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2013 - OCT - Animal Die-Offs

Useful link for tracking mass animal deaths:

2013-10-31 - Sperm whale beaches, dying, euthanized, at Madeira Beach (Florida):

Quote: "A NOAA Fisheries spokeswoman said sperm whales are a deep water species and should not be here.  She said the fact that it beached itself is a sign that something was seriously wrong. The whale was described as being in very bad shape, basically skin and bones."

Note: Another deepwater species dying. As mentioned, hydrogen sulfide and methane are rising from the ocean floors, so deepwater species are getting hit hard, like the rare oarfish that recently bubbled up dead off the coast of California...

2013-10-29 - Thousands of fish wash ashore dead at Curtis Island (Australia):

2013-10-28 - Sixteen mute swans die at Radipole Lake in coastal Weymouth (Britain):

Quote: "About 16 mute swans have died of a 'mystery' illness at a wetland reserve in Dorset, the RSPB has said. The charity said 'half the herd' at Radipole Lake in Weymouth had been affected since September."

2013-10-26 - Panther found dead in Ooty (India), near Aramby Reserved Forest:

Note: A man, 51, was just found dead in a channel near Ooty Lake too, as mentioned in the 2013-10-23 update...

2013-10-26 - Thousands of fish found dead in Miralam Tank in the old city of Hyderabad (India):

Note: India is a peninsula nation surrounded on three sides by ocean, so it's no great surprise that people and animals are mysteriously dying there. It's kinda like a larger version of Florida, and animals and people are mysteriously dying in Florida too...

2013-10-25 - Four sambar deer drop dead in 2 days at Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary (India):

2013-10-24 - Thousands of fish found dead in the Deschutes River near Bend (Oregon):

2013-10-21 - Thousands of fish found dead in the Little River in Louisville (Kentucky):

2013-10-21 - Hundreds of fish found dead in the Brazos River (Texas):

2013-10-20 - Young rhino drops dead at zoo in Montgomery (Alabama):

Quote: "Montgomery Zoo spokeswoman Sarah McKemey tells The Montgomery Advertiser that nothing obvious was wrong with the rhinoceros before his death. She said the death was 'sudden and unexpected.'"

Note: Kinda like all the people dying suddenly and unexpectedly...

2013-10-19 - Another rare deepwater oarfish found dead in California:

Note: Oarfish are like the 'canaries in the coal mine' for the deep ocean. The chemocline may be rising off the coast of California, which will suffocate fish starting from the deepest-dwelling fish, like these. As the chemocline reaches the surface, which will happen in pockets here and there and not everywhere at once, hydrogen sulfide and methane will belch into the atmosphere. It was just a little while ago that hydrogen sulfide blew over Santa Fe Springs (California), as mentioned in the 2013-10-14 update. Earlier this year a smell hit Santa Monica (California), blamed on a 'naturally occurring methane release' in Santa Monica Bay, as mentioned in the 2013-03-03 update. The thing is, methane is odorless, so that's not what the people there smelled. They probably smelled hydrogen sulfide in that event too, and that was the same thing: the chemocline rising to the surface and releasing accumulated methane and hydrogen sulfide from the depths. Yes, this process is 'naturally occurring' in the sense that when the oceans warm up, this is the result. This is the ancient extinction event that is upon us now, and it's only going to get worse. Calling it 'naturally occurring' doesn't make it survivable...

2013-10-18 - Fish dying in lake near Englewood in coastal Sarasota County (Florida):

2013-10-17 - Endangered California Condor found dead in water tank in Bear Valley (California):

2013-10-17 - Tiger drops dead in Kanha National Park (India):

2013-10-17 - Bear found dead in open well in Kengal (India):

2013-10-16 - Rare 18-foot oarfish found dead near Catalina Island (California):

2013-10-16 - Fish kill reported at Lake Sebu in South Cotabato (Philippine Islands):

Quote: "It occurs when cold rainwater, which is heavier than warm water, settles at the abyssal zone of the lake. This causes the water upturn or upwelling of warm water carrying silts, sediments, and gases such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, sulfur and methane gas produced by the decomposing organic matter such as fish feeds..."

Note: That's the chemocline rising abruptly to the surface, smothering fish and releasing hydrogen sulfide into the air. That just happened in July in the Inner Harbor in coastal Baltimore (Maryland) too, as mentioned in the 2013-07-18 update. (And now peoples' corpses are being found in the Inner Harbor, which is no coincidence.) As this process hits more areas, more hydrogen sulfide will be released into the atmosphere. This is the ancient extinction event that is now upon us...

2013-10-16 - Fish reported dying near coastal Melbourne (Florida):

2013-10-15 - Massive moose die-off from coast to coast hits the United States:

Quote: "Moose populations across swaths of the US – from the West Coast to the East Coast, from the Rocky Mountains to the Mississippi River – are declining at an unprecedented rate, imperiling fragile ecosystems and putting the moose tourism industry on edge, the New York Times reported."

2013-10-15 - Rare tomistoma drops dead at the Virginia Aquarium in coastal Virginia Beach (Virginia):

2013-10-15 - In 2-day span, 14-foot minke whale and seal wash ashore dead at beach in Cleethorpes (Britain):

2013-10-15 - Dozens of birds washing ashore dead at beaches along Georgian Bay (Canada):

2013-10-15 - Rare Stejneger’s beaked whale washes ashore and dies at Venice Beach (California):

2013-10-14 - Sardines mysteriously disappear off the coast of British Columbia (Canada):

Quote: "A $32-million commercial fishery has inexplicably and completely collapsed this year on the B.C. coast. The sardine seine fleet has gone home after failing to catch a single fish."

