Friday, November 20, 2020

Event Update For 2020-11-19

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2020-11-19 - Fields of methane discharge continue growing all along the East Siberian Arctic Ocean Shelf:

Quote: "Scientists have shared the first results of a trip to the world’s largest deposit of subsea permafrost and shallow methane hydrates. Fields of methane discharge continue to grow all along the East Siberian Arctic Ocean Shelf, with concentration of atmospheric methane above the fields reaching 16-32ppm (parts per million). This is up to 15 times above the planetary average of 1.85ppm."

2020-11-19 - Passenger plane hit by smoke, plane makes emergency landing at airport in Austin (Texas):

Quote: "A Delta Airlines flight from Austin Bergstrom International Airport to Seattle had to turn around shortly after takeoff and make an emergency landing Thursday morning, airport officials said. There was light smoke reported in the cabin."

Note: This is the 47th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2020...

2020-11-19 - Metal recycling business destroyed by massive fire on Jackson Street in Seneca (Illinois):

Quote: "Fire officials say a shop and business on the property of Olson’s Auto Scrap Metal Recycling was destroyed by the blaze."

2020-11-19 - Petrochemical factory erupts in flame on coastal Kharg Island (Iran), 1 killed, 4 injured:

2020-11-19 - Plastics business damaged by explosion and fire in Scottsburg (Indiana), 1 injured:

2020-11-19 - Recycling center rocked by explosion in Malda (India), 5 killed, 4 injured:

Quote: "Five persons were killed and four others injured in an explosion that took place in a recycling factory at Malda in north Bengal on Thursday morning."

2020-11-19 - Three wildfires blaze across the US West, 1 killed:

2020-11-19 - Wildfire breaks out on the banks of Lake of the Ozarks (Missouri):

Quote: "The fire started on the bank of the Lake of the Ozarks, in the middle of a residential subdivision."

2020-11-19 - Plastic killing endangered marine animals in US waters:

2020-11-19 - Cell tower bursts into flame in Lapeer (Michigan):

2020-11-19 - Speedboat bursts into flame in coastal Pattaya Bay (Thailand):

Note: This is the 1071st boat/ship to burn/explode in 2020...

2020-11-19 - School bus bursts into flame on Route 17 in Paramus (New Jersey):

Note: This is the 66th school bus to burn in 2020, and this is the 340th bus to burn in 2020...

2020-11-19 - Passenger bus bursts into flame on bridge over the Hooghly River in Kolkata (India):

Note: This is the 341st bus to burn in 2020...

2020-11-19 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame and explodes on I-40 in Old Fort (North Carolina):

2020-11-19 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on Orange Avenue in coastal Fort Pierce (Florida):

2020-11-19 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame in the wee hours on I-64 near Charleston (West Virginia):

2020-11-19 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on Highway 299 in Redding (California):

2020-11-18 - Tractor (combine) bursts into flame near Clover Leaf School Road off Route 163 north of Millstadt (Illinois):

2020-11-18 - Tractor (combine) bursts into flame in Cottage Grove (Tennessee):

2020-11-19 - Tractor and trailer destroyed by fire in Ashby de la Launde (Britain):

Note: These are the 1614th, 1615th, 1616th, 1617th, 1618th, 1619th and 1620th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2020...

2020-11-19 - RV bursts into flame on street in New Ulm (Minnesota):

Note: This is the 350th RV to burn in 2020...

2020-11-19 - Van bursts into flame inside warehouse on Moravian Road in Kingswood (Britain):

2020-11-19 - Car bursts into flame while parked at home on NE 2nd Street in coastal Newport (Oregon):

2020-11-19 - Car bursts into flame at car dealership in Lewiston (Idaho):

2020-11-19 - Car bursts into flame in tunnel at Logan Airport in coastal Boston (Massachusetts):

2020-11-19 - Car bursts into flame on I-480 near Warrensville Heights (Ohio):

2020-11-19 - Car bursts into flame at Calwell District Playing Fields in Calwell (Australia):

2020-11-20 - Car bursts into flame while parked at home on Scalwell Mead in coastal Seaton Down (Britain):

2020-11-19 - Car bursts into flame on the A46 near Coventry (Britain):

2020-11-19 - Car bursts into flame at 12:13 AM on Clyde Court in Grantham (Britain):

2020-11-19 - Car bursts into flame on Woldgate (street) in coastal Bridlington (Britain):

Quote: "Woldgate, Bridlington. Thu 19 Nov 2020 18:41 (No:022051) Car fire, extinguished by Fire Service using one hose reel and one breathing apparatus."

