Friday, July 1, 2016

2016 - JUN - Animal Attacks

2016-06-01 - Pit bull attacks and injures 9-year-old girl, face attack, in Orange County (Florida):

2016-06-01 - Pack of dogs attacks and injures 14 children in Shahenshah Nagar, Delhi (India):

2016-06-02 - Swarm of bees attacks and kills two dogs, injures man, in Midland (Texas):

2016-06-02 - Coyote attacks and kills pet dog at home in Ashland (Massachusetts):

2016-06-02 - Coyote attacks and kills pet dog at home in Anaheim (California):

2016-06-02 - Pack of sloth bears attack and injure 3 people in Chandrapur (India):

2016-06-03 - Dog attacks and injures 1-year-old child, face/head attack, in Racine (Wisconsin):

2016-06-03 - Shark attacks and injures man near the island of New Caledonia (French Territory):

Quote: "De Rotalier said he thought he was going to die when he saw the shark rush towards him. The animal bit the board and tore off part of his heel. He swam towards the shore and was picked up by a boat."

2016-06-03 - Man, 29, dies after having leg torn off by shark south of Perth (Australia):

2016-06-04 - Shark attacks and injures man in the Red Sea near Ain Sukhna (Egypt), man's leg amputated:

Quote: "A team of marine biologists specialized in the study of sharks are looking into the reasons behind a shark attack in the Suez Gulf on Saturday, which caused a 23-year-old man to lose his leg."

Note: Shark hungry, man edible, mystery solved!

2016-06-04 - Pit bull attacks and kills man in Stockton (California), dog shot dead:

2016-06-04 - Dog attacks and kills 7-year-old boy in Corinna (Maine):

2016-06-04 - Mountain lion attacks and kills pet dog at home in Lakeside (California):

2016-06-05 - Shark attacks and kills woman at beach in Mindarie, near Perth (Australia):

Quote: "A woman diver has been killed at Mindarie after being attacked by a shark that witnesses described as being longer than their 5.5-metre boat."

Quote: "The woman's death came just two days after Mandurah surfer Ben Gerring succumbed to injuries he sustained in a shark attack last week."

2016-06-05 - Shark attacks and injures man at Flagler Beach (Florida):

Quote: "A man was recovering after being attacked by a shark Sunday morning and taken to a Flagler County hospital for injuries."

2016-06-06 - Dog attacks and kills 4-year-old girl in Nunavut (Canada):

2016-06-07 - Dog attacks and injures girl in cafeteria at school in Greensboro (North Carolina):

2016-06-07 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures man at home in Mission (Texas):

2016-06-07 - Shark bites surfer's surfboard at Folly Beach (South Carolina):

2016-06-08 - Two dogs attack and injure man in Fort McCoy (Florida):

2016-06-08 - Pit bull attacks and kills woman at home in Pointe-aux-Trembles, Montreal (Canada):

2016-06-09 - Elephants attack and kill 60-year-old man, another man, 55, drops dead, in Dewanganj (Bangladesh):

Quote: "Zaharul Islam, 60, of the village was trampled by one elephant while trying to drive them away. Besides, Abdul Latif, 55, a resident of the village, died of cardiac arrest after being panicked by the elephant attack. The elephants also destroyed the standing crops in the area."

2016-06-10 - Bear attacks and injure man in coastal Anchorage (Alaska), bear killed:

2016-06-10 - Bear(s) killing people in Kazuno (Japan):

Quote: "Suzuki is believed to have gone into the forest to collect edible wild plants. Her car was parked nearby. The police believe the body is Suzuki's. They say the body was severely damaged, and that the person may have been attacked by a bear. In the same area, three men looking for bamboo shoots died in May. All are believed to have been killed by bears."

Quote: "The chief of a bear park in the prefecture, Takeshi Komatsu, says that, given the proximity of the locations, it could be the same bear in all the attacks. He says such a bear might have come to regard humans as food. He warns that ringing bells and making noise, which usually keeps bears away, may not work on this particular bear."

Note: Ringing bells? Must be dinner time!

2016-06-11 - Shark attacks and injures man at Atlantic Beach (North Carolina):

2016-06-11 - Bear attacks pig at property, cop shoots bear dead, in Polk County (Florida):

2016-06-13 - Swarm of bees attacks bus full of people in Bawdie (Ghana):

Quote: "An eyewitness in an interview on Adom News said the incident occurred at Bawdie near Bogoso in the Western region. According to him, the aggressive bees stung and seriously injured many of the passengers onboard the bus. 'Most of the passengers after the attack had swollen faces due to the multiple bee stings' he stated."

