Thursday, March 20, 2014

Event Update For 2014-03-19

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Fires And Explosions
2014-03-19 - Transformer explodes and burns at hydroelectric plant in Lewiston (New York), right next to the Niagara River:
Quote: "Fire crews responded to an explosion and fire at the New York Power Authority in Lewiston Wednesday night. Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster says no one was injured when one of the 13 transformers blew and started on fire around 7 p.m. at the Robert Moses Plant."
Note: Only 13 of these transformers at this power plant, which means this was a big one, hard to replace, not like the transformers on poles on streets...
2014-03-19 - Transformer explodes and burns on pole in Hatfield (Pennsylvania), some homes go dark:
2014-03-19 - Transformer bursts into flame on Springdale Road in Cherry Hill (New Jersey):
2014-03-19 - Transformer starts sparking, truck ignites, fire spreads, five trucks and machine destroyed, in Kanpur (India):

2014-03-19 - Simple theory proposed for missing flight MH370: it had an electrical fire and crashed into the sea:

Quote: "Of all the theories regarding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, a new one popped up Friday when Florida pilot Chris Goodfellow wrote on a Google Plus post that an electrical fire forced the pilot to swing the Boeing 777 off course and toward a long runway near water."

Quote: "Goodfellow says the fire probably knocked out the plane’s transponder and communications equipment, and the smoke then caused everyone onboard to lose consciousness. The plane was likely on autopilot and became a ghost flight that overshot Pulau Langkawi and drifted south over the Indian Ocean until it ran out of fuel."

Note: I agree that this theory is likely what happened, except I would say that with the atmosphere filling up with methane and hydrogen sulfide, that's probably what CAUSED the 'electrical' fire, and may also have caused unconsciousness in the passengers and possibly the pilots too, or maybe even killed everyone on board, leaving the plane an autopiloted 'ghost ship' until it eventually crashed...

2014-03-19 - Home explodes and burns just before midnight in Northcote area of coastal Melbourne (Australia):

2014-03-19 - Mysterious explosion rocks Humberston (Britain):

Quote: "A mysterious explosion was heard over Humberston this morning. But those who heard it – around the Church Lane area of the village – are mystified as so what it was. They said it sounded at about 11.20am and was 'the loudest bang – it really sounded like an explosion'."

Note: Humberston is located right on the coast of the North Sea where the River Humber flows into the ocean. These folks may have come perilously close to being wiped out. A similar mysterious explosion shook homes and rattled residents in January at 3:30 AM in the town of Withernsea (Britain), also on the North Sea coast, as mentioned in the 2014-01-09 update. In fact, Withernsea is right on the other side of the River Humber...

2014-03-19 - Incinerator explodes at chemical plant in Runcorn (Britain), 20 people injured, possible area-wide contamination:

Quote: "A source said clothes had been taken from the workers on-site for decontamination. The Weekly News received a report that fallout has allegedly landed on Weston Point and Weston."

2014-03-19 - Propane tank explodes at building work site in Meriden (Connecticut):

Note: A car burst into flame recently in Meriden as a man worked on it, mentioned in the 2014-03-06 update. A noxious smell blew through Meriden recently, starting at 4:30 AM, mentioned in the 2014-02-21 update. Two days after that, a man in his mid-40s dropped dead in a hotel room in Meriden, mentioned in the 2014-02-23 update...

2014-03-19 - Recycling center hit by major blaze in Okeechobee (Florida):

Quote: "Fire crews are on scene of a fire at the Atland Recycling Center at 2248 U.S. 98, according to spokeswoman Michelle Bell. Firefighters were called to the scene at 3:15 p.m. for a report of a large fire in the middle of the plant. Multiple agencies are assisting."

2014-03-19 - Cargo ship hauling coal bursts into flame near Sriracha Harbour (Thailand):

Quote: "The harbour staff wouldn’t allow the boat to the shore and kept it 2 km off shore between Seesang Island and Sriracha Harbour. It took the crew and the captain 4 hours to bring the fire under control, but there was still smoke coming out of the boat."

2014-03-19 - Large fishing boat bursts into flame in Suva Harbour (Fiji Islands):

Quote: "A Police forensics team is trying to determine the cause of a fire on board a fishing vessel, out on the Suva Harbour yesterday afternoon."

