Sunday, September 20, 2020

Event Update For 2020-09-19

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2020-09-19 - Unknown rotten egg odor sickens people at stadium in Brownsboro (Texas):

Quote: "After numerous people complained about a natural gas smell inside the stadium at the Brownsboro football game Friday night, firefighters came to the scene to investigate. The Brownsboro school district posted on Facebook that firefighters did not find a leak and gave clearance. However, they said that following the halftime performance, some of the band and drill team members began to feel sick."

2020-09-19 - Car goes up in flames and kills person on County Road 331 in Craighead County (Arkansas):

2020-09-19 - Wildfire-weary Californians, tired of this being normal, consider uprooting their lives and moving elsewhere:

Quote: "It’s not just the nearly 7,900 wildfires that have consumed more than 3.4 million acres and claimed 26 lives in California that have Arthur Gies looking online for apartments in New York. 'It’s not necessarily this year of wildfires so much as the dam breaking on the realization that this is not just the new normal but just a prelude to what’s coming,' the 39-year-old Oakland resident says. 'And just being sort of tired of this being normal.'"

2020-09-19 - Wildfire grows to 91,017 acres, destroys homes in Juniper Hills (California):;-evacuation-orders-remain/6450578/

2020-09-19 - Megafire grows to 137,865 acres in Clackamas County (Oregon):

2020-09-19 - Wildfire haze from wildfires burning on the US West Coast affects air quality across British Columbia and Alberta (Canada):

2020-09-19 - Emaciated grizzly found dead on central BC coast in Canada as low salmon count sparks concern:

Quote: "“The poor bear starved to death,” said John Smith, a fisheries supervisor with the band and the one who found the dead grizzly. Smith said there are very few fish in the river right now, adding he saw five other bears who seemed 'thinner than normal' but not as bad as the dead one. 'I’ve never seen anything like this before,' said Patricia Sewid, a Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw fisheries officer."

Quote: "While Sewid returned to Port Hardy last week she said that she had counted the lowest salmon numbers of her career. 'Eight days ago I counted just over 300 pinks, ideally I should have counted over 10,000,' said Sewid. The low number of salmon is not helping the bears, she said and added that this year she observed a low count of berries too – another food source."

Note: Starving sea birds have been washing up dead in the hundreds of thousands from the Pacific Northwest all the way north to Alaska in recent years too. The fish they eat may be dying off too, just like the disappearing salmon in Alaska and Canada. The hundreds of thousands or millions of birds that recently dropped dead in New Mexico and surrounding states were thin too - the insects they eat may be dying off. Insects have been dying off all around the world, even in remote jungles where there is no human activity. I don't know what kind of berries the fisheries officer was referring to up there, but if those berries require insects for pollination, and the insects are disappearing there then that could be a problem for the bears that eat them. The entire biosphere has begun to collapse...

2020-09-19 - Home destroyed by explosion and fire on Tiffany Road in Paupack Township (Pennsylvania), 1200 feet from Locklin Pond, 1 injured:

Note: This is the 83rd residential explosion in 2020...

2020-09-19 - Boat bursts into flame on the Kanawha River in Kanawha County (West Virginia):

Note: This is the 828th boat/ship to burn/explode in 2020...

2020-09-19 - Forty buses destroyed by fire while parked in Itaquera (Brazil):

Quote: "About forty buses were destroyed in a fire that hit a yard in Itaquera, near the Cemitério do Carmo, in the East Zone. The information is from the Fire Department. At about 3 pm, at the height of the fire, 13 vehicles and 45 professionals were working to fight the flames, which were extinguished at 5 pm. The vehicles were out of use and parked."

Note: These are the 240th-279th buses to burn in 2020...

2020-09-19 - Two tanker trucks destroyed by explosion and fire at refinery near Evanston (Wyoming), 2 injured:

Quote: "The Uinta County Sheriff’s Office and county fire and EMS crews responded around 10:21 a.m. Saturday, September 19 to a report of an explosion at the refinery’s loading rack area, where two trucks were loading at the time of the incident."

2020-09-19 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-70 near Morristown (Ohio):

2020-09-19 - Tractor bursts into flame in Chilsworthy (Britain):

Note: These are the 1363rd, 1364th, 1365th and 1366th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2020...

2020-09-19 - RV bursts into flame at home on Crabapple Lane in Columbia (Missouri):

Note: This is the 306th RV to burn in 2020...

