Monday, January 14, 2013

Event Update For 2013-01-13

Link to full hypothesis:

Summary of Hypothesis:
The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.


A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Recent Events Matching Predictions:

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.

2013-01-13 - More mysterious explosion sounds heard, this time in Trumbull County (Ohio):

Note: That area is not far from Lake Erie, which has had a dead zone problem for years. These explosions are probably hydrogen sulfide and/or methane plumes of good size in the atmosphere finding an ignition source and detonating. The ignition source could be many things: rusted iron, copper, barbecue grill, lightning, static electricity, brake friction, a pilot light, a cigarette, vehicles (even not running), fire of any kind, etc.

2013-01-13 - Church explodes and burns, totally destroyed, in the Town of Grant (Wisconsin):

Quote: "For the past 99 years, St. John's Popple Creek has been a big part of people's lives in the area."

2013-01-13 - Home explodes and burns in Wurtulla (Australia) on the Sunshine Coast, 1 killed:

Quote: "Neighbours called triple 0 about 11.30am Sunday after hearing a loud explosion at the Piringa St, Wurtulla home."

2013-01-13 - RV explodes and burns in Keyes (California), fire spreads to nearby car and big rig, 2 injured:

2013-01-13 - Ship bursts into flame at shipyard in coastal Alang (India):

2013-01-13 - Two fuel tanker trucks burst into flame during routine fuel exchange, in San Antonio (Texas):

2013-01-13 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-84 in Canyon County (Idaho):

2013-01-13 - Box truck bursts into flame on the Monash Freeway in coastal Melbourne (Australia):

2013-01-13 - Truck bursts into flame on interstate in Clay County (Indiana):

2013-01-13 - Camper-van bursts into flame in Chard (Britain):

2013-01-13 - Van bursts into flame on Route 33 in Lower Nazareth (Pennsylvania):

2013-01-13 - Van bursts into flame on I-95 in coastal Rye (New York):

2013-01-13 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on flatbed truck inside auto dealership in Wilkes-Barre (Pennsylvania):

2013-01-13 - Car bursts into flame inside carport at home in coastal Yachats (Oregon):

2013-01-13 - Car bursts into flame in parking lot outside fitness club in Newbury (Britain):

2013-01-13 - Car bursts into flame on Snake Road in Bamford (Britain):

2013-01-13 - Car bursts into flame on Bradway Road in Bradway (Britain):

2013-01-13 - Fuel tanker trailer bursts into flame, explodes, on I-15 in Juab County (Utah):

2013-01-13 - Car and five shops destroyed by fire in Tarkwa (Ghana):

2013-01-13 - Empty fuel tank explodes in maintenance shop in coastal Abu Dhabi (UAE), 2 killed:

2013-01-13 - Explosion occurs beneath freight train in Podsuded, Zagreb (Croatia):

2013-01-13 - Large barn burns to the ground in Attica (New York):

Quote: "The owner was not home at the time of the fire, but said there was hay and some equipment inside."

2013-01-13 - Barn destroyed by fire in Glenmore (Wisconsin):

Note: Barns are probably going up in flames for a number of reasons: 1) they are frequently made of wood and wood is spontaneously combusting; 2) they frequently contain hay and hay is spontaneously combusting; 3) they are often not very air-tight at all and thus are inherently more vulnerable to gas infiltration; 4) they may have wiring in them, made of copper, for lights or whatnot, and copper is reactive with hydrogen sulfide; 5) they often are used to store combustion-engine-powered devices like tractors, skid loaders, bailers, generators, etc., and those are spontaneously combusting. The result is a rising number of barns going up in flames, Barnmageddon...

2013-01-13 - Trailer bursts into flame, fire spreads to barn, both destroyed, in Blackhawk (Illinois):

2013-01-13 - Fire erupts at packaging business in Fort Wayne (Indiana):

2013-01-13 - Six fires erupt along the Murrumbidgee River in Wagga Wagga (Australia):

Note: They're wanting to blame 'arsonists', but nobody saw anyone, there's no motive, no evidence of a person being involved. They just can't comprehend that as the atmosphere fills will flammable gases, things are spontaneously combusting. They'll catch on eventually, maybe even before most of us burn to death or drop dead from poisoning...

