Friday, April 1, 2022

Hydrogen Sulfide Events

2022-01-31 - Texas Railroad Commission failing to regulate deadly H2S gas:

Quote: "'OSHA says you can’t be exposed to 20 ppm for more than 30 minutes as a worker, and some of these wells are producing hydrogen sulfide in concentrations of well over 100,000 ppm,' McDonald said."

Note: Yikes, that's 100 times the concentration that can immediately kill someone after one breath...

2022-01-10 - Hydrogen sulfide implicated in yet another mass extinction event:

Quote: "Curtin-led research has revealed an increase in levels of both acid and hydrogen sulfide in the ocean was the double whammy that wiped out marine life during a mass extinction event 201 million years ago."

Quote: "'The end-Triassic event saw rapid increases in CO2 due to a surge in volcanic activity, which is understood to have caused unfavourable conditions for life resulting in mass extinction, however the multiple drivers for loss of life during this period were not previously known,' Dr Fox said. 'By studying microscopic fossils preserved in rock in the Bristol Channel Basin, in the southwestern United Kingdom, we identified the twin mechanisms responsible for the mass extinction. These were a deadly combination of ocean acidification, which inhibited growth of all marine life using calcium carbonate to create shells or body parts such as mussels, oysters, and corals, and rising levels of hydrogen sulfide in the ocean, which was extremely toxic for all marine life.'"

Note: The same thing is happening now - there is a rapid increase in CO2, the oceans are becoming increasingly acidic, losing oxygen and warming, and there have been numerous events involving unknown rotten egg odors all around the world, as well as a variety of 'toxic gas of unknown origin' events sickening people on beaches and coastal areas. Meet the new doom, same as the old doom. Ancient doom has been awakened and is marching toward us now to extinguish humanity as well as a great many other species...

2021-11-19 - Sargassum seaweed causing hydrogen sulfide poisoning in the Caribbean:

Quote: "Since 2011, there have been ongoing massive unexplained increases of sargassum seaweed strandings along the coastlines of Caribbean countries. The objective of our study was to describe the clinical characteristics of patients exposed to noxious emissions of decomposing sargassum seaweed."

Quote: "This observational study included patients from January 2018 to December 2018 for complaints attributed to decomposing sargassum seaweed. History and geographical characteristics of sargassum seaweed strandings as well as detection of ambient air hydrogen sulfide (H2S) levels were documented during the inclusion period."

Quote: "A total of 154 patients were included. Mean exposure period was 3 months. Neurological (80%), digestive (77%) and respiratory (69%) disorders were the most frequent reasons for medical visit. Temporal distribution of medical visits was related to history of strandings. Geographical origins of patients were consistent with the most impacted areas of strandings as well as the most elevated ambient air H2S levels."

Quote: "The toxicological syndrome induced by sargassum seaweed exposure is close to the toxidrome associated with acute H2S exposure in the range of 0-10 ppm. Our study suggests that patients living in massive stranding areas may be exposed to H2S > 5 ppm for 50 days per year."

Note: The sargassum has been hitting beaches in Mexico and Florida too, stretching thousands of miles all the way from the western coast of Africa to the eastern coast of Mexico and many points in between, including Florida and the Caribbean. Clearly sargassum is one of the things that is benefiting from the changing climate, thus the explosion in growth since 2011...

2021-11-02 - Hydrogen sulfide causes Los Angeles County officials to declare local emergency in Carson (California):

Quote: "The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, Nov. 2, proclaimed a local emergency over the foul stench that has blanketed an area from Carson to Long Beach for weeks. The declaration enables the county to potentially get reimbursed for expenses related to the response, and allows the county to more quickly procure supplies and tap mutual aid and reimbursments from the state and federal government. The county proclamation also asks the state to declare a state of emergency, reflecting what for days has been on the demand list of local residents."

2021-10-23 - Hydrogen sulfide hitting beaches on Long Island as invasive red seaweed spreads across the Great South Bay (New York):

Quote: "Dr. Chris Gobler, a marine sciences researcher at Stony Brook University, said the red seaweed was first seen in the Long Island area just three years ago, but is now found in waters stretching across Suffolk County’s South Shore. The invasive species came from Japan likely by boat, according to Gobler, and has only been in North America since 2007. It can be dangerous, particularly to marine life, and the smell that comes as it rots on shore can also make people sick, as the plant emits hydrogen sulfide gas."

2021-10-15 - Hydrogen sulfide still sickening people after more than a week, people getting angry, in Carson (California):

Quote: "The county said the odor is believed to be hydrogen sulfide."

2021-10-15 - Hydrogen sulfide emanating from rotting seaweed in the Great South Bay off coastal Long Island (New York):

Quote: "The foul odor being smelt by some near the Great South Bay could actually be toxic in large concentrations, experts say. Scientists say large amounts of decaying seaweed originally from Japan are being reported along the South Shore and in Heckscher State Park."

Quote: "He says the smell is from hydrogen sulfide gas, which is coming off of the seaweed."

2021-10-11 - Hydrogen sulfide continues sickening people after a week near the coast in Carson (California):

Quote: "Residents say the smell began last week and has only gotten stronger - especially in the middle of the night - and so has their frustration with city and county officials who they say have been ignoring their pleas for help."

Quote: "'It's making us sick. I've been suffering with migraines - not only me but a lot of friends, family members, neighbors have been complaining about sickness,' said Lorena Rodriguez. 'Me and my husband have been throwing up - not only us, but our animals.' Over the weekend, authorities say testing revealed low levels of hydrogen sulfide may be to blame for the overwhelming odor, which some have described as a combination of sewage, rotten eggs and gas. They believe it's coming from organic matter drying out on the banks of the channel after low tide."

2021-10-08 - Hydrogen sulfide detected again in Wheatley (Canada), town where hydrogen sulfide blew up a building a few weeks before:

Quote: "At roughly 4 a.m., gas-monitoring equipment at the site indicated the presence of hydrogen sulphide gas."

2021-10-08 - Hydrogen sulfide sickening people in Carson (California), near the coast:

Quote: "As officials investigate a foul odor around the Dominguez Channel, which has not gone unnoticed by Carson residents, hydrogen sulfide has been detected in the air."

Quote: "Hydrogen sulfide is highly toxic and is often produced in industries like oil and gas refining. But it also can develop naturally in sewers and is known to cause headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, which half a dozen people have reported to our newsroom."

Note: If you're exposed to 1 part per thousand of hydrogen sulfide it can kill you immediately after one breath. They call that the 'slaughterhouse sledgehammer effect', where you're dead before your knees buckle and your corpse collapses to the ground, like cows that are killed with sledgehammers at slaughterhouses...

2021-08-27 - Hydrogen sulfide detected then building explodes, in Wheatley (Canada):

Quote: "The explosion was close to a location where hydrogen sulphide gas was first discovered in June, prompting an evacuation order and the declaration of a state of emergency. In July, the municipality declared a second state of emergency after confirming hydrogen sulfide was once again present in the building that was levelled in Thursday's blast. That state of emergency remained in effect."

2021-08-14 - Hydrogen sulfide in the smoke from the massive wildfires burning in Siberia (Russia):

Quote: "Smoke from fires in Yakutia caused higher than normal levels of hydrogen sulfide as far as Chelyabinsk, 3,800 km southwest."

2021-07-31 - Belgium gives Ukraine a research ship to study the Black Sea, particularly the problem of rising levels of hydrogen sulfide:

Quote: "The memorandum provides for the strengthening of cooperation between Ukrainian and Belgian scientists on the joint study of the Black Sea, in particular the problem of raising the level of hydrogen sulfide."

2021-07-26 - Hydrogen sulfide blows through the Eastern Coachella Valley near the Salton Sea (California):

Quote: "The South Coast Air Quality Management District has issued an odor advisory for the Eastern Coachella Valley due to elevated levels of a gas that smells like rotten eggs. That gas, hydrogen sulfide, is associated with natural processes occurring in the Salton Sea."

Note: While this is the only news story I've seen lately about hydrogen sulfide in this area, I subscribe to an alerting service for H2S alerts in this area, and hydrogen sulfide is REGULARLY blowing around here, with 10+ alerts per week issued. People are getting seriously sick in this area too. No coincidence, they're regularly breathing poison gas...

2021-07-19 - Hydrogen sulfide again causes evacuations in Wheatley (Canada), emergency declared again:

Quote: "He said Chatham-Kent Fire Services detected hydrogen sulfide gas Monday at a commercial property and 'pursuant to the powers given to me by the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, R.S.O. 1990, I determine that this impending situation constitutes a danger that could result in serious harm to persons or substantial damage to property.'"

2021-07-19 - People sickening in coastal Matlacha (Florida), some people moving away:

Quote: "'There’s a big algae bloom that’s been going on in Matlacha Pass for over a month,' said Dahod. 'People are sick. People have moved off-island and we haven’t gotten to the root cause of the problem. The source of the toxin may not be the algae directly, it may be the bacteria consuming the algae that are making something called hydrogen sulfide, which is itself very toxic. The Department of Health is essentially doing nothing, the county is doing nothing, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection is doing nothing.'"

Note: All of the symptoms that people are experiencing match hydrogen sulfide poisoning. This has happened with lots of other algae blooms in lots of different places. As the algae dies, ancient anaerobic bacteria and archaea eat the dead algae and emit hydrogen sulfide. Algae blooms are spreading and intensifying as the planet warms, so this problem is escalating...

2021-06-29 - Algae continues to cause hydrogen sulfide concern in coastal Matlacha (Florida):

Quote: "Bartleson said, if algae is on the surface and not underwater, hydrogen sulfide is released into the air. 'And that becomes a problem if people are around breathing it because hydrogen sulfide is toxic at levels above one part per million,' Bartleson said. Because it’s sinking to the bottom, it’s more of a problem for the surrounding environment."

2021-06-27 - Two workers, 28 and 48, gassed to death by hydrogen sulfide in bathroom at shipyard in coastal Busan (South Korea):

Quote: "Police said the two were believed to have inhaled hydrogen sulfide and ammonia in the bathroom. Tests have shown that hydrogen sulfide levels there were 250 parts per million at the time, more than 16 times higher than the maximum safety level of 15 ppm, they said."

2021-06-25 - Invasive hydrogen-sulfide-spewing seaweed inundating beaches on the coast in France:

Quote: "A potentially toxic seaweed originally found off Japan has colonised a stretch of the Mediterranean coast near Marseille that is home to one of France's most popular natural attractions. The green algae, rugulopteryx okamurae, poses a health risk because once it washes up on rocks and beaches it begins to decompose and emit hydrogen sulfide, a putrid gas that can be lethal in large doses."

2021-06-24 - Hydrogen sulfide hits business in coastal Jacksonville (Florida):

Quote: "The hazmat team is on the scene of the 1600 block of Jessie Street, according to a tweet from JFRD. Crews were called due to a gas odor at Childers Roofing at 10 a.m., JFRD said. Initially, the hazmat team detected strong levels of hydrogen sulfide, which smells like rotten eggs and is highly flammable, JFRD said."

2021-06-17 - Hydrogen sulfide detected in the Sea of Marmara (Turkey):

Quote: "Officials monitoring the Marmara Sea on R/V Alemdar II research ship have detected hydrogen sulfide some 750 meters down the sea level off Çinarcik. 'We took water samples from the area. It smelled like decayed egg. We figured out that it was hydrogen sulfide,' Nuray Çaglar, a professor on board, told daily Milliyet on June 17. According to the expert, they did not detect the deadly gas in the last experiment made in 2019. 'This discovery shows how big the calamity is,' she added."

Quote: "Scientists warn about the onset of a new danger for the Marmara Sea already embattled with mucilage: a buildup of hydrogen sulfide that threatens to destroy marine life. A new study showed that the gas in Çinarcik Basin off the coast of Yalova province was absent until 2019, and since then it has grown and drained away oxygen in the area."

2021-06-14 - US Army Corps of Engineers on alert for hydrogen sulfide problems at Atwood Lake in Mineral City (Ohio):

Quote: "The Huntington District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has determined that conditions exist in the outlet works area at Atwood Lake in Mineral City that could result in the presence and possible release of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gases."

2021-06-14 - Turkish ship to probe effects of 'sea snot' and formation of hydrogen sulfide at the lowest point in the Sea of Marmara:

Quote: "Scientists to focus their research in dark depths of Sea of Marmara, especially on formation of hydrogen sulfide."

Note: Maybe they're worried that the sea could belch up a big cloud of hydrogen sulfide, which would tend to blow eastward toward Istanbul and Bursa and could potentially kill millions of people via direct poisoning and/or massive firestorms and explosions. I lived in Turkey for over a year. There were no 'sea snot' or sargassum problems anywhere. I had never even heard the term 'sea snot' before last week and now suddenly it's inundating a significant part of Turkey's coastline and a ship is being sent to investigate hydrogen sulfide at the bottom of the sea. Ominous events get ominouser...

2021-06-04 - Hydrogen sulfide leaking from underground causes evacuations in Wheatley (Canada), near Lake Erie, state of emergency declared:

Quote: "Chatham-Kent fire chief Chris Case told CBC Radio's Windsor Morning Friday the exact source of the leak remains under investigation. Hydrogen sulfide gas is found in the ground and there are many abandoned wells in the region. "

2021-06-02 - Landfill spewing hydrogen sulfide and sickening people near coastal Sydney (Australia):

Quote: "The EPA issued Bingo Industries with a clean-up notice on April 23 after determining the gas hydrogen sulphide — colloquially known as 'rotten egg gas' — was forming in the facility's landfill."

2021-05-28 - Hydrogen-sulfide-spewing sargassum seaweed once again inundating beaches in Mexico:

Quote: "Right now, thousands and thousands of pounds of thick, stinky, seaweed are again washing ashore on some of Mexico’s best beaches each and every day — and unfortunately, it’s not expected to improve in the near term. In fact, according to research done by the University of South Florida, the problem may be more intense than it was in 2019, a year that was regarded as one of the worst for this phenomenon."

Quote: "The most impacted areas are often the Atlantic-facing shores across those areas, though due to winds and currents, sometimes other shores in the area can end up with piles of this seaweed that releases pungent hydrogen sulfide as it decomposes."

2021-05-28 - Hydrogen-sulfide-spewing sargassum seaweed once again inundating beaches in Florida:

Quote: "The rotten egg smell comes from the hydrogen sulfide produced as it rots in the sun. 'There can be some pretty serious health risks,' said Brian Lapointe, a research professor at Florida Atlantic University's Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute in Fort Pierce."

Note: Serious health risks may include dying...

2021-05-02 - Hydrogen sulfide continues sickening people in both North Carolina and South Carolina:

Quote: "The Environmental Protection Agency and other environmental investigators are looking into a strong odor that's been reported along the North Carolina-South Carolina border near Charlotte. The smell has been most prevalent in South Carolina's Lancaster and York counties but has been reported in many surrounding areas as well. Residents describe it as an intense, rotting stench that can wake people up at night or cause people to develop nosebleeds and intense nausea."

Quote: "The investigation also determined the smell was likely due to hydrogen sulfide, which is prevalent around decaying organic matter, such as at a wastewater treatment plant or a pulp or paper mill."

2021-04-30 - Landfill spewing hydrogen sulfide and sickening people in Silverdale (Britain):

Quote: "High levels of hydrogen sulphide gas has been recorded in the area, with residents getting ill and complaining of the egg-like stench."

Note: Levels can't be THAT high because everyone's not dead yet...

2021-04-14 - Hydrogen sulfide hitting the Iona area in coastal Fort Myers (Florida):

Quote: "Michael Parsons, with The Water School at FGCU, has a pretty good idea what’s happening. He says the horrible smell is hydrogen sulfide, a gas that is produced when organic matter breaks down."

Quote: "It’s not people alone who are feeling the effects. 'My dog went into a spasm a couple of weeks ago, which was extremely upsetting,' Suzanne said. 'And then she developed a horrible cough … The fact that I could not get her cough to stop, we wound up shutting the condo up.'"

Quote: "Parsons said it’s a good the bacteria is breaking down. But it’s not good if people are exposed to the stench for long periods of time. 'Prolonged exposure can cause lightheadedness and dizziness,” Parsons said. 'Some people may even start feeling nauseous.'"

Note: Some people may even die!

2021-04-14 - Hydrogen sulfide found to cause neurological damage:

Quote: "Human exposure to hydrogen sulfide produced outside the body is principally via inhalation, and the gas is rapidly absorbed through the lungs. A 2001 study by researchers from University of Calgary in Canada found the gas appeared to impair cognitive performance in rats. It has also previously been linked to brain damage and nervous system damage in humans."

2021-03-22 - Hydrogen sulfide detected in Springettsbury Township (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "Initially, the odor was suspected to be natural gas, but after further investigation by Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania, hydrogen sulfide was detected in the area, according to Russell Bedell, a spokesperson for Columbia Gas. 'Our service tech found no natural gas readings, but our equipment did detect hydrogen sulfide,' Bedell said. 'We notified the fire department, who then contacted the local sewer company to investigate the cause of the hydrogen sulfide odor.'"

2021-03-05 - Hydrogen sulfide from unknown source shuts down fire station in coastal Charleston (South Carolina):

Quote: "Crews at the station, located at the corner of Wentworth and Meeting streets, reported smelling the odor during the early morning hours on that day, according to the Charleston Fire Department. Firefighters surveyed the building and the department’s hazardous materials team were called in to conduct testing, officials said. Monitors showed elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide, a flammable and toxic gas known for its potent rotten egg smell. All eight firefighters present in the station at the time were transported to a hospital for evaluation, officials said."

Quote: "On March 4, water utility personnel conducted another test but were unable to find a sewer leak or other plumbing issue that could have led to gas escaping into the building, officials said."

2021-01-15 - Hydrogen sulfide hits neighborhood and sickens people, lamppost ignites too, in Bogota (Colombia):

Quote: "Tonight there was a hydrogen sulfide leak in a neighborhood in the town of Fontibón (Bogota), exactly on 17th street with Carrera 137 A. A team from the Specialized Group on Hazardous Materials and the Firefighters Bogotá attended the situation in that sector of the western part of the country’s capital. There are 15 people who are being tested for gas inhalation. 'They secured the area and gave priority to the attention of the people who were in the place and its surroundings, while the severity is determined and investigations are being carried out into how the emergency occurred,' the authorities detailed minutes after the emergency was known."

Quote: "This was not the only emergency that occurred in the town of Fontibón this Thursday. In the afternoon it was known that there was a fire on a lamp post that alerted the neighbors who live near the Parque del Libro. The flames originated after a loud detonation was heard on Carrera 97A with Calle 16H."

2020-12-11 - Hydrogen sulfide reported in basement of high-rise in Ottawa (Canada):

Quote: "Ottawa Fire Services received a call at 4:45 p.m. from a resident of the building near the intersection of McLeod Street and Cartier Street reporting a strong odour of what they believed to be natural gas in their unit."

Quote: "Firefighters arriving on location moments later immediately identified a strong odour outside the building and used a gas detector to identify high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas. H2S is a colourless, flammable, corrosive and poisonous gas produced naturally in sewage or wastewater, the media release explained."

2020-11-22 - Massive hydrogen-sulfide-spewing sargassum blooms growing in size in the Atlantic Ocean since 2011:

Quote: "After analysing 19 years of satellite data, researchers at the University of South Florida found that since 2011 the sargassum bloom has appeared annually and is growing in size."

Quote: "The problem comes when sargassum washes up on the beach and starts to rot, emitting hydrogen sulfide – a gas that smells like rotten eggs."

2020-11-10 - Global hydrogen sulfide-spewing seaweed plague increasingly threatening West Africa’s coastline:

Quote: "From the Gulf of Guinea to the mouth of the Senegal River, a sprawling shroud of seaweed is choking coastal ecosystems and the fishing communities that depend on them. Offshore, it snags lines, breaks nets and clogs up outboard motors. On shore, it accumulates in vast brown heaps, tide after tide, obstructing both boatmen and nesting sea turtles. As the seaweed rots, it releases foul-smelling hydrogen sulfide gas, causing respiratory illness in local populations. And in nearshore habitats, the same processes of decay depletes the oxygen in the water, killing marine animals in gruesome mass die-offs."

Quote: "Small, occasional and harmless quantities of Sargassum have always washed up on Atlantic beaches, but the enormous quantities observed since 2011 are a startling new occurrence that almost certainly heralds a long-term and irreversible shift in the ecology of the ocean."

2020-08-17 - Rotting seaweed releasing hydrogen sulfide onto coastal Birchington (Britain):

Quote: "Some residents believe a gas released by the decomposing algae is also causing walls, window sills and even jewellery to turn black."

Quote: "Stinking seaweed is causing misery for residents of a seaside village - as some fear the putrid pong could pose a health risk."

Quote: "The seaweed is understood to release hydrogen sulfide into the atmosphere."

Note: Rotting seaweed has been releasing hydrogen sulfide and killing people and animals on the coast in France. It's all over the Caribbean and doctors have warned people that there could be serious health consequences from the hydrogen sulfide. There is definitely a health risk involved with breathing poison gas...

2020-07-31 - Poisonous hydrogen sulfide is detected at 15 times the permitted concentration in Omsk, Siberia (Russia):

2020-07-21 - First active hydrogen sulfide and methane leak discovered on the sea floor in Antarctica:

Quote: "The first active leak of methane from the sea floor in Antarctica has been revealed by scientists. The researchers also found microbes that normally consume the potent greenhouse gas before it reaches the atmosphere had only arrived in small numbers after five years, allowing the gas to escape."

Quote: "Researchers say potent climate-heating gas almost certainly escaping into atmosphere..."

Quote: "In 2011, an expansive (70 m × 1 m) microbial mat formed at 10 m water depth in the Ross Sea, Antarctica which we identify here to be a high latitude hydrogen sulfide and methane seep. Through 16S rRNA gene analysis on samples collected 1 year and 5 years after the methane seep formed, we identify the taxa involved in the Antarctic methane cycle and quantify the response rate of the microbial community to a novel input of methane. One year after the seep formed, ANaerobic MEthane oxidizing archaea (ANME), the dominant sink of methane globally, were absent. Five years later, ANME were found to make up to 4% of the microbial community, however the dominant member of this group observed (ANME-1) were unexpected considering the cold temperature (-1.8°C) and high sulfate concentrations (greater than 24 mM) present at this site."

Quote: "'The delay [in methane consumption] is the most important finding,' said Andrew Thurber, from Oregon State University in the US, who led the research. 'It is not good news. It took more than five years for the microbes to begin to show up and even then there was still methane rapidly escaping from the sea floor.'"

Note: They've already found numerous leaks in the sea floor in the Arctic, and there are the exploding methane craters on the Yamal Peninsula in Siberia, but this is the first active methane leak found on the sea floor in Antarctica...

2020-07-15 - More hydrogen-sulfide-spewing sargassum seaweed inundates beaches on the island of Antigua:

Quote: "From its putrid 'rotten egg' stench to its destruction of household appliances, vast swathes of sargassum seaweed washed up on several of Antigua’s beaches are once again causing headaches for residents. The loathed brown algae swarmed a handful of beaches in the north of the island over the weekend, repelling householders with the toxic gases it emits as it rots. Shell Beach, Jabberwock and Fitches Creek are among the areas worst affected by the latest deluge."

Quote: "Alison Archer likened the thick mat carpeting the sea outside her Fitches Creek home to a 'soup bowl'. 'The gas gives me a heavy head and makes me feel listless,' she told Observer. 'It invades my house and I’ve had to cover various items with towels and plastic to stop them being corroded. In the past, it has destroyed my flatscreen TV, my camera and stereo to name a few. Anything that’s metal, it’s as if it eats it. I have been told it’s dangerous for my health and am thinking of staying with friends until it goes again,' Archer added."

Quote: "Beached sargassum begins to decompose around 48 hours after washing up. It then releases hydrogen sulphide gas and ammonia. Breathing these in may cause respiratory, skin and neurocognitive problems, experts say. Symptoms can include heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, vertigo, headache, and skin rashes."

Note: Also seizures, convulsions, cardiac events, respiratory arrest, coma, brain damage, kidney damage and death!

2020-07-09 - Two men, 47 and 57, enter manhole and get gassed to death by hydrogen sulfide in Sour Lake (Texas):

Quote: "One man went inside the manhole for an unknown reason, according to Sour Lake Police Chief Aaron Burleson. The man inside was overcome by sewer gas, H2S. The other worker went inside the manhole to help the man, Burleson says. Officials say the second worker was also overcome by the sewer gas, and the two men died."

2020-06-21 - Salton Sea continues spewing hydrogen sulfide into the Coachella Valley (California):

Quote: "South Coast Air Quality Management District has put out an Odor Advisory for the Salton Sea. This will last through today, June 21st. The area includes the Eastern Coachella Valley due to elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide gas, which smells like rotten eggs."

2020-05-30 - Two men, 48 and 50, killed by hydrogen sulfide in well in coastal Bang Saray (Thailand):

Quote: "Two Bang Saray men died of apparent hydrogen sulfide poisoning while dredging a well behind their house. Khet Udomsak and Sattahip rescue divers recovered the bodies of Nared Pilan, 48, and his cousin Komkid Pranut, 50, from the 30-meter-deep well in Napaphan Land Village May 29."

