Sunday, July 1, 2018

2018 - JUN - Other Stories

2018-06-01 - Man, 32, falls off tube and disappears into Pawnee Lake (Nebraska):

2018-06-01 - Man falls off boat and disappears into Lake Monroe (Indiana):

2018-06-01 - Man has 'medical emergency' on billboard in Bossier City (Louisiana):

Quote: "At approximately 9 a.m., firefighters were called to the scene behind the Lacrosse Apartments in the 100 block of Crossroads Drive in reference to a man who was having a medical emergency while he and another man were working high above the ground on a billboard."

Note: I wonder if he could see the big rig that went up in flames on I-20 in Bossier City on this day...

2018-06-01 - Magnitude 3.1 earthquake strikes south of San Antonio in Jourdanton (Texas):

2018-06-01 - Lightning strikes kill 8 people across West Bengal (India):

2018-06-02 - Volcano Kilauea update in Hawaii - at least 80 homes destroyed so far, cracks opening at summit:

2018-06-02 - Mount Merapi explodes in biggest eruption this year in Indonesia, red alert issued with flight warnings:

2018-06-02 - Across the US, toxic algal blooms threaten lakes and other waterways, with alarming rise from 3 blooms in 2010 to 169 blooms in 2017:

2018-06-02 - Skin cancer rates rising in Massachusetts:

2018-06-02 - Girl pulled unconscious from swimming pool at apartments in Edina (Minnesota):

2018-06-02 - Woman has 'medical incident' at co-op in coastal Gillingham (Britain):

Quote: "Officers remained on the scene of a 'medical incident' in Gillingham for nearly two hours last night (June 2). Police were called to the Co-op in Canterbury Street just before 7.30pm after it was reported a woman had fallen ill."

2018-06-02 - Why sea level rise may be the greatest threat to civilization:

Note: Well, I agree it's a threat, but in my view the changes to the atmosphere are a far greater threat. You can move to higher ground to avoid the ocean. Where are you going to go when the atmosphere is too poisoned, too flammable and/or too low in oxygen to survive? Already you could burst into flame and burn to death or fall over dead tomorrow, regardless of where you are. That seems like a much worse threat than sea level rise, at least to me. We might all be dead before sea level rise causes too many (more) problems...

2018-06-02 - Temperatures becoming increasingly intolerable in Pakistan:

Quote: "Temperatures we used to record in June and July are now being recorded in March..."

2018-06-02 - Hurricane Season 2018 - experts warn of super storms, call for new category 6:

2018-06-02 - Crazy May - warm and sunshine records smashed in the UK, Western Europe and Scandinavia, while the Mediterranean was cool and wet:

2018-06-02 - Hailstorm pounds Roundup (Montana):

2018-06-02 - Another deadly dust storm hits Uttar Pradesh (India), 17 killed:

2018-06-02 - Heavy rain and flooding hit parts of Scotland and Ireland:

2018-06-02 - Meteor explodes over South Africa:

2018-06-02 - Climate change made zombie ants even more cunning:

Note: Really interesting story. How does a FUNGUS make such intelligent decisions?

2018-06-02 - Lightning strike kills 13 goats in Ganjam, Odisha (India):

2018-06-02 - Around 100 million working age Americans do not have a job right now:

2018-06-03 - Unknown sewery smell blankets coastal area around Fazakerley (Britain):

Quote: "Fazakerley residents complained they were unable to enjoy Sunday's hot weather - because of a 'putrid' smell that forced them to keep windows shut and stay indoors. One woman said she even vomited because of an overwhelming stench of excrement around Cooplehouse Lane and Longmoor Lane. Other people in the area likened the smell to a sewer, while another woman said it smelled like someone had dumped manure in her back garden."

Quote: "ECHO readers say odour is affecting Aintree, Bootle, Walton Vale and West Derby."

2018-06-03 - Volcano Fuego erupts powerfully in Guatemala, 65+ killed, many injured:

Quote: "The Volcan de Fuego has spewed a stream of lava into a nearby village and sent a column of smoke and ash into the sky. 'It's a river of lava that overflowed its banks and affected the Rodeo village. There are injured, burned and dead people,' said Sergio Cabanas, the general secretary of Guatemala's Conred disaster agency."

Quote: "At least 65 people, including several children, have died after the most violent volcanic eruption in Guatemala in more than a century, authorities said."

2018-06-03 - Volcano Kilauea erupts again in Hawaii after being shaken by magnitude 5.5 earthquake:

2018-06-03 - Q&A on abrupt climate change with Dr. Guy McPherson:

2018-06-03 - Woman in her 20s has 'medical emergency' on coastal Mount Taranaki (New Zealand):

Quote: "A woman was flown off Mt Taranaki by helicopter after suffering a medical emergency. The Taranaki Rescue Helicopter was alerted by St John Ambulance at around 9am on Monday that a woman in her 20s was up the mountain near Holly Hut and needed urgent hospital treatment."

2018-06-03 - Magnitude 2.7 earthquake strikes near La Habra (California):

2018-06-03 - Global warming hits poorest nations the hardest:

2018-06-03 - Lightning strike kills 3 people and injures 2 more in Malayer (Iran):

2018-06-03 - Flood losses in Europe to increase fivefold by 2050:

2018-06-03 - Strange skies - red Sprites in Oklahoma, aurora Steve in Canada, iridescent clouds in Illinois, and noctilucent clouds in Denmark:

2018-06-03 - As pesticides and fungicides wipe out the bees and insects, fertilizers from agriculture are causing algae blooms and killing marine life:

2018-06-03 - Lettuce contaminated with E Coli sickens 200 people across the US:

2018-06-04 - Unknown sewery odor hits Somerset (Kentucky):

Quote: "Residents of the downtown Somerset area reported a noxious odor permeating the air, something akin to sewer smells. The olfactory offensiveness, based on comments shared on Facebook by residents, was particularly problematic in the area around South Central Avenue and Cotter Avenue. However, late Saturday evening, it could be smelled even around the Fountain Square and along East Mt. Vernon Street. Dana Whitis, water and wastewater director for the City of Somerset, was paged out to check on the problem after receiving a call from a concerned citizen in the above area. 'I was out walking around downtown from about 10:30 p.m. to 1 a.m.,' she said. '(The smell) was awful.'"

2018-06-04 - Severe heatwave broils Mexico, state of emergency declared, traffic lights melt, people dying:

2018-06-04 - Child has 'medical issue' at water park in Roseville (California):

Quote: "A child suffered a medical issue while on a field trip at a Roseville water park Monday."

2018-06-04 - Person has 'medical emergency' on Kelvedon Road in coastal Newport (Britain), 750 feet from the coast:

Quote: "We were called at shortly before 10.30am this morning to reports of a medical emergency on Kelvedon Road, Newport."

2018-06-04 - Heat kills more people than floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and lightning combined:

2018-06-04 - Lightning strike kills motorcyclist near Thessaloniki (Greece):

2018-06-04 - Lightning strikes have killed 65 people and 69 cattle across Cambodia so far this year:

2018-06-04 - Severe summer hailstorm destroys fruit trees in Cyprus (Greece):

2018-06-04 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Valencia, Albacete and Murcia (Spain):

2018-06-04 - Heavy flooding ensues after a month's worth of rain in an hour hits Brittany (France):

2018-06-04 - Strange sounds heard coming from the sky over central Florida, not a plane in sight:

2018-06-04 - Poverty is rising faster in US suburbs than in cities:

2018-06-05 - Man who died in manhole may have encountered hydrogen sulfide, in coastal Cape Coral (Florida):

Quote: "The Cape Coral utility worker who died in a manhole Friday may have encountered hydrogen sulfide, according to the Cape Coral Fire Department."

