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2014 - FEB - Animal Die-Offs

2014-02-28 - In two-day span of time, camel and midget buffalo drop dead at zoo in coastal Surabaya (Indonesia):

Quote: "Just a day before that, a rare anoa (a midget buffalo) named Happy was also found dead."

Quote: "The death of Eastem brings the list of dead animals in the January-February 2014 period to 10 different species, which included a gnu, a lion, a mountain goat, a Bawean deer, two barking deer, a Komodo dragon, a baboon, a nilgai, a male anoa and now a camel."

2014-02-28 - At least a dozen pelicans found dead along the St. Johns River in coastal Jacksonville (Florida):

Quote: "Officials said there were no obvious injuries to the birds..."

Note: Say, a lot of people have mysteriously died in Jacksonville too. What could pelicans and people have in common? The atmosphere...

2014-02-27 - Young elephant, 4 years old, drops dead near Gudalur (India):

2014-02-26 - More than 21,000 seabirds wash up dead on the Atlantic coast in France since January:

2014-02-26 - Scallops dying off hard around Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island (Canada):

Note: Blamed on increasingly acidic waters. That could be, but these are bottom-dwellers, and hydrogen sulfide and methane are rising from the ocean floors, so I wouldn't rule that out as a contributing factor, especially in light of all the OTHER bottom-dwelling or deep-water creatures dying in the last couple of years, like sperm whales, oysters around Australia, coral reefs all over the place, rare oarfish off the coast of California, giant squid, etc. In the Permian-Triassic extinction event 96% of species died off in the oceans, and what we have going on now looks to be a repeat of that extinction event. In short, the oceans, seas and lakes will ultimately become mostly lifeless poison factories and that process has begun...

2014-02-26 - Crabs, birds and other marine species washing ashore dead at beaches in Antofagasta Province (Chile):

2014-02-26 - Large frog die-off reported at lake in the Curragh (Ireland):

2014-02-25 - Hundreds of fish bubble up dead at lake in Earth City (Missouri):

Note: This lake is near the West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton (Missouri) that's been emitting foul odors and burning for months, next to an adjacent landfill containing illegally-dumped nuclear waste from the Manhattan Project...

2014-02-25 - At least 464 Olive Ridley turtles wash ashore dead at beaches in India, blamed on trawlers:

2014-02-24 - Fish reported dying in lake in Loose Park in Kansas City (Kansas):

2014-02-23 - Whale found dead in Chesapeake Bay near Salisbury (Maryland):

2014-02-23 - Seven Sumatran elephants found dead in coastal Riau (Indonesia):

Quote: "Seven Sumatran elephants have been found dead in western Indonesia and it is thought they were poisoned..."

Note: Yes, they probably were poisoned, though most likely by hydrogen sulfide, not by humans. This area is also being hit hard right now by huge peat fires. Peats, bogs, swamps and marshes are low-lying areas where hydrogen sulfide will tend to accumulate, and it is highly flammable...

2014-02-20 - Rare Cuvier's beaked whale washes ashore dead on Fishers Island (Connecticut), first time ever:

Quote: "A whale never seen before off Connecticut shores washed up on a beach on Fishers Island. Researchers at Mystic Aquarium said they were notified about the whale carcass yesterday. Pictures today confirmed it as a Cuvier's beaked whale. The Cuvier's beaked whale is seen in waters around the globe, but usually stays in open waters and does not usually come near land..."

2014-02-18 - Three more dolphins wash ashore dead in coastal Chennai (India), six in the last two months:

2014-02-15 - Deepwater oarfish found dead near Catalina Island (California):

Note: Oarfish have been found dead in rising numbers off the California coast. They are a kind of 'canary in the coal mine' for the deep waters. Methane and hydrogen sulfide are rising from the depths. That is the ancient extinction event that is upon us now. Nor are rare oarfish the only deepwater or bottom-dwelling species dying. Oysters are dying off the coast of Australia. Starfish are dying off the Pacific Northwest. Coral is dying pretty much everywhere. Sperm whales are washing ashore dead. The Pacific Ocean sea bottom is littered with the corpses of dead creatures...

2014-02-15 - Tiger found dead near forest preserve in Tamil Nadu (India):

Note: Story says maybe natural death, maybe poisoned by locals. In other words, they have no idea why this tiger died, and those aren't the only possibilities, though as usual they try to define the possibilities FOR us...

2014-02-14 - Barking deer drops dead at zoo in coastal Surabaya (Indonesia):

Quote: "Many animal deaths at the Surabaya Zoo in East Java have gone unresolved, and now a barking deer has been found dead inside its enclosure."

2014-02-14 - Fish and shrimp dying in the seas near Danzhou, Yangpu and Changjiang (China):

2014-02-12 - Nine orcas wash ashore dead near Tautapere on Bluecliffs Beach at Trackburn (New Zealand):

Quote: "A researcher from Orca Research Trust, Ingrid Visser, said the deaths of the orca are a major blow. She said it was a very sad incident. There were only few of these species of whales left so it will be a big blow to the population of orca. She said have not had a massive stranding like this since the 1980s and before then, in the 1950s. Only around 200 orca inhabit the New Zealand waters."

2014-02-11 - Fish of numerous species dying along the East and West Johor Straits near coastal Singapore:

Quote: "The authority has received reports of fish deaths - which include groupers, threadfin, golden trevally and rabbitfish - at 34 fish farms along the East Johor Straits and five fish farms along the West Johor Straits."

2014-02-10 - Fish and sea urchins dying along the southern and eastern Cape coastlines (South Africa):

2014-02-10 - Nine critically endangered Indian vultures found dead on the banks of Jaldhaka River near Mathabhanga (India):

2014-02-08 - Thousands of fish found dead in waters at Sungai Bera and Sungai Serting (Malaysia):

2014-02-07 - Three spinner dolphins wash ashore dead in 45 days at beaches near coastal Chennai (India):

2014-02-06 - Four endangered turtles wash ashore dead on the island of Antigua:

2014-02-06 - More than 10,000 fish found dead in the Vasse-Wonnerup Estuary (Australia):

2014-02-06 - Huge fish kill reported in Lake Sebu (Philippine Islands):

2014-02-05 - Large number of albatross found dead at Ripiro Beach (New Zealand):

Quote: "Co-owner of the Whangarei Native Bird Recovery Centre, Robert Webb says he is concerned to learn there has been so many dead birds on the west coast beach."

2014-02-05 - Two endangered gharials wash ashore dead on the banks of the Chambal River in Etawah (India):

Quote: "Two carcasses of gharials, both males, were recovered from the Lalpur area on the banks of the Chambal. However, there were no signs of external injury."

Note: Kinda like all the PEOPLE being found dead with no signs of external injury...

2014-02-03 - 500 dolphins wash ashore dead at beaches in Peru:

2014-02-02 - Whales stranding at rate three times higher than average in Florida:,0,7604553.story,0,5110755.story

Quote: "More than 90 whales have become stranded on Florida beaches in the past two months, almost three times the average, baffling marine biologists and making them wonder if a deadly common denominator is at play."

2014-02-02 - Eleven critically endangered vultures found dead in Nawalparasi (Nepal):

2014-02-01 - Thousands of starfish wash ashore at South Padre Island (Texas):

2014-02-01 - Leopardess cub found dead in field at Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary (India):

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