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2019 - JUL - Spotlight Stories

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2019-07-01 - Numerous wildfires burn across Alaska as the state endures record-breaking heatwave:

Quote: "State and federal fire managers said across Alaska, there were 354 wildfires across 443,211 acres, as reported by Reuters."

Quote: "CNN reported that ice which normally lasts through May across the state had disappeared by March."

2019-07-01 - In separate incidents, four cars burst into flame in one day in Lynchburg (Virginia):

Quote: "In one day, Lynchburg firefighters saw more calls than usual for car fires. The department was called Monday to four vehicle fires throughout the Hill City. Firefighters say they typically get two to three such calls a week."

2019-07-01 - Wildfire grows to 74,000+ acres northwest of Thunder Bay (Canada):

2019-07-01 - People getting infections and being forced to go to the emergency room after swimming in the San Gabriel River in Williamson County (Texas):

2019-07-01 - Man collapses on beach in coastal Kahului (Hawaii):

Quote: "An adult male collapsed at Kanaha Beach Park in Kahului on Monday. Maui Fire Department crews responded to the park shortly before 3:30 p.m. to find the man, who had previously been windsurfing, collapsed on the beach."

2019-07-01 - Woman, 20, has seizure in swimming pool at home, her little brother saves her, in Brantley County (Georgia):

Quote: "A young boy in Georgia is being credited with saving his 20-year-old sister’s life after she had a seizure in their family’s pool and nearly drowned, WJAX reported. Morgan Smith said she started seeing black spots once she got to the bottom step of her family’s pool Brantley County, Georgia. She fell backward into the pool and doesn’t remember what happened next."

2019-07-01 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Lake Okeechobee (Florida):

Quote: "Environmental officials found blue-green algae bloom on Lake Okeechobee at Port Mayaca that is three times the toxic level. Last month the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) tested the water in the area and also found toxic levels, but not to the extent of where it is now."

2019-07-01 - Huge car-sized wasp nests appearing in Alabama:

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2019-07-02 - Another woman reports being sickened, kidney damage again, in the Dominican Republic:

Quote: "Once she got home, she went straight to the hospital, where doctors did not know what was wrong but started treating the symptoms, she told the station. Her kidneys took the biggest hit — and she’ll have to take medications for the rest of her life to keep them in check, she told the outlet."

2019-07-02 - Secretive Russian nuclear submarine 'Losharik' damaged by deadly fire near coastal Severomorsk (Russia), 14 killed:

Quote: "Fourteen sailors died in a fire on a deep-sea Russian military vessel, the Russian military said on Tuesday. The Russian authorities did not say if the vessel was powered by a nuclear reactor, which could raise fears of radiation leaks. But some Russian media, citing military sources, said the stricken vessel was a nuclear-powered submarine."

Quote: "The Ministry of Defense issued a statement describing the stricken vessel as a 'scientific experimental deep water apparatus intended to study the natural environment and sea floor.' But some Russian media indicated that the vessel was a spy submarine. In a possible indication of the importance of the vessel or its mission, Mr. Putin said seven of those who died were captains and that two of the dead had received high military honors."

Quote: "Russia's RBC online news outlet reported the fire took place on the nuclear-powered AS-12 Losharik."

Note: This is the 559th boat/ship to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-07-02 - Car bursts into flame at intersection and seriously burns woman in coastal Savannah (Georgia):

Quote: "A woman trapped in a car fire suffered severe burns over 50 percent of her body Tuesday night. Savannah Fire Rescue was dispatched to the car fire near the intersection of Columbus Drive and Reynolds Street at 7:42 p.m., spokeswoman Jenel Few said. Witnesses said a motorist stopped at a red light then the car burst into flames. The motorist suffered severe burns and was transported to the Augusta Burn Center for treatment."

2019-07-02 - Warehouse and 45,000 barrels of Jim Beam bourbon destroyed by fire in Woodford County (Kentucky):

Quote: "Reports estimate the company can make between 150 and 210 standard-sized bottles per barrel. With estimated retail prices of between $15 and $35 per bottle, the destruction could result in between $90 million to nearly $300 million of lost bourbon, according to Bloomberg calculations."

Quote: "The distiller hired an emergency cleanup crew, and state environmental officials were coordinating efforts to control bourbon runoff into a nearby creek that flows into the Kentucky River, said John Mura, a spokesman for the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet. 'We do know there has been runoff enter the creek,' Mura said. 'And it has made its way into the Kentucky River.'"

2019-07-02 - Ten containers of scrap metal go up in flames in scrapyard in coastal Singapore, 1 injured:

Quote: "The fire involved scrap material stored in 10 stacked containers in a scrapyard, and was extinguished using three compressed air foam jets, it added."

2019-07-02 - Heatwave set to stretch from the Midwest to the East Coast in the US:

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2019-07-03 - Unknown odor sickens four passengers on passenger plane at airport in Plattsburgh (New York), near Lake Champlain:

Quote: "First responders were sent to Plattsburgh International Airport Wednesday afternoon to deal with a report of four sick passengers. At approximately 5:10 p.m., reports came over the scanner that four passengers were complaining about odd smells in the plane they were in."

2019-07-03 - Taxi bursts into flame on Greenwich Street in coastal Manhattan (New York):

Quote: "Just hours earlier, a different yellow cab driver suffered a medical episode and slammed the minivan into scaffolding at the corner of West 43rd Street and Fifth Avenue during morning rush hour."

2019-07-03 - Driver has seizure, minivan taxi veers off road, crashes into scaffolding outside store, in coastal Manhattan (New York):

Quote: "A cab crashed through scaffolding and into an Urban Outfitters store after the driver suffered an apparent seizure behind the wheel Wednesday morning."

2019-07-03 - Metal recycling center hit by fire, scrap metal burns, in Rockford (Illinois), near the Rock River:

2019-07-03 - Landfill fire breaks out in coastal Virginia Beach (Virginia):

2019-07-03 - Landfill fire breaks out at 4:57 AM in Royal Wootton Bassett (Britain):

2019-07-03 - Volcano Stromboli erupts powerfully on the island of Stromboli (Italy), 1 killed:

Quote: "According to Stefano Branca, from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, what the locals and tourists witnessed was a rare event of 'great intensity' that is called 'paroxysmal eruption' in scientific terms. It happens when high-pressure magma is ejected out of a small, underground reservoir as a result of an explosion."

2019-07-03 - June 2019 was the hottest June ever recorded:

Quote: "The data showed European average temperatures were more than 2C above normal and temperatures were 6-10C above normal over most of France, Germany and northern Spain during the final days of the month, according to C3S."

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2019-07-04 - Massive sargassum algae bloom continues growing, stretches from western Africa to the Gulf Coast in Mexico:

Quote: "It weighs 20m tonnes, stretches from west Africa to the Gulf of Mexico, and washes up on beaches creating a malodorous stench. Now scientists say a vast swathe of brown seaweed could be becoming an annual occurrence. Researchers say the explosion in sargassum seaweed first materialised in 2011. But new research shows it has appeared almost every year since then, forming the largest bloom of macroalgae ever recorded. What’s more, the seaweed band – dubbed the Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt – seems to be getting bigger."

Quote: "So far 2019 also looks set for a huge bloom. 'It’s another record year,' said Hu, adding that the frequent recurrence of the Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt raises the possibility that the phenomenon may be the new status quo."

Quote: "Besides a rotten egg smell, 'there can be some pretty serious health risks from exposure to hydrogen sulfide,' said Brian Lapointe, a research professor at Florida Atlantic University's Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at Fort Pierce."

Quote: "The thick seaweed also releases hydrogen sulfide gas that smells like rotten eggs, which can cause problems for those with respiratory issues."

Note: And when the heavier-than-air hydrogen sulfide concentrates in low-lying areas like ponds, ditches, basements, etc, then it may also cause staying-alive issues for people. They say this bloom weighs 20 million tons. If the bacteria and archaea that produce hydrogen sulfide were to convert just a tenth of that mass into hydrogen sulfide, that'd be 2 million tons of hydrogen sulfide. Efficiently distributed, that'd be way more than enough to kill every human being on the planet. Much will be reacted away though, and it won't be efficiently distributed. But this problem is worsening, so there will be more and more of this goop, and these gigantic algae blooms will eat up oxygen in the oceans, making conditions increasingly hospitable for the bacteria and archaea that produce hydrogen sulfide. It'll take just one decent-sized area in the oceans to heat up and go anoxic to generate enough hydrogen sulfide to exterminate mankind. This could be that area...

2019-07-04 - Dead mangroves spewing out eight times as much methane as live mangroves along the coast of the Gulf of Carpentaria (Australia):

Quote: "New research shows that mangrove forests that died along the coast of the Gulf of Carpentaria have been emitting methane eight times the normal level. Scientists from Southern Cross University conducted the research amid the swathes of mangrove forests than died along a 1000 kilometre stretch of coastline north of Normanton."

2019-07-04 - Magnitude 6.4 earthquake strikes near Ridgecrest (California), strongest California quake in 20 years:

Quote: "California experienced its largest tremor in years Thursday as a 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck a remote region in the southeastern part of the state. The U.S. Geological Survey pinpointed the epicenter near Ridgecrest, in a remote region about 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles between the Sequoia National Forest and the Mojave Desert."

Quote: "Kern County Fire Chief David Witt said emergency responders were also contending with small vegetation fires, gas leaks and reports of cracked roadways in Ridgecrest, population 28,000. Fifteen patients were evacuated from Ridgecrest Regional Hospital as a precaution amid a slew of aftershocks, nine of which were measured at magnitude 4.0 or above."

2019-07-04 - Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Vancouver Island (Canada):

2019-07-04 - Phone charger battery pack bursts into flame on passenger plane, plane makes emergency landing in coastal Boston (Massachusetts):

2019-07-04 - High temperature record obliterated as temp hits 90F in Anchorage (Alaska):

Quote: "At 5 pm this afternoon, Anchorage International Airport officially hit 90 degrees for the first time on record. The previous record was 85 degrees, set in June 1969. The average high temperature for July 4 in Anchorage, located in southern Alaska, is a far cooler 65 degrees."

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2019-07-05 - Unknown odor hits casino in coastal Everett (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Firefighters responded to the new Encore Boston casino in Everett for a report of an unknown odor in the building, the casino has confirmed. Emergency crews used gas meters to test the air in various places inside the casino, but nothing out of the ordinary was detected, according to the casino. "

2019-07-05 - Antarctic sea ice declines precipitously since 2014:

Quote: "The rapid decline has caught us by surprise and changes the picture completely..."

