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Event Update For 2013-01-31

Link to full hypothesis:

Summary of Hypothesis:
The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.


A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Recent Events Matching Predictions:

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.

2013-01-31 - Massive explosion rips through Pemex oil production facility in Mexico City (Mexico), at least 25 killed, 100 injured:,0,5513081.story

2013-01-31 - Huge explosion destroys fireworks truck and part of highway in Sanmenxia (China), at least 8 killed:

Quote: "Photos posted on the popular news site by Chinese netizens showed a stretch of elevated highway gone, with a truck perched precariously at the broken edge. Other photos showed wrecked trucks below and blackened chunks of scattered debris, including collapsed sections of highway, wrecked trucks and cargo containers."

Note: I specifically mentioned ammo depots exploding and burning in the full hypothesis. Fireworks factories have been blowing up lately, and they can be viewed as civilian ammo depots. This truck was a mobile civilian ammo depot. The paper and cardboard used with fireworks, and probably gunpowder itself, are absorbing hydrogen sulfide and/or methane and spontaneously combusting. When cardboard in a dumpster spontaneously combusts then you get a dumpster fire. When cardboard around some fireworks spontaneously combusts in a truck loaded with fireworks then you apparently get some serious devastation, even worse than fuel tanker trucks burning and exploding...

2013-01-31 - Multiple explosions and fire devastate excavation company in Dillsburg (Pennsylvania), 2 injured:

Quote: "Inside the garage, where vehicles for the excavation and paving company were maintained, were two 55-gallon drums of oil."

Quote: "Jenn Day, an administrative assistant with the family-owned business, said the explosion 'actually shook the building.'"

2013-01-31 - Track fire and power outage shuts down train line in coastal Washington DC, 2000 people stranded, some self-evacuate:

2013-01-31 - Massive explosion and fire destroy car racing shop in Ralls County (Missouri), near Mark Twain Lake:

Quote: "According to reports, there was a massive explosion late Sunday evening at Kuhlmann's Ralls County, Mo. race shop, which is just down the road from his home on Mark Twain Lake."

Quote: "Among the tools, equipment and other historical items destroyed in the fire was Kuhlmann's history-making 1986 Camaro. Kuhlmann became the first doorslammer driver to break the 200-mph barrier in the 1/4-mile when he ran 202.84 mph at the IHRA Winter Nationals in 1987. It was a car Kuhlmann had built himself and was in the process of restoring before the fire."

2013-01-31 - Lobster boat bursts into flame in Scituate Harbor near Scituate (Massachusetts), totally destroyed:

2013-01-31 - Boat bursts into flame at Beeston Marina in Beeston (Britain), 1 injured:

2013-01-31 - Tanker truck bursts into flame on US 41 near Port Sutton (Florida):

2013-01-31 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the New England Highway south of Warwick (Australia):

2013-01-31 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-40 in Albuquerque (New Mexico):

2013-01-31 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-40 in Hickman County (Tennessee):

2013-01-31 - Semi bursts into flame at truck stop in Vivian (South Dakota):

2013-01-31 - Dump truck bursts into flame on US 183 south of Gonzales (Texas):

2013-01-31 - Truck bursts into flame on the Keppel Bay Bridge in coastal Singapore:

2013-01-31 - School bus bursts into flame in suburb of Houston (Texas), 18 children sent to the hospital:

2013-01-31 - RV bursts into flame at RV park in Florence (Arizona), 1 killed, 1 seriously burned:

2013-01-31 - Car bursts into flame on State Route 410 in Bonney Lake (Washington):

2013-01-31 - Car bursts into flame at intersection in coastal Costa Mesa (California):

2013-01-31 - Car bursts into flame on 10th Street in Faribault (Minnesota):

2013-01-31 - Car bursts into flame at home in coastal Manhasset (New York), on Long Island, fire spreads to garage:

2013-01-31 - Car bursts into flame in parking lot in Aberdeen (South Dakota):,0,3242996.story

2013-01-31 - Vehicle bursts into flame on I-485 in Charlotte (North Carolina):

2013-01-31 - Jeep and barn destroyed by fire on High Street in Spofford (New Hampshire):

2013-01-31 - Vehicles and barn hit by fire on Exmouth Road in Exton (Britain):

2013-01-31 - Industrial generator bursts into flame at Hormel facility in Austin (Texas):

2013-01-31 - Sanding machine bursts into flame at wood flooring company in Weston (Wisconsin), $1 million damages:

Note: Sanders use friction, which means heat, just as with all the vehicular fires involving brakes and tires, and wood itself is an absorbent material and is absorbing hydrogen sulfide and/or methane. That's gonna cause problems, like fires...

2013-01-31 - Major fire erupts at junkyard in Opa-Locka (Florida), 5 miles from the coast:

2013-01-31 - Barn destroyed by fire in Ebhausen (Germany), 80+ camels killed:

Quote: "Police estimated that the blaze resulted in damages of between Euro 1 to Euro 2 million euros."

