Thursday, September 13, 2018

Event Update For 2018-09-12

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2018-09-12 - Passenger plane hit by smoke, plane makes emergency landing at Logan Airport in coastal Boston (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Melissa Miller, of New York, says she was on the flight and that passengers 'knew something was up' when a smoke- and gas-like odor filled the cabin."

2018-09-12 - Passenger plane hit by smoke, plane makes emergency landing in coastal Nunavut (Canada):

Quote: "A British Airways flight from London to Calgary made an emergency landing after the cockpit was allegedly filled with smoke and pilots needed oxygen masks. The firefighters at Iqaluit airport reportedly raced to the runway around 5pm local time following the diversion of the aircraft to Nunavut, Canada."

2018-09-12 - Private jet carrying Kathy Griffin bursts into flame en route to coastal Miami (Florida):

Quote: "Kathy Griffin was supposed to spend Wednesday night making a Miami audience laugh, but instead she was apologizing for having to postpone the show. Griffin explained in a video that there was a problem — and it sounded like a scary one — with her flight. 'The plane that we were traveling on had a fire in the back of the plane. We made an emergency landing,' she said."

Quote: "Comedian Kathy Griffin posted a video on social media Wednesday afternoon begging for forgiveness from her fans after a fire in the tail of the plane she was traveling in forced an emergency landing, preventing her from making it on time for her Miami show."

Note: These are the 147th, 148th and 149th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2018...

2018-09-12 - Watery heatwave cooks the Gulf of Maine:

Note: What happens when the ocean is permanently too warm to cool all the nuclear plants on the East Coast? They've already had to shut two down temporarily due to that problem. Eventually though, they'll all have to be shut down for that reason, permanently. Ah well, who needs electricity anyway?!

2018-09-12 - More info on the mysterious closure of the solar observatory in Sunspot (New Mexico), still no explanation:

Quote: "Something is amiss in the state of New Mexico, and the chain of mysterious events has all the hallmarks of a sci-fi plot. The state's Sunspot Solar Observatory, home to one of the largest active solar telescopes in the world, was shut down last Friday and all personnel evacuated. The FBI were on the scene almost immediately. Employees and the public have been indefinitely banned from the premises, and the observatory's website now reads: 'TEMPORARILY CLOSED'. No one seems to know what is going on - not even the local sheriff, who sent his deputies onto the scene only to find absolutely no specific threat."

Note: The last image sent by this observatory showed an unknown planetary-scale object partially eclipsing the Sun and then boom, they were shut down. Also see the video in that link - the orbiting solar observatory ALSO saw an unknown planetary-scale object partially eclipse the Sun. The orbiting observatory also saw the Moon partially eclipse the Sun separately too, so you can be sure that one of the objects it saw was NOT the Moon. So there are two different observatories, one on Earth and one in orbit, that saw an unknown planetary-scale object pass between the Earth and the Sun. Whatever that is, it's not the Moon and it's not any of the known planets, so there is something else in the inner solar system with us now, something big, no mere asteroid. 'The authorities' are working overtime to hide that fact from the general populace. Our solar system is not just the Sun, nine planets, the asteroid belt and the Oort cloud. Notice how Earth's extinction events are somewhat cyclical? Cyclical, like an ORBIT is cyclical. Things worth pondering...

2018-09-12 - Coal mine rocked by deadly explosion in Kohat (Pakistan), 9 killed, 3 injured:

2018-09-12 - Waste transfer station erupts in flame near Lake Maloney (Nebraska):

Quote: "Flames shoot up from a pile of debris at the North Platte Transfer Station southwest of the Lake Maloney inlet."

2018-09-12 - Underground electrical fire breaks out, fire spreads to basement of building, in coastal Manhattan (New York):

Quote: "The FDNY says the fire started inside a manhole in front of 330 First Ave., near 18th Street, then spread to the basement of the building there."

2018-09-12 - Towboat 'Jacob Kyle Rusthoven' bursts into flame on the Mississippi River near Helena-West Helena (Arkansas):

2018-09-12 - Boat, pickup truck and garage go up in flames at 12:44 AM at home in Wareham (Massachusetts):

Quote: "A boat, pickup truck and a garage were all damaged and one firefighter was injured in a fire early Wednesday on Terry Lane West, fire officials said. The estimated damage to the home and the property at 8 Terry Lane West is set at $70,000, according to a news release from the Wareham Fire Department."

Note: These are the 843rd and 844th boats/ships to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-09-12 - School bus bursts into flame on I-35 in Waco (Texas):

Note: This is the 147th school bus to burn in 2018, and this is the 532nd bus to burn in 2018...

2018-09-12 - Car-hauler bursts into flame on I-71 ramp near Crestwood (Kentucky):

Quote: "WDRB Traffic Alert: Car hauler on fire at the bottom of the exit ramp from I-71 NORTH to KY 329 at Crestwood."