2020-05-07 - Hydrogen-sulfide-spewing sargassum again accumulating on coastal Ambergris Caye (Belize):

Quote: "Due to COVID-19, 2020’s tourism season might be considered over, but the sargassum will still affect the health of people and wildlife on the island. The algae can deprive the marine life of oxygen, causing their death. As it rots, sargassum emits hydrogen sulfide gas or H2S, a colorless, poisonous gas with a highly unpleasant rotten-egg odor."

2020-01-30 - Man, 88, oilfield worker, found dead at oilfield, hydrogen sulfide present, in Barton County near Great Bend (Kansas):

Quote: "'The Sheriff’s Office suspects Brown may have been overcome by hydrogen sulfide gas,' Bellendir said. 'Hydrogen sulfide, commonly known as H2S is a toxic substance that is byproduct of oil and natural gas production. Hydrogen sulfide is common in the oilfields of central Kansas. The location tested positive for H2S.'"

2019-10-28 - Hydrogen sulfide knocks man dead at pumphouse, then wife shows up and gets knocked dead too, in Ector County (Texas):

Quote: "A husband and wife died as a result of H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) gas poisoning late Saturday night, according to the Ector County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies say 44-year-old Jacob D. Dean responded to a call from Aghorn Energy to check a pump house located at 2216 W. 49th in Ector County. When Jacob’s wife Natalee did not hear from him in a timely manner, she went to the pump house he was working on to check on him. Reports say she took her 9-year-old and 6-year-old children in the car with her. The investigation shows she arrived on location, got out of the vehicle, left the kids in the car and walked up to the pump house where she was overtaken with the H2S gas exposure."

2019-09-08 - Hydrogen-sulfide-spewing algae continues inundating beaches and killing people and animals on the Brittany Coast in France:

Quote: "France's tourist beaches are being overrun with toxic slime which experts say can kill sunbathers and swimmers within seconds. The green algae releases poisonous gases when trodden on causing those nearby to faint and suffer cardiac arrest, say reports."

Quote: "At least three people and dozens of animals have already died, but some fear other deaths may have been mistakenly passed off as drownings. In July, we reported how an 18-year-old died after inhaling toxic fumes from what environmentalists believe was hydrogen sulphide poisoning."

Note: That's right, a lot of 'drownings' occurring around the world are actually hydrogen sulfide poisoning events. The best way to tell if water is safe nowadays is to dive in. If you don't have a seizure or 'medical event' and/or die then the water was safe! The same thing is happening with the rotting sargassum hitting beaches in Florida, the Gulf Coast in Mexico and various islands in the Caribbean. It's not the ALGAE that's killing people and animals, it's ancient archaea and bacteria that eat the algae as it dies and emit hydrogen sulfide as a byproduct. The algae is simply the food for the organisms that emit hydrogen sulfide and it's the hydrogen sulfide that does the killing...

2019-08-18 - Salton Sea belches up hydrogen sulfide in Riverside County (California):

Quote: "An odor advisory was issued Sunday for the Salton Sea area in Riverside County due to elevated levels of a gas that smells like rotten eggs, according to state air regulators. The advisory was issued for the Coachella Valley and will remain in effect until at least Monday because of winds from the south, with peak concentrations of hydrogen sulfide emissions occurring in the morning hours, the South Coast Air Quality Management District said in a statement."

Quote: "Hourly average concentrations of hydrogen sulfide peaked [Sunday] morning at 239 parts per billion immediately downwind of the Salton Sea..."

Note: You can subscribe to email alerts for Salton Sea hydrogen sulfide monitoring at this website. I've been subscribed for quite some time. This last week the level surpassed 100 ppb for the first time since I've been watching and it's surpassed that level numerous times since then, and the next day it then surpassed 200 ppb too. So the Salton Sea's hydrogen sulfide emissions appear to be on the rise. Ignore the info saying these levels are harmless, blah blah blah, for two reasons: 1) these levels are possibly harmless if you only experience them ONCE, but nobody knows what the health effects are for people who breathe this particular poison gas regularly, even in small concentrations; and 2) as a heavier than air gas, hydrogen sulfide will flow into low-lying areas (ditches, basements, streams, etc) and concentrate. If it concentrates enough then one breath can kill you, even if the original cloud of poison gas that blew past the detectors was not concentrated...

2019-08-05 - Hydrogen sulfide, high levels, source unknown, hits neighborhood in Grand Junction (Colorado):

Quote: "At 4:25 p.m. on August 5, 2019, the Grand Junction Fire Department responded to the area of 27 ½ Court and G Road where Xcel Energy workers discovered high amounts of the poisonous hydrogen sulfide gas. According to GJFD, the gas was not a result of the work being done by Xcel Energy and the source of the gas is unknown. Access to G Road was closed during the incident and many homeowners were unable to leave their homes. GJFD and Xcel took several gas readings and found that the hydrogen sulfide had dissipated."

2019-07-31 - Hydrogen sulfide stench hits Palm Springs (California):

Quote: "There's an unmistakable smell in the air. One that creeps into the Coachella Valley during the hot, sticky days of summer. The sulfuric odor typically shows up when the mercury and humidity are high, and levels of hydrogen sulfide spike in the Salton Sea."

2019-07-26 - Sargassum algae rotting along beaches and spewing hydrogen sulfide poses a health threat in the Caribbean:

Quote: "Tourists to the Caribbean may not realize that a brown drifting seaweed that’s been piling up on beaches in recent years is dangerous, researchers say. Travelers and doctors alike should be aware that prolonged contact with the Sargassum weed, or inhaling the hydrogen sulfide gas it gives off as it decomposes on the beach, can cause heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, vertigo, headache and skin rashes, the authors write in the Journal of Travel Medicine."

Note: They forgot to mention memory loss, kidney damage, brain damage, comas, seizures and death. And it's not just a danger in the Caribbean, nor is it just a threat from that particular kind of algae. Any kind of rotting algae anywhere produces hydrogen sulfide, so it's also a problem in Florida and Mexico, at least, both of which are having their beaches blanketed by rotting sargassum algae, and France is now getting hit bad by rotting algae too, although it's not sargassum algae there...

2019-07-26 - Rotting algae spewing hydrogen sulfide along beaches and killing people and animals in Brittany (France):

Quote: "France is struggling with an influx of toxic green algae infesting beaches in the popular holiday region Brittany. The algae is taking over the bay of Saint-Brieuc, on Brittany’s northern coast. The beach is carpeted with piles of rotting algae which stink of rotten eggs. The mayor of the Saint-Brieuc has been forced to close the beach to the public due to the threat of toxic fumes."

Quote: "Signs in both English and French warning 'Danger Toxic Gas' - complete with a skull and crossbones - caution locals and tourists alike to turn back."

Quote: "According to the French site, at least three people and dozens of animals (including wild boars, dogs and a horse) have died after inhaling hydrogen sulfide (H2S), a potentially lethal gas released by decaying algae."

2019-07-09 - Man, 18, drops dead on beach, probably from hydrogen sulfide, in coastal Finistere (France):

Quote: "The danger of toxic green sea algae naturally found on the Breton coast has come into renewed question after an 18-year-old oyster farmer died suddenly on a beach. The farmer's body was found in the Bay of Morlaix (Finistere) on July 6. He is suspected to have died from inhalation of toxic gases released by the green algae in the surrounding area."

Quote: "The environmental groups Safeguard Trégor and Stop Green Algae believe he was poisoned by hydrogen sulphide given off by the rotting seaweed."

Quote: "In 2016, a man died suddenly while out jogging on the Hillion coast, again in Côtes-d’Armor. A link with green algae was suspected a further time. However, an autopsy revealed no definite conclusions, with the inquiry closing the case in April 2017."

Note: The algae dies and is eaten by ancient anaerobic bacteria and archaea that emit hydrogen sulfide. This is the same thing happening at beaches in Mexico, Florida and across the Caribbean, including the Dominican Republic where numerous people have dropped dead at beachside resorts and some of them reported a strange chemical odor. Since the algae problem is getting worse around the world, and since the algae serves as food for the ancient microbes that emit hydrogen sulfide, the hydrogen sulfide problem is also getting worse around the world.

As bad as these problems are already, they're going to get much worse. The human race won't be around long enough to see how bad things ultimately get though, because we'll all be dead long before that. In any case, if you smell a strange odor near any body of water, especially one having algae problems, you may be about to die. You can't really count on your sense of smell to protect you either, because one breath of hydrogen sulfide can kill you, so if you do smell it, it may already be too late. If it's in the water itself, you may not smell it at all, but if you douse your head with that water then THAT may kill you, and they'll find you dead and 'unresponsive in the water' as the 'official' terminology often reads these days...

2019-07-08 - Sargassum seaweed spewing hydrogen sulfide at beaches in Florida, oceanographic researchers say avoid it:

Quote: "You've seen it at the beach, you've smelled it and now oceanographic researchers say you should avoid it. Rotten seaweed, found along most beaches in South Florida, may emit a chemical that one FAU Harbor Branch research professor says could be toxic. The chemical is hydrogen sulfide, a colorless gas that is associated with the foul odor of rotten eggs. It can cause health problems and even death when excessive amounts are inhaled, consumed or comes into contact with skin. This is shocking news for some beachgoers in South Florida."

Note: Only took 'em a FEW WEEKS to say what I've been saying all along...

2019-06-14 - Hydrogen sulfide found at 4:10 AM in basement at hospital in Salem (Oregon):

Quote: "A hazmat team was called to Salem Hospital on Friday morning after a chemical incident in the building’s basement. Initial reports from Salem Fire state that the hazmat team is working to resolve 'an active hydrogen sulfide incident.' The incident was reported at 4:10 a.m. and was contained to one room in the basement."

2019-06-09 - Sargassum tide 4 times the size of Merida headed to the Gulf Coast in Yucatan (Mexico):

Quote: "A tide of sargassum is expected to foul 120 kilometers of beach from Dzilam de Bravo to Sisal on Yucatan’s Gulf Coast today. The mass of seaweed-like algae is three or four times the size of the city of Merida, satellite images show. It already has hit Cancun and other beach spots along the Caribbean side of the Yucatan Peninsula."

Quote: "When the stuff rots, it releases toxic hydrogen-sulfide gas, making seashores smell like rotting eggs. Its effects on tourism in the Caribbean have been catastrophic. 2018 was a record year for sargassum blooms."

2019-05-10 - Symbiotic tube worms that rely on hydrogen-sulfide-eating bacteria to survive found for the first time off the US East Coast:

Quote: "These types of worms are found in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and near Barbados, among other places, usually associated with hydrothermal vents. But they have never been spotted along the mid-Atlantic Ridge, or near the U.S. East Coast."

Quote: "Vestimentiferan tube worms live inside protective tubes and spend their entire existence attached to the ocean floor. What makes them unusual is the way they obtain food. As vestimentiferan worms undergo metamorphosis, their digestive tract disappears and chemosynthesis becomes the only way they obtain nutrients. The process is similar to photosynthesis, but instead of sunlight, the worms use a symbiotic relationship with bacteria to create sustenance from hydrogen sulfide."

Note: If they didn't exist here before then it's because there wasn't enough hydrogen sulfide to sustain their bacteria. But now there IS enough hydrogen sulfide. Ergo, hydrogen sulfide levels are increasing on the ocean floor along the East Coast. The planet is reverting back to a more primordial state, one in which humans will not be able to continue to exist...

2019-05-08 - Toxic blue-green algae hits the Intracoastal Waterway near coastal Sarasota (Florida)

Quote: "Lyngbya wollei is a large-celled, thread-like blue-green algae that occurs naturally in fresh or brackish waters in Florida. It is carried to the waterfront by currents and winds and decaying mats of the algae that are exposed to air release hydrogen sulfide that creates a rotten egg smell. To grow it needs water above 75 degrees and elevated levels of phosphorus, nitrogen, iron and dissolved organic matter."

Note: I've mention this problem before, when people were smelling 'rotten egg' odors during the devastating red tide event last year in Florida. Algae blooms of any kind suck up the oxygen in the water and then the ancient anaerobic bacteria and archaea that produce hydrogen sulfide eat the algae as it dies. So one problem, algae blooms, leads to another problem, poisonous hydrogen sulfide emissions. The same thing is happening with the gigantic and growing Sargassum seaweed infestations spreading across the Caribbean - as that stuff rots, the oxygen levels decline and those same anaerobic bacteria and archaea that produce hydrogen sulfide get free food to grow their colonies, releasing hydrogen sulfide as they eat the rotting seaweed. These problems are accelerating...

2019-05-06 - Fish dying from 'unknown pollutant' at research center in coastal George Town (Malaysia):

Quote: "Live marine specimens in a laboratory in Teluk Bahang are dying from a pollutant that 'invaded' the lab via sea water. Although scientists have yet to identify the pollutant killing their specimens, the result was the stench of hydrogen sulfide – a toxic gas released by decaying organic matter – fuming out of the sea water used in the Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies (Cemacs)."

Quote: "'When we came back from the Labour Day break, it smelled as if something had died in Cemacs. This is the first time such a high concentration of hydrogen sulfide has come from the sea,' she said."

2019-04-12 - US Strategic Petroleum Reserve contaminated with extremely high levels of hydrogen sulfide:

Quote: "Exxon Mobil Corp. is the latest company to raise concerns that a stockpile of U.S. government crude is tainted with poisonous gas. The American energy giant said some of the oil it purchased last year from the Energy Department’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve, or SPR, contained 'extremely high levels' of hydrogen sulfide, according to emails obtained by Bloomberg under the Freedom of Information Act. In some cases, the gas level was 250 times higher than government safety standards allow."

2019-03-31 - Hydrogen sulfide continues regularly blowing through coastal Kearny (New Jersey):

Quote: "Residents in Kearny have complained for months about a strong, unpleasant smell occasionally wafting through the town, with the aroma more powerful on some days than others. Saturday and Sunday seemed to be especially bad. Over the weekend Kearny residents described a smell like rotten eggs that was so potent, it forced people to close their windows. One man said he noticed it in the morning when he left town Saturday, and still detected it when he returned that night. A woman said her dogs were sickened by the stench. In a word, the smell is 'toxic,' yet another woman said. Residents and the town's longtime mayor, Al Santos, blame the persistent aroma on a gas, hydrogen sulfide, emanating from a 100-acre landfill maintained by the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority."

Quote: "The NJSEA has said that it is trying to determine the source of the smell, but has not concluded that the Keegan site is to blame."

Note: Whatever the source, they're breathing poison gas, which is obviously not good for one's health...

2019-03-24 - Hydrogen sulfide detected in home(s) after huge chemical facility fire in coastal Deer Park (Texas):

Quote: "Attorney Bill Ogden is already working with about 200 Deer Park area residents to file lawsuits again ITC. 'After the initial fire and then kind of the days following, they started feeling a lot of symptoms—a lot of nose bleeds, a lot of nausea, a lot of vomiting,' says Ogden. Ogden says his clients weren’t just impacted by the elevated benzene levels. One of them recorded hydrogen sulfide in his home Thursday morning at a level of 10 parts per million. 'It’s highly poisonous at certain levels,' says Ogden. 'The recommended exposure limit of hydrogen sulfide is 10 minutes at 10 parts per million.' The man lives less a mile and a half from the ITC facility. The reading occurred indoors during the Deer Park shelter in place."

2019-03-05 - Hydrogen sulfide sickens teacher and several children at school in Montreal (Canada), no source found, investigation ceased:

Quote: "More than a month after a hydrogen sulfide emission left one teacher and several children ill at an elementary school in Montreal’s east-end, government agencies have ceased their investigations despite not having definitively identified the source of the toxic gas."

2019-02-18 - Landfill spewing hydrogen sulfide in coastal Kearney (New Jersey):

Quote: "Kearny Mayor Al Santos is calling on the state to temporarily close the Keegan Landfill after smelly air samples recently collected from the facility revealed levels of hydrogen sulfide that he says could impact the health of residents."

Quote: "Santos said in the last few months residents have logged more than 200 complaints of a sulfurous 'rotten eggs' smell coming from 100-plus-acre landfill owned by the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority."

2019-02-18 - Hydrogen sulfide blowing around in coastal Kuwait:

Quote: "The sources noted the spread of unpleasant odors due to the presence of different levels of concentration of hydrogen sulfide gas above the minimum permissible concentration that gives a sense of the smell caused by this gas (0.5 part of the billion)."

2019-02-04 - Fish found dead and water contaminated with hydrogen sulfide in the Narmada River (India):

Quote: "Contamination of Narmada water supplied for drinking owing to the decay of dead fish near Sardar Sarovar Dam has pushed the state government to take immediate action. Narmada water up to a distance of 20km from the reservoir has been contaminated by Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas and the water has turned blackish."

Note: So low oxygen levels supposedly killed the fish. Then the anaerobic bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide got to eating on the fish and spewed hydrogen sulfide into the water. Anoxic dead zones are spreading throughout Earth's oceans too, and there have been many incidences of fish being found dead in the oceans, often accompanied by foul odors. The same thing that happened in this river is happening all over the planet. In time, as this problem worsens, enough hydrogen sulfide will contaminate the water and the atmosphere to wipe humankind off the face of the planet. This is Earth's most ancient of extinction events and it's happening again, now, just as it's happened in the past...

2019-02-02 - Update on 39-year-old woman who dropped dead on a party cruise ship with 'strange smell' mentioned in coastal Sydney Harbour (Australia) - killed by hydrogen sulfide:

Quote: "It is now understood that while earlier readings conducted by Fire and Rescue teams on Saturday afternoon were 'not alarming' and reflected a 'safe atmosphere,' by 8.30pm on Saturday further testing by HAZMAT teams recorded 'extremely hazardous' levels of hydrogen sulfide, that reached the highest possible levels that could be recorded by testing machines."

Note: This woman's death was mentioned in the 2019-02-01 update. I pretty much just ignored the initial info, that they had tested the atmosphere and everything was hunky-dory, because the strange smell combined with a youngish woman suddenly dropping dead, on a boat in a coastal harbor, seemed very suspiciously like a hydrogen sulfide poisoning event, and as it turned out, that's what it was...

2019-01-29 - Chemocline rises abruptly and kills fish with hydrogen sulfide in Batangas (Philippine Islands):

Quote: "Calabarzon (Region 4-A) BFAR official said there was a 'sulfur up-welling' which means that the level of toxic sulfide, coupled with the decline of oxygen in the water, caused the fishkill."

Quote: "She reported that their monitoring station has detected an increase in the hydrogen sulfide content in the lake waters. This chemical process gives off an odor similar to rotten egg and changes the color of the water to aqua-marine or bluish-green, Kawit added.'

2019-01-16 - Hydrogen sulfide spewing from landfill in East Brunswick (New Jersey):

Quote: "Blame hydrogen sulfide for the 'rotten egg' odor coming from the Middlesex County Landfill (Edgeboro), the Middlesex County Utilities Authority's executive directory says. 'The rotten egg smell is bad for your nose, but very little else,' State Sen. Joseph Cryan told a packed room of residents who grilled him and other authority officials during a forum conducted Wednesday night in the township. While the smell is not harmful to residents' health, Cryan, the authority's executive director, said that officials recognize that it doesn't add to the local quality of life, and detailed an ongoing $15-million-plus capital improvement project aimed at reducing the odor."

Note: State Senator Joseph Cryan clearly doesn't know jack. Hydrogen sulfide is a deadly poison, weaponized by the British to kill German soldiers in WWI during trench warfare. It's as deadly as hydrogen cyanide, which is what they use to execute people in gas chambers. At 1 part per thousand it can kill a person with one breath, the so-called 'Slaughterhouse Sledgehammer Effect' where you're dead before your knees buckle and your corpse hits the ground. And nobody knows what it does to people who smell it regularly, even at low levels, but the effects can't possibly be good. They're probably smelling it at very low concentrations in this area, but since it's a heavier-than-air gas, it will tend to concentrate in low-lying areas when the wind isn't blowing, and who knows what concentration it might reach then. State Senator Joseph Cryan should try inhaling some 0.1% hydrogen sulfide if he's really sure it's not harmful. I'm guessing he won't do that and if he does then somebody should have a body bag handy to cart away his corpse...

2019-01-09 - Hydrogen sulfide entering the atmosphere from the oceans proposed as kill mechanism during several major extinction events:

Quote: "We thus propose (1) chemocline upward excursion as a kill mechanism during the end-Permian, Late Devonian, and Cenomanian–Turonian extinctions, and (2) persistently high atmospheric H2S levels as a factor that impeded evolution of eukaryotic life on land during the Proterozoic."

Quote: "Note Added in Proof: Biomarker evidence consistent with the hypothesis of chemocline upward excursion at the Permian-Triassic boundary has just been reported online in Science Express (Grice et al., 2005)."

2019-01-07 - Titus Pond spews hydrogen sulfide in South Hadley (Massachusetts):

Quote: "A noxious odor closed Route 116 near 7-Eleven for about two hours on Monday, according to South Hadley Fire District 1, but fire officials say there is no cause for public concern. The odor was caused by hydrogen sulfide gas from Titus Pond, which sits across the street from the 7-Eleven at 426 Newton St., according to Fire District 1 Captain Jim Pula."

Note: Just some poison gas blowing around, no cause for public concern!

2018-11-14 - Drilling and fracking sites leaking methane, hydrogen sulfide and other pollutants across the Permian Basin in Texas and New Mexico:

Quote: "We also stopped at other sites where the smell of rotting eggs, a sign of the hazardous gas hydrogen sulfide, suggested more leaks were likely to be found."

Quote: "We drove for miles with the smell of rotten eggs permeating the car. At some of the sites, the smell was so strong I became queasy. Methane is colorless and odorless, but if powerful-smelling hydrogen sulfide is leaking from drilling sites, methane likely is as well."

2018-11-13 - Hydrogen sulfide hits apartment building and sickens dog in Toronto (Canada):

Quote: "An investigation has been launched to find the cause of a potential gas leak in a residential building near Jane and Eglinton. Emergency services were called just before 2:30 p.m. to 85 Emmett Avenue to reports of a strong odour in the building and that a dog had died in a third-floor apartment. Residents of the third floor were evacuated as a precaution. Toronto police originally said the dog had died, but now say the canine is recovering from inhaling the fumes. The gas has been identified as hydrogen sulfide and no injuries to humans have been reported."

2018-11-11 - Volcano Mount Meager cracking, collapsing and spewing hydrogen sulfide in British Columbia (Canada):

Quote: "When his team’s helicopter landed on the glacier that day in September, the smell of rotten eggs filled the air. It was hydrogen sulfide, mixed with carbon dioxide and steam from below, which produced a ghostly churn of mist. In the open air, the smell is unpleasant, and the gas may cause headaches. The greater danger is getting trapped in an enclosed space — a crevice or crack — where concentrations of the gas can knock a person unconscious and, at worst, kill them."

2018-11-09 - Office building rocked by hydrogen sulfide explosion in bathroom in Amarillo (Texas):

Quote: "After responding to reports of an explosion at the Potter-Randall Appraisal District offices, firefighters discovered high levels of hydrogen sulfide."

Quote: "After not being able to determine the source of the gas, AFD's Hazardous Materials Team was called to the scene. The Hazmat Team arrived and monitored the building with more specific monitoring equipment, however, they were unable to determine the cause of the explosion or the source of the gas."

2018-11-08 - Hydrogen sulfide kills 50 pigs, sickens two men, at pig farm in Getty Township (Minnesota):

Quote: "Authorities said hydrogen sulfide gases caused the illness to the two men and the death of the pigs."

2018-11-05 - Large number of fish killed by hydrogen sulfide in Taal Lake (Philippine Islands):

Quote: "He said 105 cages, out of 1,555 operating in the town, were affected, with about P5 million worth of mature and juvenile tilapia killed in a phenomenon called 'sulfur upwelling.'"

Quote: "According to the BFAR, sulfur upwelling happens when toxic chemicals like hydrogen sulfide and ammonia rise to the water’s surface, thus reducing dissolved oxygen."

2018-10-25 - Hydrogen sulfide leaking out of sewers in Edmonton (Canada), could take 25 years to fix:

Quote: "'Hydrogen sulphide trying to get out of the system is what's causing the odour issues above ground.' He said EPCOR's mitigation plan looks at ways to reduce gas and regulate how it's released. In London, for example, vent stacks placed at certain intervals release air at higher elevations, he said. The 25-year scenario, targeting the worst spots first, is estimated to cost $460 million."

Note: Might not even be worth bothering with fixing it at this point, since everybody may very well be dead by the time they could fix it, if not much sooner than that, and dead people won't care how bad the smell is. But hey, it'd give people something to do until they fall over dead or burn to death or whatnot, so that's a plus!

2018-10-17 - Lake Travis spewing hydrogen sulfide after flood gates opened in Austin (Texas):

Quote: "Due to all of the flooding across the Highland Lakes region, four flood gates have been opened at Mansfield Dam. Since those flood gates were opened, a strong odor has been coming from the dam. According to officials with the Lower Colorado River Authority, the smell is from naturally occurring hydrogen sulfide gas from water being released through the dam."

Quote: "LCRA said they have monitors on-site, and the levels being released are no danger to public health."

Note: No danger unless it concentrates in low-lying areas, like ditches or basements or valleys or along rivers or streams or lakes, then it could be a danger, and it will tend to do that since it's a heavier-than-air gas...

