Saturday, October 1, 2016

2016 - SEP - Other Stories

2016-09-01 - Methane bubbling up in lakes in Alaska and other areas in the Arctic:

2016-09-01 - Magnitude 7.1 earthquake strikes in the ocean just off the coast of the North Island (New Zealand):

Quote: "There have been reports of at least five big aftershocks, all above magnitude-5.0, the strongest one a 5.7."

2016-09-01 - Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the North Island (New Zealand):

2016-09-01 - Shallow magnitude 3.5 earthquake strikes near the coast in southern Spain:

2016-09-01 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Lake Ashtabula (North Dakota):

2016-09-01 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Lake Anza in coastal Berkeley (California):

2016-09-01 - Endless hot summer of 2016, heavy Arctic sea ice loss, record temps for Alaska, and Hermine’s rains:

2016-09-01 - Two hurricanes and a tropical storm walk into a, I mean target US coasts:

2016-09-01 - Drought dries up parts of New York:

Quote: "More than one-third of the counties in New York have been declared natural disaster areas amid the Summer drought. What this means is that farmers in the affected counties may be eligible for assistance from the federal government. Assistance will be based on farmers' crop loss during the season."

2016-09-01 - Drought turning parts of California into the equivalent of a third-world country:

2016-09-01 - Plastic microbeads polluting oceans and damaging eyes, teeth and skin:

2016-09-01 - Waterspout forms over Lake Michigan near Chicago (Illinois):

2016-09-01 - World's 7th-largest container shipper files bankruptcy, assets frozen:

2016-09-01 - Swastika-ish crop circle appears at farm in Wiltshire (Britain):

Quote: "But he says the symbol appears to be the positive icon used in ancient Buddhism and Hinduism, which was used 5,000 years before Adolf Hitler adopted it as the Nazi insignia."

Note: Yeah, the Nazis didn't invent that symbol, they just appropriated it...

2016-09-01 - Do UFOs hovering near International Space Station show that aliens are monitoring our satellites?

2016-09-01 - Trump supporter warns of taco trucks on every corner:

Note: Warns?! When's MY corner gonna get one of these taco trucks, that's what I wanna know!

2016-09-01 - Man finds out his wife is pregnant before she knows, in Canton (Georgia):

2016-09-02 - Man, 22, falls off boat and disappears near coastal Miami Beach (Florida):

Quote: "She reportedly told them he was riding on the back of the craft, and at some point she looked back and he was gone. The Coast Guard said she has no idea where he fell off."

2016-09-02 - Volcano Sinabung erupts, dome collapses, in Indonesia:

2016-09-02 - Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Ferndale (California):

2016-09-02 - Stratospheric wind pattern reversal observed for the first time:

Quote: "Since 1953, scientists have observed equatorial winds by instruments known as radiosondes, which are carried skyward by weather balloons. The quasi-biennial oscillation was discovered in the early 1960s. Although the timing of each cycle has sometimes varied by a few months, the pattern as a whole has remained uninterrupted—until now."

Note: More never-before-seen atmospheric changes. What will be the consequences? Hah, nobody knows that, but generally speaking, any change to the status quo on the planet is extremely unlikely to be beneficial to the human race...

2016-09-02 - Warm storm-force winds blowing from the equator flip West Antarctic winter to summer:

Quote: "Larsen C Ice Shelf Experiencing Above-Freezing Temperatures in Winter..."

Quote: "Temperatures that are 15 to 23 C above average (27 to 40 F) now range all over the Antarctic Peninsula and nearby areas of West Antarctica."

Note: The Arctic was above freezing much of last winter, so now both poles are melting away, not to mention the glaciers disappearing all over the planet, which has been ongoing for years...

2016-09-02 - Lightning strike kills person in Slaton (Texas), US lightning fatalities hit 33 for the year:

2016-09-02 - Lightning strike kills woman in village in Golestan Province (Iran):

Quote: "A local official told IRIB news agency that a 70-year-old woman died on Friday after being struck by lightning while working in a rice field in a village in Golestan Province."

2016-09-02 - Hurricane Hermine roars into Florida, heads up the East Coast, 1 killed, 250,000 without power:

2016-09-02 - Heavy rain and flooding displace tens of thousands in North Korea:

2016-09-02 - Record-breaking flood for southern New Jersey now likely:

2016-09-02 - Five vehicles built to survive a Zombie Apocalypse:

2016-09-02 - Paranormal investigators persue blue humanoid creature in Peru:

2016-09-03 - Man, 30, falls off boat at 1:30 AM and goes into cardiac arrest near coastal Governors Island (New York):

2016-09-03 - Number of sickened students hits 100 at school in Manhattan (Kansas):

2016-09-03 - Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strikes near Pawnee (Oklahoma), felt across broad swath of the Midwest:

Quote: "People in Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri; Chicago; Gilbert, Arizona; Fayetteville and Little Rock, Arkansas; Des Moines, Iowa; Memphis, Tennessee; and Big Lake in southwest Texas, all reported feeling the earthquake."

Note: I felt that one in St. Louis, 400 miles from the epicenter. It wasn't too bad here, some swaying, nothing fell down, but it did go on for a fair amount of time, at least a minute or two. I was nervously eyeing the windows as potential escape routes if it kept intensifying...

2016-09-03 - After M7.1 earthuake strikes off the coast of New Zealand, many aftershocks ensue:

2016-09-03 - Puget Sound has new climate refugees, white pelicans – 'It’s like seeing aliens arrive':

Quote: "Ehler and Kerschbaum were among the first to notice the pelicans. 'It was like seeing aliens arrive,' says Ehler, a seasonal biologist with a degree in ornithology. 'It’s unprecedented for them to be here, so something really unusual is happening.'"

2016-09-03 - Lightning stike kills two schoolboys in Bangladesh:

2016-09-03 - 300,000 people without power in Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Hermine, state of emergency declared:

2016-09-03 - Typhoon Namtheun heads toward southern Japan:

2016-09-03 - Third wettest winter on record wipes out crops in New South Wales (Australia):

2016-09-03 - After Hanjing Shipping declares bankruptcy, 'clogged supply-chain' chaos spreads rapidly:

2016-09-03 - Quantum computer created that can tap into parallel universes:

2016-09-03 - 80-foot-tall man goes up in flames in Black Rock City (Nevada):

2016-09-04 - Man, 24, goes missing while swimming at Lake Pleasant near Peoria (Arizona):

2016-09-04 - Magnitude 5.9 earthquake shakes the island of Mindanao (Philippine Islands):

2016-09-04 - Shallow magnitude 4.6 earthquake strikes near Quito (Ecuador):

2016-09-04 - Late-season heatwave bakes Spain:

2016-09-04 - Heatwave heading to the DC area:

2016-09-04 - Anomalous cold wave hits the Peruvian Andes, 48+ children and 61,000 farm animals killed:

2016-09-04 - Biblical rains and flooding wreak havoc in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas (Mexico):

2016-09-04 - Newton to hit Baja California as a hurricane, reach Arizona on September 7:

2016-09-04 - Battered Japan braces for another typhoon:

Note: Mmmmm, battered Japan...

2016-09-04 - Possible meteor spotted in the sky followed by booms over the South Island (New Zealand):

2016-09-04 - Mysterious fireball streaks across the sky in Oregon:

2016-09-04 - New research uncovers warning signs for Neolithic population collapse:

2016-09-04 - UFO caught on camera during Falcon9 Space X rocket explosion at Cape Canaveral (Florida):

Note: There was definitely something there. Didn't seem to DO anything, so maybe it was just an observer, checking out our goings-on as our Earthly civilization comes to an end...