Note: This is the 65th car-hauler to burn in 2018...

2018-09-12 - Tanker truck bursts into flame on Lodge Lane in coastal Grays (Britain):

2018-09-12 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-5 near coastal Kent (Washington):

2018-09-12 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-8 near Gila Bend (Arizona):

2018-09-12 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame at 6:32 AM on I-75 in Bay County (Michigan):

2018-09-12 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame at 4 AM on I-90 in La Crosse County (Wisconsin):

2018-09-12 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on Keller Drive in Effingham (Illinois):

Note: These are the 1984th, 1985th, 1986th, 1987th, 1988th, 1989th and 1990th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-09-12 - RV bursts into flame on I-15 near Vaughn (Montana):

Note: This is the 415th RV to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-09-12 - Van bursts into flame on street in coastal Limerick (Ireland):

2018-09-12 - SUV bursts into flame while parked at Kahului Airport in coastal Kahului (Hawaii):

2018-09-12 - SUV bursts into flame at gas station in Chetek (Wisconsin):

2018-09-12 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on North Main Street in West Hartford (Connecticut):

2018-09-12 - Pickup truck bursts into flame at Gravesville Park in Chillicothe (Missouri):

2018-09-12 - Pickup truck bursts into flame at gas station in Fort Wayne (Indiana):

2018-09-12 - Car bursts into flame while parked at government center in Geneseo (New York):

2018-09-12 - Car bursts into flame while parked at video store in Baraga (Michigan), near Lake Superior:

2018-09-12 - Car bursts into flame on Highway 252 near 85th Avenue in Brooklyn Park (Minnesota):

2018-09-12 - Car bursts into flame on Glenrosa Road in West Kelowna (Canada):

2018-09-12 - Car bursts into flame just after 4 AM on road near Gympie (Australia), man burned:

2018-09-12 - Car bursts into flame while parked in parking garage on Park Street in Leamington Spa (Britain):

2018-09-12 - Car bursts into flame on Shenley Road in Whaddon (Britain):

Quote: "Wednesday 12 September, 7.19pm Car fire, Shenley Road, Whaddon. One appliance and crew from Great Holm attended. Firefighters used one hose reel, a toolkit and a thermal imaging camera."

2018-09-12 - Car bursts into flame on the A404 near Marlow (Britain):

Quote: "Wednesday 12 September, 1.56pm Fire in engine compartment of car, A404 southbound between Handy Cross and Marlow. Two appliances and crews from High Wycombe and an officer attended. Firefighters used one hose reel and one set of breathing apparatus."

2018-09-12 - Vehicle bursts into flame on I-95 near the coast in Palm Beach Gardens (Florida):

2019-09-12 - Several semi trailers go up in flames at 2:50 AM while parked at business in East Kildonan (Canada):

2018-09-12 - RV trailer bursts into flame while parked at home, fire spreads to home, in Torrington (Wyoming):

2018-09-12 - Cars and home destroyed by fire and explosions in Franklin (Indiana):

Quote: "The Franklin Fire Department is investigating what caused the fire. It started in the home's garage, where there were some cars parked. Whatever happened, it caused multiple explosions."

2018-09-12 - Auto business damaged by fire in the wee hours in Albuquerque (New Mexico):

2018-09-12 - Tractor trailer maintenance facility destroyed by fire near Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix (Arizona):

Quote: "Phoenix and Tempe firefighters put out a heavy fire at a large commercial trucking maintenance facility at 40th Street and University Drive late Wednesday night."

Quote: "Firefighters say the auto-body shop works on big rig trucks, but it's not clear how many were inside or how many were damaged."

2018-09-12 - Barn destroyed by fire near Stoughton (Wisconsin):

2018-09-12 - Tree stump ignites on Elm Road in Waltham (Britain), 4 miles from the coast:

Quote: "Elm Road, Waltham. Wed 12 Sep 2018 19:41 (No:20593) Tree stump on fire. Scotty Back Pack and buckets of water in use."

2018-09-12 - Strip mall devastated by fire at 3 AM, 10 businesses burn, in coastal Kirkland (Washington):

2018-09-12 - Restaurant destroyed by fire at 4:13 AM in coastal Corolla (North Carolina), nobody there:

2018-09-12 - Church hall heavily damaged by fire at 4 AM in Neasden (Britain):

2018-09-12 - Tire fire breaks out at business in coastal Neath Port Talbot (Britain):

2018-09-12 - Indoor market heavily damaged by huge fire in coastal Dundee (Scotland):

Quote: "A raging blaze has gutted an indoor market in Dundee forcing a street lockdown and evacuations, making it the city's third major fire in three days. Witnesses reported seeing walls of the Hilltown Indoor Market collapsing and Police Scotland confirmed it was heavily damaged, while more than 60 firefighters were working to tackle the flames."

