Monday, September 16, 2019

Event Update For 2019-09-15

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2019-09-15 - Unknown rotten egg odor blows through Chicopee (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Police have confirmed that there are no more reports of natural gas after numerous calls came in Sunday night about how residents believed they smelt an odor."

Quote: The gas company had 'sweepers' attempt to detect the source of the odor and discovered zero readings throughout the city."

Quote: "Chicopee Police Department Public Information Officer (PIO), Michael Wilk informed Western Mass News that there is no danger to anyone inside their homes as the only reports were outside smells."

Note: So it was something that smelled LIKE the odorant added to natural gas (which is itself odorless) but it wasn't natural gas, and it came from outdoors. That was very likely a cloud of low concentration hydrogen sulfide. If it'd been high in concentration then there'd have been a bunch of dead people laying in the streets and/or in their homes. That doesn't mean that the concentration won't be lethal next time though. Chicopee runs along the eastern (downwind) side of the Connecticut River...

2019-09-15 - Arctic sea ice coverage drops below 1.5M square miles for second time since 1979:

2019-09-15 - Passenger plane fills with smoke en route to coastal Barcelona (Spain):

Quote: "A holiday flight from Malaga was forced to make an emergency landing on midnight on Friday as smoke filled the cabin forcing passengers to cover their mouths. Video has emerged showing the dramatic moment passengers feared they were going to choke as smoke filled the Vueling plane from Malaga to Barcelona."

Note: This is the 106th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2019...

2019-09-15 - Auto salvage yard erupts in flame in the wee hours in Carthage area in Cincinnati (Ohio), nobody there:

2019-09-15 - Firenado erupts during 'controlled' burn at farm in Brazil:

2019-09-15 - Wildfire rages near Athens, another wildfire breaks out on the island of Zakynthos (Greece):

Quote: "The fire department said the blaze near Athens burned in the mountains above Loutraki, a coastal resort some 60 kilometres west of Athens."

Quote: "And in another emergency, authorities evacuated dozens of people from two villages and a hotel on the island of Zakynthos after a new fire broke out on Sunday."

2019-09-15 - Brain-eating amoeba kills 10-year old girl after she swims in the Brazos River and Lake Whitney near Waco (Texas):

Quote: "A Texas girl has died after battling a brain-eating amoeba for more than a week, according to her family and school. Lily Mae Avant, 10, swam in the Brazos River and Lake Whitney near Waco over Labor Day weekend, CNN affiliate KWTX reported."

Note: Clearly the changing climate favors these things, so it looks like increasing numbers of people are going to be getting killed by having their brains eaten by amoebas as the human race dies off...

2019-09-15 - As Bering Sea ice melts, Alaskans, scientists and Seattle’s fishing fleet witness changes on a massive scale:

2019-09-15 - Americans waking up, two thirds say climate crisis must be addressed:

2019-09-15 - Wildfire breaks out near coastal Dunedin (New Zealand):

2019-09-15 - Fire seasons heats up in California, insurers dropping long-time clients:

2019-09-15 - At least seven boats destroyed by explosion and fire at Leatherwood Marina on Kentucky Lake in Dover (Tennessee), 1 injured:

Quote: "'Leatherwood Marina was in a complete inferno this morning. 7 boats totally destroyed, 3 or more damaged and 4 sunk,' a Stewart County PIO said."

Note: These are the 800th, 801st, 802nd, 803rd, 804th, 805th and 806th boats/ships to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-09-15 - Passenger bus bursts into flame on I-55 near Troy (Illinois):

Quote: "No injuries reported after a Greyhound bus caught on fire on Interstate 55 in the Metro East Sunday evening. Police said the bus caught on fire on northbound I-55 about five miles north of Troy."

Note: Another large vehicle fire in the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area. Last week, one school bus went up in flames in St. Louis and on the same day another school bus went up in flames in St. Louis County, and a big rig hauling 36 tons of chocolate went up in flames in St. Louis last week too. A freight train also derailed and burst into flame last week across the river in the same general area as this Greyhound bus fire. This is the 446th bus to burn in 2019...

