Monday, July 19, 2021

Event Update For 2021-07-18

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Variety Pack

2021-07-18 - Megafire grows to nearly 300,000 acres in Klamath County (Oregon):

2021-07-18 - Megafire grows to 104,000 acres near the Snake River south of Lewiston (Idaho):

2021-07-18 - Wildfire explodes in size to more than 20,000 acres south of Lake Tahoe (California):

2021-07-18 - Massive wildfires grow by 247,000 acres in Siberia (Russia), smoke closes airports in Yakutsk:

Quote: "Smoke from the fires covered 51 towns, settlements and cities in the region, including the capital Yakutsk, forcing authorities to suspend all flights in and out of the city. 'We can't see each other because of the smoke, our eyes are burning and overall the smoke is very dangerous for the health of us villagers,' said Vasiliy Krivoshapkin, resident of Magaras."

2021-07-18 - Increasingly devastating wildfires causing fear among residents of Siberia (Russia):

Quote: "Last year, wildfires scorched more than 60,000 square miles of forest and tundra, an area the size of Florida. That is more than four times the area that burned in the United States during its devastating 2020 fire season. This year, more than 30,000 square miles have already burned in Russia, according to government statistics, with the region only two weeks into its peak fire season."

2021-07-18 - Boat, pickup truck, trailers and fire station destroyed by fire in St. Anne (Illinois):

Quote: "Damage was estimated between $750,000 and $1 million, Douglas said. The building is a total loss."

Quote: "Lost in the fire were the department’s duty pickup, rehab trailer and water rescue trailer, jon boat and its equipment, spare hoses and spare gear."

2021-07-18 - Boat bursts into flame in coastal Tampa Bay (Florida):

2021-07-18 - Boat and home destroyed by fire in Citronelle (Alabama), nobody there:

Quote: "Chief Simonson said they believe the fire started in the garage where a boat was stored and gasoline in the boat likely fueled the fire."

2021-07-18 - Boat bursts into flame on Lough Derg (Ireland):

Note: These are the 484th, 485th, 486th and 487th boats/ships to burn/explode in 2021...

2021-07-18 - Passenger bus bursts into flame on highway near Dej (Romania):

Note: This is the 255th bus to burn in 2021...

2021-07-18 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-95 in coastal Fort Pierce (Florida):

2021-07-18 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on Highway 789 near Lander (Wyoming):

2021-07-18 - Tractor bursts into flame in Bicknoller (Britain):

Note: These are the 1453rd, 1454th and 1455th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2021...

2021-07-18 - Garbage truck bursts into flame at waste facility in Cape Girardeau (Missouri):

2021-07-18 - RV bursts into flame on I-10 near Picacho Peak State Park (Arizona):

Note: This is the 287th RV to burn in 2021...

2021-07-18 - Van bursts into flame on the M5 near Wellington (Britain):

2021-07-18 - SUV bursts into flame on Highway 3 west of Spotted Lake (Canada):

2021-07-18 - SUV bursts into flame just after 2 AM on the B3092 near Mere (Britain):

2021-07-18 - Pickup truck bursts into flame, rolls into home and ignites home, on Hanover Avenue NW in Roanoke (Virginia):

2021-07-18 - Car bursts into flame on Uplands Crescent in coastal Swansea (Britain):

2021-07-18 - Car bursts into flame in Drewsteignton (Britain):

2021-07-18 - Vehicle bursts into flame on I-64 in Rockbridge County (Virginia):

2021-07-18 - Vehicle bursts into flame on the A303 near Dorset (Britain):

2021-07-18 - Vehicle bursts into flame on Houndales Lane in Nafferton (Britain):

Quote: "Houndales Lane, Nafferton. Sun 18 Jul 2021 17:00 (No:012978) Small fire in engine compartment of vehicle. Extinguished using one hose reel and small tools."

2021-07-18 - Two vehicles and home destroyed by fire in Franklin (Nebraska):

Quote: "Dorn believes the fire began in the garage. The home and two vehicles were a total loss."