2014-03-19 - Boat bursts into flame shortly before 1 AM while parked on trailer in Nanaimo (Canada):

Quote: "Mond couldn't determine exactly what sparked the blaze, but deemed it suspicious when none of the usual causes, such as electrical malfunctions, were found. 'There was nothing plugged into the boat," Mond said. "It didn't have batteries in it. There's nothing in the boat that would have ignited itself to get the fire going.' No one was injured and the boat was not insured."

Note: Did they check to see if it had any rust in it or on it? Nope. It was sitting outside on a trailer for years, so it did...

2014-03-19 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on road in Warren (Arkansas):

Quote: "Early Wednesday morning authorities responded to a log truck fire at 915 North Martin Street. The truck belongs to Richardson Loggings. No one was hurt but the truck sustained a lot of damage."

Note: A parked car just burst into flame while parked in a garage at home in Warren too, as mentioned in the 2014-03-16 update...

2014-03-19 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame a 4:04 AM on the M62 near Elland (Britain):

2014-03-19 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame near bridge on the M25 near Brentwood (Britain):

Quote: "Flames engulfed the cab of the lorry after it pulled over on the clockwise carriageway bridge that crosses the M25 J29."

Quote: "Firefighters have been called to a HGV on fire between junction 29 to 30 on the M25. The crews report that the cab is 100 percent on fire, the vehicle contains wines and spirits, and the load is 10 percent on fire."

2014-03-19 - Snow removal truck bursts into flame at 3 AM while parked in Saint-Leonard (Canada):

Quote: "Firefighters were called to Louis-Sicard St. in St-LĂ©onard at 3 a.m. for a snow-removal truck that was on fire. The blaze was extinguished but firefighters could not determine what caused the fire so they have asked the police for help."

Note: I doubt the police are any more knowledgeable about chemistry than the firefighters are, and probably less so. They'll never figure it out unless they're told what's going on. This area is about 1 mile east (downwind) of Prairies River...

2014-03-19 - Box truck bursts into flame on road in Clarksville (Tennessee):

Quote: "As I pulled out, I saw flames come through the left vent. I hurried up and pulled over. I was going to try to put it out, but I heard a loud popping noise and all of a sudden (flames were) coming out of both vents. It just happened really quick. I had to get out because the smoke was really bad, and then it just engulfed in a matter of seconds."

2014-03-19 - Truck bursts into flame on US 63 in Houston (Texas):

Quote: "A truck fire is sending the Houston Rural Fire Department to U.S 63 near Simmons."

2014-03-19 - Van bursts into flame at layby along the A38 in Haldon Hill, Exeter (Britain):

2014-03-19 - Pickup truck bursts into flame and explodes while parked inside garage in Portage la Prairie (Canada):

2014-03-29 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on road near Barberton (South Africa):

2014-03-19 - Taxi bursts into flame at 5:45 AM on Queens Road in Keighley (Britain):

Note: This road runs right along the banks of the River Worth...

2014-03-19 - Car bursts into flame at 2 AM while parked on street in North St. Louis (Missouri), near the Mississippi River:

Note: Another vehicle igniting near me. Well, I never thought my area would be particularly safe, not after 3 friends and acquaintances dropped dead and another started having neurological seizures, and a flock of birds dropped dead across the street from me with a strange smell in the air in the wee hours, and I saw another dead flock of birds in a field near the Mississippi River. But it's not like other places are in much better shape, and some are doing worse...

2014-03-19 - Car bursts into flame while parked in Goshen (Indiana), driver burned:

2014-03-19 - Car bursts into flame while parked in driveway at home in Roswell (New Mexico), eleventh vehicle to burn here:

Quote: "All appear to be chosen at random."

Note: Well, duh, of course they're random, because the WIND is random and doesn't target anyone specifically. Reward of a thousand bucks offered to catch the arsonist that nobody has ever seen and for which there is no evidence of even existing. Also, I'm not saying it was aliens was aliens! Heh, just kidding...

2014-03-19 - Car bursts into flame while parked in Kalispell (Montana):

Quote: "Kalispell Police Department officers were initially dispatched to Crestview Road when a man reported his brother’s car caught fire while no one was around it. Something on the car then exploded, fully engulfing the vehicle in flames and threatening a nearby building."

