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Event Update For 2018-11-25

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2018-11-25 - Campervan goes up in flames and kills man, 66, on Station Drive in coastal Ardersier (Scotland):

2018-11-25 - Wildfire death toll hits 88 in and around Paradise (California), missing count at 203, fire finally fully contained:

Quote: "The fire destroyed a total of 153,336 acres, 13,972 homes, 528 commercial buildings and 4,293 other structures."

Quote: "A Northern California sheriff says no additional remains were found Monday, but the wildfire’s death toll rose to 88 after investigators determined that three separate sets of human remains contained remains for more than one person."

2018-11-25 - Wildfire breaks out and burns out of control near Deepwater and Baffle Creek (Australia):

Quote: "Queensland Fire and Emergency Services inspector Andrew Sturgeous said it was 'not a run-of-the-mill fire by any means'. 'This fire and the fire weather we're experiencing is not something we see … it's a very rare event,' he said. 'This extreme heatwave that we're experiencing across the state, in particular the northern parts of the state, is an extreme weather event.'"

Note: Queensland's starting to look a lot like California!

2018-11-25 - Underground electrical fire breaks out, and building rocked by explosion too, in coastal Manhattan (New York):

Quote: "A malfunctioning underground Con Edison transformer right outside the building was smoldering, smoke and gas spread into the basement of Equinox."

2018-11-25 - Extreme weather is turning the Arctic brown:

Quote: "Arctic browning driven by extreme climatic events halves the ability of widespread Arctic heathlands to take up carbon dioxide..."

Note: And there's another feedback - the warming planet makes the Arctic browner, which helps heat up the planet more, and so on and so on...

2018-11-25 - Cement plant damaged by explosion and fire in Martinsburg (West Virginia):

2018-11-25 - Boat bursts into flame while docked in coastal Portsmouth (Virginia), nobody aboard:

Note: This is the 1097th boat/ship to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-11-25 - Passenger bus bursts into flame on the A7 near Hamburg (Germany):

Note: This is the 680th bus to burn in 2018...

2018-11-25 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-40 near Old Fort (North Carolina):

2018-11-25 - Tractor and garage destroyed by fire in Columbia Road in Ootischenia (Canada):

Quote: "There was no vehicle located in the garage at the time of the fire, but Chief Hamm says there was a tractor and lots of woodworking equipment."

Note: These are the 2446th and 2447th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-11-25 - Box truck bursts into flame at 5:30 AM while parked at grocery store in Grand Rapids (Michigan):

2018-11-25 - Snow plow truck bursts into flame on street in Rockford (Illinois):

2018-11-25 - Snow plow truck bursts into flame on street in Quincy (Illinois):

2018-11-25 - Ambulance bursts into flame on road in Mingo County (West Virginia):

Quote: "The ambulance had been on a call for a car crash call was returning the to station when it became engulfed in flames. There were no patients on board at the time of the fire. No one was injured. This leaves Mingo County with only one ambulance in service for now."

2018-11-25 - Campervan bursts into flame on Talbot Road in coastal Blackpool (Britain):

2018-11-25 - Van and several cars go up in flames shortly after midnight while parked at apartments in Dallas (Texas):

2018-11-25 - Van bursts into flame on Long Lane in Kirk Smeaton (Britain):

Quote: "Long Lane, Kirk Smeaton Time of call 11:36 A crew from Selby have extinguished a commercial van alight using two breathing apparatus and one hose reel."

2018-11-25 - Pickup truck bursts into flame while parked at Walgreens on East Clear Lake Avenue in Springfield (Illinois):

2018-11-25 - Pickup truck bursts into flame while parked at home on Regan Drive in Crestview (Florida):

2018-11-25 - Car bursts into flame at 2:30 AM while parked in garage at home, fire spreads, home heavily damaged, in Charlotte (North Carolina):

Quote: "The Charlotte Fire Department said the Red Cross is assisting two people after a car caught fire inside their garage Sunday morning."

2018-11-25 - Car bursts into flame while parked inside pole barn, fire spreads, barn destroyed, in Salisbury (Maryland):

2018-11-25 - Car bursts into flame on the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge near coastal Staten Island (New York):

2018-11-25 - Car bursts into flame on street in coastal Anchorage (Alaska):

Quote: "He added that the driver was test-driving the car with intent to purchase the vehicle."