2018-06-05 - Unknown gas odor evacuates City Hall in coastal San Jose (California):

2018-06-05 - Volcano Kilauea continues erupting in Hawaii, hundreds more homes destroyed by lava:

Quote: "Lava destroyed hundreds of homes in mostly rural Hawaii area overnight, a county spokeswoman said Tuesday. 'We don't have an estimate yet, but safe to say that hundreds of homes were lost in Kapoho Beach Lots and Vacationland last night,' said Janet Snyder, a spokeswoman for Hawaii County on the Big Island."

2018-06-05 - Volcano Fuego erupts again in Guatemala as death toll rises to 75, with 192 people still missing:

Quote: "Guatemala's Volcano of Fire has exploded again for the first time since devastating eruptions on Sunday which killed at least 75 people. National disaster agency Conred ordered evacuations in the town of Escuintla as hot gas and molten rock poured down the southern slopes of the volcano on Tuesday afternoon."

2018-06-05 - Extraordinarily high UV levels hitting spots around the world:

2018-06-05 - Child has seizure after swimming in swimming pool at YMCA in Beaver County (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "A child was rushed to the hospital from a YMCA in Beaver County on Tuesday afternoon. After initial reports of a near drowning, officials at the YMCA say the child instead was suffering from a medical condition. They say a child with a pre-existing condition had a seizure in the locker room after swimming at the center."

2018-06-05 - Boy, 6, pulled unconscious from swimming pool in Trenton (Ohio):

2018-06-05 - Woman puts baby in car then has 'medical issue' and collapses, baby dies, in Greenville (South Carolina):

Quote: "According to Joe's mother, Krista Nix, he was spending the night at his grandmother's house and she was taking him to McDonald's to get a Happy Meal. When Joe was carried out to the car, Nix said his grandmother realized she left her keys inside and went back to the house but suffered from a medical issue and collapsed. When she came to, Nix said his grandmother found Joe breathing heavily in the car and called 911. Joe was pronounced dead on scene at 5 p.m."

Note: Didn't know where else to put this one. It wasn't a vehicular accident, and the baby didn't die because the baby himself had a 'medical issue', but it is similar to the people collapsing in the heat or cold and then dying from heatstroke or freezing to death, but in this case it was another person dying...

2018-06-05 - Shocking photos show the horrible effects of pollution:

2018-06-05 - Trump continues war on the oceans:

2018-06-06 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Varna (Bulgaria):

2018-06-05 - Snow follows record breaking May heatwave in northern Sweden:

2018-06-05 - Massive swarm of midges shows up on weather radar in Cleveland (Ohio):

2018-06-05 - Homeland Security to compile database of journalists, bloggers:

Note: *gulp*

2018-06-05 - 15 signs that the middle class in the US is being systematically destroyed:

2018-06-06 - The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is growing and it was already huge:

2018-06-06 - Baseball-sized hail pounds area from Carrollton to Coppell (Texas):

2018-06-06 - Magnitude 3.1 earthquake strikes near Reno (Nevada):

2018-06-06 - Powerful tornado touches down near Laramie (Wyoming):

2018-06-06 - Lightning strikes kill 3 people in Rwanda, over 50 such fatalities so far in 2018:

2018-06-06 - US coastal flooding breaks records as sea level rises:

2018-06-06 - Coastal erosion to worsen over next decade as storms wash Western Australia beaches away:

2018-06-06 - Water crisis hits India, taps running dry:

2018-06-06 - Pope Francis to discuss climate change with oil company CEOs:

2018-06-06 - Corruption allegations against EPA’s Pruitt reach farcical level:

2018-06-06 - Pruitt aide resigns amid scandals:

2018-06-06 - MIT creates 'psychopath' AI named Norman:

2018-06-06 - Jerry Maren, last surviving adult munchkin from 'Wizard of Oz' dies at age 98:

Note: He's off to see the wizard!

2018-06-06 - Canada poised to approve legal marijuana sales, pot shops could be open by late summer:

Note: Snack-related stocks set to rise!

2018-06-06 - Sheriff and deputy face off in election to be sheriff, deputy wins, sheriff fires him, in Tyndall (South Dakota):

Quote: "Gramkow issued a termination notice, firing the deputy one minute after the polls closed Tuesday night."

Quote: "The spiteful act now leaves Maggs, his wife, and four children without a salary and health insurance until he takes over as sheriff in six months."

Note: I bet the sheriff doesn't have a job himself six months from now!

2018-06-07 - Three workers hit pocket of hydrogen sulfide in the ground while drilling at Coastal Caverns in Beaumont (Texas), near the coast:

Quote: "Three workers at a gas storage site in south Beaumont were exposed to hydrogen sulfide gas and one was taken by EMS to a hospital, according to District Chief Scott Wheat of the Beaumont Fire Department. Wheat says the men were doing some boring when they hit the gas pocket Thursday morning at Coastal Caverns off the Highland Avenue extension."

2018-06-07 - Mysterious explosion shakes homes across northern Arkansas and south central Missouri:

2018-06-07 - Mysterious explosion and flash of light before 1 AM alarms people in Ruthin (Britain):

2018-06-07 - Dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico could be bigger than Connecticut this year:

Quote: "Last year's dead zone was the largest ever recorded at 8,776 square miles large, an area about the size of New Jersey."

2018-06-07 - Girl, 6, pulled unconscious from swimming pool at resort in coastal Sarasota (Florida):

2018-06-07 - Man, 39, has heart problems on cruise ship near coastal Tampa Bay (Florida):

Quote: "A 39-year-old man aboard the 'Majesty of the Seas' in Tampa Bay was picked up on June 7, 2018, by a US Coast Guard helicopter after he began experiencing chest pains. The ship was eight miles south of Port Tampa Bay at 4:39 p.m. when Rushan Pain began experiencing a possible heart attack and was in need of advanced medical attention."

2018-06-07 - Man collapses and goes into cardiac arrest in Stratford (Britain):

Quote: "Witnesses saw the man being given CPR. There were earlier reports ciruclating that a person has been stabbed, however the Met Police has said it is a medical episode."

2018-06-07 - Man has 'medical incident' near Barclays Bank in Birmingham (Britain):

Quote: "A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: "We were called to reports of a man having suffered a 'medical incident', on Colmore Row near to Barclays Bank."

2018-06-07 - Paul Ehrlich on Nature Bats Last:

2018-06-07 - May 2018 was the 3rd warmest on record globally while temps in Europe were the warmest on record:

2018-06-07 - The continental US just had warmest May in 124 years a month after record wet and cold:

2018-06-07 - Volcano Kilauea continues rumbling and oozing lava in Hawaii, 12,000+ earthquakes in 30 days:

2018-06-07 - Volcano Pacaya erupts in Guatemala:

2018-06-07 - Death toll rises to 109 from the eruption of Fuego in Guatemala:

Quote: "The National Institute of Forensic Sciences says in a statement that 10 bodies were received by morgues on Thursday, adding to the previous total of 99. Some 200 people are said to be missing, so the final toll is likely to be even higher."

2018-06-07 - Steamboat Geyser erupts eight times in less than three months at Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming):

Quote: "Yellowstone's Steamboat Geyser, the largest in the world, has now erupted eight times in less than three months, in a geological puzzle that has fascinated scientists working at the site."

