Friday, November 1, 2013

2013 - OCT - Multiple Corpses

2013-10-31 - Two men found dead in boat near landings on Skidaway Island in Chatham County (Georgia):

2013-10-29 - Two brothers, 22 and 20, found dead in well in Pipaliya (India):

2013-10-29 - Two boys, 3 and 4, found dead in car in coastal Port Elizabeth (South Africa):

2013-10-28 - Couple, 86 and 92, drop dead at home in Houston (Texas):

2013-10-28 - Six miners gassed to death, 5 injured, in mine in Pola de Gordon (Spain):

Quote: "A Spanish emergency agency says six miners have died and five others have been injured after a gas leak at a coal mine in northern Spain."

2013-10-24 - Two sisters, 54 and 46, found dead in pool in apartment in Belgrade (Serbia):

Quote: "It is assumed that they laid together in the pool and drowned."

Note: Quite an assumption there. 'Hey sis, wanna lay down and die in the water?' 'Sure, why not, nothing on TV anyway!'

2013-10-24 - Couple, 78 and 76, found dead in home in Champaign (Illinois):

2013-10-24 - Two men, 34 and 32, found dead in basement at building site in coastal London (Britain), possible topplers:

2013-10-22 - Man and woman found dead in the Vena River in Nagpur (India):

2013-10-21 - Two people found dead hours apart in same home in Houston (Texas):

Quote: "It happened at a home in the 300 block of York. On Saturday at around 11:20pm, an unidentified male was found dead in the home. His identity is pending verification by the medical examiner's office. Then at around 4am, Andrea Rodriguez, 20, was found unresponsive and pronounced dead at the scene. According to police, neither had any signs of trauma."

Note: Hydrogen sulfide can have a delayed reaction, up to a few days. So, you go to a park to feed some ducks, maybe smell something funny, feel a little ill perhaps. You go home, go to work the next day, and the next, and then on the next day, respiratory paralysis kicks in and you die. In such cases there will be no signs of trauma. So these two people probably were together, likely outdoors, in the previous few days, and they got poisoned together, but because of variables (weight, concentration of the hydrogen sulfide in the air they each breathed, etc), they dropped dead a few hours apart.

This delayed-reaction dying is why in some instances people are dropping dead, but those around them aren't. It's because they were poisoned elsewhere, and it just took a bit until they dropped dead. Like people getting poisoned at a beach and then falling ill and dying on a plane a day or two later, that kind of thing...

2013-10-20 - Three college students, all 17 or 18, found dead in irrigation canal in Mirthipadu (India):

2013-10-19 - Man and woman found dead under bridge in Vigo County (Indiana):

2013-10-17 - Couple, 73 and 74, found dead in hotel room in coastal Napier (New Zealand):

2013-10-17 - Man and woman found dead in room in Ogun (Nigeria):

2013-10-17 - Woman and child, 32 and 8, found dead in the River Brahmaputra in Guwahati (India):

2013-10-16 - Couple in their 50s found dead in cabin in Hay River (Canada):

2013-10-16 - Couple, age around 40, found dead in home in Gnanaolivupuram (India):

2013-10-15 - Two men go fishing, one found dead in boat, one in water, near island of Funen (Denmark):

Quote: "According to DR, one of the men was found in the skiff they were fishing from and the other was found dead in the water."

2013-10-14 - Three divers dive at Snake Island near Nanaimo (Canada), two die:

2013-10-11 - Two women, 40s and 80s, found dead in home in suburb of coastal Melbourne (Australia):

2013-10-10 - Mother, 34, and baby found dead in apartment in coastal Brooklyn (New York):

2013-10-09 - Three men found dead in submerged car in ditch in Hardin (Montana):

2013-10-08 - Two twin boys die in hotel swimming pool in downtown St. Louis (Missouri), near the Mississippi River:

Note: They were playing a game, seeing who could hold their breath the longest. That doesn't adequately explain two deaths. If this were the only incident like this then sure, maybe a fluke. But multiple people, of all ages, have been found dead in hot tubs, pools, rivers, canals, lakes, in boats, in the same building but different apartments, in separate but adjacent homes, etc. This area is right on the banks of the Mississippi River...

2013-10-08 - Couple, 74 and 70, found dead in home in Chalmette (Louisiana):

Note: Chalmette is located on the northeast (downwind) banks of the Mississippi River, is surrounded by lakes and is close to the Gulf of Mexico too...

2013-10-08 - Couple, 37 and 36, found dead at home in Old Metarie (Louisiana), near the Mississippi River:

Quote: "Bone said the two had been dead for at least 24 hours, but their bodies had no obvious signs of trauma."

Note: Not a good time to be living too close to the Mississippi River. All three of the above multi-person deaths were near the Mississippi River, and two of the incidents were in Louisiana near the Gulf of Mexico...

2013-10-07 - Man and woman found dead in motel in Baton Rouge (Louisiana):

Quote: "At this time there are no apparent signs of foul play..."

2013-10-06 - Two men, 46 and 49, found dead at home in coastal Port Glasgow (Scotland):

2013-10-04 - Mother and son, 28 and 7, found dead in pond in Bantwal (India):

2013-10-03 - Two men, roommates, found dead in home in Allentown (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "Dispatchers initially described the problem as possible carbon monoxide poisoning, but a city fire crew quickly ruled out the deadly gas. None of it was detected at the scene."

Quote: "District Attorney Jim Martin said there were no obvious signs of trauma on the bodies so it isn't clear what killed the men, who were roommates."

Note: So they just dropped dead. Autopsies are unlikely to find hydrogen sulfide unless the autopsy is done within 6-8 hours of exposure, since it quickly degrades to harmless sulfates which could have many innocuous causes, and that much time had probably elapsed before they even found the corpses...

2013-10-03 - Couple in their 40s found dead in bungalow in coastal Carbis Bay (Britain):

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