2018-11-25 - Car bursts into flame on Salt Lake Boulevard in coastal Honolulu (Hawaii):

2018-11-25 - Car bursts into flame on I-10 in El Paso (Texas):

2018-11-25 - Car bursts into flame on I-43 in Milwaukee County (Wisconsin):

2018-11-25 - Car bursts into flame while parked at home on Elham Close in Twydall (Britain):

2018-11-25 - Car bursts into flame on the M5 near Evesham (Britain):

2018-11-25 - Car bursts into flame at 1:42 AM on Rutland Avenue in High Wycombe (Britain):

Quote: "Sunday 25 November, 1.42am Car fire, Rutland Avenue, High Wycombe. One appliance and crew from High Wycombe attended. Firefighters used one hose reel."

2018-11-25 - Vehicle bursts into flame just after 5:30 AM on East State Street in Jacksonville (Illinois):

2018-11-25 - Two vehicles go up in flames on Leicester Street in Warrington (Britain):

2018-11-25 - Scooter bursts into flame on Minerva Way in Beaconsfield (Britain):

Quote: "Sunday 25 November, 3.47pm Scooter on fire, Minerva Way, Beaconsfield. One appliance and crew from Beaconsfield attended. Firefighters used buckets of water."

2018-11-25 - Vehicles and garage destroyed by fire at home on Grace Drive in Harlem (Illinois):

Quote: "The garage and the vehicles inside were destroyed, but the house was saved, according to Harlem-Roscoe reports."

2018-11-25 - Car dealership heavily damaged by fire at 3 AM in Conway (South Carolina):

2018-11-25 - Barn and hay destroyed by fire at 2:15 AM in the Village of Windsor (Wisconsin):

2018-11-25 - Trash chute fire breaks out at high-rise apartment building in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma):

2018-11-25 - Speed camera bursts into flame at 3:34 AM on Glazebury Mill Close in Warrington (Britain):

2018-11-25 - Storage facility heavily damaged by fire in Auburn (Washington):

2018-11-25 - Shopping center heavily damaged by fire in Anantang (India):

2018-11-25 - Garage heavily damaged by fire at home in coastal Suffolk (Virginia):

2018-11-25 - Garage destroyed by fire at home on Heather Circle in Fryeburg (Maine):

2018-11-25 - Seasonal cottage destroyed by fire at 3:30 AM on Aylesford Lake (Canada), nobody there:

Quote: "The cause is undetermined but not believed to be suspicious. 'There was snow on the ground and absolutely no footprints,' said Desloges. 'The Aylesford fire chief arrived first and the snow was completely untouched – no marks, no tracks.'"

Note: Gas in the atmosphere doesn't leave tracks...

2018-11-25 - Home damaged by basement fire on Putnam Circle in Springfield (Massachusetts):

2018-11-25 - Home damaged by fire in coastal Portsmouth (Virginia):

2018-11-25 - Home damaged by fire in coastal West Palm Beach (Florida):

2018-11-25 - Home heavily damaged by basement fire just before 4 AM in Andover (Massachusetts):

2018-11-25 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 3:20 AM on Switzgabel Drive in Chestnuthill Township (Pennsylvania):

2018-11-25 - Home heavily damaged by fire in Grand Junction (Colorado), nobody there:

2018-11-25 - Home heavily damaged by basement fire in Springfield (Illinois), 11 dogs killed, nobody there:

2018-11-25 - Home heavily damaged by fire in Tulsa (Oklahoma), nobody there:

2018-11-25 - Home destroyed by fire on Truluck Johnson Road in Aynor (South Carolina):

2018-11-25 - Duplex heavily damaged by fire in coastal Virginia Beach (Virginia), cat killed:

2018-11-25 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire just before 6:30 AM in coastal Brooklyn (New York), 2 injured:

2018-11-25 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire in Peerskill (New York):

2018-11-25 - Apartment building destroyed by fire before 4 AM in Ringgold (Virginia), 2 injured:

2018-11-25 - Deadly fire burns home shortly after 4 AM in Huntington (Indiana), 2 killed, 3 injured:

2018-11-25 - Deadly fire burns duplex at 3:30 AM on East Ridge Road in Media (Pennsylvania), 1 killed:

2018-11-25 - Deadly fire burns Riverview Manor condo building shortly after 2 AM in Harrisburg (Pennsylvania), 2 killed:

