Sunday, July 1, 2018

2018 - JUN - Zombie Files

2018-06-03 - Naked man with a knife tased and arrested in Walthamstow (Britain):

Quote: "A naked man found brandishing a knife at a busy junction was tasered by police before being arrested. A section of Higham Hill Road, Walthamstow, near the junction with Forest Road was cordoned off on Sunday morning while emergency services dealt with the incident. After the man had undergone an assessment, police decided to de-arrest him and detain him under the Mental Health Act."

2018-06-03 - Naked man, 31, found in field in Mapleton (Illinois), doesn't know how he got naked:

Quote: "A Creve Coeur man found naked in a field did not know what happened to his clothes, police said. At 6:40 a.m. May 27, a security officer made a routine perimeter check of Caterpillar Inc. property in Mapleton along U.S. Route 24, according to a report by the Peoria County Sheriff’s Office. The officer spotted a man lying in a field, the report stated. Upon closer inspection, the man appeared to be sleeping in the nude, the report stated. At that, the security officer called the sheriff’s office. A deputy roused the man, who identified himself and gave an address in Creve Coeur, the report stated. The 31-year-old 'stated that he had been out in a boat on the Illinois River with friends and had been drinking alcohol when he jumped out of the boat,' the report stated. '(He) doesn’t remember much after he jumped into the river.' (He) is unaware of how his clothing was removed.' After the man refused medical attention, police drove him home."

2018-06-04 - Naked man roams motel, punches cop in the face, gets arrested, in Abilene (Texas):

2018-06-06 - Naked woman hits cars with stick in coastal Manhattan (New York):

Quote: "A naked, emotionally disturbed woman hitting cars with a stick in lower Manhattan Wednesday morning was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric examination, police said. Several witnesses, including a school crossing guard, called 911 around 11:20 a.m. and told police they saw the woman near Catherine and Madison Sts., a few blocks from One Police Plaza, hitting or trying to hit cars with a stick. No one was injured. When police arrived, the woman, who appeared to be at least 30, was taken into custody and transported to New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital. She was not charged."

2018-06-06 - Naked man, 31, chases and tries to grab kids near school in Ashford (Britain):

Quote: "A naked man was allegedly spotted trying to grab and chase pupils near a secondary school. Police were called to Hunter Road in Willesborough close to the North School in Essella Road, Ashford. A statement released to parents by the school said an undressed man was 'trying to grab at and chase pedestrians'."

2018-06-07 - Naked man runs across freeway at 3:40 AM and gets hit by car in Houston (Texas):

2018-06-08 - Naked man runs around and does yoga on the South Side in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "A naked man stunned onlookers in Pittsburgh's South Side during the Friday lunch hour by doing yoga and running in the middle of East Carson Street before police picked him up and took him to a hospital, officials said."

2018-06-10 - Naked man enters home, attacks man with rake, man beats him back with a hammer, in coastal New Port Richey (Florida):

2018-06-14 - Naked man, 26, flees hospital, breaks into home, attacks man with hammer, in coastal Newburyport (Massachusetts):

2018-06-14 - Man, 32, breaks into apartment, beats woman with hammer, drags her naked onto street, in coastal Brooklyn (New York):

2018-06-17 - Man, 36, goes berserk, gets arrested, foams at the mouth and dies, in Luling (Texas):

Quote: "A man died after police tried to subdue him Saturday in Luling. Police went to the 1300 block of Fannin Street Saturday after 3 p.m. after getting a report of a man who was banging on someone's door, throwing rocks at 'people who didn't exist' and yelling that 'people were trying to kill him,' according to a Luling Police Department release. When police arrived, 36-year-old Andrew Carmona jumped into the back of their patrol car.  Police took him out to search him for weapons, then let him get back in. By that time, his sister had arrived. "She had been looking for Carmona because someone had called her and told her he had left his mother's house and was acting crazy," according to a release from LPD."

Quote: "'When they attempted to roll him back over and get him up, officers noted that he was foaming at the mouth but not breathing,' the release stated."

2018-06-18 - Naked man, 23, flees cops in car, gets out, gets hit by minivan, in Summit County (Ohio):

2018-06-18 - Naked man, 25, stands in street staring into the distance and popping balloons with his mouth at 12:45 AM in Dayton (Ohio):

2018-06-19 - Naked man, 24, goes on rampage on riverboat casino on the Red River in Bossier City (Louisiana):

2018-06-21 - Naked man, 30, roams streets in the rain singing gospel music in Aspen (Colorado):

Quote: "Brandon Tidrow, 30, was arrested Tuesday in Aspen after he belted out tunes while soaking wet and nude at a busy intersection, the Aspen Times reported. Police were notified around 5 p.m. that Tidrow was roaming around stark naked in Herron Park. Another caller reported seeing an unclothed man walking down the street. Officers said they found the crooner with his eyes closed and singing gospel music in the middle of an intersection. 'Upon contacting Tidrow, he was very wet and had his hands held up in the air, palms toward the sky,' the police report stated."

2018-06-22 - Man enters Target, beats woman with piece of metal then strips off clothes, in Horn Lake (Mississippi):

Quote: "A woman was left bloodied after witnesses say a man entered a Mississippi Target and beat her with a piece of metal before taking off his pants and underwear in what appears to be a random attack."

Quote: "Abbott said the woman told her she didn’t know the man, but that 'he was mumbling, "She’s got to bleed all she can bleed for the sacrifice."'"

2018-06-23 - Naked man, 31, pours gasoline around house, lays in grass, says he might be Jesus, near the Johnson Fork River (Kentucky):

2018-06-25 - Naked man, 36, goes berserk at hotel, shrugs off taser, exhibits unnatural strength, bites cops, in coastal Fremont (California):

Quote: "Officers attempted to use a Taser on the suspect, however, the Taser appeared ineffective and the officers called for backup. When the additional officers arrived, they found the man naked and bloody and fighting with the officers. Because the man exhibited great strength, officers believed he may have been under the influence. The man continued fighting with the officers and bit them."

2018-06-26 - Naked man, 31, goes nuts at home, gets arrested and dies, in Alexandria (Virginia):

2018-06-26 - Mostly naked man, 19, runs onto airport and climbs onto wing of plane, in Atlanta (Georgia):

Quote: "Jhryin Jones, 19, allegedly scaled a fence at the airport and ran onto an active taxiway, Atlanta police spokeswoman Stephanie Brown said. He then approached the aircraft, jumped on the wing and began to pound on the windows, Brown said."

2018-06-27 - Naked man, 41, runs around at 11:04 PM, yells, bangs his head on the ground, gets arrested and dies, in Farmington (New Mexico):

Quote: "Officers for the Farmington Police Department were dispatched around 11:04 p.m. Wednesday to the 1900 block of Carlton Avenue in regard to a male subject running up and down the street without any clothes on, according to a Farmington police Facebook post. The man was reportedly yelling and banging his head on the ground. The 41-year-old man became violent when officers arrived on the scene and approached him, according to Detective Lt. Kyle Lincoln of the San Juan County Sheriff's Office. The man was placed in protective custody as he continued to struggle with officers. While in protective custody, the man stopped breathing, according to the Facebook post. His handcuffs were removed, and officers began performing CPR until paramedics arrived on the scene. The paramedics continued to perform life-saving measures until the man was pronounced dead at the scene."

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