2016-09-04 - Workers at Coca Cola plant find 370 kilos of cocaine in shipment of orange juice in France:

2016-09-05 - NASA warns of mass extinction if we don't fix climate change:

Note: And since it's not something we CAN fix, the outcome is already determined...

2016-09-05 - Climate change is messing with clouds – and it's a really big deal:

2016-09-05 - As sea level rises, the US East Coast already being hit by flooding:

2016-09-05 - Climate and extreme weather news for Aug 28 thru Sep 5:

2016-09-05 - Only 350,000 African elephants are left in the savannah:

2016-09-05 - Wrong time, wrong place, tropical seabird rescued on beach in St Leonards (Britain):

2016-09-05 - Strange foam-like 'clouds' with candy floss texture fall from the sky in Morocco:

2016-09-05 - Shocking research confirms vaccines are contaminated with Monsanto's RoundUp herbicide:

2016-09-05 - Giant 450,000-kilometer-long solar filament growing since August 31 could ignite Earth-directed Hyder Flare explosion:

2016-09-06 - Shallow magnitude 4.0 earthquake strikes beneath Mauna Loa volcano (Hawaii):

2016-09-06 - Three earthquakes, magnitudes 3.9, 3.7 and 3.5, strike in Grant County (Oklahoma):

2016-09-06 - Magnitude 3.2 earthquake strikes in Sudden Valley (Washington):

2016-09-06 - Toxic algae blooms threaten people and waterways in more than 20 states in the US:

2016-09-06 - Study maps hidden water pollution in US coastal areas:

2016-09-06 - Hottest September temperature ever recorded in Europe, 115.5F, occurs in Spain:

Quote: "An intense heat wave has occurred in recent days in the Iberian Peninsula with a site in Spain, Sanlucar La Mayor, measuring 46.4°C (115.5°F) on Monday, September 5th. This (if verified) would be the hottest temperature ever observed anywhere in Europe during the month of September."

2016-09-06 - Deforestation reducing monsoon rainfall in India:

2016-09-06 - Waterspout spotted near Horn Island (Mississippi):

2016-09-06 - Poachers are wiping out giraffes in central Africa just for their tails:

2016-09-06 - Pig found with human face and 'penis' on forehead in China:

2016-09-06 - Hillary Clinton used 13 different mobile devices in four years:

2016-09-07 - Man, 46, goes missing while diving near coastal Marquesas Key (Florida):

2016-09-07 - Volcano Klyuchevskoy erupts twice, blows ash cloud 11 kilometers high, on the Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia):

Quote: "The Klyuchevskoy volcano in Russia's Kamchatka peninsula spewed ash twice Wednesday, the Russian news agency TASS reported. The volcano first spewed ash for eight kilometers in the air, and the second one reached 11 kilometers in mid-air, it said. According to the agency, volcanic plume is moving eastward, and its height is unknown. Currently, the volcano continues to spew ash. Geophysicists have assigned the red danger level to the eruption."

2016-09-07 - Volcano Mount Ruapehu rumbling in New Zealand:

2016-09-07 - Magnitude 5.6 earthquake that shook the Midwest upgraded to magnitude 5.8, strongest in Oklahoma history:

2016-09-07 - Four earthquakes, magnitudes 5.5, 4.8, 5.2, and 4.6, strike within 3 hours near coastal Bering Island (Russia):

2016-09-07 - Magnitude 4.9 earthquake shakes coastal Tokyo (Japan):

2016-09-07 - Magnitude 3.5 earthquake shakes Mýrdalsjökull Glacier (Iceland):

2016-09-07 - Soaring ocean temperature is 'greatest hidden challenge of our generation':

2016-09-07 - Daldykan River suddenly turns blood red near Norilsk (Russia):

2016-09-07 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Loch Lomond (Scotland):

2016-09-07 - Glaciers melting away and causing flash floods in the Swat Valley (Pakistan):

Quote: "The glaciers in Swat are melting fast due to rising temperature, local people say. They claim that the phenomenon has caused flashfloods in the area. The residents of the hilly areas and shepherds, who stay at the alpine glacial zones in Swat, said that they observed that glaciers had become thinner. 'When I was a young boy there was a huge glacier. We would walk on it to reach our hamlet. We would sleep and play on it but now that huge glacier has decreased to a small and thin piece,' said Khan Mohammad, an elderly shepherd in Bashigram alpine zone."

2016-09-07 - Counting down to the September ice minimum in the Arctic:

2016-09-07 - US lightning fatalities hit 34 in 2016, highest in seven years, with almost four months to go:

2016-09-07 - Lightning strike kills 2 people in Siraha District (Nepal):

2016-09-07 - Hurricane Newton pounds northwestern Mexico, several killed, storm heads toward Arizona and New Mexico:

2016-09-07 - Flooding death toll reaches 213 in Bihar (India):

2016-09-07 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Greece, 4 killed, 1 missing:

2016-09-07 - MRSA continues spreading in the US:

2016-09-07 - California tree die-offs causing wildfires and habitat destruction:

2016-09-07 - Percentage of working-age men that don't have job similar to the Great Depression:

2016-09-07 - Mercedes Benz unveils concept drone- and robot-deploying delivery van:

2016-09-07 - British Royal Navy tests drone boat on the River Thames:

2016-09-08 - Magnitude 6.7 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the Macquarie Islands (Australia):

2016-09-08 - Dog found with chemical burns in San Bernardino (California):

Quote: "Doggy Smiles says Max is the fourth dog they have rescued with similar chemical burns this year."

2016-09-08 - 'A Farewell To Ice', a discussion with Professor Peter Wadhams:

2016-09-08 - It’s looking like we’ll never see another month below 400 PPM CO2 again:

2016-09-08 - Lightning strikes two passenger planes in New Zealand:

2016-09-08 - Lightning strikes woman's car in Adelaide (Australia):

2016-09-08 - Drought and flooding killing crops in Zambia:

2016-09-08 - Waterspout spotted near Zakynthos Island (Greece):

2016-09-08 - New anthrax-like bacteria killing animals in Africa:

2016-09-08 - Perchlorate contaminating water around the US:

Quote: "In a remarkable moment of courtroom candor, an attorney representing the Environmental Protection Agency admitted last week the EPA 'blew it' in botched efforts to regulate a hazardous chemical in the drinking water of up to 17 million Americans. "

2016-09-08 - Should you worry about tick-borne Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever in Spain?

Note: Sure, why not, I'll add it to my growing list of things to worry about...

2016-09-08 - Meteor spotted in the sky over Virginia:

2016-09-08 - Daytime meteor spotted in the sky over North Carolina:

2016-09-08 - Meteor (so they say) explodes in the sky over the island of Cyprus (Greece):

2016-09-08 - North Korea carries out nuclear test, registers as magnitude 5.3 earthquake:

2016-09-08 - Hundreds of thousands of potato beetles invade Huttendorf (Austria):

2016-09-08 - Rocket launch sends probe to investigate asteroid:

2016-09-09 - Six people sickened by unknown cause at landfill in Irvine (California):

2016-09-09 - Sewage plant spewing hydrogen sulfide in coastal Portland (Maine):

Quote: "But the 36-year-old system has trouble getting enough oxygen into the tanks, so bacteria continue to devour waste, but emit noxious gases such as hydrogen sulfide, said Scott Firmin, director of wastewater services."