2013-01-13 - Massive fire tears through apartment building in coastal Dorchester (Massachusetts), 2 injured, 16 homeless:

Quote: "Officials said that the building in Sunday’s fire is attached to another six-family duplex that had a multi-alarm fire about a year ago. That building has been vacant and boarded since then."

Note: Doesn't sound like a particularly good area to live in for people who don't wanna be burned out of their residences...

2013-01-13 - Home catches fire in Pearl River (Louisiana) in coastal St. Tammany Parish:

2013-01-13 - Vacant funeral home burns in Sierra Vista (Arizona):

2013-01-13 - Vacant auto shop burns in Dunlap (Tennessee):

D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.

2013-01-13 - Woman, 30-40, found dead in the Blackstone River in Pawtucket (Rhode Island):

2013-01-13 - Woman found dead in the River Severn near Shrewsbury (Britain):

2013-01-13 - Man in his 50s drops dead in woods off East Parham Road in Henrico County (Virginia):

2013-01-13 - Missing duck hunter, 26, found dead in Coinjock Bay (North Carolina):

2013-01-13 - Missing kayaker found dead in Queens Creek near Halls Creek in Swansboro (North Carolina):

2013-01-13 - Man in his 50s falls unconscious and dies in room at Sea Breeze Hotel in coastal Lautoka (Fiji):

2013-01-13 - Man, 56, drops dead at hospital in Ystrad Mynach (Britain):

2013-01-13 - Man found dead in Bayou Manchac in East Baton Rouge Parish (Louisiana):

2013-01-13 - Employee drops dead at Min Kao building at University of Tennessee in Knoxville (Tennessee):

2013-01-13 - Man, 23, found dead near his vehicle in Spearfish (South Dakota):

E. More unusual vehicular accidents.

2013-01-13 - Small plane crashes into the Croatan Sound near Manteo (North Carolina), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2013-01-13 - Small plane crashes in Dover (Delaware), 5 miles from the East Coast, 1 killed:

2013-01-13 - Small plane crashes into field shortly after takeoff, in coastal Pattaya (Thailand):

2013-01-13 - Tractor trailer overturns in Dothan (Alabama):

2013-01-13 - Truck veers off road, hits vendors and parked truck in Mpulungu (Zambia), 6 killed, 16 seriously injured:

Note: Mpulungu is a port town right on the southern shore of Lake Tanganyika...

2013-01-13 - Mini-bus hits transit bus on highway in Chithode (India), 6 killed, 16 injured:

2013-01-13 - SUV slams into home in Godfrey (Illinois), near the Mississippi River, 1 killed:

2013-01-13 - SUV crashes into auto body shop in Charlottesville (Virginia):

2013-01-13 - Car veers over centerline, hits SUV head-on, in Omaha (Nebraska), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2013-01-13 - Car veers over centerline, hits car head-on, in Chicago (Illinois), near Lake Michigan, 2 killed, 1 injured:

2013-01-13 - Vehicle veers off road, slams two cars and light pole, bursts into flame, in coastal Tacoma (Washington), 1 killed:

Other Stories Of Interest:

2013-01-13 - China hardens Beijing subways against nuclear, gas attacks:

Note: That's probably not precisely what they're doing. They're hardening the subways against explosions (caused by flammable hydrogen sulfide and methane permeating the atmosphere) and poisonous hydrogen sulfide. It would look exactly the same, but this way they can do what they're doing and just look paranoid, without alerting the world to what's actually going on. And they just quadrupled rice imports in China for no apparent reason as well, as mentioned in the 2013-01-11 update. Well, this extinction event is going to seriously devastate the biosphere, which means radically less food, so they're stocking up while they can...


  1. with this recent info it looks more & more like the deaths could have been caused by hydrogen sulfide. McFarland is right on Lake Waubesa

    'Couple who died in car fire didn't try to get out'

    MCFARLAND, Wis. (AP) -- McFarland's police chief says the couple found dead in a burned out car early New Year's Day never attempted to get out of the vehicle.