2018-11-25 - Two vacant mobile homes destroyed by fire just after 1:30 AM in Lily (Kentucky):

2018-11-25 - Vacant home destroyed by fire at 5:30 AM in Harvey (Illinois):

2018-11-25 - Vacant resort destroyed by fire in Smithfield Township (Pennsylvania):

2018-11-25 - Vacant pub burns on the seafront in coastal Southend-on-Sea (Britain):

2018-11-25 - Two dolphins and a manatee walk into a, die in coastal Estero Bay (Florida):

2018-11-25 - Woman and son, 40 and 11, found dead in valley in Nashik (India):

2018-11-25 - Woman and two children, 53, 4 and 6, die in pond in Machilipatnam (India):

2018-11-25 - Two boys, both 15, found dead in pond near school in Palakkad (India):

2018-11-25 - Firefighter, man, responds to call, goes home and dies, in Bridgewater (New Jersey):

Quote: "A firefighter died of a medical emergency Thursday after a shift. According to the USFA, Green Knoll Fire Rescue firefighter Michael Galay had responded to a smoke and fire alarm activation call and then returned to the station, where he helped his colleagues with a new engine company arrival. He then went home, and was found unresponsive by his wife the next morning. Galay was transported to the hospital, where he later died."

2018-11-25 - Man, 38, has 'medical emergency' while walking scooter, collapses and dies next to tree, near the Mississippi River in St. Louis (Missouri), 1 killed:

Quote: "KSDK reports that police on Monday said surveillance videos showed the man walking the scooter, not riding it. Officers who responded determined he had died suddenly from a medical issue. His body was found near a tree."

2018-11-25 - Woman found dead in the water at Fells Point in coastal Baltimore (Maryland):

2018-11-25 - Woman found naked, burned and dead at Long Pond Park in coastal Tottenville (New York):

2018-11-25 - Man, 48, found dead in Carnegie Lake in Highland Park in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania):

2018-11-25 - Man found dead in the banks of the Red River in Shreveport (Louisiana):

2018-11-25 - Woman, 69, found dead in submerged SUV in the Illinois River in Tazewell County (Illinois):

2018-11-25 - Woman, 39, found dead in yard at home in Lincoln (Illinois):

2018-11-25 - Woman found dead near Rex Hill Road in New Franklin (Ohio):

2018-11-25 - Man, around 50, found dead in canal in Kolkata (India):

2018-11-25 - Girl, 6, dies in the Negro River near coastal Townsville (Australia):

Quote: "The tragic incident is the second drowning in Townsville in just three days, with a man in his 20s drowning in Horeshoe Bay, not far from Black River, on Friday."

Quote: "A man in his 60s was also pulled from the waters of Currumundi Lake on the Sunshine Coast on Sunday morning after suffering a medical episode in the water."

2018-11-25 - Woman, 54, has 'medical emergency', USPS truck crashes, in Chesterfield County (Virginia), 1 killed:

Quote: "A Chesterfield woman driving a U.S. Post Office Mail Truck was killed after experiencing a medical emergency behind the wheel."

2018-11-25 - Driver has 'medical episode' just after midnight, pickup truck plows into car and home, in Beechboro (Australia):

Quote: "The driver had no alcohol in their system and police believe they may have suffered a medical episode."

2018-11-25 - Man, Casey Anthony's father, has seizure or 'medical episode', car overturns, in Orlando (Florida), 1 injured:

Quote: "Casey Anthony’s father appeared to suffer a debilitating seizure while driving down a highway in Florida minutes before his car rolled over, has exclusively learned. 'It all happened very fast,' am eyewitness to the horrific accident told Radar. 'It was clearly a seizure or a medical episode, or he passed out, from the way that he was drifting.' As Radar reported, George Anthony was driving his wife’s Toyota 4Runner on Interstate 4 in Orlando on Saturday, when he suddenly ran off the road and lost control of the vehicle, causing it to roll several times."

2018-11-25 - Man, 56, has 'medical emergency' at 6:15 AM, car crashes off road, in Seffner (Florida), 1 killed:

Quote: "Deputies said Mr. Charles was driving his 2008 Honda Accord north on Kingsway when he appeared to have suffered a medical emergency."