2019-09-15 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-79 near the Geneva Swamp Bridge in Crawford County (Pennsylvania):

2019-09-15 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on Route 7 near Martins Ferry (Ohio):

2019-09-15 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on Route 23 in Delaware County (Ohio):

2019-09-15 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-57 in Franklin County (Illinois):

2019-09-15 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-5 in coastal Los Angeles (California):

2019-09-15 - Tractor bursts into flame in Touchbridge, Brill (Britain):

Quote: "Sunday 15 September, 7.56pm Tractor on fire, Touchbridge, Brill. One appliance and crew from Brill attended. Firefighters used one hose reel and a thermal imaging camera."

Note: These are the 1643rd, 1644th, 1645th, 1646th, 1647th and 1648th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-09-15 - In separate incidents, within minutes, van and apartment burst into flame in coastal Morecambe (Britain):

Quote: "Flat and van fires break out minutes apart in two Morecambe streets..."

2019-09-15 - SUV bursts into flame on street in Dix Hills on coastal Long Island (New York):

2019-09-15 - Pickup truck bursts into flame at 12:59 AM while parked at home in Riverside (California):

Quote: "The fire was reported around 12:59am in the 7200 block of Greylock Avenue. The first arriving engine company reported a small pick-up truck partially engulfed with the residents evacuated. The truck was burning dangerously close to a two story home as flames were as high as the roof of the home."

2019-09-15 - Pickup truck bursts into flame, ignites 400-acre brush fire, on Red Feather Lakes Road near Fort Collins (Colorado):

Quote: "The fire started from a car and spread to surrounding vegetation, according to the sheriff's office. Photos and videos taken by a bystander and shared with the Coloradoan show a pickup truck on fire while parked along the north side of 74E, also known as Red Feather Lakes Road."

2019-09-15 - Several cars destroyed by fire just before 12:30 AM while parked at business, business damaged too, in Machesney Park (Illinois):

Quote: "First crews at the scene found several cars parked in front of the building up in flames. The blaze destroyed the cars and the building was damaged."

2019-09-15 - Car bursts into flame in garage at home in Greeley (Colorado), 1 injured:

2019-09-15 - Car bursts into flame on Highway 199 in Kerby (Oregon):

2019-09-15 - Car bursts into flame on Morchard Road near Morchard Bishop (Britain):

2019-09-15 - Car bursts into flame on Chirk Road in Gledrid (Britain):

2019-09-15 - Car bursts into flame at 3:30 AM on Bevan Hill in Chesham (Britain):

Quote: "Sunday 15 September, 3.30am Car fire, Bevan Hill, Chesham. One appliance and crew from Amersham attended."

2019-09-15 - Vehicle bursts into flame on the M25 near Chertsey (Britain):

2019-09-15 - Vehicle bursts into flame on Feldane in coastal Hull (Britain):

Quote: "Feldane, Hull. Sun 15 Sep 2019 13:59 (No:20737) Vehicle fire. One hose reel and one BA in use."

2019-09-15 - Vehicle bursts into flame on Berkeley Court in Scunthorpe (Britain):

Quote: "Berkeley Court, Scunthorpe. Sun 15 Sep 2019 15:16 (No:20747) Vehicle fire. Extinguished by owner with dry powder extinguisher prior to arrival of Fire Service. Inspection only."

2019-09-15 - Semi trailer bursts into flame at Eurolink Industrial Estate in Sittingbourne (Britain):

2019-09-15 - Two vehicles, garage and tree destroyed by fire at home in coastal San Jose (California):

Quote: "Flames engulfed a garage, two vehicles and debris at the rear of a house near 16th and Washington streets around 12:30 p.m., said San Jose Fire Department Captain Mitch Matlow. At least one tree also burned."

2019-09-15 - Two cars and two mobile homes go up in flames in Rapid City (SOuth Dakota):

2019-09-15 - Home damaged by fire shortly after midnight in Gresham (Oregon):

2019-09-15 - Home damaged by fire on Hill Country Avenue in Las Vegas (Nevada):

2019-09-15 - Home damaged by fire on West Grove Avenue in Visalia (California):

2019-09-15 - Home damaged by garage fire, garage destroyed, in Carolina Shores (North Carolina), near the coast:

2019-09-15 - Home damaged by garage fire, garage destroyed, in Ishpeming (Michigan):

2019-09-15 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 3:18 AM in Shreveport (Louisiana):

2019-09-15 - Home heavily damaged by garage fire in Leawood (Kansas), nobody there:

2019-09-15 - Home and shop destroyed by fire in the wee hours on Neel Creek Road in Belt (Montana), nobody there:

2019-09-15 - Home destroyed by fire on Bell Avenue in Lower Lake (California), 1 injured:

2019-09-15 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire in Sevierville (Tennessee):

2019-09-15 - Vacant building destroyed by fire in Atlanta (Georgia):

Quote: "According to Atlanta fire spokesperson Cortez Stafford, the building had been abandoned since another fire in the same building in June 2018."