2021-07-18 - Office building heavily damaged by fire at 1 AM at car dealership on SW Military Drive in San Antonio (Texas):

2021-07-18 - Strip mall heavily damaged by fire at 2 AM on Nine Mile Road in Henrico County (Virginia):

2021-07-18 - Home heavily damaged by fire, another home damaged, on Stalls Way in coastal Virginia Beach (Virginia), 1 injured:

2021-07-18 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Elm Street in Kearny (New Jersey), 3 injured:

2021-07-18 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Temple Street in Westbrook (Maine):

2021-07-18 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Pojac Point Road in coastal coastal North Kingstown (Rhode Island):

2021-07-18 - Home heavily damaged by fire just before 2:30 AM on Pine Street in coastal New Haven (Connecticut):

2021-07-18 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Diamond Avenue in Twin Falls (Idaho):

2021-07-18 - Home destroyed by fire at 4 AM on Orcutt Road in Benton City (Washinton), 2 dogs burned, nobody there:

2021-07-18 - Duplex heavily damaged by fire at 5:12 AM on Deane Boulevard in Racine (Wisconsin):

2021-07-18 - Deadly fire destroys mobile home on Jamacha Boulevard in Spring Valley (California), 1 killed:

2021-07-18 - Deadly fire burns home shortly after midnight on Orchard View Drive in Amity Township (Pennsylvania), 2 killed, 1 injured:

2021-07-18 - Vacant home burns on 10th Avenue in Beaver Falls (Pennsylvania):

2021-07-18 - Woman, 51, found dead in swimming pool in coastal New Smyrna Beach (Florida):

2021-07-18 - Man, 40, dies after being pulled from the water at beach on coastal Okaloosa Island (Florida):

2021-07-18 - Man, 73, dies in the water at coastal Playalinda Beach (Florida):

Quote: "According to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, witnesses said the man was standing in the surf when he disappeared underwater and did not resurface."

2021-07-18 - Man, 48, found dead in Big Fresh Pond in the vicinity of Elliston Park on coastal Long Island (New York):

2021-07-18 - Man, 26, drops dead near Coal Creek in Coal Creek Canyon (Colorado):

Quote: "The man found dead Saturday morning in the area of Gross Dam Road and Coal Creek Canyon Drive near Coal Creek was identified by the coroner’s office as Tevin Ford, 26. According to a release, dispatchers were called at 10:15 a.m. Saturday after Ford was found unconscious and not breathing in the 31000 block of Coal Creek Drive. Rescuers from the Coal Creek Fire Department and American Medical Response were first on scene and pronounced the man dead at the scene, the release said. The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release that Ford’s death is not thought to be suspicious."

2021-07-18 - Man, 20, found dead in Earley Lake in Burnsville (Minnesota):

2021-07-18 - Man, 36, found dead in Tenkiller Lake in Cherokee County (Oklahoma):

2021-07-18 - Man, 22, found dead in Keystone Lake (Oklahoma):

2021-07-18 - Young woman found dead in the Barren River in Warren County (Kentucky):

2021-07-18 - Man, 20, dies in swimming hole on the Tuolumne River near Camp Tawonga (California):

2021-07-18 - Man, 28, has 'medical emergency' at jail and dies in Shelby County (Alabama):

2021-07-18 - Man drops dead at home on St. Charles Street in Lafayette (Louisiana):

2021-07-18 - Man, 42, found dead in pond in Norfolk County (Canada):

2021-07-18 - Numerous people die in bodies of water, others missing, all across Britain:

Quote: "A 19-year-old man died after getting into difficulties in a canal at Salford Quays. A teenage girl died in hospital after she was pulled from a lake in Witney, Oxfordshire. In Cumbria, emergency services recovered the body of 16-year-old Mohammad Abdul Hamid from the River Eden in Carlisle. Rescuers in South Yorkshire recovered a man's body from a lake in Crookes Valley Park, Sheffield, just before midnight on Sunday. A man in his 50s was pulled from the River Ouse in York on Sunday after kayakers spotted his body near the Water End Bridge. Fire crews recovered a man's body at a flooded quarry in Derbyshire. Cheshire Police are also searching for a 16-year-old boy over fears he fell into the River Weaver in Frodsham. Meanwhile, searches are continuing for a man in his 30s from London who was seen in Crummock Water in the Lake District, and for a man who was reported as having difficulties in a lake at Pugneys Country Park in Wakefield."

2021-07-18 - Two sailors, 26 and 48, have difficulty breathing on tanker ship near coastal Galveston (Texas):

Quote: "The U.S. Coast Guard on Sunday medevaced two crew members who were having difficulty breathing from a tanker about 10 miles off shore of Galveston. The Coast Guard received a call about 9:25 a.m. from the anchored tanker Monterey stating two crew members, aged 26 and 48, were struggling to breathe."