2018-11-25 - Man in his 40s has 'medical episode' and crashes around in Surrey (Britain), another man assaults him:

Quote: "A man has been assaulted on the M25 in Surrey - after crashing into other vehicles while suffering a medical episode. It happened on Saturday morning between junctions 14 (A3113 Heathrow Terminals 4, 5 and Cargo) to 13 (London W and C, Hounslow, Staines A30.) His car came to a stop on the hard shoulder, but before the emergency services arrived, a motorcyclist pulled over and assaulted him, before making off. Police say they were called out at around 10:15am to reports of a suspected drunk driver - but say it soon became apparent that the driver, in his 40s, had suffered a medical episode. He is still in hospital."

2018-11-25 - Military helicopter crashes into residential area in coastal Istanbul (Turkey), 4 killed, 1 injured:

2018-11-25 - Man falls off boat into the water and strokes out, in coastal Swartvlei (South Africa):

Quote: "The skipper of a boat, launching to go spearfishing, reported one of his crew had gone overboard and then appeared to be showing signs of suffering a Stroke (CVA – Cerebro-Vascular Accident)."

2018-11-25 - Passenger bus and dump truck crash in the wee hours near Chiniot (Pakistan), 1 killed, 35 injured:

2018-11-25 - Box truck slams into overpass column and overturns on I-495 in Mansfield (Massachusetts), 2 injured:

2018-11-25 - Truck overturns on the San Gabriel River (605) Freeway in Lakewood (California), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2018-11-25 - Car veers off road at 12:15 AM, crashes into fence, in Atascadero (California), 1 killed:

2018-11-25 - Car crashes, bursts into flame, on Dell Road in Heath (Massachusetts), 1 killed, 2 injured:

2018-11-25 - Car crashes, bursts into flame, in Delta Township (Michigan), 1 injured:

2018-11-25 - Car crashes off I-85 bridge, lands on road below, near Holly Grove (North Carolina), 4 injured:

2018-11-25 - Shark attacks and injures man in the Bahamas:

Quote: "'The only thing I really can remember at that moment under the water was the sound, the sound of the crunch of my head, which is not a pleasant sound,' Krause said."

Note: I would think you don't usually hear anything ever again after you hear a shark crunching on your head!

2018-11-25 - Sinkhole opens and swallows car on road in San Felice Circeo (Italy):

2018-11-25 - Bridge collapses in Shangla (Pakistan):

2018-11-25 - Water main breaks, sinkhole opens, in Cedarbrook area in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

2018-11-25 - Man has 'medical emergency' at mall in Richland Township (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "There was a police presence at the Galleria Mall in Richland Township on Sunday. Police said a man was taken to the hospital for a medical emergency."

2018-11-25 - Heatwave bakes North Queensland (Australia):

2018-11-25 - Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes in Iran near the border with Iraq, hundreds of people injured:

2018-11-25 - Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes in the ocean off the coast of Colombia:

2018-11-25 - Three tornadoes sweep across southern Italy, second outbreak in a week:

2018-11-25 - Snowstorm hits parts of the Midwest, hundreds of flights canceled:

2018-11-25 - Oilsands waste is collected in sprawling toxic ponds, and to clean them up, oil companies plan to pour water on them:

2018-11-25 - Shale boom raises specter of new oil glut:

2018-11-25 - Russian Navy fires on Ukrainian ships, rams one ship, seizes three ships, Ukraine may declare martial law:



  2. Yo Jonny! Things are speeding up along the trajectory to oblivion.
    Economic, political, social, and environmental forces (among others) are interacting, causing a increase in destruction (or it's potential - as in WWIII and Peak Oil, which now loom large).

    [Let's start with 2 from Kevin]
    BLACK BEAR NEWS 11.26.18 Peak Oil & Drastic Oil Shortages Imminent, Says IEA [~ 18 min.]

    BLACK BEAR NEWS 11.26.18 Climate Change Should Make the Republican Party Impossible [~ 19.75 min.]

    [Kevin looks to change the political system in order to mitigate climate change. In a recent 2-part debate, McPherson points out to a man saying basically the same thing, that trying to keep the system running by ANY means and in ANY way, ignores the fact that CIVILIZATION IS the problem, being inherently a heat engine. Kevin forgets the part about the feedback loops that are now out of our control. Even if we DO turn off civilization, the planet will heat up even faster due to the aerosol masking effect. It's a predicament with no solution. We're all just doing what we can, as long as we can, until we can't.]