Quote: "The plunge in the average annual extent means Antarctica lost as much sea ice in four years as the Arctic lost in 34 years. The cause of the sharp Antarctic losses is as yet unknown and only time will tell whether the ice recovers or continues to decline."

2019-07-05 - Magnitude 7.1 earthquake strikes near Ridgecrest (California):

Quote: "A magnitude-7.1 earthquake hit Southern California on Friday evening -- just a day after a magnitude 6.4 earthquake that was the largest temblor in the region in two decades, the United States Geological Survey confirmed in a news conference. The newest earthquake’s epicenter was about 10 miles north northeast of Ridgecrest, Calif., about 150 northeast of Los Angeles."

2019-07-05 - Earthquake swarm shakes Coso Volcanic Field in Inyo County (California):

2019-07-05 - Recycling center erupts in flame on Landmann Way in Lewisham (Britain):

2019-07-05 - Fire truck, ambulance and fire station go up in flames in Dutchess County (New York):

Quote: "The company only has two engines and one of them was destroyed. Also destroyed was their only ambulance and a good amount of fire equipment."

Quote: "In a video by the Journal, Tivoli Mayor Joel Griffith said he was initially told a truck may have caused the fire."

2019-07-05 - SOTT Earth changes summary for June 2019, extreme weather, planetary upheaval, meteors:

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2019-07-06 - Parked car starts itself at 4 AM at home, takes off, crashes through gates, bursts into flame, in Unichira (India):

Quote: "The incident took place at a house on the Edappally-Pookkattupadi road. The owner had parked his Maruti Swift car in the porch. However, around 4 am, the car’s engine started by itself and the vehicle started moving. The car then smashed the gates open, entered the road and crossed over to the other side. It caught fire and came to a halt after hitting the concrete slab on the other side of the road. The hand brakes were engaged but it did little to stop the vehicle."

2019-07-06 - Auto auction business hit by fire, 10-15 cars go up in flames, in Warren (Massachusetts), 500 feet from the Quabaog River:

Quote: "There are reports of between 10 to 15 cars actively on fire."

2019-07-06 - Underground electrical fire causes blackouts in Newark (Delaware):

2019-07-06 - Landfill fire breaks out, third in three weeks, on the island of St. Croix (US Virgin Islands):

Quote: "Another fire broke out at the Anguilla Landfill on St. Croix Saturday, the third in a three-week period."

2019-07-06 - Sand dune fire breaks out near beach in coastal Perranporth (Britain):

2019-07-06 - Three wildfires burn though thousands of acres across eastern Idaho:

Quote: "Thousands of acres are burning in East Idaho due to multiple wildfires that ignited on Saturday."

2019-07-06 - Wildfire sends people fleeing near Keewaywin First Nation (Canada):

2019-07-06 - Restaurant heavily damaged by fire on Island Road on coastal Harkers Island (North Carolina), 750 feet from the ocean, nobody there:

2019-07-06 - Millions of mussels and krill washing up dead on the coast in northwest Alaska:

Quote: "Residents from two Northwest Alaska villages say they found large numbers of dead mussels and krill washed up along shores in June, contributing to fears in the region that record warm waters may be causing a wide range of unusual wildlife deaths. The discoveries come amid profound changes in the ocean environment in Alaska linked to climate change, including a dramatic early ice melt, warmer water temperatures and record high air temperatures. There has been a string of unusual mortality events this season including deaths of seabirds and seals."

Quote: "George Scanlan, recently retired shellfish specialist for the state, said he’s seen pictures of the rafts of mussels, taken by Oquilluk and others. In 15 years focused on shellfish in Alaska, he’s never seen mussels dying in such large numbers, or heard reports of it, he said."

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2019-07-07 - People sicken after swimming in Lake Minnetonka (Minnesota):

Quote: "Hennepin County Public Health is investigating reports of illness possibly related with the 'Big Island' area of Lake Minnetonka, in Orono, Minnesota, over the Fourth of July holiday."

2019-07-07 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) closes every beach on the Gulf of Mexico in Mississippi:

Quote: "The entire shoreline of the Mississippi Gulf Coast is now under the same water warning tied to the blue-green algae bloom. Pascagoula’s two beach testing sites joined the list Sunday morning."

Quote: "The toxic algae can cause rashes, stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting, the state agency warned."

Note: They left out seizures and death for some reason...

2019-07-07 - Three planes, tractor, RV, car and hangar destroyed by massive fire at Lacombe Regional Airport in Lacombe (Canada), nobody there:

Quote: "Three planes and a hangar have been destroyed in a $1-million fire in central Alberta. The blaze happened Sunday evening at the Lacombe Regional Airport, about 125 kilometres south of Edmonton. Jon Fromm with the Lacombe Flying Club says in a Facebook post that no one was inside the hangar at the time and no one was hurt."

Quote: "The fire was fueled by a number of vehicles in the hangar in addition to the planes including a car, tractor and a motorhome."

Note: These are the 75th, 76th and 77th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2019, and this is the 1141st tractor/tanker/semi to burn/explode in 2019, and this is the 241st RV to burn in 2019...

2019-07-07 - Underground fire breaks out at landfill in coastal Rockport (Maine):

2019-07-07 - Huge pallet fire erupts at 12:20 AM at pallet business in Commerce (California):

Quote: "A motorist traveling on the 5 Freeway early Sunday recorded a large fire at a commercial building in Commerce that took firefighters more than an hour to extinguish. A call about a pallet fire at 3045 Vail Avenue came in at around 12:20 a.m., according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department. A business called Lasol Pallets Inc. is listed under that address."

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2019-07-08 - Sargassum seaweed spewing hydrogen sulfide at beaches in Florida, oceanographic researchers say avoid it:

Quote: "You've seen it at the beach, you've smelled it and now oceanographic researchers say you should avoid it. Rotten seaweed, found along most beaches in South Florida, may emit a chemical that one FAU Harbor Branch research professor says could be toxic. The chemical is hydrogen sulfide, a colorless gas that is associated with the foul odor of rotten eggs. It can cause health problems and even death when excessive amounts are inhaled, consumed or comes into contact with skin. This is shocking news for some beachgoers in South Florida."

Note: Only took 'em a FEW WEEKS to say what I've been saying all along...

2019-07-08 - Unknown rotten egg odor hitting coastal Liverpool (Canada):

Quote: "Something stinks in Liverpool and people want to know what it is. An unpleasant odor has been wafting over the town for the past few weeks, and it’s strong enough that some worry it is chasing the tourists away. 'Smells like rotten eggs,' said Liverpudlian John Townsend."

Quote: "It’s a little like sulfur, and the smell comes and goes as the wind shifts off the water of the Mersey River and Liverpool Bay."

Quote: "'This is not a natural smell,' MacLeod said. 'It is completely different than anyone has ever experienced before.'"

Note: Calm down, people, it's probably just some poison gas blowing in off the coast that nobody can do anything about!

2019-07-08 - Thawing tundra in Alaska releasing more CO2 and methane as the planet continues warming:

Quote: "More widely, existing research has similarly shown methane and carbon dioxide are being released at a greater rate throughout the region in recent years 'as a result of climate warming,' said Johnston."

Note: Self-reinforcing feedback there. More CO2 and methane released into the atmosphere heats the planet up more, which thaws more tundra, which releases more gases, and so on and so on. This one feedback would probably be plenty enough to exterminate mankind, but this is just one of many...

2019-07-08 - Heatwave continues crushing records in Alaska:

Quote: "The historic heatwave that has sent Alaskans scrambling to cool their sweltering homes has also toppled some lesser known temperature records, according to data from the National Weather Service. As of Tuesday, Anchorage has experienced six days in a row of 80-plus degree weather - the longest stretch on record, according to meteorologist Michael Kutz with the National Weather Service's Anchorage office."

2019-07-08 - Another man seriously sickens in the Dominican Republic after trip to coastal Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic):

Quote: "He said that despite accounts of numerous other tourists falling ill — and some dying — over the past year, he wasn’t concerned about making a trip to the Caribbean country, news station WDIV reported. 'I’m watching and I’m like that wasn’t in Puerto Plata — that was in Santiago, Santo Domingo,' Jones said.

Quote: "But during his nine-day trip, Jones fell ill and the symptoms didn’t subside when he returned home, according to WDIV. Soon, he was unable to walk and 'only saw a black darkness.' 'I would get up and just fall,' he said. Jones was rushed last month to Harper Hospital in Detroit, where he spent four days in the intensive care unit. Doctors were unable to determine the cause of the mystery illness, but attributed it to his trip."

2019-07-08 - Passenger plane hit by 'boom', smoke and engine problem, plane makes emergency landing in Raleigh (North Carolina):

Quote: "Avery Porch was sitting next to her boyfriend Tyler Kreuger in the emergency seat. 'After we heard the boom we just saw all this smoke come up into the cabin, and that’s when we really started freaking out,' said Porch."

Note: This is the 78th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2019...

2019-07-08 - Landfill fire breaks out in coastal Waikoloa (Hawaii):

2019-07-08 - Landfill fire breaks out in Roseburg (Oregon):

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2019-07-09 - Man, 18, drops dead on beach, probably from hydrogen sulfide, in coastal Finistere (France):

Quote: "The danger of toxic green sea algae naturally found on the Breton coast has come into renewed question after an 18-year-old oyster farmer died suddenly on a beach. The farmer's body was found in the Bay of Morlaix (Finistere) on July 6. He is suspected to have died from inhalation of toxic gases released by the green algae in the surrounding area."

Quote: "The environmental groups Safeguard Trégor and Stop Green Algae believe he was poisoned by hydrogen sulphide given off by the rotting seaweed."

Quote: "In 2016, a man died suddenly while out jogging on the Hillion coast, again in Côtes-d’Armor. A link with green algae was suspected a further time. However, an autopsy revealed no definite conclusions, with the inquiry closing the case in April 2017."