2019-09-15 - Vacant Navy commissary goes up in flames on coastal Mare Island (California):

2019-09-15 - Juvenile sperm whale strands and dies at beach in coastal Ocean City (Maryland):

2019-09-15 - Whale washes ashore dead, people hack it up, near coastal Shelly Beach (South Africa):

2019-09-15 - Boy, 14, found dead in swimming pool at hotel in New Iberia (Louisiana):

Quote: "New Iberia police are investigating the accidental drowning of a 14-year-old at a hotel on Hwy. 14 in New Iberia. Police confirmed that the teen was found in the pool."

2019-09-15 - Man, 66, found dead in swimming pool at home in Forestdale (Alabama):

2019-09-15 - College student, woman, drops dead in dorm room at Tyler Junior College in Tyler (Texas):

2019-09-15 - Man, 30 to 40, found dead in the Schuylkill River in West Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

2019-09-15 - Man, 54, found dead in pond in Matteson (Illinois):

2019-09-15 - Man, 23, found dead in the Mississippi River near Andalusia (Illinois):

2019-09-15 - Man found dead in Lake Oahe (South Dakota), empty 'ghost boat' found running in circles:

Quote: "Our initial information was a boat spinning in circles and appeared to be unoccupied.  Upon arrival, we did see a fishing boat; spinning circles about a mile or so west of the Peoria Flats boat ramp.  With the assistance of local Game, Fish and Parks Officer, we were able to get boat stopped and verify that it was indeed empty at that point in time."

2019-09-15 - Woman found dead near intersection in Little Rock (Arkansas):

2019-09-15 - Man drops dead near to his pickup truck near Burney (California):

2019-09-15 - Man, 33, dies while snorkeling near coastal Gisborne (New Zealand):

2019-09-15 - Man, 30 to 40, found dead in the water at beach on coastal Koh Samui Island (Thailand):

2019-09-15 - Woman in her 60s has 'medical incident' and drops dead at beach in coastal Weymouth (Britain):

Quote: "The ambulance service were called to a medical incident involving a woman in her 60's yesterday afternoon."

2019-09-15 - Man in his 20s found dead in pond at Chantry Park in coastal Ipswich (Britain):

2019-09-15 - Person drops dead along Esplanade Road in coastal Paignton (Britain), less than 500 feet from the ocean:

Quote: "A police spokesperson said: 'Police are in attendance following reports of the sudden death of a person discovered at around 7.10am this morning in the Esplanade Road area of Paignton.'"

2019-09-15 - Man found dead in the Grand Union Canal in Hayes (Britain):

2019-09-15 - Man falls onto train tracks, gets hit by train, in coastal San Francisco (California), 1 injured:

2019-09-15 - Man, 62, has 'medical episode', car crashes into shrubs, in coastal Townsville (Australia), 1 killed:

Quote: "The crash occurred on Townsville's John Melton Black Drive at 7.30pm on Sunday, with the vehicle leaving the road and coming to a stop in some shrubs. Two members of the public performed CPR on the driver before the arrival of emergency services. A 62-year-old Townsville man was declared dead a short time later. A preliminary investigation indicates he suffered a medical episode which led to the crash."