    [these guys didn't get the memo]
    It’s time for industry to step up and embrace fixing climate change

    The technology is there, why not the will? [more; uh no, it's not]

    Monday, November 26, 2018
    Dangerous situation in Arctic

    In the North Pacific, the flow of warmer water is clearly visible (see image right, bottom left circle). In the North Atlantic, huge amounts of heat are moving into the Arctic Ocean (top right circle). At some spots, heat that is traveling underneath the sea surface comes to the surface (top left circle). [more; see map]

    Very strange sky phenomenon over Denver, Colorado! Why is the chemtrail floating under the cloud?

    This strange sky phenomenon was captured by two witnesses in the sky over Centennial, Denver, Colorado on November 24, 2018. What the heck is going on there? [more; take a look]

    Weather anomaly: Snow and hail cover desert in Saudi Arabia

    After unprecedented floods, changing the desert into a SEA, Saudi Arabia was again hit by weather anomalies. This time, snow fell in the districts of Hail, Al-Jawf and Tabuk in northern Saudi Arabia, while hail blanketed the desert in white in the west of the country. [more]

    Midwest farms may suffer huge losses from intense heat, says climate change report

    The federal government’s latest report on climate change warns of specific dangers to Midwest agriculture production, which comprises a significant portion of the economies of Kansas and Missouri. [more]

    November 26, 2018 03:38 PM
    Updated November 26, 2018 05:38 PM
    The federal government’s latest report on climate change warns of specific dangers to Midwest agriculture production, which comprises a significant portion of the economies of Kansas and Missouri.
    Increasing temperatures and more extreme weather patterns such as flooding and drought will have serious consequences on crop and livestock production, according to the Fourth National Climate Assessment that was released the day after Thanksgiving. [more]

    [more below]

  3. [big Shell Oil ad at the top of this one - kind of ironic]
    Here's how climate change will impact your part of the country

    [read this one, if nothing else]

    [from our Lil Late dept.]
    We’re destroying our oceans - We must turn tide on seas’ destruction

    Climate Change Puts U.S. Economy and Lives at Risk, and Costs Are Rising, Federal Agencies Warn

    The National Climate Assessment describes increasing heat, fire and flood damage. It's a stark contrast to Trump's energy policies and climate claims. [more]

    [and from our GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM/MINI-ICE AGE desk]
    In Mount Everest Region, World's Highest Glaciers Are Melting, Receding

    In this photo essay, the editor of the Nepali Times describes the dramatic changes underway in the ice and snow of the Himalayan Mountains. [more; by Kunda Dixit, editor and publisher of the Nepali Times]

    Usagi forces 100 000 to evacuate southern Vietnam, drops 350 mm (14 inches) of rain on Ho Chi Minh

    Tropical Storm "Usagi" made landfall in southern Vietnam around 06:00 UTC on November 25, 2018, with maximum sustained winds of 83 km/h (52 mph). This is the 27th named storm of the 2018 Pacific typhoon season and the 8th tropical cyclone to hit Vietnam this season. It comes just several days after Tropical Cyclone "Toraji" hit the country, leaving more than 12 people dead. [more]

    Tropical Storm Usagi hits southern Vietnam - Longest and heaviest ever recorded rainfall in Saigon history

    Phreatic eruptions at Mayon volcano, Alert Level remains at 2, Philippines

    Two phreatic eruption events were observed at Mayon volcano, Philippines late November 25 into 26, 2018. Alert Level remains at 2. The public is reminded that sudden explosions, lava collapses, pyroclastic density currents or PDCs and ashfall can still occur and threaten areas in the upper to middle slopes of the volcano. [more]

    Stray hyena attacks villages, injures 4 in Kenya [are there any PET hyenas?]

    Red tide suspected as 22 dead dolphins wash up on Collier, Lee beaches in Florida

    [continued below]

  4. Massive unseasonable sandstorm engulfs Gansu in northwestern China

    Snowmageddon: 6,000 flights grounded or delayed in US as Thanksgiving storm rages on

    November to remember: This year's was wettest on record in Washington DC

    Seven killed, thousands displaced in flash flooding in Iraq - Death toll reaches at least 25 (UPDATE)

    Eleven provinces in Iran hit by flood, 4 gone missing

    Cyclist is swept to his death by flash flood in São Paulo, Brazil as record rainfall hits the city

    Bayer Acquisition: Exit glyphosate, enter glufosinate?