2016-09-09 - New report - 'Blowtorch'-like ocean warming advances killer seas, shifts El Nino, heats hydrates:

Quote: "The kinds of life warm, oxygen-deprived waters do support are poison-producing microbes. These microbes thrive in the warm, oxygen-poor waters. If ocean heating continues to progress, the warming seas will eventually fill up with their deadly byproducts. Among the most nasty of these is hydrogen sulfide. If enough of it is produced, it will spill out from the ocean into the nearby air, resulting in land animal mortality as well."

Note: That's already happening, and it's not just animals dropping dead, but people too...

2016-09-09 - Coming big Arctic ocean warm-up may extend sea ice melt season:

2016-09-09 - Arctic sea ice on its last legs:

2016-09-09 - Giant cruise ship navigates the melting Arctic:

2016-09-09 - La Niña fizzles, making record warm global temperatures more likely:

2016-09-09 - Lightning strikes kill 2,297 people in 7 years in Odisha (India):

2016-09-09 - Magnitude 3.5 earthquake strikes along the Mississippi near Poplar Bluff (Missouri), near the New Madrid fault:

2016-09-09 - Four tornadoes rip through Champaign County (Illinois):

Quote: "Four confirmed tornadoes touched down in Central Illinois Friday night, sweeping through Champaign County around 7 p.m., leveling at least one farm, and damaging buildings in small towns within the county."

2016-09-09 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Wichita (Kansas):

2016-09-09 - Major problems announced at Wells Fargo, one of the largest 'too big to fail' banks in the US:

2016-09-09 - Chipotle testing drone deliveries at Virginia Tech (Virginia):

2016-09-09 - Kim Jong Un bans sarcasm and irony in North Korea:

Quote: "North Korea’s crackpot dictator Kim Jong-un has banned his people from using sarcasm in their everyday conversations in a fresh crackdown on criticism of his leadership. Mass meetings organized by government officials have been used to issue a chilling warning that ironic statements 'will not be forgiven'. Oppressed and starving workers have been told satire directed towards the regime or indirect criticism hidden behind humor will be seen as 'hostile actions'."

Note: Poor people, all they had to eat was sarcasm and irony, and now they don't even get that!

2016-09-10 - Philvocs warns of possible big eruption from Volcano Mayon in the coming days:

Quote: "The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) has warned of a possible 'big' Mayon volcano eruption in the coming days. 'Phreatic explosion may happen anytime but a big explosion is expected in the coming days,' said Philvolcs resident volcanologist Eduardo Laguerta."

2016-09-10 - Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes near Moyobamba (Peru), near the coast:

2016-09-10 - Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strikes near Lake Victoria in northern Tanzania, 13+ killed, 203+ injured:

Quote: "An earthquake struck near the Ugandan border in northern Tanzania on Saturday afternoon, leaving at least 13 people dead and nearly 203 others injured, officials said."

2016-09-10 - Shallow magnitude 4.2 earthquake strikes near Oliver, BC (Canada):

2016-09-10 - USGS urges Kansans to prepare for earthquakes like Californians:

2016-09-10 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Lake Cunningham and Almaden Lake in coastal San Jose (California):

2016-09-10 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits the Rideau Canal in Ottawa (Canada):

2016-09-10 - Toxic magnetic nanoparticles from air pollution have been found in human brains:

2016-09-10 - Monkey dad teaches monkey baby how to use a tablet computer in China:

2016-09-11 - More than 20 school children suddenly fall unconscious at school in coastal Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea)

Quote: "Today was another normal schooling day for students at the Carr Memorial Primary School in Port Moresby. The students were doing their projects and enjoying the sun but there is a mysterious phenomenon that is worrying. As of Thursday last week the school witnessed a simultaneous event where more than 20 students lost consciousness and fell."

2016-09-11 - Girl, 10, almost dies while swimming in swimming pool at hotel in coastal Ponte Vedra Beach (Florida):

2016-09-11 - Unoccupied boat found in the Columbia River near Portland (Oregon), person missing:

Quote: "Fire department boats from Portland, the Port of Portland and Vancouver, Washington, helped retrieve the boat, which had fishing gear, ice, a lifejacket and various personal items."

2016-09-11 - Guy McPherson on American Freedom Radio with Carol Rosin:

2016-09-11 - SOTT earth changes summary for August - extreme weather, planetary upheaval, meteors:

2016-09-11 - Volcano Piton de la Fournaise erupts on Réunion Island (France):

2016-09-11 - Magnitude 5.3 earthquake strikes near Skopje (Macedonia):

2016-09-11 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Canandaigua Lake, Sodus Bay and a lake at Durand-Eastman Park (New York):

2016-09-11 - Hillary Clinton slumps over at 911 event, helped to van in coastal New York City (New York), diagnosed with pneumonia:

Quote: "A video showed Clinton slumping and being held up by three people as she was helped into a van after the event, and her doctor said in a statement that Clinton had become overheated and dehydrated."

2016-09-11 - Heatwave bakes the Czech Republic:

2016-09-11 - Lightning strike kills 3 people, injures another, in Madyan (Pakistan):

2016-09-11 - Heavy flooding submerges streets in Kingston (Jamaica):

2016-09-11 - Trash-eating aquatic drone deployed in coastal Rotterdam (Netherlands):

Quote: "According to Silicon Angle, The Waste Shark can gather up to 500 kilograms of waste, or 1120 pounds, before returning it to a collection point. The vessel also gathers data about water quality, and designs more efficient collection routes as it learns over time."

2016-09-11 - UFO photographed over Elton Reservoir and Bury (Britain):

2016-09-12 - Man, 55, has chest pains on boat near coastal Gaviota (California), medevac'd off:

2016-09-12 - Warm ocean 'blob' is back in the Northern Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Alaska:

2016-09-12 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Dryden Lake in Dryden (New York):

2016-09-12 - Magnitude 5.1 and magnitude 5.8 earthquakes strike near the coast in South Korea:

Quote: "A 5.8-magnitude earthquake, the strongest ever hitting the country, struck on the outskirts of Gyeongju city in North Gyeongsang province at about 8:32 p.m. local time (1132 GMT) on Monday. The main shock occurred less than an hour after a 5.1-magnitude quake, the fifth-biggest faced by South Korea, rattled the nearby region at 7:44 p.m."

2016-09-12 - Category 5 Super Typhoon Meranti roars into Taiwan, threatens mainland China:

2016-09-12 - Lightning strike injures two workers in Beaufort (North Carolina):

2016-09-12 - Lightning nearly 3 times as deadly as tornadoes in the US this year:

2016-09-12 - Severe flooding hits North Korea, 133 killed, 395 missing, 100,000 displaced:

Quote: "Severe flooding in North Korea has led to the deaths of 133 people, with 395 reported missing, according to the UN. More than 100,000 have been forced to flee their homes."

2016-09-12 - New York City is sinking and nobody knows what to do:

2016-09-12 - Strange lights and sounds in the sky at 5 AM rattle people in Hinckley (Britain):

2016-09-12 - Airglow spotted over Acadia National Park (Maine):

2016-09-12 - The economic bubble burst you didn't see coming:

2016-09-12 - Unintended consequences of creating the world's first semisynthetic organism:

2016-09-13 - Unknown odor sickens people in Upminster (Britain), near the River Thames:

Quote: "People living in Stewart Avenue have posted on social media complaining about 'toxic smells' making a few residents feeling unwell."