Note: That's right, I said camels, in Germany...

2013-01-31 - Barn destroyed by fire in Prairie (Indiana):

2013-01-31 - Transformer bursts into flame along US 19 near Cypress Pond Road in Pinellas County (Florida):

2013-01-31 - Transformer explodes on Cotton Street in Connellys Springs (North Carolina), power lost to some:

2013-01-31 - Fire erupts at Cottonwood Hot Springs Inn and Spa in Buena Vista (Colorado):

2013-01-31 - Fire destroys furniture store near Harrogate (Britain):

Note: And yet another wood-related fire. Also, Harrogate is a tourist destination known for its spa waters...

2013-01-31 - Home destroyed by fire in Boyes Hot Springs (California):

2013-01-31 - Fire breaks out at Timbers of Shorewood retirement center on River Road in Shorewood (Illinois):

2013-01-31 - Home destroyed by fire in Saddle Brook (New Jersey):

Quote: "Officials have yet to determine the cause, but it appears the fire started in the utility room when the flame underneath the hot water tank ignited."

Note: Hydrogen sulfide is a heavier-than-air gas, so it will pool near floors and flow to the lowest level of a building once it's infiltrated the structure, which is where water heaters and their pilot lights are generally located. Sounds like some gas got in this house, found its way to the water heater's pilot light, which ignited the gas and then the fire spread from there.

Also, hydrogen sulfide is at least sometimes infiltrating buildings via the water supply; it is a water-soluble gas. This was proven when a library was shut down in Columbus (Ohio) because of hydrogen sulfide that had gotten into the building via water, as mentioned in the 2012-11-29 update. Here's a quote from that story: ""The letter said the company believes the sources of the odor is the water elevator sump pit that 'may be serving as a conduit for contamination in shallow ground water to enter the indoor environment.'"

So, the basic water-infiltration and fire scenario is this: the water supply gets contaminated. (Many urban water supplies come from outdoor reservoirs, for example.) Water then flows into a building via water pipes, gets to the water heater, gets warmed up, and the heat evaporates out some of the hydrogen sulfide into the surrounding air, where it then accumulates until something (like the pilot light) ignites it or something which has absorbed the gas (clothes, wood, cardboard, paper, etc) spontaneously combusts, and then you have a fire, possibly an explosion too.

2013-01-31 - Home catches fire in Creek County (Oklahoma), near Bristow, man burned as he flees:

2013-01-31 - Home and half a hotel destroyed by fire, another home damaged, in coastal Surf City (North Carolina):

Note: Look at this place on Google Maps or whatever; you don't get any more coastal than that without becoming an island...

2013-01-31 - Vacant office space burns on the west side in coastal Los Angeles (California):

2013-01-31 - Vacant home burns in northwest Las Vegas (Nevada):

2013-01-31 - Vacant house burns in Middletown (Kentucky):

2013-01-31 - Vacant home burns in Sandston (Virginia):

2013-01-31 - Vacant house destroyed by fire in Enos Park neighborhood in Springfield (Missouri):

2013-01-31 - Vacant home destroyed by fire in Sunrise (Florida):

2013-01-31 - Vacant house burns in East Spencer (North Carolina):

2013-01-31 - Vacant home burns in Buffalo (New York), near Lake Erie:

2013-01-31 - Vacant warehouse catches fire in East Asheville (North Carolina):

B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.

2013-01-31 - Massive number of fish washing up dead on the shore of Lake Burrinjuck (Australia):

Quote: "Liz Richardson from Good Hope Tourist Resort said the amount of dead fish was 'unbelievable'. 'Every type of fish,' she said. 'Lots of baby fish, lots of small cod.' Around eight kilometres of shoreline, downstream of Taemas Bridge and past Good Hope, was littered with fish carcasses."

Note: Baby fish are smaller than adult fish and thus more susceptible to hydrogen sulfide poisoning...

2013-01-31 - Coral reefs around South Florida experiencing alarming decline:,0,5951241.story

D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.

2013-01-31 - Man, 54, goes to walk dog, next seen dead in pond in Avon (Ohio):

2013-01-31 - Young man, 18 or 19, found dead in park in Totterdown (Britain), near the River Avon:

2013-01-31 - Missing man, 55, found dead in canal in coastal Broadbeach (Australia), on the Gold Coast:

2013-01-31 - Man found floating dead in Pierre Part Bay in Pierre Part (Louisiana):

Quote: "Officials believe the man was unloading groceries when he may have had a medical problem and fell in the water."