2020-09-19 - Pickup truck and RV trailer destroyed by fire on I-15 near Afton (California):

2020-09-19 - Pickup truck bursts into flame near 4th Street and 4th Avenue NE in Watertown (South Dakota):

2020-09-19 - Car bursts into flame at Park'n'Burn in coastal Toms River (New Jersey):

2020-09-19 - Car bursts into flame on the M20 near Ashford (Britain):

2020-09-19 - Car bursts into flame at bus stop in Milton Keynes (Britain):

2020-09-19 - Car bursts into flame on road near Rugby (Britain):

2020-09-19 - Multiple vehicles go up in flames at towing business in coastal Kapolei (Hawaii):

2020-09-19 - Two vehicles go up in flames on Alden Close in coastal Immingham (Britain):

Quote: "Alden Close, Immingham. Sat 19 Sep 2020 21:14 (No:017611) Two vehicle fires. One hose reel and one BA in use."

2020-09-19 - RV trailer bursts into flame near Roscoe (Illinois):

2020-09-19 - Trailer bursts into flame while being towed by pickup truck on US 50 in Knox County (Tennessee):

2020-09-19 - Four cars and multiple homes go up in flames on Mansfield Street in Springfield (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Piemonte told 22News the 3-alarm fire damaged eight structures and destroyed four vehicles."

2020-09-19 - Car and garage destroyed by fire at 4 AM at home on North Missouri Avenue in Peoria (Illinois):

Quote: "A garage and an automobile parked next to it were deemed total losses because of a fire early Saturday on the East Bluff, authorities stated."

2020-09-19 - Tree stump ignites along Western Gailes Way in coastal Hull (Britain):

Quote: "Western Gailes Way, Hull. Sat 19 Sep 2020 08:54 (No:017554) Tree stump on fire. Crews extinguished using one hose reel."

2020-09-19 - Fish house destroyed by fire at 5:21 AM on Highland Circle NW in Alexandria (Minnesota):

2020-09-19 - Home damaged by fire at 9th Avenue and Temple Street in Hinton (West Virginia):

2020-09-19 - Home heavily damaged by basement fire on Elm Street in Kalamazoo (Michigan):

2020-09-19 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 11:30 PM on Sheppard Road in Sturbridge (Massachusetts):

2020-09-19 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 7 AM on Southern Pines Drive in coastal Fort Pierce (Florida), nobody there:

2020-09-19 - Home destroyed by fire at 3:20 AM on Hacienda Drive in El Cajon (California), 2 injured:

2020-09-19 - Home destroyed by fire on North Road in Gardendale (Alabama):

2020-09-19 - Multi-family home heavily damaged by fire in the wee hours on School Street in coastal Pawtucket (Rhode Island):

2020-09-19 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire just after 11:30 PM on Tamarack Lane in Southport (Indiana):

2020-09-19 - Vacant home burns near River Road and Fairbanks Avenue in Riverside (Ohio):

2020-09-19 - Man, 72, and woman lose consciousness in the water and die at beaches on the island of Oahu (Hawaii):

Quote: "Just before 4 p.m., EMS officials say a woman became unresponsive in the waters on the Ewa side of Magic Island. Crews rescued pulled the woman to shore and performed CPR, but efforts to revive her were unsuccessful. EMS pronounced the woman dead at the scene. The woman’s age and identity has not yet been released."

Quote: "Just after 1 p.m. on Saturday at Kaimana Beach, located in Waikiki, Ocean Safety responded to a local 72-year-old man in the water. He was found face down. Responders brought him to shore and tried to revive him. Paramedics arrived on the scene and then transported him to an emergency room in critical condition where he later died."

2020-09-19 - Man, 45, dies after being pulled from the water at coastal Maghera Beach and man in his 70s drops dead at coastal Rossnowlagh Beach (Ireland):

Quote: "Gardaí in Letterkenny are investigating the drowning of a 45 year old man that occurred yesterday afternoon, Saturday 19th at Maghera Beach, Ardara. The Irish Coast Guard Rescue 118 recovered the man at 2.30pm, he was taken to shore and transferred to Letterkenny University Hospital in critical condition. He was pronounced dead at 4p.m."