Quote: "Two of the most prominent theories at the scene were that it was either due to a carbon monoxide or methane leak."

Note: So the two most prominent theories are that ODORLESS gases were causing toxic SMELLS? They might wanna rethink those theories unless they're aiming to convince people that they're idiots, in which case, nicely done!

2016-09-13 - Man, 78, almost dies in swimming pool at resort on the island of Ibiza (Spain):

2016-09-13 - White Island volcano erupts in New Zealand:

2016-09-13 - Magnitude 5.9 earthquake strikes near Mutata (Colombia):

2016-09-13 - After record-setting magnitude 5.8 earthquake hits Oklahoma, new fault found:

2016-09-13 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Lake Wolsey and Lake Panache in Greater Sudbury (Canada):

2016-09-13 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits ponds in Portsmouth and Middletown (Rhode Island):

2016-09-13 - Ocean warming is already affecting Arctic fish and birds:

2016-09-13 - Super Typhoon Meranti, the world's strongest cyclone this year, batters Taiwan en route to China:

2016-09-13 - Wheat, one of the world’s most important crops, threatened by a warming world:

2016-09-13 - Documents reveal that the sugar industry manipulated health studies:

2016-09-14 - Around 120 students sickened by unknown cause in Lamar County (Alabama):

Quote: "Several parents posted about the mysterious illness on Facebook. Some say they noticed their children getting sick Tuesday night, and that several households got hit at once. Many agree, they have never seen anything like this."

2016-09-14 - Man has 'medical problem' and topples off dock into the water in coastal Delray Beach (Florida):

Quote: "The man developed a medical problem before falling overboard, fire rescue said."

2016-09-14 - Volcano Sakurajima inflating in Japan:

2016-09-14 - Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the Solomon Islands:

2016-09-14 - Methane emissions rising from fracking, new study shows:

2016-09-14 - Heatwave bakes Britain:

2016-09-14 - Heavy thunderstorm and flash flooding hit Sheffield (Britain):

2016-09-14 - Storm kills over 700 rare birds in Majuli (India):

2016-09-14 - Surprise snowstorm brings blizzard to Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming):

2016-09-14 - Mercury contamination widespread across western North America in air, soil, plants, and wildlife:

2016-09-14 - Australian pelican somehow ends up in the Philippine Islands for the first time ever:

Quote: "An Australian pelican that strayed hundreds of kilometres from its nearest known habitat to end up in the Philippines is the first such bird to be seen in the Asian archipelago, wildlife enthusiasts said."

2016-09-14 - The US 'war on terror' has cost $5 trillion and increased terrorism by 6,500%:

Note: Sounds even worse than the 'war on drugs'!

2016-09-14 - Rise of the machines, robots poised to replace 6% of jobs by 2021:

2016-09-14 - Americans’ trust in mass media plunges to record low in Gallup poll:

2016-09-14 - The scientific method, then and now:

2016-09-14 - Teen girl creates 'Sit With Us' app to help shy people find people to sit with at school:

2016-09-15 - Boy, 7, has seizure and collapses on soccer field in Woodstock (Georgia), now in a coma:

2016-09-15 - Human extinction and living fully now, with Guy McPherson:

2016-09-15 - Extreme climate news and science, with Paul Beckwith:

2016-09-15 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Hemlington Lake in Middlesbrough (Britain):

2016-09-15 - Greenland warming and melting rapidly:

2016-09-15 - August was the warmest August ever recorded:

2016-09-15 - Warming planet to increase record rains in Louisiana by at least 40 percent:

2016-09-15 - Warming planet making California wildfire season longer and more severe:

2016-09-15 - Extreme drought declared in the Greater Boston area (Massachusetts):

2016-09-15 - Lightning strike kills two people in Odisha (India):

2016-09-15 - Freak hailstorm pounds Malacca (Malaysia):

2016-09-15 - Tropical Storm Julia forms over land in Florida:

Quote: "While a super typhoon was wreaking havoc in East Asia, a little tropical storm named Julia formed in Florida on Tuesday night. Yes, "in" Florida. As in, it formed over land -- a very rare occurrence, meteorologically speaking."

2016-09-15 - Bright meteor spotted over Hampshire (Britain):

2016-09-15 - Deconstructing median income bullshit:

Quote: "Summing up, real median household income (blue line just above) adjusted with the CPI is down 1.1% with respect to where it was in the year 2000."

2016-09-15 - Wall Street’s 'Fear Gauge' shows it's about to get wild in the stock market:

2016-09-15 - The dumbing down of humanity:

2016-09-15 - New study reveals many common drugs that cause brain shrinkage:

2016-09-15 - 5-year-old boy brings 30 packs of heroin to kindergarten school in Trenton (New Jersey):

2016-09-15 - Hillary Clinton featured in upcoming issue of Women’s Health magazine:

2016-09-16 - Mount Bulusan erupts on Luzon Island (Philippine Islands):

2016-09-16 - Magnitude 5.2 earthquake strikes in the ocean off the coast of British Columbia (Canada):

2016-09-16 - Moon's phase may correlate with big earthquakes:

2016-09-16 - Arctic sea ice extent hits second lowest ever recorded, further decline possible:

2016-09-16 - California's devastating drought could last for hundreds of years:

2016-09-16 - Super Typhoon Meranti, the strongest storm on the planet this year, hits China:

2016-09-16 - Lightning strike kills two people, injures two more, in Bihar (India):

2016-09-16 - World's longest-lasting lightning bolt was recorded in France:

2016-09-16 - Hail the size of baseballs batters Goodland (Kansas):

2016-09-16 - Big brother alert - 'Rule 41' change allows FBI 'mass surveillance':

2016-09-16 - Corruption of science - mass-production of redundant, misleading, and conflicted systematic reviews and meta-analyses:

2016-09-16 - Bioethicist says the climate crisis calls for fewer children:

2016-09-16 - FDA finds Monsanto's weed killer in U.S. honey:

2016-09-16 - Thanks to misuse of antibiotics, gonorrhea is becoming untreatable:

2016-09-16 - In hungry Venezuela, buying too much food can get you arrested:

2016-09-16 - Man goes on crazed gun rampage, kills 1, injures 5, in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

2016-09-16 - Creepy clowns are terrorizing children, parents and schools all over the US:

2016-09-17 - Two divers go into distress in the water near coastal Nahant (Massachusetts):

2016-09-17 - Woman in distress pulled from the Sakonnet River near coastal Tiverton (Rhode Island):

2016-09-17 - Man, 81, collapses unconscious on boat in coastal Long Island Sound (New York):

2016-09-17 - Woman, 71, has problems breathing on cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico near Louisiana, medevac'd off:

2016-09-17 - Boy, 7, pulled unconscious from swimming pool in Attleboro (Massachusetts):

2016-09-17 - Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Vanuatu:

2016-09-17 - Shallow magnitude 3.3 earthquake strikes near Avenal (California):

2016-09-17 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Big Reed Pond in Montauk County Park in coastal Montauk (New York):

2016-09-17 - Super Typhoon Meranti death toll reaches 14 in China as China braces for second storm:

2016-09-17 - Lightning strike kills three people in Karongi District (Rwanda):

2016-09-17 - Lightning strike kills two ponies in the Thames Valley (Britain):

2016-09-17 - Baseball-sized hail pounds Artesia (New Mexico):

2016-09-17 - Severe drought hits South Africa, wildlife culling commences:

Quote: "As South Africa contends with a severe drought, officials at Kruger National Park have put a plan into action that they say will help avert mass die-offs of wildlife-through the selective culling of some of the park's largest grazers. This week, rangers began killing around 350 of the park's 7,500 hippos and 47,000 buffalo."

