Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Event Update For 2020-09-08

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Variety Pack

2020-09-08 - Dozens of wildfires rip through more than 300,000 acres across Washington State:

Quote: "Gov. Jay Inslee said at a Tuesday news conference that over 300,000 acres burned Monday, as many as had burned over the last 12 fire seasons. 'This is an unprecedented and heartbreaking event,' Inslee said. 'We know that we've been well prepared for fires. We've fought them before. We know how to do it. But these conditions were unprecedented.'"

2020-09-08 - Wildfires burn across Oregon, as many as 100 homes destroyed, governor invokes Emergency Conflagration Act:

Quote: "Oregon Governor Kate Brown authorized additional resources on Tuesday to help battle large wildfires burning across the state. Gov. Brown invoked the Emergency Conflagration Act for the Beachie Creek, Lionshead, and Holiday Farm fires, saying they pose a 'threat to life, safety and property' and exceed local firefighting capabilities."

Quote: "Lane County says the McKenzie Fire has destroyed as many as 100 homes in the Blue River area. Loss of life is possible, the county administrator warned Tuesday morning. People in the area have been told to evacuate."

2020-09-08 - Wildfires have now burned across more than 2.3 million acres across California, military rescues more people:

Quote: "All told, wildfires have burned 2.3 million acres this year in the parched state — an 1,800-plus percent increase compared to the acres scorched through the same period last year."

Note: So basically the entire US West Coast is going up in flames now...

2020-09-08 - Wildfires blazing on the US West Coast send haze and smoke all the way to the East Coast and into Canada:

Quote: "Suomi NPP also delivered an image of aerosols released by the fire. 'This image shows a significant area of deep red range which means aerosols in the area could potentially be dangerous to the health of those in that area,' said NASA."

2020-09-08 - Chemical plant damaged by explosion and fire in coastal Palm Bay (Florida):

Quote: "A woman who called 911 told the operator, 'A building just blew up.' Moments later, she added, 'It keeps blowing up.'"

2020-09-08 - Around 20 cars destroyed by fire at 3 AM while parked at apartments in Lake St. Louis (Missouri):

Quote: "KMOV-TV reports that the fire broke out around 3 a.m. Monday at Cedar Ridge Apartments. Authorities say 32 cars in a carport were damaged, with about 20 of them destroyed. Fire officials say the wooden carport was engulfed in flames by the time firefighters arrived. The cause of the fire is under investigation but authorities say it does not appear to be suspicious."

2020-09-08 - Home destroyed by explosion and fire on State Highway 71 in Ellinger (Texas), 2 injured:

2020-09-08 - Home explodes and burns on Rothesay Place in the Rockdale suburb of coastal Invercargill (New Zealand), 3 injured:

Note: These are the 77th and 78th residential explosions in 2020...

2020-09-08 - Boat bursts into flame in Chesapeake Bay off coastal Matapeake Beach (Maryland):

2020-09-08 - Boat bursts into flame on the River Shannon in coastal Leitrim (Ireland):

Note: These are the 805th and 806th boats/ships to burn/explode in 2020...

2020-09-08 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame at 6:10 AM, ignites brush fire, on I-5 near Bakersfield (California):

2020-09-08 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-10 in coastal Mobile (Alabama):

2020-09-08 - Tractor bursts into flame on Rag Lane in Wickwar (Britain):

2020-09-08 - Tractor (combine) bursts into flame near Sleaford (Britain):

Note: These are the 1302nd, 1303rd, 1304th and 1305th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2020...

2020-09-08 - Three garbage trucks destroyed by fire while parked at facility on Winterstoke Road in coastal Weston-super-Mare (Britain):

2020-09-08 - Truck bursts into flame on the A1 near Upper Morton (Britain):

2020-09-08 - RV bursts into flame on I-10 in Tucson (Arizona):

Quote: "At about 2 p.m. on Sep. 8, Rural Metro firefighters responded to a report of an RV fire on Interstate-10 near the eastbound exit on Alvernon Way."

Note: This is the 297th RV to burn in 2020...

