Sunday, December 20, 2020

Event Update For 2020-12-19

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Variety Pack

2020-12-19 - Mysterious explosions reported in the wee hours in Austin (Texas):

2020-12-19 - Offshore survey boat bursts into flame while parked inside business on Jacob's Run in Scott (Louisiana):

Quote: "Fire crews in Scott battled a commercial fire late Saturday in the 200 Block of Jacob’s Run. According to Fire Chief Chad Sonnier, when firefighters arrived they forced entry into the structure and found a large offshore survey boat on fire."

Note: This is the 1311th boat/ship to burn/explode in 2020...

2020-12-19 - Snow plow truck bursts into flame while parked inside highway department garage in Conklin (New York):

Quote: "Town of Conklin and Five Mile Point Fire Departments responded to a garage fire at the Town of Conklin Highway Department on Carlin Road just after 10:30 am on Saturday morning. Conklin Fire Chief Bill Gorman says a truck used for plowing caught fire and caused some extensive damage."

2020-12-19 - Dump truck bursts into flame just before 7 AM while parked inside business in Salt Lake City (Utah):

Quote: "Initial reports indicate there was a large vehicle inside the building on fire, which has since been extinguished."

2020-12-19 - Five cars go up in flames at 3:38 AM while parked at airport in Grande Prairie (Canada):

Quote: "The Grande Prairie Fire Department was called to the Grande Prairie Airport at around 3:38 a.m. Saturday morning after a report of a car fire in the long-term parking lot. According to the Fire Department, the fire had spread to three vehicles by the time crews arrived. In total five vehicles sustained damage, there were no injuries reported."

2020-12-19 - Car bursts into flame while parked at shopping center, fire spreads to other cars, in coastal Kwinana Beach (Australia):

2020-12-19 - Garage explodes and burns at home on North Third Street in Fisher (Illinois):

Quote: "Firefighters say no one is hurt after a large garage exploded Saturday night in Fisher. Sangamon Valley Fire Protection District Chief Eric Stalter says crews responded just before 10 p.m. to a reported explosion with a garage on fire."

Note: This is the 119th residential explosion in 2020...

2020-12-19 - Tractor, farm machinery and machine shed destroyed by fire near Milverton (Canada):

Quote: "The shed contained manure spreaders, a tractor and other farm machinery."

2020-12-19 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame along road in Drass (India):

Quote: "The driver who hails from Himachal Pradesh said that the flames emanated from the truck (PB13B-J8413) abruptly and the fire destroyed the truck completely."

Note: These are the 1713th and 1714th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2020...

2020-12-19 - RV bursts into flame while parked at furniture store in Lebanon (Oregon):

Note: This is the 375th RV to burn in 2020...

2020-12-19 - SUV bursts into flame while parked at home on Monroe Street in Fort Atkinson (Wisconsin):

2020-12-19 - Pickup truck bursts into flame at 12:30 AM while parked near building in Orange (California):

2020-12-19 - Pickup truck bursts into flame at store in Clifton (Maine):

2020-12-19 - Vehicle bursts into flame on I-70 in Columbia (Missouri):

2020-12-19 - Barn destroyed by fire on Old Hickory Boulevard in Nashville (Tennessee):

2020-12-19 - Liquor store heavily damaged by fire at 11:15 PM on Gallivan Boulevard in coastal Dorchester (Massachusetts):

2020-12-19 - Storage facility heavily damaged by fire on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in New Bern (North Carolina):

2020-12-19 - Shoe business heavily damaged by fire at Penn Avenue and Linden Street in downtown Scranton (Pennsylvania):

2020-12-19 - Mobile home destroyed by fire in the wee hours near Gresston (Georgia):

2020-12-19 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 1:30 AM near Eubank Boulevard NE and Academy Road NE in Albuquerque (New Mexico), 2 injured:

2020-12-19 - Home heavily damaged by fire near 41st Street and 47th West Avenue near Tulsa (Oklahoma):