    What makes glyphosate unique, along with some other related GM products, is that these safety test reports, records and raw data have been kept hidden from public for over 45 years now, by all governments everywhere. Meanwhile the public is bombarded by a plethora of unsubstantiated "independent scientific reports" that declare glyphosate to be safe. These independent reports, without supporting data, are just third party opinions and worth little more than bad quality toilet paper. [more]

    [last bit below]

  5. [some economic news]
    General Motors And General Electric Were Both Victimized By The Same Ponzi Scheme, And They Are Both Telling Us The U.S. Economy Is In HUGE Trouble

    America’s twin economic “generals” are both in very deep trouble. General Electric was founded in 1892, and it was once one of the most powerful corporations on the entire planet. But now it is drowning in so much debt that it may be forced into bankruptcy. General Motors was founded in 1908, and at one time it was the largest automaker that the world had ever seen. But now it is closing a bunch of factories and laying off approximately 14,000 workers as it anticipates disappointing sales and a slowing economy. If the U.S. economy really was “booming”, both of these companies would probably be thriving. But as you will see below, both of them have been victimized by the exact same Ponzi scheme, and both firms are sending us very clear signals that the U.S. economy is heading for troubled waters.

    Whenever you hear the word “restructuring”, that is always a sign that things are not going well for a company. [more]

    The Big Long 2018: Hazardous Immorality

    "Lack of incentive to guard against risk when one is protected from its consequences"

    e.g. casino bailouts

    Contrary to popular belief, there is no "plunge protection team". Nevertheless, gamblers have come to believe in Central Bank omnipotence. A well cultivated delusion one decade in the making. Below we see that real demand peaked in 2008. Followed by a second peak in 2011 coinciding with peak monetary stimulus. Followed by deflation. And then coordinated stimulus again in 2016. So weak is this final "recovery", that the 2018 high in commodities is equal to the 2009 low.

    The logic of the day is that bulls can have a cozy consensus for the better part of a decade straight, but if bears have a consensus for five minutes, it's clearly recipe for new highs. Which is precisely the delusion that the Central Bank "put" has wrought.

    Be that as it may, the signs that the party is over keep piling up in plain view. [more]

    Study Shows Higher Rates of Autism in Children

    An estimated 1 in 40 U.S. children have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and many struggle to access treatment, according to a new study led by the federal Health Resources and Services Administration. [more]

  6. Hey Jonny, check this out:
    Stan Lee's Cause of Death Released

    The outlet reports that the death certificate for the Marvel Comics writer also revealed he suffered aspiration pneumonia, which is caused by inhaling food, stomach acid or saliva into your lungs.
    [more; BINGO]

    In Lion Air Crash, Black Box Data Reveals Pilots’ Struggle to Regain Control’-struggle-to-regain-control/ar-BBQ9W29

    Data from the jetliner that crashed into the Java Sea last month shows the pilots fought to save the plane almost from the moment it took off, as the Boeing 737’s nose was repeatedly forced down, apparently by an automatic system receiving incorrect sensor readings. [more; as in fried electronics too, or hacking]

    Exclusive: China envoy warns of dire consequences if U.S. hardliners hold sway

    [economic crash/currency war vying with nuclear war for 1st step to oblivion]

    Severe weather to make late-season appearance in southern US

    While much of the nation has made the transition to winter weather, a burst of springlike severe weather is on the horizon for the southern United States.
    Severe weather is not unheard of in Gulf Coast states in November, with Louisiana and Mississippi both averaging six tornadoes during this month each year.
    "A developing storm system in the southern Plains will lead to a favorable setup for severe weather across areas from the eastern Plains across the Lower Mississippi Valley and into portions of the Ohio River Valley," said AccuWeather Storm Warning Meteorologist Brian Adams. [more]

    The search for Paradise fire victims slows; some may never be found

    As every day goes by, searchers are finding fewer human remains in the rubble of California's deadliest wildfire.
    At the same time, they are slowly narrowing the list of the missing, which on Monday stood at 203 yet still down by about 1,000 from last week. [more]

    Exclusive: China not seriously considering U.S. Treasuries as trade war weapon -- envoy

    China's ambassador to the United States said on Tuesday he does not believe Beijing is seriously considering using its massive U.S. Treasury debt holdings as a weapon in the U.S.-China trade war, citing concerns that such a move would destabilize financial markets.
    [more; to say the LEAST]