2020-09-08 - Van bursts into flame at 4 AM while parked in underground carpark in Rockdale suburb of coastal Sydney (Australia):

2020-09-08 - SUV bursts into flame on Highway 1 between Chilliwack and Abbotsford (Canada):

2020-09-08 - Car bursts into flame in the wee hours on Amberwood Parkway in Ashland (Ohio):

2020-09-08 - Car bursts into flame on Pease Avenue in coastal Fairfield (Connecticut):

2020-09-08 - Car bursts into flame near 10th Avenue and 18th Street in Rockford (Illinois), near the Rock River:

2020-09-08 - Car bursts into flame on street in Edleen (South Africa):

2020-09-08 - Jaguar bursts into flame on the A469 in coastal Cardiff (Britain):

2020-09-08 - Car bursts into flame on Bridgewater Lane in Pinchbeck (Britain):

2020-09-08 - Car bursts into flame on street in the Milton Keynes (Britain):

2020-09-08 - Auto shop destroyed by fire in Bend (Oregon):

2020-09-08 - Auto shop heavily damaged by fire in Wichita (Kansas):

2020-09-08 - Auto shop and storage facility heavily damaged by fire just before 6:30 AM in Wyandanch on coastal Long Island (New York):

2020-09-08 - Barn destroyed by fire shortly after 6 AM on Matz Road in Ferndale (Washington):

2020-09-08 - Barn destroyed by fire in coastal Kilkeel (Ireland), 2000+ pigs killed:

2020-09-08 - Mobile home damaged by fire at 3 AM on Wedgewood Drive in Rantoul (Illinois):

2020-09-08 - Home damaged by fire on Waycross Street in Orangeburg (South Carolina):

2020-09-08 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 2:05 AM on Rockland Avenue in Heartland Village on coastal Staten Island (New York):

2020-09-08 - Home heavily damaged by fire in Guilford (Vermont), 2 injured:

2020-09-08 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 6 AM on Perrin Avenue in Lemay (Missouri):

2020-09-08 - Home destroyed by fire at 11:30 PM on Town Hill Road in Jackson (Kentucky):

2020-09-08 - Home destroyed by fire on Bolling Avenue in Louisville (Kentucky):

2020-09-08 - Apartment building damaged by fire on Dover Glen Drive in Nashville (Tennessee):

2020-09-08 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire at 1 AM in Laconia (New Hampshire):

2020-09-08 - Four vacant industrial buildings go up in flames along the Clackamas River in Oregon City (Oregon):

2020-09-08 - Two men, 43 and 65, employees, found dead in sludge pumphouse at water treatment plant in McCook (Nebraska):

Quote: "Police have not said how the men died, but noted a hazardous materials team was sent in to retrieve the bodies because of toxic gases inside."

2020-09-08 - Infant has 'medical emergency' near water and dies at Chickasabogue Park in Prichard (Alabama):

Quote: "Investigators said the death of a child at Chickasabouge Park over the weekend appears to be the result of a medical emergency."

Quote: "The Mobile County Sheriff's Office said on Wednesday that an autopsy showed the child did not have water in her lungs and there was no sign of foul play."

Quote: "The witness says it took an ambulance about eight minutes to arrive. The baby, still unresponsive when she was taken off. She went on to say both of the parents were in absolute shock at this terrible accident. She also says the baby girl had no signs she had been in the water at all, so a drowning she says couldn’t have been possible."

2020-09-08 - Man, 58, goes hunting, next seen dead in Milk Creek drainage area in Rio Blanco County (Colorado):

2020-09-08 - Man, 55, found dead in drainage area along the Great Miami River in Dayton (Ohio):

2020-09-08 - Man found dead in the water in coastal St. Petersburg (Florida):

2020-09-08 - Person found dead along US 441 near coastal Delray Beach (Florida):

2020-09-08 - Man, 35, found dead in Quantico Creek in Prince William County (Virginia):

2020-09-08 - Woman, 69, found dead in the Bridgewater Channel in Lake Havasu (Arizona):

2020-09-08 - Person found dead near I-10 rest area in Seminole (Alabama), near the coast:

2020-09-08 - Woman, 23, falls off boat and dies in Old Hickory Lake (Tennessee):

2020-09-08 - Person drops dead at apartments on Edgehill Drive in Barrie (Canada):

2020-09-08 - Man in his 50s found dead in dam reservoir in Stinkwater (South Africa):

2020-09-08 - Man found dead in public restroom in Salisbury (Britain):

2020-09-08 - Man, 26, has 'medical issue', concrete mixer truck overturns, in Bremerton (Washington):

Quote: "The Washington State Patrol says the man, 26, of Spanaway, suffered a medical issue as he was turning from National Avenue onto westbound Kitsap Way, also known as Highway 310."