2018-10-02 - Rotten egg odor, likely hydrogen sulfide, hits cities along broad swath of the coast in California as well as a school in coastal Torrance (California):

Quote: "Hundreds of Orange County residents and others, many from the beach cities, reported smelling a natural gas or methane-type odor in the air this week. The reports came mainly from Huntington Beach and Seal Beach, South Coast Air Quality Management District officials said on Tuesday, Oct. 3. But they were also from Costa Mesa, Sunset Beach, Fountain Valley and Garden Grove, and up the coast as well, from San Pedro, Wilmington, Carson and Los Angeles. According to district officials, they had received more than 400 complaints about the smell. The source of the odor was unclear."

Quote: "A similar odor impacted Torrance on Tuesday morning, Oct. 2, prompting a school to be put on lockdown. Torrance firefighters told school staffers that the smell was from a natural phenomenon of gas released from the ocean floor that drifts inland, Assistant Principal James Ashikawa said."

Quote: "Since the odors typically occur near the coast while winds are blowing from the ocean toward land, the primary source or sources are thought to be offshore. The Huntington Beach Fire Department wrote on its Facebook page that the source was a naturally occurring 'methane plume' from the ocean. But methane in its natural state has no odor and is not among chief culprits being considered by AQMD."

Quote: "Torrance firefighters arrived at the school and told staff members the odor was a natural phenomenon of gas released from the ocean floor passing through the area, Ashikawa said in the email. That phenomenon is an underwater methane pocket just off the Redondo Beach breakwall that occasionally releases gas, officials say, which then drifts inland."

Quote: "It’s most likely hydrogen sulfide, which has a pungent sulfur odor and is added to natural gas and other odorless toxins to help quickly identify potentially dangerous leaks. But it is also found in oil fields and other petroleum operations, and can arise from rotting organic matter such as seaweed, algae blooms and dead fish."

Quote: "'At higher concentrations, (hydrogen sulfide) can create a health hazard,' Avol said. There is no indication that the compound is at those concentration levels."

Note: Those ocean floor gas releases spew methane AND hydrogen sulfide, not just methane. The 'gas odor' at the school was thus hydrogen sulfide, though there may have been some methane present too, but nobody would smell that, since methane is odorless. Also, they don't add hydrogen sulfide to natural gas, they add methyl mercaptan, which has the same rotten egg odor and is made with hydrogen sulfide. (Methyl mercaptan is also similarly poisonous.) So a huge area of the coast in California just got hit by hydrogen sulfide. I don't doubt that they're measuring it in low concentrations, so far. But the problem is the nature of the gas. Being a heavier than air gas, it tends to flow into low-lying areas and then it will concentrate, and low concentrations then become higher concentrations. It may be fine where they have a meter but a mile away in a valley it could concentrate enough to knock a person dead. So if you're walking around or driving around on the coast in California and you blunder into an invisible cloud of hydrogen sulfide that has concentrated in a low-lying area or blown up out of a low-lying area after concentrating, that may be the last thing you ever do...

2018-09-01 - Hydrogen sulfide kills crewmember on tanker ship, another in critical condition, near coastal Maloy (Norway):

Quote: "Product tanker KEY FIGHTER requested medical assistance at 0430 LT Sep 1 in position north of Maloy, Norway, while en route from Averoy to Maloy, with cargo of rapeseed oil. Two crew were badly injured by exposing to hydrogen sulfide while working in tank – understood cargo tank. Both lost conscience and were recovered from tank by other crew, both airlifted by helicopter to be transferred to Alesund. One of them died, another is in critical condition. Tanker docked at Maloy at around 0500 UTC."

2018-08-29 - Hydrogen sulfide, e.g. sewer gas, evacuates corrections facility building in coastal Pensacola (Florida):

Quote: "The Escambia County Corrections Office building was evacuated on Wednesday around 11:30 a.m. after officials say staff reported a strong smell thought to be sewer gas."

2018-09-28 - Sargassum seaweed problem that began in 2011 is intensifying, killing sea life and causing hydrogen sulfide releases across the Caribbean:

Quote: "Problems with Sargassum only started to arise in 2011. Seemingly out of nowhere, the seaweed began to amass in huge quantities on 'beaches across the Caribbean, trapping sea turtles and filling the air with the stench of rotting egg,' according to a report in the journal Science. The foul odor stems from hydrogen sulfide, which the seaweed releases when it rots on land."

Quote: "Sargassum researchers do appear confident in two things, though. The first is that these algal blooms constitute a new type of natural disaster—one that, like hurricanes, can be expected every single year. The second is that this new risk is not entirely natural. Humans have made these blooms far more likely."

Note: Similar to the red tide and cyanobacteria blooms that have also been escalating in recent years around the world. Both the climate and the biosphere are changing rapidly now, and in ways that are detrimental to human survival...

2018-08-27 - Landfill spewing hydrogen sulfide and sickening people along the Mississippi River in River Ridge suburb of coastal New Orleans (Louisiana):

Quote: "Retired Jefferson Parish Deputy Nancy Pearson is concerned about the higher levels of hydrogen sulfide gas that may be coming from the landfill."

Quote: "People who live in the River Ridge area continue to complain about the odor coming from the landfill, and they say it is causing them health problems, such as nose bleeds and respiratory and eye irritation."

2018-08-24 - Hydrogen sulfide kills off life, especially oceanic life, when too much CO2 enters the atmosphere:

Quote: "Yao et al. report sulfur isotopic data from the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, an interval around 55 million years ago when atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations and global temperatures were also high. They found widespread anoxia and resulting high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide, which is toxic to marine organisms. Similar effects could have severe negative effects on ocean ecosystems."

Quote: "Of particular interest is the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), where the carbon dioxide input into the atmosphere was similar to the IPCC RCP8.5 emission scenario. Here we present sulfur-isotope data that record a positive 1 per mil excursion during the PETM. Modeling suggests that large parts of the ocean must have become sulfidic. The toxicity of hydrogen sulfide will render two of the largest and least explored ecosystems on Earth, the mesopelagic and bathypelagic zones, uninhabitable by multicellular organisms. This will affect many marine species whose ecozones stretch into the deep ocean."

Note: They're comparing the projections of the planet's atmosphere of today with what happened in the extinction event 55 million years ago. They should look even farther back in time, to what happened in the Permian-Triassic extinction event 252 million years ago. The Permian-Triassic extinction, sometimes called the 'Great Dying', was Earth's deadliest, killing off more life, by far, than any other extinction event. Anoxic conditions and hydrogen sulfide were widespread throughout the oceans in that extinction event as well. The IPCC's projections are preposterously conservative, which means that we won't merely be seeing an extinction event comparable to the one 55 million years ago (which would still be plenty bad enough to wipe out the human race) but one far worse than that, one comparable to the Permian-Triassic extinction event, or possibly even worse than that, because as we die off there will be several hundred nuclear reactors melting down too, which obviously wasn't a factor 252 million years ago...

2018-08-14 - Yellowstone emanating carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide in Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming):

Quote: "Yellowstone volcano is the subject of much speculation over whether there will be a major eruption in the future - but now National Park’s authorities have a more pressing issue to worry about as experts warned of toxic gases venting from the supervolcano."

Quote: "The two killers are poisonous levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S), which are concentrating around ground levels."

2018-08-04 - Massive sargassum blooms bringing hydrogen sulfide and ammonia to the French Antilles:

Quote: "H2S and NH3: hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, two of the toxic gases identified in the fumes. However, depending on the nature of these sargassums, other toxic components may be active, such as arsenic, which increases fear within the community."

2018-08-02 - Warming oceans threaten fish worldwide as oceans lose oxygen and hydrogen-sulfide-producing bacteria thrive:

Quote: "It is widely accepted that an increase in CO2 leads to warming, which then results in less oxygen in our oceans. Less oxygen allows sulfate-eating bacteria to thrive, which produces hydrogen sulfide — a broad-spectrum toxin which is lethal in small concentrations."

Note: Yeah, that threatens more than just fish. The oceans will start belching methane and hydrogen sulfide into the atmosphere and that will wipe out life on land too, exactly as has happened before in Earth's past. In fact, the ocean just belched up some gases the other day off the coast of Oceanside (California), mentioned in the 2018-07-31 update. That wasn't the first 'ocean outgassing event' either, nor even the first one this year. Such events are almost certainly why multiple cities on the coast in California have formed investigatory committees to determine why their cities are being mysteriously hit by hydrogen sulfide. Once this process escalates enough, that will be the end of the human race on this planet. Also, since methane and hydrogen sulfide are both highly flammable, they will cause abnormal fire behavior as they blow in off the coast and adsorb onto and into matter, and then who knows what kind of incredible and destructive fire behavior we might start seeing, like firenadoes the equivalent of EF3 tornadoes...

2018-08-02 - Lethal levels of hydrogen sulfide causing problems in wastewater collection system in Dayton (Ohio):

Quote: "The city of Dayton says the hydrogen sulfide concentration in a sewer interceptor on Wagner Ford Road has surpassed 2,000 parts per million (ppm), which is far higher than the level at which the gas is toxic and can be lethal, the city said. Hydrogen sulfide levels above 100 ppm are life-threatening. The colorless, flammable and extremely hazardous gas is known for its 'rotten egg' smell. It’s also called sewer gas, sour gas or stink damp."

2018-06-22 - Hydrogen sulfide blows through Moscow (Russia):

Quote: "The odor threshold of hydrogen sulfide was exceeded in the night of Friday in several districts of Moscow..."

2018-06-17 - Fracking fluid additives can cause delayed production of hydrogen sulfide in shale gas reservoirs:

Quote: "Surfactants and biocides such as sodium dodecyl sulfate and glutaraldehyde are shown to undergo hydrolysis and thermochemical sulfate reduction reactions under moderate reservoir conditions, with H2S as the final product accompanied with long chain alcohols and hydrogen sulfate as long-lived intermediate species. This finding suggests that fracture fluid additives can be responsible for the delayed production of natural reservoir H2S."

Note: So if we leave the gas in the ground, it's getting more sour, and eventually it will overpressurize and explode out of the ground on its own and kill everyone in the area, similar to the methane explosions and craters that have begun in Siberia. And if we take it out of the ground then the chemicals we use to do so cause H2S to be created in the reservoirs after the gas is gone. And even once the gas and oil are out of the ground, they can still sour - the US strategic oil reserves are now heavily contaminated with hydrogen sulfide...

2018-06-07 - Three workers hit pocket of hydrogen sulfide in the ground while drilling at Coastal Caverns in Beaumont (Texas), near the coast:

Quote: "Three workers at a gas storage site in south Beaumont were exposed to hydrogen sulfide gas and one was taken by EMS to a hospital, according to District Chief Scott Wheat of the Beaumont Fire Department. Wheat says the men were doing some boring when they hit the gas pocket Thursday morning at Coastal Caverns off the Highland Avenue extension."

2018-06-05 - Man who died in manhole may have encountered hydrogen sulfide, in coastal Cape Coral (Florida):

Quote: "The Cape Coral utility worker who died in a manhole Friday may have encountered hydrogen sulfide, according to the Cape Coral Fire Department."

2018-06-03 - Large number of fish found dead in Pangasinan Province (Philippine Islands):

Quote: "Rosario said the NIFTDC advised growers to relocate their pens and cages after the study discovered that the organic matter at the bottom of the channel was 30 centimeters thick. 'A high level of hydrogen sulfide, which is produced by anaerobic bacteria, was an indication that there is no oxygen at the bottom of the channel,' Rosario said."

2018-05-24 - Paper mill damaged by hydrogen sulfide tank explosion near Albury (Australia), 2 killed, 1 injured:

Quote: "Four workers - three Norske Skog staff and a contractor - were on a tank checking valves about 1.30pm after an annual maintenance shutdown. 'They were apparently all overcome, to varying degrees, by a gas, we think it's hydrogen sulphide,' Norske Skog Albury mill general manager Milo Foster told the local newspaper, The Border Mail. One man died at Albury Base Hospital on Thursday after sustaining burns and inhaling gas, while another worker died overnight. NSW Police confirmed on Friday a 37-year-old Lavington man died on Friday morning, while a 28-year-old Wodonga man died on Thursday. A report will be prepared for the coroner. A third worker remains in a critical condition."

2018-05-23 - Rotting seaweed producing hydrogen sulfide around coastal Warnbro Sound (Australia):

Quote: "'Hydrogen sulphide can be smelled at very low levels, well below the level where it causes any health effects, so simply smelling it is not a health issue. Based on the volume of wrack usually present in Warnbro Sound, the maximum level of hydrogen sulphide generated is extremely unlikely to pose any risk to human health.'"

Quote: "However, the spokesman said these odours were a short term problem which resolve quickly and were not detrimental to health."

Note: Not true - nobody knows what the long term effects are to human health of smelling even small quantities of hydrogen sulfide regularly. Also, just because they're measuring low concentrations doesn't mean a whole lot, since it's a heavier-than-air gas which will flow to - and then concentrate in - low-lying areas. Might it concentrate enough to create lethal clouds of gas? It doesn't take much to be lethal; 1 part per 1000 can kill a person with one breath. I certainly wouldn't rule out the possibility that it could concentrate to 0.1% hydrogen sulfide levels in low-lying areas when there's no wind and then blow onward at concentrated levels with the wind...

2018-05-07 - Three workers killed by hydrogen sulfide in sewage tank at apartments in coastal Kaohsiung (Taiwan):

Quote: "Three workers who were repairing a underground sewage tank under an apartment tower in Kaohsiung lost consciousness and were later declared dead yesterday (May 7), after they were suspected of inhaling poisonous hydrogen sulfide gas, reported Liberty Times."

Quote: "Hsu said a preliminary investigation showed that the concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the underground area reached 52 parts per million, far higher than the 10 ppm limit set by the law."

Quote: "Staff at the apartment said that Lin first entered the tank and because he stopped responding to his coworkers, Kao also entered the tank. When Kao also stopped responding, the supervisor sensed that something was wrong and told the building management to call the authorities before he went inside to investigate, never to be heard from again."

Note: Yep, the way they died one after another is common with hydrogen sulfide poisoning events. Someone succumbs, someone else goes to help and succumbs, then someone else goes to help and succumbs, and so on until someone eventually realizes that people keep going to help but nobody's coming back, so maybe it's best to just stay put or seek help...

2018-04-23 - Some lakes spewing hydrogen sulfide in southwestern Minnesota:

Quote: "Bacteria prevalent in the sulfur-rich soil of the area digests the decaying plant material and produces carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, which gives off the sulfur smell."

2018-04-05 - Landfill continues spewing hydrogen sulfide and methane and sickening people in Volokolamsk (Russia):

Quote: "The fresh air is now suffused with methane and hydrogen sulfide gas that, besides stinking like rotten eggs, can lift his heart rate to alarming levels."

Quote: "The protesters, some of them wearing surgical masks, complained about a wide range of things they have attributed to the gas fumes: cars that suddenly would not start; cats that keeled over dead; and most enraging of all, children suffering from nausea, dizziness and eczema."

2018-03-28 - Crude in the US Strategic Reserve contaminated with high levels of hydrogen sulfide:

Quote: "The three firms that raised concerns about high H2S levels were Royal Dutch Shell Co (RDSa.L), Australian bank Macquarie Group and PetroChina International America, the U.S. trading arm of state-owned energy firm PetroChina Co Ltd [601857.SS], according to the shipping documents, emails provided by the Energy Department in response to a public records request, and a department official who declined to be identified."

2018-03-21 - Landfill spews hydrogen sulfide and poisons 180+ people in Volokolamsk (Russia), angry people tussle with government officials:

Quote: "Kids have been hospitalised following a hydrogen sulphide leak from a waste dump, TASS news agency reported. Dozens of children have reportedly been treated or hospitalised after exposure to foul gases from the Yadrovo landfill near the city of Volokolamsk."

Quote: "Angry residents scuffled with government officials in a town near Moscow where dozens of children were brought to hospital after apparently breathing toxic gas leaked from a landfill. Pyotr Lazarev, the mayor of Volokolamsk, told Current Time TV that the children were rushed to hospital on March 21 with gas-poisoning symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, bleeding noses, and fainting."

Quote: "All of the children suffered from nausea and dizziness, and three of them also had skin rashes, the regional health ministry told RIA Novosti."

2018-03-20 - Hydrogen sulfide hitting coastal Sanibel Island (Florida):

Quote: "The smell can be tracked back to an excess of algae washing ashore, according to Dr. Rick Bartleson. It’s unclear how long the smell will last. 'Algae has a lot of sulfur in it and when it decomposes, the sulfur turns into hydrogen sulfide, which is sort of like a rotten egg smell,' Bartleson said."

2018-03-07 - People meet to discuss recurring instances of hydrogen sulfide blowing through coastal Goleta (California):

Quote: "About 50 people jammed Goleta City Hall on Wednesday night in search of solutions to one of the city’s foulest problems: noxious odors that smell like rotten eggs. Every so often, Goleta residents, mostly in the western part of the city, smell the stinky odor of hydrogen sulfide. It reminds people of rotten eggs and can permeate the air for miles. And unlike a mysterious fog that one can see looming over the city like a scene out of a 1950s B-movie, hydrogen sulfide is invisible and no one quite knows when it is going to be present, or for how long it will stay."

Note: Having meetings (Goleta) or forming investigative committees (Huntington Beach) isn't going to solve the problem. The problem is that both cities are on the downwind edge of the landfill formerly known as the Pacific Ocean. They're not gonna be solving that problem...

2018-02-20 - Jessie Lake spewing hydrogen sulfide in Alberta near Bonnyville (Canada):

Quote: "This summer, the LICA plans on conducting further water testing after air quality samples taken by the organization last year revealed high levels of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas coming from the lake."

2018-02-13 - Landfill spewing hydrogen sulfide across broad area in Scott County (Mississippi):

Quote: "Residents within a 10-mile radius are feeling the effects of the odor in the air. In December the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) requested that Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health (CTEH) initiate an air monitoring and sampling in response to odor concerns by the residents. One test conducted by the CTEH identified Hydrogen sulfide."

2018-02-09 - Drilling rig hits pocket of hydrogen sulfide, near Coyanosa (Texas), several sickened:

Quote: "Several oilfield workers were taken to the hospital after a hydrogen sulfide pocket was hit on Friday. According to the Reeves County Sheriff's Office, one of their deputies responded to a report of an oilfield accident on County Road 103 south of Coyanosa at 11:30 a.m. When the deputy arrived on scene at the oil rig they found that an H2S pocket had been hit."

Note: They're lucky to be alive...

2018-01-16 - Landfill spewing hydrogen sulfide in Perinton (New York):

Quote: "Homeowners who live within a five-mile radius have been complaining of a rotten egg, chemical garbage type of stench since last summer. The stinky smell has even caused a distraction for students and teachers at schools in the Fairport Central School District. Residents are worried about the landfill's odor and its effect on their health."

Quote: "Fairport Central School District Superintendent Brett Provenzano said it's a distraction for teachers and students. For the past week, he's received two separate complaints about the smell. He said even parents are speaking up about it. 'I'm being told it's the hydrogen sulfide. It sort of smells like rotten eggs,' he said."

2018-01-10 - Hydrogen sulfide emanates from sewers at school in Nashville (Tennessee):

Quote: "Fire department officials said the smell was coming from the sewage line and was not dangerous. Everyone was cleared to come back inside. A school administrator told News 4 that someone smelled something and thought it was possibly a gas leak, so they called the fire department to investigate."

Quote: "A phone message sent to Overton parents said staff arriving to the school noticed a strong 'sulfur' smell and maintenance crews were called."

Quote: "The Nashville Fire Department said the smell is isolated to the school’s auditorium and is hydrogen sulfide from a backed up sewer. The Fire Chief described the smell as 'sewer gas' and said it is not hazardous."

Note: 'Not hazardous'?! Hydrogen sulfide is as deadly as hydrogen cyanide, which is what they use to execute people in gas chambers, and the British used it to kill German soldiers during trench warfare in WWI. Moreover, nobody anywhere knows what the long-term effects are of breathing it, regardless of concentration, but whatever the effects are, they're surely not good. In any case, this is yet another example of people thinking there's a natural gas leak when in fact what they are smelling is hydrogen sulfide, not the odorant added to natural gas...

2018-01-04 - Oceanic oxygen levels dropping all across the planet:

Quote: "In the past 50 years, the amount of water in the open ocean with zero oxygen has gone up more than fourfold. In coastal water bodies, including estuaries and seas, low-oxygen sites have increased more than 10-fold since 1950. Scientists expect oxygen to continue dropping even outside these zones as Earth warms."

Quote: "Low oxygen also can trigger the release of dangerous chemicals such as nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas up to 300 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, and toxic hydrogen sulfide."

Note: That's what I said six years ago. And since then the number of rotten-egg-smelling unknown 'gas odor' events has been climbing, especially in coastal areas, but elsewhere too. The oceans and all the traditional sources of hydrogen sulfide have begun spewing more and more hydrogen sulfide into the atmosphere. That's what has wiped out life on this planet before and it's going to do the same thing this time...

2018-01-04 - Hydrogen sulfide blowing around in coastal Goleta (California), meeting scheduled for Jan 10:

Quote: "A bad smell in West Goleta is the subject of an upcoming meeting. Hydrogen sulfide is creating a rotten egg odor in the Ellwood Canyon Area, where there are natural seeps as well as oil and agriculture work. Goleta city leaders want to tell locals what steps they can take if they smell a noxious odor. The meeting is Wednesday, January 10 at 6 p.m. at Ellwood School."

2017-12-25 - Hydrogen sulfide kills 3 workers at gas plant in Zaltan (Libya):

2017-12-20 - Hydrogen sulfide almost kills man, employer never reported it, other coverups mentioned, in Saskatchewan (Canada):

Quote: "One moment, he was a 46-year-old hockey-playing oilfield worker connecting a hose to a valve at a rural Saskatchewan production facility in February 2014. The next, his face was sprayed with a mixture of oil, water and gas. He inhaled and swallowed it. His medical records show that soup was laced with hydrogen sulphide (H2S), a toxic gas that carries risks to the human body ranging from burning vocal chords and olfactory senses to causing instant death. Three years later, Crawford’s body struggles to complete its most basic tasks: chew food, swallow, taste, smell, speak properly, breathe clearly and sleep soundly."

Quote: "A corrosive gas that is fatal to humans in high concentrations is a non-toxic substance under Canadian environmental law, say federal researchers in a new proposal. Staff at Health Canada and Environment and Climate Change Canada came to this conclusion in a draft assessment of hydrogen sulfide, published in September. The proposal found that the gas, also known as H2S or sour gas, does not enter the environment in quantities, concentrations or conditions 'that constitute or may constitute a danger in Canada to human life or health.'"

Quote: "Their conclusion is at odds with the substance’s track record — in the last five years alone, H2S has killed at least one oilpatch worker, sickened dozens of others and left livestock dead in a pasture in a small corner of Saskatchewan."

Note: Someone should fill a room up with H2S at 1 part per thousand concentration (0.1 percent hydrogen sulfide) and anyone who wants to call it non-toxic can go into that room for five minutes. Then the room can be cleared and their corpse can be dragged out. And after every corpse is dragged out, someone can say, 'Anyone else think hydrogen sulfide is non-toxic? Don't be shy, step right up!' I bet they'd run out of people willing to claim it's non-toxic real fuggin' fast...

2017-12-18 - Residents still sickening from hydrogen sulfide from well blowout in Missouri City (Texas):

Quote: "Despite assurances from state officials that air emissions from a recent oil well blowout in Fort Bend County pose no danger, residents say fumes from the spill are making them sick. 'Something is going on out here. I can't breathe. I'm coughing all the time and I feel like I'm smothering,' Coca Dawson said. A resident of nearby Quail Glenn subdivision, Dawson babysits her 2-year-old grandson during the week and voiced concerns he was also getting sick."

Quote: "Residents near the site complain of a foul smell that causes headaches, nausea and burning eyes, reportedly caused by Hydrogen Sulfide emissions from the blowout. Students and teachers at Blue Ridge Elementary School, located less than four miles from the site, have also reportedly voiced concerns about the air emission."

2017-12-09 - Well blowout continues spewing hydrogen sulfide in Missouri City (Texas):

Quote: "Workers continue to clean up an oil well blowout in Missouri City that had residents worried Wednesday. The blowout, which is an uncontrollable release of oil, was reported in the vicinity of Texas Parkway and the Fort Bend Parkway Toll Road, city officials said. A worker told KPRC 2 that a crew was drilling for oil when it began to spew. The odor impacted area communities, but is not considered dangerous, officials said. Residents were asked to remain inside until the odor dissipated. After four days, the foul smell of rotten eggs continues to linger in several areas, which leaves residents frustrated and demanding answers."

Quote: "Officials said the spill wasn't an oil, but rather a chemical compound called hydrogen sulfide, a gas used at the site. Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless gas and depending on the amount of its exposure, could be poisonous with a wide range of health effects. 'Depend on how much hydrogen sulfide you breathe and for how long,' Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials said."