    Chief Craig Sherven says that indicates the couple may have been asleep or unconscious as fire burned the car. The deaths of 24-year-old Brandon Slattery and 21-year-old Amy Damon, both of Edgerton, have been ruled accidental.

    Sherven says there's no indication of foul play. The chief tells the State Journal both Slattery and Damon appeared to have been sitting in the front seats.

    Funeral services for the two were held Monday.

    1. Thanks for the info! Didn't know it was right on Lake Waubesa. I didn't even look for nearby waters for that one, because the event itself was so suspicious. And ASLEEP? Uh, sure, whatever they say. But I'm pretty sure the first touch of flame would wake anybody up if they were merely sleeping. They had to be unconscious or dead before the fire got to them, which is a good thing: more merciful that way. You might not be surprised to know that some of these stories give me nightmares!

    2. I've lived in Madison (now in Oshkosh) most of my life & my Uncle & Aunt lived in McFarland. Another reason for the young couple to be unconscious before burning to death would have been carbon monoxide poisoning (first they die from it then after the car has been running for quite awhile it overheats & fire breaks out) & it is possible the car had a bad catalytic converter that eventually got red-hot (or wiring that overheated, melted the plastic insulation & shorted) & started on fire but I admit that would be rare. Usually when they find people dead in their cars from carbon monoxide poisoning the vehicle is still running or has ran out of gas. Since it was Winter the windows would have been closed so hydrogen sulfide would have had a harder time entering the car. I'll try to find out if autopsies were done & if traces of carbon monoxide were found. If not then it may very well have been caused by hydrogen sulfide. All of the repetitive incidents that your are reporting are amazing & there is obviously something to it. I monitor your site daily & I'm seeing an increase of incidents in WI. I live a few blocks from Lake Winnebago so I'm very cautious now. I just started running a fan in my basement 24/7 to keep the air circulating. Thanks for being ahead of the pack on this & keeping us informed. Have you heard the Dane Wigington interviews & speeches? also has some good articles.

    3. I found some more info. It does not look like the deaths were caused by carbon monoxide but this incident is so far very mysterious.
      from WMTV:
      UPDATED: Friday, January 4, 2013 --- 6:30 p.m.
      Reporter: Phil Levin

      McFarland Police have pieced together a timeline of the events that led to a fatal car fire that claimed the lives of an engaged couple early New Years Day.

      Amy Damon and Brandon Slattery were killed when the car they were driving burst into flames while they were inside at about 5 a.m. Tuesday.

      McFarland Police Chief Craig Sherven says the couple drove to the party with a friend in his car from Edgerton. They planned to all return in that friend's car, but early Tuesday morning the friend gave them permission to drive off without him. Less than two blocks from the gathering the couple pulled over for an unknown reason.
      The county coroner and fire marshals are still working on autopsies and an examination of the car, a late 1990's Pontiac, but results are not expected for at least another week. There are several recalls for cars matching that description, some involving electrical systems and starters, but there is no word yet if the fire was caused by a car malfunction.
      Police say their investigation has also not revealed any signs of foul play or excessive alcohol use. They say there were only about ten people at the party, and no conflicts."

      from McFarland newspaper:
      "Police chief Craig Sherven said the Pontiac the couple was found in belonged to an acquaintance of Damon and Slattery. The investigation has found the victims traveled to McFarland with the owner of the vehicle to attend a gathering.
      “They had intended to return to Edgerton with the vehicle owner at the conclusion of the gathering,” she said. “The vehicle owner opted to remain in McFarland and allow the victims to return to Edgerton in his vehicle.”
      It is unknown at this time what part of the vehicle started on fire and why the car was pulled over on the side of the road."

    4. I'd never heard of Dane Wigington, but I have now. I see what he's saying, about chemtrails. That was one of the clues I followed myself, once I started seeing giant grids in the sky. My question was: why would we do such a huge thing, with possibly devastating human health consequences? Ultimately I came to the conclusion that we'd do it only to help mitigate or prevent something EVEN WORSE. Also, the grid pattern itself - ever look at the screen on your microwave? It's a grid pattern, which helps block radiation, so it became obvious that that is what we were doing...but why, what could have happened that we'd suddenly need such protection? So clue by clue, step by step, I made my way here, to the hydrogen sulfide problem (eating away the ozone layer, destroying the biosphere) and eventually the methane problem.