2019-09-15 - Small plane crashes into woods in Sterling (Connecticut), NASCAR legend killed:

2019-09-15 - Small plane crashes into the Gulf of Mexico near coastal Southwest Pass (Louisiana):

2019-09-15 - Small plane crashes into field in coastal Chesapeake (Virginia):

2019-09-15 - Small plane crashes into residential area near Popayán (Colombia), 7 killed, 2 injured:

2019-09-15 - Tanker truck overturns on Balboa Avenue in Clairemont (California):

2019-09-15 - Tractor trailer overturns on I-45 near Huntsville (Texas):

2019-09-15 - Pickup truck veers off road, crashes into trees, on Rocky Ford Road near Powhatan (Virginia), 1 killed:

2019-09-15 - Car veers off road, crashes into bushes, bursts into flame, on I-75 in Macon (Georgia), 1 injured:

2019-09-15 - Car veers off road at 3:15 AM, crashes into tree, in Boones Mill (Virginia), 1 injured:

2019-09-15 - Car veers off road, crashes into building, in McKeesport (Pennsylvania), 1 killed, 2 injured:

2019-09-15 - Town of Nanwalek running out of water on the Kenai Peninsula (Alaska), emergency declared:

2019-09-15 - Man in his 60s goes into cardiac arrest at beachfront Doe Bay Resort on coastal Orcas Island (Washington):

Quote: "Orcas Island Fire and Rescue crews responded to reports of CPR in progress after a male in his 60s collapsed during the Imagine Festival at Doe Bay Resort shortly after 11 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 13."

2019-09-15 - Man loses consciousness and goes into cardiac arrest during college football game in Syracuse (New York):

2019-09-15 - Lightning strike kills 12-year-old boy in Bath County (Virginia):

2019-09-15 - Lightning strikes increase dramatically in British Columbia (Canada):

Quote: "Environment and Climate Change Canada has recorded 422,000 lightning strikes this year in the province, far above the 18-year average of 266,000. July alone saw 264,344 lightning strikes, said meteorologist Matt MacDonald."

2019-09-15 - Lightning strikes increase even more dramatically in Sweden:

Quote: "If you thought this summer in Sweden was stormy, you weren't wrong. More than 210,000 lightning strikes have been registered in the country so far this year, a six-fold increase on two years ago."

2019-09-15 - Heavy rain and flooding hit the island of Koh Chang (Thailand):

2019-09-15 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Algiers (Algeria):

2019-09-15 - Alarming level of plastic in children's bodies, German study shows:


  1. Good morning Jonny, Fran, Mike D., Tom N., LL, Terry, FezzedOne, Panther, and any other readers here today.

    Moving along toward economic collapse with the oil facilities strikes in Saudi Arabia. Prices spiked, then leveled off. There are many factors that can lead to a meltdown of the world's financial systems, and many of them may converge before year's end. We'll see.

    Not often we get marina fires of that size, but i suspect they'll increase too.

    Really wish i'd kept track of college kid deaths over the years.


    Summer 2019 was hottest on record for Northern Hemisphere: August tied 2nd hottest for globe ever: Water stress and global wildfires increase

    Summer 2019 was hottest on record for Northern Hemisphere and August tied as 2nd hottest for globe ever, according to a new report by NOAA. The Northern Hemisphere summer (June through August) record high-temperature ties with the same period in 2016.

    Scorching temperatures around the world last month tied August 2019 as the second-hottest August on record and capped off the hottest Northern Hemisphere summer (June through August), tied with 2016. The heat also impacted Arctic sea ice coverage, shrinking it to the second smallest for the month on record.

    Here are highlights from NOAA’s latest monthly global climate report: Climate by the numbers August 2019 The average global temperature in August was 1.66 degrees F above the 20th-century average of 60.1 degrees, tying it with 2015 and 2017 as the second-hottest August in the 140-year record, according to scientists at NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information. The hottest August on record was August 2016, and the five hottest Augusts on record have all occurred since 2014. [more; nah, mini-Ice Age right around the corner . ..]

    6 Of The Last 8 U.S. Recessions Were Preceded By Oil Price Spikes – Damage To Saudi Oil Industry Could Take “Months” To Repair

    When the price of oil rises dramatically, that tends to be really bad for the U.S. economy. Because we are so spread out and goods are transported over such vast distances, our economy is particularly vulnerable to oil price shocks, and that is one reason why the events that we just witnessed in the Middle East are so alarming. According to an article that was published by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco in 2007, five of the last seven U.S. recessions that had occurred up to that time “were preceded by considerable increases in oil prices”. Since that article was published in 2007, the recession that began in 2008 hadn’t happened yet, and of course that recession was immediately preceded by the largest oil price spike in history. So that means that six of the last eight U.S. recessions were preceded by oil price spikes, and now we may be facing another one. It is being reported that it may take “months” for Saudi Arabia to fully repair the damage that was done to their oil industry, and that could fundamentally alter the balance of supply and demand in the global marketplace. [more; what if Yemen does it again?]