2016-09-17 - Freaky mammatus clouds cover the sky over Rome (Italy):

2016-09-17 - Study links altered brain chemistry and behavioral impairments in fish exposed to elevated CO2 levels in the water:

2016-09-17 - Maternal mortality rate in Texas soars, now the highest in much of industrialized world:

2016-09-17 - Saudi Finance Ministry ex-advisor claims Saudi Arabia on verge of collapse:

2016-09-17 - Crepuscular rays cause giant blue streak to appear over Houston (Texas):

2016-09-17 - Bayer buys Monsanto for $66 billion:

2016-09-17 - Erotic robots 'real as humans' to have 'a pulse':

2016-09-18 - Lakes in Alaska now spewing methane:

Quote: "Katey Walter Anthony spends a lot of time walking the frozen lakes of Fairbanks, Alaska. When she noticed bubbles around the expanding icy edges of those lakes, she understood something important was happening. That 'something' is not a good thing."

2016-09-18 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits three bays on Lake Ontario in Wayne County (New York):

Quote: "The state Department of Environmental Conservation has reported that there are several harmful blooms of blue-green algae in three Wayne County bays on Lake Ontario, Wayne County Public Health said Friday. The DEC said the Katlynn Marina area at Sodus Bay in Sodus Point has one, while there are widespread blooms at Blind Sodus Bay and Port Bay in Wolcott. The health department said none of the sites are swimming beaches, but that boaters, kayakers, etc., may be exposed."

2016-09-18 - Selwyn River now toxic and unusable in New Zealand:

2016-09-18 - Lightning strikes kill at least 11 people in 36 hours in Madhya Pradesh (India):

2016-09-18 - Lightning strike kills 3 people in Jharkhand (India):

2016-09-18 - Lightning strike kills boy in Cambodia, lightning deaths hit 100 for the year there:

2016-09-18 - Consecutive lightnings strikes kill two farmers in Karimganj (Bangladesh):

2016-09-18 - Second hailstorm ever, first since 2011, hits the island of Samoa, so unusual that people think it's a hoax:

Quote: "Samoa has been hit by a hail storm so rare that it was believed to be a hoax by many of the island's inhabitants. The tropical nation of Samoa lies in the Pacific Ocean, where the average temperature at this time of year is 29C. But on Friday evening an unexpected hail storm struck the eastern side of the island of Savai'i, accompanied by heavy rain and strong wind gusts. It was only the second time since records began that hail has fallen on Samoa, the first was in 2011."

2016-09-18 - Mosquito-borne Mayaro virus detected in Haiti for the first time:

2016-09-18 - Hanjin bankruptcy is the tip of the iceberg for flailing shippers:

2016-09-18 - Number of South Sudan refugees passes one million, most women and children:

2016-09-18 - NASA SOHO footage shows the same (or similarly-shaped) alien object near the sun on multiple days:

2016-09-18 - Dolan-Basset face off - two views on the day after disclosure:

2016-09-18 - Physicist theorizes that consciousness is a state of matter:

2016-09-18 - Woman and two juveniles arrested for involvement in Clownpocalype activities in Alabama:

2016-09-19 - Mother and son go out on boat, go missing, near coastal Point Judith (Rhode Island):

2016-09-19 - Two men and boy go out on boat, go missing, on Lake Superior (Michigan):

2016-09-19 - Volcano Turrialba erupts twice in one day, spews ash and rocks 4 kilometers high, in Costa Rica:

2016-09-19 - Magnitude 4.3 earthquake strikes near Wakita (Oklahoma):

2016-09-19 - Two-faced calf born in Campbellsville (Kentucky):

2016-09-19 - Lightning strike kills 3 children, injures 2 more, in Nepal:

2016-09-19 - Emissions from ethanol production may be way worse than thought:

2016-09-19 - Nitrates poison water in California's Central Valley:

2016-09-19 - In major shift, International Criminal Court to prosecute environmental crimes:

2016-09-19 - Costa Rica halts police cooperation with turtle protection activists, endangers turtle hatcheries:

2016-09-19 - Venezuelan pets starving along with their owners:

2016-09-19 - Bank For International Settlements warns that a major debt meltdown in China is imminent:

2016-09-19 - Enormous 'jellyfish' sprite photographed over the Caribbean Sea:

2016-09-19 - Mysterious 'Planet Nine' might have tilted our whole Solar System:

2016-09-19 - Autonomous boats to hit the water in 2017 in Amsterdam (Netherlands):

Quote: "MIT is collaborating with two Dutch universities to create a small fleet of self-driving boats that will first be tested in Amsterdam to ferry commuters and goods about the city. The $27 million, five-year project named Roboat is expected to launch its first watercraft in the canals of the Dutch capital next year."

2016-09-19 - Teen hacker 'Fear' hits hundreds of government FTP data servers:

2016-09-19 - Darth Vader picks up trash alongside Virginia highway:

2016-09-20 - 'Gas odor' evacuates three businesses in coastal West Palm Beach (Florida):

2016-09-20 - Volcano Shiveluch erupts, spews ash cloud 7 kilometers high, on the Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia):

2016-09-20 - Volcano Kliuchevskoi erupts on the Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia):

2016-09-20 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Big East Lake in Payson (Utah):

2016-09-20 - One of the world’s biggest fisheries is on the verge of collapse:

2016-09-20 - Plagues devastating forests across the US West, millions of trees killed, whole mountain sides dying:

2016-09-20 - Giant gravity waves smashed key atmospheric clock during winter of 2016, possible climate change link:

2016-09-20 - Lightning strikes kill 18 people and injure 15 people in one day in Bangladesh:

2016-09-20 - Lightning strike injures firefighter in Melbourne (Florida):

2016-09-20 - Typhoon Malakas causes widespread flooding in Japan, two people missing:

2016-09-20 - Heavy flooding hits Jigawa State (Nigeria), 18 killed, 6637 homes destroyed:

2016-09-20 - Record heavy rain causes widespread flooding in Ukraine:

2016-09-20 - Hailstorm downs trees, power lines, causes flooding around Madison (Wisconsin):

2016-09-20 - Bering Sea storm to bring hurricane force winds to south central Alaska:

2016-09-20 - World deforestation - we’re losing a forest the size of NYC every 2 days:

Note: That obviously won't go on forever, because we'll run out of forest. Most of us will probably be dead before that though. This does hasten our extinction though, because trees produce oxygen, and the less oxygen in the atmosphere, the happier the creatures that produce hydrogen sulfide will be, so they'll crank out more gas, causing more fires and explosions, and those fires and explosions will eat up yet more oxygen, and more people and animals will drop dead...