Note: The algae dies and is eaten by ancient anaerobic bacteria and archaea that emit hydrogen sulfide. This is the same thing happening at beaches in Mexico, Florida and across the Caribbean, including the Dominican Republic where numerous people have dropped dead at beachside resorts and some of them reported a strange chemical odor. Since the algae problem is getting worse around the world, and since the algae serves as food for the ancient microbes that emit hydrogen sulfide, the hydrogen sulfide problem is also getting worse around the world. And as bad as these problems are already, they're going to get much worse. The human race won't be around long enough to see how bad things ultimately get though, because we'll all be dead long before that. In any case, if you smell a strange odor near any body of water, especially one having algae problems, you may be about to die. You can't really count on your sense of smell to protect you either, because one breath of hydrogen sulfide can kill you, so if you do smell it, it may already be too late. If it's in the water itself, you may not smell it at all, but if you douse your head with that water then THAT may kill you, and they'll find you dead and 'unresponsive in the water' as the 'official' terminology often reads these days...

2019-07-09 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) closes Jamesville Beach in LaFayette (New York):

2019-07-09 - Mud volcano erupts and ignites in coastal Pingtung County (Taiwan):

Quote: "Today, July 9, the eruption of mud was accompanied by flames as the natural gas that causes the eruptions ignited."

2019-07-09 - Passenger train bursts into flame in coastal Cape Town (South Africa):

2019-07-09 - Damaged agricultural acreage could reach one million hectares due to dry weather in Spain:

2019-07-09 - 12-month precipitation record hits all-time high for the third month in a row in the US:

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2019-07-10 - Mysterious explosion shakes homes from La Vernia to Beeville (Texas):

Quote: "Mark today as one of the greatest mysteries of summer 2019. Just after 1 p.m. Wednesday, began receiving reports from viewers who said they heard an explosion in South Texas. From La Vernia to more than 70 miles south in Beeville, viewers said their homes or businesses began to shake after hearing a 'loud thunder.'"

Quote: "JBSA-Randolph officials told their pilots do not fly 'supersonic' and were not the cause of the apparent explosion many felt in the area. So, we are left with the question: What was it?"

2019-07-10 - Tens of thousands of pallets destroyed by mammoth fire at pallet business in Springfield (Ohio):

Quote: "It’s estimated that 'tens of thousands' of pallets covering nearly 3 acres burned at the pallet yard off Warder Street in a Wednesday night fire, according to Chief Brian Miller of the Springfield Fire Rescue Division."

2019-07-10 - Recycling center fire breaks out in coastal Amsterdam (Netherlands):

2019-07-10 - Warner Brothers film studio heavily damaged by fire at 11:29 PM in Leavesden (Britain):

Quote: "A blaze broke out inside the UK Warner Bros. studio where all of the Harry Potter movies — as well as several James Bond flicks — were filmed, local authorities said."

2019-07-10 - Man, 37, has 'medical episode' and collapses into the water at Fourth Lake in Webb (New York):,79187

Quote: "Jack Canning, 37, was carrying a young child in the water at Fourth Lake around 2:20 p.m. Wednesday when he suffered an unknown medical episode, according to a press release from police in Webb, New York. Canning lost consciousness and was found underwater, police said."

2019-07-10 - Car bursts into flame while parked at business, fire scorches two more cars, in coastal Myrtle Beach (South Carolina):

Quote: "One car was destroyed and two others were damaged, according to MBFD."

2019-07-10 - In separate incidents, SUV bursts into flame and another vehicle smokes, on the South Eastern Expressway near coastal Adelaide (Australia):

Note: Also see the birds bleeding from their eyes and beaks and dropping out of the sky and dying near Adelaide...

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2019-07-11 - Number of people sickened surpasses 100 after swimming in Lake Minnetonka (Minnesota):

Quote: "Austin Hilgenberg was one of them. He said he started feeling sick about three days after his trip to Big Island. He ruled out food poisoning because he said people weren’t all eating the same foods. He admits jumping into the lake and possibly ingesting some water. 'I actually had my girlfriend on my shoulders and she wasn’t in the water and she didn’t get sick,' Hilgenberg said."

2019-07-11 - Unknown cause wiping out a variety of crops across the island of Sri Lanka:

Quote: "Farmers said that an unidentified disease has affected vegetable cultivations in both the Northcentral and Central Provinces and that the cultivations are being destroyed. Due to this disease, in the Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa Districts of the Northcentral Province and the Matale District of the Central Province especially, a large area of cultivations have been destroyed and the farmer said they are in dire straits economically. The farmers said that there are various characteristics of this disease affecting the cultivations. The destruction can be seen largely in Dewahuwa, Watagala, Kalawewa, Dambulu Halmillewa, Habaraththawala, Budugehinna, Galnewa, Narula, Laggala and Habarana areas. This disease has affected many vegetables including, pumpkin, kekiri, cucumber, watermelon, winged beans, bitter gourd, beans, long beans, etc. In addition, it is possible to see that paddy too has been affected."

Note: They don't know it's a disease, and it's unlikely that any disease would affect so many different species. If it IS a disease then this is a serious planetary-scale food security threat. Sri Lanka is one of the places where people are mysteriously dying off in large numbers and at young ages due to kidney failure...

2019-07-11 - US Air Force command and control AWACS plane hit by engine fire, plane makes emergency landing in Lincoln (Nebraska):

Quote: "An AWACS or Airborne Warning & Control System aircraft from Oklahoma made an emergency landing at the Lincoln Airport this evening, with a reported engine fire."

Note: This is the 79th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2019...

2019-07-11 - Recycling center erupts in flame on Barlow Way in coastal Runcorn (Britain):

2019-07-11 - Gas-powered power station damaged by massive fire near Moscow (Russia), 1 killed, 13 injured:

Quote: "A huge blaze broke out Thursday (Jul 11) at a gas-fired power station just outside Moscow, with flames surging 50m into the sky, Russian television showed."

2019-07-11 - Wildfire have already burned 1.2 million acres this year across Alaska:

Quote: "The fire is the latest to ignite in Alaska, where 1.2 million acres have burned so far this year, making 2019 one of the state's three biggest wildfire years, according to InsideClimate News."

2019-07-11 - Another wildfire breaks out in Greenland:

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2019-07-12 - Oceans heading toward carbon dioxide saturation and tipping point leading to planetary extinction:

Quote: "The continuous accumulation of carbon dioxide in the planet's oceans—which shows no sign of stopping due to humanity's relentless consumption of fossil fuels—is likely to trigger a chemical reaction in Earth's carbon cycle similar to those which happened just before mass extinction events, according to a new study. MIT geophysics professor Daniel Rothman released new data on Monday showing that carbon levels today could be fast approaching a tipping point threshold that could trigger extreme ocean acidification similar to the kind that contributed to the Permian–Triassic mass extinction that occurred about 250 million years ago."

Note: In all of the major extinction events, even the one that killed the dinosaurs, markers for hydrogen sulfide have been found. This carbon dioxide saturation must be part of the process that results in the oceans going (even more) anoxic and pluming hydrogen sulfide. Obviously it wasn't carbon dioxide saturation of the oceans that killed off all the life in the Permian–Triassic, because 70% of LAND species were also wiped out. That was from hydrogen sulfide that spewed from the oceans and probably also from fires, oxygen loss, starvation, heat and UV burn. In any case, a repeat of the Permian–Triassic extinction event IS what is happening now, so we should expect the same bottom-line consequence: the die-off of most species on this planet, and certainly our own, since we're THE most vulnerable species in terms of facing an extinction event like this due to our slow reproductive capability and high oxygen requirements...

2019-07-12 - Man in his 40s found dead in burning car at 4:45 AM on South Cabrillo Avenue in coastal San Pedro (California):

2019-07-12 - Paper recycling plant erupts in flame in coastal Sydney (Australia):

2019-07-12 - Car bursts into flame on I-69 near Auburn (Indiana):

Note: A tractor trailer burst into flame on I-69 near Auburn the day before too, mentioned in the 2019-07-11 update...

2019-07-12 - Vehicle bursts into flame at 6:45 AM on I-95 near coastal Hobe Sound (Florida):

Quote: "This is the second straight day that a vehicle fire has snarled traffic along I-95 in that area. A pickup truck caught fire early Thursday in the southbound lanes near Bridge Road."

Note: Looks like a big fire, maybe a big rig. The pickup truck that burst into flame on this exact same stretch of road the day before was mentioned in the 2019-07-11 update...

2019-07-12 - Self-cloning super-ticks spreading in the US, sucking cows dry of blood, sparking fears humans may be next:

Quote: "Although ticks are common in the U.S., the Asian longhorned species has sparked concern as females can lay eggs and reproduce without mating, as stated by the CDC. An individual animal may have thousands of ticks on it at one time."

Quote: "Self-cloning super-ticks are sparking worry in some as the insects recently were linked with killing five cows by sucking their blood dry in North Carolina."

Quote: "So far, Asian longhorned ticks have been found in Arkansas, Connecticut, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia."

Note: The movie Ticks (1993) was ahead of its time!

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2019-07-13 - Underground electrical fire(s) cause widespread blackouts in coastal Manhattan (New York):

Quote: "The city's fire department was responding to numerous transformer fires, the first of which occurred in Manhattan on West 64th Street and West End Avenue, officials said."

Quote: "De Blasio said on Twitter earlier that the source of the outage involved a 'manhole fire.'"

2019-07-13 - Underground electrical fire breaks out just after 1 AM and causes blackouts in Old City, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "Dramatic video shows flames pouring out of a manhole in Old City. The fire broke out just after 1 a.m. at the intersection of 4th and Market Streets on Saturday."

2019-07-13 - Dozens of cars go up in flames before 3 AM while parked at apartments, fire spreads to apartment building, in Fountain Valley (California):

Quote: "Approximately 40 vehicles were reported to be damaged, as well as exterior damage to around 16 apartments."

2019-07-13 - Huge tire fire breaks out in Naco (Mexico):

2019-07-13 - Landfill burns for 7 days in Ariyamangalam (India):

2019-07-13 - Wildfires rage along the coastline in southern Italy, 1+ killed:

Quote: "Firefighters are battling wildfires on multiple fronts in southern Italy, including one blaze in [coastal] Puglia that left at least one person dead. Firefighters said Saturday they had sent up three Canadair aircraft to dump water on a wildfire raging in [coastal] Tortoli, Sardinia, that forced the evacuation of a beach and some homes. Canadairs were also deployed over a forest in Puglia's [coastal] Gallipoli, near a beach and a protected park. Firefighters said a burned body was discovered during land-based operations."