    [more below]

  2. [one of my favorite topics to report on]
    Strange Sounds in Terrace, BC Canada August 29th 2013 7:30am (Vid#1) [109 sec. video]

    [here's one from 2012]
    Strange Sounds Jan 21 2012 Banff Alberta Canada [~ 3 min.]

    Francis Fire requiring evacuations in Davis County, Utah

    The fire is between Salt Lake City and Ogden [more]

    Slow-moving storm to drop heavy rain on parts of Louisiana and Texas, USA

    While Hurricane "Humberto" continues to move further away from the southeastern U.S. and toward the Bermuda, heavy showers and thunderstorms associated with a broad area of low pressure are moving onshore into the western Gulf coast. NWS said its forecast calls for 180+ mm (7+ inches) of rain across eastern Texas for the next few days. Meanwhile, rip currents/heavy surf are likely to continue from Florida to the Carolinas from Humberto. [more]

    Earth to warm more quickly, new climate models show

    Greenhouse gases thrust into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels are warming Earth's surface more quickly than previously understood, according to new climate models set to replace those used in current UN projections, scientists said Tuesday.

  3. Regarding the ten year old girl's contraction of the brain eating bacteria from the Brazos River.....Some friends of mine and myself took a weekend canoe trip down the Brazos River when I was 17. We were a bit upstream from where this girl was swimming. Of course this was in the early 80s so the conditions bacteria wise weren't the same. But the river was in flood stage when we went on our adventure. Oh how very stupid we were. But we were young and it was awesome of course. I think it was eight of us. Yeah, four canoes with two guys in each one. Well about an hour in to the trip we came upon an especially turbulent section where the water was swirling violently due the the trees that the river had engulfed. Two of our canoes wiped out, mine being one of them. One of the guys disappeared under the water for a long time. It seemed like forever, but it was probably about 20 seconds. But the river was so swift and turbulent we were scared shitless for him. He finally popped up. He had lost his glasses and by some miracle he actually was able to grab them before they were lost forever. Good thing for him that he was a very strong guy and a good swimmer.

    Those of us whose canoes wiped out had to float down river without them for a couple of miles until we got to a calmer place and were about to get back in. Only one guy lost his stuff because he hadn't properly prepared his bag so it would float if it ended up in the water. Oh, and I also remember that he had a handgun which added extra weight. He also had in that bag the car keys to the car that was waiting for us at the point where we were going to get out at the end. Good thing two of the guys knew how to hot wire a car. They were a lot easier to hot wire back then of course. I wonder how many years later someone found his stuff along with the gun and the car keys? I bet he was "WTF?"

    It was a lot of fun though. I think wiping out and having to hotwire the car made the trip a lot more memorable. Of course we were about six or so hours late getting back home and my Dad was furious. He had also found out the Brazos was at flood stage. That didn't make him calmer. Good times.....good times....

    Wouldn't touch that river now with a fifty foot pole. H2S and brain eating bacteria. Nope.

  4. Great story, Mike! Thanks! i'll share a coupla mine.

    When i was late teen age (was that during the Civil War, Tom?), a bunch of us took a trip to Berryville, VA for a three day festival.

    Back then, one could obtain a variety of LSD called Black Barrels that would have a desirable effect. i took one early in the afternoon and later found myself in no more than shin deep water in a stream that flowed through the property the festival was held on (it may have been an old watermelon patch). The water was clear and warm, and you could see the rocks on the bottom clearly. For some reason i felt compelled to "rock climb" the river - lying prone, shoeless and with only jeans shorts on, i'd crawl along the stream finding hand and footholds along the way to "climb." It was magical. i don't know how long it lasted, but the memory is still clear.