2020-11-19 - Vehicle bursts into flame on US 131 in Plainwell (Michigan):

2020-11-19 - Vehicle bursts into flame on the M6 near Lancaster (Britain):

2020-11-19 - Moped bursts into flame at Hough Green Park in coastal Widnes (Britain):

2020-11-19 - RV trailer bursts into flame while parked at property on Clanton Road near Evans (Georgia):

2020-11-19 - Pickup truck and home destroyed by fire in Salina (Kansas):

Quote: "The fire spread to a chicken coop, a Chevrolet Silverado and a Morton building on the property, causing an estimated total of $750,000 in damage. A cat in the house was also not found."

2020-11-19 - Auto shop and other businesses destroyed by huge fire on Midland Avenue in Middletown (New York):

Quote: "The fire, which began just before 11 a.m. Thursday, destroyed the Michelson Studio II soundstages at 9 Midland Ave. in the City of Middletown, in addition to a nearby warehouse space and surrounding businesses, including a body shop."

2020-11-19 - Car, plastic pallets and manufacturing business go up in flames on Venture Drive in Janesville (Wisconsin):

2020-11-19 - Mill building destroyed by fire in Princeton (North Carolina):

2020-11-19 - Mixed-use building heavily damaged by fire in the Chatham area in Chicago (Illinois):

2020-11-19 - Home damaged by fire in the wee hours on Hidden Springs Boulevard in Windermere (Florida):

2020-11-19 - Home destroyed by fire just after midnight on County Highway A in the Town of Rutland (Wisconsin):

2020-11-19 - Multi-family home heavily damaged by fire at 1 AM on Main Street in Blackstone (Massachusetts):

2020-11-19 - Apartment building damaged by fire on Culloden Street in coastal Suffolk (Virginia):

2020-11-19 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire on Bellfort Avenue in Houston (Texas):

2020-11-19 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire at 5:45 AM on Riverside Drive in coastal Manhattan (New York), 12 injured:

2020-11-19 - Deadly fire burns home on North Horton Street in Jackson (Michigan), 1 killed:

2020-11-19 - Deadly fire burns home on Deeley Road in the Town of Vienna (New York), 1 killed:

2020-11-19 - Deadly fire and explosion destroys home on East 80th Street North in Owasso (Oklahoma), 1 killed, 2 injured:

2020-11-19 - Vacant warehouse destroyed by fire on Marcus Avenue near the Mississippi River in St. Louis (Missouri):

2020-11-19 - Two men found dead at home on North Keystone Avenue in Sauganash (Illinois):

2020-11-19 - Man, 64, found dead in his yard after burning leaves in Belleville (Illinois):

Quote: "A Belleville man who apparently had been burning leaves was found dead in his yard Wednesday afternoon, police said. St. Clair County Coroner Calvin Dye Sr. identified the man as Gary G. Raish, 64. Investigators do not believe there are any links to foul play at this time, Belleville Police Capt. Mark Heffernan said."

2020-11-19 - Child, 2, dies after being found unconscious at home in St. Louis (Missouri):

2020-11-19 - Person found dead in partially submerged vehicle in stormwater management pond in Frederick County (Maryland):

2020-11-19 - Middle-aged woman found dead in pond in Claverack (New York):

2020-11-19 - Person slumps over dead in car at aquarium in coastal Charleston (South Carolina):

2020-11-19 - Man has 'medical emergency' and dies on TV show set in Santa Clarita (California):

Quote: "A Wipeout contestant died Wednesday after completing the course for the TBS show, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed. The unidentified male contestant suffered an undisclosed medical emergency on the Santa Clarita set."

2020-11-19 - Man, 46, found dead near marina in Portage (Indiana):

Quote: "Second man in days found dead near open water in Portage..."

2020-11-19 - Police officer, man, 49, has 'medical condition' at Chickasaw Park and dies in Louisville (Kentucky):

Quote: "Officer Martez Hughes died Thursday at the age of 49, a spokesperson for the LMPD confirmed to WLKY-TV. According to officials, Hughes was off-duty, playing tennis in Chickasaw Park when he suffered an 'acute medical condition.'"

2020-11-19 - Person found dead on charter bus in Laredo (Texas):

2020-11-19 - Man, 58, found dead in jail cell in Cherokee County (South Carolina):

2020-11-19 - Man dies while diving off coastal Waipoua (New Zealand):

2020-11-19 - Man, 30 to 35, found dead in Jalpally Lake in Hyderabad (India):

2020-11-19 - Man, 45, found dead in coastal Glasgow (Scotland):

2020-11-19 - College student, woman, 18, drops dead in dorm room at university in coastal Cardiff (Britain):

Quote: "Tributes have been paid to a law student with a 'beautiful bright smile' who died after collapsing at her halls of residence."