Note: That's what's happening in Roswell too. The only difference is that in this case someone was around to SEE the car spontaneously ignite and explode, whereas nobody has been around the Roswell cars when they've been igniting. Just because nobody sees anyone start a car fire doesn't mean anyone did, obviously, yet investigators consistently assume someone had to be there. Maybe some hydrogen sulfide has damaged their brains...

2014-03-19 - Car bursts into flame on the 10 Freeway near Rancho Cucamonga (California):

2014-03-19 - Car bursts into flame on Branchview Drive NE in Concord (North Carolina):

2014-03-19 - Car bursts into flame while parked on street in coastal South Yunderup (Australia):

2014-03-19 - Car bursts into flame while parked outside home in Purley (Britain), nearby magician snaps a pic:

2014-03-19 - Car bursts into flame on the A23 at Cheals Roundabout near Gossops Green (Britain):

2014-03-19 - Car bursts into flame at 5:30 AM while parked on Lowhurst Drive in Fegg Hayes (Britain):

Quote: "A spokesperson for Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service said: 'It is thought to be a deliberate ignition.'"

Note: Perhaps one day they will produce some of that one kind of stuff, you know...EVIDENCE. That day is not today. They do have an assumption, I'll give 'em that. That's not very convincing, what with all the other parked vehicles spontaneously igniting all around the world, especially in the wee hours...

2014-03-19 - Car bursts into flame on the A624 Hayfield Road in Chinley (Britain):

2014-03-19 - Vehicle bursts into flame near Butler (Missouri):

Quote: "Upon arrival to the scene on East 52 and County Road 8305 the fire was determined to not be a structure fire but a vehicle fire."

2014-03-19 - Vehicle bursts into flame on the A361 near South Molton (Britain):

2014-03-19 - Quad bike bursts into flame at 1:31 AM while parked on Wellington Road in Bollington (Britain):

2014-03-19 - RV trailer bursts into flame at RV park in Front Royal (Virginia), fire spreads to nearby vehicle:

2014-03-19 - Two trucks, car and garage destroyed by fire at 2 AM at home on Edgington Road near Mount Orab (Ohio):

Quote: "We're told two trucks and a car burned up along with the contents of the garage. Fortunately the blaze did not spread to the house."

2014-03-19 - Barn destroyed by fire at 6:30 AM in Mesopotamia Township (Ohio), 4 horses killed:

2014-03-19 - Barn destroyed by fire in Estacada (Oregon), 15 chickens killed:

2014-03-19 - Barn and antique wagon destroyed by fire on Park Avenue in East Fallowfield (Pennsylvania):

Note: They say 'arson likely'. Did they check to see if the barn or that wagon had any rust on them? And did they rule out hydrogen sulfide's reactivity with rust as a possible igniter? Nope, so they don't know what caused this fire, because they haven't ruled out that possible cause. The only reason they think arson is likely is because there was no electricity or gas to this barn. Welp, rust near something flammable - like those piles of hay in the picture - is all it takes for a fire to ignite now...

2014-03-19 - Barn heavily damaged by fire in Williston (Vermont):

2014-03-19 - Barn damaged by fire on Swanton Street in Bredgar (Britain):

2014-03-19 - Huge 15-mile-wide brush fire erupts in Texas, spreads into Oklahoma near Oklahoma City:

Quote: "Firefighters in northern Texas are battling high winds and a wildfire Wednesday morning. The blaze, burning in Lipscomb County west of Oklahoma City, is estimated to be about 15 miles wide. People near the Texas town of Higgins have been evacuated as the fire spreads into Oklahoma."

2014-03-19 - Brush fire erupts near riverbed in Riverside (California):

Quote: "The fire was reported at 2:30 p.m. at Mission Inn Avenue and Scout Lane, near a Boy Scout camp adjacent to the Santa Ana River bed."

2014-03-19 - Brush fire breaks out near Pine Island Road in coastal Cape Coral (Florida):

2014-03-19 - Rooftop air compressor explodes and burns at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center in coastal Portsmouth (Virginia):,0,1964966.story

Quote: "HN Chris Able said he works in the building, but was not inside when the fire started. 'I heard an explosion and then I looked up and there were flames and black smoke rolling out of the top. I was just hoping everybody in there is okay,' Able said."