Category: Variety Pack

2019-07-14 - Unknown odor sickens people on passenger plane, plane makes emergency landing at coastal JFK Airport (New York):

Quote: "A JetBlue flight heading from Newark to the Dominican Republic was diverted to JFK Airport after passengers and crew members started to feel sick due to an 'unusual odor' on board, the airline and airport sources said. "

Quote: "According to NBC4, a number of people on board became dizzy and started vomiting due to a strange smell."

2019-07-14 - Unknown fumes hit passenger plane, flight crew sickened, plane makes emergency landing in coastal Shannon (Ireland):

Quote: "The flight crew reported they had detected fumes in the cockpit and passenger cabin and that a number of persons on board appeared to have been affected and would require to be checked by paramedics on arrival."

2019-07-14 - Metal recycling center hit by fire, scrap metal burns, in Milwaukee (Wisconsin):

2019-07-14 - Basement transformer bursts into flame in hotel in Lexington (Kentucky):

2019-07-14 - Landfill fire breaks out in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma):

2019-07-14 - Landfill fire breaks out in Safford (Arizona):

2019-07-14 - Wildfire rages in coastal Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve on the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico):

Note: This is one of the areas where the beaches are being inundated with hydrogen-sulfide-spewing sargassum algae...

2019-07-14 - Woman, 53, loses consciousness in swimming pool in coastal Jacksonville (Florida):

Quote: "The girl told police her grandmother was swimming laps while she was playing in the shallow end. But when the girl went to check on her grandmother, police said, she noticed the woman was face down and unconscious."

2019-07-14 - Woman contracts flesh-eating bacteria while swimming at Ocean View Beach in Norfolk (Virginia):

Category: Variety Pack

2019-07-15 - Metal recycling center hit by fire, 200 tons of scrap metal burn, in Apopka (Florida):

Quote: "According to investigators, a pile of various metals caught fire around 4:45 p.m. Monday at an Apopka recycling and metal yard facility."

Quote: "Just before 5 p.m., crews arrived at the recycling plant, where around 200 tons of scrap metal caught fire."

2019-07-15 - Underground fire shoots flames from manhole in Dallas (Texas):

Quote: "A report of a fire near a downtown Dallas DART station caused delays Monday for some passengers. Shortly before 6 p.m., someone reported flames coming from a manhole cover near North Akard Street and Pacific Avenue, Dallas Area Rapid Transit spokesman Mark Ball said."

2019-07-15 - Passenger plane hit by smoke, plane makes emergency landing in Yuma (Arizona):

Quote: "An American Airlines plane had to divert to Yuma, Arizona on Monday morning. American Airlines said flight 436 from San Diego to Charlotte had to divert to the western Arizona city after reports of a 'smoky odor' in the cabin."

Note: This is the 80th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2019...

2019-07-15 - Wildfire grows to 6,000+ acres in coastal Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve on the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico):

Quote: "A fire in the Sian Ka'an nature reserve on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula spread to more than 6,000 acres (2,500 hectares) on Monday, with just 30% under control."

Quote: "The Sian Ka'an reserve on Mexico's Caribbean coast is a UNESCO World Heritage site and an important tourist destination. It includes jungle, wetlands, coral reef, and Mayan archaeological sites, in addition to pumas, monkeys and crocodiles. The fire is located about 19 miles (30 kilometers) south of the popular beach town Tulum."

2019-07-15 - Wildfire breaks out and sends thousands of people fleeing festival at Zrce Beach on the island of Pag (Croatia):

2019-07-15 - Wildfire rages on the Costa Blanca in coastal Alicante (Spain):

2019-07-15 - Wildfire breaks out and causes evacuations in coastal Argelès-sur-Mer (France):

2019-07-15 - Temp hits record 21C (69.8F) in Alert, Nunavut (Canada), just 10 degrees from the North Pole:

Quote: "A new absolute temperature record has been set in Alert, Nunavut, on July 15, 2019, with a max temperature of 21°C (69.8°F), beating the previous max of 20°C (68°F) in 1956. This is also the world record above lat 80.0°N."

2019-07-15 - Extinction Rebellion opens summer uprising in 5 British cities:

Quote: "'This emergency mobilization of ordinary citizens, driven to action by the threat of climate breakdown and ecological collapse, will demand the government take immediate action to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gases to net zero by 2025,' the group said."

Note: They wouldn't like what would happen if we DID (somehow) reduce greenhouse gases to net zero by 2025. That'd mean the loss of the protection we are currently enjoying from global dimming and then temps would immediately spike significantly, resulting in rapid and dramatic escalation of any number of climate feedbacks that would wipe us out even quicker than if we simply kept polluting. Continuing our polluting will ALSO wipe us out, of course, just slower. I admire their gumption and courage and conviction, but they still think we can 'fix things' and have no idea just how thoroughly doomed we actually are...

Category: Variety Pack

2019-07-16 - Ponds suddenly turn pink at Cane Garden and Josiah’s Bay on the island of Tortola (British Virgin Islands):

Note: They say that's caused by blue-green algae, but I gotta say, that looks EXACTLY like the pig poop lagoons in the Carolinas. Those are the same shade of pink and they are that color because of purple sulfur bacteria, which eat hydrogen sulfide and only exist in fluids containing hydrogen sulfide. The British Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean, which has been getting hit by massive rafts of sargassum algae, which spew hydrogen sulfide as the algae dies and decomposes. Whatever anyone says is the cause, I'd avoid any water that looks like Pepto Bismol…

2019-07-16 - Unknown odor hits passenger plane, plane returns to coastal Riga (Latvia):

Quote: "A Moscow-bound flight of Latvia's national carrier airBaltic returned to Riga on Monday after a strange smell was reported in the cockpit and cabin, a spokesperson for Riga International Airport informed."

2019-07-16 - Passenger plane hit by smoke, plane makes emergency landing in Orlando (Florida):

Quote: "A TUI flight from Cancun to Newcastle declared a mid-air emergency and was forced to land in Orlando. Flight TOM643 departed Cancun at 5.20pm on Tuesday and was flying over [coastal] Jacksonville when it is believed smoke was visible on board the aircraft."

2019-07-16 - Small plane bursts into flame mid-air, plane makes emergency landing southeast of Salem (Oregon), 1 injured:

Quote: "Authorities say a pilot was able to escape the single-engine plane he was flying after it caught fire and make an emergency landing southeast of Salem."

Note: These are the 81st and 82nd aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2019...

2019-07-16 - Wildfires in California are 500% larger due to climate change and may grow exponentially as the world continues warming:

Quote: "Each degree of warming causes way more fire than the previous degree of warming did. And that’s a really big deal."

2019-07-16 - Sewer fire breaks out at transit station in coastal Pittsburg (California):

Quote: "BART says it has reopened its Pittsburg/Bay Point station after a report of a sewer fire led officials to briefly close it Tuesday, authorities said. Around 8:15 p.m., station staff received word of the fire in a parking lot sewer drain, and closed the station out of an abundance of caution, BART spokesman Chris Filippi said in a statement."

2019-07-16 - Auto salvage yard hit by fire, several vehicles burn, in Des Moines (Iowa), nobody there:

Quote: "Des Moines firefighters said crews were called to Don's Auto & Truck Salvage at 1500 S.E. 30th St., where several vehicles caught fire. Authorities said no injuries were reported and the cause of the blaze is unknown because no employees were present when it began."

2019-07-16 - Electrical substation damaged by fire, blackouts ensue, on coastal Staten Island (New York):

Quote: "Con Edison says a fire at a substation Tuesday night caused scattered power outages in parts of Staten Island."

2019-07-16 - Arctic sea ice extent reaches record low for the date on Arctic Sea Ice Day:

2019-07-16 - Heatwave set to broil much of the US:

Quote: "Heat index values will near 110 degrees in much of Iowa this week, as excessive heat and high humidity combine to create a 'dangerous situation,' the National Weather Service said Tuesday."

2019-07-16 - Canned vegetable shortages observed in a variety of locations across the US:

Category: Variety Pack

2019-07-17 - In 3 separate incidents, underground electrical fires break out in coastal Brooklyn (1) and coastal Queens (2) in New York City (New York):

Quote: "In Queens, there were explosions on 32nd Avenue in East Elmhurst, where Con Ed said a transformer fire led to a manhole fire around 9 p.m. Wednesday. In Maspeth, there was another manhole fire."

2019-07-17 - Auto salvage yard hit by fire, 15-20 cars burn, in Wellston in North St. Louis County (Missouri):

Quote: "Several scrapped cars at the Scrap Solutions lot near Page and Sutter Avenues caught fire, sending smoke into the air. 'We had one firefighter who pretty much almost passed out,' said Mid-County Fire Protection District Chief Sean Mahoney. He said the call came in as a couple of scrapped cars on fire but when firefighters arrived, they found approximately 15-20 of the junked cars were on fire."

2019-07-17 - Auto salvage yard hit by fire at 6:35 AM, several cars burn, on Anderson Mill Road in Cedar Park (Texas):

Quote: "AFD tweeted at 6:35 a.m. that multiple salvaged cars at the yard were on fire."

Note: A transit bus just burst into flame the day before near Brushy Creek Road in Cedar Park, the second transit bus to burn in the area this month, mentioned in the 2019-07-16 update...

2019-07-17 - Landfill fire breaks out in coastal Kearny (New Jersey), fire visible from high-rises in New York City:

Quote: "A large rubbish fire burning at a landfill in Kearny could be seen for miles Wednesday night, according to fire officials and Twitter users."

2019-07-17 - Recycling center erupts in flame just before 6:30 AM on Elm Street in Hatfield (Massachusetts):

2019-07-17 - Wildfires continue raging across Alaska:

2019-07-17 - Heatwave bakes Egypt, state of emergency declared in several governates:

Quote: "Several Egyptian governorates declared on Wednesday a state of emergency due to increasing temperatures. Governing bodies requested increased levels of readiness in hospitals with the expectation that individuals will be affected by sunstroke and heat stress."

2019-07-17 - Scorching heat is increasingly common at sporting events, creating risks and challenges for athletes

Quote: "It’ll be the hottest Summer Olympics in history..."

2019-07-17 - Trump's drilling leases on public lands could release more carbon than all 28 EU countries emit in a year:

Note: If you're gung ho about yourself and everyone you care about suffering/dying in the shortest possible amount of time then you couldn't ask for a better president!