Quote: "In a separate incident, Gardaí were made aware of a man, aged in his 70s, collapsing in the Rossnowlagh Beach area yesterday, Saturday 19th around 5:40pm. It is believed members of the public assisted the man with a defibrillator, that was located on the beach, before emergency services arrived. Gardai have confirmed the man was taken to Letterkenny University Hospital where he was later pronounced dead."

Note: About 18 miles apart, these two beaches...

2020-09-19 - Woman dies after being pulled unconscious from swimming pool at hotel in Orlando (Florida):

Quote: "The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is conducting a death investigation at a hotel on International Drive. Deputies said a woman drowned at the Clarion Hotel on Saturday. First responders arrived on the scene and found the woman face down at the bottom of the pool."

2020-09-19 - Man, 33, flees cops, has 'medical event' and dies, near coastal West Islip (New York):

Quote: "While running, Anderson, 33, of Wallkill, NY, appears to have suffered a medical event and collapsed a few feet away from the crash. He was transported via ambulance to Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center in West Islip where he was pronounced dead. There were no other injuries."

2020-09-19 - Person dies while diving in the Cooper River in Berkeley County (South Carolina):

2020-09-19 - Man, 40, drops dead before 5:30 AM at entrance to apartments on Gotham Street in Watertown (New York), 1600 feet from the Black River:

2020-09-19 - Person found dead in canal near Yarbrough Drive in El Paso (Texas):

2020-09-19 - Man, 26, found dead in Turtle Lake in McLain (Mississippi):

2020-09-19 - Man, 58, found dead in the Mountain Fork River near Eagletown (Oklahoma):

2020-09-19 - Man found dead near creek in Mississauga (Canada):

2020-09-19 - Man, 38, dies after being pulled from submerged car in Mohawk Lake (Canada):

2020-09-19 - Boy, 15, dies in Dal Lake in Srinagar (India):

2020-09-19 - Man, 26, dies after being pulled from the water at coastal Alagadi Public Beach on the island of Cyprus (Greece):

2020-09-19 - Man jumps into the water and dies off Long Island in the Bahamas:

Quote: "Police on Long Island are investigating an apparent drowning on Saturday afternoon. A woman and two men were on a fishing trip on a 21 foot Sun Boat in an area near West Point at around 3pm. One of the men went diving in 60 feet of water and failed to resurface. Moments later the second man dived into the water in search of the diver. He was able to locate him then bring him to the surface in an unresponsive state. After the diver was brought to shore, an examination was done by the local doctor, who pronounced him dead."

2020-09-19 - Man has heart problems on boat in coastal False Bay (South Africa):

Quote: "At 11:55AM today, Cape Medical Response was dispatched to False Bay Yacht Club to meet a vessel that was en route from deep within False Bay. The vessel reported that they had a crew member on board who was suffering from a cardiac event."

2020-09-19 - Cargo plane crashes at airport in coastal Mogadishu (Somalia), 3 injured:

2020-09-19 - Twin-engine plane makes emergency landing at airport in coastal Fort Lauderdale (Florida), engine failure:

2020-09-19 - Small plane crashes near Ottawa Executive Airport in Zeeland (Michigan), 2 killed:

2020-09-19 - Small plane crashes in field in Stockton (California), 3 injured:

2020-09-19 - Small plane crashes near Clovis (Arkansas), 1 injured:

2020-09-19 - Helicopter crashes into storage facility in Red Bud (Illinois), 1 killed:

2020-09-19 - SUV crashes into hotel in Roanoke (Virginia):

2020-09-19 - Car veers off road, crashes into tree, on Route 14 in Sodus (New York), 1 injured:

2020-09-19 - Car crashes off bridge into water near coastal Lady’s Island (South Carolina), 4 killed:

2020-09-19 - Large landslide hits Sichuan (China):

2020-09-19 - Building collapses in Ejigbo (Nigeria):

2020-09-19 - Tropical Storm Beta forms in the Gulf of Mexico:

2020-09-19 - Deadly storm Ionas washes away entire beach on the island of Kefalonia (Greece):

2020-09-19 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Broken Hill (Australia):

2020-09-19 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Kankan (Guinea):

2020-09-19 - Heavy rain, flooding and landslides hit Myanmar, 4+ killed:

2020-09-19 - Halloween this year to feature Blue Moon visible in all areas of the world:

2020-09-19 - BP says the world has passed peak oil demand:


  1. Good Monday morning, Jonny and all readers of JJFH.

    Yeah, things are proceeding along the road to extinction. JJFH's two favorite gases regularly killing people, animals, fish and birds while also causing explosions and fires of buildings and infrastructure. It won't be long now. The economic collapse is just ahead and 2021 will be the year things go south rather quickly on multiple fronts.