2020-12-19 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Fredonia Street in Crafton Heights (Pennsylvania), 1 injured:

2020-12-19 - Home heavily damaged by garage fire at 12:48 AM on North Gladstone Avenue in coastal Margate City (New Jersey):

2020-12-19 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Lee Highway in Augusta County (Virginia):

2020-12-19 - Home heavily damaged by fire on North Jecker Street in Victoria (Texas), nobody there:

2020-12-19 - Home heavily damaged by fire near 42nd Street and Asbury Avenue in coastal Ocean City (New Jersey), nobody there:

2020-12-19 - Home destroyed by fire in Stonelick Township (Ohio), 1 injured:

2020-12-19 - Multi-family home heavily damaged by fire on Sigourney Street in Hartford (Connecticut):

2020-12-19 - Triplex apartment building heavily damaged by fire at 5:49 AM on Glenwood Avenue in Battle Creek (Michigan):

2020-12-19 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire on East 3rd Street near the Susquehanna River in Nescopeck (Pennsylvania):

2020-12-19 - Deadly fire burns home just before 3:45 AM on Lansing Circle in Columbia (South Carolina), 2 killed:

2020-12-19 - Deadly fire burns home on Albeck Drive in Thomasville (North Carolina), 1 killed:

2020-12-19 - Deadly fire destroys home at 2:03 AM on Celia Circle in Talladega (Alabama), 1 killed:

2020-12-19 - Deadly fire burns apartment building in Fairfax (Iowa), 1 killed:

2020-12-19 - Deadly fire rips through hospital in Gaziantep (Turkey), 9 killed:

2020-12-19 - Vacant home destroyed by fire on East 8th Street in Erie (Pennsylvania):

2020-12-19 - South Korea kills 6.1 million poultry to contain highly pathogenic H5N8 bird flu:

2020-12-19 - Man and daughter, 48 and 11, die in the Murrumbidgee River south of Canberra (Australia):

2020-12-19 - Man, 47, falls off watercraft and dies in coastal Fort Myers (Florida):

2020-12-19 - Conductor, man, 52, dies suddenly in Houston (Texas):

2020-12-19 - Woman found dead in car on Cliff Gibson Road in Scotland County (South Carolina):

2020-12-19 - Man, 19, drops dead on lawn at home in coastal Auckland (New Zealand), 3300 feet from the ocean:

Quote: "The death of a 19-year-old man found lying on the lawn of a South Auckland's home will be referred to the coroner. Police said emergency services were called to a Valiant St property at about 8am after a man was found unresponsive. A post-mortem was completed on Sunday afternoon and the man's death was not being treated as suspicious."

2020-12-19 - Man, 48, drops dead at home in Bearsden suburb of coastal Glasgow (Scotland):

Quote: "Tributes have poured in after popular DJ and TV presenter was found dead in his Bearsden home. Ewan Macleod died suddenly on Thursday aged 48, the Daily Record reported."

2020-12-19 - Park ranger, man, found dead near the Ntsikazi River in Kruger National Park (South Africa):

2020-12-19 - Woman found dead in marshy area in coastal Grange-over-Sands (Britain):

2020-12-19 - Man, 65, has 'medical emergency' just before 12:30 AM, car overturns, in Manchester (New Hampshire), 1 killed:

Quote: "A man is dead after he suffered a medical emergency while driving in Manchester, New Hampshire on Saturday, officials said. Officers responding to a single-vehicle rollover crash at the intersection of Maple Street and Londonderry Lane just before 12:30 a.m. assisted with transporting the 65-year-old victim to a local hospital, where he later died, police said."

2020-12-19 - Driver has 'medical issue', car crashes into restaurant, in Huntsville (Alabama):

Quote: "Madison police say they believe the crash was the result of a medical issue."

2020-12-19 - Driver has 'medical event', car crashes into tree, in Wairarapa (New Zealand), 1 injured:

Quote: "It's understood the driver suffered a medical event while behind the wheel and had since been airlifted to Wellington Hospital."