2019-07-17 - Unknown planet-sized object gets hit by solar flare near the Sun:

Note: Maybe that IS a planet - it's the right size, it's the right shape, and it's obviously massive since that huge solar flare didn't even budge it. If something looks like a planet and acts like a planet then in the vast majority of cases it's a planet. And if it is then we might see an uptick in seismic activity like, say, California being shaken by the biggest quake in decades. This isn't the first planetary-sized object to zip by the Sun in recent years. A much bigger one came by in 2011, also very close to the Sun, and it was thoroughly enveloped by a gigantic flare. That one was very near the Sun about two months after the gigantic Fukushima earthquake, so it may have been in the vicinity of the Earth around the time of the Fukushima quake as it was inbound...

Category: Variety Pack

2019-07-18 - Methane bubbling vigorously from the sea floor off the coast of North Carolina:

Quote: "Deep-sea explorers investigating a spot 39 miles off North Carolina’s Outer Banks say they encountered a surreal stretch of seafloor filled with geyser-like bubble plumes, some of them 'continuous and others turning off and on over periods of less than a minute.' In some spots, the bubble plumes are plentiful enough to resemble florescent lace curtains in the glow of a camera deployed by NOAA Ocean Exploration and Research. Adding to the spectacle: The bubbles rise amid 'dense' beds of mussels that are seen in a video stretching as far as the camera lens could penetrate. The bubbles are methane gas, seeping constantly from the ocean floor off Bodie Island, at a depth of about 1,300 feet, according to a report by the NOAA-backed team."

2019-07-18 - Hydrogen-sulfide spewing sargassum algae blooms may be the new normal across the Caribbean:

Quote: "It’s not only the 'rotten-egg' stench from the decomposing seaweed that is an issue. The hydrogen sulfide levels that are being released are far above what is considered safe. It has corroded plumbing and refrigerator coils in the office, Angeli said."

2019-07-18 - Satellite images show vast swaths of the Arctic are now burning:

2019-07-18 - Woman in her 30s ignites and burns to death shortly before midnight in garden at home in Chadwell Heath area in coastal London (Britain):

Quote: "A woman has died after being found on fire in the back garden of a house in northeast London. London Fire Brigade said it was called to 'reports of a person alight' on Lee Avenue, Chadwell Heath, late on Thursday. 'Sadly a woman was confirmed dead at the scene,' a spokesperson said. The victim was aged in her 30s, according to the Metropolitan Police. The force said her death was 'being treated as unexplained' and officers were working to inform next of kin."

2019-07-18 - Person found dead in burning car just after 2:30 AM along street in South Fulton (Georgia):

2019-07-18 - Car bursts into flame just before 7 AM in parking lot at Kroger store and burns man in coastal Hampton (Virginia):

2019-07-18 - Passenger plane hit by bang and smoke, plane makes emergency landing in coastal Tauranga (New Zealand):

Quote: "I felt a bang and then started to see some smoke come from the engine."

Note: This is the 83rd aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2019...

2019-07-18 - Mysterious explosion shakes homes across four counties in Illinois:

2019-07-18 - Man has 'medical issue' on fishing boat, starts hallucinating, calls 911, near coastal Gloucester (Massachusetts):

Quote: "The New Bedford man was taken to the hospital after he reportedly showed signs of hallucinating and exhibited other mental health concerns while on board a boat just off Gloucester's Dog Bar breakwater, according to police. He had called 911 from the boat. Police said the vessel brought him to the Jodrey State Fish Pier on Parker Street, and that he was taken from there to the hospital by the Fire Department's ambulance squad. No further information was available because police have categorized the incident as a medical issue."

Note: About 20 miles from where a man, 58, just died after being pulled from the water, possibly after a 'medical incident', at coastal Revere Beach (MA), mentioned in the 2019-07-17 update...

2019-07-18 - Much of the US to roast in heatwave over the weekend:

Category: Variety Pack

2019-07-19 - Two men, 50s and 60s, found face-down and unconscious in swimming pool at motel in Scarborough (Canada):

Quote: "Two men have been found face down in a pool in the Kingston Road and West Hill Drive area, police said. Police said a man in his 50s and a man in his 60s were not responsive to medical help. EMS said they took the two men to the hospital in life-threatening condition."

2019-07-19 - In separate incidents, two electrical substations erupt in flames in Madison (Wisconsin), state of emergency declared:

Quote: "Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has declared a state of emergency for the City of Madison and Dane County following fires at two electric substations."

2019-07-19 - Underground electrical fire disrupts trains in coastal Tokyo (Japan):

2019-07-19 - Gas plant explodes in Sanmenxia (China), 15+ killed, 15+ injured:

Quote: "The death toll from a huge explosion that rocked a gas plant in central China has risen to 15, state media said Saturday. Friday's blast at the Henan Coal Gas Group factory left another 15 people seriously wounded and more with light injuries, said the state-run People's Daily. The blast shattered windows and doors of buildings in a three-kilometer (1.9-mile) radius."

2019-07-19 - Small plane bursts into flame after landing at airport in Dallesport (Washington):

Quote: "The pilot was able to walk away when his plane caught fire after landing early Friday morning at the Columbia Gorge Regional Airport in Dallesport. The Airport’s Darren LaCock says the plane had taken off just minutes earlier and had an as yet undetermined issue, so the pilot turned around to land at the airport. The fire began after landing on the runway."

Note: This is the 84th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2019...

2019-07-19 - Major US cities are leaking methane at twice the rate previously believed:

Category: Variety Pack

2019-07-20 - Pickup truck goes up in flames and burns person to death southeast of Bend (Oregon):

Quote: "State and local authorities are working to identify a person whose remains were found in a burning truck 45 miles southeast of Bend on Friday. The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office was notified Friday afternoon of a truck fire near Mahogany Butte. U.S. Forest Service crews had extinguished the fire, and a Forest Service law enforcement officer had determined the truck, a 2011 Dodge crew cab pickup, contained human remains. The investigation paused as night fell Friday. On Saturday, investigators gathered evidence in an attempt to determine the cause of the fire and the identity of the person inside the truck, which had suffered extreme damage. The state medical examiner’s office has been involved in the effort, according to a Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office press release. Foul play is not suspected."

2019-07-20 - Car goes up in flames at 2:55 AM and burns 5 people to death in coastal Cape Town (South Africa), 1200 feet from the ocean:

Quote: "Five people have been killed after their vehicle caught alight in Cape Town in the early hours of Saturday. City of Cape Town Fire and Rescue personally responded to the incident at around 02:55, dispatching a fire engine and rescue vehicle from Milnerton Fire Station. On arrival at the scene on Otto Du Plessis Drive in Blaauwbergstrand, firefighters found four women and one man who had died from burn wounds."

2019-07-20 - Electrical plant damaged by fire on coastal Staten Island (New York), blackouts ensue:

2019-07-20 - Wind turbine bursts into flame, ignites wildfire, in Klickitat County (Washington):

2019-07-20 - Metal recycling center hit by fire, 50 vehicles burn, in Santa Maria (California):

Quote: "Some 50 vehicles were destroyed on Saturday in a fire at a metal-recycling operation in Santa Maria, according to the Santa Maria Fire Department."

2019-07-20 - Metal recycling center hit by fire at 5:30 AM, scrap metal burns, in Corfe Mullen (Britain):

2019-07-20 - Heatwave continues baking the US Midwest and Northeast, several killed, Europe prepares for another heatwave:

Quote: "It's so hot in some parts of the country that police departments are asking would-be criminals to hold off on committing crimes until the heat wave passes."

2019-07-20 - China's greenhouse gas emissions have soared 53% over the last decade:

Category: Variety Pack

2019-07-21 - Car bursts into flame and kills man in San Bernardino County (California):

Quote: "The California Highway Patrol said a man died Friday from burns he suffered when the vehicle he was driving caught fire. The man, who has not been publicly identified by the San Bernardino County coroner, was driving westbound on Interstate 40 near Kelbaker Road shortly after 3 p.m., the CHP said. His vehicle, a 2008 Dodge Avenger, caught fire 'for unknown reasons at this time,' the CHP said in a news release. The driver exited the highway and came to a stop on the Kelbaker Road off-ramp. The man then got out of the car, which became engulfed in flames, CHP said. He suffered third-degree burns and was taken to Barstow Community Hospital, where he later died. Alcohol or drugs are not suspected to have been involved in the incident, which is still being investigated by the CHP Barstow office."

2019-07-21 - Okjökull glacier melts away in Iceland from global warming, loses its status as a glacier:

2019-07-21 - Huge dead zone hits Lake Erie, many cities may soon face toxic drinking water:

2019-07-21 - Drought continues in Chennai (India), water now more expensive than gasoline:

Note: I just used a Benjamin Franklin quote on the 16th which fits this situation perfectly: 'When the well's dry, we know the worth of water.'

2019-07-21 - Huge wildfires rage across central Portugal, 1,000+ firefighters deployed:

2019-07-21 - Wildfires rage in Siberia around the 'Mouth of Hell':

2019-07-21 - Auto salvage yard hit by fire at 4:15 AM, around 30 cars burn, in Salem (New Hampshire):

Quote: "About 30 cars burned during a fire at a Salem auto salvage yard Sunday morning, the Salem Fire Department said. Crews were called to salvage yard on Lawrence Road about 4:15 a.m. The fire was brought under control around 6 a.m."

2019-07-21 - Landfill fire breaks out in Middleborough (Massachusetts):

2019-07-21 - Underground electrical explosion and fire cause blackouts in Newton (Massachusetts):

2019-07-21 - Transformer bursts into flame near police station in West Roxbury area in coastal Boston (Massachusetts):

2019-07-21 - Transformer bursts into flame and causes blackouts in coastal Mantoloking (New Jersey):

2019-07-21 - Two transformers go up in flames within 40 minutes and cause power outages in coastal Castlecliff (New Zealand):

2019-07-21 - Underground fire breaks out in woodland in Leeds (Britain):

2019-07-21 - Man, 27, in critical condition after being pulled unconscious from swimming pool in Bel Air (Maryland):

Quote: "A man is in grave condition at a local hospital after he was found at the bottom of a private pool in Harford County on Sunday evening. According to Harford County Fire officials, the 27-year-old was pulled out of the pool by people on scene. The people then performed CPR. The Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company arrived and found the man in cardiac arrest. He was transported to a local hospital where he is in grave condition."

Category: Variety Pack

2019-07-22 - Car goes up in flames and burns man to death in parking lot in Schererville (Indiana):

Quote: "While responding to a report of a vehicle fire Monday morning, police say they found a 69-year-old man sitting inside the car."