    2020 Has Been A “Nightmare Year” For America, And The Economic Fallout Is Just Getting Started

    Most of us have never experienced a year that has been as tough as 2020 has been for our nation. It has just been one major crisis after another, and the month of September has brought us even more trouble. The worst wildfire season in the history of the state of California has been making headlines day after day, and now the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg threatens to escalate the political turmoil in this nation to an entirely new level. Many had such high hopes for 2020, but at this point this year has been such a disaster that USA Today is calling it “an American nightmare”, and it is difficult to argue with their reasoning… [more]

    Le Show for Sunday, Sept. 20 [~ 1 hr.]

    Coca-Cola Paid Scientists to Downplay How Sugary Beverages Fueled the Obesity Crisis

    Coca-Cola’s work with scientists to downplay the role sugar plays in contributing to obesity has been called a ‘low point in this history of public health.’

    The beverage company donated millions of dollars to a team of researchers at a non-profit claiming to look into causes of excess weight gain in the US.

    However, the team ended up being a ‘front group’ for Coca-Cola and promoted the idea that it was a lack of exercise, not a bad diet, that was the primary driver of the US obesity epidemic.

    What’s more, the group tried to downplay the fact that Coca-Cola was a donor of its research, and how much money the company gifted. [more; hey, just like Big Oil & Big Pharma (and the nuclear industry and the snack food industry, etc.)!]

    [2nd part awaits]

  2. Jasper National Park says one caribou herd gone, two others on the brink of local extinction

    Caribou populations in Jasper National Park are in deep trouble.

    Of three southern mountain woodland caribou herds managed by Parks Canada, one — the Maligne herd — is now considered extirpated, or locally extinct, while the other two are dangerously small, according to the Jasper National Park’s Species at Risk report.

    Worse, neither of those herds has enough breeding females to be able to grow the herds, a situation that has an Alberta wilderness society calling for swift action. [more]

    CAL FIRE’s map of structures damaged or destroyed on the North Complex of fires

    East of Lake Oroville in California [see zoomable map]

    CAL FIRE reports that 1,393 structures have been destroyed in the blaze. [more]

    Man charged with setting fire in Southern Oregon that burned 15 properties

    A grand jury has indicted a 41-year old man for setting a fire in Phoenix, Oregon on September 8, the day the Almeda Drive Fire started near Ashland. Michael Jarrod Bakkela was arraigned on 2 counts of Arson in the First Degree, 15 counts of Criminal Mischief in the First Degree, 14 counts of Recklessly Endangering Another Person, and one count for Unlawful Possession of Methamphetamine.

    Mr. Bakkela, who is being held on bail of $5 million, is accused of starting a fire that damaged 15 properties between Phoenix and Medford that contributed to the Almeda Drive Fire.

    The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office announced September 15 that at least 2,357 structures were destroyed in the Almeda Drive Fire, which started north of Ashland and rapidly spread northwest through Talent, then Phoenix, and was finally stopped south of Medford. [more]

    Monday, 21 September 2020
    AstraZeneca Halts COVID-19 Vaccine Trials after Second Volunteer "Develops Neurological problems"

    "They've Killed God; I Can't Feel God; My Soul Is Dead" AstraZeneca Halts COVID-19 Vaccine Trials after Second Volunteer "Develops Neurological problems" [Hal Turner]

    Polls are finding Americans increasingly wary of accepting a coronavirus vaccine. And scientists inside and outside the government are worried that regulators, pressured by the president for results before Election Day on Nov. 3, might release an unproven or unsafe vaccine. [more; ya THINK?!]

    [3rd section below]

  3. Looking at Methane & Arctic Sea Ice with Margo (Sept. 20, 2020) [~ 53.3 min.]

    Bill Gates sees 'best case' for end of fake pandemic in 2022.

    Americans have little confidence in coronavirus vaccine

    An ABC News/Ipsos poll released on Sunday shows that 69 per cent of Americans do not have confidence in the president vouching for the effectiveness of a vaccine — 53 per cent saying they have no confidence at all in him doing so.