2020-11-19 - Woman, 45, drops dead at home on Castlebeck Drive in Sheffield (Britain):

2020-11-19 - Driver has 'medical issue', car crashes into Bureau of Motor Vehicles office in Barberton (Ohio), 1 injured:

Quote: "Social media lit up the afternoon of Nov. 19 as police and paramedics went to Austin Plaza for a car that crashed into the front of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles office there. According to Barberton Police, the driver suffered 'a medical issue' and that caused the crash."

2020-11-19 - Small plane crashes in Mt. Hood National Forest near Estacada (Oregon), 2 killed:

2020-11-19 - Small plane crashes near airport in Lancaster (Pennsylvania), 1 injured:

2020-11-19 - Small plane makes emergency parachute landing in field near Genola (Utah):

2020-11-19 - Tractor trailer overturns on road in Chillicothe (Missouri):

2020-11-19 - Tractor trailer hailing cookie dough overturns at 7 AM on I-15 near El Cajon (California):

2020-11-19 - Pickup truck veers off road, crashes into pole, in Sioux City (Iowa), 1 killed:

Quote: "It could be a medical issue, we don't know at this point and time..."

2020-11-19 - Pickup truck veers off road just after 2:30 AM, crashes into ditch, bursts into flame, in Wyandotte County (Kansas), 1 killed:

2020-11-19 - Car veers off road, crashes into tree, on Beach Boulevard near the coast in Westminster (California), 1 killed:

2020-11-19 - Half-dressed man, 36, humps trees, screams and eats branches in Naugatuck (Connecticut):

Quote: "According to a report from the Naugatuck Police Department, officers were called Thursday afternoon after a 911 call about 'an unknown male in a backyard, half dressed, humping trees, screaming, and eating branches.'"

2020-11-19 - Pack of hyenas pulls man from his home and kills him in Chirumanzu (Zimbabwe):

2020-11-19 - Home collapses on Edgar Street in Evansville (Indiana):

2020-11-19 - Heavy rain and flooding affect 50% of the state's banana plantations in Tabasco (Mexico):

2020-11-19 - Heavy rain and flooding affect more than 1 million people in South Sudan:

2020-11-19 - Unseasonal ice storm hits central Russia, key systems collapse in the Far East:

2020-11-19 - Meteor lights up the sky and breaks up off the coast of Tasmania (Australia):

2020-11-19 - Panic and desperation sweep across America as fears of a dark winter continue to rise:

2020-11-19 - Is this the end of college as we know it?


  1. Good Saturday morning to ye Jonny, all. Amazing, isn't it? So many people dropping dead every day all over the world in many different situations. Ya might think there's something in the air or the water (or both).

    State of emergency in the Russian Far East after destructive unseasonal ice storm collapses all key infrastructure systems

    Several people froze to death and over 150 000 were left without electricity, water, and heating in the Russian Far East after a destructive unseasonal ice storm hit the region on November 18, 2020. The chief regional meteorologist said wires and trees were encrusted in up to 1.2 cm (0.5 inches) of ice -- an occurrence not seen in 30 years​. [more]

    Massive Spacecraft Spotted Above Earth - Estimates Possibly a MILE Wide! Casually Flying Over Earth [MrMBB333] [11.25 min. video]

    Saturday, 21 November 2020
    Wires and trees encrusted in ice up to 1.2cm (0.4in) thick, an occurrence not seen in 30 years in the port city of Vladivostok, winds brought down frozen trees and ice-laden power lines. A state of emergency has been declared across the region and tens of thousands left without electricity.

    A snowstorm has battered parts of the Russian Far-East, causing power cuts, transport chaos and school closures. The storm hit the Primorsky region on Thursday. In the port city of Vladivostok, winds brought down frozen trees and ice-laden power lines. A state of emergency has been declared across the region.

    Rescue services and the army are scrambling to deal with the fallout. At least 150,000 homes have been left without electricity. "The situation with the electricity supply remains very difficult - the destruction is widespread," the deputy head of the region's government, Elena Parkhamenko, said. She said electricity may not be restored to some homes for several days. [more]

    Smartmatic denies transfer of technology to Dominion voting systems — articles scrubbed from website — but Internet Archive never lies

    In December 2007 Smartmatic announced the sale of their Sequoia Voting Systems to Dominion Voting Systems. [more]

    Major ecological disaster in Siberia back in AUGUST

    Troops set to work decontaminating ‘Siberian Chernobyl’ amid fears of ecological catastrophe

    Radiation, chemical and biological forces tackle two million tonnes of toxic chemical waste with huge mercury stockpile and oil poisons

    Concern over the abandoned Usolyekhimprom plant in Usolye-Sibirskoye, Irkutsk region has been rising for a long time.