2016-09-20 - Water shortages hit Tunisia, causes warnings of 'thirst uprising':

2016-09-20 - Chemicals in dust cause antibiotic resistance in indoor microbiome:

2016-09-20 - New Jersey schools see unprecedented outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease:

2016-09-20 - Michigan denies Flint right to sue state over lead contamination:

2016-09-20 - UFO filmed from TV helicopter near wildfire in San Bernardino (California):

2016-09-20 - Van with air-powered bazooka used to shoot drugs across the border found in Agua Prieta (Mexico):

Quote: "Paco said high-pressure air cannons can launch heavier marijuana packages weighing 60 pounds. The Border Patrol has also seen the use of trebuchets, a catapult-type launcher that can be crafted from wood."

2016-09-21 - Greenland losing 40 trillion pounds more ice per year than thought:

2016-09-21 - Volcano Turrialba erupts 20+ times this week in Costa Rica, airports closed:

Quote: "Over the past few days, Turrialba in Costa Rica has had over 20 significant, ash-rich explosions that have ended up closing airports across the country. Turrialba has been restless for a few years now and occasionally the low-level ash emissions are punctuated by bigger blasts. But the activity this week has been some of the most vigorous the volcano has seen since it woke up in 2010."

2016-09-21 - Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes in the ocean off the coast of Japan:

2016-09-21 - Lightning strike kills 2 people in Nepal:

2016-09-21 - Lightning strike kills man in Rubtsovsk (Russia):

2016-09-21 - Lightning strike kills two buffalo in Mirpur (India):

Note: 'Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.' That's a grammatically correct sentence!

2016-09-21 - Tornado wreaks havoc on the island of Zakynthos (Greece):

2016-09-21 - Deadly flooding and landslides kill 26 people, 19 more missing, on the island of Java (Indonesia):

Quote: "Indonesia's National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) have reported that the death toll from devastating floods and landslides in West Java province, Indonesia has now risen to 26. At least 19 people are still missing. The flood water in Garut has receded revealing the extent of the destruction. Photos showed houses reduced to rubble and upturned cars strewn across streets covered in mud and flood debris. At least 23 people have died in the Garut floods, with 18 still missing. The search continues for the missing."

2016-09-21 - Record rainfall and flash-flooding hit Minnesota:

2016-09-21 - Sky goes dark as scary shelf cloud engulfs Chicago (Illinois):

2016-09-21 - Large waterspout filmed close to Corniglia (Italy):

2016-09-21 - Air pollution fourth leading factor for premature death:

2016-09-21 - Millions of trees dying across the US:

2016-09-21 - Bark beetles killing the crap out of trees in California:

2016-09-21 - Chromium-6, the chemical Erin Brockovich warned about, is in water all over the US:

2016-09-21 - Singing fish - fish recorded singing dawn chorus on reefs just like birds:

2016-09-21 - Britain sends £100mn in aid to war-torn Yemen while also selling £3bn in arms to Saudis:

2016-09-21 - Alexander Dugin on World War 3 - 'third world was has never been so close':

2016-09-21 - UFO filmed in the night sky near Goshen (New York):

2016-09-21 - Two women force four men to work on a pot farm in California:

2016-09-22 - Man, 66, bleeds internally on cruise ship near coastal La Push (Washington), medevac'd off:

2016-09-22 - HazMat incident causes evacuations on Water Street in coastal Point Pleasant Beach (New Jersey), cops not talking:

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2016-09-22 - Oxygen levels in decline in the atmosphere:

2016-09-22 - Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits Mozambique, strongest in 11 years:

2016-09-22 - Magnitude 5.3 earthquake strikes in Sichuan (China):

2016-09-22 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Richmond Lake in Aberdeen (South Dakota):

2016-09-22 - Lightning strikes kill 9 people in Madhya Pradesh (India):

2016-09-22 - Devastating flooding and landslides hit Trabzon and Giresun Provinces (Turkey), 10+ inches of rain in a day:

2016-09-22 - Almost 21 inches of rain in 24 hours hits Dahanu (India), breaks 58-year record:

2016-09-22 - Terrible drought hits Kenya:

2016-09-22 - First snowfall of the year hits Lake Tahoe (California):

Quote: "Snow was reported falling in Lake Tahoe Thursday afternoon. This is the first snow of the year."

2016-09-22 - 20 more nations sign on to Paris climate deal without 'the faintest idea how they’re going to achieve the goals':

Note: That ship has sailed. The Earth's in charge now. Human emissions are flat but emissions going into the atmosphere are increasing - that's the Earth picking up the slack and then some. We could shut down every factory, turn off every light, destroy every car, and emissions would keep increasing. We are now irrelevant...

2016-09-22 - Mysterious polio-like illness that paralyzes people may be surging this year:

2016-09-22 - Burmese pythons spread to the Florida Keys:

Quote: "For the first time, wildlife officials have found Burmese pythons breeding in the Florida Keys, bad news for disappearing Key Largo woodrats, cotton mice and other small mammals consumed by the voracious snake."

2016-09-22 - Exposure to BPA and other endocrine-disrupting chemicals linked to reduced levels of vitamin D:

2016-09-22 - Yahoo confirms data breach affecting 500 million accounts:

2016-09-22 - Meteor shoots across the sky over Eastern Canada and the Eastern US:

2016-09-22 - Living on a van down by the river – time to face the true state of the middle class in America:

Note: Well, I wouldn't park near a RIVER!

2016-09-22 - Researchers developing 'intelligent' microrobots and genetically modified cells for drug delivery:

2016-09-22 - Robot arrested at political rally in Moscow (Russia):

Quote: "Adding to the bizarre situation is the fact that this is the same model of robot that previously tried to escape twice from its manufacturer."

2016-09-23 - Man sickens and collapses unconscious in manhole in coastal Naples (Florida), man rescued:

2016-09-23 - Magnitude 6.4+ earthquake strikes near coastal Tokyo (Japan):

Quote: "A magnitude-6.5 earthquake struck southeast of Tokyo on Friday morning, the Japan Meteorological Agency reports. The U.S. Geological Survey measured the temblor at 6.4 and said it was centered at sea about 150 kilometers (93 miles) southeast of Katsuura."

2016-09-23 - Magnitude 4.8 earthquake strikes in the (not very) Democratic Republic of Congo, 2 killed:

2016-09-23 - Larger marine animals at higher risk of extinction, and humans are to blame:

2016-09-23 - Bumblebees dying off, proposed for US endangered species status:

2016-09-23 - Massive flaming object spotted in the sky over London (Britain):

2016-09-23 - Two EF1 tornadoes damage homes in Utah:

2016-09-23 - Photographer captures stunning image as monsoon lightning bolt hits '100 yards way' near Kitt Peak (Arizona):

2016-09-23 - Top bank fraud expert William Black says all of the big banks' profits come from fraud:

2016-09-23 - U.S. bill seeks first Native American land grab in 100 years:

2016-09-23 - UPS testing drone delivery:

2016-09-23 - Chinese boy with 31 toes and fingers to get free surgery:

2016-09-24 - Hydrogen sulfide leaking from the water at Hoover Reservoir near Columbus (Ohio):

Quote: "Laura Young Mohr, spokeswoman for the Columbus water division, said the smell is caused by the summer heat raising the temperature of the top 15 to 25 feet of water. 'This isolates the colder bottom water from the surface water that has been heated by sunlight. Bacteria in the colder bottom water slowly consume the dissolved oxygen and convert sulfate to the hydrogen sulfide gas,' she said. That’s where the stink comes from."