2021-07-18 - Driver has 'medical event', car crashes into home, in coastal Whanganui (New Zealand), 1 injured:

Quote: "It appeared the driver had suffered a medical event."

2021-07-18 - Small plane makes emergency crash-landing in field near airport in Longmont (Colorado), 2 injured:

2021-07-18 - Tractor trailer crashes into charter bus near Oxford (Alabama), 15+ injured:

2021-07-18 - SUV veers off road at 3:25 AM, crashes into trees, bursts into flame, near Talladega (Alabama), 1 killed:

2021-07-18 - Pickup truck crashes off road, bursts into flame, on the 60 Freeway in Riverside (California), 1 injured:

2021-07-18 - Two cars crash, fire erupts, on River Road in Shelton (Connecticut), 2 injured:

2021-07-18 - Car veers off road, plunges into canal, in Phoenix (Arizona):

2021-07-18 - E-scooter crashes into pole on Riverside Drive in coastal Brisbane (Australia), 1 killed:

Quote: "Inspector Bragg said police were considering the 'distinct possibility' that the man suffered a medical episode during the incident."

2021-07-18 - Two family pit bulls attack and kill woman at home in El Paso (Texas):

2021-07-18 - Sinkhole opens on street in Colorado Springs (Colorado):

2021-07-18 - Sinkhole opens on street in coastal Felixstowe (Britain):

2021-07-18 - Person has 'medical episode' at beach in coastal Durdle Door (Britain):

Quote: "A spokesman for Kimmeridge Coastguard said: 'We were tasked at 2.02pm to assist Lulworth Coastguard Rescue Team and SWAST with a person having a medical episode on the beach at Durdle Door.'"

2021-07-18 - Rare EF-2 tornado rips through Barrie (Canada):

2021-07-18 - Worst flooding on record hits Marlborough (New Zealand):

2021-07-18 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Oman, 4+ killed:

2021-07-18 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Iran, 6+ killed, 2 missing:


  1. Tempestuous Tuesday Jonny, all.

    Wildfire smoke forecast, July 20, 2021

    This is the forecast for the distribution of wildfire smoke at 3 a.m. MDT July 19, 2021.[see map (cough, cough, hack)]

    6 injured as house explodes in Texas

    Six people were injured Monday in an explosion that destroyed a house and damaged others in Plano, Texas, officials said.

    The blast around 4:40 p.m. appeared to level the home on Cleveland Drive. Helicopter news video showed debris scattered over the neighborhood.

    Six people were taken to hospitals — one who was inside the house that exploded and five from a home next door — the fire department said.

    The cause of the explosion in Plane, a suburb north of Dallas, was not known, the fire department said shortly after the incident. [more]

    Cyclist attacked by alligator after falling from bike in Florida park

    The cyclist suffered serious injuries after the alligator, about 9 feet long, grabbed him after he fell down an embankment

    The bicyclist is an experienced rider who lost control on a curve

    A trapper at the scene told WPTV that the animal will be relocated, and its behavior indicates it has a nest nearby. [more]

    3 bodies found in China tunnel collapse, 11 still missing

    Rescuers have recovered the bodies of three workers in a flooded tunnel under construction in a southern Chinese city and are continuing to look for the 11 other workers trapped since Thursday.

    The cause of the collapse is still under investigation. [more]

    Pack of dogs maul woman to death in Newport, Tennessee - 2nd such fatality along same road in 3 months

    [2nd piece follows]

  2. How children are spoofing Covid-19 tests with soft drinks

    Some children have found a devious method to get out of school – using cola to create false positive Covid tests. [more]

    'Historic rainfall': Explosion at aluminum plant in China caused by severe flooding

    Dramatic footage from central China reportedly captured the moment an aluminum alloy plant exploded in a giant fireball on Tuesday after severe flooding in the region caused a breach of the factory walls.

    The explosion happened around 6 a.m. when floodwaters reached the high-temperature solution inside the plant's alloy tank [more]

    Moonfish from the tropics found dead on Oregon beach

    The 3.5-foot, 100-pound opah fish was discovered on Sunset Beach north of Seaside on Wednesday morning, and was quickly reported to the Seaside Aquarium, which placed it the fish in a freezer to preserve it for future educational opportunities, the aquarium said.