2020-09-08 - Man, 37, has 'medical issue' at 6:15 AM, car crashes into pole, in Milton Township (Michigan), 2 injured:

Quote: "Deputies were dispatched to the scene of the crash on U.S. 12 near Worrell Street in Milton Township at approximately 6:15 a.m. when the driver, Eric Sienicki, 37, of Niles, reportedly experienced a medical issue and drove into a utility pole."

2020-09-08 - Small plane crashes off off Old Nashville Highway 70 in McMinnville (Tennessee), engine failure, 3 killed:

2020-09-08 - Tractor trailer overturns on I-840 near Lebanon (Tennessee):

2020-09-08 - SUV veers off road, crashes into home, on Chapel Avenue in Allentown (Pennsylvania), 1 killed:

2020-09-08 - SUV crashes off road, plunges into Amawalk Reservoir, in Northern Westchester (New York):

2020-09-08 - SUV crashes on seaside cliff along Marine Drive near coastal Charteris Bay (New Zealand):

Quote: "The cause of the crash is being investigated. However, it is understood the driver may have had a medical event."

2020-09-08 - Pickup truck veers off road, crashes into business, in Branford (Florida):

2020-09-08 - Car veers off road at 2:10 AM, car crashes into building, in Taylor (Michigan):

Quote: "Officials said it's possible the man had a medical emergency before the crash."

2020-09-08 - Car veers off road just after 11:30 PM, crashes into tree, bursts into flame, in Bedford County (Virginia), 1 injured:

2020-09-08 - Shark attacks and kills man at Greenmount Beach in coastal Coolangatta (Australia):

Quote: "Footage from a Swellnet surf camera shows the 46-year-old sitting in the water at the end of the line-up before the shark grabs him and pulls him under. Water can be seen splashing around before the black silhouette of the shark swims away from shore. Some surfers just metres away seem oblivious to what is happening."

2020-09-08 - Power outage blacks out thousands of homes in Southern California:

2020-09-08 - Magnitude 3.3 earthquake strikes in Leighton Buzzard (Britain):

2020-09-08 - Severe hailstorm leaves behind thick crust of ice in Narok North (Kenya):

2020-09-08 - Tropical storms Rene and Paulette moving west through the Atlantic Ocean, 2 more systems could develop:

2020-09-08 - Hurricane Laura is now gone, but residents fear the toxic sludge left behind:

2020-09-08 - Mining for renewable energy could be another threat to the environment:

2020-09-08 - Are we seeing the beginning of a September stock market crash?


  1. Mornin' Jonny, everyone.

    6 garbage trucks in 2 days! Notice how the authorities don't mention that the toxic gas PROBABLY killed the two men in the sludge pumphouse (for which the rescuers were prepared).

    [yesterday afternoon my son in CA sent pics of a weird orangey grey sky they were experiencing]

    A Sign Of The Times? Unprecedented Fires Have Turned Skies Bright Orange And Blood Red Over California And Oregon

    2020 has been an incredibly difficult year for the U.S. as a whole, but no part of the country has been hit harder than the states along the west coast. It has just been one thing after another all year long, and now unprecedented wildfires have turned the skies bright orange and blood red over vast stretches of California and Oregon. Many are using the word “apocalyptic” to describe what is happening, and others have said that the skies look like something out of a science fiction movie. And even though hundreds of thousands of acres have already burned in Oregon and Washington, and even though more than two million acres have already burned in California, officials are warning that conditions will get even worse as we head into “the teeth of the wildfire season”. [more]

    Signs and Portents: Rare two-headed calf born in India is worshipped by villagers and given gifts

    The two heads were joined at the neck and each one had two eyes, but shared three ears.

    The calf passed away after just a few days. [more]

    Horrific moment man mauled to death by dog pack in Durango, Mexico

    The results of the autopsy carried out on Munoz showed the cause of death was a hypovolaemic shock caused by different lacerations by dog bites.

    A second man, Jesus Basilio, 42, also received serious injuries in a separate attack by the same pack of dogs just hours earlier, however he is not reported to have suffered any life-threatening bites.