2018-06-07 - Unusual 'killer' spring frost damages crops across the Canadian Maritimes (Canada):

2018-06-07 - At FEMA meeting, Trump remained mum on new Puerto Rico death toll:

2018-06-07 - Puerto Rico becoming ''playground for the privileged' as investors move in, homes foreclose and schools close:

2018-06-08 - Volcano Kilauea destroys 600 homes, marking its most destructive eruption in modern times:

2018-06-08 - Ash covers more than half of Guatemala with dead crops a secondary disaster after eruption of Fuego:

2018-06-08 - Man falls off cliff in coastal Folkestone (Britain), 1 injured:

2018-06-08 - Magnitude 3.4 earthquake strikes near Beaumont (California):

2018-06-08 - Flooding from high tides has doubled in the US in just 30 years, report says:

2018-06-08 - Lightning strikes kill 18 people in three states, heavy rains lash parts of north India:

2018-06-08 - France doubles its record with 182,000 lightning strikes in May, 4 killed in recent storms:

2018-06-08 - Typhoon Ewiniar brings heavy rain, flooding and landslides to Guangdong Province (China), 5+ killed:

2018-06-08 - Researchers predict deadly worldwide fungi epidemic:

2018-06-08 - Rare orange lobster found in Massachusetts grocery store shipment:

2018-06-08 - Construction planned to prepare Alaska's Arctic refuge for oil drilling:

2018-06-08 - Trump tries to foist rising coal costs on the American people:

2017-06-09 - Atmospheric CO2 levels hit record 410 ppm and the rate of increase is accelerating:

Quote: "Levels at NOAA's Mauna Loa Observatory averaged more than 410 parts per million in April and May, surging past yet another climate milestone. The Scripps Institution for Oceanography, where scientists first started tracking the gas, found a similar increase. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases every year, and the rate of increase is accelerating."

2018-06-09 - Reality Report Round Two, with Guy McPherson from Belize:

2018-06-09 - Climate change indicated in forced migration of 1.7 million from the Mekong Delta:

2018-06-09 - '22 After', this is our future:

2018-06-09 - Volcano Fuego spews more lava in Guatemala:

2018-06-09 - Magnitude 4.4 earthquake strikes near Cherokee (Oklahoma):

2018-06-09 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Lake Okeechobee (Florida):

2018-06-09 - Lightning strikes and kills man in Maumelle (Arkansas):

2018-06-09 - Lightning strike injures three people at Patterson Park in Baltimore (Maryland):

2018-06-09 - Storm revving up, could become hurricane and hit Texas:

2018-06-09 - Nipah outbreak kills 16 people in Kerala (India):

2018-06-10 - Boy, 12, pulled unconscious from swimming pool in Rochester (Minnesota):

2018-06-10 - Girl, 10, has 'medical emergency' near coastal Stinson Beach (California):

Quote: "A 16-year-old girl was taken to the hospital in critical condition during the Dipsea Race near Stinson Beach Sunday morning, the California Highway Patrol reported. A CHP helicopter responded to the beach in Marin County and transported the girl, who was having a medical emergency, to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek."

2018-06-10 - Man collapses during run, goes into cardiac arrest, near River Tyne bridge in Newcastle (Britain):

Quote: "The male, whose age is unknown, was resuscitated at the scene, on the south side of the Scotswood Bridge, by a paramedic after suffering a suspected cardiac arrest. He was taken to the Freeman Hospital, in Newcastle, for treatment shortly after 4pm on Saturday."

2018-06-10 - Person goes out on kayak and goes missing on the Haw River in Alamance County (North Carolina):

2018-06-10 - Volcano Kilauea erupts again and belches some ash in Hawaii, lava flows into the ocean, freezing rain ensues:

Quote: "A small explosion at the summit of Hawaii’s erupting Kilauea Volcano on Sunday sent ash spewing into the air, creating a driving hazard for roads on parts of the Big Island, the U.S. Geological Survey said."

Quote: "Lava fountains from a fissure in the volcano reached as high as 180 feet (55 meters) from Saturday night into Sunday, pushing flows of molten rock into the ocean, it said."

Quote: "The Hawaii volcano eruption has triggered a shock event that has left experts baffled, with one meteorologist admitting he has 'never seen this before,' after the explosive lava caused a winter freeze blast."

Quote: "Lava is entering into the ocean that is creating a lot of steam. As that steam rises up it cools and falls back down as freezing rain and fog. I have never seen this before. This has sparked a winter weather warning for above 12,000 ft. There are ice on the roadways so this is creating dangerous conditions."

2018-06-10 - Great Sitkin Volcano rumbling on Great Sitkin Island (Alaska), possible steam explosion:

2018-06-10 - Unusual magnitude 3.9 earthquake shakes northern Britain:

2018-06-10 - Magnitude 2.6 earthquake strikes near Hays (North Carolina):

2018-06-10 - Earth's dismal water future, mapped:

2018-06-10 - 'Upside-down rainbow' seen in Newcastle (Britain):

2018-06-10 - Suicides have increased in the US by 25 percent since 1999:

2018-06-11 - Unknown rotten egg odor evacuates two buildings in coastal Otago (New Zealand):

Quote: "Fire crews found no evidence of a dangerous gas leak. A Fire and Emergency New Zealand staff member contacted the Harbourmaster regarding the possibility an lpg tanker had released gas when leaving the dock, but a Port Otago spokesman said there was no evidence this was the case."

2018-06-11 - Baobab trees dying off across Africa:

Quote: "Baobab trees — an icon of the African continent and the heart of many traditional African remedies and folklore — are dying across the continent, and scientists are trying to understand why. A study published Monday found eight of the 13 oldest trees in Africa have died over the past decade, and the authors suggest climate change may affect the ability of the baobab to survive. 'The deaths of the majority of the oldest and largest African baobabs over the past 12 years is an event of an unprecedented magnitude,' the study authors said. 'These deaths were not caused by an epidemic, and there has also been a rapid increase in the apparently natural deaths of many other mature baobabs.'"

2018-06-11 - Man in his 30s in critical condition after being found face-down in swimming pool in Edmonton (Canada):

Quote: "A man in his 30s was in hospital in critical condition after he was found face down in the pool of a Riverside Drive highrise apartment building Monday."

2018-06-11 - Man, 65, has heart attack while swimming in coastal Kinsale (Ireland):

Quote: "A man in his 60s was airlifted to hospital on Monday evening after suffering from a suspected heart attack while swimming in Kinsale, Co Cork."

2018-06-11 - Man goes missing from Lake Travis sandbar in Travis County (Texas):

2018-06-11 - Trump Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow, 70, has heart attack in coastal Washington DC:

2018-06-11 - Lightning strike kills 3 people at hockey match in Odisha (India):

2018-06-11 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Guadalajara (Mexico), passengers swim out of train cars:

2018-06-11 - Another wave of storms stirring in the Caribbean:

2018-06-11 - Unusual outburst of red sprites during storm over Europe:

2018-06-11 - Mysterious fiery streak spotted over coastal Whidbey Island (Washington):

Quote: "But Tom Mills, a spokesperson for NAS Whidbey Island, said it wasn't a missile launch from the facility. There are no missile launch capabilities on the Navy base at Whidbey Island. In fact, Navy workers are wondering what it was, too. 'There's a lot of speculation around here,' Mills said, suggesting it could be lens flare. 'But it's definitely not a missile launch.'"

Note: That's definitely not a lens flare, and another proposed explanation was a helicopter, and it's definitely not that either, and apparently it definitely wasn't a missile either. So who knows!

2018-06-12 - Unknown foul odor blows through large swath of coastal Staten Island (New York):

Quote: "Numerous reports of a foul odor have been made on Staten Island on Tuesday. Over 100 people have posted on SILive and social media about the stench wafting over our Island from Tottenville to St. George and the Goethals Bridge to South Beach. But so far, officials don't have any answers and that stinks."

2018-06-12 - SOTT Earth changes summary for May 2018, extreme weather, planetary upheaval, meteors:

2018-06-12 - Volcano Kilauea continues erupting in Hawaii, as many as 700 homes destroyed, no end in sight

Quote: "Officials believe that as many as 700 homes have been destroyed as lava continues to flow on Hawaii's Big Island since the eruption of the Kilauea volcano began on May 3, according to Hawaii News Now."