2018-09-12 - Home damaged by fire in coastal Port St. Lucie (Florida), pets killed, 1 injured:

2018-09-12 - Home destroyed by fire in the wee hours in Vacaville (California):

2018-09-12 - Home destroyed by two fires in Tyler (Texas):

2018-09-12 - Mansion destroyed by fire in Albuquerque (New Mexico), nobody there:

Quote: "A mansion that belonged to former New Mexico Senator Manny Aragon was destroyed in a fire Wednesday night. The residence, near 2nd St., south of Rio Bravo, resembled a castle. Firefighters say no one was inside when it caught fire."

2018-09-12 - Duplex heavily damaged by basement fire just before 6:30 AM in Bellevue (Pennsylvania):

2018-09-12 - Deadly fire burns home at 2:15 AM near Apopka (Florida), 1 killed:

2018-09-12 - Deadly fire burns home in Las Vegas (Nevada), 1 killed:

2018-09-12 - Deadly but small fire burns apartment at apartment building in Huber Heights (Ohio), 3 killed:

2018-09-12 - Vacant home destroyed by fire near Elkton (Maryland):

2018-09-12 - Vacant home burns in coastal Titusville (Florida):

2018-09-12 - Hundreds of fish wash ashore dead at beach in coastal Corpus Christi (Texas):

2018-09-12 - Red tide continues killing sea life along the Gulf Coast in Florida, emergency declared:

Quote: "Federal officials are alarmed over the shocking number of dolphins killed by red tide in the gulf. They've declared an emergency and are enlisting of help of scientists to find solutions. Many of these dolphins have been recovered by Mote Marine Lab. Researchers are now scrambling to respond to this crisis, and at the moment, there's no end in sight. Since July, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has documented at least 50 dolphin deaths from Pinellas to Collier counties. That number is so startling they have now declared a UME, or Unusual Mortality Event."

2018-09-12 - Two boys, 9 and 10, die in pond in Jagatsinghpur (India), 2 children die in river too:

2018-09-12 - Three teens, 13, 14 and 14, die in the Kuano River in Uttar Pradesh (India):

2018-09-12 - Girl, 8, dies after being pulled from community swimming pool in Pleasanton (California):

Quote: "An 8-year-old girl who was rushed to UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland after being found submerged at a community swimming pool over the weekend has died, authorities said. The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office identified the girl as Ann Cai, of Pleasanton. They announced her death on social media early Wednesday."

2018-09-12 - College student, man, 20, dies before 5 AM at frat house near campus in St. Paul (Minnesota):

2018-09-12 - Cop, man, 43, has 'medical emergency' and dies at home in Costa Mesa (California), near the coast:

Quote: "Officer Oscar Reyes, a 13-year veteran of the Costa Mesa Police Department, died Wednesday night after an undisclosed medical emergency at his home. He was 43."

2018-09-12 - Man, 64, has 'medical issue' and dies while driving, car crashes, on Nortonville Road in Dawson Springs (Kentucky):

Quote: "The sheriff’s office says Dunn’s death was due to the medical issue and not the crash."

2018-09-12 - Man, 60, falls out of boat into pond and dies in Denton (Texas):

2018-09-12 - Man drops dead outdoors in coastal Anchorage (Alaska):

2018-09-12 - Man, 65, drops dead on Third Street in Detroit (Michigan):

2018-09-12 - Man in his 60s or 70s found dead in the water at the Port of Los Angeles in coastal San Pedro (California):

2018-09-12 - Man in his 50s found dead in the Rogue River near Grants Pass (Oregon):

2018-09-12 - Woman found dead on Thornburg Street in Huntington (West Virginia):

2018-09-12 - Boy, 17, found dead in Lake Michigan in Kenosha (Wisconsin):

2018-09-12 - Woman, 22, found dead in pond near the College of Coastal Georgia in coastal Brunswick (Georgia):

2018-09-12 - Boy, 9, dies in Pocalla Swamp in Sumter (South Carolina):,314748

2018-09-12 - Woman found dead in bayou in Monroe (Louisiana):

2018-09-12 - Man found dead on street in coastal New Orleans (Louisiana):

2018-09-12 - Man, mid-40s, drops dead in Phillaur (India):

2018-09-12 - Boy, 7, found dead in pond in Pongarjhodi (India):

2018-09-12 - Man in his 30s found dead in apartment in Norwich (Britain):

2018-09-12 - Driver has 'medical issue', car crashes around, on Walden Avenue in Cheektowaga (New York):

Quote: "A driver who suffered an apparent medical issue was taken to the hospital Wednesday morning after crashing into a building on Walden Avenue in Cheektowaga, police said."

2018-09-12 - Man has 'medical episode', car crashes into tree, in Beerburrum (Australia), near the coast, 2 injured:

Quote: "It's believed the father suffered a medical episode before the car crashed."