Note: They hadn't mentioned that it was hydrogen sulfide when this first occurred, but I said then that that is probably what it was, in the 2017-12-06 update. This definitely means that the gas in the ground that they're drilling for there is very 'sour' and contains significant amounts of hydrogen sulfide. They're smart to get it out of the ground before it becomes MORE sour and comes out of the ground on its own, but obviously the drilling process isn't always perfectly safe and thus living in areas where there's a lot of gas in the ground can be dangerous...

2017-11-27 - Oil-shale fire erupts on cliff at beach near coastal Santa Barbara (California):

Quote: "A small, naturally occurring oil-shale fire was burning Monday in a hillside about a mile west of Arroyo Burro Beach near Santa Barbara."

Quote: "Officials recommend staying away from the immediate area because low levels of hydrogen sulfide have been detected within 50 feet of the cliff face."

2017-11-19 - Three workers killed by hydrogen sulfide, six more injured, at refinery in coastal Dalian (China):

Quote: "Three workers were killed and six others injured during a suspected gas leak at a PetroChina-operated refinery in Dalian on Saturday evening, state media said on Monday. The men working for Henan Yanling Jingshun Petrochemical Machinery Equipment Co Ltd were carrying out maintenance at the West Pacific Petrochemical Corp (WEPEC) plant, in northeast Liaoning province. They were thought to have been poisoned by hydrogen sulphide, a highly toxic gas found in natural gas and crude petroleum, the China News report said."

2017-11-08 - Hydrogen sulfide blowing around in Birmingham and Royal Oak (Michigan), near the Rogue River:

Quote: "There’s something foul in Birmingham and Royal Oak. Just ask the hundreds of residents who’ve flooded the phone lines of the Birmingham and Royal Oak fire departments along with Consumers Energy in the last few weeks reporting a gas smell. Royal Oak assistant Fire Chief Jim Cook says an odor of gas can be detected when crews go out to investigate but when Consumers arrives with it’s equipment, no gas leak can be found. Most of the calls are in the area of 14 mile and Coolidge, west of Crooks and East of Woodward."

Quote: "Cook says after weeks of searching they believe the culprit is hydrogen sulfide. A common sewer gas which at low levels may not present a health threat, but at higher levels can be deadly."

Note: Like I've said numerous times, people are confusing the smell of the additive added to natural gas, methyl mercaptan, with the smell of hydrogen sulfide. This is another example of that...

2017-11-08 - Chemical plant leaks hydrogen sulfide in Corunna, near Sarnia (Canada):

Quote: "A chemical plant near Sarnia evacuated workers Wednesday afternoon after a hydrogen sulphide leak, a plant worker said. Staff at the Nova Chemicals site in Corunna, south of Sarnia, were told to evacuate at about 4:45 p.m., the plant source, who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisal, told the Star and Global News. An alert issued by the nearby First Nations community of Aamjiwnaang stated the chemical spilled was hydrogen sulphide. It's not clear when the leak began."

Quote: "The City of Sarnia didn't send notice of the incident to its residents."

2017-11-01 - Hydrogen sulfide smog hits Lahore (Pakistan):

Quote: "Experts said that greenhouse effect, Hydrogen Sulphide and 'high level reading' of pollution in the air were the major reasons of dense smog in the provincial metropolis."

2017-10-16 - Two men, 25 and 27, killed by hydrogen sulfide in coastal Tainan (Taiwan):

Quote: "Two Vietnamese workers appear to have succumbed to hydrogen sulfide poisoning before falling into wastewater tank..."

2017-10-13 - Well leaks hydrogen sulfide near Velma (Oklahoma), homes evacuated:

Quote: "According to the Stephens County Sheriffs Department, when first responders arrived at the scene around 11:15 Friday night they found large amounts of a hazardous gas called H2S in the air. Homes in the area of Highway 7 and Texaco Road were evacuated."

2017-10-10 - Hydrogen sulfide in the late hours and wee hours hitting coastal Goleta (California):

Quote: "Residents in western Goleta are complaining about a bad odor in the early mornings and late evenings. Resident Paula Reynosa says she's noticed the odor for a couple of days now, some days worse than others. 'Smells like rotten eggs, very putrid. It just gets into your nose and it's kind of like irritating to your breathing. (I) noticed a lot more coughing, a lot more sneezing,' she said. Janet Belch says this isn't the first time she's had to deal with the smell. 'I've experienced it for many, many years as an on and off thing and we've all asked a number of times to have it be investigated,' she said. The Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District and agencies are investigating the cause. Inspectors detected hydrogen sulfide, a gas that produces a rotten egg smell, in the Elwood Canyon area on Sunday."

Note: About 117 miles northeast of Huntington Beach, where they just formed a committee to investigate why THEIR city is being hit by hydrogen sulfide, mentioned in the 2017-10-02 update. And roughly in the middle, between Goleta and Huntington Beach, in coastal Malibu, Tom Petty recently dropped dead at age 66, also mentioned in the 2017-10-02 update...

2017-10-04 - Hydrogen sulfide killing plants around the Salish Sea in the Pacific Northwest:

Quote: "Eelgrass is widely distributed in the Salish Sea region of the Pacific Northwest. Recently, however, loss of these plants is commonly reported. While no single culprit has been identified, there is evidence that local increases in Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) concentration may kill seedlings before they reach mature plant status. This could result in plant losses at specific locations. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a chemical compound notoriously toxic to humans and animals because it interferes with cellular respiration. More recently, studies have shown that it is also toxic to plants."

Note: The Pacific Northwest is where marine life was first spotted fleeing the depths of the ocean, in 2002. That's where hydrogen sulfide is produced in the oceans - in the depths. That marine life was fleeing death. The problem has undoubtedly gotten much worse since 2002, thus the rise of 'unknown gas odors' around the world, the rise in car fires and other mysterious fires, people mysteriously dropping dead, the whitening of the Sun, etc. So the fact that it is in this area that they've noticed hydrogen sulfide killing coastal plants isn't all that surprising. It took a while to move from killing the deep sea life in this area to killing life on the edge of the sea. It's getting into the atmosphere now too, randomly blowing around, hitting a beach here or a school there...

2017-10-02 - Hydrogen sulfide blowing off the ocean prompts committee to investigate in coastal Huntington Beach (California):

Quote: "The Huntington Beach City Council formed a committee Monday to address the mysterious foul odors afflicting the community. The council voted 6-0 to work with other agencies to identify the source of the sulfur-like smell and possible solutions. Councilman Erik Peterson was absent."

Quote: "Councilman Billy O’Connell, expressing dissatisfaction with the progress of the South Coast Air Quality Management District in responding to complaints of the smell of hydrogen sulfide, suggested the city create an ad hoc committee to work with residents and create a 'Coastal Area Odors work plan.'"

Quote: "One city councilmember says the smell has gotten worse..."

Note: First time they've explicitly mentioned that it's hydrogen sulfide hitting the coast in this area, not just a 'foul odor' or 'sulfur odor'. I was 99.99% sure that's what it was before they even said so - what else could it be? Nobody anywhere knows what chronically breathing even small amounts of hydrogen sulfide does to people. And this certainly explains the nausea and headaches - those are light hydrogen sulfide poisoning symptoms. I wouldn't be at all surprised if there's more people suffering seizures, 'medical events', strokes, heart attacks, memory loss problems and 'untimely deaths' in this area. In any case, if you're living in Huntington Beach, Seal Beach or Long Beach and you smell a 'rotten egg' odor or 'sulfur odor', you're being poisoned. But there's a committee investigating it, so now we'll see if the committee can investigate the problem away. It's Earth versus a committee!

2017-09-30 - Seven people gassed to death by hydrogen sulfide at pond at egg factory in Bogor (Indonesia):

Quote: "Seven people were found dead after allegedly inhaling Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas at a 16 square-meter pond containing egg carton waste at a factory in Parungpanjang, Bogor, on Saturday."

Quote: "Three of the victims were workers who were cleaning the 4-meter deep waste pond, while the remaining were residents who tried to save the poisoned workers. 'Each person who went to the pond, fainted then died,' Bogor Police Head Adj. Sr. Comr. Andi Muhammad Dicy said on Saturday as quoted by The victims are identified as Mulyadi, 19;  Joko, 30; Ade setiawan, 40; Iwan, 35; Into, 17; Dedi Junaedi, 45; and Samsuri, 45."

2017-09-29 - Former gas well leaking hydrogen sulfide in Norfolk County (Canada):

Quote: "Emergency officials have discovered another toxic gas leak in Norfolk County, Ont. According to a news release, staff from the local Health Unit and Norfolk Fire and Rescue found the leak at a County-owned woodlot at 1925 Forestry Farm Road, northwest of the intersection of McDowall Road. The county says a former gas well inside the forested area was leaking small amounts of Hydrogen Sulphide gas. The gas - which is lethal and flammable at high concentrations and causes people to lose the ability to smell it - was also found at a natural gas well in an area between Silver Hill and Langton over the summer. Close to two dozen homes were evacuated as a result of that leak, but that order was lifted in mid-September."

2017-09-21 - Hydrogen sulfide regularly hitting coastal Huntington Beach (California):

Quote: "The post came after several residents, including Ocean View School District board President Gina Clayton-Tarvin, showed up to Monday’s City Council meeting to complain. They said the problem has been occurring off and on for about two years, with a particularly bad occurrence Aug. 29. 'It was so overwhelming — I thought I had a gas leak in the home,' Clayton-Tarvin said. South Coast Air Quality Management District spokesman Sam Atwood said monitoring equipment in the area recorded the highest measured concentration of hydrogen sulfide odor this year on Aug. 29 — some 16 parts per billion."

Quote: "Seal Beach and Long Beach residents have reported similar odors."

Quote: "Residents report that the odor causes headaches, nausea and sore throats."

Quote: "However, the symptoms associated with this level of exposure are temporary and do not cause any long-term health effects."

Note: The latter comment is bullsh#t - no studies have been done on the long-term effects of human beings chronically breathing hydrogen sulfide even at low concentrations. Also, just because their sensors pick it up at 16 ppb doesn't mean that it stays at that concentration. It's a heavier-than-air gas so it will accumulate and concentrate in low-lying areas like valleys, wherever there's water, inside dumpsters or basements, etc. If it concentrates and reaches 1 part per thousand then it may be immediately lethal and kill people nigh-instantly, the so-called 'Slaughterhouse Sledgehammer Effect', where you're dead before your body hits the ground. Will it concentrate to that degree in this area? I dunno, but I wouldn't bet my life that it doesn't...

2017-09-20 - Well leaks hydrogen sulfide and sickens 29 people near Orenburg Oblast (Russia):

Quote: "Twenty nine people from whom children, have addressed physicians with complaints to poisoning after emission of hydrogen sulfide in the Orenburg region. Have reported about it to TASS in the regional Ministry of Health. In total with complaints to nausea and dizziness have addressed to medical out-patient clinic residents of the settlement of Samorodovo from whom children."

2017-09-19 - Hydrogen sulfide blowing around in Seminole County (Florida):

Quote: "Orlando officials also noted that heavy rains can saturate the groundwater, resulting in a sulfur-like smell similar to rotten eggs."

Quote: "Tree debris settling in low, swampy areas, creating hydrogen sulfide..."

Note: Biodegrading stuff in anaerobic conditions is producing hydrogen sulfide - that's what's going on here. Now it'll accumulate and concentrate in low-lying areas, being a heavier-than-air gas. Will that create small clouds of lethal gas that blow around invisibly knocking people dead or unconscious here and there? Who knows. I wouldn't be betting my life on that NOT happening...

2017-09-12 - Hole found spewing hydrogen sulfide, worker sickened, in coastal Corpus Christi (Texas):

Quote: "Emergency crews are in the area of Sedwick Road, and Stillwell Lane, near Clarkwood Road in Annaville, for an H2S chemical leak after a worker in the area was hospitalized when he came across a hole in the ground filled with a bubbling liquid, according to officials on scene. Hazmat crews were called to the area to investigate, and they located the hole the worker was speaking of. Hazmat crews confirmed readings of H2S (hydrogen sulfide) coming from that hole."

Note: Sounds similar to the hydrogen sulfide leaking from an underground gas pocket at a property in Langton (Canada), mentioned in the 2017-08-18 update...

2017-09-08 - Salton Sea spews hydrogen sulfide again in the Coachella Valley (California), odor advisory issued:

Quote: "This advisory is in effect today, Friday, September 8, 2017, and will expire at midnight on Monday evening."

2017-09-07 - Salton Sea spews hydrogen sulfide again in the Coachella Valley (California), odor advisory issued:

Quote: "The South Coast Air Quality Management District has issued an odor advisory Thursday for the Coachella Valley due to elevated levels of a gas that smells like rotten eggs.  That gas – hydrogen sulfide – is associated with natural processes occurring in the Salton Sea."

2017-09-04 - Salton Sea belches up more hydrogen sulfide in California, odor advisory issued:

2017-09-01 - Hydrogen sulfide again hits Moscow (Russia):

Quote: "MOSCOW, 2 Sep — RIA Novosti. Level of hydrogen sulfide has exceeded extreme admissible concentration (in the masculine maximum allowable concentration) of harmful substances in the atmosphere in the southeast of Moscow on Friday night, reports to GPBU 'Moskekomonitoring'."

2017-08-30 - Two men killed by hydrogen sulfide, three more injured, at coal plant in Shippingport (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "Those closest to the work, Bachner and John Michael Gorchock, died at the scene. The others weren't at the bottom of the well when the incident happened. 'It (the gas) got to them quick and they were overcome,' Brewer said. He characterized hydrogen sulfide as a 'sewer gas.'"

2017-08-29 - Wastewater station spewing hydrogen sulfide in coastal Port Adelaide (Australia):

Quote: "Actionis being taken to control a rotten egg smell coming from the Port Adelaide wastewater pump station in West Lakes – just weeks after protestors kicked up a stink about the stench."

Quote: "It comes after the Portside Weekly last month revealed that the smell was so intense, residents were waking up in the mornings with headaches from being exposed to it."

Quote: "Peter Laznicka said he and wife Sarka had been 'overwhelmed by hydrogen sulphide' – the gas that smells like rotten eggs and is released during the plants treatment works."

Quote: "The new fixtures – which do not have a budget – are expected to be in place by July next year."

Note: Excellent, so people in the area will only have to be poisoned by lowish levels of deadly hydrogen sulfide for another eleven months. Nobody knows what that does to a person, but I guarantee it's not good. I wouldn't be surprised if the number of people in that area dropping dead from heart attacks or 'Sudden Adult Death Syndrome' doesn't increase markedly in the next months...

2017-08-28 - Hydrogen sulfide again hits Moscow (Russia):

Quote: "Mosecomonitoring has recorded last night quadruple excess of content in hydrogen sulfide air in the east of the capital, have reported in ecological service."

2017-08-22 - Hydrogen sulfide hits part of coastal Brisbane (Australia):

Quote: "Police have closed a Brisbane city street and people have been evacuated from buildings after reports of a 'strong rotten egg smell', according to an emergency services spokesman."

Quote: "Queensland Fire and Emergency Services area commander Ted Ireland had initially told The Courier-Mail that while the source of the hydrogen sulphide gas leak had not been found, the sewerage system may have let out the gas when it had a 'little burp'. But further investigations have found there were no sewerage lines running directly under the TPG Telecom House."

Note: Hydrogen sulfide is probably 'leaking' from the ocean right there next to the city...

2017-08-18 - Hydrogen sulfide leaks from underground gas pocket at property in Langton (Canada):

Quote: "This leak didn’t involve a utility, a ruptured pipe or some sheepish backhoe operator who didn’t call before he dug. Rather, this was a significant, sustained emission from a raw underground deposit. Norfolk Mayor Charlie Luke reported Friday afternoon that the leak occurred in the area of 1586 North Walsingham Road 10. After first responders arrived, the order was given to evacuate everyone within 400 metres of the leak."

Quote: "There are 'significant levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) related to a gas well' at a property on 10 Concession Road, Langton, the health unit stated in a media release issued on Friday night. Hydrogen sulfide smells like rotten eggs and at high levels can be flammable, said a fact sheet provided by the health unit."

Note: Oddly, none of those stories mention that hydrogen sulfide can cause people to experience permanent problems like not being alive anymore. Hydrogen sulfide's deadliness was the reason why the British weaponized it in WWI to kill German soldiers during trench warfare. It's as deadly as hydrogen cyanide, which is what they use to execute people in gas chambers. It's definitely not something you want spewing randomly from the ground on your property...

2017-08-15 - Hydrogen sulfide hits Lake Havasu City and large swath of Mohave County (Arizona):

Quote: "The odd smell that wafted into Lake Havasu City on Tuesday is believed have come from California’s Salton Sea, which has recently experienced high hydrogen sulfide levels. The smell of sulfur spread not only to Lake Havasu City, but throughout Mohave County, according to Havasu fire officials. An odor reportedly resembling 'rotten eggs' permeated Northwestern Arizona Tuesday, in areas including Havasu and Kingman. The origin of that odor, according to Havasu Fire Chief Brian Davis, may be California’s Salton Sea."

Note: Didn't see any hydrogen sulfide odor advisories issued for the Salton Sea, so maybe this was just a big cloud of hydrogen sulfide blowing through the atmosphere from the ocean off the West Coast and not settling close to the ground until the cloud reached Arizona. On the other hand, the Salton Sea IS turning into a veritable hydrogen-sulfide-spewing gas factory, so who knows...

2017-08-10 - Hydrogen sulfide (e.g. sewer gas) hits mall in Fredericton (Canada), mistaken for natural gas:

Quote: "Shoppers and workers at Regent Mall had to be evacuated Thursday night after reports of a natural gas smell. The Fredericton Fire Department says it received a report of a natural gas odour at the front of Walmart around 8:30 p.m. Enbridge Gas employees went through the mall with their gas detectors, but did not find any signs of natural gas. Officials believe the smell was sewer gas, and gave the all-clear just before 10 p.m."

2017-08-08 - Sewage plant leaks hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen cyanide at 6:30 AM in coastal Chelsea (Massachusetts):

Quote: "The Chelsea Fire Department said a detail firefighter detected hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen sulfide around 6:30 a.m., prompting the hazmat response."

2017-08-04 - Wastewater plant leaks hydrogen sulfide in St. Clairsville (Ohio):

Quote: "Residents of a five-block radius around St. Clairsville's wastewater treatment plant were asked to evacuate their homes Friday morning due to a chemical leak. Cumberland Trail Fire Chief John Slavik said at about 9:30 a.m., his department received a call regarding an incident at the wastewater treatment plant in the vicinity of Legion Road. Officials determined the chemical that leaked was hydrogen sulfide, which can lead to serious health effects under prolonged exposure."

Note: Not just serious health effects under prolonged exposure, but death from one breath if the concentration in the air is 0.1% hydrogen sulfide or higher - the so-called 'Slaughterhouse Sledgehammer Effect', where you're dead before your body hits the ground...

2017-08-02 - Hydrogen sulfide knocks worker unconscious in sewer in Maryland Heights (Missouri):

Quote: "The man was working eight feet down and was trapped in a 21-inch in diameter pipe. The hydrogen sulfide levels were high."

2017-07-29 - Hydrogen sulfide detector goes off on Deansway in Chesham (Britain):

Quote: "Saturday 29 July, 2.51pm Hydrogen sulphide detector sounding, Deansway, Chesham. One appliance and crew from Amersham, one from Hemel Hempstead and an officer attended. Firefighters used a gas monitor."

2017-07-25 - LaBonte Lake spewing hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide in Laramie (Wyoming):

Quote: "The temperature of the lake has exceeded 50 degrees and eliminated the thermocline that would have been responsible for keeping decaying material found at the bottom of the lake from surfacing. This decaying material is the source of the odor as it is releasing both carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide."

Note: The same things is happening to the oceans as they heat up. The difference is that the oceans will ultimately spew enough hydrogen sulfide to exterminate most life on the surface of the Earth, just as has happened before in Earth's past. Bugs, weeds, bacteria, jellyfish, fungi - that'll be the stuff that survives best. Higher life forms will mostly all die. Human beings are one of THE most vulnerable species to extinction events like the current one, so there's basically no chance of human beings surviving on this planet. Anybody could already drop dead or burn to death by tomorrow, and things are only going to get worse from here on out...

2017-07-24 - Hydrogen sulfide odor advisory issued again for the Salton Sea (California):

2017-07-23 - Refinery releases hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide in Sulphur (Louisiana):

Quote: "Dick Gremillion, director of Calcasieu's Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, said he received word that sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide were released from the refinery Sunday afternoon."

2017-07-22 - Animal life dying off hard, odor of hydrogen sulfide present, at Lake Karasun in Krasnodar (Russia):

Quote: "The inhabitants of Krasnodar reported that something strange was going on in Lake Karasun. A video appeared on the Internet, the author of which declares that the local fauna is dying massively in the Karasun lakes. In addition, there is a stable smell of hydrogen sulfide in the district, Live Kuban reports."

2017-07-21 - Concrete pipe corrodes from leaking hydrogen sulfide, sinkhole forms, in Evansville (Indiana):

Quote: "A sinkhole on Evansville's south side appears to have been caused by a sewer gas leak. This update is per Water and Sewer Utility officials. The hole formed on Sweetser Avenue next to Glenwood Leadership Academy. We're told a 54 inch concrete pipe buried 25 feet underground sprung a sewer gas leak. That gas then corroded the surface above."
Note: There are two 'sewer gases', hydrogen sulfide and methane, but only hydrogen sulfide is corrosive to concrete and steel...

2017-07-14 - 'Sewer gas', e.g. hydrogen sulfide, sickens 29 people at health clinic in Madison (Wisconsin):

Quote: "Twenty-nine people were taken to hospitals Friday after becoming ill at a University of Wisconsin-Madison health clinic, the Madison Fire Department reported. The cause of the outbreak about 10:30 a.m. at the UW Health West Clinic in the 400 block of Junction Road remained under investigation Friday, according to a Fire Department news release. Clinic officials were exploring whether sewer gas entered the building, according to the release."

Quote: "A patient who was being taken to a hospital said the smell of sewer gas that wafted into the ambulance was similar to the odor she smelled inside the clinic."

Quote: "'The hazardous materials team checked the air quality, and all levels indicated normal amounts of oxygen and no carbon monoxide,' Schuster said."

Note: You can have normal levels of oxygen and no carbon monoxide and still fall over dead from inhaling one breath of hydrogen sulfide. Also, there are two sewer gases, methane and hydrogen sulfide. One of them, methane, is odorless. So when someone SMELLS 'sewer gas', it's hydrogen sulfide...

2017-07-11 - Hydrogen sulfide hitting areas in coastal Royal Park (Australia):

Quote: "A rotten egg smell coming from SA Water’s Wastewater Pump Station on Frederick Rd is causing a stink among nearby residents and businesses. Peter and Sarka Laznicka, who live on adjacent Lochside Dr in West Lakes, said the smell is so intense they wake up in the mornings with headaches from being exposed to it."

Quote: "Dr Laznicka, a retired geology professor, said residents had been overwhelmed by hydrogen sulphide — the gas that smells like rotten eggs — for decades until it subsided for a period, only to recently make a return. 'Several years ago, SA Water started pumping sewage to Bolivar (and) the smell stopped, now it is back,' Dr Laznicka said. 'Sometimes it terribly smells from canals under Wilson St, or a smelly cloud envelopes the neighbourhood. It seems that the hydrogen sulphide release starts in certain times of day, maybe at night, or on weekends. We are powerless to move authorities to do anything.'"

2017-07-07- Three men die gassed to death by hydrogen sulfide in sewer manhole on the island of Saipan:

Quote: "Preliminary findings reveal all three victims were exposed to high levels of hydrogen sulfide gas built up inside the tank."

2017-07-05 - Hydrogen-sulfide-producing bacteria dominate hydraulically fractured oil and gas wells:

Quote: "Practiced for only the last decade, not much is known about the microbial ecosystems in the fracture networks. Sulfide-producing microbes cause multiple problems for drilling operations. Hydrogen sulfide can 'sour' a well and must be separated from oil and gas in an expensive process. Sulfides can be toxic to the workers on the drilling pad and can also corrosively degrade metal pipelines."

2017-06-27 - Hydrogen sulfide spewing again from the Salton Sea (California), odor advisory issued:

2017-06-26 - Hydrogen sulfide hits Moscow (Russia):

Quote: "Such abnormal phenomena for Moscow and the Moscow region have already become familiar. In recent times excess of hydrogen sulfide in the air over the Russian capital was marked on may 17 and 18."

2017-06-23 - Five people killed by hydrogen sulfide in wastewater treatment pond at food processing plant in coastal Bangkok (Thailand):

Quote: "The incident began after Pantika Tasuwan, the Chulalongkorn University intern, fell into the pond and the other four attempted a rescue. The employee and three security guards leaped into the pond but were overwhelmed by hydrogen sulfide and suffocated to death, Lt. Col. Phumwattana Ritthong of Bang Na police said."

Quote: "Four were pronounced dead on the scene while a fifth later died at the Bang Na 1 Hospital."

2017-06-22 - Man, 40, killed by hydrogen sulfide in sewer pit at meat shop in Decatur (Indiana):

Quote: "Justin Manley was pronounced dead Wednesday afternoon at the scene after emergency crews were called to Manley Meats after the two men were found unresponsive in the sewer pit. The autopsy says Justin Manley’s death was 'asphyxia due to drowning due to hydrogen sulfide gas toxicity.' His death has been ruled accidental."