2018-06-12 - Atmospheric methane levels continue rising:

2018-06-12 - U.S. smashes 124-year warm record for May after warm records also smashed in the UK, Western Europe and Scandinavia:

2018-06-12 - 100F+ temps forecast for parts of Southern California:

2018-06-12 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Utah Lake (Utah):

2018-06-12 - Toxic algae found in two lakes in Central Park in coastal Manhattan (New York):

2018-06-12 - Hurricane Bud becomes Category 4 storm, heads toward Baja California Sur (Mexico):

2018-06-12 - Invasive East Asian Longhorned tick inexplicably shows up in Arkansas:

2018-06-12 - Asteroid LV3, set to zip by Earth at 0.86 LD on June 15th, will be 35th asteroid this year to fly by Earth at less than 1 lunar distance:

2018-06-13 - Bizarre 'mutant' fish with bird-like head caught in Guiyang (China):

Quote: "Images of a bizarre fish sporting, what looks to be, the head of a pigeon is raising eyebrows online after it was caught in China. Reeled in by a fisherman near the Chinese city of Guiyang, the creepy looking sea creature looks like a cross between a tuna and a city pigeon."

Note: Possible fish-bird genetic chimera...

2018-06-13 - Boy, 14, pulled unconscious from wave pool at Six Flags America in Bowie (Maryland):

2018-06-13 - Man, worker, has 'medical emergency' and collapses on roof at university in Dayton (Ohio):

Quote: "A masonry worker on the roof of the Anderson Center at the University of Dayton suffered a medical emergency and collapsed, university officials said. A Dayton Fire Department medic unit took the man to a hospital."

2018-06-13 - Man, 53, goes missing while fishing from shore near coastal Clatsop Spit (Oregon):

2018-06-13 - Dr. Andrew Glikson on global warming:

2018-06-13 - High temperatures hit the Arctic:

Quote: "As above combination image shows, it was as hot as 32.7°C or 90.9°F (left panel, at the green circle) on June 11, 2018, on the coast of Hudson Bay."

2018-06-13 - Volcano Galeras hit by earthquake swarm in Colombia, 2 killed:

2018-06-13 - Tornado rips through Scranton (Pennsylvania), 6+ injured:

Quote: "Forecasters confirm a tornado caused severe damage in northeastern Pennsylvania Wednesday night. The storm that ripped through the Scranton area was so powerful it overturned cars, ripped up trees and sent debris flying dangerously through the air. At least six people were hurt."

2018-06-13 - Lightning strikes kill 10 people in West Bengal (India):

2018-06-13 - Worst overnight hailstorm in more than 20 years hits El Paso County (Colorado):

2018-06-13 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Baton Rouge (Louisiana):

2018-06-13 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Switzerland, Italy and Germany:

2018-06-13 - Rare noctilucent cloud drifts over Puget Sound (Washington):

2018-06-13 - Toxic algae hits Bowne Pond in Bowne Park in Flushing, Queens (New York):

2018-06-13 - Fecal bacteria contamination closes 47 beaches in New Jersey:

2018-06-13 - Warmer water worsens the nutritional quality of fish according to New Zealand study:

2018-06-13 - Rising temperatures could cut corn production:

2018-06-13 - New Zealand avocado harvest down to half of previous season, price at all-time high:

2018-06-13 - Person infected with plague in Idaho, first time since 1992:

2018-06-14 - Antarctica melting three times as fast as it was a decade ago:

Quote: "Between 1992, when detailed satellite measurements started, and 2012, Antarctica lost about 76 billion tons of ice per year. But since 2012, that rate has tripled to about 219 billion tons of ice loss per year, the scientists found."

Note: Still not as bad as Greenland, which is losing a billion tons of ice PER DAY now...

2018-06-14 - Man, 63, pulled unconscious from the water at beach on coastal Mustang Island (Texas):

2018-06-14 - Man pulled unconscious from small lake in coastal Delray Beach (Florida):

2018-06-14 - Woman, 18, pulled unconscious from the water at dam reservoir in Ashland (Ohio):

2018-06-14 - Volcano Kilauea continues erupting in Hawaii, crater collapsing at the summit:

2018-06-14 - Satellite visuals from the Kilauea eruption in Hawaii:

2018-06-14 - Volcan Santo Tomas rumbling and showing signs of unrest in the Galapagos Islands:

2018-06-14 - Climate and Extreme Weather News #125, June 5-13 2018:

2018-06-14 - Baseball-sized hail pounds parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba (Canada):

2018-06-14 - Hailstorm and flooding hit Užice (Serbia):

2018-06-14 - Dust storm kills 13+ people in Uttar Pradesh (India):

2018-06-14 - Very strange clouds spotted in the sky over Nebraska:

2018-06-14 - An unusual grant fuels a push to start treating climate change as a real emergency:

2018-06-15 - Child pulled unconscious from swimming pool at hotel in Orlando (Florida):

2018-06-15 - Man, 60, disappears into the water at Steamboat Lake State Park near Clark (Colorado):

2018-06-15 - Man, 70, has 'medical episode' and collapses at Brunswick Shopping Centre in Scarborough (Britain):

Quote: "Just after 11am on Friday 15 June 2018, PCSO Barrie Dolan, who has worked in the town for the last 16 years, was patrolling in the area when he was alerted to a man lying on the floor having suffered a medical episode."

2018-06-15 - Lightning strike kills man in Monteverde (Costa Rica):

2018-06-15 - Powerful storm batters Qingdao (China), sea creatures fall from the sky:

2018-06-15 - Scientist reveals 7% more water vapor fuels storms today:

2018-06-15 - High levels of bacteria found in the water at various beaches in coastal Horry County (South Carolina)

2018-06-15 - Pollinators but no pollen as spring heat left Europe's plants and insects out of sync:

2018-06-15 - One in three Americans take meds with depressive side effects:

2018-06-15 - NASA’s Opportunity rover is fighting for its life in a Martian dust storm:

2018-06-15 - Supermassive black hole seen eating star for the first time:

2018-06-15 - Microsoft working on technology to eliminate cashiers and checkout lines:

2018-06-16 - Unknown rotten egg odor blows through coastal Burnaby (Canada):

Quote: "A North Burnaby resident wants answers after she smelled what she believes is natural gas Wednesday evening. Liane Scott, who lives in a co-op near Duthie Avenue and Pandora Street, said she was making dinner around 7 p.m. when her children asked her about a bad smell coming from outside. Her boyfriend shut all the windows, and she went to see what was happening. The smell outside was even stronger, she said. It smelled like rotten eggs, like sulphur. 'It had an almost a caustic feel to it … almost choking you when you tried to breathe,' she told the NOW."

Quote: "'Something that strong, that pervasive, and over that large of an area, it must have been a big breach or something. I want to know what the hell that was,' she said."

Note: Just some poison gas blowing in off the ocean, ma'am! This area is downwind of the Salish Sea, where hydrogen sulfide has been killing plants along the coastline, mentioned in the 2017-10-04 update

2018-06-16 - Girl pulled unconscious from swimming pool at apartments in Raleigh (North Carolina):

2018-06-16 - Boy, 14, has 'medical incident' in swimming pool at Sunnyside Park in Toronto (Canada):

Quote: "A 14-year-old boy is in hospital in serious condition Saturday after appearing to suffer a medical incident at the Sunnyside Park swimming pool Saturday evening."

Quote: "Police say the boy was in the pool swimming with friends when he went into medical distress."

2018-06-16 - Woman, 54, has 'medical condition' while swimming in Lake Afton (Kansas):

Quote: "Deputies say a medical condition caused the woman to go under the water."