    The pack has since been captured and authorities have ordered for them to be put down through injection. [more; video]

    Man mauled to death by his own dog in Perth, Australia

    it was Mr Whitney's own rottweiler that inflicted the deadly injuries. [more; dog shot]

    [and from Omen Central]
    Meteor fireball booms over California in stunning video - ''That was a close call'

    Some Californians claimed it to be the best meteor sighting they had ever seen, while others were stunned by how close it seemingly came to ground. [more; video]

    River overflows after torrential rain and floods Maracay, Venezuela

    Rio El Limón in full flow. This was quite literally the worst thing that could have happened to Venezuela, COVID, no gasoline and now a severe flood. [more; 93 sec. video]

    [2nd piece below]

  2. California fires burn record 2m acres

    Lynne Tolmachoff, spokeswoman for Cal Fire, said the most striking thing about the record was how early it was set, with the most dangerous part of the year ahead. [more]

    [so it may go to 3 or more million acres before it's all over]

    North Complex of fires estimated at a quarter of million acres after explosive growth

    One of the fires on the North Complex of fires east of Chico, California apparently grew by about 100,000 acres Tuesday. Operations Section Chief Jake Cagle said Wednesday morning that 45 mph winds pushed the Claremont/Bear Fire to the southwest for miles until it reached Lake Oroville east of the city by the same name. But it didn’t stop there. According to the map produced by the incident management team it worked its way around the south side of the lake and may have even spotted across the lake.

    With the extremely rapid growth, firefighters were unable to have the luxury of containing the fire’s edge, their time had to be spent on the urgent matters of firefighter and public safety, notifying citizens of mandatory evacuations, and protecting structures.

    The North Complex is comprised of multiple fires, most of which were suppressed, but remaining were the Bear and Claremont blazes. [more]

    At least 3 dead, several critically injured as massive wildfire sweeps through northern California

    The remains of three people were discovered north of Sacramento near the site of a large-scale wildfire, which has left several others seriously injured as rescuers search for 12 missing persons amid the blaze.

    Out of 85 missing persons reports filed in relation to the fire, 12 have not yet been located, he added. Several others were severely wounded after being trapped overnight in the inferno, dubbed the 'Bear Fire,' according to CalFire Battalion Chief Sean Norman. [more; many videos]

    [3rd section next]

  3. Flood death toll rises to 6 in north east Ghana

    Two more persons have died in the floods in the North East Region. This brings to six the number of persons who have died so far. [more; see video on destroyed farmland]
    Record-early winter storm brings much below-average temperatures and record snow from Montana to New Mexico, U.S.

    One of the earliest snowstorms on record swept through parts of the United States, from Montana to New Mexico on September 8 and 9, 2020, bringing record-early snow and record-cold temperatures to much of the region. The weather system hit the region after record-breaking heat, producing a drastic 33 °C (60 °F) drop in temperatures within just 24 hours. [more]

    Glendower Fire (aka Almeda Fire) burns toward Medford, Oregon

    Multiple structures have burned

    A second fire in the Medford, Oregon area, the South Obenchain Fire north of the city, is prompting evacuations in the Shady Cove and Eagle Point areas. [more; evacuation maps provided]

    BBN: Climate Rages Even If We Don't [39.25 min.]

    [from our popular Funny How That Works section]
    NSA Chief Who Oversaw Sweeping Domestic Phone Surveillance Joins Amazon Board As Director

    Just days after Amazon published a scathing letter slamming President Trump for not allowing the American multinational tech company to get the $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract, which instead was awarded to Microsoft, Amazon's board has just appointed former NSA head and retired general of the US Army Keith B. Alexander as a director.

    This is the very NSA chief who was the face of the agency's mass sweeping up of Americans' communications exposed by Edward Snowden's leaks. The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit earlier this month ruled the invasive NSA program was "illegal" and that US officials lied about it. [more]

    [4th part awaits]

  4. [new book]
    MKULTRA and the CIA’s War on the Human Mind

    The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has a fearsome reputation. The author and executor of countless coups and political assassinations, the CIA is notorious for waterboarding, “extraordinary rendition,” regime change, kidnapping, narcotics smuggling, financing of guerrilla wars, and many other unsavory activities around the world, including against Americans, even inside the United States.