2017-06-22 - Salton Sea spewing hydrogen sulfide again in California:

Quote: "As if high temperatures weren't bad enough, local residents will need to deal with the stench of rotten eggs for the next few days. The smell is coming from the Salton Sea, where elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide have developed. It's caused by decaying organic matter."

2017-06-22 - Lower Owens River emitting hydrogen sulfide near coastal Los Angeles (California):

Quote: "'County staff has been monitoring conditions on the river, and we are observing low levels of dissolved oxygen in the river, as well as a distinctive hydrogen sulfide (“rotten egg”) odor, which is indicative of anaerobic (no oxygen) conditions,' Water Director Dr. Bob Harrington said."

2017-06-15 - Landfill spewing hydrogen sulfide, students and teachers sickening, some with cancer, in coastal Brookhaven (New York):

Quote: "The school in Bellport stands next to a massive landfill that’s been the source of odor complaints for years. 'The kids have problems with the breathing, our eyes are irritated constantly, I have chronic dizziness,' 5th grade teacher Allison Schelin told CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff. Teachers who work at Frank P Long Intermediate School cited nearly identical ailments."

Quote: "The results showed no release of VOCs, but high readings of hydrogen sulfide around the site."

2017-06-09 - Underground pits spewing hydrogen sulfide into coastal Tokyo (Japan):

Quote: "Efforts to eliminate bad smells in shopping areas, entertainment districts and other parts of Tokyo are gaining steam as the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics approach. Unpleasant smells are often from hydrogen sulfide generated in drainage pits installed underneath buildings."

Note: The Olympics, now with extra poison gas!

2017-06-03 - Hydrogen sulfide poisoning seriously sickens teacher, woman, at school in coastal Port St. Lucie (Florida):

2017-05-30 - Sewers found leaking hydrogen sulfide in Salem (Ohio):

Quote: "A section of Southeast Boulevard was closed for two hours Sunday evening after a resident reported the smell of natural gas. The Salem Fire Department responded to the 2200 block of Southeast Boulevard at 5:54 p.m. where a resident reported the smell of rotten eggs and sulfur. Firefighters found the smell coming from the sanitary sewer system and detected a high level of hydrogen sulfide."

Note: People are obviously confusing the smell of hydrogen sulfide with the odorant added to natural gas, as this event illustrates. This isn't the first time...

2017-05-23 - Hydrogen sulfide getting into the water supply in Mamou (Louisiana):

Quote: "According to microbiologist Wilma Subra, the color is caused by iron and manganese, secondary contaminants that are considered only aesthetic nuisances and are not enforced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The smell, Subra says, is hydrogen sulfide, another substance that's not regulated as harmful. 'It's not something that will impact your health,' Subra says."

Note: Sure sure, hydrogen sulfide is just a deadly poison that the British used to kill Germans during trench warfare in WWI and which has wiped life off this planet before, and nobody knows what the effects are of breathing it or ingesting it chronically, even at low levels, so nothing to worry about. Wait...what?!

2017-05-14 - Hydrogen sulfide hits Moscow (Russia) in the wee hours, again:

Quote: "In the Metropolitan area of Orekhovo-Borisovo Yuzhnoye recorded the abnormal increase in the maximum allowable concentration of hydrogen sulfide. As follows from the data HPBW «mosekomonitoring», in 4 am concentration was exceeded 10 times in an hour – 17 times, and at 6 am – 13 times."

2017-04-17 - Giant shipworms that eat hydrogen sulfide found alive for the first time, in the Philippine Islands:

Quote: "Scientists have found live specimens of the rare giant shipworm for the first time in the Philippines."

Quote: "Other shipworms contain bacteria in their guts that break down cellulose, the stiff material of which plant cell walls are made. An investigation by the researchers, including Margo Haygood of the University of Utah College of Pharmacy, shows that Kuphus polythalamia don’t contain large amounts of these bacteria, nor do they have other shipworms’ hefty quantities of woody pulp in their guts. Rather, these giant weirdos contain a trove of unique bacteria that actually feast upon hydrogen sulfide. This gas, which to humans reeks of rotten eggs, is produced by festering wood and other rotting organic material in the seafloor."

Quote: "The six-foot mollusc lives in stinking mud and in a symbiotic relationship with chemosynthetic bacteria that feed on hydrogen sulfide gas, writes Andrew Masterson."

Note: These things are part of the ancient ecosystem that existed long before there were any mammals. As the current extinction event progresses, the Earth is reverting back to a more primeval state...

2017-04-12 - Hydrogen sulfide hits school in Parachute (Colorado), school closed:

Quote: "Students at the middle school were evacuated Wednesday morning to a nearby elementary school building after staff noticed odors. The Grand Valley Fire Department detected low levels of hydrogen sulfide at the middle school in the late morning, but students were returned to the building by the end of the school day after the gas was no longer detected."

2017-04-03 - Strong smell of hydrogen sulfide hits several districts in Moscow (Russia):

2017-03-27 - Hydrogen sulfide hits office building on Collins Street in coastal Melbourne (Australia), blamed on batteries, some injured:

Note: Also see the Alfa Romeo that burst into flame on a street in Melbourne on this day...

2017-03-27 - Hydrogen sulfide sickening people in homes in Plano (Texas), homeowners sue the city:

Quote: "Residents alleged that they have been exposed to methane and hydrogen sulfide, a gas that smells like rotten eggs and can be detected by the human nose at very low concentrations. Plano determined that air toxins were coming from its sanitary sewer system and hired an engineering firm to assess the problem, but it hasn't been solved, according to the suit."

2017-03-25 - Hydrogen sulfide blowing over coastal Palm Bay (Florida), for three months, blamed on rotting seaweed:

Quote: "Drift algae and muck along the lagoon banks emit hydrogen sulfide and methane, only toxic at very high concentrations."

Quote: "For three months, residents at the condo have endured a brutal rotten-egg odor from the seaweed, called drift algae. They are at their wits’ end. But their putrid plight — although much more extreme this spring — is not unique. Drift algae explosions have been befouling the lagoon region and other coastal communities in Florida and beyond in recent years."

Note: Well, 'very high concentrations' is a subjective term. Hydrogen sulfide at 1 part per thousand (0.1%) can kill you with one breath, the so-called 'Slaughterhouse Sledgehammer Effect' where you're dead even before you hit the ground. Also, because hydrogen sulfide is a heavier-than-air gas, it will flow into low-lying areas and then it will concentrate, so even if the amount they're smelling is low in concentration, that doesn't mean it will STAY low in concentration. And NOBODY KNOWS what the effects are of chronically breathing hydrogen sulfide, even at low concentrations. So the people here might have heart or kidney or brain or other problems down the line, if they don't fall over dead or burn to death first...

2017-03-22 - Hydrogen sulfide sickens two people and causes building evacuation at maritime academy in coastal Buzzards Bay (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Rescue crews were called to the campus for reports of an odor of gas in a building that connects the school's dining room to its dormitories. The gas was determined to be hydrogen sulfide, which triggers carbon monoxide alarms, and the source was discovered in a generator outside the main electrical and fire alarm room."

Quote: "Bourne firefighters responded to the scene around 11:43 PM. Bourne Deputy Fire Chief Joseph J. Carrara, Jr. said that firefighters detected hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide coming from the vicinity of the Cadet Information Center. 'There was a smell like rotten eggs,' he said."

Note: Smells like coverup to me. All we can really know for sure is that this building got hit by hydrogen sulfide and two people were hospitalized. Everything else relies on trusting information that comes from the people who are hiding the truth from the public. Here's a Google Maps link of the area. This place is about 24 miles from coastal Marshfield (Massachusetts), and about 30 miles from Rockland (Massachusetts) - two parked vans burst into flame in Marshfield on this day, and a vacant warehouse was destroyed by a massive 7-alarm inferno on this day...

2017-03-17 - Hydrogen sulfide contaminates water in part of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "The sulfur smell is the result of minute amounts of hydrogen sulfide in the water that are not harmful, he said, based on testing the city has already done."

Note: Any amount is harmful according to the EPA. Maybe it's 'safe' and maybe it's not, but NOBODY KNOWS, because nobody's done any studies where people chronically consume low levels of hydrogen sulfide to see what the effects are, since such studies would be unethical and illegal. Best to assume that if you're drinking a deadly poison, even at low levels, it's not going to be GOOD for you. To put it another way: if MY water starts smelling sulfury, I'm definitely not gonna drink it, or even touch it...

2017-03-16 - Oil refinery spews hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide into residential areas in Commerce City (Colorado):

Quote: "Malfunctions after a power outage at the Suncor Energy oil refinery just north of Denver triggered toxic belches spewing more than 100 pounds of hydrogen sulfide and more than 500 pounds of sulfur dioxide gas into the air, exceeding state air quality limits."

Quote: "Hydrogen sulfide, a toxic byproduct of refining and burning oil, can kill. The Environmental Protection Agency has not set a national air quality limit for hydrogen sulfide because any exposure is considered dangerous."

2017-02-28 - Hydrogen sulfide sickening staff and students at schools in South Sioux City (Nebraska):

Quote: "Concern was also raised, this evening, regarding the potential of the city's schools experiencing levels of hydrogen sulfide gas. Students and staff have reported head and stomach aches from exposure to the gas."

2017-02-22 - Hydrogen sulfide blowing around and getting into water in Southport (Florida):

Quote: "County Solid Waste Division Manager Glenn Ogburn also raised concerns about water quality testing results showing high levels of total dissolved solids, high ammonia concentrations and hydrogen sulfide gases, asking the FDEP to closely monitor the site."

2017-02-15 - Hydrogen sulfide continues blowing through neighborhood in Plano (Texas):

Quote: "It turns out what neighbors are smelling is the potentially dangerous gas, hydrogen sulfide (H2S). However, after two weeks of testing, engineers found the levels of H2S were not high enough to be considered a health risk."

Note: Yeah, that's bullshit. First off, nobody knows what effects chronically breathing even low levels of hydrogen sulfide does to people. There've been no studies done. It would be hard to get volunteers for such studies even if it were legal, which it isn't. 'Say, we'd like to conduct a study to see what breathing low levels of a deadly neurotoxin does to people. Wanna sign up?!' Secondly, because it's a heavier-than-air gas, it settles into low-lying areas and it then concentrates. So if the levels are 'safe' on a rooftop monitoring unit, they might concentrate in the basement of that same building and be lethal. So there's never any 'safe' or 'benign' level. If you've got a deadly heavier-than-air neurotoxin blowing around, you've got a serious problem...

2017-02-07 - Hydrogen sulfide wiped out life on Earth during the Permian-Triassic:

Quote: "By analysing sulfur isotopes in pyrite minerals, the team concluded that 'the main killing agents' were brought about by the mixing of sulfide-rich waters from the deep ocean with oxygenated shallow waters. Exactly what caused this increased mixing is still a mystery, however. 'Sulfide is toxic to eukaryotic cells and we know that hydrogen sulfide at concentrations of a few hundred parts per million would be lethal to humans, if exposed for a prolonged time,' explains Shen. 'The shoaling of sulfidic waters, therefore, would kill marine animals in the Permian–Triassic oceans.'"

Quote: "Although the end-Permian extinction happened over a quarter of a billion years ago, the events that triggered it have added significance in the light of current-day climate change. 'Satellite remote sensing has clearly shown that massive fish mortality in the Namibian coastal waters are associated with sulfidic waters,' says Shen. 'As a matter of fact, due to human-induced eutrophication and global warming, the episodic occurrence of hydrogen sulfide has been reported in many coastal waters – such as those of the Gulf of Mexico, California and western India.' This warning is echoed by Lyons, who notes that there 'are lessons to be learned from this event, as we face warming in the present-day ocean'."

Note: The same thing is happening right now, and has been underway since at least as early as 2002, when sea life began fleeing the depths in the ocean off the Pacific Northwest. And the lesson I would learn from this is that we're no more likely to survive this event than all the other species that it's wiped off the face of the Earth in the past and, therefore, we should focus on Plan B options, or else this is the final chapter in the Book of Humanity...

2017-02-06 - Hydrogen sulfide in water gets into home and kills man in coastal Reykjanes (Iceland):

Quote: "The Suðurnes Police Department is investigating the accident in Reykjanes on Friday, in which a man was killed when gases from a borehole were carried into the water supply of the building where he slept, RÚV reports. Measurements revealed hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide in the company’s cold water supply. Hydrogen sulfide was emitted from one of HS Orka’s boreholes in Reykjanes that morning."

Quote: "Andri Stefánsson, professor of earth sciences at the University of Iceland, stated it’s almost unheard-of for gases to be emitted from a cold borehole the way they appear to have done in the accident, RÚV reports."

Note: The times, they are a-changin'...

2017-02-03 - Hydrogen sulfide kills worker at home in Montgomery (Alabama):

Quote: "When Montgomery Fire and Rescue personnel arrived, they identified a chemical release from a sewage drain pipe and then discovered an unresponsive service worker under the house. The unidentified worker, who had been exposed to gas later identified as hydrogen sulfide, was taken to an area hospital for treatment. The man was pronounced dead a short time later."

2017-02-03 - Hydrogen sulfide driving people away at Sunset Harbour in coastal Miami Beach (Florida):

Quote: "The smell can be found for blocks in the upscale area. "There's not a sewage issue," Miami Beach Public Works Assistant Director Roy Coley said. 'We determined it’s a hydrogen sulfide smell that is associated with groundwater.' Hydrogen sulfide is dangerous in high concentrations, but Coley said it's benign at the level of what's being emitted in Sunset Harbour."

Note: It's never 'benign', regardless of the concentration. Being a heavier-than-air gas, it'll accumulate and concentrate in ditches and ravines and basements and other low-lying areas, and then the concentration may reach lethal levels. Even at non-lethal levels, it may cause unconsciousness, kidney damage, brain damage, heart damage, heart attacks or strokes, etc...

2017-02-01 - Hydrogen sulfide hitting coastal Laguna Beach (California):

Quote: "The owner of a manufactured-home park in Laguna Beach said Tuesday there is a 'high probability' that the odors that some residents have complained about are coming from outside the park and not from the sewer system. Residents of Laguna Terrace Park, on South Coast Highway, gathered at their clubhouse to hear Stephen Braun, Hometown America Corp.'s chief operating officer, give an update on the company's investigation into the source of what has been identified as hydrogen sulfide, a colorless gas that collects in low-lying, poorly ventilated areas and smells like rotten eggs at certain concentrations. Residents have reported odors emanating from sinks, toilets and air conditioning vents as well as outside of their units, and they have attributed various ailments such as headaches and difficulty breathing to the gas."

Quote: "For example, the average indoor reading taken from the seven homes from Oct. 1 through Nov. 28 was 0.694 parts per million, while the outdoor average reading near one of the houses was 0.686 parts per million from Oct. 1 through 11, according to results. The inference, said Braun, is that the odor is not coming up through the indoor sewer pipes, that there is something in the unrestricted outdoor air that is just as powerful."

Note: So it was just as strong outdoors as indoors, so yeah, not likely coming in from the sewers, but just blowing around in the atmosphere. It's probably blowing in off the ocean, Earth's traditional source of hydrogen sulfide. Off the West Coast is the huge and growing Great Pacific Garbage Patch. As the oceans become more 'landfill-like', they emit more 'landfill gases', like hydrogen sulfide and methane. This problem will continue to get worse until there are no more human beings left alive on the surface of the planet. And then it'll get REALLY bad, but that'll be a problem for the bugs and weeds and bacteria and jellyfish...

2017-02-01 - Hydrogen sulfide found in well water in San Antonio (Texas):

Quote: "Construction begins Thursday for two cooling towers for two Catahoula wells. The $1.2 million towers will help fix a harmless smell caused by hydrogen sulfide emitted by the well water, according to Riley."

Note: Harmless?! Hydrogen sulfide is as deadly as hydrogen cyanide, which is what they use to EXECUTE PEOPLE in gas chambers. The British weaponized it in WWI to kill German soldiers in trenches. They chose it because A) it's easy to produce, B) it's a heavier-than-air gas which would flow across fields and down into the trenches, and C) it's extremely deadly. Harmless my ass! Lets see these officials drink some water that's just 0.1% hydrogen sulfide and see how harmless they think it is then...

2017-01-31 - Hydrogen sulfide hitting parts of Plano (Texas):

Quote: "For years, residents have complained to the city about a 'rotten egg smell' in their neighborhood. 'You can’t ignore it,' said homeowner Tami Stepp. 'It’s just awful.' Plano’s Public Works Department said what residents smell is hydrogen sulfide, or H2S, coming from poorly designed sewer lines in the area."

2017-01-31 - Massive fish kill hits Lake Sebu, again, in the Philippine Islands:

Quote: "The Office of the Provincial Agriculturist said the phenomenon occurs when cold rainwater, which is heavier than warm water, settles at the abyssal zone of the lake. It causes the upturn or upwelling of warm water carrying silts, sediments and gases such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, sulphur and methane gas produced by the decomposing organic matter such as fish feeds."

2017-01-19 - Hydrogen sulfide leaking from landfill in Cleveland (Ohio):

Quote: "Hydrogen sulfide is present at the site in concentrations two to three times higher than the U.S. EPA deems acceptable, according to air tests conducted by Jim Riffle of Auburn Environmental."

2017-01-19 - Hydrogen sulfide leaks from refinery at 6:30 AM in Corunna, Ontario (Canada):

Quote: "There was a hydrogen sulfide leak Thursday morning at the Shell Canada refinery in Corunna. Company spokesperson Randy Provencal says H2S alarms sounded at around 6:30am in one of the units."

2017-01-18 - Hydrogen sulfide kills 3 oilfield workers in Nargesi (Iran):

Quote: "The incident occurred on Jan. 18 morning as a massive leak of toxic hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas from a crude oil storage tank in the Nargesi oil field killed at least three workers."

2017-01-17 - Hydrogen sulfide leaking from sewers in coastal Warwick (Rhode Island), smoke test to be performed:

Quote: "The mystery cause of odors from sewer lines along Cedar Swamp Road, a long-time source of area residents’ complaints, may soon be uncovered as the Warwick Sewer Authority (WSA) conducts a 'smoke test' of the system there. Janine Burke-Wells, WSA’s Executive Director, said her office has received complaints about odors in the area for the last nine years. In fall of 2011, a sewer line on Cedar Swamp Road, corroded by hydrogen sulfide, collapsed. The corrosive gas, which smells like rotten eggs, also generated complaints from neighbors. Following the collapse, the WSA installed odor control chemicals at three pump stations, removed an obstruction that was causing hydrogen sulfide buildup, adjusted pumping frequencies to prevent stagnant wastes, flushed the lines there, added carbon filters and sent staff to investigate complaints. Those efforts were focused on controlling the odors. Now, 'We would like to prevent the odors, if possible,' she said."

Note: I wonder how many people in this area have dropped dead from heart attacks, strokes and brain aneurysms in the last few years...

2017-01-17 - More than 30 hot springs in Japan found to have dangerous levels of hydrogen sulfide:

Quote: "The onsen study was conducted after a news report last autumn about a man who was found unconscious at a hot spring in Ashoro, a town in Hokkaido, in October 2014. The man showed signs of hydrogen sulfide poisoning. The case prompted the ministry to call on local governments to measure gas levels at onsen in their jurisdictions."

2017-01-16 - Three men gassed to death by hydrogen sulfide in manhole, firefighter injured, in coastal Key Largo (Florida):

Quote: "A law enforcement source told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench this was a chain reaction. One worker went into the manhole and collapsed because of gasses. A second worker went into rescue him and collapsed as well. The same thing happened to a third worker who tried to help him. Ramsay said the men were overwhelmed by a combination of methane and hydrogen sulfide gas coming out of the 15-foot deep hole."

Quote: "A woman who lives near the manhole told Local 10 News that the area has smelled of rotten eggs for the past couple of months."

2017-01-14 - Hydrogen sulfide found in the water at beach area in coastal Playa del Carmen (Mexico):

Quote: "According to a release issued by City Council, the Department of Environment carried out a tour of the area taking eight water samples and found the presence of hydrogen sulfide which is being generated by the natural decomposition of organic matter. The smell has been particularly troublesome to beachgoers and business owners in that area as the smell of sewage has been detected as far away as Shangri-La beach, some 300 meters away."

2017-01-12 - Hydrogen sulfide blowing off landfill onto homes in East Orlando (Florida):

Quote: "The problem goes back years, when construction trash mixed with trash from homes. It created a build-up of hydrogen sulfide gas, which stinks."

Quote: "Over the last couple of days, many Orange County residents have been crying foul over the odors coming from the county's landfill. Officials say they're aware of the problem and working hard to fix it. People living in the Randal Park neighborhood, in East Orlando, describe the smell like this: 'It smells like rotten eggs,' says John Tice, a Randal Park Resident. 'Diarrhea,' says Michael Carlucci, another Randal Park Resident. They're worried about smells coming from the Orange County Landfill, just a few miles north of the community."

2017-01-12 - Hydrogen sulfide kills worker, injures 2 more, at refinery in coastal Ciudad Madero (Mexico):

Quote: "Petroleos Mexicanos says in a statement that the employee came in contact with a release of toxic hydrogen sulfide while doing maintenance work. Two others were injured and were in stable condition Thursday."

2017-01-07 - Hydrogen sulfide killing fish in Lake Averno (Italy):

Quote: "Lake Averno is situated in the Campi Flegrei volcanic field. Today, hydrogen sulfide present in the waters killed hundreds of fish in the lake. Is that a sign of an imminent eruption of Campi Flegrei? Hundreds of dead fish were found along the shores of Lake Averno in the volcanic field of Campi Flegrei. Next eruption? via Leggo. Today, you will only hear talking about this sudden and strong smell of sulfur around the shores of the lake of Averno, the historical door to the underworld according to Romans."

Quote: "This would be due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide in the water that comes from the volcanic activity below the water surface – emission of fumaroles releasing the strong smell of sulfur."

Note: The bacteria and archaea that produce hydrogen sulfide do grow around volcanic vents, so if Campi Flegrei is pushing lava closer to the surface, then bacterial mats will start growing wherever the water temps rise, there's little or no oxygen in the water, and there's biomatter (like dead fish) or methane present. The story says maybe it's a natural event, as if that means it's of no concern. The Permian-Triassic extinction event - the Great Dying - was a natural event too, and it wiped out most oxygen-using life on this planet. The same thing is happening now. Maybe your toe tag will end up with the words 'natural event' on it, but dead is still dead...

2017-01-06 - Hydrogen sulfide leaking from landfill in coastal Escambia County (Florida):

Quote: "Recent weather has eroded the soil cap at a controversial Wedgewood landfill and released elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide, according to an Escambia County news release."

2017-01-04 - Hydrogen sulfide hits parts of Moscow (Russia), people sickened:

Quote: "Moscow residents continue to complain of a strong smell of hydrogen sulfide in the air on the street and in the apartment, covered with messages of emergency services. In the MOE does not yet give any comments, and from Muscovites in social networks have already received a few reports that people are starting to become bad."

Quote: "We will remind, the first messages to the community about a strong smell of hydrogen sulfide in the air appeared in the second half of the day Wednesday, January 4th. First, the increased content of substance in the air was felt only on the street, and later, the tenants began to complain, and in a similar situation in their apartments."

Note: This is now at least the third time that hydrogen sulfide has hit Moscow. A huge cloud of hydrogen sulfide hit Moscow in November 2014, mentioned in the 2014-11-10 update. Residents were told to shelter-in-place during that event and soldiers in gas masks were on the streets. Then high levels of hydrogen sulfide hit Moscow again in July 2016, mentioned in the 2016-07-04 update...

2016-12-31 - Hydrogen sulfide kills 2 workers, injures 5 more, at fertilizer plant in Dongshan Township (Taiwan), near the coast:

2016-12-28 - Landfill leaking hydrogen sulfide and methane in Cleveland (Ohio):

Quote: "Riffle took samples of dust from around Drummonds home and nearby streets to get a reading on what toxins could be there. He also used this camera that he says shows when dangerous gasses are present. 'There’s a methane emission coming off the landfill,' said Riffle. 'I came out looking for Methane and I found some hydrogen sulfide gas present in the air around the landfill. Hydrogen Sulfide causes issues with eye irritation, throat irritation, it can affect your internal organs.'"

2016-12-24 - Sulfury rotten egg odor spreads across parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, blamed on refinery leak:

Quote: "It was determined that the smell came from the Paulsboro Refinery in Paulsboro, Gloucester County. Police say the refinery released approximately 130 pounds of Sulfer Dioxide and 9 pounds of Hydrogen Sulfide around 10:30 p.m. Friday."

Note: Another day, another area getting hit by poison gas. Not sure I buy that refinery leak excuse. When hydrogen sulfide breaks down in the atmosphere, it forms sulfur dioxide and water, and the winds were blowing in from off the ocean when this occurred (I checked), and this was smelled all the way from coastal Toms River (New Jersey) to Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)...