2018-09-12 - Small plane crashes near Laughlin Road in Marion County (South Carolina), 1 killed:

2018-09-12 - Helicopter crashes into hangar at airport in Billings (Montana), 1 killed:

2018-09-12 - Tractor trailer veers off road shortly before 2 AM, hits rock embankment, bursts into flame, on I-84 near The Dalles (Oregon), 1 killed:

2018-09-12 - Tractor trailer overturns, bursts into flame, on US 281 in San Antonio (Texas):

2018-09-12 - Van veers off road and overturns, on US 22 in Wayne Township (Ohio), 1 killed:

2018-09-12 - SUV veers off road at 2:10 AM, slams into gas station, bursts into flame, in Commack (New York), 2 killed:

2018-09-12 - Car veers off road, hits tree, in Oro-Medonte (Canada), 1 killed:

2018-09-12 - Swarm of bees attacks and kills boy, injures five more people, in Odisha (India):

Quote: "An eight-year-old school student died and five others were injured after being attacked by a swarm of honey bees in a forest in Odisha's Rayagada district, an official said Thursday. The incident occurred on Wednesday evening when a group of students of government-run Karubai upgraded primary school were collecting mango leaves and flowers for Ganjesh puja, the official said."

2018-09-12 - Huge sinkhole opens on street in Terre Haute (Indiana):

2018-09-12 - Sinkhole opens and threatens home in Frederick (Maryland):

2018-09-12 - Landslide hits village in Darfur (Sudan), 20+ killed:

2018-09-12 - Home partially collapses in coastal St. George on Staten Island (New York):

2018-09-12 - Man has seizure and collapses on street in Alton (Illinois), 2200 feet from the Mississippi River:

Quote: "A man had an apparent seizure at Broadway and Vine in Alton and collapsed in the middle of the road Wednesday morning, creating a brief scare."

2018-09-12 - SOTT Earth changes summary for August 2018, extreme weather, planetary upheaval, meteors:

2018-09-12 - Undersea volcano erupts near coastal Iwo Jima (Japan):

Quote: "Signs of undersea volcanic eruptions were detected at Iwo Jima, the site of one of the bloodiest battles in World War II, meteorological and defense officials said Wednesday. Aerial photos taken by navy aircraft earlier Wednesday showed seawater shooting as high as 10 meters (33 feet) above the surface just off the island's southern coast, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. The island, which has been renamed Ioto, has been showing increased volcanic activity since the weekend, the agency said, warning of more eruptions."

2018-09-12 - Volcano Öræfajökull, Iceland's second-deadliest volcano, shaken by earthquake swarm:

2018-09-12 - Magnitude 5.3 earthquake shakes Hanzhong (China):

2018-09-12 - Hurricane Florence generating 83-foot waves as it churns toward the US East Coast:

Quote: "Forecasters say Hurricane Florence is generating enormous waves, as high as 83 feet (25 meters) as it makes its way toward the East Coast."

2018-09-12 - Hurricane Florence downgraded to Category 2 storm, continues march toward the Carolina Coast:

2018-09-12 - In Hurricane Florence’s path are giant toxic coal ash piles:

2018-09-12 - How Hurricane Florence may affect wildlife:

2018-09-12 - Supertyphoon Mangkhut heads toward the Philippine Islands:

2018-09-12 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Abuja (Nigeria), 3 killed:

2018-09-12 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Beirut (Lebanon):

2018-09-12 - Nigerian cocoa harvest threatened by flood and disease:

2018-09-12 - Climate change could double deaths from wildfire smoke:

2018-09-12 - Another danger of climate change - glaciers falling on people:

2018-09-12 - North Carolina passed a law to forbid planning for sea level rise:

Note: That'll hold the seas back!

2018-09-12 - Waffle House closures help FEMA assess effects of catastrophes:

Quote: "Waffle House is known for staying open during many natural disasters. The chain's policy has provided an unofficial way for the Federal Emergency Management Agency to track the severity of a natural disaster. If a Waffle House closes, it suggests the event was bad enough to potentially have devastating effects on the economy."

2018-09-12 - Oregon romance novelist who wrote essay on 'How to Murder Your Husband' now accused of murdering her husband:


  1. Good morning Jonny, Fran (great posts!), Mike (ditto!), Tom N. (hey - good to hear from you and great post!), LL and anyone else reading here.

    Indeed Fran - it begins! They're blaming the 3 neighborhood gas explosion on too much pressure in the line, but that's a rather sketchy excuse, and it won't hold up when the insurance companies have to start paying all these claims. The insurance companies will go after the gas company for NEGLIGENCE at the very least. It won't help of course. We'll continue to see more and more devastation as civilization (via infrastructure) collapses - society falling apart, monetary insolvency, banks going bust, the stock markets crashing, and too many competing problems to even keep up with. In short, we're being overwhelmed.