2013-01-31 - Man in his 40s found dead in RV at Roebuck Bay Caravan Park in coastal Broome (Australia):

2013-01-31 - Man, 38, found dead in minivan in parking lot in Jersey City (New Jersey):

2013-01-31 - Man found dead in boating pond in coastal Thurso (Scotland):

2013-01-31 - Man, 57, found dead in field near his mud-stuck truck in Frenchtown Township (Ohio):

2013-01-31 - Man, 21, found dead near intersection in coastal Anchorage (Alaska):

2013-01-31 - Man, 72, found floating dead in the water near the Mahaffey Theater in coastal St. Petersburg (Florida):

2013-01-31 - Man found dead in motel in Monroeville (Pennsylvania):

E. More unusual vehicular accidents.

2013-01-31 - Pilot loses consciousness, passenger plane makes emergency landing in Portland (Oregon):

Quote: "The Boeing 737-700 was carrying 116 passengers and five crew members and it's unclear if the passengers were told the pilot had passed out."

2013-01-31 - Four crew members sicken from 'fumes', passenger plane makes emergency landing in coastal Boston (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Fumes made the pilot, co-pilot and two flight attendants ill, sources said. Nevertheless, pilot Luis Montavo, 44, was able to land the aircraft, an Embraer 190."

Note: What happens when both the pilot AND copilot lose consciousness or die? Clearly that is now a possibility...

2013-01-31 - Commercial plane makes emergency landing in Evansville (Indiana), smoke in the cockpit:

Quote: "The passenger told us that everyone was calm, but he and his mother smelled something funny moments before the pilot told them they would have to make an emergency landing."

2013-01-31 - Passenger plane evacuated at airport in coastal Boston (Massachusetts), hot brakes blow tire:

Quote: "According to passenger Kevin Davis, the aircraft was headed back to the terminal, when a wheel locked up and caught fire.  Davis said passengers could see flames in the wheel well and smell smoke in the cabin."

Quote: "One of the brake rotors overheated, popped a tire, and hydraulic fuel got on it..."

Note: Tires are absorbing hydrogen sulfide and/or methane, rubber being semi-absorbent. Then when brakes are applied, the brake friction is burning hotter than it normally would (hydrogen sulfide burns particularly hot), then bad things happen: tires ignite or explode, brakes themselves ignite, power steering lines or hydraulic lines might burn through and vehicles then may lose control and overturn, vehicles themselves may just burn up entirely. You can see from images with a fair number of the vehicular fires involving vehicles in motion that the fire starts in the wheel wells...

2013-01-31 - Ultralight crashes at beach near coastal Westport (New Zealand), 2 killed:

2013-01-31 - Two trains collide near Pretoria (South Africa), around 20 people injured:

2013-01-31 - Tractor trailer overturns on I-95 ramp in Fredericksburg (Virginia):

2013-01-31 - Tractor trailer overturns on I-79 in North Strabane Township (Pennsylvania):

2013-01-31 - Tractor trailer hauling live chickens overturns Bridge Point Road by Casar (North Carolina), about 1000 chickens killed:

2013-01-31 - Box truck and 2 cars crash on Route 35 near Lakewood Road (Florida), near the coast, 3 injured:

2013-01-31 - Dump truck and 2 cars crash on Route 539 near East Mill Stream Road in Plumsted (New Jersey), 2 injured:

2013-01-31 - Box truck veers over centerline, hits van head-on, in Blairstown Township (Pennsylvania), 3 injured:

Quote: "The truck's driver appeared to have been suffering from a medical condition prior to the crash..."

2013-01-31 - Dump truck overturns on Highway 701 in coastal Myrtle Beach (South Carolina):

2013-01-31 - Pickup and SUV collide head-on, in coastal Harrison County (Mississippi), 4 injured:

2013-01-31 - Pickup and minivan collide head-on, in Woodway (Texas), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2013-01-31 - Car veers over centerline, hits bus head-on, in Eden (New York), 4 injured:

2013-01-31 - Car hits bus, bus bursts into flame, in Lincoln (Nebraska):

2013-01-31 - Car veers over centerline, hits pickup head-on, on US 93 in Wickenburg (Arizona), 1 injured:

2013-01-31 - Two cars collide head-on, on the A53 in Baldwins Gate (Britain), 1 injured:

2013-01-31 - Car rear-ends school bus, bursts into flame, on Smiley Road in O'Fallon (Illinois):

2013-01-31 - Car veers off road, hits pole, bursts into flame, in coastal Wilson (Australia), 1 injured:

'Zombie' Files:

2013-01-31 - Woman runs around, kicks people in the genitals on the street, punches deputy, in coastal Manatee County (Florida):

Note: Well, that's just...nuts.

Other Stories Of Interest:

2013-01-31 - Freak hailstorm rains down veritable boulders on villages in India, 9 people killed:

Note: A proposed explanation for these freak hailstorms is in the full hypothesis...

2013-01-31 - NASA sends two specially-equipped planes along the West Coast to track air pollution:

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