2016-12-22 - Workers hit pocket of hydrogen sulfide in the ground in coastal Corpus Christi (Texas):

Quote: "A number of people were told to stay in their homes during a gas leak scare on the southside this evening. It happened near a neighborhood off Tiger Lane, not too far from Yeager Elementary. It all started when a crew was drilling into the ground to get some soil samples. That's when they hit a pocket of Hydrogen Sulfide gas, which smells like rotten egg and is extremely hazardous. We're told the crew left the drill in the ground to contain the gas as much as possible, then called the fire department, which along with police, asked nearby residents to stay in their homes."

Note: Yikes. So you can be walking along around there and a cloud of hydrogen sulfide burps from the ground and kills you. Sounds similar to the hydrogen sulfide found in the ground in Chinchilla (Australia), last mentioned in the 2015-04-13 update. No cause was ever found for why there's hydrogen sulfide in the ground there...

2016-12-15 - Hydrogen sulfide odor advisory issued again near the Salton Sea (California):

Quote: "Foul odors were expected again from the Salton Sea, with an odor advisory issued Thursday, Dec. 15 warning of a stench similar to rotten eggs through Friday, stemming from elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide at the lake, according to the South Coast Air Quality Management District."

2016-12-14 - Hydrogen sulfide exposure injures man at plant in South Sioux City (Nebraska):

2016-12-13 - Hydrogen sulfide still keeping some residents out of their homes in South Sioux City (Nebraska):

2016-12-12 - Hydrogen sulfide forces workers off mill site in Camas (Washington):

2016-12-08 - Hydrogen sulfide found in the ground in the Bahamas, people protest industrial plants:

Quote: "'We learnt this week that one of the plants was drilling a storm drain and had to stop almost immediately because of the pungent odours that emanated from the ground. It was so bad that work had to be stopped because of the harmful gases. That tells us the whole ground in these communities are polluted as well,' Mr Hepburn claimed. He believes that the gas was hydrogen sulfide."

Note: Wouldn't be so sure the hydrogen sulfide in the ground has anything to do with the industrial plants, but it's possible that it does. Either way, the natives grow restless...

2016-11-23 - Fissures bubbling hydrogen sulfide and other gases off the coast of New Zealand near Kaikora:

Quote: "The phenomena was found in Whalers Bay by Matt Foy and Connor Stapley and it is believed they have been caused by the magnitude 7.8 quake. Dr Matthew Hughes says the bubbles are likely dissolved gases in the sea floor which have become exposed by new cracks in the rock, and are now venting to the surface. He says its very much like any other geologically active part of New Zealand. The bubbles are a combination of several different gases, but the strong smell likely comes from hydrogen sulfide. 'What the earthquake has done, is it's opened up a few new fissures and fractures in those rocks and liberated the water and the gas to the sea bed,' Dr Hughes said."

Note: Probably some methane mixed in there too...

2016-11-14 - Hydrogen sulfide spreading through sewer lines under homes in Sioux City (Iowa), people leaving their homes:

Quote: "Hydrogen sulfide connected with Big Ox’s wastewater treatment plant has spread through sewer lines beneath homes in the area."

Quote: "The average readings at manholes in the affected areas in South Sioux City have risen well above that level, sometimes reaching 100 parts per million. Residents of the affected areas voiced their concern at the City Council meeting, saying many of them have been living in local hotels for the past month."

2016-11-09 - Japan surveying hot springs areas for hydrogen sulfide:

Quote: "The Environment Ministry has started a fact-finding survey of hot springs facilities across the country to prevent hydrogen sulfide poisoning accidents. The ministry has sent questionnaires to municipalities asking about the current practice of measuring hydrogen sulfide concentration levels in indoor bathing areas at such facilities, as well as priority points in the screening of applications for facility operations, sources said."

2016-11-01 - Deadly deep-sea lake brimming with hydrogen sulfide found on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico near Louisiana:

Quote: "Nearly 3,300 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico is a circular pool 100 feet in circumference and 12 feet deep. The walls that surround it hold in a toxic mix of dense extra-salty brine tinged with methane gas and hydrogen sulfide – curious creatures that happen to wander in don’t make it out alive. Dubbed the Jacuzzi of Despair by the scientists who discovered it, the brine pool 'lake' is like an alien world."

2016-10-27 - Landfill spewing hydrogen sulfide in Orange County (Florida):

Quote: "Complaints about the smell emanating from an Orange County landfill are higher this month than they’ve ever been. Channel 9 first uncovered the landfill was mixing different kinds of trash that led to hydrogen sulfide being released into the air."

2016-10-22 - Another hydrogen sulfide odor advisory issued in the Coachella Valley (California):

Quote: "An odor advisory has been issued by the South Coast Air Quality Management District today for the Coachella Valley due to elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide emanating from the Salton Sea."

2016-10-13 - Hydrogen sulfide hits coastal South Laguna (California):

Quote: "South Coast Water District crews this week detected traces of gas in a South Laguna neighborhood where residents have reported foul odors for months. However, the source of the gas is still unknown. On Monday afternoon, the district, responding to a resident's phone call, discovered hydrogen sulfide at Laguna Terrace, a manufactured-home park at 30802 S. Coast Hwy. that sits across from the Montage resort."

Quote: "Monday's finding adds a chapter to a saga that has frustrated Laguna Terrace residents, some of whom say they have noticed the stench for at least a year. They have reported odors emanating from sinks, toilets and air conditioning vents."

Note: Hydrogen sulfide just hit coastal Goleta too, about 150 miles WNW of South Laguna, mentioned in the 2016-10-09 update. Here's a Google Maps link that shows both areas...

2016-10-09 - Hydrogen sulfide sickens people in coastal Goleta (California):

Quote: "A host of county agencies are investigating a foul smell in Goleta which may be originating from a water drilling operation. Complaints started pouring in over the weekend from the Winchester Canyon and Ellwood Beach areas. Some residents said the air smelled like a sewer or 'rotten eggs'. Others said it smelled like sulfur. There are also reports of a few people becoming sick from the stench."

Quote: "On Monday, officials began investigating two potential sources: An agricultural water well, and the Venoco oil and gas facility."

Note: Or maybe it's just blowing in off the ocean. Anyone investigating that possibility? Noooo...

2016-10-05 - Volcano Mount Meager spewing hydrogen sulfide near Pemberton (Canada):

Quote: "Experts are taking a closer look at Mount Meager, a dormant volcano north of Pemberton, after they discovered activity on the peak earlier this summer. Volcanologist Melanie Kelman with Natural Resources Canada said sulphur smells and volcanic openings known as fumaroles were spotted on the the long-dormant volcano. She said it is not uncommon to find fumaroles on the peak, and it could have been thinning ice that exposed the vents. While fumaroles pose no risk to the public, she said it would be unsafe to approach or enter them as they are letting off hydrogen sulfide — a poisonous gas — and the ice around them is crevassed and potentially unstable."

2016-10-04 - Hydrogen sulfide blowing over neighborhoods in the Shadow Creek area in Pearland (Texas):

Quote: "The TCEQ declined an invitation to speak with FOX, but sent a copy of its 12-page report released in August, citing extremely-high levels of hydrogen sulfide in the air. Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless gas often described as having a foul odor similar to rotten eggs."

Quote: "Tammy Norris is the mother of two children who has lived in the Shadow Creek subdivision since 2012. She loves her home but says a mysterious foul odor, reeking of rotten eggs, has permeated through her neighborhood. 'The smell is so bad that physically, you don't want to take it in, like you know in your head it has to be something bad,' says Norris."

Quote: "'Sometimes in the house, it smells like gas is leaking or something,' describes Wallace."

Note: That's right, people are confusing the smell of hydrogen sulfide with the smell of mercaptan which is added to natural gas to give it an odor. So if you smell a 'gas leak', you may actually be getting poisoned by hydrogen sulfide...

2016-10-02 - Update on mother and child found dead in SUV on highway in Osceola County (Florida) - killed by hydrogen sulfide:

Quote: "After months of intensive investigation on the vehicle at the medical examiner’s office in Orlando, Asst. Medical Examiner Dr. Gary Utz told WESH 2 he suspects mother and daughter died of hydrogen sulfide intoxication, likely as the result of a defect in the car’s battery.  'It’s unprecedented,' Utz told WESH 2 Monday. 'I haven’t been able to find another case.'"

Note: Their deaths were originally mentioned in the 2016-06-02 update. The SUV was scrapped, so I doubt they'll ever be able to test the battery, but I doubt it was the battery anyway, seeing as there have been numerous 'odor incidents' and incidents involving hydrogen sulfide in Florida AND if it had been the battery then the people who handled the SUV probably would've noticed when they started falling over dead too. This woman probably had the SUV windows open or the AC or heat was running and a little cloud blow over them while they were driving and knocked the woman and her child dead. You just can't count on driving around and not being gassed to death these days. That problem will get waaaaaay worse though...

2016-09-28 - Landfill spewing hydrogen sulfide in Duette (Florida), near the coast:

Quote: "A Manatee County family has been dealing with a smelly problem for two years. A rotten odor coming from a recycling facility next door has, at times, woken them up in the middle of the night and even forced them to leave their own home. The smell can best be described as rotten eggs. You might catch a whiff as you're driving down County Road 39 in Duette. It's not all the time. But, the family that lives adjacent to the facility says that on a bad day, when the wind is blowing from the north, it can knock them off their feet."

Quote: "According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the smell is hydrogen sulfide..."

2016-09-24 - Hydrogen sulfide leaking from the water at Hoover Reservoir near Columbus (Ohio):

Quote: "Laura Young Mohr, spokeswoman for the Columbus water division, said the smell is caused by the summer heat raising the temperature of the top 15 to 25 feet of water. 'This isolates the colder bottom water from the surface water that has been heated by sunlight. Bacteria in the colder bottom water slowly consume the dissolved oxygen and convert sulfate to the hydrogen sulfide gas,' she said. That’s where the stink comes from."

2016-09-24 - Hydrogen sulfide leaking from wastewater plant in South Abington Township, Lackawanna County (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "The smell is hydrogen sulfide, a gas produced from the breakdown of organic matter. The gas, poisonous in high concentrations but not dangerous once exposed to open air, must be vented for the safety of authority employees, Ms. Elliott said."

Note: Oh yeah? Tell that to the 29-year-old man who was outside in the open air and got gassed to death by hydrogen sulfide along with some of his cows in Amherst (Wisconsin), mentioned in the 2016-09-14 update . It doesn't matter if you're indoors or outdoors - if you're exposed to air that's 0.1% hydrogen sulfide (1 part per thousand) then you can be killed with one breath. Hydrogen sulfide is as deadly as hydrogen cyanide, which is what they use to execute people in gas chambers. In WWI, the British weaponized hydrogen sulfide and used it to kill German soldiers during trench warfare. Obviously, the trenches were out in the open too. That worked well and killed the crap out of German soldiers because as a heavier-than-air gas, hydrogen sulfide hugged the ground and flowed into the trenches and reconcentrated. Of course, sometimes the wind would unexpectedly shift direction...

2016-09-14 - Update on man, 29, and 13 cows gassed to death on farm in Amherst (Wisconsin) - killed by hydrogen sulfide:

Quote: "A 29-year-old farmer near Amherst died last month of an 'accidental acute exposure to hydrogen sulfide gas,' Portage County Coroner Scott Rifleman said Wednesday."

Note: I mentioned his death in the 2016-08-19 update. They wanted to blame the deaths on methane or sulfur oxide then, but I said at the time that it was more likely to have been hydrogen sulfide that killed him and those cows...

2016-08-31 - Hydrogen sulfide odor advisory issued again for the Coachella Valley (California), Obama pledges money for Salton Sea help:

Quote: "As of 7:30 Wednesday evening, the Coachella Valley was still under an odor advisory issued by the South Coast Air Quality Management District for the smell of rotten eggs, which experts say is related to elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide coming off of the sea."

2016-08-26 - Sulfur tank explodes and burns at refinery, spews hydrogen sulfide, in coastal Wilmington (California):

Quote: "A tank exploded Friday at the Tesoro refinery in Wilmington, spewing hazardous sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide vapors into the community and causing massive gridlock along nearby roads."

2016-08-20 - Landfill leaking hydrogen sulfide in Champ (Missouri):

Quote: "The sewer district issued two violations earlier this year against Champ Landfill for its runoff that introduced 'dangerous levels of hydrogen sulfide gases in the sewer system,' LeComb said."

2016-08-19 - Man knocked unconscious by hydrogen sulfide at refinery in coastal Texas City (Texas):

Quote: "An employee of Marathon Petroleum Corp's Galveston Bay Refinery in Texas City, Texas was taken to a hospital in Galveston, Texas on Friday for exposure to chemical fumes, a company spokesman said. Sources familiar with the incident said the man, an electrician, may have been exposed to hydrogen sulfide and was unconscious when flown by helicopter to the hospital."

2016-08-17 - Another hydrogen sulfide odor advisory issued for the Coachella Valley near the Salton Sea (California):

2016-08-17 - Salton Sea becoming a hydrogen sulfide poison factory in California:

Quote: "Two air monitors near the lake have detected more days this year with high levels of hydrogen sulfide, a gas that smells like rotten eggs, than during either of the past two years."

2016-08-10 - Another hydrogen sulfide odor advisory issued in the Coachella Valley near the Salton Sea (California):

2016-08-09 - Fish dying and birds disappearing at the Salton Sea (California):

Quote: "When windstorms sweep across the desert and churn up the water, the sea regularly burps out hydrogen sulfide, which smells like rotten eggs. Fish die-offs have left the shoreline littered with skeletons."

2016-08-03 - Hydrogen sulfide causes evacuation of Capitol Commons building in Concord (New Hampshire):

Quote: "Rescue teams were sent to the building at just before 11:30 a.m. on Aug. 3, 2016, for a report of a smell of 'rotten egg smell' in the building. Crews arrived at the scene and confirmed that the smell was hydrogen sulfide."

2016-08-02 - Fish found dead in canal in coastal Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam):

Quote: "The water in the canal in Phu Nhuan was visibly murky, and thick bubbles could be seen at the surface along with toxic gases and sludge from the canal bed."

Quote: "Dr. Tran Huu Loc from Nong Lam (Agriculture-Forestry) University in the city said toxic gases like ammonia, methane, and hydrogen sulfide that had been spread along with the gas movement were among the causes of the fish deaths."

2016-08-01 - Hydrogen sulfide odor advisory issued in the Coachella Valley near the Salton Sea (California):

Quote: "According to the SCAQMD, there are again elevated levels of a gas that smells like rotten eggs at the Salton Sea. Hydrogen sulfide, which is associated with 'natural process' at the large lake is to blame, the agency says."

2016-07-28 - Hydrogen sulfide odor advisory issued again near the Salton Sea (California):

Quote: "The South Coast Air Quality Management District issued an odor advisory on Thursday, lasting through Sunday, due to elevated hydrogen sulfide levels."

2016-07-26 - Algae blooms also spewing hydrogen sulfide near the St. Lucie River (Florida):

Quote: "The county also found hydrogen sulfide in the air around the blooms at levels that could be intolerable for individuals with respiratory conditions and asthmatics."

2016-07-21 - Hydrogen sulfide hitting coastal Stuart (Florida):

Quote: "It’s not as organic as you would think it is. You have the hydrogen sulfide smell, but there also is something very chemical-smelling about it. It’s not a normal smell."

2016-07-21 - Hydrogen sulfide hitting coastal Edmonds (Washington):

Quote: "These pungent odors are frequently associated with a sewage smell due to the hydrogen sulfide and dimethyl sulfide produced in the decomposition process."

2016-07-14 - Another hydrogen sulfide odor advisory issued for the Coachella Valley (California):

2016-07-05 - Two workers sickened by hydrogen sulfide at wastewater plant in Wichita Falls (Texas):

2016-07-04 - Abnormally high levels of hydrogen sulfide hitting areas in Moscow (Russia):

Note: That little mask the lady's wearing in the pic - that won't do squat against hydrogen sulfide. Only full-body HazMat suits that maintain positive air pressure and which are connected to a known safe air supply (or which carry their own air supply) are effective, the same suits they use when working with super-deadly biohazard viruses...

2016-06-27 - Another H2S odor advisory issued in the Coachella Valley (California):

2016-06-24 - Hydrogen sulfide hitting coastal Kent Island (Maryland), blamed on rotting sea lettuce:

2016-06-21 - Another hydrogen sulfide odor advisory issued in the Coachella Valley (California):

2016-06-21 - Hydrogen sulfide blowing off Jessie Lake and hitting Bonnyville (Canada):

Quote: "Those who claim that Jessie Lake is the source of an occasional rank smell around town may be right."

Quote: "'We’ve only been monitoring since Friday. So far the air quality is good, though we’ve picked up some hydrogen sulfide from the wind blowing off of Jessie Lake,' explained Bisaga. 'Oftentimes we hear from people complaining that there is a smell in Bonnyville and a lot of people suspect it’s the lake. Now we have some data to support that.'"

2016-06-16 - Hydrogen sulfide from wastewater treatment plant hitting Niagara Falls (New York):

2016-06-07 - Another hydrogen sulfide odor advisory issued for the Coachella Valley (California):

2016-05-26 - Hydrogen sulfide from sludge facility hitting two towns in Kazan (Russia):

Quote: "In Kazan, the issue of sludge recycling has been unsolved for a long time, which resulted in that thousands of residents of two Kazan villages breathe hydrogen sulfide emissions and live in a hostile atmosphere."

2016-05-19 - Another hydrogen sulfide odor advisory issued for the Coachella Valley (California):

2016-05-18 - Sewage plant leaking hydrogen sulfide in Marana (Arizona):

Quote: "The operators of the sports park got an email this week in which the plant manager stated that were are high hydrogen sulfide concentrations in a building. The email states, 'We have the doors open but we have a large fan pushing fresh air into the building. This the only way we can keep the atmosphere safe for plant staff.' So the smell is let out into the atmosphere."

2016-05-12 - Landfill still spewing hydrogen sulfide in Orange County (Florida):

2016-04-27 - Hydrogen sulfide sickening people on and near Hayden Island (Oregon):

Quote: "Federal air monitoring repeatedly detected a poisonous gas on Hayden Island, where residents have complained for months about air pollution so thick they could taste it. Yet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency wouldn't answer The Oregonian/OregonLive's request for basic details about the discovery of hydrogen sulfide, a colorless gas that smells like rotten eggs. Nor has the agency informed residents about what it's found."

Quote: "At high levels, hydrogen sulfide can kill a person in a single breath. It poses grave dangers to oil refinery crews and sewer workers. Although it can be smelled at very small levels, high volumes in the air can actually paralyze the olfactory nerve in people's noses, leaving them unable to detect dangerous amounts."

Quote: "Since last summer, Hayden Island residents have told state officials they've been smelling a metallic, chemical odor so strong they've awakened at night with headaches, bloody noses and breathing problems that left some reliant on inhalers."

Quote: "Neighbors say they've been left in the dark about the monitoring results. 'I want answers now,' said Mary Lou Putman, a Hayden Island resident who's frequently complained. 'There's a pattern here of withholding important information from the public,' she said."

Note: Hayden Island is in the middle of the Columbia River, where numerous people have been found dead in recent times...

2016-04-26 - Hydrogen sulfide sickens man at US Ecology facility in Detroit (Michigan):

2016-04-14 - Shoshone River heats up, hydrogen sulfide kills 1.5-mile stretch of life, near Cody (Wyoming):

Quote: "While this particular event ended after four days, Burkhardt says recent other activity has released enough hydrogen sulfide into the river that there’s a 1.5 mile sulfur-smelling dead zone that is completely void of fish. Burkhardt calls it a 'chemical barrier' blocking live fish from entering."

2016-04-12 - Hydrogen sulfide leaks from bathroom at university in Lincoln (Nebraska):

Quote: "Battalion Chief Jim Bopp of Lincoln Fire and Rescue said the 'rotten egg' or hydrogen sulfide smell was likely caused by a buildup of the gas in a 2nd-floor bathroom."

Note: A bathroom recently exploded and burned too, at Georgia Gwinnett College in Lawrenceville (Georgia), seriously injuring a woman who crawled out screaming, mentioned in the 2016-03-21 update...

2016-04-06 - Hydrogen sulfide emanating from storm drains at elementary school in Portola (California):

Quote: "The offensive odor present at C.Roy Carmichael Elementary School in Portola has been tentatively identified by school officials as Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) according to a statement issued by the school. The school has placed barriers and set up monitoring devices around the storm drains at two locations on the school grounds that have been found to be the most concentrated sources."

2016-04-04 - Hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide hit office building in coastal Miami (Florida), 17 people hospitalized:

Quote: "High levels of carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide were detected in a pipe and in an elevator room that stored batteries..."

Quote: "Miami-Dade Fire Rescue were called to the building around noon when they received a report of a strong gas smell. Erika Benitez, a spokeswoman for Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, said several people were showing signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. They complained of being lightheaded and dizzy."

Note: The 'strong gas smell' was obviously the hydrogen sulfide, since carbon monoxide is odorless, which is why it's called 'the silent killer'. So why were their pipes leaking either gas? Carbon monoxide is the product of incomplete combustion. Was there an underground fire nearby involving hydrogen sulfide, and not all of it burned off, so they got a mix? Regardless, pretty scary seeing a deadly gas-chamber-quality gas leaking into an office building. Who knows what long-term health effects these people may have...

2016-04-01 - Oil field hit by fire, storage tanks burn, in Fillmore, Ventura County (California):

Quote: "Firefighters stayed upwind from the fire in part because of the noxious fumes produced by the blaze. They include hydrogen sulfide, which he said is very deadly. 'It can kill you in about two breaths.'"

2016-03-28 - Three men killed by hydrogen sulfide on fishing trawler, 3 more injured, in coastal Sabah (Malaysia):

2016-03-28 - 'Rotten egg' stench hitting subway tunnel in coastal Manhattan (New York):

Quote: "For weeks, subway riders at the Herald Square station in Manhattan have detected a foul stench similar to rotten eggs—or worse."

Quote: "A smell of rotten eggs is likely a sign of hydrogen sulfide gas, a byproduct of sewage, health experts said, adding that such a stench could exacerbate respiratory problems such as asthma."

2016-03-21 - Update on November 2015 fish kill at Lake Taneycomo (Missouri):

Quote: "The die-off is being attributed to three main causes: lethal levels of hydrogen sulfide, warm water and low levels of oxygen, according to Coldwater Hatchery Supervisor James Civiello."

2016-03-17 - 'Rotten egg' odor blowing ashore from the ocean in Southern California:

2016-03-16 - Hydrogen sulfide spewing from lagoon(s) in West Fargo (North Dakota):

Quote: "'It doesn't smell so much because it's covered but once that ice melts off that hydrogen sulfide is let into the atmosphere,' explained Terry Rust, Wastewater Lab Coordinator with the West Fargo Sanitation Department."

2016-03-14 - Hydrogen sulfide corrodes pipe, pipe ruptures, wastewater spills into Lake McIntosh, in Peachtree City (Georgia):

Quote: "Peachtree City’s Water and Sewerage Authority continues to address a sewage spill that occurred on March 8. Corrosion caused by hydrogen sulfide led to the rupture of a 12-inch pipe in the northern part of the city, which allowed 9,000 gallons of wastewater to flow into a tributary leading to Lake McIntosh."

2016-03-13 - HazMat event, sewage backs up, high levels of hydrogen sulfide found in drains, in Tempe (Arizona):

Quote: "Crews say they were called for an issue of sewage back up and found the area to be unsafe when they got there. Investigators have found a high level of hydrogen sulfide in the drains and were working to secure the area."

2016-03-10 - Landfill spewing hydrogen sulfide in Orange County (Florida):

Quote: "Blanco said the worst part is that her house often smells worse inside than the air does outside. For a year, hydrogen sulfide gas has been leaving the landfill and engulfing neighborhoods in the smell of rotten eggs."

2016-03-02 - Hydrogen sulfide causing problems in Shiloh (Illinois):

Quote: "Hydrogen sulfide is being blamed for Shiloh’s wastewater to smell like rotten eggs, Village Engineer Norm Etling said on Tuesday."

Quote: "'The hydrogen sulfide reading in the wet well of the Archview lift station was between 5 and 6 ppm. When we proceeded to the manhole on Eden Park Boulevard where the force main from Archview lift station discharges, the hydrogen sulfide readings spiked to over 100 ppm and rose to as high as 150, which are far above the safe level,' Peek wrote in a letter to Etling dated Jan. 18, 2016."

2016-03-02 - Man found dead in hot pool could have been killed by hydrogen sulfide, in Rotorua (New Zealand):

Quote: "A post-mortem found traces of thiosulphate in Sharma's blood and urine, something forensic toxicologist Helen Poulsen said was an indicator of hydrogen sulphide poison."

Quote: "A retired Melbourne paediatrician's death in a New Zealand motel's thermal pool was consistent with drowning but a corner hasn't ruled out other causes. These include the possibility Rotorua's potentially lethal hydrogen sulfide gas could have been a contributing factor."

2016-02-20 - Hydrogen sulfide regularly hitting large areas in Sioux City (Iowa):

Quote: "Mark Simms, the city’s utilities director, said the odor at the York lift station comes from hydrogen sulfide, a naturally occurring chemical in wastewaste that closely resembles rotten eggs."

2016-02-18 - Gold Bar Park regularly being hit by hydrogen sulfide in Edmonton (Canada):

Quote: "The World Health Organization website says that 'there are no studies on effects of long-term exposure to hydrogen sulfide in animals.'"