      You're wise to watch your local area closely. I watch mine closely too, and there's certainly been an escalation in fires, explosions, people mysteriously dying where the 'official story' doesn't make much sense if you look closely. In fact, I've had three friends, all in their 40s, no health issues, drop dead, and a fourth friend is now having neurological seizures after taking lots of walks outside.

      And you're right, it is winter, so yes, the windows were surely up in that car. But I would bet that their heater was running, and that air has to come from somewhere, can't just recycle the inside air forever, or there'd be oxygen loss, so it must take air from outside the driving compartment - from the engine compartment? And the engine compartment is no better sealed in the winter than in the summer. Anything that moves air around is a potential danger now: heating systems, air conditioners, etc. Remember that duct fire at the State Department? More air-circulation stuff there too, involving another fire...

    5. I am also having health problems & I've lost close to 25% of my body weight (including muscle mass & adipose tissue) since last year (I'd been 30-40 pounds over-weight for decades & needed to trim down anyway!) without really trying that hard (I had cut way down on certain carbs like bread) but I was suspicious of the Fukushima radiation & also the intense UV rays plus I'll be 60 this summer so I have age related health problems like prostate cancer symptoms. I felt much better in the Spring & made many plans to work on the exterior of my house but after a month or two of working outside my health started going downhill (felt lethargic, exhausted, run-down, irritable, couldn't think straight, etc.) so I spent most of the Summer lying down & resting. For the first time in my life my vision was blurry this past Summer (for at least a month or so) similar to having ones eyes dilated for a vision test. The intense Summer heat & humidity (which I never could tolerate well) was a big part of the problem but it was the worst that I've ever felt in my life & I still haven't fully recovered from it & felt as good as I did in the Spring.

      Good point about the heater needing outside air. Whatever happened to them happened quickly because they pulled off to the side of the road less than two blocks from the house they just left. Would the coroner need to do special testing for hydrogen sulfide poisoning or would it be discovered routinely?

      I just did a quick google of the words 'hydrogen sulfide autopsy' & found out that H2S suicides are on the increase which I was not aware of & I'm very surprised by this fact.

    6. Well, first, accept that 'they' are hiding this, because it's so scary. That means that they'd want to co-opt the MEs and coroners, maybe cops too, as best they can. Offer them bunker space or whatever. So, I wouldn't be too incredibly trusting on autopsy results, not at this point in time.

      So, even if they DO find H2S, would they ever tell you that? I have my doubts. But there is actually a problem with H2S, even if you have an honest ME/coroner, and that is that H2S degrades in the human body rapidly, so unless the autopsy is done within 6-8 hours of exposure, then they would find only some elevated levels of sulfates in the urine and such, and there could be many innocuous causes for that other than hydrogen sulfide. And hydrogen sulfide poisoning isn't even something an ME or coroner would look for, generally speaking, unless the bodies were septic or oil workers or something like that (where hydrogen sulfide exposure is a possibility even in 'normal times'). And a lot of these bodies are found long after the exposure that killed them, and even when they find the corpses early enough, the bodies probably sit around for 6-8 hours - or days - before anyone gets to it.

      The 'suicides' by H2S - I have my doubts that those are suicides too. I think that very idea was purposely planted a few years ago, knowing that this was going to be happening, so they'd have a ready-made excuse. Throw a warning placard on a car, tada, mystery solved. SOME of them may be suicides, because you CAN mix up H2S without much difficulty, but I would bet anything that a lot of those deaths are not suicides.

      Remember Andrew Breitbart? He dropped dead outside a building on the West Coast, just fell to the ground, instantly dead. (That's a sign of a 'knockdown agent' there.) I HIGHLY suspect that was hydrogen sulfide. And he apparently DID have an honest coroner. What happened to the coroner? He died too! That coroner had NO IDEA that he might be dealing with a lethal chemical like hydrogen sulfide, which had probably gotten into Breitbart's clothes. So he went to undress Breitbart and get to the autopsy and he got exposed himself, and it killed him too, via secondary exposure. (First responders, when they know they're dealing with hydrogen sulfide, always remove clothes from people for that reason.)