Quote: "Cook said foul play is not suspected at this point, and police are seeking surveillance footage from buildings in the area."

2019-07-22 - Two men, 57 and 60, teachers, found dead in swimming pool at home in Davenport (Iowa), 980 feet from the Mississippi River:

Quote: "Davenport Police were at a Jersey Ridge Road home late Monday when they found two men drowned in the pool."

2019-07-22 - Boy, 17, dies in community swimming pool in Bart Township (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "A 17-year-old Coatesville boy drowned at a community swimming pool in Bart Township Saturday, Lancaster County Coroner Dr. Stephen Diamantoni confirmed."

2019-07-22 - Underground electrical fire causes blackouts in coastal Brooklyn (New York):

2019-07-22 - Deadly megafires a serious and growing threat across Europe:

Quote: "The European Union describes wildfires as 'a serious and increasing threat' across the continent. Most alarmingly, forest blazes are growing in intensity, especially in southern countries such as [coastal] Greece, [coastal] Spain, [coastal] France, [coastal] Italy and [coastal] Portugal but also in [coastal] Scandinavia. Experts warn the continent needs to get ready for blazes that reach a massive new scale. These superfires, or mega-fires, are catastrophic events that kill and blacken broad areas and are hard to stop."

2019-07-22 - Wildfires continue raging across central Portugal, 33 injured:

Quote: "Thirty-three people were reported injured as wildfires continued to rage across central Portugal on Monday."

2019-07-22 - Helicopter bursts into flame while parked at Wycombe Air Park in Booker (Britain):

Quote: "Monday 22 July, 6.28pm Helicopter on fire, Wycombe Air Park, Clay Lane, Booker. One appliance and crew from High Wycombe attended. Firefighters used one hose reel. The helicopter was on the ground and there was no-one on board."

Note: This is the 85th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2019...

2019-07-22 - Another heatwave heads to Europe:

2019-07-22 - Hailstorm events on the rise in Alberta (Canada):

Note: Actually, I think extreme hailstorm events are on the rise everywhere around the planet. Just last month an apocalyptic hailstorm dumped at least a meter of hail on Guadalajara (Mexico), mentioned in the 2019-06-30 update. There've been lots of similar events around the world in recent years, most of them NOT in Alberta...

Category: Variety Pack

2019-07-23 - Unknown odor sickens people at mall in coastal Honolulu (Hawaii):

Quote: "Fire, police and Emergency Medical Services late Tuesday afternoon responded to a strong odor at the Ala Moana Center’s Makai Market Food Court. The fire department got the call at 4:35 p.m. Three units and a Hazardous Materials team with 11 personnel responded. But the food court had been evacuated before the fire personnel arrived. Many complained of irritation to their respiratory system, difficulty swallowing and coughing, fire Capt. Scot Seguirant said. Emergency Medical Services transported a 69-year-old man in serious condition to a hospital."

2019-07-23 - Tractor bursts into flame and kills man near Luchy (France):

Quote: "In the middle of the wheat fields, blackened for miles, the carbonized carcass of a tractor. 'There were so many flames at the beginning … I could not see if anyone was inside,' says William, in shock. His friend, a 65-year-old farmer who was harvesting his field between Blicourt and Luchy, in northwestern Oise, died in the flames on Tuesday afternoon. 'He was a cautious person,' said the retiree. 'He had to make a malaise, it is not possible otherwise.' An investigation was opened by the prosecutor's office of Beauvais which, like the gendarmerie, favors the accidental thesis. The sexagenarian would have lost consciousness, then the tractor would have advanced several meters before firing for reasons that remain unknown."

Note: This is the 1234th tractor/tanker/semi to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-07-23 - Wildfire breaks out and grows rapidly to 85,000+ acres near nuclear facility in Idaho Falls (Idaho):

2019-07-23 - Metal recycling center hit by fire, scrap metal burns, in La Grange (North Carolina):

Quote: "The Foss Recycling Center in La Grange reuses scrap metal like cars, air conditioners and refrigerators."

2019-07-23 - Dumpster containing scrap metal with a pickup truck on top bursts into flame in Fairbury (Nebraska):

Quote: "The Fairbury Rural Fire District was dispatched to a dumpster fire in Fairbury on Tuesday afternoon. The call came in just after 2:30. Fire crews arrived at a residence at 1322 Tilden St. on the west end of Fairbury - just to the south of U.S. Highway 136. The dumpster contained mostly scrap iron, but resting on top was a white Dodge Dakota pickup with flames coming out the bottom. Crews had the blaze out within minutes of arrival."

2019-07-23 - Four cars go up in flames at auto shop on Canal Road in coastal Orleans (Massachusetts), 1200 feet from the ocean:

Quote: "Firefighters were called to the Tinknocker at 21 Canal Road at 10:19 p.m. for a report of a Toyota Corolla that was 'fully engulfed' in flames, Deputy Fire Chief Geof Deering said. Three other nearby cars became 'scorched' by the heat of the Corolla and caught on fire, Deering said."

2019-07-23 - Riding mower bursts into flame, ignites wildfire, home destroyed, in Paragonah (Utah):

Quote: "A citizen, attempting to abate the fire hazard by clearing vegetation, was riding the mower when its engine caught fire, Melton said. The flames spread from the engine through the grass. Melton said the blaze was 'pretty intense at times.'"

Category: Variety Pack

2019-07-24 - Unknown rotten egg odor hits campus in coastal Coral Gables (Florida):

Quote: "Police have confirmed the smell was not a gas leak but did not release further details."

Note: By 'benign' they mean, 'we don't know what it was but it smelled like the odorant added to natural gas even though it wasn't natural gas'. So not really benign. In fact, that was probably hydrogen sulfide blowing in off the ocean, which is poison gas. I don't consider poison gas to be 'benign', but that's just me...

2019-07-24 - Unknown odor sickens people at miniature golf course in coastal Parksville (Canada):

Quote: "He thought they were joking at first, but it still looked like they were in trouble, so he headed towards the little girl to try and help her. 'As soon as I took like two steps, it started affecting me… the first thing that crossed my mind was "These guys are not lying, there’s something in the air"', said Anderson. 'I turned around, I was looking at my kids, and my kids are starting to cough and choke and act funny. My littlest one, she was starting to barf...I was just like "man, we have to get out of here."'"

Quote: "Anderson has no idea what it was, but said the sensation was palpable and overwhelming. Every time he went to breathe, he couldn’t, and would start coughing."

Quote: "Paradise Mini Golf owner Susan LaFouci was there and said she smelled it as well. Although Anderson describes it as an odourless gas, LaFouci says she smelled something she can’t describe. 'It wasn’t very nice. It took your breath away,' said LaFouci."

Note: Could be that man didn't smell it because it had already paralyzed his olfactory sense - hydrogen sulfide does that. You stop being ABLE to smell it, even when it's still present. And the woman did smell it, so maybe it hadn't yet paralyzed HER olfactory sense. Right on the coast, people suddenly sickening with respiratory issues, outdoors, unknown smell...probably hydrogen sulfide blowing in off the ocean. All of these people are lucky to still be alive. At 1 part per thousand, hydrogen sulfide can kill you with ONE BREATH, so obviously it wasn't THAT concentrated in this incident, but next time it might be. An unknown odor just sickened people at a mall the day before in coastal Honolulu (Hawaii), mentioned in the 2019-07-23 update. Here's a Google Maps link of this miniature golf course in Parksville...

2019-07-24 - Passenger plane hit by unknown fumes, plane makes emergency landing in Syracuse (New York):

Quote: "Emergency crews responded to the airport around 10:30 pm after 911 dispatch says they were alerted to a plane with fumes inside the cockpit."

2019-07-24 - Helicopter carrying the president of Botswana bursts into flame at airport in Francistown (Botswana):

Quote: "'While taxiing for landing at Francistown Airport, the pilots reported an engine fire indication where upon they promptly executed an engine shut down and landing on runway 13 at the airport,' said the statement, adding that the emergency response at Francistown Airport also responded to provide assistance with fire retardant foam."

Note: This is the 86th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2019. Melania Trump's plane was hit by smoke late last year too, forcing the plane to return to Joint Base Andrews (Maryland), mentioned in the 2018-10-17 update. 'Important people' are no more likely to be spared from extinction than anyone else. In some ways they're even MORE vulnerable, especially if they're clueless about what's going on, which most seem to be...

2019-07-24 - Mysterious explosions and flashes of light in the skies in the wee hours set off car alarms and scare people in Tempe (Arizona):

Quote: "For the last few weeks, mysterious explosions have been lighting up the skies in the middle of the night in south Tempe."

Quote: "The explosions happened between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. on July 5th, 8th and 24th near Hardy and Grove Streets. However, no one seems to know what is happening  and what the explosions are."

2019-07-24 - Person found dead in burning car at 5 AM on El Manto Drive in Rancho Cordova (California), 620 feet from the American River:

Quote: "Deputies were called to the scene at the end of El Manto Drive, near the river access point, around 5 a.m."

Note: Also see the mobile home that was destroyed by fire in Rancho Cordova on this day about an hour before this car went up in flames...

2019-07-24 - Woman, 58, found burned and dead in apartment in Society Hill area in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "A report of smoke about 9:35 a.m. Wednesday brought firefighters to the 700 block of Lombard Street, but they found no fire on arrival, police said. Instead, they discovered the body of woman who had suffered burns inside the ground floor apartment, according to police. Medics pronounced her dead at the scene at 9:55 a.m."

2019-07-24 - Landfill fire breaks out before 6 AM in Hallock (Minnesota):

2019-07-24 - Recycling center hit by fire at 3 AM, cars and tires burn, in Southampton Township (New Jersey):

Quote: "CBS3 is told firefighters have their hands full because one building contains tires and another is filled with cars."

2019-07-24 - In separate incidents, SUV and car burst into flame within an hour on the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge near coastal Staten Island (New York):

Quote: "Two unrelated car fires in opposite directions on the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge during the Wednesday morning rush hour are causing widespread delays for commuters."

Note: Well, not TOTALLY unrelated. They were DEFINITELY related by geographic area, proximity to the coast, timeframe and the atmosphere...

2019-07-24 - Heatwave in Europe obliterates previous national high temperature record in Belgium, other European records smashed too:

Quote: "The temperature in Belgium struck 39.9 degrees C (103.82 F), smashing the country's previous high of 36.6 degrees C (97.88 F) in June 1947 in records dating back to 1833, according to David Dehenauw, the head of forecasting at the Royal Meteorological Institute. It was set to be even hotter on Thursday."