    [SOTT]Comment: Since when was Trump, or any President, responsible for the effectiveness of a vaccine? Isn't it more likely that a great many Americans simply don't have confidence in the US manufactured coronavirus vaccine? Because they'd be right to think so [more]

    Two asteroids set to cross Earth's orbit just hours apart as another Great Pyramid-sized space rock barrels our way

    Two 100-meter-wide asteroids are set to cross Earth's orbit within hours of each other in the coming days as another space rock, the size of ancient Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza, careens towards our planet.

    due to hurtle past on Friday, September 25.

    The first asteroid, which is named 2020 RO, is estimated to be up to 130 meters wide. It will fly past on September 25 at 00:10 EST at a speed of 11.84km per second. The second asteroid, named 2020 SM, is expected to sail past Earth later that day, at a speed of 18.43 km per second. The slightly smaller space rock is estimated to measure up to 100 meters in diameter.

    On September 29, a giant 200-meter-wide asteroid will silently pass Earth at a distance of around 1.78 million miles. The enormous visitor is comparable in size to Ancient Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza. [more]

    Lightning bolt kills 15 cows in Nigeria

    "The whole town shook when the thunder struck. Later, some commuters coming into town and those returning home from their farms saw Fulani herders lamenting that it was the lightning that killed their cattle," he said. [more]

    Ecuador's Sangay Volcano sees uptick in activity with blasts, ash emissions [1 video and 1 tweet]

    Huge wildfire breaks out in Saudi Arabia's Taif region [2 videos]

    [4th piece coming up]

  4. Aussie town lashed with a month's worth of rain in just 15 minutes [video]

    One missing as severe floods hit southern France after torrential rain - up to 17.7 inches in just 12 hours [2 videos and 2 tweets]

    Mobile home floats away in France floods [caption to pic]

    One person was reported missing on Saturday and dozens faced evacuation from their homes after torrential rain hit southern France, authorities said.

    The Gard region, where firefighters reported the missing person, was on red alert after as much as 350 millimetres (13.5 inches) of rain fell in parts of the Cevennes mountain range on the edge of the Massif Central.

    A similar amount cut off 10 departmental roads in the Gard, among them one in the Pont-d'Herault municipality, with prefectural sources indicating one village was isolated as a result.

    Helicopters carried out two rescue missions and some 650 rescue personnel were mobilised for three further operations as some 200 people were led to safety in two villages. [more]

    More dead sea lions, turtles found on Baja Sur beach in Mexico

    In San Juanico, Comondú, the bodies of 21 sea lions were discovered last week, some clinging to life before bleeding out from their snouts.

    This brings the number of dead sea lions to 183 this month alone, BCS Noticias reports.

    The fishermen who discovered the bodies say there were no marks from nets or boat propellers, so no official cause of death has been determined. [more]

    [some humor from Babylon Bee]
    Miracle cure! Mental health experts suggest logging off social media, then backing over all your electronic devices with a van

    "We've found that mental wellness is greatly increased when people take a few minutes each day to log off of Facebook and Twitter, take a stroll out to the driveway, and just crush all of their electronic devices forever," one study intern told reporters. "Then stare pensively at the beautiful weather and enjoy your newfound freedom from the toxicity that permeates the internet." [more]

    [5th segment next]

  5. Tropical Storm "Beta" moving slowly toward Texas, long-duration rainfall event from Texas to Louisiana

    Tropical Storm "Beta" is slowly moving WNW toward Texas, producing a long-duration rainfall event from the middle Texas coast to southern Louisiana. There is the danger of life-threatening storm surge through Tuesday along portions of the Texas and Louisiana coasts. Beta is the 23rd named storm of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season and the 10th so far this month -- a record for September. [more]

    Widespread destruction after Medicane Cassilda (Ianos) strikes Greece, heads toward Libya/Egypt border region

    Medicane Cassilda (Ianos) made landfall in Argostoli, Kefalonia, western Greece at 02:20 UTC on September 18, 2020, with maximum sustained winds up to 110 km/h (70 mph), gusts to 135 km/h (85 mph), and heavy rain. [more]

    CDC says coronavirus spreads mainly in the air, through respiratory aerosols and droplets

    The coronavirus spreads most commonly in the air, through droplets or other tiny respiratory particles that apparently can remain suspended and inhaled, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says in new guidance.