2018-06-16 - Volcano La Cumbre erupts on Ferdinand Island in the Galapagos Islands:

2018-06-16 - Volcano Sakurajima erupts, ash blots out the sun, near coastal Kagoshima (Japan):

2018-06-16 - Woman has 'medical incident' at shop in Goole (Britain), near the coast:

Quote: "Emergency services descended on a grocery shop after a 'medical incident' this afternoon. Humberside Police, paramedics and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance were called to a grocery shop near Goole’s clock Tower roundabout, just after noon. The store was cordoned off and paramedics were seen going inside before bringing out a person, believed to be a woman, out of the shop on a stretcher."

2018-06-16 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Diamond Valley Lake near Hemet (California):

2018-06-16 - Toxic algae found in Lake Lacoma in Perinton (New York):

2018-06-16 - Heavy rain, flooding and landslides hit Assam (India), 370 villages under water:

2018-06-16 - The ten worst places to live in the US:

2018-06-17 - Unknown chemical or gas odor evacuates apartment building in Plymouth (Minnesota):

Quote: "An apartment building in Plymouth was evacuated Sunday as authorities investigated an unknown chemical odor. According to police, a call of a possible gas odor at 17600 14th Avenue North came in at 1:40 p.m. The Plymouth Fire Department has not yet been able to determine what the odor is."

2018-06-17 - Fracking fluid additives can cause delayed production of hydrogen sulfide in shale gas reservoirs:

Quote: "Surfactants and biocides such as sodium dodecyl sulfate and glutaraldehyde are shown to undergo hydrolysis and thermochemical sulfate reduction reactions under moderate reservoir conditions, with H2S as the final product accompanied with long chain alcohols and hydrogen sulfate as long-lived intermediate species. This finding suggests that fracture fluid additives can be responsible for the delayed production of natural reservoir H2S."

Note: So if we leave the gas in the ground, it's getting more sour, and eventually it will overpressurize and explode out of the ground on its own and kill everyone in the area, similar to the methane explosions and craters that have begun in Siberia. And if we take it out of the ground then the chemicals we use to do so cause H2S to be created in the reservoirs after the gas is gone. And even once the gas and oil are out of the ground, they can still sour - the US strategic oil reserves are now heavily contaminated with hydrogen sulfide…

2018-06-17 - Man has 'medical emergency' and collapses outside store in coastal Pleasantville (New Jersey), 2900 feet from the ocean:

Quote: "Video posted live to Facebook shows a crowd questioning a high police presence but no ambulance as a man suffers an apparent medical emergency in the parking lot of Kings Super Food Market on North Main Street."

2018-06-17 - Global warming set to exceed 1.5°C and slow growth:

2018-06-17 - Volcano Kilauea continues erupting and gushing lava in Hawaii:

Quote: "New footage released by the US Department of Defense shows rivers of molten lava flowing around Pahoe, to the east of Kilauea. Lava from the Hawaii volcano  continues to flow across Big Island, as renewed volcanic activity rocked the area overnight. The US Geological Survey confirmed that more than 180 explosions and earthquakes struck the area around Kilauea’s summit. Scientists added that a large explosion at the Halemaumau Crater had the energy of a 5.3 magnitude earthquake, and that volcanic emissions remain 'very high'."

2018-06-17 - Volcano Klyuchevskoy erupts in the Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia):

2018-06-17 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Detroit Lake, again, in Salem (Oregon):

2018-06-17 - Lightning strike kills two people in Magura (Bangladesh):

2018-06-17 - Heavy rain and horrific flooding hit Lake Linden (Michigan), streets destroyed:

2018-06-17 - Canada legalizes recreational marijuana nationwide:

2018-06-18 - Antarctic ice melting from above and below and destabilizing:

2018-06-18 - Larger-than-average dead zone projected for Chesapeake Bay:

2018-06-18 - Man in his 20s pulled unconscious from Lake Washington in Renton (Washington):

2018-06-18 - Person has 'medical emergency' on trail near Upper Whitewater Falls (North Carolina):

Quote: "Oconee County fire officials say they are working to rescue an individual who suffered a medical emergency while on a trail at the Upper Whitewater Falls."

2018-06-18 - Magnitude 6.1 earthquake shakes coastal Osaka (Japan), 3+ killed, 200+ injured:

2018-06-18 - 311,000 coastal homes in the US expected to be affected by tidal flooding as sea level rises:

2018-06-18 - Toxic algae hits Blue Cypress Lake (Florida):

Quote: "Dr. Edie Widder, founder of the Ocean Research and Conservation Association (ORCA) says algae sampled on Blue Cypress Lake last week measured toxin levels of 4700 parts per billion. Just how toxic is that? '10 parts per billion is the limit for recreational exposure. So we're talking about 4700 parts per billion for recreational exposure. That's very toxic,' Widder explained."

2018-06-18 - Tornado, hail and storm hit North Taranaki (New Zealand):

2018-06-18 - Huge jellyfish bloom hits the coast of Malaga (Spain):

2018-06-18 - Amazon deforestation in Brazil up 84 percent in April 2018:

2018-06-18 - Trump signs resolution to permit dumping mining waste into waterways:

2018-06-18 - People have picnics for International Picnic Day and then panic because it's also International Panic Day:

2018-06-19 - Earthquake swarm of 150+ earthquakes within 24 hours hits coastal Vancouver Island (Canada):

2018-06-19 - Man has 'medical issue' next to swimming pool at home in Raynham (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Raynham police and fire responded to 20 Weetamoe Lane at 3 p.m. for a male who was not breathing beside a backyard pool. Firefighters reportedly considered a medical helicopter, but later transported the man by ambulance to Morton Hospital in Taunton. The man was suffering from a medical issue, Raynham fire confirmed Tuesday evening."

2018-06-19 - May 2018 was the 401st consecutive month with above-average temperatures as the globe had its 4th warmest May on record:

2018-06-19 - Third major heatwave of June heads to the Coachella Valley (California), temps expected to be 105F+:

2018-06-19 - Horrifying levels of air pollution ensmogulate Delhi (India):

Quote: "Smog more toxic than can be measured by monitoring devices has blanketed the Indian capital this week, months before the start of Delhi’s traditional 'pollution season'."

2018-06-19 - Ogallala aquifer being depleted:

2018-06-19 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), 18+ killed:

2018-06-19 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Assam (India), 14 killed, 548,086 people affected in 719 villages:

2018-06-19 - Worst flooding in 40 years hits Mon State (Myanmar):

2018-06-19 - Rare noctilucent clouds dazzle Seattle (Washington):

2018-06-19 - Fascinating sky phenomena from MrMBB333:

2018-06-19 - Invasive plant that causes burns and blindness found in Pennsylvania:

2018-06-19 - New paper on the 'hard problem of consciousness':

2018-06-19 - 5000-year-old stone balls continue to baffle archaeologists:

2018-06-19 - The effects of sexy people on your intelligence:

2018-06-20 - Construction worker has 'medical condition' at airport in Kelowna (Canada):

Quote: "But it turns out that’s where a construction crew is working on the apron, and one of the workers suffered an undisclosed medical condition."

2018-06-20 - Woman has 'medical incident' and collapses at playhouse in coastal Edinburgh (Scotland):

Quote: "Edinburgh Playhouse was evacuated in the middle of a show after a ‘medical incident.’ The matinee showing of Summer Holiday starring Ray Quinn was interrupted this afternoon after a woman collapsed during the performance."

2018-06-20 - New research suggests risk of California earthquake higher than previously thought:

2018-06-20 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits reservoir at Burrendong Dam (Australia):

2018-06-20 - Heavy rain and flooding hit parts of Texas, 15 inches of rain in some places:

2018-06-20 - Heavy rain and flooding hit parts of Kansas:

2018-06-20 - Heavy rain and flooding hit parts of Pennsylvania:

2018-06-20 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Accra (Ghana):

2018-06-20 - Meteor lights up sky over New Zealand:

2018-06-20 - 'Fire rainbows' spotted along the coast of the US Northeast:

2018-06-20 - Loud unknown sound frightens animals and people at night in Chile:

2018-06-20 - House GOP plan would cut Medicare and Medicaid to balance budget:

Note: It's the ol' two-step wealth-transfer process. Step 1: give huge tax breaks to rich people and corporations, making the already-rich even richer while driving the national debt up massively. Step 2: to balance the budget, cut the things that non-rich people rely on to, you know, continue breathing. A simple two-step process of transferring wealth from the people who aren't rich to those who are. Rinse and repeat as often as possible...