Category: Variety Pack

2019-07-25 - Unknown odor sickens people at Cal State University Channel Islands in Camarillo (California), near the coast:

Quote: "Ambulances and fire trucks arrived at Cal State University Channel Islands in Camarillo on Thursday for a report of a suspicious odor that was causing distress to some people inside one of the campus buildings. At around 12:50 p.m., Ventura County Fire Department received a report of suspicious odor at the campus inside Sage Hall. About 15 engines and ambulances responded including a HAZMAT crew. People inside the building told one of our reporters that the odor was making students and some members of the faculty sick."

Quote: "By 4 p.m., Ventura County Fire Department said they were unable to locate any source for the odor and responders were released from the scene."

2019-07-25 - Unknown rotten egg odor hits several cities across large area of the northeastern coast in Britain:

Quote: "Dozens of people have reported a mystery 'smell of gas' along the North East coast. Residents in Whitley Bay, Cullercoats and North Shields said there was a strong smell of gas in the area on Thursday morning and many reported it to the authorities. One mum, of Monkseaton, said: 'There was just a really strong smell of gas. We were worried there may be a leak in the area and we called the emergency gas line. They said lots of other people had called in too, from other parts of North Tyneside and even South Shields. It's just really strange. I've no idea what it could be or how people much further away from me have also smelled it.' At this stage, it is unclear where the odour was coming from. Northern Gas Networks has confirmed it was not related to their network."

2019-07-25 - Fourteen students lose consciousness, some have seizures, at school in coastal Cape Town (South Africa):

Quote: "Fourteen pupils fainted at Masonwabe Primary school in Delft, Cape Town on Thursday morning and the cause is still unknown."

Quote: "They apparently fainted and parents claim some children experienced seizures."

2019-07-25 - SUV bursts into flame and burns man to death on street in Delhi (India):

Quote: "A 43-year-old transport service provider was charred to death in his XUV 500 on the flyover on GT Karnal Road near Madhuban Chowk, Rohini on Thursday night. The car suddenly caught fire after which the man got locked inside."

Quote: "In March, a 34-year-old woman and her two minor daughters were charred to death after their car caught fire near Akshardham flyover in east Delhi."

Note: The car fire that burned the woman and her two daughters to death was mentioned in the 2019-03-10 update...

2019-07-25 - Air Force plane hit by smoke, plane makes emergency landing in Milwaukee (Wisconsin):

Quote: "A 767 military plane landed at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport after reporting smoke in the cockpit Thursday night."

Note: This is the 87th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2019...

2019-07-25 - Underground electrical explosion and fire shoot flames from manhole in Lighthorne Heath (Britain):

2019-07-25 - Electrical substation damaged by fire on Sycamore Drive in coastal Ellesmere Port (Britain):

2019-07-25 - Recycling center fire breaks out in South Austin (Texas):

Quote: "A trash fire in South Austin near I-35 Thursday afternoon sent a large column of black smoke in the air that was visible for miles. It happened at a recycling facility off Industrial Boulevard near the Ben White and I-35 intersection."

2019-07-25 - Recycling center erupts in flame at 6:47 AM near Roundswell (Britain):

Quote: "A fire has broken out at the same recycling centre in north Devon for the second time in just over two weeks. Huge clouds of smoke can be seen at the recycling facility at Brynsworthy, Roundswell near Barnstaple."

Category: Variety Pack

2019-07-26 - Sargassum algae rotting along beaches and spewing hydrogen sulfide poses a health threat in the Caribbean:

Quote: "Tourists to the Caribbean may not realize that a brown drifting seaweed that’s been piling up on beaches in recent years is dangerous, researchers say. Travelers and doctors alike should be aware that prolonged contact with the Sargassum weed, or inhaling the hydrogen sulfide gas it gives off as it decomposes on the beach, can cause heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, vertigo, headache and skin rashes, the authors write in the Journal of Travel Medicine."

Note: They forgot to mention memory loss, kidney damage, brain damage, comas, seizures and death. And it's not just a danger in the Caribbean, nor is it just a threat from that particular kind of algae. Any kind of rotting algae anywhere produces hydrogen sulfide, so it's also a problem in Florida and Mexico, at least, both of which are having their beaches blanketed by rotting sargassum algae, and France is now getting hit bad by rotting algae too, although it's not sargassum algae there...

2019-07-26 - Rotting algae spewing hydrogen sulfide along beaches and killing people and animals in Brittany (France):

Quote: "France is struggling with an influx of toxic green algae infesting beaches in the popular holiday region Brittany. The algae is taking over the bay of Saint-Brieuc, on Brittany’s northern coast. The beach is carpeted with piles of rotting algae which stink of rotten eggs. The mayor of the Saint-Brieuc has been forced to close the beach to the public due to the threat of toxic fumes."

Quote: "Signs in both English and French warning 'Danger Toxic Gas' - complete with a skull and crossbones - caution locals and tourists alike to turn back."

Quote: "According to the French site, at least three people and dozens of animals (including wild boars, dogs and a horse) have died after inhaling hydrogen sulfide (H2S), a potentially lethal gas released by decaying algae."

2019-07-26 - Unknown foul smell hits Lincoln (Nebraska):

Quote: "10/11 NOW heard from dozens of people who reported a foul smell in Lincoln on Thursday afternoon. Some of the questions and comments included, 'What is the cause of the rotten smell in the air all over Lincoln?' 'South 27th Walmart was horrible!' and 'What is that rotten smell on the southwest end of town here in Lincoln?' 10/11 NOW reached out to the Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department who said, simply, they don't know."

2019-07-26 - There is no doubt that humans are causing climate change, scientists say in new report:

2019-07-26 - Greenland's ice sheet is experiencing accelerated melting at the base from anomalously high geothermal heat:

Quote: "Yet another major research study, five if you’re counting, has concluded that accelerated melting at the base of Greenland’s glacial ice sheet is from anomalously high geothermal heat."

Note: There's not a thing we can do about heat from BELOW. Heat from the Sun being absorbed by an increasingly heat-absorbent atmosphere - we can do something about that. We aren't, but at least we COULD. Heat from below though - there's no solution at all for that. And that factors into all the other feedbacks too. The loss of ice is part of the albedo-loss feedback, for example, so when the heating from below adds to the ice melt, then the albedo-loss feedback gets amplified, which then amplifies the heat-absorption feedback, which amplifies the methane-expulsion feedback, and on and on it goes, like a runaway train...

2019-07-26 - Glaciers melting underwater and it's worse than previously thought:

2019-07-26 - Wildfires ravaging the Arctic right now are so intense that you can see them from space:

Quote: "The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet, and after the hottest June ever recorded on Earth, the region is literally on fire. From Greenland to Siberia to Alaska, huge swathes of flame and smoke are wrapping themselves around the upper Northern Hemisphere of our planet, like a suffocating scarf."

Quote: "Since the start of June, more than 100 wildfires have sparked and burned in the Arctic circle. In Russia alone, 11 out of 49 regions are currently engulfed in flame."

Quote: "The amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide) emitted from Arctic Circle fires in June 2019 is larger than all of the CO2 released from Arctic Circle fires in the same month from 2010 through to 2018 put together."

Note: That's another feedback, the world-on-fire feedback. The more the world burns, the more CO2 that gets released into the atmosphere, which warms the planet up more, which makes the world burn more. Extrapolate just that one feedback out into the future and you end up with a world that is nothing but charred wasteland. But it'll be worse than that when you add in oxygen loss, poison gas blowing around, starvation from biosphere loss, randomly poisoned water supplies, lethal UV levels, radiation from all the nuclear plants once they melt down, etc, etc. Everything on the surface of the planet being incinerated will certainly be a big problem all by itself though...

2019-07-26 - As France endures historic heatwave, freak hail and snowstorm halts the Tour de France:

Quote: "While much of France is experiencing a historic heatwave, the country's most prestigious cycling event was stopped Friday due to a freak hail and snowstorm. Stage 19 of the Tour de France was neutralized Friday when hail, snow and ice-covered the course at the Col d'Iseran, a mountain pass located more than 9,000 feet above sea level. Tour organizers cited slick and flooded conditions, saying the riders could not complete the course safely. There are some reports of landslides in the area."

Category: Variety Pack

2019-07-27 - Van bursts into flame and seriously burns 5 people at marina on Utah Lake in Saratoga Springs (Utah):

Quote: "A family was preparing to leave the Pelican Bay Marina when their 1970's Chevy van caught on fire, reported by Saratoga Springs Police. Two adults and three children under the age of ten are in critical condition from burn injuries. The car was hooked up to a boat when it caught fire."

2019-07-27 - Sargassum algae continues inundating beaches on the Yucatán Peninsula (Mexico):

Quote: "The typically idyllic white sandy shores and aquamarine waters of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula are being plagued by an unwelcome and unappealing invasion of rotting seaweed, called sargassum. For a number of years the foul-smelling algae has been washing up on the shores of Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Tulum in increasing quantities, turning the water brown and blanketing beaches with a brown sludge. The thick macroalgae also brings with it a pungent ‘rotten egg’ stench as it decays in the hot summer sun. But this year has ranked among the worst for the region with officials warning that a floating island of the seaweed the size of Jamaica is bobbing a short distance away from the shore."

2019-07-27 - Auto salvage yard hit by fire, 15 cars burn, in coastal San Jose (California):

Quote: "Fifteen salvage vehicles burned Saturday night at a San Jose auto dismantling business, and firefighters took about 45 minutes to have it under control, a San Jose fire captain said."

2019-07-27 - Metal recycling center erupts in flame in Belleville (Illinois):

2019-07-27 - Wildfires erupt along the Adriatic Sea near coastal Sibenik (Croatia):

Quote: "Wildfires have erupted near the Croatian coastal town of Sibenik closing down part of the highway in the area and threatening a village."

Note: In case you were wondering, that's on the western side of that landmass, so it's another west coast fire...

2019-07-27 - Fire station destroyed by fire after vehicles explodes into flame while parked inside, in Lawrenceville (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "Flames swept through Lawrenceville Fire Department and Ambulance Association Saturday afternoon on Mechanic Street. An ambulance was backing into the station when a vehicle next to it exploded for unknown reasons. Flames swept through the fire hall which appears to be a total loss. Two ambulances and the patrol truck were saved, but the other vehicles were severely damaged."