      Your symptoms - got any others? How about insomnia? The fading ozone layer is making the Sun look more fiercely white, more UV. The human body produces less melatonin under blue light than under the old more-yellow Sun. Lack of melatonin can cause health problems all by itself: insomnia and immune system problems being a couple. Look up melatonin on Wiki - might wanna give it a try. It's an over-the-counter dietary supplement, not any kind of hard drug. I started taking it right before bed and I sleep better now, and haven't gotten sick since I began. Also helps with Parkinson's, which is to say, it helps with neurological problems, and hydrogen sulfide is neurotoxic, and melatonin also helps mitigate radiation damage to DNA/RNA. It also apparently has anti-aging properties.

    7. There is a recent interview with Dane Wigington that was done by Madison Ruppert on the End The Lie radio show which can be heard (it is episode 42) at the EndtheLie YT channel. During this interview Dane discusses methane hydrate releases being an extremely serious concern & one of the end results of the chemtrailing which he says has been possibly going on for close to half a century.

      The glare of the 'White Sun' (usually from the windows of vehicles) can be so blinding to me that more & more I'll need to wear two pairs of sunglasses to be able to drive safely. Maybe I should keep some welder's goggles in my car!

      BTW, there is an interesting interview with Emily Cragg (at the roxy777lopez777 YT channel) & she claims that Earth now has a different Sun. There is also an interesting interview (at the same channel) with Emily about the Moon.

      The RealWorldReport at YT has a link to the Wigington interview so that is how I first found out about it. I searched the name of your blog in the YT search engine and her channel came up. I told her about your blog but she may have already been aware of it.
      Wigington also has a blog & I emailed him to mention your blog.

      Considering that 3 of your healthy friends have died prematurely (were autopsies done?) & another having health problems do you live near a coast?

      I remember Melatonin being big in the 90's but then the excitement subsided. I was regularly using it back then when I did have problems sleeping but nowadays I have just the opposite problem. I had a very severe concussion in 2003 & one of the long-term symptoms is mental fatigue so now I regularly take supplements to help me stay awake. I switched to Green Tea instead of coffee which is very acidic & my brain is very sensitive to too much caffeine and the late afternoon/early evening brain crash can be intense not to mention all of the acid reflux.

      That is a good point about the H2S warning placards being placed in the windows of cars because in my opinion that really isn't typical pre-suicide behavior & the fact that they are committing suicide using H2S is extremely untypical in itself unless it being done by a chem student or chemist.

      I wanted to mention Scientist Ann Morrison who is a regular contributor (on Fridays) to the Dr. Deagle (Earth Preparedness Hour) & John Moore radio shows. I first heard about methane clathrate & hydrogen sulfide warnings from her. Ann was one of the first to start making the public aware of the dangers of this & others so I strongly recommend that people listen to what she has to say but you'll need to weed out her commentary especially with Deagle who is very talkative.

    8. Well, let me start here by pointing you to an older theory of mine, called MISA Theory which I posted on Christmas Day 2010:

      Two years later, one of the best university geology departments on the planet corroborated MISA Theory, though they did so in backwards-looking fashion, whereas I was more concerned with the present:

      So you see what MISA Theory says? As the ice on land melts, it turns to water, which flows to the oceans, which puts pressure on the thin oceanic plates and squeezes them with vast amounts of extra mass, causing more quakes and volcanic eruptions, especially in and around the oceans. That this is happening is self-evident at this point; every day or two we read about a new volcanic eruption.

      I don't agree with Dane Wigington on the chemtrails causing the methane hydrate releases. On the contrary, they were to shield the ice from melting. That's why the grid patterns, to block solar radiation. Here's a link to an interview with a purported chemtrail scientist:

      That interview gave me some good clues. I found that guy - went by the name 'Deep Shield' - to be very credible. I don't think he'd put ALL the pieces together himself, but he knew about protecting us from 'UV Summer'. He didn't understand why that was SO incredibly important though, or if he did he wasn't saying.