2020-12-19 - Small plane crashes into the Gulf of Mexico near pier in coastal Naples (Florida):

2020-12-19 - Small plane crashes into parking lot in Burleson (Texas), 1 killed:

2020-12-19 - Tanker truck overturns on State Route 94 near Campo (California), 1 killed:

2020-12-19 - SUV veers over centerline, hits pickup truck head-on, bursts into flame, in Dade City (Florida), 1 killed, 2 injured:

2020-12-19 - SUV veers off road, crashes into home, in coastal Tampa (Florida), 1 killed:

2020-12-19 - Pickup truck veers off road, crashes into trees and gas line, fire erupts, on South Ocean Boulevard in coastal Manalapan (Florida), 450 feet from the ocean, 1 killed:

2020-12-19 - Car veers over centerline at 2 AM, hits minivan head-on, fire erupts, in Washington County (Oregon), 1 killed:

2020-12-19 - Two cars crash on Beach Road in coastal Tisbury (Massachusetts), 1 killed:

2020-12-19 - Car veers off road, crashes into ditch, in Hopkinsville (Kentucky), 1 injured:

Quote: "Investigators say the crash may have been caused by some kind of medical issue."

2020-12-19 - Elephant attacks and kills forest guard in Tamil Nadu (India):

2020-12-19 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures 6 people in Karnataka (India):

2020-12-19 - Coyotes attack and kill pet dog in Palatine (Illinois):

2020-12-19 - Water main breaks, sinkhole opens, in Amarillo (Texas):

2020-12-19 - Tropical Storm Vicky brings heavy rain to the Philippine Islands, 5+ killed, record-breaking 21st storm for the season:

Note: Some climatologists have suggested that as the world warms, we will see bigger storms and hurricanes but not necessarily more of them. If this year is any indication, there will be more AND they'll be bigger...

2020-12-19 - Huge waterspout filmed at Sdot Yam Beach (Israel):

2020-12-19 - Gigantic waterspout filmed off Port of Spain (Trinidad):

2020-12-19 - Impressive light pillars recorded over Tyumen in Western Siberia (Russia):

2020-12-19 - Cornell postdoc detects possible exoplanet radio emission:

2020-12-19 - Physicists debate Hawking’s idea that the universe had no beginning:


  1. Good Monday morning Jonny. i have to stand in line at the post office [last minute Louise over here] this morning, so i'll be commenting more later.

    HUGE list of residential fires on this day!

    How to watch Monday night's Great Conjunction from anywhere

    In the evening on December 21, watch the western sky in the hours just after sunset. There, low on the horizon, you will see a very bright 'Solstice Star' emerge from twilight. However, that is no star. It is actually the planets Jupiter and Saturn, seemingly merged in an event known as a Great Conjunction. [more]

    For Millions Of Americans, No Money = No Christmas In 2020

    In modern times, there has never been a Christmas like this in America. Millions are freshly unemployed, another wave of lockdowns is forcing countless businesses to close their doors, and people are waiting in line for hours at food banks all over the nation just to get a little bit of food for their families. Of course those at the bottom end of the economic food chain are being hit the hardest. It is being reported that employment among those that make $27,000 a year or less is down 20 percent from pre-pandemic levels. That is an extremely shocking number, and it helps to explain why the number of Americans living in poverty rose to 52 million during the month of November.

    But it isn’t just the unemployed that are suffering. Many of those that are still working have had their hours cut or they aren’t able to make as much in tips, commissions or bonuses as they did prior to the pandemic.