Note: Get some irony while it's hot!

2019-07-27 - Three high school student athletes lose consciousness in swimming pool at university in Fairbanks (Alaska):

Quote: "A university spokeswoman says the students 'were unresponsive after being rescued from the bottom of the deep end of the pool.' Witnesses report the athletes sank while team members were treading water."

Category: Variety Pack

2019-07-28 - Massive Arctic wildfires escalating dramatically and now a heatwave is heading to the Arctic:

Quote: "More than 30,000 square kilometres of Russian territory are currently burning, already about as much as in 2018 and twice as much as in 2017. This has created a 4.5 million square kilometre 'smoke lid' that reaches as far east as the Pacific Ocean and as far south as Kazakhstan."

Quote: "The Copernicus satellite system has observed an average of 50 to 60 Arctic hotspots on summer days since it began monitoring in 2003. This summer it has been seeing about 250 per day. And while in the past Arctic blazes would typically go out in a few days, the duration of this year's fires, many of which of have been burning for nearly two months, is shocking, Mr Parrington said."

Quote: "The long-term effects could be dire. Already in June, fires began to deposit soot known as 'black carbon' on Arctic sea ice, accelerating its melt."

Quote: "Europe’s historic heat wave is heading north this weekend, to the relief of the continent, but its path will send it right towards the Arctic — where it could speed up the melting of sea ice and coincide with devastating wildfires."

2019-07-28 - Passenger plane hit by unknown odor, plane diverts to coastal Boston (Massachusetts):

Quote: "American Airlines say a report of a possible odor in the cabin has diverted a London-bound flight to Boston."

Quote: "10 of the 12 crew members asked to be transported to the hospital for evaluation."

2019-07-28 - Landfill fire breaks out at 5:45 AM in Williamstown (Kentucky):

2019-07-28 - Waste transfer station goes up in flames in coastal Hempstead (New York):,116847

2019-07-28 - Recycling center erupts in flame, fire gets big, in Huntersville (North Carolina):

2019-07-28 - Recycling center fire breaks out in St. Helens (Oregon):

2019-07-28 - Man goes berserk on street, chokes random stranger, tears sunroof off car and attacks people with it, in coastal Seattle (Washington):

Quote: "A Seattle man is in custody after going berserk on a city street, attacking at least two people with a sunroof that he had ripped off a car stuck in traffic, according to police. Thursday's incident started when Alexander Ormiston tried to choke a random stranger on a street. He climbed onto a vehicle and jumped from car to car until he snagged a sunroof and attacked a parking enforcement official who tried to intervene. That man had to be hospitalized."

Category: Variety Pack

2019-07-29 - Raging wildfires burn an area larger than Belgium in Siberia (Russia), emergency declared in several regions, people choking and sickening:

Quote: "An area of 3.2 million hectares (7.9 million acres) was engulfed by forest fires in remote regions of Russia on Monday.  In comparison, the total surface of the nation of Belgium is 3.07 million hectares. With fires raging for days, immense clouds of smoke reached large population centers, including Russia's third biggest city, Novosibirsk. Authorities declared emergencies in several regions. 'The smoke is horrible,' pensioner Raisa Brovkina told state television after being hospitalized in Novosibirsk. 'I am choking and dizzy,' she added."

Quote: "Russia on Monday declared a state of emergency in two regions of Siberia as wildfires rage across 12,000 square miles of countryside. Terrified residents in the Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk regions called on the state to act as flames engulfed an area the size of Belgium."

Quote: "Greenpeace expert Grigory Kuksin said the soot and ashes accelerate the melting of the Arctic ice and permafrost, which in turns releases even more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. 'It is comparable to the emissions of major cities,' he told the AFP news agency. 'The more fires affect the climate, the more conditions are created for new dangerous fires.'"

Quote: "Siberia was almost 10 degrees Celsius (18 Fahrenheit) warmer than the long-term average in June, according to World Meteorological Organization."

2019-07-29 - Wildfires escalating across Alberta (Canada):

Quote: "Wildfires in Alberta have burned more land in 2019 than any year in the past four decades, according to data from Alberta Wildfire. The blazes have burned an area larger than Banff National Park and displaced thousands of people across northern Alberta."

Quote: "According to a recent federal report, Canada has warmed twice as fast as the rest of the world since 1948; in parts of northern Alberta, where wildfires are concentrated, it is closer to three times as fast."

2019-07-29 - 'Mystery illness' sickening people with 'flu-like' symptoms along the west coast of New Zealand:

Quote: "A mystery illness - which forced Westport North School to close after a third of the pupils became ill - remains unknown as health officials wait for results. Sixty-six pupils at Westport North School were away sick yesterday, forcing the school to shut until at least Friday. West Coast District Health Board medical officer of health Ramon Pink said the DHB could not comment on the cause of the illness until it has the results. Dr. Pink said an influenza-like illness was currently circulating throughout the West Coast and advised people who were unwell to stay at home."

2019-07-29 - Pakistani military plane bursts into flame then crashes and burns in residential area in Rawalpindi (Pakistan), 17 killed, 12 injured:

Quote: "Another resident Ghulam Khan said he heard the plane as it buzzed over his house, adding the aircraft appeared to be on fire before it crashed."

Quote: "Five crew members and 12 civilians are dead, officials told local media. Another 12 people have been injured. The aircraft was on a routine training flight when it crash and set off a fire which engulfed several houses."

Note: This is the 88th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2019...

2019-07-29 - Landfill fire breaks out on coastal Christian Island (Canada):

2019-07-29 - Recycling center fire breaks out at 4 AM in Frankfort (Indiana):

2019-07-29 - Warm water is melting glaciers 100 times faster than thought:

Note: They were 1% right on the money!

Category: Variety Pack

2019-07-30 - Boy, 9, goes into cardiac arrest in swimming pool at water park, dies shortly later, in West Berlin (New Jersey):

Quote: "Police said lifeguards were called after a boy reportedly went into cardiac arrest in the pool area. The boy was pulled from the pool, unconscious, and lifeguards performed CPR. He was rushed to the Virtua Hospital in Voorhees where he was pronounced dead. Police identified the victim as 9-year-old Hersh Meilech Grossman."

Note: Very similar to the 9-year-old boy who got out of a swimming pool and dropped dead in Salisbury Township (Pennsylvania), mentioned in the 2019-07-28 update...

2019-07-30 - Sargassum algae swamping beaches in coastal Miami (Florida), city preparing to haul it away:

Quote: "A June presentation by Parks to county and city administrators estimated daily removal of seaweed from the entire beach would cost about $45 million a year, and require 880 truck trips hauling enough material to fill a football field 10 feet high."

Note: Seems kinda fruitless. There will just be more. And have they given warnings to the workers that that rotten egg smell is poison gas and nobody knows what it does to human beings who breathe it regularly even in small concentrations? I'm guessing the workers will not be told much, if anything...

2019-07-30 - Auto salvage yard hit by fire shortly before 3 AM, nine cars burn, in West Pullman area in Chicago (Illinois):

2019-07-30 - Refinery damaged by fire in Oregon (Ohio):

2019-07-30 - Wildfire grows to 14,000 acres near Clear Lake in Modoc County (California):

Quote: "The Tucker fire in Modoc County has burned more than 14,000 acres with 10% reported containment, making it the largest wildfire in California so far this year, officials said Tuesday."

2019-07-30 - Heatwave and drought bringing misery to central Hunan Province (China):

Quote: "More than 570,000 people in central China's Hunan Province have been affected by drought resulting from heatwaves and lack of rainfall while some areas have difficulty getting drinking water, said local authorities. As of 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, the drought has affected a total of 571,800 people in the province and 42,600 people are in need of living assistance, among which 36,600 have difficulty accessing drinking water, according to the provincial emergency management department. About 685,000 hectares of crops have been affected, of which 79,000 hectares have been demolished, and the direct economic losses are estimated to reach 320 million yuan (about 46.48 million U.S. dollars), the department said."

Category: Variety Pack

2019-07-31 - Hydrogen sulfide stench hits Palm Springs (California):

Quote: "There's an unmistakable smell in the air. One that creeps into the Coachella Valley during the hot, sticky days of summer. The sulfuric odor typically shows up when the mercury and humidity are high, and levels of hydrogen sulfide spike in the Salton Sea."

2019-07-31 - Unknown stench hits downtown area near the Mississippi River in St. Louis (Missouri):

Quote: "An odd stench permeated through downtown St. Louis Wednesday night. On social media, many aren’t holding back, saying its 'the most horrid smell ever.' Some said it smelled like feces, vomit or dog food."

Note: Didn't smell it, but then again, I'm 7 miles from the riverfront, and in a relatively high area altitude-wise, which in Missouri means 'a small hill'. But I have smelled rotten egg odor from time to time in my neighborhood too, and twice I've also smelled the sickly sweet stench of a non-trivial concentration of hydrogen sulfide. I'm not surprised that the riverfront area would get hit by a foul smell. Well, nobody dropped dead, this time, so that's a plus!

2019-07-31 - Rising ocean temperatures have killed one third of the coral reefs near Guam:

Quote: "Rising ocean temperatures have killed one-third of coral reefs near Guam, University of Guam researchers said Monday. Their study found that between 2013 and 2017, Guam experienced warm water that killed off 34 percent of coral."

2019-07-31 - Underground electrical fire breaks out in coastal Brooklyn (New York):

2019-07-31 - Underground electrical fire causes blackouts in Astoria area in coastal Queens (New York):

2019-07-31 - Electrical substation damaged by massive fire in Corpus Christi (Texas), 14,000 homes go dark:

Quote: "Thousands of Corpus Christi residents are without power after a massive fire broke out at the Rodd Field AEP Substation Wednesday afternoon. AEP says more than 14,000 customers are affected."

2019-07-31 - Refinery damaged by explosion and fire in coastal Baytown (Texas), 66 injured:

Quote: "Residents were urged to shelter in place for several hours after an explosion and fire broke out Wednesday at a massive ExxonMobil plant in Texas, injuring 66 people, officials said. The injuries were non-life threatening, plant manager Jason Duncan told reporters. Most involved minor, first-degree-type burns, with the victims treated at a local clinic, he said. Most were ExxonMobil employees or contractors."

2019-07-31 - Deadly fire burns oil and gas site in Weld County near Windsor (Colorado), 1 killed:

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