2018-06-20 - Scientists reveal those who drink alcohol occasionally have lower risk of dying early than those who abstain:

2018-06-21 - Unknown cause sickens 33 children and 3 adults at lakeside Camp Cloverleaf in Lake Placid (Florida):

Quote: "Authorities say 33 children and three adults were hospitalized after falling ill during a summer camp in Florida. Most of them complained of nausea and vomiting and have been released from the hospital."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2018-06-21 - Boy, 10, pulled unconscious, blue and foaming from the mouth from the water at coastal Wrightsville Beach (North Carolina):

Quote: "There, she saw that the boy had turned blue and was foaming at the mouth, Owens said, and started emergency resuscitation, which brought the boy back to consciousness."

Note: About 70 miles as the gas blows from the where the 50-year-old man slumped over dead in a beach chair on this day at the beach in coastal Atlantic Beach (North Carolina)…

2018-06-21 - Volcano Telica erupts in Nicaragua:

2018-06-21 - A megaquake is coming to the US Northwest and it’s not a matter of if but when:

2018-06-21 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Rockport Reservoir (Utah):

2018-06-21 - Cold wave kills 600+ people in Peru:

2018-06-21 - Daytime meteor fireball jets across the sky over Toowoomba, Queensland (Australia):

2018-06-21 - Meteor explodes in the sky near Voronezh (Russia):

2018-06-21 - Central Florida Mosquito War update - no good news:

2018-06-21 - A record 68.5 million people were forcibly displaced last year:

2018-06-21 - For the first time in more than a decade, the number who are not getting enough to eat is trending upward:

2018-06-21 - Turkey becomes latest country to his the US with retaliatory tariffs:

2018-06-21 - Will Nicaragua be the next Venezuela?

2018-06-21 - Koko the gorilla, famed for using sign language and having pet kitten, dies at age 46 in California:

2018-06-21 - Loneliness on the rise in the US and experts warn it's making us sick:

2018-06-22 - Hydrogen sulfide blows through Moscow (Russia):

Quote: "The odor threshold of hydrogen sulfide was exceeded in the night of Friday in several districts of Moscow..."

2018-06-22 - Boy, 14, falls, hits his head and has a seizure, at Gaskin Lake (Minnesota):

Quote: "A 14-year-old boy had fallen, hit his head and had a seizure."

2018-06-22 - Man sickens at maritime museum on the River Thames in coastal London (Britain):

Quote: "Police were called shortly before 5pm on Friday, 22 June to assist the London Ambulance Service after a man was taken unwell close to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich."

2018-06-22 - Volcano Shinmoedake erupts explosively near Kirishima (Japan):

2018-06-22 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits the Caloosahatchee River en route to the Gulf of Mexico in Florida:

Quote: "Three weeks after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began releasing Lake Okeechobee water down the Caloosahatchee River, an algae bloom is advancing toward the Gulf of Mexico."

2018-06-22 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Lake Billy Chinook (Oregon):

2018-06-22 - Lightning strike kills 17 cattle in Assam (India):

2018-06-22 - Tornado rips through Vinemont (Alabama), 3 injured:

2018-06-22 - How Arctic sea ice loss could make the hot Pacific blob permanent:

2018-06-22 - Oil and gas fields leak far more methane than the EPA reports, study finds:

2018-06-22 - Burning wood as renewable energy threatens Europe’s climate goals:

2018-06-22 - Tidal wave of plastic garbage will flood the world in wake of China's refusal to stop importing scrap:

2018-06-22 - Oxygen gas filaments identified as the universe's missing matter:

2018-06-23 - Perki Lake spews toxic foul-smelling foam in Kukatpally (India):

Quote: "Poisonous foam emanated from the Perki Lake early this year and usually engulfs Dharaninagar in Kukatpally in mid-monsoon for the past three years. But this year, after the first strong rainfall on Friday, the locality was awash in foam and a horrible stench. Environmentalists and residents have repeatedly complained about the degradation of the lake, and what happened on Saturday only goes to show the apathy of civic officials."

2018-06-23 - As the world continues warming, the frequency of toxic cyanobacteria blooms is increasing:

Quote: "'When water bodies warm up earlier and stay warmer longer … you increase the number of incidents,' said Wayne Carmichael, a retired Wright State University professor specializing in the organisms. 'That’s just logical, and it’s being borne out.' Technically called cyanobacteria, the ancient class of organisms that create the blooms are present nearly everywhere water is found but thrive in warm, still bodies like lakes and ponds."

2018-06-23 - Volcano Kilauea continues erupting in Hawaii, summit experiences two collapses:

Quote: "An explosive collapse at the summit of Kilauea Volcano sent a plume of steam nearly 2,000 feet into the air late Saturday afternoon. The collapse, which produced the energy equivalent of a magnitude-5.3 earthquake, followed several hours of increasing earthquake activity in the summit area, according to the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. A similar collapse occurred on Friday evening, also producing roughly the same amount of energy."

2018-06-23 - Heatwave brings triple-digit temps to Northern California:

2018-06-23 - Man in his 20s falls into the water while tubing and disappears into Grapevine Lake (Texas):

2018-06-23 - Lightning strike kills 15 sheep in Miles City (Montana):

2018-06-23 - Lightning strike bull in Telangana (India):

2018-06-23 - Drought causes state of emergency in Latvia:

2018-06-23 - Deadly floods hit Tamaulipas, Aguascalientes and Guanajuato states in Mexico, 7+ killed:

2018-06-23 - Meteor explodes in the sky over Lipetsk (Russia):

2018-06-23 - Deforestation in Brazil’s Jamanxim National Forest in April and May was more than double the area razed in all of 2017:

2018-06-23 - Rats as big as cats flood Sundsvall (Sweden):

2018-06-23 - Canada firm prepares to mine land previously protected as a US national monument:

Quote: "These actions followed an executive order Trump issued in April 2017, when he instructed Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to review any national monument created since 1996. Trump said the review would return control of the land 'to the people, the people of all of the states, the people of the United States.'"

2018-06-23 - Trump administration moves to gut National Environmental Policy Act, slashing protections for air, water, wildlife:

2018-06-23 - After controversy, US releases report showing elevated health risks from nonstick chemicals:

2018-06-24 - Unknown cause sickens around 20+ people at business in Salem (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Around 9:30 p.m., workers began complaining of nausea and vomiting, saying they weren't feeling well. Multiple workers exited the building at that time and there seemed to be an extreme panic, according to Dionne. The Hazmat team determined that the illness that workers were experiencing was not related to the earlier chlorine leak."

Quote: "An unknown number of other patients may have taken themselves to various hospitals, according to Dionne. Multiple patients complained of burning eyes and difficulty breathing."

2018-06-24 - Person found unconscious in swimming pool at apartments in La Vista (Nebraska):

2018-06-24 - Lightning strike kills person on Siesta Key (Florida):

2018-06-24 - Lightning strike kills five children in Jharkhand (India):

2018-06-24 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Selangor (Malaysia):

2018-06-25 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Mumbai (India), 4 killed:

2018-06-25 - Heavy rain, flooding and landslides hit northern Vietnam, 15 killed, 11 missing:

2018-06-24 - Unusual storm batters Barnaul, Siberia (Russia), entire city loses power, 1 killed, several injured:

2018-06-24 - Invasive pythons continue spreading across Florida:

2018-06-24 - Radiation in fish in Alaska on the rise:

2018-06-24 - Ultra rare bird which normally summers at eastern-most end of Asia turns up in Sri Lanka:

2018-06-24 - Astronomers puzzled by incredibly bright and fast mystery burst from space:

2018-06-24 - Police dog demonstrates ability to perform CPR on cop in Madrid (Spain):

Note: Wow, that's incredible - pushes on the guy's chest and checks his breathing!