    Tens of millions of households are bringing home less income these days, and this has become a major national crisis. In fact, one brand new survey discovered that a whopping 42 percent of U.S. households are currently making less money than they did prior to the pandemic… [more]

    New eruption at Kilauea's summit caldera, Aviation Color Code raised to Red, Hawai'i

    A new eruption has started within Kīlauea’s summit caldera, Hawai'i at 07:36 UTC on December 21, 2020. Accordingly, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) has elevated Kīlauea's volcano alert level to WARNING and its aviation color code to RED. The situation is rapidly evolving, HVO said in a statement released at 08:41 UTC today. Civil Defense cautioned that ash fallout is likely in Wood Valley, Pahala, Naalehu and Ocean View, and advised residents and visitors to stay indoors to avoid exposure to ash. The last eruption of this volcano took place in 2018 (VEI 3). [more]

    Increased volcanic unrest at Mount Ruapehu, Alert Level and Aviation Color Code raised, New Zealand

    The Volcanic Alert Level for Mount Ruapehu has been raised to 2 and the Aviation Color Code to Yellow on December 21, 2020, following an increase in Crater Lake temperature and the largest measured gas output in the past two decades. The Volcanic Alert Level reflects the current level of volcanic unrest or activity and is not a forecast of future activity, GNS Science Duty Volcanologist Mike Rosenberg said. [more]

  2. [from That's All I Need! news]
    Winter storm could hit millions over the holidays [50 sec. weather feature]

    The storm could cause travel hazards as it arrives on the East Coast on Christmas Eve.

    [from Which Bag of Shit Do You Want, America? news - 2 selections]
    Biden's pick for agriculture secretary raises serious red flags

    It’s unlikely that Joe Biden expected that, of all his cabinet nominees, his choice for US agriculture secretary would cause the most blowback. Yet that is exactly what happened.

    The former secretary Tom Vilsack, fresh off the revolving door, is a kind of all-in-one package of what frustrates so many about the Democratic party. His previous tenure leading the department was littered with failures, ranging from distorting data about Black farmers and discrimination to bowing to corporate conglomerates.


    Trump administration cuts size of Arctic land offered for oil auction

    In a last-minute change, the Trump administration cut about 30 percent of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge territory that it plans to auction off for oil exploration.

    The decision was announced late Friday by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the agency managing the oil lease sale. The ANWR lease sale is scheduled for Jan. 6, but under the BLM’s plan, companies may submit bids starting on Monday.

    The reduction comes as the U.S. Department of the Interior prepares a legal defense for its ANWR leasing plan, and as the Trump administration tries to engineer a lease sale just weeks before Democrat Joe Biden, an opponent of ANWR drilling, takes office on Jan. 20.

    The BLM said it shrank the size of the lease sale after reviewing comments from drilling opponents worried about the herd of caribou that uses the coastal plain, and drilling supporters who made suggestions about sites most likely to hold oil. The original plan was to offer 1.56 million acres for lease; the amendment cuts 457,000 acres from the offering. [more; it'll still fuck everything up there, don't worry]

    [2nd piece follows]

  3. The Coronavirus Is Mutating. What Does That Mean for Us?

    [it means the next round of the plandemic is unfolding]

    Just as vaccines begin to offer hope for a path out of the pandemic, officials in Britain this past weekend sounded an urgent alarm about what they called a highly contagious new variant of the coronavirus circulating in England. [what hope? you can still 'get it' again even WITH the vaccine and you still have to do all the other shit!]

    Scientists are worried about these variants but not surprised by them. Researchers have recorded thousands of tiny modifications in the genetic material of the coronavirus as it has hopscotched across the world. [translation: different strains have been DEPOSITED in different areas]

    as it becomes more difficult for the pathogen to survive — because of vaccinations and growing immunity in human populations — researchers also expect the virus to gain useful mutations enabling it to spread more easily or to escape detection by the immune system. [or, we'll keep this up with "new, novel strains" until you're all sick, vaccinated or DEAD]

    “When the virus changes its method of attack, we must change our method of defense,” he said.

    Scientists are worried about these variants but not surprised by them. Researchers have recorded thousands of tiny modifications in the genetic material of the coronavirus as it has hopscotched across the world.

    Some variants become more common in a population simply by luck, not because the changes somehow supercharge the virus. But as it becomes more difficult for the pathogen to survive — because of vaccinations and growing immunity in human populations — researchers also expect the virus to gain useful mutations enabling it to spread more easily or to escape detection by the immune system.