    That planetary body (Nibiru?) invading our solar system seems to have "come out of nowhere." Though I did see a report a while back on someone claiming that a large planetary object was just beyond the solar system and moving toward it, I hadn't seen anything since.

    The FBI, in its new role as cover-up captain (no reporting on LA shooting that makes sense, or 9/11 for that matter, and now this, among MANY others, probably), indicates the government's response to anything it doesn't like being public - eliminate the source.

    Let's take a look around.

    [first an overview, and where it's heading]
    BLACK BEAR NEWS 9.13.18 Hurricane Florence isn't alone: Helene, Isaac, Joyce, Olivia, even a typhoon [~ 39.25 min.]

    Live Coverage from CBS News [Florence]

    At least 1 dead in multiple fires, gas explosions in Massachusetts

    Dozens of fires were reported in three communities north of Boston after a series of explosions from a high pressure gas main that possibly over-pressurized, officials said. At least one person has died, the Essex County district attorney's office said.

    FBI agents are on the scene to assist local police in the investigation. [more; oh great, here come the lies]

    Nibiru (Planet X) Worst Case Scenario is Now a Possibility [~ 28.25 min.]

    1. If that is the alleged "Niburu" that I've been hearing about since 2002 then we are in for a shit storm and a very wild ride soon. An extra mass that large coming this close will wreak havoc from the magnetic/gravitational pull and force alone. In other words.....we have even less time than we thought.

  2. The REAL Reason For Solar Observatory Shutdown?.. [~ 11.5 min.]

    Two Objects Eclipse Sun on SDO Satellite on 9th Part 1 [~ 10 min.]

    New possible US track of Hurricane Isaac - A look at HOW CAT 4 Florence weakened [~ 10 min. MrMBB333 video; see others]

    [Jonny and I are probably gonna get some of Florence's rain]

    [in case you missed it]
    What was that "strange" object in front of the Sun? [~ 5 min. MrMBB333 video]

    A Record 7 Named Storms Are Swirling Across The Globe – Has ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ Arrived?

    Is something extremely unusual happening to our planet? At this moment, Hurricane Florence is just one of seven named storms that are currently circling the globe. That matches the all-time record, and it looks like that record will be broken very shortly as a couple more storms continue to develop. [more]

    Fire activity picks up in Utah and Colorado

    At least five large wildfires are growing in the two states [more]

    Seventy-two new mysterious space signals emanating from noisy galaxy discovered by AI – But still NO EXPLANATIONS

    The perennial optimists at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, or SETI, have joined the rest of the world in deploying AI to help manage huge data sets — and their efforts almost instantly bore fruit. Seventy-two new “fast radio bursts” from a mysteriously noisy galaxy 3 billion miles away were discovered in previously analyzed data by using a custom machine learning model. [more; maybe intelligent aliens telling us to jump ship - we're gonna be hit by . ..]

    Hurricane Florence pushes 100+ MPH gusts ashore – “Life-threatening, catastrophic flash flooding and prolonged significant river flooding are likely” [source: The Weather Channel]

    heavy rain threat may last for days into early next week in some areas, given Florence's slow movement. [more]

    Ailing orca J50 declared dead by NOAA researcher – Only 74 southern resident killer whales remain in the Salish Sea

    The whales have been struggling with a dearth of their preferred prey, salmon, as well as pollution and boat noise.
    [more; none of which will suddenly improve]

    Video: What could happen in a world that’s 4 degrees warmer? [source: Wired (~ 14.5 min. video)]

  3. Sunspot's images are all offline. The latest image before they went down, that showed an object eclipsing the Sun - that couldn't have been the Moon because it was on the 6th, three days before the New Moon, so the Moon was well over 20 degrees away from the Sun. I'm surprised it's taking 'the boys' this long to do their scrub-a-dub on the data.

  4. News Links, September 14, 2018
    Rice Farmer

    $250 Trillion in Debt: the World's Post-Lehman Legacy

    The Next Financial Crisis Is Right on Schedule (2019)
    Neither small business nor the bottom 90% of households can afford this "best economy ever."

    Putin says Russia and China to reduce use of dollar in trade

    Australia's Banking System May Be The "Bloody Big Butterfly" Which Triggers Next "Financial Storm"

    Iberia flight makes emergency landing at Boston's Logan airport

    Russia says Turkey has key job of separating out militants in Syria's Idlib

    On the Brink with Russia in Syria Again, 5 Years Later (Ray McGovern)
    It's deja-vu all over again in Syria, with the U.S. on the verge of a confrontation with Russia as Donald Trump faces his biggest decision yet as president.