2016-09-24 - Hydrogen sulfide leaking from wastewater plant in South Abington Township, Lackawanna County (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "The smell is hydrogen sulfide, a gas produced from the breakdown of organic matter. The gas, poisonous in high concentrations but not dangerous once exposed to open air, must be vented for the safety of authority employees, Ms. Elliott said."

Note: Oh yeah? Tell that to the 29-year-old man who was outside in the open air and got gassed to death by hydrogen sulfide along with some of his cows in Amherst (Wisconsin), mentioned in the 2016-09-14 update. It doesn't matter if you're indoors or outdoors - if you're exposed to air that's 0.1% hydrogen sulfide (1 part per thousand) then you can be killed with one breath. Hydrogen sulfide is as deadly as hydrogen cyanide, which is what they use to execute people in gas chambers. In WWI, the British weaponized hydrogen sulfide and used it to kill German soldiers during trench warfare. Obviously, the trenches were out in the open too. That worked well and killed the crap out of German soldiers because as a heavier-than-air gas, hydrogen sulfide hugged the ground and flowed into the trenches and reconcentrated. Of course, sometimes the wind would unexpectedly shift direction...

2016-09-24 - Crew member, 45, has heart attack on cruise ship 'Ruby Princess' near coastal Point Loma (California), medevac'd off:

2016-09-24 - Planet set to warm more rapidly as oceans reach limits of heat absorption:

2016-09-24 - Rising ocean temperatures threatening Maine lobster industry:

Quote: "A new study released by the University of Maine Darling Marine Center and Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is warning that baby lobsters will not be able to survive in the Gulf of Maine's warming ocean waters..."

Note: Rising ocean temperatures are also threatening the humans-staying-alive industry...

2016-09-24 - Magnitude 6.9 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the Fiji Islands:

2016-09-24 - Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the island of Mindanao (Philippine Islands):

2016-09-24 - Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes in the ocean near West Papua (Indonesia):

2016-09-24 - Magnitude 5.3+ earthquake strikes north of Bucharest (Romania):

2016-09-24 - Satellite data shows wastewater injections in gas and oil drilling responsible for earthquakes:

2016-09-24 - Lightning strike kills 3 people in Nashik (India):

2016-09-24 - Early snowfall hits Erzurum (Turkey):

2016-09-24 - Huge meteor filmed in the sky over Kent (Britain):

2016-09-24 - American Geophysical Union affirms financial relationship with ExxonMobil despite protests of scientists:

2016-09-24 - Monsanto licenses CRISPR-Cas9 genome-editing technology for crops:

2016-09-24 - FBI finally releases long held Tesla documents on death ray, ball lightning and other information:

2016-09-24 - The three stages of an empire, and we're in the third stage:

2016-09-24 - Unexplained and apparently unfixable noise hits home in Dartford (Britain):

2016-09-24 - Man claims he can tell a woman's fortune by feeling her breasts:

2016-09-25 - Man, 45, goes out on boat, goes missing, empty 'ghost boat' found circling, in coastal Currituck Sound (North Carolina):

Quote: "Officials with the North Carolina Coast Guard received notification around 6:30 p.m. Saturday that an un-manned 19-foot skiff was circling near the entrance to Tulls Bay in Currituck Sound near Knotts Island."

2016-09-25 - 375 top scientists warn of ‘real, serious, immediate’ threat from global warming:

Note: Some people are gonna have to be literally on fire or sucking down poison gas and dying before they see how dire things already are. Not a problem - the Earth will take care of that!

2016-09-25 - Magnitude 5.9 earthquake strikes in the ocean near New Zealand:

2016-09-25 - Magnitude 5.0 and 4.6 earthquakes strike within 5 hours in the ocean off the coast of Oregon:

Quote: "A magnitude 5.0 quake occurred in the Pacific Ocean nearly 100 miles off the coast of Gold Beach, Oregon, around 10:01 p.m. Saturday. A magnitude 4.6 quake rumbled nearly 100 miles off the coast of Brookings, Oregon, nearly five hours later. The first quake occurred about 6.2 miles down in the ocean floor. The second earthquake occurred further down, about 10 miles beneath the Earth's surface."

2016-09-25 - The threat of Arctic albedo change:

2016-09-25 - Record-breaking high temperatures hit the Bay Area (California), heat advisory issued:

2016-09-25 - Megi quickly strengthening as a typhoon in the Western Pacific, Taiwan a likely target:

2016-09-25 - Iowa expects more rain, braces for record flooding:

2016-09-25 - Town evacuated ahead of 'once in a generation' flood in New South Wales (Australia):

2016-09-25 - China launches world's largest radio telescope, FAST, 500 meters in diameter:

2016-09-25 - Golf legend Arnold Palmer dies at age 87 in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania):

2016-09-25 - Rare 'corpse flower' blooms at Dartmouth College (New Hampshire):

2016-09-25 - Clown warning issued in middle Tennessee:

2016-09-25 - Chris Christie could face impeachment over 'Bridgegate' scandal:

2016-09-25 - Inventor creates 'Guard Wig' with blades for Trump that can be thrown and returns:

Quote: "This wig attacks the enemy and then comes back. So he can use it many times to attack..."

Note: LMAO, sounds like one of those cheesy Japanese martial arts films from the 60s. Ninja Trump whips off his wig and throws it, blades sprout out and it beheads an entire row of attackers and then it returns to his head and the blades retract, leaving not a hair out of place. Somebody should make this movie!

2016-09-26 - Mount Bromo rumbling in East Java (Indonesia), alert level raised, nearby area evacuated:

2016-09-26 - Shallow magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Nago (Japan):

2016-09-27 - Earthquake swarm, at least 100 earthquakes, hits the Salton Sea (California):

Quote: "More than 100 small earthquakes — including three of a magnitude greater than 4 — struck the Salton Sea area Monday."

2016-09-26 - Ocean acidification and pollution are silencing the seas:

2016-09-26 - Study reveals 'safe' levels of glyphosate kills freshwater macroalgae putting entire ecosystems at risk:

2016-09-26 - Lightning strike kills two farmers in Jharkhand (India):

2016-09-26 - Typhoon Megi heads toward Taiwan:

2016-09-26 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Siracusa (Italy):

2016-09-26 - As the world warms, coffee is detrimentally affected:

Quote: "A report examining the many ways climate change threatens coffee and coffee farmers has alarmed people who are now imagining what it would be like getting through the day without their caffeine fix."

Note: Noooooooo, not coffee doom! Red alert!

2016-09-26 - As the world warms, there's more flooding, which causes more sewage overflows, extent mostly unknown:

2016-09-26 - Apparent meteorite slams into the Earth near Turkey Beach and Emerald in Queensland (Australia):

2016-09-26 - Meteor streaks across the sky over Scotland:

2016-09-26 - Strange 'sky trumpet' sounds rattle people in Windsor (Canada):

2016-09-26 - Billions of fleas with massive penises will be invading bedrooms in London (Britain):

Quote: "The flea has a penis which is two-and-a-half times the length of its body..."

2016-09-27 - Mount Barujari erupts on Lombok Island (Indonesia), 1100 evacuated, hundreds missing:

Quote: "Indonesian authorities are searching for several hundred tourists after Mount Barujari on Lombok island spewed a massive column of ash into the atmosphere and have evacuated more than 1,100 others, the country's disaster agency said Wednesday."

