hotel in Alsip (Illinois):

2016-11-27 - Toddler, 3, found dead in swimming pool at home in Lauderhill (Florida), near the coast:

2016-11-27 - Boy, 13, found dead in swimming pool in coastal Bayawan (Philippine Islands):

2016-11-27 - Boy, 8, found dead in swimming pool at apartments in Scarborough (Canada):

Note: Hey, it's not ALWAYS gonna be lifeguards and Navy SEALs dying in swimming pools!

2016-11-27 - Woman, 50s or 60s, found dead in the Petitcodiac River in Moncton (Canada):

2016-11-27 - Woman, 68, dies while snorkeling at coastal Gaya Island (Malaysia):

2016-11-27 - In separate incidents: 1) woman, 60s, dies in the Murchison River in coastal Kalbarri (Australia); 2) man, 45, dies while diving at coastal Port Kennedy (Australia); 3) man, 35, dies while snorkeling at Mettam’s Pool in coastal Trigg (Australia); 4) man, 24, dies in the water near coastal Yallingup (Australia):

2016-11-27 - Firefighter drops dead at scene of car fire at Deua National Park (Australia):

Quote: "A fire fighter has died while attending a car fire in Bendethra on Sunday afternoon. The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) male volunteer attended the vehicle fire at the remote Bendethra camping area in the Deua National Park on November 27 when he suffered a suspected heart attack."

2016-11-27 - Woman, 25, found dead at music festival in Pyalong (Australia):

2016-11-27 - College med student, woman, found dead in pond near temple in Kankinara (India):

2016-11-27 - Man, 71, found dead in the water near his boat in coastal La Línea de la Concepción (Spain):

2016-11-27 - Man, 18, found dead at beach in coastal St Fergus (Scotland):

2016-11-27 - Young man found dead near homes in Poleglass area in coastal Belfast (Ireland):

2016-11-27 - Man, 33, found dead at business park in Amesbury (Britain):

2016-11-27 - Twin-engine plane makes belly-landing at airport in Nairobi (Kenya):

2016-11-27 - Small plane crashes near Nairobi (Kenya), engine failure:

2016-11-27 - Small plane crashes and burns at airport in Wangaratta (Australia), engine failure:

2016-11-27 - Passenger bus overturns on the island of Ko Samui (Thailand), 10 lightly injured:

2016-11-27 - Tanker truck overturns, bursts into flame, on Del Prado Boulevard North in coastal Cape Coral (Florida):,-fire-keeps-del-prado-closed/94514020/

2016-11-27 - Heavy truck crashes through barrier, does nosedive onto tunnel road, at airport in Minneapolis (Minnesota), 2 injured:

2016-11-27 - Pickup truck veers over centerline, hits semi head-on, near Macon (Missouri), 2 injured:

2016-11-27 - Car veers off road shortly after 3 AM, overturns, bursts into flame, in Council Bluffs (Iowa), 1 injured:

2016-11-27 - Car veers off road at 3:30 AM, hits pillar, bursts into flame, near Inglewood (California), 4 killed:

2016-11-27 - Car veers off road, crashes into creek bed, in Darke County (Ohio), 1 injured:

2016-11-27 - Hippo attacks and kills man in Mkunumbi (Kenya):

2016-11-27 - Hippo attacks truck on bridge in Kruger National Park (South Africa):

2016-11-27 - Wolf attacks and injures woman, she fights it off after epic 30-minute battle, in Tengali (India):

2016-11-27 - Family pit bull attacks and injures 5-year-old boy in Coffee County near Enterprise (Alabama):

2016-11-27 - Water main breaks in coastal San Marco (Florida), boil water notice issued:

2016-11-27 - Water main breaks near shopping center in Nashville (Tennessee):

2016-11-27 - Water main breaks in Pueblo (Colorado), school closed:

2016-11-27 - Empty 'ghost boat' found on the Mississippi River in Clinton (Iowa), boaters missing:

2016-11-27 - The last three Octobers are the warmest Octobers on record:

2016-11-27 - Each 1°C increase in global temperature reduces global wheat production by average of 5.7 percent:

Note: Up to a point and then wheat (or anything else) just won't grow at all...