    This week on an order by Russian president Vladimir Putin specialist forces as well as experts from Rosatom and other government agencies have set to work cleaning up the site of one of the USSR’s largest chemical plants.

    Footage shows the decontamination operation getting underway by taking samples of the poisons - not all of them known - threatening the nearby Angara River which flows out of Baikal, the world’s deepest lake. [more; oh, splendid . ..]

    [2nd section below]


    [it's all startin' to tie together]
    Dominion Eric Coomer Taped

    Saying To ANTIFA " Don't Worry Trump Won't Win We Fixed That" [~ 21.5 min. video]Dominion Voting 'Lawyers Up'

    Before Abruptly Backing Out Of Pennsylvania Fact-Finding Hearing

    Dominion Voting Systems Thursday night abruptly backed out of attending a fact-finding hearing that was set for Friday morning with the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee.

    At a press conference Friday morning, State Govt Committee Chair Seth Grove said the 1.3. million Pennsylvanians who used Dominion’s voting machines have been “hung out to dry and slapped in their faces.” [more; ya gonna vote next time?]

    Georgia backtracks after prematurely certifying election result for Biden and says result will be confirmed later

    Erin Brockovich pens editorial criticising Biden for naming former DuPont chemical employee to EPA shortlist

    Erin Brockovich, an environmental advocate, has penned an editorial criticising Joe Biden for considering a chemical industry insider for his Environmental Protection Agency transition team. [more; hey, just like Trump!(wudda surprise)]

    [neither party cares about the environment]

    1 dead after wildfires erupt in California, Nevada

    At least 14 large wildfires are burning Thursday morning in the West, including the Pinehaven Fire in Nevada and the Mountain View Fire in California.

    Gusty, dry winds ahead of a storm system that reached 50 to 60 mph helped spread the fires.

    The Mountain View Fire, located in Eastern Sierra along the Nevada-California border, has burned more than 20,000 acres and it is 20% contained. It has destroyed 80 structures and the Mono County, California, sheriff's office said there has been at least one death as a result of the blaze.

    The Pinehaven Fire has burned 512 acres and destroyed five homes, the Reno Fire Department reported Wednesday. Three homes were heavily damaged, while 21 homes have minor damage. The fire is 75 percent contained. [more]

    [3rd piece follows]

  3. Firefighters Rescue Jack the Alaskan Malamute from Icy River

    The pup's exploratory nature walk took a turn for the worse when he unfortunately fell through the ice, not realizing it was too thin to support him. His owner quickly called for help, and the local fire department arrived on the scene to get Jack to safety and out of the frigid waters.

    “We laid a ladder out across the ice and were able to get the dog onto the ladder and got it out,” Presnell said. This process required multiple firefighters who worked for about 15 minutes to get the pooch to safety. [more]

    [from INCOMING! news]
    Mysterious object falls from sky onto Navajo Nation: Was it from space? Or is there a more earthly explanation?

    The Navajo Police Department confirmed officers responded to the area after receiving reports about an object that fell from the sky, said department spokesperson Christina Tsosie.

    Tsosie described the object as a satellite, which crash-landed. There were no reports of injuries or property damage, she said.

    The cause of the crash was unknown and the "satellite material" was released to employees from a company called Polar Field Services, she said.

    While tribal officials said the object appeared to be a satellite, it seems similar to an object that crashed in Michigan last year.

    That object turned out to be a high-altitude weather balloon. Polar Field uses similar balloons in its operations. [more]
    Coronavirus school closures: 'We are going to lose a generation of doctors, civic leaders, scientists:' NYU prof

    Scott Galloway, NYU Professor of Marketing, joined Yahoo Finance to discuss the impact the coronavirus is having on educators, parents, and kids.

    “I mean, you want to talk about a household that comes crumbling down? Whether they can get food at Shake Shack, I mean that’s an inconvenience. But a 9-year-old at home whose mom is not home to help him or her with the iPad (and let’s be honest, it’s usually the mom), who is no longer socializing — you can see families literally imploding under the weight of school closure. And the fact that we haven’t been able to allocate resources to keep schools open, we are going to lose a generation of doctors, civic leaders, scientists,” he said.