2016-09-27 - Volcano Fuego erupts in Guatemala, Turrialba erupts in Costa Rica:

2016-09-27 - Magnitude 3.9 earthquake shakes volcano Katla (Iceland):

2016-09-27 - Frost damages crops in Western Australia:

2016-09-27 - Hong Kong (China) records hottest September day in 50 years, air pollution levels 'serious' for second day:

2016-09-27 - WHO report says over 90% of the world's population breathes bad air:

Quote: "Health-damaging atmospheric pollutants, which the World Health Organization warned Tuesday affected nine out of every 10 people, originate mainly from industry, heating and transport."

2016-09-27 - WTO forecasts world trade growth weakest since 2009 financial crisis:

2016-09-27 - Meteor filmed in the skies over Europe, seen from France to Italy:

2016-09-27 - For Deutsche Bank, the news just keeps getting worse:

2016-09-27 - The end of superbugs? Science world freaks out over 25-year-old's answer to antibiotic resistance:

2016-09-27 - Oliver Stone slams 'superficial election,' media 'idiots' and Orwellian US politics:

2016-09-27 - Seattle man asks police to help find briefcase full of cocaine:

2016-09-28 - Landfill spewing hydrogen sulfide in Duette (Florida), near the coast:

Quote: "A Manatee County family has been dealing with a smelly problem for two years. A rotten odor coming from a recycling facility next door has, at times, woken them up in the middle of the night and even forced them to leave their own home. The smell can best be described as rotten eggs. You might catch a whiff as you're driving down County Road 39 in Duette. It's not all the time. But, the family that lives adjacent to the facility says that on a bad day, when the wind is blowing from the north, it can knock them off their feet."

Quote: "According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the smell is hydrogen sulfide..."

2016-09-28 - Several people sickened by unknown odor in subway in coastal Tokyo (Japan):

2016-09-28 - Magnitude 5.0 earthquake shakes coastal Kalamata (Greece):

2106-09-28 - Earth passes 400 ppm CO2 in the atmosphere, permanently:

Quote: "In the centuries to come, history books will likely look back on September 2016 as a major milestone for the world’s climate. At a time when atmospheric carbon dioxide is usually at its minimum, the monthly value failed to drop below 400 parts per million."

2016-09-28 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Beaver Lake in Saanich (Canada):

2016-09-28 - Massive glacier sheet collapses in the Himalayas (China):

Quote: "One of the worlds largest ice avalanches ever recorded has flummoxed glaciologists. The slide contained about 100 million cubic metres of ice and rocks as it roared down a narrow valley killing nine herders and hundreds of sheep and yaks. The slide occurred in the Aru Range of the Rutog county in the west of the Tibet Autonomous Region on July 17, 2016. NASA in their coverage noted that Tian Lide, a glaciologist at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited the site in August and described the avalanche as 'baffling' because the area where the ice collapse began is rather flat."

2016-09-28 - Deepwater Horizon spill may have caused ‘irreversible’ damage to Gulf Coast marshes:

2016-09-28 - From Maryland to the Caribbean to Asia, record hot ocean waters give extreme weather potentials a big boost:

2016-09-28 - Typhoon Megi roars into China, landslides and flooding ensue, homes destroyed, 27 people missing:

2016-09-28 - Typhoon Lionrock causes serious flooding in North Korea, 70,000 people displaced:

2016-09-28 - Severe hailstorm pounds Cleve (Australia):

2016-09-28 - 'Once-in-50-years' storm barrels towards southeast Australia:

2016-09-28 - Massive water drawdown beneath world's megacities poisoning groundwater with arsenic:

2016-09-28 - Waterspout caught on camera off Orange Beach (Alabama):

2016-09-28 - Waterspout spotted over Lake Michigan near Ardmore Hollywood Beach (Illinois):

2016-09-28 - Senate votes to override Obama veto of 'sue the Saudis' 9/11 bill:

2016-09-28 - Company in China, Ehang, develops autonomous drone prototype to carry humans:

2016-09-29 - Shallow magnitude 5.4 earthquake strikes between two volcanoes in Nicaragua, 1 killed:

Quote: "The quake struck at 10:48am in the area between the El Hoyo and Momotombo volcanoes, at a shallow depth of 2.9km."

2016-09-29 - Scientists 'too frightened' to tell the truth about climate impacts:

2016-09-29 - Atmospheric methane levels hit 2629 ppb:

2016-09-29 - Earth locked into temperatures not seen in 2 million years:

Note: Pshaw, it's worse than that. More like 252 million years. We're in the beginning phase of another Permian-Triassic extinction event. They'll catch on eventually, unless they burn to death or fall over dead or whatever first...

2016-09-29 - South Australia hit by second destructive storm in 24 hours with winds of up to 140km/h:

2016-09-29 - Incredible video shows 'rare' EF1 tornado ripping through Layton (Utah):

2016-09-29 - Heavy rain and flooding cause emergencies in Windsor and Tecumseh (Canada):

Quote: "Mayors in Windsor and Tecumseh, Ont., declared a state of emergency for their communities after massive flooding hit the region Thursday."

2016-09-29 - Waterspout filmed off Johnson Beach (Florida):

2016-09-29 - Five waterspouts photographed along the St. Joseph Peninsula (Florida):

2016-09-29 - Slow-moving meteor spotted over Post Falls (Idaho):

2016-09-29 - Spectacular meteor lights up the skies over southern Spain:

2016-09-29 - Canada approves $36 billion LNG 'carbon bomb' on the BC coast:

2016-09-29 - Police helicopter records mysterious flying object in South Wales (Britain):

2016-09-29 - Nissan unveils self-driving chair:

2016-09-30 - Massive scary shelf cloud engulfs part of Michigan:

2016-09-30 - Climate change will cripple coastal septic systems:

2016-09-30 - Lightning strike kills mother and daughter in Rangpur (Bangladesh):,-daughter

2016-09-30 - Australia's 50 year polar low brings heavy snow, deluge, storm force winds and massive blackout:

Quote: "Media claims this to be a once in 50 year event, but its the 2nd once-in-50-year and once-in-100-year event these last two months."

Note: Sooooo, more like a monthly event now, or 600 times more frequent than they're suggesting...

2016-09-30 - Hailstorm damage hits $5.5 billion in the first six months of 2016 in Texas alone:

2016-09-30 - Waterspout filmed on the James River (Virginia):

2016-09-30 - Two-headed rat snake found in Waco (Texas):

2016-09-30 - Gigantic coronal hole blasts Earth with geomagnetic storm, auroras glow:

2016-09-30 - Monsanto teams up with Harvard and MIT to unleash new unregulated GMOs on unsuspecting customers:

2016-09-30 - ExxonMobil sued for decades-long cover up of climate change's adverse affects:

2016-09-30 - Run on Deutsche Bank begins as hedge fund clients withdraw excess cash:

2016-09-30 - Man films strange 'brilliantly white lights' in the skies over Swindon (Britain):

2016-09-30 - Man who was bitten on penis by venomous spider gets bitten on penis by venomous spider again, near Blacktown (Australia):

2016-09-30 - Hurricane Matthew strengthens, heads toward Jamaica, Cuba and the Bahamas:

2016-09-30 - After quake swarm at the Salton Sea (California), risk increases for major San Andreas quake:

2016-09-30 - Volcano Colima erupts in Mexico, spews ash, two villages evacuated:

2016-09-30 - Volcano Katla rumbling and quaking in Iceland, alert level raised:

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