2016-11-27 - Reservoirs are underappreciated source of greenhouse gases:

2016-11-27 - Heavy rain and flooding hit East Java (Indonesia):

2016-11-27 - Heavy rain and flooding hit the island of Zakynthos (Greece), 1 killed:

2016-11-27 - Severe hailstorm leaves the ground white in Killarney (Australia):

2016-11-27 - Snow covers sand in Saudi Arabia after temperatures drop below zero:

2016-11-27 - Tornado damages property near Red Cloud and Lawrence (Nebraska):

2016-11-27 - Hurricane Otto still going as tropical cyclone, into the record books – 2016 was the 'year-long' hurricane season:

2016-11-27 - Extreme weather causing record lows in UK butterfly populations:

2016-11-27 - UN warns 330,000 people are 'one step from famine' in Madagascar drought:

2016-11-27 - Freak double halo around November's supermoon on the 14th:


    Poor Dollywood

  2. I got up a little early this morning, and here you are already done posting! This is how I begin each day - checking in to JJFH to see if i'm on the list of dead people . . ..

    Brazilian soccer team's plane crashes in Colombia; 76 dead

    A chartered plane with a Brazilian first division soccer team crashed near Medellin while on its way to the finals of a regional tournament, killing 76 people, Colombian officials said Tuesday. Five people survived.
    The British Aerospace 146 short-haul plane, operated by a charter airline named LaMia, declared an emergency at 10 p.m. Monday (0300 GMT) because of an electrical failure, aviation authorities said. [more]

    [minor miracle]
    'I thought she was gone': Infant ejected after car crash lands 30 feet away, unharmed

    Traffic on eastbound Interstate 30 in Texarkana was heavy when the firetruck arrived, so Smith and one other firefighter got out and ran toward the crash, which happened around 7 p.m. Friday. The driver’s side of a four-door car, which was clipped by an 18-wheeler as it was changing lanes, was mangled.
    One of the passengers of the car was the infant’s mother, who was very distraught, screaming that her baby was missing, Smith said.
    Smith and Moore began looking around the grassy median, sifting through the loose grass that appeared to have just been cut. Then they heard the sound of a baby. It wasn’t a cry, Smith said, “just baby noise.”
    About 3o feet from the roadway was a storm drain with three-inch steel pipes across it, Smith said. They looked down and saw the little girl just sitting there, at least two feet down, calm and looking up at them. [more]

    Great Barrier Reef Suffers Largest Die-off

    Neil Young Begs Obama To Step In And End The Violence At Standing Rock

    Neil Young and his girlfriend, Daryl Hannah, published an open letter on Monday calling for President Barack Obama to do whatever he can to make sure authorities begin to treat the protestors at the Standing Rock Native American Reservation with decency and respect. 
    “We are calling upon you, President Barack Obama, to step in and end the violence against the peaceful water protectors at Standing Rock immediately,” Young and Hannah wrote.  [more]

    Japan orders major poultry cull after first bird flu outbreak in nearly two years

    Japan has started culling more than 300,000 chickens and ducks after the discovery of a highly contagious form of bird flu on farms in the north of the country, local officials said.
    [if you kill them all, there won't be any more bird flu!]

    Why Are So Many Among The Elite Building Luxury Bunkers In Preparation For An Imminent ‘Apocalypse’?

    [they're just delaying their own demise]

    United Airlines Flight Bound for Tokyo Experiences Engine Failure Forcing the Plane to Return to San Francisco Airport


  3. Thanks, y'all!

    Here's more info on that Dollywood-area fire:

    Quote: "In Gatlinburg, Tennessee, emergency officials said a wildfire had set 30 structures ablaze, including a 16-story hotel, and was at the edge of the Dollywood theme park."

    16-story hotel on fire, that doesn't sound good! 'Charred rooms now available at a 75% discount, limited time only, no other discounts apply. Two free particulate masks with every room!'

  4. Hey Fran! Yep fahrs all over the plice!

    Over 2,000 deer reported dead in South Dakota disease outbreak

    Huge waterspout appears in sea off Spanish city of Valencia

    Meteor reported blazing across sky in Denmark

    Meteor fireball 'tore up the skies' in northeast Brazil

    How fake news spreads — Corporate media spread story of 'active shooter' during a knife attack


  5. hey Tom! your so right, fires everywhere! I'd post more often of those I see locally....3 garage fires over the weekend here.... but just can't.....when one decides to live off grid one must accept sacrifices ;-)

  6. my slavebook platform.....they make it easy for moble device users to waste time anywhere ;-)


    here's to trying to keep things in perspective.....~F~

  8. Atta way Fran! Off grid is the way to be! When the lights go out for good you'll be used to it. It's a lot of hard work and most people are too lazy to handle it. Good on ya!

    [oh hey, just so ya know - neither of your links leads to working videos or facebook pages, sorry.]

    Trump taps anti-Obamacare Tom Price as secretary of Dept of Health and Human Services

    Stunning NASA video reveals barren solar surface with lowest level of activity since 2011

    Waterspout filmed off Sicily, Italy


  9. Well much for sharing. Yes, it's hard work but it's been worth it.

    Just saw this.....