Wednesday, April 1, 2015

2015 - MAR - Zombie Files

2015-03-01 - Woman, 23, naked from the waist up, beats 4-year-old son's head on driveway, stabs him, in Harris County (Texas):

Quote: "The attack happened at a home in the 14900 block of James River at Arcadian Shores Drive."

Quote: "The little boy suffered multiple stab wounds and was also sexually mutilated according to investigators. He was immediately treated by medics from the Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department, and then rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital via Life Flight helicopter. When KPRC 2 spoke with the boy's aunt over the phone Friday, she said the family has 'no idea' what promoted this attack."

Quote: "Harris County civil court records show Mungia was receiving child support from the boy's father. Record filed in that case show no instances of family violence."

2015-03-01 - Naked man found wandering apartments at Saluki Apartments in Carbondale (Illinois):

Quote: "Reports of a naked black man walking into the apartments at Saluki Village in Carbondale at SIU-C have been coming in since about 2:20 this afternoon. According to SIU police and Carbondale Police Department responders, the females at the apartments were frightened by the incident. Authorities are on scene now after multiple calls and reportedly have the man in custody."

2015-03-03 - Man strips naked, dances, screams, throws rocks, outside children's museum in coastal Olympia (Washington):

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-03-03 - Woman, 37, stands in median, foams at the mouth, urinates, yells about ISIS, in coastal Fairfield (Connecticut):

Quote: "Eight Fairfield squad cars responded to Tunxis Hill Road and Villa Avenue in Fairfield at about 1:45 p.m. March 3, after an officer on patrol reported that a woman was standing in the middle of the road, foaming at the mouth and urinating in public, according to police said. Officers who responded to the call said the woman was also shouting 'ISIS is here, ISIS is here,' police said."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-03-04 - Naked man destroys door with hammer at motel in Rockford (Illinois), near the Rock River:

Note: When all you have is a hammer, doors look like nails! Wait, that's not how it goes, is it?!

2015-03-06 - Naked man dances on highway, tries to steal patrol car, gets tased, in Albany (Georgia):

Note: Yeah, that's not from smoking pot. Maybe he did smoke some pot, but that isn't what caused this, just like the residual pot in the original face-eater's bloodwork isn't what rendered him incapable of speech and made him want to chew off another man's face while cops plunked him with bullets until he died...

2015-03-06 - Naked man, 28, covered in dirt and twigs, says people chasing him then disappears, in Tamborine Mountain (Australia):

2015-03-08 - Vehicle burns, and man in ski mask walks in circles around cars, in coastal Oxnard (California):

Quote: "Multiple units arrived at the scene of the fire where a male, described as wearing all black and a ski mask, was said to be walking around the cars in circles, according to CHP’s website. Initial reports said the man was not complying with officers."

2015-03-09 - Man, 27, strips naked, crawls on ground, knocks on doors, charges cop, gets shot dead, in Atlanta (Georgia):

Quote: "The officer responded around 1 p.m. to an apartment complex after a report that a man had taken off all his clothes and was 'acting deranged, knocking on doors and crawling around on the ground naked,' Alexander said. The officer saw a naked man in the complex parking lot, and the man began running toward the officer, he said. The officer told the man to stop while stepping back, and fired two shots when the man did not comply, he said."

2015-03-10 - Naked man, 21, throws himself at vehicles in parking garage in Anaheim (California), gets arrested:

Quote: "Police said the tape shows the man they identified as Garrett Smith of Riverside throwing himself into a van, shattering the glass. 'When our neighbor told me the story and I didn’t believe her at first,' said Charlie Barnes, whose van was damaged."

Note: Wow, he really slammed himself into that minivan!

2015-03-12 - Naked man, 20, attacks woman at 5:55 AM, tries to get cop's gun, gets smacked down, in coastal Ventura (California):

Quote: "As two officers were trying to control Delgado, he tried twice to take one of their guns, police said. One of the officers then punched Delgado in the face several times, and he was eventually subdued..."

2015-03-12 - Half-naked man, 23, says he's Lucifer, sets house on fire, knocks on doors, crashes car, in Wolcott (Connecticut):

2015-03-13 - Naked man, 23, runs around in traffic on Alphington Road in Exeter (Britain):

Quote: "Police were called to busy Exeter road yesterday following reports of a naked man running through traffic. Police received several reports of the nude man on Alphington Road at 5:20pm. The man was reported to be running in and out of traffic during rush hour. A 23 year old man was detained under the mental health act and later transferred into the care of health professionals."

2015-03-15 - Naked man charges cop, gets tased in the penis, in Austin (Texas):

2015-03-16 - Passenger gets violent, shouts gibberish, passenger plane makes emergency landing at Dulles (Virginia):

Quote: "Tellam said two men behind her jumped up and grabbed the man, and put him on the ground in the aisle next to her seat, where he remained until the plane circled back. 'They laid on him and he just kept shouting incoherent things like "I can make you and your family rich", "I live next to Apple," "I live next to Boeing", "Let me go and let me live and I'll make our families rich,"' she said after landing via another flight in Denver on Tuesday morning."