    Galloway also notes that over half of lower-income kids have substantially fallen behind their higher-income counterparts during the pandemic, which he believes could lead to the loss of an entire generation. [more]

  4. Climate Change: Consume [~ 27 min. BBN video]

    More than 500 Senegalese fishermen contract a mysterious skin illness after returning from sea (pictures)

    Health officials have declared a state of emergency after more than 500 fishermen have been infected by a mystery skin disease after returning from sea.

    The men suffer from lesions on their faces, extremities and, for some, on their genitals. Some also have headaches and slightly elevated temperatures.

    Other images show people with swollen and blistered lips, and large pimples on their hands.

    It is thought that the illness was contracted while away at sea. The first known case is thought to have been a 20-year-old on 17 November.

    Two days later a massive mass die-off was reported in the same waters. Could there be a link? [more]

    ‘No evidence’ that asymptomatic Covid-19 cases were infectious, analysis of post-lockdown Wuhan concludes

    A paper that analyzed the results of a massive post-lockdown Covid-19 testing drive that included nearly every eligible resident of Wuhan, China has found no evidence that positive cases without symptoms spread the disease.

    The analysis, published in the scientific journal Nature, looked at the results of a screening initiative held between May and June in Wuhan, the city where the first cases of the novel coronavirus were detected in late 2019. The origins of the virus have yet to be determined, with new studies suggesting that the disease could have been in Italy as early as September last year.

    Nearly 10 million people were tested, consisting of 92 percent of all residents aged six years or older.

    Incredibly, no new symptomatic cases were registered, and only 300 asymptomatic cases were detected. Subsequent tests of 1,174 close contacts of the asymptomatic cases found resulted in no new positives. [more]

    Hyenas drag man from bed and maul him to death in Zimbabwe

    An elderly man [87-year-old Tendai Maseka] has been killed by a pack of hyenas in Zimbabwe, after they pulled him from his bed while he was sleeping [he was dragged about 1,000 feet from his mud and wood hut].

    By the time Maseka's body was discovered by villagers, its lower half was missing. [more; nyaaah-aaaaah!]

    [2nd part next]

  5. [under failing infrastructure]
    No swimming advised in South Beach, other parts of Biscayne Bay after wastewater pipe bursts

    [and that diet looks kinda shitty too]

    A no swim advisory has been issued for parts of Biscayne Bay after a 16-inch wastewater pipe burst near 100 Chopin Plaza in Miami Friday evening. The county advises that you avoid recreational activities in the affected areas — and they include popular South Beach.

    The rupture spilled about 120,000 gallons of “unpermitted discharge” into the bay. [more; ugh, i can imagine]

    Biden administration will ‘release, protect, and reward’ illegal immigrants: Acting CPB Commissioner

    [ooh, ooh - i know . . make BLM & Antifa "protect" them!]

    Rahm Emanuel Reportedly Being Considered for Biden's Cabinet, a Choice That Would Be a Slap in the Face to Black Voters

    According to a report from CNN, people familiar with transition discussions say that Emanuel is in the running to head up the Department of Transportation under Biden’s administration. Emanuel has reportedly said that his experience in the executive and legislative branches would make him an ideal pick to manage the nation’s infrastructure.

    What Emanuel likely didn’t say—but should be patently obvious to the incoming president who recently told the Black voters pivotal to securing his victory that he will always have their back—is that his role in the cover-up of the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by Chicago police in 2014 should make his inclusion in the new administration a non-starter.
    America’s Biggest Oil Storage Hub Is Filling to the Brim Again

    Oil tanks in America’s most important crude storage hub are filling to the brim once again, quickly approaching the critical levels reached in May after prices crashed.

    Stockpiles at Cushing, Oklahoma, the delivery point for West Texas Intermediate futures, stood at 61.6 million barrels as of Nov. 13, or about 81% of capacity, according to the most recent U.S. government data. That’s 3.83 million barrels shy of the levels seen in May. [more]

    [and, your Hopium headline of the day]
    Oil Demand Set To Rebound In 2021

    Oil prices are set to rebound in 2021 as optimism grows around a COVID vaccine and OPEC looks to extend its production cuts.
    [more; too bad there's no demand because the economy is shot]

  6. That guy's not the acting Commissioner of the Border Patrol anymore. He was never confirmed by Congress, and his 210 days as 'acting' ran out, so in order to circumvent the law, he is now 'Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection'. Nothing says law and order like a guy serving in a position created solely in order to circumvent the law!