      So, here's how these extinction events seem to happen: the ice melts, the mass gets to the oceans, the volcanoes erupt, the volcanic eruptions heat up the waters and melt the methane hydrate deposits and make the oceans more anoxic which makes the bacteria which produce hydrogen sulfide reassert their dominance, and consequently most life on Earth dies. Like a global reset switch. So, I firmly believe that the chemtrails were/are an attempt to slow the ice melting (and probably protect our crops and DNA from the increasing UV levels). However, they are certainly not good for us. Metallic nanoparticles all over the environment, getting into everything, including our bodies? Obviously not good.

      I didn't realize all of this when I wrote MISA Theory. I was actually more concerned with volcanic winter, hadn't fully thought through what the resulting oceanic volcanic eruptions would do in terms of the methane and hydrogen sulfide releases.

      RealWorldReport knows about my hypothesis/blog. She's got a link to me, and I have thanked her for her work, seeing as I'm just one guy and can't find every explosion, so when others keep their eyes open and stay alert about such things, like her, it definitely helps!

      I don't think we have a different Sun; we're just looking at it through a different atmosphere, so it certainly does LOOK different. If you mean, do we have ANOTHER Sun, a small and dark and cool Sun, a binary companion for our traditional Sun, I could make a VERY strong case for that.

      My three friends who dropped dead, the explanations were 'heart attack', 'aneurism' and 'natural causes'. Well, hydrogen sulfide could be - and I think was - behind all of those three explanations. It can cause exploded blood vessels and thus brain aneurisms, and it can stop hearts. I'm not on a coast, but I am dead center of the Mississippi River Valley, and those three friends were the three that lived closest to the Mississippi River. (I'm a bit farther away and on a hill.)

      I've heard the name Ann Morrison, but that's all I know. I'll check her out if I can find some time.

      Also, thanks for your comments and for being an intelligent and observant person. I enjoy talking with people like you. Makes me feel like there's some hope for mankind if there are still people like you out there, paying attention, thinking for yourself.

    9. Your MISA theory is similar to the Post Glacial Rebound Effect theory of Scott Owen (his YT channel is: believersunderground). I have been studying his research (& the research of others) since the Spring of 2010 when I started looking into the reason why my favorite time of year, Spring, was so miserable & Nuclear Winterish (appropriate because the Fukushima disaster had just taken place). I googled 'Nuclear Winter' & the first person I came across was Dr. Leuren Moret (former Livermore Lab employee & whistleblower) who is an expert on radiation. There are many YT videos featuring her & I strongly recommend that people listen to them.

      Scott Owen is a very brilliant & unique individual who with the help of speed reading started college at the age of 12 (& he is from East L.A.!). He is very eccentric & could be passed off as Tommy Chong's genius brother. Scott is a rare Biblical Domino Scientist & also an ordained Pastor. According to Scott's research, the root cause for the ice masses melting is radioactive particles embedded deeply in the ice which started with the first nuclear test. He claims that the added enormous water-weight is causing the ocean's floors to compress thus pushing out magma. It is best if you go watch his videos & get it directly from him. You and Scott have been warning people for years but few will listen & this is a commonplace occurrence as history has proven. The bulk of the human population usually doesn't take heed of warnings because they just don't know any better & also because of herd mentality. The intellectually astute & curious who realize that something is drastically wrong (like you, Scott, me & others) are in a very small minority & this is obviously very unfortunate. I've tried warning my family members but I just get the brush-off so I quit doing it & I've heard many other 'roof-top-yellers' say the same thing. Most people have become detached from their basic survival instincts. A classic example is the tsunami a few years ago which killed around 250K people. None of the area's Natives died because they were still acutely attuned to their instincts & went to higher ground prior to the tsunami & these are the types of people who stand the best chance of surviving the current & future disasters. The Earth has been 'speaking' to us for some time now & people like you & Scott are ahead of the pack in 'hearing' what the Earth is saying & then warning others. The general population is too busy watching TV or having sex (or thinking about sex!).

      To be continued. I need to take a break.