    Syria - Turkish Tantrum Delays Liberation Of Idleb

    Trump signs new order to sanction countries that meddle in U.S. elections
    Who will sanction the US for meddling in the elections of other countries? -- RF

    Pompeo Approves Continued Military Aid to Saudi Coalition for Yemen War

    Yemen: 'These certifications are a farce': Democratic senator on pledge to reduce Mideast casualties

    Spain to go ahead with sale of bombs to Saudi

    U.S. Again Cries 'Chemical Warfare' in Syria (Scott Ritter)
    Officials still can't confirm there was a gas attack in April. So on what grounds do they predict a new one?

    Why the U.S. Seeks to Hem in Russia, China and Iran
    America's three principal adversaries signify the shape of the world to come: a post-Western world of coexistence. But neoliberal and neocon ideology is unable to accept global pluralism and multipolarity.

    Number of migrant children in federal shelters hits record, as facilities near capacity

    Protests dash Iraqi PM's chances of new term, hit U.S. hopes of shaping government

    Protesters march in S.F., say climate change leaders not doing enough

    Wind energy reaching turning point as turbines age
    The North American wind industry will reach a turning point in three years when the industry begins to spend more on operations and maintenance than it spends on installing new wind turbines.
    This is presented as a big "green business opportunity," but the industry fill find that dependence on fossil fuels includes not only making and installing wind turbines, but also maintaining, decommissioning, dismantling, and recycling them. -- RF

    [more below]

  5. King Corn is pushing a bogus ethanol "demand destruction" story. Don't buy it

    Study: EU Plan to Rely on Wood for Energy Will Increase Emissions
    Chopping down forests in a desperate bid to prop up unsustainable consumption. -- RF

    OPEC Cuts Global Oil Demand Growth Forecast, Again

    India chooses discounted Iranian crude and says 'no' to the US
    India is actually expanding its economic ties with Iran. It is not only increasing its oil imports from the country but making infrastructure investments in it.

    IEA Warns of Higher Oil Prices as Iran and Venezuela Losses Deepen

    France says talks with Britain over scallop fishing end in failure [Let's Have A War!!]

    Dealing With Dead Bodies When the SHTF

    The Future For Plastic Is Uncertain

    Plastic pollution: Scientists identify two more potential 'garbage patch' zones in world's oceans

    Internet group backs 'national' data privacy approach

    As Things Heat Up In Idlib, Remember: The US Empire Has A History With False Flags

    A Few Items Related To Syria (Moon of Alabama)

    How game apps that captivate kids have been collecting their data

    How To Explain The Cause Of The Syrian War In 2 Minutes

    Cyber attacks cost German industry almost $50 billion: study

    First They Came for Alex Jones, then RT and Syrian TV

    The Plot Against Trump
    Since there is no limit to what the ruling class will do to "get" Trump, there is no telling what person, agency or group actually wrote the "anonymous" New York Times article.

    This Anti-China Foreign Policy Piece Makes No Sense

    The next financial crash is imminent, and China's resource crisis could be the trigger
    Trade war with U.S. likely to cost China 700,000 jobs — plus millions more if things get worse

    Britain reports two separate cases of rare monkeypox infection

    Many voice assistant users have 'trust issues' with their device, study claims

    Federal deficit soars 32 percent to $895B

    The Employment Report Has Become Orwellian In The Extreme
    The employment report is unquestionably the most manipulated economic report issued by the Government.

    Americans are hoping Amazon can save them from sky-high drug prices

    Insulin's High Cost Leads To Lethal Rationing

    FDA declares youth vaping an epidemic, announces investigation, new enforcement

    Yemen skeptics in Congress see politics shifting their way—and against Trump

    The Ritual Burial of the US Constitution

    Fear, Intimidation And Wage Theft: Amazon Delivery Drivers Suffer 'Inhumane' Working Conditions

    More than 1 in 5 college students so stressed they considered suicide

    The epicenter of the housing bust is booming again. (That's a warning sign.)

    Why Is The Government Buying Dead And Dying Malls? [FEMA camps]

    Eating dogs and cats banned in U.S. in House-passed bill

  6. There's very good evidence of a planetary+ object passing through the solar system. Let's call it Nibiru because why not - it's easier to talk about something with a name.

    The best evidence, short of seeing it (and I have seen it) is evidence that comes from an unlikely source, a source so unlikely that the people who knew Nibiru was coming had no idea about how the source of the evidence could be used.

    I'm talking about the mass of the reference kilogram. It's a special chunk of metal kept in a secure safe and it's taken out regularly to measure its mass to as incredibly accurate a degree as our technology allows. To measure its mass they had an algorithm which took into account its precise location on Earth, as well as the location of the Moon, Venus, Mars, the Sun, Jupiter, everything we know about, because every gravitational body exerts some force, however minuscule, on the act of measuring.