Quote: "Bennett said that the lack of data about long-term low dose exposure in humans is also concerning."

Note: That's right, nobody knows what it does to people or animals with long-term chronic exposure, even at low levels. But it's a deadly poison, as deadly as hydrogen cyanide which is what they use to execute people in gas chambers, so there's no way the effects are GOOD. Brain damage, kidney damage, heart damage, who knows. And he's not even thinking about a variety of other problems. For example, hydrogen sulfide will adsorb onto matter and then you can get poisoned by touch. And while the levels they measured are low, it's a heavier-than-air gas which will tend to flow to low-lying areas and then it will concentrate, and the levels in THOSE areas may sometimes cause serious problems and possibly even kill people and animals from time to time. And you won't see it, in the air or when adsorbed onto matter, because it's invisible, and when it's adsorbed onto matter you won't smell it either (but you should never count on smelling it anyway since it causes 'olfactory fatigue' and you quickly stop being ABLE to smell it even if it's present)...

2016-02-18 - Landfill spewing hydrogen sulfide in Orange County (Florida):

Quote: "Part of the landfill is undergoing construction and manager Jim Becker says an outside consultant advised them to mix the construction and demolition debris with household waste as a more affordable approach and it's that combination, he says, that is creating a hydrogen sulfide emission, or rotten egg smell."

2016-02-18 - Elementary school being hit by hydrogen sulfide, people sickening, in coastal Orleans Parish (Louisiana):

Quote: "Those tests found nothing amiss, state documents show. But they did not check for hydrogen sulfide gas, which can cause nausea, airway problems and other issues during prolonged exposure, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. State health inspectors, in a later test, found concentrations of that gas, as well as carbon monoxide in the air."

2016-02-12 - Hydrogen sulfide still poisoning the area two months after well explosion and gas leak in Seminole (Texas):

Quote: "Hawkins said even two months later, his home is uninhabitable. 'My family is having to live in a house that I know without question is unsafe. We're trying to hurry up and get out of there in fact and move into a new home, but that's a process,' he said. He added that his wife's health has declined since the potentially deadly H2S gas leak."

2016-02-03 - Seven cattle drop dead in Cimarron National Grassland (Kansas), possible hydrogen sulfide poisoning:

Quote: "Six of the cattle were discovered together in a low-lying area, while a seventh was found a short distance away, with local veterinarians identifying the ingestion or inhalation of something toxic leading to pulmonary edema or fluid in the lungs as a possible cause, though the cause of death has not been officially declared. More specifically, they suspect the cattle may have inhaled hydrogen sulfide..."

2016-02-03 - Burning landfill responsibility transferred from the EPA to the Army Corps of Engineers, in Bridgeton (Missouri):

Quote: "In 2013, Missouri Department of Natural Resources conducted air tests and found that the fire was indeed letting off harmful gases. The air testing showed increased levels of benzene, a known carcinogen, and hydrogen sulfide, a neurotoxin. A resident of Spanish Village said she has been 'sheltering' in her home for more than five years."

2016-02-01 - Hydrogen sulfide found leaking from storm drains in coastal Providence (Rhode Island):

Quote: "Providence firefighters spent several hours Monday night dealing with a stinky situation outside Rhode Island Hospital. While firefighters found high levels of hydrogen sulfide in some of the storm drains near Dudley and Eddy Streets, they eliminated a potentially hazardous smell from sewer gas. They think a break in the sewer line was to blame."

2016-01-18 - Mysterious rotten egg odor increasing in frequency in Richmond (Texas), people worried:

Quote: "But a mysterious odor has some homeowners in a small part of this community on edge. 'The smell is so horrid, that it will wake you from the deepest sleep,' Keilers said. Keilers said last week he was sound asleep until 2 a.m. when the smell of rotten eggs woke him up."

Quote: "Keilers said the frequency of the smell is increasing, from once every three months to almost every other day sometimes. 'The smell is of rotten egg. So it's indicative of hydrogen sulfide. So with exposure to that even if it's long-term, short-term, what are the effects to me? What are the effects to my two 3-year-old twins? It's health concerns,' Keilers said."

Note: They're being hit by poison gas, same as the people smelling rotten egg odor near that methane leak in California, so yeah, they should be worried...

2015-12-08 - Oil well blows out, spews hydrogen sulfide, near Seminole (Texas):

Quote: "Emergency officials have evacuated a 2-mile radius near a West Texas oil well that blew out and spewed a mixture of dangerous hydrogen sulfide."

2015-12-02 - Landfill spewing hydrogen sulfide and sickening people in coastal Pensacola (Florida):

2015-11-09 - Salton Sea regularly belching up hydrogen sulfide, smelled 130 miles away:

Quote: "On October 28, the smog-control agency for Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, the South Coast Air Quality Management District, issued an odor advisory for the intense rotten-egg stench that was permeating the air of southern California’s Coachella Valley. The source: The state’s largest lake, the 350-square-mile Salton Sea, was burping up hydrogen sulfide, a gas created by the decaying organic matter trapped beneath the water. It was the Salton Sea’s fifth odor advisory for October alone; depending on winds, the hydrogen sulfide can be smelled as far as 130 miles away in Los Angeles."

Note: That's a lot of poison gas. Not nearly as much as the oceans will spew once they really get going though. That bird refuge in coastal Santa Barbara where the water turned pink from purple sulfur bacteria - which only exist in waters containing hydrogen sulfide - was a really bad sign too. That event occurred in September and was mentioned in the 2015-09-22 update. A large explosion was just filmed by a woman in the desert near the Salton Sea too, mentioned in the 2015-11-07 update...

2015-10-11 - Hydrogen sulfide odor advisory issued again for the Coachella Valley (California):

2015-09-28 - High levels of hydrogen sulfide and methane leaking from landfill near coastal Porirua (New Zealand):

Quote: "Potentially fatal levels of hydrogen sulfide and methane gas are present at Spicer Landfill, a leaked consultants' report has revealed."

Quote: "In four places at the landfill, methane was bubbling through ponded water or within stormwater channels. Exposure to high levels of hydrogen sulfide, which has a rotten egg smell, can lead to nausea, headaches, eye irritation, loss of smell and, in extreme situations, death."

Quote: "There were 29 locations where methane gas exceeded the optimum limit and four had methane bubbling through water. Methane was 'detected permeating over widespread areas'."

2015-09-22 - Purple sulfur bacteria turns water pink at bird refuge in coastal Santa Barbara (California):

Quote: "The water at a bird refuge in Santa Barbara, California has turned a startling shade of pink. Officials say it may look pretty, but it's a sign of an unhealthy ecosystem. Warmer temperatures have allowed purple sulfur bacteria to reproduce more frequently."

Note: Purple sulfur bacteria consume hydrogen sulfide and exist only in waters where hydrogen sulfide is present, so there's definitely hydrogen sulfide in the water at that bird refuge...

2015-09-21 - Yet another hydrogen sulfide odor advisory issued for the Coachella Valley (California):

2015-09-10 - Pond spewing hydrogen sulfide in Grand Junction (Colorado):

Quote: "According to the city waste water manager, the smell is likely from a natural phenomenon known as 'lake turnover'. This is when the hydrogen sulfide at the bottom of the sedentary pond is created from decayed algae. It then is released as the water in the upper layer of the ponds cools and turns over."

2015-09-06 - Hydrogen sulfide causes another odor advisory in the Coachella Valley (California):

Quote: "An odor advisory was issued Sunday for the Coachella Valley warning of an odor similar to rotten eggs, continuing a trend of hydrogen sulfide gas emissions in the area. The gas is associated with natural processes occurring in the Salton Sea, according to a South Coast Air Quality Management District press release."

Note: There's nothin' like breathing a little poison gas to get your blood flowing in the morning! Well, unless it concentrates in a ditch and a concentrated glob of invisible gas blows over you and kills you. Or if some gas gets to some electrified copper or rust in a home and ignites the home, that might suck for the homeowners, if they live...

2015-08-31 - Salton Sea belches up hydrogen sulfide for at least the third time this year in California:

Quote: "The Salton Sea is belching hydrogen sulfide – again. The Air Quality Management District issued an odor advisory Monday for the Coachella Valley. It’s at least the third one this summer. Hydrogen sulfide smells like rotten eggs and is associated with natural processes occurring in the Salton Sea."

Note: Good thing it's only a deadly neurotoxic poison gas (as deadly as hydrogen cyanide which is what they use to execute people in gas chambers) and nobody knows what the long-term effects of regularly breathing even small quantities are. Wait, that's not a good thing!

2015-08-06 - Hydrogen sulfide hitting the city of Atyrau (Kazakhstan), near the Caspian Sea:

Quote: "In particular, excess emissions of hydrogen sulfide were recorded at the air monitoring stations located in the area of the KazTransOil Atyrau oil pipeline control facility, Akzhayik-7 train tanks repairing facility, Tukhlaya Balka evaporation fields, waterfront near Chagala hotel and near the Oblast akimat (municipal authorities' headquarters). The largest hydrogen sulfide emission was recorded by West Oil station on July 29: the amount of hydrogen sulfide in the air exceeded the maximum permissible concentration 63 times! Meanwhile, according to the ecologists, the wind direction in the city during those days was constantly changing, so it is hard to determine which of the companies was responsible for spoiling the air."

Note: Atyrau is on the northeast (downwind) side of the Caspian Sea. Here's a Google Maps link of the area. They want to blame local industry. They could be right, but considering the proximity to the Caspian Sea and the fact that they're on the downwind side of it and considering that it was a waterfront hotel that was one of the places recording elevated readings, I wouldn't be so quick to jump to that conclusion. Kazakhstan is where well over 100,000 endangered saiga antelope mysteriously died this year, and it's also where there was a town where the residents experienced hallucinations, memory loss, sleeping for days, etc. That was blamed on gas emissions from a nearby mine, and that too was probably hydrogen sulfide...

2015-08-06 - Major natural gas pipeline shut down because of hydrogen sulfide contamination:

Quote: "It's not known how long the closure of the nearly four-thousand-kilometre pipeline is expected to last. The Alliance Pipeline carries 1.6 billion cubic feet of natural gas a day from northeastern British Columbia to the Chicago area for processing."

2015-04-23 - Hydrogen sulfide leaks at refinery in Douglasville (Georgia), 1 killed, 3 injured:

Quote: "Kent says there was a hydrogen sulfide leak at Young Refining in Douglasville. Kent says one man died after falling from a height of 20 feet after his mental state was altered by gas inhalation. His name was not immediately released. Kent says three other people were injured. One suffered gas inhalation, one suffered cardiac arrest and the third had a minor injury."

2015-04-13 - Underground fire ruled out as cause of hydrogen sulfide in the soil near Chinchilla (Australia):

Quote: "The chemicals, including hydrogen sulphide, were found more than two metres below the surface at properties at Hopeland, south of Chinchilla, in February."

2015-04-03 - Rotten-egg stench from landfill disturbing people in Lordstown (Ohio):

Quote: "Neighbors have also described an odor in the air like sulfur or rotten eggs, which could be poisonous hydrogen sulfide."

2015-03-18 - Three men killed by hydrogen sulfide near hot spring in Semboku (Japan), near the coast:

Quote: "Three workers have died from apparently inhaling poisonous gas from a hot spring source in Semboku, Akita Prefecture."

Quote: "They apparently died from hydrogen sulfide poisoning."

Note: It probably did come out of the ground at the hot spring, and the pocket of gas that killed these men was obviously way more concentrated than the hydrogen sulfide clouds that have hit Santa Monica (CA), Southern California, Quincy (MA), Seattle (WA), Kuwait City, Rayong (Thailand), Meriden (CT), Moscow (Russia), Kingston (Jamaica), etc...

2015-03-01 - Hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen and carbon monoxide found in the ground near Chinchilla (Australia):

Quote: "The department has revealed that preliminary tests carried out last week at two private properties at Hopeland, near Chinchilla, showed a positive result for carbon monoxide, hydrogen and hydrogen sulphide. 'The gases identified are commonly associated with combustion and are not associated with coal seam gas development,' said Jon Black, the director-general of the Department of Environment."

Quote: "The gases detected - in the Western Downs region of Queensland by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection - included carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and hydrogen sulfide. The gases are explosive and farmers in the Hopeland area have been advised not to excavate or disturb soils greater than two metres deep without talking to the department."

2015-01-07 - Hydrogen sulfide problem plagues middle school in Boulder (Colorado), school spends $45k to try to find the source:

Quote: "The Boulder Valley School District is bringing in outside experts to find solutions to Casey Middle School's persistent sewer gas smell, caused by low levels of hydrogen sulfide. Parents and teachers at the Boulder school, rebuilt in 2009-10 for $33 million, have complained about an intermittent stink of rotten eggs over the last few years that signals the presence of the toxic gas."

2015-01-07 - Hydrogen sulfide from landfill causing problems in West Lebanon (New Hampshire), near the Connecticut River:

Quote: "Murray said the landfill’s stench primarily stems from hydrogen sulfide produced by the decay of gypsum, a component found in drywall. 'It doesn’t take much to smell it,' Murray said. Murray said he expects the flare’s installation to be complete by Jan. 15, and once installed, he anticipates it will eliminate 95 percent of the odors now associated with the 30-acre landfill, located between the Connecticut River and Route 12A."

Note: Decent plan, hope it works. But even if it does work, it will only help eliminate hydrogen sulfide coming from the landfill itself and won't do anything about hydrogen sulfide blowing through in the atmosphere, like the cloud that just hit coastal Seattle the day prior, mentioned in the 2015-01-06 update...

2015-01-06 - Sulfurous 'rotten egg' odor and fog hits Seattle (Washington) and surrounding areas:

Quote: "It smells horrible, like garbage/rotten eggs."

Quote: "Capitol hill has smelled like sewage for at least the last hour."

Note: They didn't tell anyone to shelter-in-place, and nobody was seen wearing gas masks this time, so this particular cloud of hydrogen sulfide was apparently not as concentrated as the cloud that hit Moscow recently, mentioned in the 2014-11-10 update. And this cloud was way less concentrated than the cloud of 'toxic gas of unknown origin' that hit coastal Rayong (Indonesia), sending thousands of people puking and fleeing their homes in the middle of the night, mentioned in the 2014-06-08 update. And there was also the foul stench that just blew through coastal Santa Rosa (Florida) recently, mentioned in the 2014-12-14 update. And so on. There will be more clouds, and they will become larger and more concentrated as time goes on. The first cloud that's 0.1% hydrogen sulfide will kill pretty much everyone in whichever city it happens to hit, and that's most likely to be a coastal city, like Rayong or Santa Rosa or Seattle...

2014-12-19 - Residents sickening from hydrogen sulfide emissions from landfills in coastal Escambia County (Florida):

Quote: "Residents of the Wedgewood community complain that hydrogen sulfide coming from the nearby landfill has been causing abnormally high rates of respiratory illness and cancer in the area. Although the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has confirmed that high levels of hydrogen sulfide can cause eye and respiratory irritation, there is still debate over if of how much of a health concern the landfill is for residents."

2014-11-10 - Huge cloud of hydrogen sulfide fog hits Moscow (Russia), residents told to shelter-in-place:

Quote: "Residents of parts of the Russian capital Moscow have been urged by the emergencies ministry to stay indoors because of a noxious gas that is spreading through the city. The source of the gas is unclear - no accidents have been reported at any of Moscow's chemical factories. Media reports said that the gas was hydrogen sulphide, which can be highly toxic and smells like rotten eggs. It has been smelt in central, eastern and south-eastern parts of the city. The gas was also detected in the capital's main shopping areas and around the parliament building, reports said."

Note: This is the second major metropolitan area in recorded history to be told to shelter-in-place because of hydrogen sulfide. The first was in late 2012 in coastal Kuwait City (Kuwait), mentioned in the 2012-10-17 update. So something that had never happened before has now happened twice in two years. Add to that all of the other hydrogen sulfide incidents: the stinkfests in Southern California, the 'rotten egg' odor that hit Santa Monica after a 'naturally-occurring methane release' in Santa Monica Bay (but methane is odorless, so it wasn't methane), the 'rotten egg' odor that blew in off the ocean and hit Quincy (Massachusetts), the 'rotten egg' odor that hit the Inner Harbor in coastal Baltimore (Maryland) that killed all the fish, the boating town in Australia that's turning into a ghost town because of hydrogen sulfide blowing in off the ocean, the thousands of people fleeing and puking from 'toxic gas of unknown origin' in coastal Rayong (Thailand), and many, many HazMat events involving unknown odors.

This event, like the event in Kuwait City, is a harbinger of things to come. From the full hypothesis: "There will be more unexplained HazMat events, often involving unusual odors. Eventually the entire populations of towns and cities will drop dead."

2014-11-10 - Responders train for sewage and hydrogen sulfide releases after earthquake, in Urbana (Illinois):

2014-09-29 - Hydrogen sulfide gas drives rescuers back at Mount Ontake (Japan):

Quote: "Rising levels of hazardous hydrogen sulfide gas made it too dangerous to continue rescue efforts on Monday, reports CBS News correspondent Seth Doane. They hope to resume work Tuesday wearing gas masks."

2014-09-18 - Elevated hydrogen sulfide levels hit the Coachella Valley (California), blamed on the Salton Sea:

Note: And now that gas will settle into low-lying areas, adsorb onto wood/paper/tires/trash and more, and it will concentrate, the large low-concentration cloud breaking up into many much smaller but higher-concentration clouds. Any cloud - like, say, one in a ditch - that reaches 1 part per 1000 in concentration will be immediately fatal to anyone that breathes it, and you may be slow-poisoned by skin contact with materials onto which the gas has adsorbed too...

2014-08-25 - Two workers gassed to death working in sewer in Scottsdale (Arizona):

Quote: "Ducote said arriving crews recorded high levels of hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen sulfide coming out of the sewer. 'Hydrogen sulfide is a really bad chemical that is lethal at 250 parts per million and it was about 200 parts per million with the hazmat teams got out there,' Ducote said."

Quote: "The 18-year-old man who emerged from the sewer earlier Monday afternoon told police from a hospital that he couldn't remember whether he was pulled or pushed out, a police official said."

Note: Hydrogen sulfide is blowing around in the atmosphere now. It's a heavier-than-air gas so when it blows through, it'll settle to the ground and start flowing into the lowest-lying areas that it can get to, like basements, underground carparks, sewers, etc. It is also traditionally produced in sewers too. These days, going into any underground facility without a full-body HazMat suit, for any reason, can get you killed lickedy-split...

2014-08-21 - Worker, man, 37, gassed to death after opening manhole in New Delhi (India):

Quote: "As soon as Satbir removed the manhole cover, he fell inside, said Babu Ram, one of the two men who accompanied him. 'Toxic gases gushed out of the manhole, Satbir fainted and fell in,' he added."

Note: Definitely hydrogen sulfide there, which can hit you extremely fast, thus its designation as a 'knockdown agent'. Methane, the other 'sewer gas', is not remotely as deadly as hydrogen sulfide and won't do that to a person...

2014-08-20 - Hydrogen sulfide emissions from sewage lagoon sickening residents of coastal Lowell Point (Alaska):

Quote: "Ten area residents and business owners of the Lowell Point area, including a few downwind or upwind from the city’s main aerated, passive sewage lagoon, described their symptoms at Monday night’s regular city council meeting: headaches; stinging, swollen, watery eyes; difficulty breathing, coughing and other respiratory ailments; reduced oxygen levels; stomach upset; and even mental confusion—all of which have been mentioned as symptoms of elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide."

Note: That 'mental confusion' is the most disturbing symptom. That's brain damage - hydrogen sulfide is neurotoxic - and that may be permanent damage. That doesn't mean that their brains won't 'rewire' around the damage, but that's more likely to happen with younger people. With older people, they may experience neurological deterioration from which they will never recover...

2014-08-17 - Landfill spews 'rotten egg' stench of hydrogen sulfide at area around Marlborough, Wiltshire (Britain):

Quote: "Now, Robbie Williams’ attempts to sell his country mansion risk taking on a whiff of desperation ... due to stinking fumes from a nearby landfill site. Described as more potent that rotten eggs, the clouds of steam have been plaguing his Wiltshire village with dozens of complaints made to the parish council. And villagers, who fear the stench will affect house prices, say it is at its worst around the singer’s estate."

Note: Five million pounds doesn't seem THAT expensive to live in a mansion next to a noxious poison factory. Wait, yes it does! In fact 'free' sounds too expensive...
2014-08-08 - Hydrogen sulfide leaks uncontrolled from geothermal plant in coastal Puna (Hawaii):

Quote: "After an uncontrolled release of hydrogen sulfide prompted sent plant operators and emergency crews scrambling to contain the unplanned emissions, residents of Leilani Estates, Pohoiki, and Lani Puna were advised to stay indoors to avoid exposure. Hydrogen sulfide is described a colorless gas with the characteristic foul odor of rotten eggs; it is heavier than air, very poisonous, corrosive, flammable, and explosive, according to Wikipedia. Hawaii County Civil Defense officials recommended that any residents experiencing discomfort should evacuate the area."

Note: Did the gas really come from the plant, or did it just blow in off the ocean? We'll never know for sure. It doesn't really matter all that much - if you've got deadly and explosively flammable poison gas blowing around, that's what matters...

2014-08-07 - At least 70 students hospitalized by hydrogen sulfide poisoning in Kollam (India):

Quote: "At least 70 students were hospitalised after alleged gas leak at the KMML (Kerala Minerals and Metals Limited) factory in Kollam Thursday. Around 70 students from the nearby school and colleges of the factory were admitted in the hospital. Around twenty students from the Chavara Government Girls Higher Secondary School and 30 students from the government college were admitted to the hospital. Two other students from the Kamankulangara school were also admitted. On Wednesday, many residents including 60 students were admitted to the hospital after Hydrogen Sulphide leaked from the factory. The plant has been closed pending further investigation."

Note: I am highly skeptical about this story. Hydrogen sulfide in a metal factory? If it were a septic or sewer facility, maybe. If it were a petroleum facility, that'd be believable, since hydrogen sulfide is what makes gas 'sour' and it is extracted. But I don't know what use hydrogen sulfide would be to a METAL business. I suspect this was a cloud of gas that blew through in the atmosphere and they just decided to blame the nearest factory so they'd have something other than the truth to sell people...

2014-08-04 - Two fishermen killed by hydrogen sulfide, one injured, in ship hold in Strandbygaard Harbour (Denmark):

Quote: "According to police, the two fishermen died because of toxic hydrogen sulphide fumes from the load of trash fish."

Note: Hydrogen sulfide is produced by rotting biomatter, but it is also blowing around in the atmosphere and, being a heavier-than-air gas, once it gets inside a ship it will settle into the hold, just as when it infiltrates a home it will tend to settle into basements...

2014-04-29 - Man, 20, killed by hydrogen sulfide at well site in McKenzie County (North Dakota):

Quote: "The sheriff's department says foul play is not suspected, and the cause of death is likely H2S gas poisoning."

2014-04-13 - Two workers killed by hydrogen sulfide while working in manhole in Kochi (India):

Quote: "The dead were identified as Raju and Madhavan, both hailing from Dindigul in Tamil Nadu. Their co-workers were waiting for them outside the manhole when the duo inhaled hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and died."

2014-03-26 - Four sewer workers killed by hydrogen sulfide, eight more injured, in coastal Phuket (Thailand):

Quote: "Four water treatment workers were found dead and eight others injured in a sewer while cleaning and treating sewer drain. Authorities said the fumes from the sewer below, when released into the air, turned into hydrogen sulfide commonly known as 'rotten eggs' fumes, asphyxiating the workers, leading to their deaths."

Note: There've been lots of mysterious deaths in and around Phuket too, also likely from hydrogen sulfide blowing in off the ocean. Then it'll settle into low-lying areas, since it's a heavier-than-air gas. One such low-lying area, of course, is sewer systems. It is also produced naturally in sewers too. If it gets into your sewer system and your sewer trap isn't functioning properly then it can flow into your house and gas you to death, as happened to a woman in Kansas City (Kansas), mentioned in the 2013-07-04 update. Obviously, these days, it may just blow in through a window, or get sucked into homes by air conditioners or heating systems, drop down through chimneys, etc.

2014-01-23 - Hydrogen sulfide gas coming from sewer near home at Lake James in Morganton (North Carolina):

Quote: "After making several attempts to contact the right agency to have the problem corrected, the city of Morganton Water Resources department informed Ervin that what she smelled was not sewage, but hydrogen sulfide gas that builds in sewer lines and often emits a foul odor."

Note: 'It's not sewage, ma'am, just some gas-chamber-quality poison gas, so rest easy...'

2014-01-10 - Sewer workers poisoned by hydrogen sulfide in coastal Yokohama (Japan), several sickened, 3 suffer cardiac arrest:

Quote: "Three of the four workers were briefly in a state of cardiac arrest when found near a manhole by firefighters responding to an emergency call around 9:15 a.m. Hydrogen sulfide was detected at the scene."

2013-12-13 - Hydrogen sulfide cancels classes at school in coastal Middletown (New Jersey):

Quote: "High levels of hydrogen sulfide, or sewer gas, on campus at Brookdale Community College forced the closure Friday of four buildings, cancellation of some classes and relocation of others, officials said."