    “It’s a real warning that we need to pay closer attention,” said Jesse Bloom, an evolutionary biologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. “Certainly, these mutations are going to spread, and definitely, the scientific community, we need to monitor these mutations, and we need to characterize which ones have effects.” [so we can capitalize on the ones that are virulent]

    The British variant has about 20 mutations, including several that affect how the virus locks onto human cells and infects them. These mutations may allow the variant to replicate and transmit more efficiently [GAIN OF FUNCTION ability], said Muge Cevik, an infectious disease expert at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and a scientific adviser to the British government. [more]

    [3rd part below]

  4. [desperate] Oil firms to jack prices across-the-board for third time this December

    Oil companies are set to implement another round of price hike on its products tomorrow (Tuesday, December 22), the third movement for the month of December. [more]

    Shallow magnitude 6.3 earthquake jolts Aomori Prefecture area in Japan [79 sec. video]

    [see if you can spot the pattern]

    1 dead after further floods and landslides in south Thailand - up to 6 inches of rain in 24 hours

    as of 21 December, over 125,000 people from around 32,000 households were affected in total [more; 92 sec. video]

    Landslides severely damage houses in Iceland after record rainfall for 5-day period [incl. 3 videos]

    The town was evacuated Friday, after a landslide severely damaged at least ten homes.

    The residents of Seyðisfjörður, close to 700 people, are staying with friends and family or at hotels in nearby communities. [more]

    Floods in Veracruz, Mexico [~ 8 min. video]

    Bill Gates led effort to get $3.36 billion into the coronavirus deal to help vaccinate [ie. kill/track and trace] world's poor

    During an appearance at the Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit in October, Bill Gates had a prediction. [bullshit - he had a PLAN]

    He said the coronavirus stimulus negotiations would be the “the best opportunity” to get funding approved to help the poorest people in the world get vaccinated. [the virus didn't hit til MARCH so there were no stimulus bills in the works then]

    As part of the announcement Sunday evening of a $900 billion coronavirus relief deal, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer touted “an additional $3.36 billion for a total of $4 billion for GAVI, the international vaccine alliance.”

    The Democratic leaders said the money recognizes that “we are not truly safe until the whole world is safe from the coronavirus.”
    [more; the world isn't safe from Bill and his lackeys!]

  5. Oil Industry Argues For Maximum Production Levels [~ 78.5 min. BBN]

    New study shows mask mandates had zero effect in Florida or nationwide, but the lie continues

    Obviously, no amount of evidence, data, trends, facts, studies, or science will ever convince most 'public health officials' that masks aren't doing squat to stop the spread of COVID-19. Cases and deaths continue to spike (yes, many of these are super-sensitive PCR test-driven numbers, but still) despite the fact that well over 90% of the country are complying with their absurd mandates. Yet, predictably, the virus keeps going right on virusing, as highly contagious respiratory viruses, unfortunately, tend to do, especially once cold weather hits.

    In Florida, for example, most counties have so far bravely refused to implement mask mandates while others, usually in high population centers, have done so. Justin Hart and the team at Rational Ground (follow them on Twitter here - it's worth it) just released a comprehensive data analysis of masked vs non-masked counties in the state. A total of 22 of 67 counties in the state have implemented a mask order at some point during the period of May 1 through December 15. It may not sound like many, but these include almost all of Florida's largest metro areas. To be more than fair, if an area added a mask order at some point during the outbreak, the study's authors gave a 14 day period to allow time for cases to begin subsiding. "Cases were summed for both mandate and non-mandate jurisdictions and adjusted per 100,000 people for days the mandates were or were not in effect," wrote the authors, describing the methodology used.

    If masks did even close to as advertised, one would expect to see the counties that went maskless to be absolute dumpster fires next to the counties that implemented mandates, right? At the very least, the numbers should favor the masked areas by more than a percentage point or two. So, how did it go? Yep, it was the Mask Cult's worse nightmare:

    "When counties DID have a mandate in effect, there were 667,239 cases over 3,137 days with an average of 23 cases per 100,000 per day. When counties DID NOT have a countywide order, there were 438,687 cases over 12,139 days with an average of 22 cases per 100,000 per day."