    The smaller particles, known as aerosols, are produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, sings, talks or breathes and can be inhaled into someone's nose, mouth, airways or lungs, according to the CDC, which says that, in general, indoor settings without good ventilation increase the risk of contagion.

    "This is thought to be the main way the virus spreads," the CDC has posted on its website. "There is growing evidence that droplets and airborne particles can remain suspended in the air and be breathed in by others and travel distances beyond six feet (for example, during choir practice, in restaurants or in fitness classes)." [more; oh, but strip clubs are OK!]

    Significant rainfall may be double-edged sword for northwestern US this week

    A multi-day rain event is just what the northwestern United States needs to help put out the dozens of active wildfires, and forecasters say that is in the offing later this week. But could there be too much of a good thing?

    From last Friday into the weekend, the region received some relief from the smoke and haze that has persisted due to the fires as a weak storm moved in from the Pacific. Light rain fell across western Washington and Oregon, but areas east of the Cascades received very little rainfall.

    While mainly dry weather has since moved in and will last into at least Tuesday, the next storm will be knocking on the doorstep at midweek -- and forecasters say this one will be more potent. [more]

    From Israeli News Live [~ 30 sec. clip]

    Bill Gates saying to Trump not to investigate vaccine safety!

    Bill Gates Funds Invisible Quantum Tattoo Hidden In Coronavirus Vaccine For Storing Vaccination History

    A project funded by Bill Gates aims to deliver an invisible quantum tattoo hidden in the coronavirus vaccine for storing your vaccination history. The researchers showed that their new dye, which consists of nanocrystals called quantum dots, can remain for at least five years under the skin, where it emits near-infrared light that can be detected by a specially equipped smartphone. [more; mark of the beast?]

    "Human 2.0"? A Wake-Up Call
    [~ 21.3 min. video, long article with many stories and links]

  6. [some Monday headlines from RF]
    News Links, September 21, 2020
    Rice Farmer

    Worst Shipping Crisis in Decades Puts Lives and Trade at Risk

    US billionaires' wealth grew by $845 billion during the first six months of the pandemic

    US carrier enters Gulf amid sanctions threats toward Iran

    Britain, France, and Germany Spurn US Plan for Iran Sanctions

    Iran's Zarif says world should oppose U.S. sanctions or expect same

    Time ticking down on US nuclear presence in Turkey
    Withdrawal of US forces and nuclear weapons from Turkey's Incirlik Air Base seems increasingly likely

    The climate refugees are here. They're Americans.

    How much oil left in America? Not much

    Investors Are Pulling The Plug On Argentina's Prized Shale Play

    Saudi Prince Warns Short Sellers Not To Bet Against Oil

    U.S. Wants Bankrupt Offshore Drillers To Pick Up The Tab For Abandoned Wells [HAH!]

    Food, fertilizer, fuel: Why the worldwide demand for seaweed is growing [take, take, take]

    Bolsonaro's Indigenous land mining policy a billion-dollar backfire

    Arctic sea ice is being increasingly melted from below by warming Atlantic water

    Monarch butterflies' spectacular migration is at risk – an ambitious new plan aims to help save it

    American Exceptionalism is Another Casualty of Our Climate Disasters

    Underwater and on fire: US climate change magnifies extremes

    Toxic 'Forever Chemicals' Likely Contaminate More Than 700 Military Sites

    Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing Day 13

    The Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu Alliance: Simply Bad News

    Empire's Mask Slips at Julian Assange Trial

    Glenn Greenwald Shocks With Explanation On Why Mainstream Media Is Ignoring Assange Trial

    Collapse Is A Process, Not An Event [it's BOTH]

    A $700 Million CMBS Portfolio Is On the Brink as Malls Collapse

    A fall 'twindemic'? As US nears 200,000 coronavirus deaths, experts fear COVID-19, flu may be a deadly combo

    The pandemic is driving millions of America's 'working poor' to the edge

    Corporate debt frenzy rolls on as worries loom over markets

    Market Update: DC/Wall Street Insider Predicts Coming Shock

    Six months of carnage and counting: Travel industry struggles to rebound from COVID-19

  7. Monday, 21 September 2020
    Nearly 300 whales are stranded off the coast of Tasmania: Conservationists begin a huge rescue operation at Macquarie Heads off the coast of Tasmania to save the whales but 25 are dead already. [~ 1 min. video]

    Monster tidal waves crash on road and sweep away cars in China (video)

    The video, filmed in the city of Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province on September 20, shows huge waves brought by a tidal bore splashing onto a road next to a river and pushing back numerous vehicles. [more; including DASHCAM!]