    But some years ago, 2000-ish, around there, the mass began to mysteriously fluctuate. Scientists were stumped and came up with absurd theories like the mass of the universe is slowly evaporating and stuff like that. There was an obvious answer right in front of them but it was somehow beyond their ability to even imagine it: that a NEW gravitational body was exerting force on the reference kilo, a body they had not been told about. When it was on the other side of the planet at the time of measuring then the reference kilo would be pulled downward just a hair more and its mass would register microscopically higher. When it was above us in the sky then the mass would register microscopically lower - so the mass would fluctuate.

    Because of the way they measured its mass (they have changed methodology since then, possibly to avoid those fluctuations), their whole measuring system, then, was an inadvertent anomalous gravitational force detector, even though it was in no way designed to be such a thing. Which is why the people who knew what was coming didn't think to assert control over that process, at least not until I pointed out to them that that is what the reference-kilo's mass-measuring system could be used for, and that it was indeed detecting an anomalous gravitational force.

    To this day the scientists of humanity still don't know why the mass of the reference kilo was fluctuating, but I do, and now you do too: the scientists simply weren't given information they needed to have about approaching planetary bodies with significant gravitational force.

  7. Now you're going to want to know how I saw it. Well, vicariously. Do you recall the 'flashing light' in the sky that people talked about for a while, back in 2011-2012 or so? Well, this guy went out in his back yard and filmed it. I don't know what kind of video camera he had but it was nice, with a 250x zoom, and he had a tripod, so he was able to zoom in on it pretty well. During the video, he just said stuff like, 'What the hell IS that?!'

    Anyway, I didn't understand at first what I was looking at either. It was dark reddish, spherical, it was spinning on its axis very quickly, like a rotation per second, which is why it created the 'flashing light' effect, as some parts were a bit lighter than others. And there was some sort of white-ish translucent 'something' around it, not an atmosphere exactly.

    Anyway, after some study I came to the conclusion that it was a brown dwarf because of A) its color; and B) because of its rotational speed. When a star collapses into a brown dwarf, it shrinks in volume and gets very dense and so, like a ballerina that spins faster as she pulls her arms in, its rotational speed goes way up. Any normal planet rotating at that speed would just fly apart, but as a collapsed star it is very dense. Smaller than Jupiter but it probably masses several times as much. Another effect of the insane rotational speed is that it has a very powerful magnetic field. I think that's what that white-ish aura around it was - its magnetic field bulging with plasma or something from whatever atmosphere-ish stuff it may have.

    Later, in 2012, remember the scientists in Antarctica donning radiation suits? That was when it made its closest approach to Earth. Their observatory caught a pic of it in the sky, and from the eye it was bigger in diameter in the sky than either the Sun or the Moon. So it was probably somewhere between 10 and 20 million miles from us when it zipped by. Brown dwarfs are powerful x-ray emitters. The poles have little protection from external radiation on the best days, but with that thing that close, they wore radiation suits for protection when they were outside their aluminum base.

    So Nibiru has come and it has gone. Magnetic friction probably heated up the core of the Earth as it came by, its magnetic field grinding against our own. So a lot of the 'global warming' yet to come will be coming from below.

    The planetary objects we are seeing in the area NOW are its planets. They followed it in, and they'll be heading out too. It took Nibiru from 2002 (when Pluto mysteriously began heating up when it should have been cooling) until 2012 to get right down by the Sun, so it'll take another 10 years before it's out as far as Pluto again. Its chain of planets will lag that by some years - they already are.

    The 3600-year timeframe is nonsense. It's more like 30-35 MILLION years, its orbit. So every 30-35 million years there is a CHANCE that it will come close enough to the Earth to cause an extinction event. The dinosaurs were two cycles ago. It probably brought the asteroid in with it as part of its debris field. We dodged a bullet the last cycle. Eight cycles ago was the Great Dying.

    1. Damn! That is interesting just don't have the words. I'm speechless. Thanks for sharing this info. There is so much BS out there on "Niburu". This makes it more understandable and realistic.

  8. Damn, Jonny - that's some fine analysis! Totally believable.

    i'm a little confuse how the object got between us and the sun for the picture without totally destroying us. The observatory saw something flash between us and the sun, then a satellite had the same experience. If it was less than a solar unit away from us with the ridiculously high magnetic/gravitational readings it has - why are we still here?

    I think Mike's observation about a whole lot more pain is spot on too, if this is indeed that big an object.

    Slow-moving Florence batters NC with heavy flooding, power outages

    [if Jonny and Mike are correct about the object, this headline will be apt very soon - just replace "everything" for Florence]
    Storm chaser: Florence went from 'zero to crazy in no time' [~ 3 min. news clip]

    Incredible footage: cliff collapses on popular beach in Greece [short news clip]

    JPMorgan predicts the next financial crisis will strike in 2020

    The good news is, the next one will probably generate a somewhat less painful hit than past episodes, according to their analysis.
    [now you know it's complete bullshit]

    Friday, 14 September 2018
    Dutchsinse warns New Zealanders of earthquakes

    A warning for all New Zealanders [~ 2.5 min. dutchsinse video]

    [dutch says it's something he's never seen before @ the 15 to 23 sec mark - deep earthquakes in this area; may have something to do with the passing of Nibiru]

    Florence reaches land and shows signs of strengthening

    [contains this embedded Zero Hedge story]
    "Everyone Is Panicking": Hurricane-Force Winds Slam Outer Banks As Florence Reaches Carolina Coast

    [and this from Hal Turner]
    Homes Being SMASHED By 20' Waves; Collapsing - Streets Inundated with water & Sand; Electric OUTAGES Spreading

    Latest Forecast: 44" Rain!