Note: Another electrical machine that manipulates the atmosphere in some way catching fire, not unlike the various ventilation system fires, heating unit fires, AC fires, etc. Also, outdoors, fully exposed to the atmosphere...

2014-03-19 - Big pile of tires bursts into flame at Coach Road Farm on Clay Lane in Marton (Britain):

2014-03-19 - Couch catches fire in alley, fire spreads, garage destroyed, home heavily damaged, in San Bernardino (California):

2014-03-19 - Shed bursts into flame, fire spreads to two homes, in coastal Mountain View (California):

2014-03-19 - House damaged by fire in Wausau (Wisconsin):

Note: And the previous day, a parked pickup truck burst into flame inside a garage at a home in Wausau, as mentioned in the 2014-03-18 update...

2014-03-19 - Home damaged by fire in Lake Placid (New York):

2014-03-19 - House heavily damaged by fire in Tollgate Canyon (Utah), nobody home:

2014-03-19 - Home destroyed by fire in Brownfield (Maine), nobody home:

2014-03-19 - Two adjacent homes destroyed by fire at 2:30 AM in Nixa (Missouri):

2014-03-19 - Two homes damaged by fire within 2 hours, at 2:52 AM and 4:52 AM, in Beloit (Wisconsin):

2014-03-19 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire in Colorado Springs (Colorado), 3 injured, 100 people homeless:

2014-03-19 - Deadly fire rips through home near Neshaminy Creek in Middletown (Pennsylvania), 2 killed:

2014-03-19 - Vacant home destroyed by fire in Omaha (Nebraska):

2014-03-19 - Vacant business burns at 2:30 AM in Pueblo (Colorado):

2014-03-19 - Vacant warehouse destroyed by major blaze at 5:36 AM in Stockton (California):

2014-03-19 - Vacant apartment building burns in Mott Haven area of coastal Bronx (New York):

2014-03-19 - Vacant apartment building destroyed by huge fire at 4 AM in Phoenix (Arizona):

2014-03-19 - Another 52,000 fish die at fish farm in Newville (Pennsylvania):

2014-03-19 - Two women found dead in SUV in Goshen (Indiana):

Note: See also the car that burst into flame and burned a man in Goshen in this update. Hydrogen sulfide will not only knock people dead, it's also highly flammable...

2014-03-19 - Seven workers gassed to death at plant in Perundurai (India):

Note: They say it was methane that killed them, but they also mention a foul smell. Methane is odorless, hydrogen sulfide has an odor (though it will deaden your olfactory sense and you'll quickly lose the ability to smell it), and the two go together (they're both 'sewer gases'), so it was probably hydrogen sulfide that knocked these guys dead, though I'm sure there was plenty of methane present too...

2014-03-19 - One person killed and one injured when truck ignites on the N2 near Kokstad (South Africa):

Quote: "The preceding events and the circumstances resulting in the truck catching fire were a mystery to the paramedics when they arrived on the scene, which was in the border area of KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape..."

2014-03-19 - College student, man, 23, drops dead in hotel room in coastal South Padre Island (Texas):

2014-03-19 - Teen, 14, found dead near Highway 110 near Whitehouse (Texas):

2014-03-19 - Person slumps over dead in SUV in parking lot at Southport Mall in Mason City (Iowa):

Quote: "Mason City authorities say they got a call Wednesday morning that a person was slumped over their vehicle’s steering wheel in the Southport Mall parking lot. When officers arrived, they found a body. No foul is suspected."

2014-03-19 - Man, 53, found dead in water next to boat at marina in coastal West Ashley, Charleston (South Carolina):

2014-03-19 - Girl, 2, found dead at home in Lansing (Michigan):

2014-03-19 - Man found dead in water tank at rail station in coastal Churchgate (India):

2014-03-19 - Person drops dead on Old Forge Road in coastal Virginia Beach (Virginia):

2014-03-19 - Teacher, man, 49, found dead in Lake Ontario near park in Toronto (Canada):

2014-03-19 - Man, 63, walks to park and drops dead, in Greendale (Wisconsin):

2014-03-19 - Man drops dead in Chatfield Hollow State Park in Killingworth (Connecticut):

Quote: "The park, typically open until sunset and a popular spot for hiking and fishing, was closed after the discovery."