    Later, around dusk, looking at the sky and seeing the sun go down, i was overcome by the thought that we were living in the last years of human existence. Chalking it up to a side-effect of the LSD experience didn't lessen the sorrow i felt. i went to a pay phone on the grounds, dropped in some change and called my girlfriend (wife ever since), who talked to me with love and compassion, easing my transition to nightfall (and more music)!

    i don't know if the festival is still on-going, but it was super at the time. You could just leave your stuff in your tent and go listen to musicians, dancers (first time i ever saw clogging!), people hawking all manner of food, drink, posters, and such, for as long as you liked. When you came back, everything was still just as you left it. This went on all day and night - you could get up in the middle of the night to take a piss and not come back til afternoon, meeting awesome people, lovely ladies, great musicians, and not remember what time it was.

    One other memorable experience i had with water happened much later - in 1993. i went to Hawaii with a friend i grew up with and we found ourselves on a beach on one of the islands (probably Oahu) that had a giant rock you could swim to, about 50 yards or so off-shore. Giant waves swept by as you stood on top, and my buddy was urging me to jump in. The waves were about 30 to 40 feet, and the idea was to "time it" so that when you dropped into one, you'd be at the crest and it would bring you to shore.

    There was a native Hawaiian girl about 12 or so standing behind me who i asked to show me how to do it. She explained the timing part and jumped in - demonstrating. i HAD to do it after that.

    Well, needless to say, she made it look easy. After hitting the wave, i swam about 2 yards and the wall of water took me under, tumbling me like a washing machine might, and when i came up the shoreline was closer. i tried to take the "shore break" ("only" about 8 to 10 feet high) the rest of the way in and was promptly ground into the sand. That was fun, though i coulda died! The friend remembers it to this day as "epic."

    Jonny, anyone else want to chime in with a story or two from back in the day?

  5. Thick Smoke and Flames Pour From New Jersey Produce Facility [63 sec. news video]

    Thick smoke and heavy flames jumped into the air as crews battled the fire at F&S Produce Co., Inc.’s Industrial Frozen Production facility

    Tuesday, 17 September 2019

    As summer 2019 saw Alaska bake, more birds seals and other marine life continue to die in unprecedented numbers and the "Pacific Blob" has returned

    dead birds examined from the Bering and Chukchi seas during these recent die-offs were determined to have died due to starvation. Seabird carcasses from the 2019 die-off events were collected from multiple locations and sent to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) National Wildlife Health Center for examination and testing. Initial results indicate starvation as the cause of death for most locations. However, in southeast Alaska, exposure to saxitoxin (a biotoxin associated with paralytic shellfish poisoning) was linked in June to a localized die-off of breeding Arctic Terns.

    Unusual mortality event: Hundreds of seals found dead on Alaskan beaches, hundreds more thought to have died at sea.

    Unusually warm temperatures across Alaska this summer led to die-offs of massive amounts of unspawned chum, sockeye, and pink salmon. [more]

    US government files lawsuit against Snowden over book, 'violates CIA & NSA non-disclosure agreements'

    The US government has filed a lawsuit against the National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden, alleging that his newly-published memoir 'Permanent Record' violates nondisclosure agreements he signed with the CIA and NSA.

    The civil lawsuit, filed on Tuesday, claims that Snowden violated these agreements by not sending a draft of the book to the spy agencies for review - and presumably redaction - before publication. It also alleges that the whistleblower's public speeches on "intelligence-related matters" violated the agreements.

    Rather than pull the book from the shelves, the government wants to pocket all the earnings from its sale.

    "Intelligence information should protect our nation, not provide personal profit," said Zachary Terwilliger, US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. "This lawsuit will ensure that Edward Snowden receives no monetary benefits from breaching the trust placed in him." [yeah, well we the American people trusted you too, and now you spy on us constantly (we know from Snowden) - so FUCK OFF, eh!]

    Snowden insists that he never took an oath of secrecy, but an oath to defend the Constitution "from all enemies, foreign and domestic." [more]

    [more below]

  6. Oil at $100 per barrel? Attack on Saudi refineries could shake oil market further

    [around here, gas went from $2.55 to $2.75 in a day]

    US defense failure... Why Washington is blaming Iran over Saudi attacks

    If the Yemeni rebels can fly combat drones up to 1,000 kilometers into Saudi territory and knock out the linchpin production sites in the kingdom's oil industry, then that should be a matter of huge embarrassment for US "protectors."

    US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo got it half right when he claimed, "Iran launched an unprecedented attack on the world's energy supply".