2015-03-17 - Naked man runs around in coastal Bridgeport (Connecticut):

Quote: "5:04pm–#Bridgeport CT–#Nakedman–Police called to the 500 block of Ridgefield Avenue for an out of control man report he is now naked and running from them. Backup on the way..."

2015-03-17 - Half-naked man, 20, climbs around on roof, disrupts train transit, in Berlin (Germany):

2015-03-19 - Naked man climbs on apartment complex roof, hurts himself, on Riverside Parkway in Tulsa (Oklahoma):

2015-03-20 - Man takes his pants off, throws food, rampages through QuikTrip, in Jasper (Georgia):

Quote: "A wild scene unfolded early Sunday morning at the Jasper QuikTrip when a Dawsonville man took off his pants in the bathroom, threw food at employees, tossed merchandise into the aisles and knocked over kitchen equipment. The incident report notes that deputies used Tasers on the man twice before they could secure him, after he had jumped the fence in front of the store and raised concerns the half-nude perpetrator might dash into the four-lane."

2015-03-20 - Woman, 24, bites and strangles her infant daughter to death at 2 AM in Mpumalanga (South Africa):

2015-03-22 - Naked man, 28, causes disturbance at 1:08 AM in Fremont (Nebraska):

Note: Just northeast (downwind) of the Platte River. Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-03-22 - Naked man apprehended walking around on Widdrington Road in Radford, Coventry (Britain):

Note: Less than 500 feet from the Coventry Canal. Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-03-23 - Mostly naked man - underwear only - beats up two cops outside store in Milan (Italy):

Note: No idea when this happened, or what happened later, but looks like the naked man more than held his own against the two cops, smacked them around, slammed one against the cop car, etc...

2015-03-23 - Man, 20, goes on rampage, destroys home, waves gun, injures children at park, in Lenexa (Kansas), 3 injured:

2015-03-23 - Man, 63, pours oil on satellite dishes, takes his pants off, tries to bite cop, in Lykens (Pennsylvania):

2015-03-23 - Naked man, 46, walks around train station in coastal Hong Kong (China):

2015-03-24 - Naked man runs around outside hotel in Cullompton (Britain):

Quote: "The man was detained at Padbrook Park Hotel with no clothing on and was believed to on drugs. Police officers found his clothes and seized a small amount of cannabis from him."

Note: Yeah, well, cannabis doesn't make you want to strip naked. The original face-eater had some trace cannabis in his system too, but that's not what rendered him incapable of speech, it's not what made him want to munch another guy's face, and it's not what made him ignore bullets being fired at him until he was dead. Also, smoking cannabis (or doing any other kind of drug) doesn't make one immune to hydrogen sulfide's neurotoxic effects. But one COULD say that hydrogen sulfide is a 'drug', in the sense that it's a chemical and it affects the brain...

2015-03-25 - Naked man, 32, destroys mailboxes, damages cop car, in coastal Fort Pierce (Florida):

2015-03-25 - Naked man found wandering around Pyes Pa suburb of coastal Tauranga (New Zealand):

Note: It's really pretty amazing the number of people stripping naked and going crazy in coastal communities. Nobody is safe anywhere, and some people have stripped naked and gone crazy in non-coastal places too, but mostly it's been in coastal areas. Hydrogen sulfide is neurotoxic and damages brains, which sometimes causes aberrant behavior, hallucinations, memory loss, violence. It also makes at least some people heat up, so they strip naked to cool off, even in the depths of winter. Often people so afflicted do not live long, because hydrogen sulfide doesn't JUST damage brains, but also damages other important organs, like hearts, kidneys, livers. You're most likely to zombify yourself in the wee hours and when in, near or downwind of low-lying areas like oceans, seas, lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, creeks, ditches, ravines, canyons, valleys, basements, underground parking garages, etc.

2015-03-26 - Woman, 31, teacher, acts strange, barricades kids in room, strips naked, in suburb of coastal San Diego (California):

Quote: "A 31-year-old employee of the Lemon Grove School District was arrested on suspicion of refusing to let students leave their classroom, then barricading herself in the room and taking off her clothes..."

2015-03-26 - Woman, 18, found naked on street at 3 AM, distraught, no memory of what happened, in Bloomington (Indiana):

2015-03-26 - Naked man climbs 100-foot-tall mast in coastal Lekki (Nigeria):

2015-03-28 - Man, 42, reknowned violinist, gets naked, goes on rampage, attacks woman, at hotel in coastal Manhattan (New York):

Quote: "The violinist allegedly choked the woman so hard that the blood vessels in her eyes were ruptured, according to a court complaint. Hotel staff heard the victim crying for help and pulled the crazed man off her, cops said."

2015-03-29 - Man, 34, goes out of control, foams at the mouth, gets arrested, dies, in Toledo (Ohio):

Quote: "His relatives said Monday that they don't understand why police didn't call an ambulance because he was foaming at the mouth when officers arrested him."

2015-03-29 - Man with machete goes on rampage, attacks cars, lights stuff on fire, in coastal San Jose (California):

2015-03-30 - Naked man runs down street in coastal Morecambe (Britain):

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