2018-06-25 - Boy, 6, pulled unconscious from swimming pool at home in Taylorsville (Utah):

2018-06-25 - Girl, 6, pulled unconscious from swimming pool in Harford County (Maryland):

2018-06-25 - Boy, 5, pulled unconscious from swimming pool at home in Mesa (Arizona):

2018-06-25 - Man, 31, disappears into the water while swimming in coastal Long Beach (New York), boy missing too:

Quote: "Another swimmer has gone missing in Long Island waters off Long Beach — days after a 10-year-old boy vanished while swimming there, officials said."

2018-06-25 - Man, 35, disappears into the water near the Bolivar Peninsula (Texas):

2018-06-25 - Person falls six stories while washing windows in Hamden (Connecticut), possible toppler:

2018-06-25 - Boy, 14, has 'medical episode' while walking on track at Mount Warning (Australia):

Quote: "A teenager is being rescued from Mt Warning by the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter after suffering a medical episode. A NSW Ambulance spokesperson said crews received a call about 1.40pm that a 14-year-old boy needed immediate medical assistance while walking on the track at Mt Warning. "

2018-06-25 - Woman in her 30s sickens while walking on moors near Danby (Britain):

2018-06-25 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Lake Okeechobee (Florida):

2018-06-25 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Upper Klamath Lake (Oregon):

2018-06-25 - Billions of urban citizens at risk of climate-related heat waves, drought, flooding, food shortages, and blackouts by 2050:

2018-06-25 - Rising sea levels create 'tipping points' for seaside towns:

2018-06-25 - Summer could trigger major earthquakes in California and other arid regions:

2018-06-25 - Some rivers are so drug-Polluted that the eels get high on cocaine:

2018-06-25 - DOW closes more than 300 points lower on trade jitters:

2018-06-26 - Area of global dead zones doubling every 10 years:

Note: That's exponential growth of habitat friendliest to the ancient anaerobic archaea and bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide. That doesn't end well for us. In fact, that ends us, period...

2018-06-26 - College student pulled unconscious from swimming pool at university in Lubbock (Texas):

Quote: "A Texas Tech student almost drowned Tuesday evening while swimming at the Robert H. Ewalt Student Recreation Center. The student nearly drowned in the lap pool but was revived."

2018-06-26 - Volcano Sierra Negra erupts on island in the Galapagos Islands:

Quote: "The colossus is awakening..."

2018-06-26 - Volcano Cleveland erupts and spews lava on Chuginadak Island in the Aleutian Islands (Alaska):

2018-06-26 - Anak Krakatau erupts in South Lampung (Indonesia):

2018-06-26 - Heatwave bakes Britain:

2018-06-26 - Dangerous heat wave to broil the Northeast US this weekend through July 4th holiday:

2018-06-26 - Lightning strikes four paratroopers at Fort Bragg (North Carolina):

2018-06-26 - Lightning strikes kill 5 people across West Bengal (India):

2018-06-26 - Lightning strike kills 12 cows in Henryetta (Oklahoma):

2018-06-26 - Tornado touches down and rips through Eureka (Kansas), governor declares disaster, 5 injured:

2018-06-26 - Heavy rain, flooding and three tornadoes hit Illinois:

2018-06-26 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Harlan County (Kentucky), state of emergency declared:

2018-06-26 - Residents report ocean disappearing in the Gulf of Thailand:

2018-06-26 - Sundog appears over Cornwall (Britain):

2018-06-26 - Fire rainbow spotted in Galveston (Texas):

2018-06-26 - Sea lice reported at beaches in Northwest Florida:

2018-06-26 - Farmers are killing themselves in staggering numbers:

2018-06-26 - Researchers find that air pollution can cloud your morality, increase anxiety and lead to unethical behavior:

2018-06-26 - American jobs already under threat from Trump's steel tariffs:

2018-06-26 - Missouri state senator calls on governor to declare state of emergency in St. Louis because of rampant murders:

2018-06-26 - Richard Dolan Show from May 14, 2018, interview with black budget expert Catherine Austin Fitts:

2018-06-26 - Man born without penis gets bionic penis, in Britain:

2018-06-27 - Girl, 9, pulled unconscious from swimming pool in Saskatoon (Canada):

2018-06-27 - Man, crewmember, goes missing from ferry ship near coastal Aberdeen (Scotland):

Quote: "The UK Coastguard was informed of the incident just before 11 p.m. where a crew member on board the Aberdeen to Lerwick ferry could not be found. Lifeboat teams from Peterhead and Fraserburgh were sent to search the North Sea at 10.52 p.m., as well as Coastguard helicopter 951 from Inverness. The Aberdeen Lifeboat has joined the search."

2018-06-27 - Man falls off boat and disappears into Chesapeake Bay in Anne Arundel County (Maryland):

2018-06-27 - Top climate scientist says humans will go extinct if we don’t fix climate change by 2023:

2018-06-27 - Huge stretch of the Arctic ocean is turning into the Atlantic right before our eyes:

2018-06-27 - Molten 'bullseye' found beneath New England in the US:

Quote: "Several national articles circulating on social media claim there's a 'super volcano' forming underneath the feet of New Englanders, but scientists at Brown University say their research shows a 'bullseye' of molten rock, which is far less dangerous."

2018-06-27 - Drought hits the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (China):

2018-06-27 - Powerful storm hits Atlanta (Georgia):

2018-06-27 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Greece:

2018-06-27 - Huge waterspout filmed off coast of Cattolica (Italy):

2018-06-27 - US allows Nestle to keep taking water from California forest:

2018-06-27 - Twenty-six American diplomats in seven cities in four countries have been affected by mysterious sounds:

2018-06-27 - Resettlement needs set to rise to 1.4 million people in 2019, UN refugee agency reports:

2018-06-27 - Largest US nail manufacturer could soon be out of business because of Trump tariffs:

2018-06-27 - How real-life Schrödinger's cats probe the boundary of the quantum world:

2018-06-28 - Two children sicken at Castaic Lake (California):

Quote: "Two sick children, including one described as nauseous and vomiting, were airlifted from Castaic Lake to a hospital Thursday morning."

Quote: "Deputy Robert Ochoa of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department Parks Bureau checked on the specifics of the child’s illness. 'The illness is not the result of foul play, or toxic stuff. Other kids are playing in the water with no signs of illness,' he said."

Note: That doesn't necessarily mean the water had nothing to do with it. Hydrogen sulfide doesn't disperse equally throughout a body of water. The water can be lethal in one spot but just fine ten feet away - picture lava lamps and how that stuff looks. These kids were related so maybe they swam in the same area and the other kids swam in other areas. Could be these kids touched something contaminated by hydrogen sulfide in the area too, and then ate some food or something. There is no clinical test for hydrogen sulfide poisoning so they'll probably never be able to determine why these two kids sickened, but the more time you spend in or near water, the shorter your life is apt to be. I highly doubt that it's mere coincidence that they sickened at a lake in a state where multiple cities are investigating why hydrogen sulfide keeps mysteriously hitting their cities…

2018-06-28 - One football field of forest was lost every SECOND (!) in 2017, data reveals:

2018-06-28 - Woman has 'medical issue' in swimming pool at home in Columbus (Ohio):

Quote: "Columbus police Sgt. Doug Jones said the woman was in an above-ground backyard pool when she apparently had some kind of medical issue and went under the water. Though the pool was only about 4 feet deep, her family members could not get her out."