    Duke Energy is the largest of the utilities in the Carolinas. The company predicts Carolinas power outages caused by Florence will range from 1 million to 3 million customers. It's got more than 20,000 workers from the Carolinas and other states in place to restore power. [storm has to END first]

    Ocean waves are hitting the shore SO HARD they are being picked up by earthquake seismographs! [more; see chart]

    [from Hubris Central]
    Scientists Urge Immediate, Decisive Action to Tackle Deoxygenation in Oceans

    [HAH - as if humans can help, we're only good at destroying shit]

    ‘A single piece of plastic’ can kill sea turtles, says study

    Researchers found there was a one in five chance of death for a turtle who consumed just one item – rising to 50% for 14 pieces. [more]

    Trump Administration Continues Efforts to Expand Drilling and Mining on Public Lands

    [see what I mean?]

    Bureau of Land Management officials this week auctioned off 134,000 acres in Utah for potential oil and gas drilling, including tracts near Canyonlands National Park and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, as the Trump administration continued its efforts to expand energy production on public lands. [more]

  9. No, the brown dwarf is not what eclipsed the Sun recently. Like I said, that has come and gone, and it's more than halfway out as far as Pluto by now and leaving. Whatever eclipsed the Sun was probably one of its planets. I think it may have one Jovian supergiant, maybe even bigger than Jupiter, but I think all of its other planets are standard rinky-dinks like Mars, Earth or Venus. The worst, the big mama, the leader of the pack, has come and gone.

    So let's say whatever planet that was that just eclipsed the Sun passed by at say, the same distance as Venus does, and let's say it's roughly the same size as Venus. How much effect does Venus have on day-to-day life on Earth? So negligible it's basically nothing.

    When the brown dwarf came by, it had some effects. That was 2012. Things got hotter, and not just here but on Mars too. Earth's magnetosphere was doing some crazy stuff around then too, bending around, almost disappearing, all kinds of weird stuff went on with our magnetosphere the year the brown dwarf was in the neighborhood.

    There are only three things to worry about now: 1) how much did that brown dwarf heat up the core of the Earth? 2) If it does have a Jovian as a planet, where is that? and 3) Will any of its planets come close enough to Earth to either tear the Earth apart and turn it into another asteroid belt or hit us and completely destroy the planet?

    Other than those three things, we've got no worries at this point!

  10. Okay, 4 things: will a good-sized rock in its debris field hit the Earth? That could also range from merely regionally problematic on up to complete annihilation.

  11. And also, regardless of the brown dwarf and its planets, we still have JJFH to wipe us out, so we're screwed either way. We just won't know FOR SURE for about 10 more years whether we're gonna be wiped out overnight by some mammoth cosmic event or whether we're gonna be wiped out at a somewhat more leisurely pace. The getting wiped out part is a given.

  12. Agreed. We're toast. McPherson's death of the biosphere is on track for less than 10 years, so yeah - maybe we'll just go earlier than all at once when a big rock comes to visit.

  13. 4 dead as Florence drenches the Carolinas

    Blowing ashore with howling 90 mph winds, Hurricane Florence splintered buildings, trapped hundreds of people and swamped entire communities along the Carolina coast Friday in what could be just the opening act in a watery, two-part, slow-motion disaster. At least four people were killed.

    Florence flattened trees, crumbled roads and knocked out power to more than three-quarters of a million homes and businesses, and the assault wasn't anywhere close to being over, with the siege in the Carolinas expected to last all weekend.

    A mother and baby were killed when a tree fell on a house, according to a tweet from Wilmington police. Also, a 77-year-old man was apparently knocked down by the wind and died after going out to check on his hunting dogs, Lenoir County authorities said, and the governor's office said a man was electrocuted while trying to connect extension cords in the rain. [more; the first to die was a teenager who got crushed in his car by a falling tree]

    Mysterious pulsating sky high above Ohio - Witness never seen anything like it! [~ 3.25 min. MrMBB333 video, see others]

    [watching the weather - it looks like you'll miss the rain from this one, Jonny, and I may get only a passing shower, if that, by the time the remnants get here sometime between Sunday afternoon and Monday. It's been so wet, dreary, humid and blah around here, we could use a break - hey, at least my house didn't blow up!]