    Also known as a moonfish, the opah is typically found in warmer, tropical waters, though it's not unheard of to find them along the Oregon coast. In 2009, a Milwaukie man caught a 97-pound opah while fishing for tuna off the mouth of the Columbia River. [more; video]

    Objective:Health - ITN: Covid Vaccine News Roundup [~ 32.5 min. video]

    Every week it seems like more and more jaw-dropping news is coming out about Covid shots. On this episode of Objective:Health, we cover the latest news on the mRNA and other shots, including: Dr. Yeadon warning that children are 50 times more likely to die from the vaccines than from Covid; Mercola reporting that to prevent three deaths the Covid jab kills two; rare autoimmune hepatitis coming from the Covishield vaccine and a British report calling for an the end to the Covid vaccination campaign. [more]

    [abuse/misuse of our military]
    'We lost': Some U.S. veterans say blood spilled in Afghanistan was wasted

    As Lilley, 41, reflects on President Joe Biden's decision to end America's military mission in Afghanistan on Aug. 31, he expresses love for his country, but disgust at its politicians and dismay at the blood and money squandered. Comrades were killed and maimed in wars he says were unwinnable, making him rethink his country and his life.

    "A hundred percent we lost the war," Lilley said. "The whole point was to get rid of the Taliban and we didn't do that. The Taliban will take over."

    Biden says that the Afghan people must decide their own future and that America should not have to sacrifice another generation in an unwinnable war. [more; yup, as usual, we were warned by the Russians before hand, but Cheney (oops, i mean GW Bush) thought otherwise - so what's that, about 3 in a row now?]

    [see 3rd comment]


  3. PG&E says their equipment may have started the Dixie Fire

    In a report to the California Public Utilities Commission, Pacific Gas and Electric explains that on July 13 the company’s equipment may have ignited the Dixie Fire which has burned more than 30,000 acres along Highway 70. The fire is 25 miles north of Oroville. It has burned over or around the communities of Dixie, Merlin, Rock Creek, Storrie, Tobin, and Belden. Remarkably, CAL FIRE has not reported any burned structures, but says 810 are threatened.

    PG&E said that at 7 a.m. on July 13 their system detected a loss of power in Feather River Canyon. From a distance their troubleman could see what looked like a blown fuse on a 12 kV power line. Because of challenging terrain and a closed bridge, the report said, another 9 hours and 40 minutes elapsed before he could access the site. He found that two fuses were blown and a live tree was leaning onto the power line. There was a fire on the ground near the base of the tree. [more]

    [the source for this info is behind a membership doc]
    EPIC FIND: the VACCINE SIDE EFFECTS LISTED on an FDA PRESENTATION in 2020 says their equipment may have started the Dixie Fire

    “Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee – 10/22/2020” [45 sec. video clip]

    The following list of jab side effects appearsed for a split second at 2:33:40 in this video. The video was an FDA presentation on October 22, 2020 [there ya go - Big Pharma is using a defective (very effective in their eyes) product]

    It appears for a split second. It was scrolled through and not presented properly. During that split second, this screen, which shows the adverse effects of the jab that they KNEW OF in October 2020, before they even allowed it to be used. Knowing this, they then proceeded to allow it to be used. Technically they can say they showed everyone this because in their book a split second counts. [see full video, if interested]

    Drug trials underestimated side effects

    One commonly used trick in drug trials is to exclude any group that might make the drug look worse, such as those that are more likely to experience side effects. A good recent example of this is the covid vaccine trials, which largely excluded people with auto-immune diseases (more likely to develop an auto-immune disease after vaccination), people with allergies (more likely to have an allergic reaction to the vaccine), and, of course, the elderly (less likely to develop immunity after getting the vaccine, and more likely to become seriously sick from it).

    prescription drugs are now the third leading cause of death in the western world. [more]

    U.K. issues first ever extreme heat warning

    The United Kingdom's Met Office issued its first ever "Extreme Heat Warning" on Monday, after all four U.K. nations recorded their hottest day so far this year over the weekend. [more]

  4. I've been wondering if you'd ever covered the Smiley Face murders story
    They were all found in water. Methane or H2S was never brought up as a possible reason.

  5. No, but I did notice they were found in water. Sounded similar to the myths of a 'Canal Pusher' serial killer in Britain because of all the people found dead in canals there in recent years.