2014-03-19 - Woman, 46, found dead in Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis (Minnesota):

Note: Above four events, all in or near parks. What do parks have in common? For one, they're outside and the poisonous hydrogen sulfide and methane is coming from outside too. Also, parks almost always have bodies of water in or near them, like ponds, lakes, streams, etc.

2014-03-19 - Man, 69, drops dead on trail on his property in Walland (Tennessee):

2014-03-19 - Man, 59, collapses and dies in hotel room in Jaisalmer (India):

2014-03-19 - Body found in woods near South Flat Rock Road in Douglasville (Georgia):

2014-03-19 - Passenger has medical emergency, passenger plane makes emergency landing in Chicago (Illinois):

2014-03-19 - Small plane crashes and burns near Blackstone Country Club in Aurora (Colorado), 1 killed:

2014-03-19 - Small plane lands and flips, landing gear damaged, in San Luis Obispo (California):

2014-03-19 - Tanker truck overturns at 6 AM, bursts into flame, gas station and 5+ vehicles destroyed, in coastal Lagos (Nigeria):

2014-03-19 - Three big rigs and pickup crash, on I-29 near Salix (Iowa):

2014-03-19 - Two big rigs and car crash, both big rigs burst into flame, on I-440 in Little Rock (Arkansas), 1 killed, 2 injured:

2014-03-19 - Tractor trailer veers off road, hits embankment, overturns, on US 6 near Riley (Ohio), 1 killed:

Note: This area is right next to the shore of Sandusky Bay...

2014-03-19 - Tractor trailer overturns near West Shore Expressway in coastal Staten Island (New York):

2014-03-19 - Tractor trailer overturns in Vernon Hills (Illinois), leaks chemical, HazMat called in:

2014-03-19 - Tractor trailer overturns on highway in coastal Suffolk (Virginia):,0,4324174.story

2014-03-19 - Unoccupied dump truck rolls away and slams into apartment building in Norcross (Georgia):

2014-03-19 - Dump truck overturns and spills salt all over the place, in Smyrna (Delaware):

2014-03-19 - Multiple cars crash, burst into flame, on bridge in coastal Doha (Qatar):

2014-03-19 - Pickup truck veers over centerline, hits semi head-on, on the Bruce Highway near Gladstone (Australia), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2014-03-19 - SUV and vehicle collide head-on, near Copetown (Canada), 5 injured:

2014-03-19 - Car and truck collide head-on, on Kereone Road near Morrinsville (New Zealand), 1 injured:

2014-03-19 - Car plunges off cliff at 2 AM, falls 250 feet, at Fish Creek Hill near Apache Junction (Arizona), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2014-03-19 - Motorcycle and car collide head-on, motorcycle bursts into flame, on the Pacific Highway near coastal Coffs Harbour (Australia), 1 killed:

Quote: "There was a motorbike that was going north and the impact was that bad, it hit with a big flame and smoke, I saw the guy go in the air, it was really bad."

2014-03-19 - Man, 18, bites nose off infant at home in Fairfield (California):

2014-03-19 - Man, 29, goes missing, found naked acting erratically at power substation in Hancock County (Mississippi):

Quote: "A truck driver who frequents the area during his runs, Dowling said he couldn't quite believe what he saw when he spotted a naked man jumping up and down inside a Mississippi Power substation."

Note: Maybe he was performing an ancient Native American keep-transformers-from-exploding dance!

2014-03-19 - Infant attacked and injured by family dog in Tempe (Arizona):

Quote: "Police say the child was treated at the pediatric emergency room for severe head injuries."

2014-03-19 - Coyotes attack and kill family dog before 7 AM at home in Millbury (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Mike Conlon said he let his dog out just before 7 a.m. and minutes later noticed that the dog had disappeared. 'They tore him apart,' Conlon said. 'His neck was broken.' Conlon said he saw several coyotes run into the woods behind his house and he followed a trail of blood to find his beloved pet."