    But “fearsome” does not mean “flawless.” The CIA has failed at least as often as it has succeeded, and sometimes the failures are so flagrant—such as sending thousands of anticommunist guerrilla fighters behind enemy lines in Korea, Eastern Europe, China, and Southeast Asia during the Cold War, where nearly all of them died—that CIA insiders wryly refer to their organization as “Clowns In Action.”

    Which is it? Is the CIA a dastardly menace or a hotbed of horrible mistakes? If Stephen Kinzer’s new book, Poisoner in Chief, is any indication, the answer is both. [more]

    [either way, shut this rogue agency down!]

    Sweden Close To Victory Over Coronavirus; Never Had A Lockdown Or Mask Mandate

    As the rest of Europe and the world remains under the grip of draconian rules and the threat of new lockdowns, Sweden, which allowed its citizens to remain free throughout the entire pandemic, has pretty much declared victory over the coronavirus. [more]

    [in Creeping Telespying news]
    Amazon Wants Alexa to Move Into Your Apartment Before You Do

    Alexa for Residential will let your landlord make yet another change without asking.

    On Thursday, Amazon announced a new program called Alexa for Residential that would make it cheaper for apartment complexes to integrate Alexa and Amazon devices into their rental units. This should come as no surprise, especially considering that the pandemic has allowed Amazon to grow even more entrenched in our daily lives.

    Before you move in, a smart speaker will be installed that will need no set-up from you—it can even give you a tour before you move in and answer questions about the rental unit. According to The Verge, Amazon insists property managers won't access any tenant data and all voice recordings will be deleted daily, all in the name of offering "custom voice experiences that go beyond the walls of their apartments."

    Given how Alexa is deployed, how data extraction works, and Amazon’s own adventures into healthcare, insurance technology, workplace surveillance, and general monopolistic activities, many tenants are likely to be skeptical of Alexa for Residents.

    On the bright side, slapping a “smart home” premium onto the monthly rent may let your landlord reverse plunging rents caused by the widespread adoption of remote work and a looming eviction crisis. See, everyone (but you) wins. [more]

  5. [some Thursday headlines from RF]
    News Links, September 10, 2020
    Rice Farmer

    Inflation Is Stealth Austerity

    United, pilots union reach agreement to avoid close to 3,000 furloughs

    U.S. airlines warn on travel recovery while awaiting fresh aid

    Piracy, other high seas crimes rise in Asia: report

    US-Seized Iranian Gasoline Soon to Arrive in Texas [US piracy]

    U.S. is cutting troops in Iraq to 3,000 this month, commander of U.S. Central Command says

    The Air Force Isn't Dominant Anymore ... Says Air Force Chief of Staff [because of JUNK plane$!]

    At least 37 million displaced by America's two-decade 'war on terror': Report

    American Bloodlands (Chris Hedges)

    Two killed as violence spills from Mexico protest against water flow to U.S.
    And it's a story that will be repeated around the world because there are too many humans consuming too much water, not to mention other resources. Brain-dead growth advocates don't seem to realize that there is only so much water to go around. -- RF

    Across the world, trees are growing faster, dying younger – and will soon store less carbon

    Giraffe haven in Niger faces uncertain future after attack
    Brazil wetland fires threaten jaguar reserve

    Study predicts increase in mosquito-borne diseases as planet warms

    Ocean salinity study reveals amplification of Earth's water cycle

    Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing Day 7 (Craig Murray)

    Assange on Trial: A Stunning Lack of Transparency and Fairness

    FBI Horrified To Discover Ring Doorbells Can Tip Off Citizens To The Presence Of Federal Officers At Their Door
    The irony is palpable. You can't make this stuff up. -- RF

    Trump has called on US firms to leave China, but no mass exodus among 'well-rooted' companies

    Fascism Scholar Says U.S. Is 'Losing Its Democratic Status'

    The Recovery is Led by Part-Time, Not Full-Time Employment

    Americans Pay Down Credit Cards For 5th Consecutive Month As Post-Covid Deleveraging Continues

    Trump signs executive order extending ban on offshore drilling off Florida coast

    No signs of hacks on computers used to record and tally votes, says top U.S. election protection official

    U.S. revokes more than 1,000 visas of Chinese nationals, citing military links

    US: Critical deadlines loom for highways, airlines and transit
    With just weeks left in the legislative year, Congress faces two big transportation deadlines on Sept. 30, a transportation to-do list and potentially dire consequences if it does not act.