    NEW Asteroid Spotted Hurtling Towards Earth at 15,000 mph the Size of a Dump Truck to Miss by 0.1LD! [MrMBB333] [~ 5.75 min.]

    'A crazy year up north:' Arctic sea ice shrinks to 2nd-lowest level on record

    Fueled by unusual warmth at the top of the world, Arctic sea ice shrank to its second-lowest level on record last week, scientists announced Monday.

    “It's been a crazy year up north, with sea ice at a near-record low, 100-degree (Fahrenheit) heat waves in Siberia and massive forest fires,” said Mark Serreze, director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, which made the announcement, along with NASA.

    “The year 2020 will stand as an exclamation point on the downward trend in Arctic sea ice extent," he said. "We are headed toward a seasonally ice-free Arctic Ocean, and this year is another nail in the coffin.” [more]

    'You ain't from here': Black man hits out at Portland protesters in heated exchange

    The man, who appears to be in his 50s, then pointed to a number of properties on the street, before shouting at the protesters: "You don't know whose house that was, whose house that was... you don't know cause you ain't from here.

    “You don't know cause you ain't from here, motherf*****s but you come here and you got a motherf******g little situation for us, how we're supposed to be."

    He added: "You got a situation for us, huh? How you want us to be." "You ain't from this motherf*****! You don't know what we went through motherf*****!" the man added, after one of the group attempts to explain why they are protesting in the city.

    [3rd piece follows]

  8. Galveston Bay Flooded as Tropical Storm Beta Brings High Tide and Storm Surge [45 sec. news clip]

    Coastal roadway flooding was reported across Galveston County, Texas, as Tropical Storm Beta edged closer to making landfall on September 21, according to local media reports.Video showed submerged piers and flooded gardens in Galveston Bay, as the National Weather Service reported that the storm would bring flooding to the area due to rising high tides and a storm surge.Further damage was caused in the area as a section of a fishing pier was discovered to have “come loose in the rough surf and tore away Sunday evening,” Galveston Island Beach Patrol Chief Peter Davis told the Galveston County Daily News.Tropical Storm Beta is set to make landfall late on September 21, with maximum sustained winds of 50 mph, elevated tides, and heavy rainfall, according to the National Weather Service.

    [2nd part second]

    [Fuck You]Fauci: We'll likely be wearing masks for most of 2021, even after a vaccine rolls out

    Dr. Anthony Fauci says a vaccine alone is not going to "get us to the point where we want to be, by the end of 2021."

    We'll need to vaccinate, social distance, continue hand hygiene, and use masks in order to get the level of coronavirus circulating between people down so low that outbreaks become a thing of the past.

    The first coronavirus vaccines will likely not protect people from getting sick at 100%, but may provide somewhere around 70% protection against symptomatic infections.

    [no mention of their plan to keep rolling out news ones every now and again, now that they know it works; they're medically corralling us]

    It is going to be a long road to get everybody vaccinated

    [oh, and they'll be hunting the resisters down for forced vaccination; when that doesn't work they'll make it impossible to do anything without their implanted CHIP]

    "I don't think we're going to eradicate it," Fauci said of the coronavirus. "We may not completely eliminate it, but if you get it down to such a very low level, and enough of the population is protected — either by a vaccine or by previously having been infected — then you'll develop a degree of herd immunity that you won't have an outbreak." [more; forever wars on the medical front]

    [pic of the day]
    Brain wrapped in aluminum foil washes ashore on Wisconsin beach

    Spookiness has come early to Wisconsin this year, as a washed-up brain was discovered on a local beach last week.

    James Senda found what looked like a brain wrapped in aluminum foil and called police, who responded to the scene Tuesday morning.

    "When I first opened it, I think I was so shocked it didn't click what it was," Senda told CNN. "I walked up to city workers nearby and I was like, 'Did I just find a brain?'"

    Local media reported that the brain was also accompanied by pink flowers and foreign money.