2013-10-14 - Sumatran tiger cub found dead in pool at the London Zoo in coastal London (Britain):

2013-10-13 - Around 100 sheep suddenly die in Tihamah Qahatan Al-Farsha (Saudi Arabia):

2013-10-11 - Hundreds of fish found dead in Lake Karla reservoir (Greece):

2013-10-11 - Massive fish kill seen in creek in Avise (Italy):

2013-10-11 - Hundreds of trout found dead in the River Sele in Caposele (Italy):

2013-10-11 - 22 pilot whales beach in Lugo (Spain), 18 die:

2013-10-10 - Thousands of dead birds found in Oregon:

Quote: "The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said the dieoffs appear to be worst close to rivers and standing water where the birds tend to gather."

2013-10-10 - Thousands of fish found dead in the Gulf of Laganas in Zakynthos (Greece):

2013-10-10 - Huge number of fish found dead in one of the Karasunsky Lakes in Krasnodar (Russia):

2013-10-10 - Hundreds of fish found dead in the Capibaribe River (Brazil):

2013-10-10 - Hundreds of dead fish, plus dead snakes and iguanas, found in waterway in Cerete (Colombia):

2013-10-10 - Thousands of fish found dead in a lake in Silveira Martins (Brazil):

2013-10-09 - Massive starfish die-off, starfish disintegrating and turning into goo, off the coast of Vancouver (Canada):

Quote: "Now they are gone. They have disintegrated, and now there is just goo left..."

Note: Starfish live on the ocean floor, and on and below the ocean floor is where the ancient bacteria and archaea that produce hydrogen sulfide also live...

2013-10-08 - Massive fish kill continues in the Neuse River (North Carolina):

Quote: "Dove is willing to guess that 'we’re in the millions at this point. Quite possibly the tens of millions.' Fish that are still alive 'are in their death spirals,' Dove said. 'You can see them everywhere.' It is the third fish kill in four months, following on the heels of kills first reported on July 10 and Aug. 11."

2013-10-05 - Lion found dead in open well in Gidardi (India):

2013-10-04 - Millions of fish die in the Tar-Pamlico River and the Neuse River (North Carolina):

2013-10-04 - Dolphin and other sea creatures found dead at beach in Nargol (India):

2013-10-03 - Thirty-foot giant squid washes ashore dead at beach in Cantabria (Spain):

Quote: "Beachgoers in the Spanish community of Cantabria were astonished Tuesday when they stumbled onto the carcass of a giant squid that had washed ashore almost fully intact. The deep-sea denizen — the fabled and mysterious Architeuthis Dux — measured 30 feet and weighed nearly 400 pounds."

2013-10-03 - Dogs dying in Ann Arbor (Michigan), owners sickening too:

Quote: "This is the first time the virus has been seen in metro Detroit and it's quickly killing dogs. 'Usually within about 12 to 24 hours of it starting,' said Dr. Lindsay Ruland of the Emergency Veterinary Hospital in Ann Arbor. Dr. Ruland said Brutus and other dogs with the unknown virus are showing flu like symptoms. 'Severe abdominal pain, often times bloody diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy,' she continued."

Quote: "How the disease is transmitted is unknown. But canines with the virus appear to also have owners who are sick. 'Traditionally we don't pass viruses to our pets. This year, I think that there is potential that we are passing it to our pets,' said Dr. Ruland. Sure enough, Pederson said she has not been feeling well since Sunday."

Note: They're assuming this is a virus. Assuming anything is a mistake and is bad science. Hydrogen sulfide poisoning can cause all of those symptoms and would also explain why the owners are getting sick too; if the cause is environmental then the dog and owner share the environment, although dogs sniff along the ground more than humans, and hydrogen sulfide is a heavier-than-air gas. And sure enough, the dogs are getting sicker than the owners. Dogs also usually weigh less than their owners, so there's less of them to poison. That area is near Lake St. Clair, the Detroit River, and Lake Erie. Dogs are also now dying in Ohio, which is also near Lake Erie. Lake Erie has had a dead zone problem for years. Of course it's not just dogs and people dying, but also birds, bats, fish, manatees, dolphins, whales, cats, bees, deer, sheep, elk, antelope, bumblebees, etc. What do they all have in common? The atmosphere and water. They call these planetary extinction events 'MASS extinction events' for a reason...

2013-10-02 - Massive fish kills hits multiple lakes in Colombia:

2013-10-02 - Hundreds of fish washing ashore dead in Lake Eber (Turkey):

2013-10-02 - Four major fish kills reported in Iowa:

2013-10-02 - Hundreds of fish found dead in Lake Tea Slot (Vietnam):

2013-10-01 - Birds and cats dropping dead in coastal Dubai (UAE):

Quote: "Nina Stone, who teaches Brazilian martial arts Capoeira at Safa Park, said she has found 40 to 50 dead birds everyday over the past fortnight."

Quote: "At the Umm Suqeim Park the scenes are no less disturbing. 'It’s almost like raining dead birds here. They are falling out of the skies and trees. The other day I saw a worker scoop away a bagful of dead mynahs and crows,' said a British woman visiting the park. Similar incidents have been reported from Al Barsha Park."

2013-10-01 - Hundreds of fish, maybe thousands, found dead in Cargill Creek in Longview (Texas):

2013-10-01 - Crabs, turtles and dolphins washing ashore dead at beaches in Costa Rica:

Quote: "In a journey made today by a team of the Nation, it was found the presence of animals on the beach apart from fish, including crabs, turtles and dolphins."

Quote: "In addition, local fishermen report that this week have failed to catch anything."

2013-10-01 - Hundreds of fish found dead in the Iro River in Chiclana de la Frontera (Spain):

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