    Yes, it is unprecedented. But Pompeo and other US officials have most likely got it wrong about blaming Iran.

    The Houthi rebels in Yemen have issued unambiguous statements claiming responsibility for the air raids on the Saudi oil installations. They were specific that the weapons were drones, not missiles, adding with details that 10 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were deployed.

    Notably too, most US media reported initially that the attacks were by drones flown from Yemen. Associated Press reported a level of sophistication in the attacks whereby drones were used first to disable the US Patriot radar systems before other UAVs proceeded to execute the air strikes.

    It therefore seems that US officials are attempting to switch the story by blaming Iran. It is reckless scapegoating because the logical consequence could elicit a military attack against Iran, in which event Tehran has warned it is ready for war.

    [another favorite topic]
    'Unpredictable and dangerous': US Navy says it's trying to avoid 'Terminator' scenario as experts warn of AI battlefield technology development

    The comments come as the Navy continues to upgrade its autonomous capabilities and bulk up its ranks with more advanced robotic systems. [more; short clip from movie and 2 others showing actual development of weapons]

    Footballers struck by lightning during match in Jamaica - caught on camera

    Worst flooding in 50 years hits Niger's capital Niamey

    The floods have affected more than 6,300 people in the traditionally dusty city.

    Nearly 60 have been killed and 130,000 displaced across the nation this rainy season, officials say. [more; videos]

    Large hail pounds Glidden, Iowa

    Chunks of ice the size of golf balls fell in Glidden Saturday in a small, quickly moving storm. [more]

    [continued below]

  7. Floods kill 33 across northern Thailand

    Floods that have submerged large parts of northern Thailand for the last two weeks have killed at least 33 people, authorities said on Monday.

    The floods, a result of torrential rains caused by two tropical storms, affected 28 provinces and had been especially devastating in the populous northeastern region known as Isan, where more than 22,000 people were evacuated, the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation said in a statement.

    The largest number of evacuees and casualties were from low-lying Ubon Ratchathani province, which had been almost entirely submerged and where water levels reached up to 5 metres high in places, according to Xinhua news agency.

    Although data about the scale of economic losses due to the calamity was not yet available, the floods destroyed nearly 4,000 houses and affected more than 325,000 hectares of crops in a largely agricultural region. [videos]

    Rain, floods claim 1,422 lives so far this year in India [2 videos incl.]

    at least 1,422 people were killed because of rains, the highest since data started being compiled by the union home ministry nine years ago. Last year, the figure stood at 1,379 - of which Kerala alone accounted for 498 deaths." [more]

    More flash flooding hits Arganda Del Rey, Madrid - Less than three weeks after last deluge

    The same weather system caused havoc in northern Africa: Algeria's capital Algiers hit with 3 months' worth of rain in 40 minutes [more]

    A pharmacy in every backyard: Traditional herbal medicine blooms in Cuba

    This pharmacy only sells traditional medicine — what would be called "alternative medicine" in the United States. That is, natural drugs derived from plants, herbs, roots and trees using knowledge passed down through the generations. There are many more like it around Havana, where drugs created with expensive and sophisticated technology are much harder to come by. In fact, most Cubans have no choice but to consult traditional medicine first before seeking further treatment.

    "In every elementary school you're going to find a small greenhouse where kids plant and farm medicinal plants, and they are taught different uses they have as well as the healing properties of each one." [more; now THAT'S education]

    Cannabis compounds hold promise as a PTSD treatment

    A new study by UCL in the UK has found that cannabis compounds hold promise as treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder but has highlighted the difficulties with obtaining sufficient evidence. [more]

    [it's spreading]
    1st case of Eastern equine encephalitis confirmed in Connecticut, health officials say

    The first case of Eastern equine encephalitis has been confirmed in Connecticut as the virus continues to spread across North America.

    The mosquito-borne virus was detected in an adult from the town of East Lyme [!], who fell ill in August, Connecticut Department of Public Health Commissioner Renée D. Coleman-Mitchell announced on Monday. The patient remains hospitalized, according to the release. [more; how about that for irony?; ~ 2 min. news spot]

    Teen climate activist to urge climate action on Capitol Hill

    [good luck with that lot - not sure they're even human]