2016-06-13 - Hyena attacks four teenagers in Tarsadi (India):

2016-06-13 - Dog attacks and injures cop in Keyser (West Virginia):

2016-06-14 - Shark attacks and injures young girl at beach in Galveston (Texas):

Quote: "A 5-year-old girl was bitten by a shark off Pirates Beach on Tuesday. She suffered 'significant tissue damage to a leg,' according to Galveston EMS, and is in stable condition at UTMB."

2016-06-14 - Alligator drags two-year-old child into lagoon and kills him near Disney facility in Orlando (Florida):

Quote: "The body of a 2-year-old boy who was snatched off the shore and dragged underwater by an alligator has been found, officials said Wednesday."

2016-06-15 - Shark attacks and lightly injures man at Kalapaki Beach (Hawaii):

2016-06-15 - Bear attacks and injures man at a river in Shimane Prefecture (Japan):

2016-06-15 - Swarm of bees attacks man at golf course in Tucson (Arizona):

2016-06-16 - Dogs attack and kill woman at property in Manor, Travis County (Texas):

2016-06-16 - Pit bull attacks and injures three people in Norwich (Connecticut):

2016-06-16 - Cougar attacking dogs and goats in Canby (Oregon):

2016-06-16 - Pack of dogs attacks and injures man along the Grand Union Canal in Market Harborough (Britain):

2016-06-17 - Mountain lion attacks and injures 5-year-old boy, mother fights it off, in Lower Woody Creek (Colorado):

2016-06-17 - Dog attacks and injures three tourists at Nandankanan Zoological Park in Bhubaneswar (India):

2016-06-18 - Dog attacks and injures 6-year-old girl at home in Jonesboro (Arkansas):

2016-06-18 - Bear attacks and injures woman running marathon in Valles Caldera National Preserve (New Mexico):

2016-06-19 - Three lions kill and eat some people in Gujarat (India), lions to be caged permanently:

2016-06-20 - Sloth bear attacks and kills farmer in Telangana (India):

2016-06-20 - Pit bulls attack and injure mother and child in Green Bay (Wisconsin), dogs euthanized:

Quote: "Authorities believe the attack was unprovoked, and a neighbor said the dogs had not attacked before."

2016-06-21 - Alligator attacks and injures man in Bushnell (Florida), alligator euthanized:

2016-06-21 - Shark attacks and lightly injures man in North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina):

2016-06-21 - Swarm of bees attacks cricket players in Dunnington (Britain):

2016-06-21 - Pit bull attacks and injures woman, kills her dog, cops shoot pit bull dead, in coastal Callaway (Florida):

2016-06-21 - Pit bull attacks and injures woman and her dog in Holland (Michigan):

2016-06-22 - Shark attacks and lightly injures man at Satellite Beach (Florida):

2016-06-22 - Bobcat attacks and injures man and woman in New Scotland (New York):

2016-06-23 - Great white shark attacks and injures man near Cape Agulhas (South Africa):

2016-06-23 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures three people near canal in Brownsville (Texas):

Quote: "Trevino said one of the victims was transported to the hospital. The two others were treated at the scene. The incident occurred near a canal bank at 234 Military Highway."

2016-06-23 - Swarm of bees attacks five students and two workers at university in Idupulapaya (India):

2016-06-24 - Alligator attacks man, kills his service dog, in Port LaBelle (Florida):

2016-06-24 - Leopard attacks and kills 12-year-old girl near Udaipur (India):

2016-06-25 - Shark attacks and injures 11-year-old boy at Atlantic Beach (North Carolina):

2016-06-25 - Bear attacks and lightly injures woman at home in Canton (Connecticut):

2016-06-26 - Bear attacks and injures man in tent at campground near Altadena (California):

2016-06-26 - Hyena attacks and injures 15-year-old boy in tent in Kruger National Park (South Africa):

2016-06-27 - Shark attacks and lightly injures man on Sullivan's Island (South Carolina):

2016-06-27 - Dogs attack and kill infant girl at home in Fresno (California):

2016-06-29 - Grizzly bear attacks and kills mountain biker near West Glacier (Montana):

2016-06-29 - Pit bull attacks and injures 7-year-old girl, face attack, in Whiteville (North Carolina):

2016-06-30 - Two dogs attack and injure 6-year-old boy in Elgin (Oklahoma):

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