2018-06-28 - Person has 'medical emergency' on roof in Rock Hill (South Carolina):

Quote: "Officials in Rock Hill said they were rescuing a person who was having a medical emergency from a roof Thursday afternoon."

2018-06-28 - Temp hits 105F in Denver (Colorado), ties for highest temp ever recorded in Denver on any day:

Quote: "Denver’s temperature soared to 105 degrees at 2:20 p.m. Thursday, tying the highest temperature recorded in the city for any day..."

2018-06-28 - Quriyat in Oman records highest low temp ever recorded on Earth at 108.7F:

Quote: "Over a period of 24 hours, the temperature in the coastal city of Quriyat, Oman, never dropped below 108.7 degrees (42.6 Celsius) Tuesday, most likely the highest minimum temperature ever observed on Earth."

2018-06-28 - Temp of -144F measured in Antarctica, lowest temp ever measured on Earth:

2018-06-28 - Volcano Agung erupts again on the island of Bali (Indonesia), dozens of flights canceled:

2018-06-28 - Kilauea continues erupting in Hawaii, 3 more homes destroyed:

2018-06-28 - Active volcanic heat found under Pine Island Glacier:

Note: That's right, Antarctica is melting from above AND from below. That's what I said a long time ago too, about the warming of the oceans. From the full hypothesis: "Where is the heat coming from? There are two obvious possibilities: from above or from below. It's actually both." The problem with the heat coming from below is that there is absolutely nothing we can do about that; we have no control of volcanism or heat escaping from below the surface of the Earth. The atmospheric warming, we have at least a little bit of control over that. (Though at this point it's too late to avoid the eradication of the human race from the surface of the planet.)

2018-06-28 - Probability of major earthquake occurring within the next 30 years has increased significantly in northern Japan:

2018-06-28 - Tornado touches down and causes damage in Jackson County (Ohio):

2018-06-28 - Heavy rain and flooding hit parts of western Japan:

2018-06-28 - 11 states sue EPA's Scott Pruitt over climate super-pollutants:

2018-06-28 - Science fiction writer Harlan Ellison dies at age 84:

2018-06-28 - Cosmic explosion 100 times brighter than a supernova baffles scientists:

2018-06-28 - 'We're not alone in the universe, we must assume the 'others' are far more advanced than we are', says former NSA cryptologist:

Note: My theory is that there are LOTS of intelligent species. Then why the apparent silence in the universe? I can think of at least two reasons. The first and most probable reason is that once they make the leap to communication via quantum entanglement then they can bypass lightspeed limitations and communicate directly without any type of radio waves or radiation, so once they reach that point technologically then they simply 'go dark' so far as any detectable signals are concerned. The time a civilization spends using radio waves - e.g. the time between the discovery of electricity and the discovery of quantum entanglement - would be brief for any civilization. Another possibility, less likely, is that there are some civilizations that still use radio waves or the like, but the data is highly compressed and encrypted and that would be indistinguishable from noise. In other words, maybe all the noise we do detect isn't actually all just noise...

2018-06-29 - Arctic sea ice extent at second-lowest ever measured for this time of year:

2018-06-29 - Heatwaves, storms, wildfires and droughts, experts issue warnings over extreme weather in Europe this summer:

2018-06-29 - Record-high levels of toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hit Lake Isabella (California):

Quote: "Record-high levels of toxic algae were detected this week at Isabella Lake, leading county health officials to issue an urgent warning Friday against touching water at the popular access points of Paradise Cove and Kissack Cove, and to be extra cautious at French Gulch and other parts of the lake. Kern County Public Health Director Matt Constantine said state testing found concentrations of blue-green algae 20 times the level considered dangerous at Paradise and Kissack. Never have such high levels been seen in the Central Valley, he added."

2018-06-29 - Jellyfish numbers rising dramatically in the Bering Sea:

Quote: "Jellyfish have been a natural part of the Bering Sea ecosystem for decades. In recent years, their population numbers in the region have dramatically increased."

Note: Jellyfish reproduce better in warmer waters. They're also ancient and have survived every extinction event, so they'll very likely survive the current extinction event too...

2018-06-29 - Boy, 10, pulled unconscious from swimming pool at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel in coastal Falmouth (Massachusetts):

2018-06-29 - Volcano Kilauea hit by another explosive summit collapse in Hawaii:

Quote: "A collapse at the summit of Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano on Friday created an explosion equivalent to a 5.2-magnitude earthquake, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The agency said the event created an ash-poor plume about 500 feet into the air. Seismic activity near the volcano has been regular since early May when eruptions first began."

2018-06-29 - Two small earthquakes strike in two days in Surrey (Britain):

2018-06-29 - Rare Texas heat burst sends temperatures soaring to 99F in the wee hours overnight:

2018-06-29 - Tornado touches down and causes damage in Shiga Prefecture (Japan):

2018-06-29 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Kumasi (Ghana), 3 killed:

2018-06-29 - Two 'hot stones', possibly meteorites, fall from the sky in Uttar Pradesh (India):

2018-06-29 - Controversial Enbridge oil pipeline approved in Minnesota wild rice region:

2018-06-29 - Teslas may produce as much CO2 as gasoline-powered cars:

2018-06-29 - Frankenstein's cyborg - AI researchers are putting neanderthal brains into robots:

Quote: "Teams at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) are experimenting with lumps of tissue taken from fossil bones of our early ancestors. They've reportedly managed to grow tiny brains, about the size of a pea, in petri dishes inside labs. They say the next step is to link these cavemen brains to robots using neural implants to try and create a kind of Neanderthal cyborg."

2018-06-29 - Negativity is one of the most powerful relationship killers:

2018-06-30 - Shallow magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes off the coast of Jalisco (Mexico):

2018-06-30 - Ireland bracing for the hottest day in recorded history:

2018-06-30 - Severe drought affecting 40% of Inner Mongolia in China, plague of rats take over 4 million hectares:

2018-06-30 - Lightning strike kills man in New Brunswick (Canada):

2018-06-30 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Des Moines (Iowa), 7 inches of rain in 3 hours, 1 killed:

2018-06-30 - Lone Star tick bites triggering red meat allergies in more people across US:

2018-06-30 - Global UFO sightings slump:

2018-06-30 - Boy, 17, pulled unconscious from the Detroit River In Detroit (Michigan):

2018-06-30 - Two men go out on boat and go missing on Lake Norman near Charlotte (North Carolina):

2018-06-30 - Man has 'medical incident' at 11:15 PM outside pub in Maidstone (Britain):

Quote: "Police were called to a popular nightspot after a man suffered a 'medical incident' outside."

2018-06-30 - Boy, 16, has 'medical emergency' in swimming pool in Peerskill (New York):

Quote: "A teenager had to be pulled from the water at a public pool in northern Westchester Saturday afternoon after suffering a medical emergency while in the deep end, witnesses told News 12. The incident occurred at 2 p.m. at the Veteran Memorial Pool in Peekskill."

2018-06-30 - Man pulled unconscious from swimming pool at apartments in coastal Jacksonville (Florida):

2018-06-30 - Unknown odor sickens 28 people at private school in Kabul (Afghanistan):

Quote: "Twenty-two students and six teachers of a private school fell ill in capital Kabul on Saturday morning after inhaling a mysterious odor, police said. Police spokesman Hashmatullah Stanikzai told Pajhowk Afghan News the incident happened at Dehkada private school in Ahmad Shah Baba Mena. He said 22 students and their six teachers were evacuated to hospital for medical treatment after being poisoned."

2018-06-30 - Unknown gas odor hits area in coastal Immingham (Britain):

Quote: "Washdyke Lane, Immingham. Sat 30 Jun 2018 17:04 (No:13235) Smell of gas in the area. Nothing found on gas detection. Incident left with gas board to investigate."

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