2014-03-19 - Beachfront properties disappearing into the ocean in St. Johns County (Florida), state of emergency declared:

Quote: "The declaration of a local emergency allows work to begin immediately on a temporary wall that will stand three-feet high and keep homes from being destroyed."

2014-03-19 - Big sinkhole opens on street in Syracuse (New York), traps garbage truck:

2014-03-19 - Sinkhole opens on Milwaukee Street by bridge near Starkweather Creek in Madison (Wisconsin):

2014-03-19 - Two more buildings collapse, eight in the last month, in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "At least eight buildings have unexpectedly collapsed in the last month."

Note: It's probably better than these buildings staying up, absorbing methane and hydrogen sulfide over time, then exploding and burning, at least for the vacant buildings. Collapsed structures may still ignite, if there's anything left that can burn, but they'll be less likely to explode and take out other nearby structures. Besides, as people get poisoned to death or burned to death in their vehicles or get hit head-on by unconscious drivers or whatever, we simply won't need nearly as many buildings. Eventually we won't need any buildings at all, at least not on the surface of the Earth, because there won't be anyone alive on the surface of the Earth...

2014-03-19 - Seven-story residential building partially collapses in Nasr City (Egypt), 8 injured, more possibly trapped or dead:

2014-03-19 - Major sewer main blows, spews 5 million gallons of raw sewage into Valley Creek (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "At least 5 million gallons of raw sewage have leaked into Valley Creek, WPVI reports. 'All the water goes down into the Schuylkill River and then it goes into Philadelphia in the Delaware River. People get their drinking water out of this and there's the health problem,' says one state conservation officer; but NBC Philadelphia says officials insist humans are at no risk from the leak. Wildlife, however, could be."

Note: Sh#t happens! And now we know, squirrels drinking sewage = bad, but humans drinking sewage = okay. Alrighty then!

2014-03-19 - Power outages hit Toronto (Canada), 3600 homes go dark:

2014-03-19 - Man, 66, has medical problems on cruise ship off the coast near Wilmington (North Carolina), medevac'd off:

2014-03-19 - Drought emergency declaration proposed in Jackson County (California), already declared in four surrounding counties:


  1. Jonny:

    I used to have a few pictures and maybe a short video of what it's like to move one of those giant transformers you mentioned (can't find it right now) - it's a logistics nightmare. Here's a description:

    "Roswell, Roswell . . ."

    East Fallowfield is my general area (within 20 miles) . . .

    I read somewhere that fish farms were having trouble on multiple fronts even before the pluming toxic gases - just shows how its collapsing all around and getting worse as conditions degrade. Losing the ability to produce enough food (of any kind) will become critical before long.

    Don't ya just love it when big trucks can just move on their own, unoccupied. . . ?

    L and I are having conniptions in Philly!

    How about PA lately, hunh? I mean, if it isn't fucked up already, we'll find a way TO fuck it up! Case in point - 5 million gals of raw sewage into a local creek!

    Thanks for the update.


    1. Yeah, Pennsylvania's something else! I had a bad feeling about Pennsylvania back in 2012 when they found some methane in the ground near some homes and a square-mile-sized methane plume in the air.

      Maybe we could build some gigantic city-sized ships or colonies underwater. We need better materials and a better energy source than anything that's known though, at least publicly. We'd still have to filter the water and air, or manufacture oxygen from filtered water, but underwater would be safer from fires and explosions and earthquakes, and if you're filtering the air anyway then you're safe from poison gas and radioactive particles too.

  2. What will we all eat?


    1. Hydroponics, algae, grasshoppers, seaweed if any can live. If you've got enough energy, you can grow vegetables. If you've got a LOT of energy then you can grow a LOT of vegetables. That's why we'd need a new energy source, for food and to power all the air and water filtration machinery. And we need new materials because I don't think steel is gonna work out too well for much longer.

      And what's this 'all' of which you speak? I don't think there are gonna be a whole lot of people left alive. Maybe that's what the Georgia Guidestones are about - it's not US that's gonna reduce our population, but it's gonna be radically reduced DESPITE us. And once the population is low then, well, ya know, 500 million people WOULD actually be a lot kinder to the environment than 7 billion, which means they'd be SAFER, because if you let the environment go to shit then you're screwed. If people don't realize that yet, they're gonna find out soon enough, the hard way.