    Some suspect the package may be part of a ritual for the dead, with items to use in the afterlife, but no one “can explain the brain,” said Senda. [more; what, voodoo? Santaria? jeeez]

    [section IV next]

  9. 'We have a silent epidemic emerging right now in K-12 schools:' infectious disease specialist

    “I believe that we’re having a silent epidemic merging right now within the K through 12 schools,” said Sagg. He tells Yahoo Finance that K-12 students pose more risk of spreading COVID-19 because, unlike their college-student counterparts, younger students are not being tested and quarantined at the same rate. [more; yeah, sure - let's shut down the schools]

    [they've got control of this sector]
    The coronavirus outbreak has triggered unprecedented mass layoffs and furloughs. Here are the major companies that have announced they are downsizing their workforces.

    In addition to major airlines, businesses such as ride-share company Uber and hotel giants Hilton and Marriott have announced furloughs.

    Here's a roundup of the major companies who have announced downsizing their workforce due to the coronavirus thus far.

    Lufthansa: 22,000 Raytheon Technologies: 15,000
    The Guggenheim Museum: 11% less staff
    Kohl's is cutting 15% of its corporate workforce
    Dell: unspecified # Citigroup: 1% of global workforce
    United Airlines: 16,370 Ford: offering buyouts to 1400
    MGM Resorts: 18,000 Coca-Cola: offering "pkgs" to 4000
    Salesforce: 1000 lay-offs American Airlines: to cut 19,000
    Delta Airlines: 1941 pilots Boeing: over 10%
    WarnerMedia: starting with 600 AT&T: 54 recently
    NBCUniversal: < 3500 projected Spirit Airlines: 20 - 30%
    Creative Artists Agency: ~ 20% LinkedIn: 960 jobs to go
    Tailored Brands: 20% of workforce and closed 500 stores
    Southwest Airlines: 28% got extended leave and exit packages
    JC Penney: shutter 152 stores and lay off 1,000 jobs in corporate and field management [MORE; how's 'em U-3 #s look?]

    McConnell unexpectedly rejects Democrats' funding bill, leaving U.S. on the verge of government shutdown

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) rejected the government funding resolution House Democrats introduced Monday, leaving the U.S. government on the verge of a shutdown.

    The current government funding package only lasts another nine days [more]

    [5th part below]

  10. [some good news, maybe]
    Whale That Swam Miles Upriver in Northern Australia Heads Back Out to Sea [~ 1.75 min. soundless drone footage]

    Pelosi threatens Trump with second impeachment in effort to stop naming Ginsburg successor [~ 6 min. news post]

    Trump on Supreme Court vacancy: 'When you have the votes, you can sort of do what you want'

    President Trump on Monday defended the Republican plan to bring his pick to replace the Supreme Court vacancy left by Ruth Bader Ginsburg to a vote so close to an election despite the fact that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declined to do the same with Merrick Garland, President Barack Obama's nominee, in 2016.

    “When you have the Senate, when you have the votes, you can sort of do what you want as long as you have it,” Trump said in an interview with “Fox & Friends.”

    When Obama nominated Garland after the death [HIT, cough, cough] of Justice Antonin Scalia in February 2016, Republicans controlled both the House and the Senate. At the time, McConnell said the American people “should have a say” in the selection of the next Supreme Court justice, and that the vacancy should not be filled until we had a new president. [more]

    [just some more "clarification" on the Covid Clusterfuck]
    U.S. CDC takes down coronavirus airborne transmission guidance

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Monday took down its guidance warning on possible airborne transmission of the novel coronavirus, saying that the draft recommendation was posted in error.

    The now-withdrawn guidance, posted on the agency's website on Friday, recommended that people use air purifiers to reduce airborne germs indoors to avoid the disease from spreading.

    "CDC is currently updating its recommendations regarding airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2. Once this process has been completed, the update language will be posted," the agency said.

    The CDC did not immediately respond to Reuters request for comment on when the guidance will be updated.[more; WHO cares]

    [we'll just use this Monopoly money to pay for it]
    Defense Secretary Pledges to Add Billions to Navy Shipbuilding Budget

    Secretary of Defense Mark Esper provided a rare piece of good news for U.S. shipbuilders Wednesday, saying he was committed to increasing funding for new ships as the Navy revs up for a new arms race in the Pacific. [more; after the last Navy disaster ship didn't work [Littoral Combat Ship was SHIT]