2013-12-09 - College student dies from hydrogen sulfide poisoning in tent at Port Meadow, 6 injured, in Oxford (Britain):

Quote: "Sara Lomax, who studied physics with Mr Kirkman at A-level, said she was almost certain he would not have committed suicide."

Quote: "Police are advising people to stay away from the popular beauty spot after the discovery by a member of the public at 12.25pm because of a strong odour of chemicals."

Quote: "Early indications are that the chemical involved in the death of the man is hydrogen sulphide..."

Note: The 'official' story is he brewed up some hydrogen sulfide himself. That's highly unlikely. It'd be easier and less risky and cheaper to use carbon monoxide if one's goal is suicide-by-gas. The death is 'unexplained'. This is a low-lying area where a heavier-than-air gas would tend to accumulate after it blows in off the ocean. I'm not surprised at the official story though; what else are they gonna say? The truth? Wouldn't count on that. If you die from hydrogen sulfide poisoning and there's no way to disguise what killed you, they'll say you did it yourself too, of that you can be sure. There have been many mysterious deaths in Britain (and Florida and California and Thailand and Australia and other coastal areas)...

2013-11-14 - Hydrogen sulfide belching from landfill in Bridgeton (Missouri), residents alarmed:

Quote: "The stinky smell is not the problem anymore in Bridgeton. Now, there’s concern the landfill is putting something else into the air that could pose a real danger to workers and residents nearby. It’s a chemical compound called hydrogen sulfide and according to the health department report, half the days in the last four weeks, air monitors have showed levels that exceeded 'health-based guidelines.' In high concentrations, it can kill a person."

Note: This is the landfill that has an underground fire burning toward an adjacent landfill that houses illegally-dumped nuclear waste from the Manhattan Project. This hydrogen sulfide problem here is a microcosm of the planetary extinction event that is now underway. The oceans are becoming more 'landfill-like' as waters around the world heat up. (All the sh#t and trash we've dumped into the oceans probably hasn't helped matters any either, though this problem would likely have occurred regardless, as it has numerous times in the past.) The heat is also releasing methane stored in methane clathrate deposits, and the ancient anaerobic bacteria and archaea that emit hydrogen sulfide are eating that methane and turning it into hydrogen sulfide.

In June, the City of Roxbury (New Jersey) began drawing up evacuation plans because of hydrogen sulfide from a nearby landfill, as mentioned in the 2013-06-14 update. A rotten egg odor is wafting in from the ocean in Quincy (Massachusetts), as mentioned in the 2013-05-09 update. The Inner Harbor recently suddenly changed color to milky-white-green in coastal Baltimore, with a sulfur odor smelled, and all the fish there were found dead, as mentioned in the 2013-07-18 update. Hydrogen sulfide has been detected in a number of areas along the coast in California, it was detected coming up from the ground near a school in Canada, it was detected in the ground in southern Florida, a woman was killed by hydrogen sulfide in her home in Kansas, and so on. This is the ancient planetary extinction event that has once again reared its ugly head and is now upon us...

2013-10-16 - Fish kill reported at Lake Sebu in South Cotabato (Philippine Islands):

Quote: "It occurs when cold rainwater, which is heavier than warm water, settles at the abyssal zone of the lake. This causes the water upturn or upwelling of warm water carrying silts, sediments, and gases such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, sulfur and methane gas produced by the decomposing organic matter such as fish feeds..."

Note: That's the chemocline rising abruptly to the surface, smothering fish and releasing hydrogen sulfide into the air. That just happened in July in the Inner Harbor in coastal Baltimore (Maryland) too, as mentioned in the 2013-07-18 update. (And now peoples' corpses are being found in the Inner Harbor, which is no coincidence.) As this process hits more areas, more hydrogen sulfide will be released into the atmosphere. This is the ancient extinction event that is now upon us...

2013-10-14 - 'Rotten egg' odor of hydrogen sulfide reported in Santa Fe Springs (California):

Quote: "For the second time this year, local residents near Santa Fe Springs are dealing with a foul stench in their neighborhood. Residents of Santa Fe Springs, Norwalk, Whittier and Pico Rivera have all reported the odor."

Quote: "Come around midnight each night now, sometimes lasting one to three hours. It’s unbearable..."

Quote: "According to the Air Quality Management District, the smell is due to non-toxic hydrogen sulfide coming from Ridgeline Energy Services U.S.A."

Note: There's no such thing as 'non-toxic hydrogen sulfide'. Hydrogen sulfide is hydrogen sulfide. It's as deadly as hydrogen cyanide, which is what they use in gas chambers to, you know, KILL PEOPLE. It was used as a weapon in World War I by the British against the Germans because it KILLS PEOPLE. The atmosphere cools and contracts in the wee hours, which will push any hydrogen sulfide or methane in the air above closer to the ground. These folks should be on the lookout for outbreaks of 'flu-like' illness, nosebleeds and animals and people dropping dead. These cities are all near the coast...

2013-10-14 - Hydrogen sulfide reported in coastal Callaway (Florida):

Quote: "...inside the wet well at the lift station where employees work, county officials said chemical detectors have showed hydrogen sulfide to be at 'extremely hazardous' levels. Parts of the lift station have become corroded as a result of the high levels of hydrogen sulfide, officials said."

2013-10-02 - Woman killed by hydrogen sulfide, 8 people hospitalized, at motel near coastal Melbourne (Australia):

Quote: "One person is dead and eight people were hospitalised after being exposed to hydrogen sulphide at a motel north of Melbourne overnight."

Note: The 'official' story is that the woman made the hydrogen sulfide herself. Well, color me skeptical. Yes, you can kill yourself that way, but there's zero reason anyone would do so. For one thing, it's dangerous, in the sense that if anything goes wrong you could end up not dead, but paralyzed, or mindwiped (forget who you are), or go crazy, hallucinate and get found eating your own arms or something. If you're set on killing yourself with a gas, nothing beats carbon monoxide - you go to sleep, never wake up, no fuss, no muss. Carbon monoxide suicide is also cheap and reliable. This sounds VERY MUCH like a cover story to me, and 'suicide by hydrogen sulfide' will probably be used as a cover story more as time goes on, especially when there's no one alive to dispute the story...

2013-10-02 - Hydrogen sulfide seriously sickening residents of Roxbury Township (New Jersey):

Quote: "Governor Christie, by saying that Roxbury residents are not having any health problems, you are dismissing us as human beings.  We did not have any of these health issues before the toxic hydrogen sulfide started emanating from the Fenimore Landfill in 2012.  When you leave the Roxbury area, a lot of the health effects miraculously disappear yet when you get back in town, they reappear."

Note: Landfills are indeed a traditional source of hydrogen sulfide and they clearly do have a problem in this town, and it is obviously sickening them. The problem here is basically a small-scale version of what's happening worldwide: the waters are heating up and getting more 'landfill-like', causing planetary scale hydrogen sulfide and methane emissions, as has happened numerous times in Earth's history. They have local emissions here too though, so they're likely to die first...

2013-09-21 - People sickening, kids bleeding from nose, near industrial site in coastal Los Angeles (California):,0,5218288.story

Quote: "Monic Uriarte says she began having headaches and bouts of dizziness three years ago, about the time she and her neighbors began smelling a chemical odor on the streets and in their homes."

Quote: "A sign inside the walls warns: 'Danger: H2S. Poisonous Gas.' No such signs are posted outside the site, which is a few yards from schools and homes."

Note: Indeed, headaches, dizziness, unconsciousness and bleeding from the nose are possible symptoms of hydrogen sulfide poisoning. H2S = hydrogen sulfide. The people in this area are not likely to live very long. Oil and natural gas are becoming more 'sour' as the earth heats up from below, meaning they contain greater amounts of hydrogen sulfide. Closing this place down wouldn't solve the problem. Then the oil/gas in the ground would be converted to hydrogen sulfide and come up from the ground in an uncontrolled fashion, which would be even worse. So the only realistic choice is to get as much oil and natural gas out of the ground as possible, and use it up, burn it for energy, BEFORE it gets turned into deadly and explosively flammable hydrogen sulfide. This facility may not itself even be generating the hydrogen sulfide - it may be coming up from the ground now on its own, and they may have reopened this place to try to suck out the gas/oil before that entire area is wiped out by poison, fire and/or explosions...

2013-09-06 - Three chemical transport trucks burst into flame at midnight, neighborhood evacuated, in Laveen (Arizona), another truck burns on US 60 near Phoenix:

Quote: "Three trucks owned by CTI, a company specializing in transporting chemicals, caught fire. Those trucks were loaded with copper concentrate, which is highly flammable. Copper concentrate, the raw material for copper smelters, is made up of copper, iron and sulfide."

Quote: "According to the Department of Public Safety, the fire in Laveen was related to a similar situation that forced the closure of A seven-mile stretch of U.S. 60 northwest of Phoenix. DPS said a truck was hauling copper concentrate that began to smolder and emit a toxic gas, hydrogen sulfide. The driver felt woozy and pulled over. He was treated at a hospital and released. Firefighters cooled off the load with water."

Note: So, four trucks burned in that general area, in two separate incidents, and hydrogen sulfide was involved with at least one of the truck fires and possibly all of them. Maybe the trucks got hit by some hydrogen sulfide blowing through the atmosphere and the reactivity with copper and rusty iron is what started these fires...

2013-08-23 - Hydrogen sulfide sickens two fishermen after it builds up in ship's hold, in coastal Rockland (Maine):

Quote: "Rockland Fire and EMS and Thomaston Ambulance crews responded to the O’Hara bait shop on Front Street Friday afternoon after two men were overcome by what turned out to be a buildup of hydrogen sulfide in the hold of the fishing vessel 'Starlight.'"

Quote: "A third crewman donned a breathing mask and brought another mask down to the conscious crewman, who quickly began to recover enough to get out of the hold with some assistance. The masked rescuer also put fresh air onto the unconscious man and they began pumping fresh air into the hold, to help clear the very poisonous and flammable gas."

Quote: "The gas is heavier than air, so the concentration of the hydrogen sulfide was greater at the bottom of the hold, and we estimate the first man was down there for 7-10 minutes. I don't know how bad the concentration was at the bottom, where he was laying, but it's a given he was down in the worst of it the longest."

Note: One guy went into the hold and collapsed unconscious. Second guy went to help the first guy and was incapacitated, though not knocked unconscious. Third guy got smart and got some oxygen masks. This is a common scenario with hydrogen sulfide poisoning events, where one person succumbs then others go to help and succumb too. Often that ends with fatalities. In this case, thanks to the smart third guy, nobody died, though who knows what kind of long-term effects the two who got hit will experience, especially the first guy, who was laying there and breathing hydrogen sulfide for some time...

2013-08-05 - Hundreds of people complain as hydrogen sulfide wafts over Santa Fe Springs (California):,0,4555.story

Quote: "After receiving more than 330 complaints about a foul odor wafting across Santa Fe Springs last week, air quality officials said Monday they had pinpointed the smell to increases in the amount of hydrogen sulfide in the air."

Note: It's actually GOOD that they can smell it. That means the concentration is low. Once the concentration goes beyond the trivial then you rapidly lose the ability to smell it, if you smell it at all. This isn't the first town with hydrogen sulfide problems lately either. In June, the City of Roxbury (New Jersey) began drawing up evacuation plans because of hydrogen sulfide from a nearby landfill, as mentioned in the 2013-06-14 update. And a rotten egg odor is wafting in from the ocean in Quincy (Massachusetts), as mentioned in the 2013-05-09 update. And the Inner Harbor just changed color to milky-white-green in coastal Baltimore, with a sulfur odor smelled, and all the fish there were found dead, as mentioned in the 2013-07-18 update. And so on...

2013-07-10 - Two men, 30 and 50, killed by hydrogen sulfide near Claflin (Kansas):

Quote: "Emergency personnel arriving on the scene first found Myers deceased on the steps of a flooded underground cellar-type structure that was part of a saltwater disposal system. Emergency personnel were unable to enter the structure because of high levels of hydrogen sulfide gas, which can be a byproduct from the production of oil and natural gas."

2013-07-04 - Woman, 44, dies from hydrogen sulfide poisoning at home in Kansas City (Kansas):

Quote: "The doctor ruled her death an accident from 'hydrogen sulfide intoxication,' according to the recently released autopsy results."

Quote: "At the time, local plumbers and doctors said they never had heard of such a thing happening in a residence. Even national experts said residential deaths from sewer gas were extremely rare."

Quote: "Yet deaths from inhaling toxic sewer gas could be more common than people know, said Nick Gromicko, the founder of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. He said sewer gas deaths written off to other causes could have been missed if autopsies weren’t performed. 'This could just be the first one we’ve discovered,' he said."

Note: Even if an autopsy IS performed, if it isn't performed within 6-8 hours of the poisoning, then they're not gonna find much besides some elevated levels of sulfates, which can be caused by many things and isn't alarming in itself. So I am VERY sure that they're missing deaths like this ALL THE TIME now...

2013-06-14 - City of Roxbury (New Jersey) drawing up evacuation plans because of hydrogen sulfide from landfill:

Quote: "Two developments could bring the state closer to taking over the Fenimore Landfill — which has been emitting hydrogen sulfide gas at such high levels township officials are drawing up evacuation plans."

Note: Landfills and sewers are actually traditional sources of hydrogen sulfide, though I've never heard of it being such a problem before that a city would draw up evacuation plans because of it. As the volcanic activity around the Earth picks up and heats up the waters, the waters of the Earth hold less oxygen, creating 'dead zones' where the ancient anaerobic bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide reproduce and do their thing. Basically, the waters of the Earth are becoming more 'landfill-like'. I'm sure it hasn't helped matters any that we've dumped ungodly amounts of trash and sewage into the oceans either, and all of that biomass is food for those ancient bacteria, and they will, in effect, turn our trash and excrement into deadly hydrogen sulfide...

2013-05-29 - Enbridge Energy Partners fights for right to reject crude oil with high levels of hydrogen sulfide:

Quote: "The pipeline operator made the application just three days after the vapours in one crude tank at Berthold terminal in North Dakota were sampled and found to contain H2S at an extremely high concentration of 1200 parts per million, more than enough to be fatal."

Quote: "Hydrogen sulphide is explosive when mixed with air, and can cause severe corrosion to oil field equipment including pipelines."

Note: It can cause corrosion to all steel and concrete, not just oil field equipment...

Quote: "The characteristic rotten egg smell is detectable at concentrations well under 1 ppm, and becomes sickly sweet over 30 ppm, but is dangerously odourless when the concentration rises over 100 ppm because the olfactory nerves in the nose are paralysed. Concentrations of as little as 50-200 ppm can cause shock, convulsions and coma. Inhaling H2S in excess of 1,000 ppm will cause immediate respiratory paralysis followed by death according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ('Report to Congress on Hydrogen Sulfide Air Emissions Associated with the Extraction of Oil and Gas' 1993)."

Quote: "In the next shipping cycle after the April 1 restrictions on competitor pipelines went into effect, there was a dramatic increase to the proportion of crude tendered to Enbridge North Dakota with high levels of hydrogen sulfide."

Quote: "Most oil and gas fields produce some hydrogen sulphide but the proportion varies widely. Oil fields tend to produce relatively little, while in a gas field the proportion can rise to 40 percent or even 90 percent. Twenty 'vulnerability zones' have been identified in the United States which are especially prone to hydrogen sulphide in underground formations linked with oil and gas."

Note: Lots of interesting information here. Maybe what's most interesting is that hydrogen sulfide levels are apparently rising. The ancient anaerobic bacteria that biogenically generate hydrogen sulfide like warm temps, water and low oxygen levels. With the obvious rise in volcanism around the world, it seems reasonable to think that heat is rising from the core of the Earth to the surface. This will expand the territory of those bacteria, not just in the oceans, seas and lakes, but possibly in underground areas near or below the water table too. Those bacteria also eat methane, which is the primary 'ingredient' in natural gas. So they may be below ground now, growing their numbers as the environment increasingly suits them, resulting in higher H2S concentrations in gas and oil deposits. This may explain all the fracking too - to get that natural gas out of the ground before those ancient anaerobic bacteria use it as food and convert it into deadly and explosively flammable hydrogen sulfide.

2013-05-24 - Man found dead in car from hydrogen sulfide poisoning in Fife (Washington), 1 mile from the coast:

Quote: "A 911 caller shortly before 10 a.m. reported a suspicious vehicle in the area, with an unconscious man inside and a note taped to the window that said: “Do not open. Hydrogen Sulfide. Call 911."

Note: I suspect the authorities have a bunch of those notes already printed out, so that they can slap them on vehicles containing dead people, to cover up what's going on, and also perhaps to push the idea into the public consciousness that killing yourself with hydrogen sulfide in vehicles is the new 'in thing' in suicides. There's zero reason for anyone to kill themselves with hydrogen sulfide in a vehicle; vehicles emit carbon monoxide, you go to sleep and never wake up, no fuss, no muss, no danger to others. Use a hose or block the exhaust. There are really only two reasons I can think of why people MIGHT use hydrogen sulfide to kill themselves in a vehicle: 1) if they know what's going on and they want to leave people a clue; 2) if they WANT to cause harm to others after they're dead. In the latter case there would be no note, obviously. Anyone ever seen an image of one of these notes? I haven't. I bet they aren't in the handwriting of the deceased, which means there's really nothing to tie the note to the deceased, other than that 'somebody' put the note on the vehicle containing the corpse...

2013-04-24 - Police in London, Ontario (Canada) issue public safety announcement pertaining to hydrogen sulfide:

Quote: "Should members of the public come upon someone who appears to be sleeping in a vehicle or another enclosed space and is unresponsive they should call police immediately and use extreme caution in attempting to access the victim. Prior to opening the vehicle door, look inside for written signs or chemicals being used. The gas concentration in the vehicle will be extremely high and inhalation of the fumes may be fatal to the responder."

Quote: "If inhaled at low levels it can cause eye irritation, sore throat, cough, nausea, shortness of breath and fluid in the lungs. Moderate exposure can cause fatigue, loss of appetite, vomiting, staggering, headaches and arability. Concentrated high exposure can cause convulsions, amnesia, respiratory paralysis and death by asphyxiation."

Quote: "Hydrogen sulphide is a gas that smells like rotten eggs and is not present in vehicles unless introduced there by the victim. The danger to responders and public are that this gas is very similar to cyanide and it is five times more toxic than carbon monoxide. In some instances, victims have posted notes on vehicle windows warning rescuers not to enter the vehicle."

Note: Well, that's not ALL true. Do they think that cars are magically immune to penetration by hydrogen sulfide from natural sources like landfills, sewers and the dead zones in the oceans? If that were so then nobody driving a car in Southern California would have smelled the hydrogen sulfide that was purportedly coming off the Salton Sea during that stinkfest event there...but everyone smelled it, including people in cars, so of course it may be present in vehicles even if the victim didn't introduce it...

2013-04-13 - One worker killed and six injured by hydrogen sulfide at wastewater plant at the Port of Tampa (Florida):

Quote: "Officials say seven employees of Lanzo Lining, Inc. were cleaning the 96-inch pipes at the Howard F. Curren Advanced Wastewater treatment plant when hydrogen sulfide fumes appeared inside a sewer pipe. Two workers inside the pipe were overtaken by fumes. Two other workers went into the pipe to help their co-workers, when they too were overcome by fumes. The remaining workers attempted to render aid to the other four, but were also affected by the fumes."

Quote: "During the rescue, six Tampa Firefighters were also affected by the fumes. They were treated at TGH and released."

Note: This is a common scenario with hydrogen sulfide poisoning events, where some people succumb then others go to their aid and succumb too. In this case, 2 people succumbed, then 2 went to their aid and succumbed, then 3 more went to the aid of those four and they succumbed too, then responders showed up and six of THEM sickened too. This should serve as an indication of just how deadly hydrogen sulfide can be. In concentrations of 1 part per thousand it can be almost immediately lethal. That means your atmosphere can be 99.9% clean but if it's 0.1% hydrogen sulfide then one breath can kill you.

This event by itself should make clear why hydrogen sulfide - produced by ancient anaerobic bacteria and archaea in biomatter-rich and warm anoxic environments like that found in the dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico and other areas of the Earth's waters - has been instrumental in Earth's extinction events. In the Permian-Triassic extinction event around 90% of all species went extinct (96% in the oceans, less on land). This is the enemy we face now, and even as we weaken with each passing day, our enemy is strengthening.

2013-03-01 - Worker, 31, dies from hydrogen sulfide poisoning in tank in Catawba (North Carolina):

Quote: "According to his cousin, Jermel Storey, a 'clear, cloudy smoke' entered the tank, triggering emergency alarms, which trapped Samir in the tank. Jermel Storey also was working on the job. 'My cousin screamed,' Jermel Storey said recently of the accident. 'Nobody helped. It was like nothing ever happened.' Gast said Samir Storey died 'within minutes.'"

Note: Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless gas, so it was mixed in with that smoke. Maybe an atmospheric hydrogen sulfide plume blew threw nearby and something smoldered or burst into flame via hydrogen sulfide's reactivity with copper or rusty iron, then that smoke plus some hydrogen sulfide drifted down into that tank. It wasn't super concentrated either because he lived for minutes, didn't just fall over dead after one or two breaths...

2013-02-13 - Hydrogen sulfide found coming from the ground near school in Windsor (Canada):

2013-01-26 - Two pipeline workers die of hydrogen sulfide poisoning in coastal Ashdod (Israel):,7340,L-4337217,00.html

Quote: "It is believed that they died within seconds of coming into contact with the hydrogen sulfide gas."

Quote: "A Paz Refineries spokesman said that the repair that the two were sent out to do did not require any special protective gear."

2013-01-11 - Sulfur dioxode, hydrogen sulfide detected in coastal Chalmette (Louisiana), residents complain of 'chemical odors':

2013-01-08 - Money approved for monitoring odors at the Salton Sea (California):

Quote: "Often, fish kills caused by heavy concentrations of hydrogen sulfide and lack of oxygen also create foul odors at the lake."

2012-11-29 - Library closed in Columbus (Ohio) due to hydrogen sulfide:

Quote: "The letter said the company believes the sources of the odor is the water elevator sump pit that 'may be serving as a conduit for contamination in shallow ground water to enter the indoor environment.'"

Note: There's confirmation that hydrogen sulfide is infiltrating buildings via contaminated water, something I have suspected for some time now...

2012-11-10 - HazMat event in Whanganui on the North Island (New Zealand), hydrogen sulfide exposure, 2 critically injured, 19 injured:

2012-10-17 - Hydrogen sulfide threat near Kuwait City (Kuwait), blamed on oil well leak:

Quote: "Health officials warned Kuwaitis to stay inside and seal doors and windows tightly on Wednesday after toxic gas leaked from an oil well north of Kuwait City. Residents in areas as far as 100 kilometres (60 miles) away reported smelling the rotten-egg odour of potentially poisonous hydrogen sulphide gas."

Note: Sixty miles away? From an oil well leak? I doubt that. Is there a plume blowing through there? I don't doubt that. Is the advice good, to seal up homes and hunker down? Definitely.

2012-10-04 - HazMat event at laboratory in Britain, 9 people hospitalized after exposure to hydrogen sulfide:

Quote: "It is thought the incident was sparked when a laboratory test went wrong..."

Note: And just what tests are they doing with hydrogen sulfide? Trying to develop protective measures? Seeing how hydrogen sulfide affects mammalian biology now that it's flooding our atmosphere? Inquiring minds want to know more...

2012-09-10 - Hydrogen sulfide smelled across large swaths of southern California:

Quote: "Atwood said AQMD inspectors collected air samples that contained hydrogen sulfide."

2012-06-10 - Hydrogen sulfide concerns raised near 2 lakes in Harrison County (Ohio):

2012-06-06 - Man found dead in car of hydrogen sulfide poisoning, in Round Rock (Texas):

Quote: "Police confirmed that a deadly, poisonous chemical called hydrogen sulfide was found inside the car."

Note: Another story just like this a few days ago, woman dead in car in parking lot in Fresno (California). You smell something? I smell coverup. But who knows. Maybe this guy was someone who knew about this ongoing extinction event, and he wanted to leave us a clue with his method of bowing out before things get really bad...

2012-05-30 - Woman allegedly kills herself with hydrogen sulfide in parking lot in Fremont (California):

2012-05-17 - Another take on this extinction event, from MSNBC in 2009, still relevant:

Quote: "Hydrogen sulfide is a lethal poison to most oxygen-breathing animals. Today, it is common in lakes or seas when circulation is poor, oxygen levels plummet, and anaerobic bacteria take over. In the late Permian period, biomarkers suggest it was widespread in the oceans."

Note: These ancient anaerobic bacteria which produce hydrogen sulfide are the enemy with which we are now at war. They can't be bargained with. They can't be reasoned with. They will not surrender nor do they care if we do. The 'dead zones' are their habitat, and those are growing and spreading throughout the waters of the Earth and have been for years. The Sleeper has awakened...

2012-03-16 - Cal Poly (California) student found dead in car filled with toxic gas:

Note: the toxic gas mentioned here as being used by Japanese previously is...hydrogen sulfide. It is not named in this story, for some reason. Maybe this is how some of the car deaths will be handled: just throw some warning placards on the car and call it a suicide. Very convenient.

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