    In other words, counties with mask-mandates in place actually did WORSE than those that refused to implement them.

    if mask-mandates aren't actually WORKING to curb the spread, why do we have them in place?

    It's complete and utter nonsense, of course. You know it, I know it, and the powers-that-be likely know it too. So why do they insist on continuing the charade? Whatever it is, it has NOTHING to do with either public health or real science. [more]

    Devastating flood hits near Barcelona, Spain [this from last week, Dec. 18 - 20; ~ 10 min. vid]

    Explosion at Sakurajima volcano, Japan [~ 2 min. vid]

    [part 2 next]

  6. A North Korean fisherman was publicly executed for listening to foreign radio stations at sea, Radio Free Asia report says

    A North Korean fishing-boat captain is reported to have been publicly executed for listening to banned foreign radio stations while at sea. [more]

    A month after a mysterious monolith was discovered in Utah, at least 87 more have appeared around the world

    Several monolith makers told Insider they built their structures to end 2020 on a high note. [so they aren't (all) alien made]

    Often eerily beautiful, the structures have been spotted in California, the Netherlands, Morocco, Canada, Australia, and dozens of other locations.

    Most monolith makers have not come forward. But in some places their works have been found, the craze has brought unexpected benefits and consequences.

    Ultimately, the Utah statue remains a mystery, as do those of most of the 80-plus copycat structures. [more]

    PA Man Charged With Murder of Amish Teen Who Disappeared on Her Way Home From Church

    A Pennsylvania man accused of kidnapping an Amish teenager who vanished after attending a Sunday church service six months ago has been charged in her murder, authorities said Monday.

    Justo Smoker, 34, has been charged with criminal homicide in connection with the June 21 disappearance, the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office said. Investigators say Stoltzfoos was last seen around 12:30 p.m. at a farm on Stumptown Road in the heart of Pennsylvania’s bucolic Amish country.

    While Stoltzfoos has not been found, prosecutors allege Smoker killed the teenager after abducting her as she was talking home. He was charged in July with felony kidnapping and misdemeanor false imprisonment in connection with Stoltzfoos’ disappearance and has been at Lancaster County Prison since. [more; they'll forgive him]

    US front-line workers and people 75 and above will be next to receive coronavirus vaccine

    [keep it, you bastards! YOU take the shot first!]

    Essential front-line workers and people aged 75 and above will be the next group to be vaccinated against Covid-19 in the US, according to recommendations from the Centres for Disease Control.
    [that should side-line many of those workers and KILL a lot of the elderly]

    California Covid-19 Update: Governor Gavin Newsom Says, “Very Likely That We’re Going To Extend The Stay-At-Home Order”

    On Monday California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that many areas of the state would likely see an extension of his 3-week stay-at-home order which is set to expire in Southern California on December 30. [more; it's about control - people can't witness anything when they aren't out and about]

    [3rd selection follows]

  7. Britain’s Supercharged Mutant Coronavirus Expected to Go Global

    As of Monday morning, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Ireland, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Belgium, Bulgaria, Turkey, Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Iran, Croatia, Argentina, El Salvador, Chile, Morocco, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have all announced bans. No action has yet been taken in the United States—though New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has demanded new federal restrictions to stop British flights from streaming in to New York City’s airports.

    But experts fear it could be too late to stop the mutant strain of COVID racing around the planet. [more; it's being purposefully spread like last time - it's all been planned out and we keep going along with it]

    [Let's BRIBE 'em to take it!]
    Stimulus checks should be topped off with $300 for Americans who vaccinate against coronavirus, John Delaney argues [i can't even post this shit]

    A Louisiana man who was serving life in prison for selling $20 worth of marijuana was released after spending 12 years behind bars

    A Louisiana man who was serving a life sentence for selling $20 worth of marijuana to an undercover police officer was released last week after 12 years in prison, WWL-TV reported.

    Fate Winslow, 53, was homeless in 2008 when an officer approached him asking for weed. He sold the officer $20 worth of weed and was later arrested and given a life sentence, WWL-TV and CNN reported.

    "I was so happy to get out," Winslow told WWL-TV. "A life sentence for two bags of weed? I never thought something like that could happen." [more; are you kidding? Yer lucky ya weren't SHOT! On the other hand, he had 3 meals a day and a roof over his head]

    [more from your friend Police State]
    Sacked data scientist Rebekah Jones sues Florida over police raid on home

    Fired Florida data scientist Rebekah Jones is suing the Florida Department of Law Enforcement over the police raid on her house.

    Jones’ lawsuit alleges that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement violated her constitutional rights, as well as state law, when officers served a warrant on her home during the early hours of Dec. 7.

    “The basis of the warrant was a sham to punish plaintiff for her protected speech,” says the lawsuit, which was filed Monday in Leon County civil court. [she was arrested for web stuff that is fishy]

    Jones says she was fired because she refused to fudge figures about the virus. [more; "insubordination" by authorities! Lie or else!]

    [4th piece awaits]

  8. [here's some more lies by BIG MEDICINE]
    U.S. COVID-19 cases, deaths and hospitalizations fall again, as vaccine reinforcements are coming

    It was a day of good news on the COVID-19 front, as new daily cases, deaths and hospitalizations all fell for a third-straight day, just as vaccine reinforcements were being shipped out. [RIGHT! NO lag time for it to "take effect" or anything . . just more bullshit]
    [first LABEL your opponent, then bring the FEAR!]
    The impact of the anti-vaxx movement: What happens if only half the country gets the Covid vaccine?

    The first coronavirus vaccine received emergency use authorisation from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this month, but how effective the treatment is against halting the pandemic will hinge on public confidence in the jab.

    Dr Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading [biowarfare] expert, has estimated about 75 to 80 per cent would be an optimal number of people to receive a vaccine in the coming months to return to some semblance of “normal”. [Fuck you Fauci!]

    Unfortunately, an Axios-Ipsos poll released found that just 53 per cent of the public would likely choose to receive the vaccine. [no, NOBODY WANTS IT - you're forcing it on people!]

    If public approval does not increase, experts warn of high mortality rates as the virus continues to surge through vulnerable populations of the unvaccinated – extending the pandemic and the need for Americans to continue to practice coronavirus precaution guidelines, such as wearing a mask and social distancing, for longer until herd immunity is reached - if it can be reached. [ more; If you people don't take it, we'll keep bombarding you with more BULLSHIT numbers that don't mean anything until you DO!]

    Low-income children wait months for USDA food aid to replace school meals

    Millions of low-income schoolchildren have gone almost an entire semester without receiving federal payments to help their families buy groceries months after Congress authorized the aid — even as child hunger reaches record highs in the U.S. [that's because you aren't a corporation!]

    The gap in benefits comes as nearly one in five households with children reported earlier this month not having enough to eat, according to new Census Bureau data. Childhood hunger is associated with reduced learning and poor health outcomes, including hindered brain development as well as significant behavioral and mental health issues. [more; collateral damage - any deaths will be COVID!]

    ‘It’s unconscionable’: Outrage over the ‘three-martini lunch’ tax deduction in the new coronavirus aid deal

    [this looks like the same article i posted earlier]

    Video shows anti-mask protest at Phoenix's Christown Spectrum Mall

    Several videos, filmed at different stores including Target and Walmart, showed the group walking through the stores as some waved American flags and held signs opposing masks and other guidelines.

    Sgt. Maggie Cox, a spokesperson for the Phoenix Police Department, said the department was aware of the demonstration but didn't make any arrests.

    Comment: When confronted with facts and science, indoctrination default is the response. The mask of lies, for some people, says it all. [more; see tweet]