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2016 - SEP - Multiple Corpses

2016-09-01 - Couple found dead in home in Salisbury Township (Pennsylvania):

2016-09-02 - Two people burn to death in burning minivan at 12:30 AM in Chicago (Illinois), near Lake Michigan:

Quote: "But surveillance video from the parking area does not reveal anyone walking to the van or away from it."

Note: Also see the car that burst into flame on I-57 near Chicago on this day...

2016-09-02 - Two women, 28 and 51, burn to death in burning UTV in Moab (Utah):

Quote: "When they arrived a Polaris Ranger was still fully engulfed in flames, the press release states. Authorities found the two women deceased in the vehicle."

2016-09-02 - Couple in their 30s found dead in apartment in Andheri (India), near the coast:

Quote: "There were no apparent external injuries..."

2016-09-03 - Two men, 34 and 49, wash ashore dead at coastal Border Field State Park in Imperial Beach (California):

2016-09-04 - Couple found burned to death in burning truck at 1 AM in coastal Tokyo (Japan):

Quote: "According to police, a motorist saw the truck ablaze, parked under an elevated part of the Chuo Expressway at around 1 a.m. Sunday, Fuji TV reported. It took firefighters about an hour to extinguish the blaze."

2016-09-04 - Three men found dead in burned-out car near coastal Montego Bay on the island of Jamaica:

Quote: "Reports are that Hibbert and two men left a club in Smithfield, Westmoreland, about 1 a.m. Sunday. The police later responded to reports that a Toyota Corolla, registration RG 6166, was seen engulfed in flames in a gully near cane fields about 11 a.m."

2016-09-04 - Two women drop dead within 48 hours at same apartment building in Mount Gambier (Australia):

Quote: "Mystery surrounds the deaths of two women at the same Mount Gambier unit complex within 48 hours of each other. Major Crime Investigation Branch detectives with the help of Mount Gambier police are investigating the deaths, which at this stage are being treated as unexplained. Officers were called to the complex of two units on Cardinia St, Mt Gambier, after reports of a sudden death just before 4pm last Friday. They found the body of a woman in one of the units. Police were called back to the same complex following another sudden death just after 12pm on Sunday and found the body of a woman in the second unit."

2016-09-05 - Two people found dead a mile apart in Denver (Colorado):

Quote: "One body was found near the Safeway at East 22nd Avenue and Washington Street. The other body was found at East 30th Street and Champ Street near Curtis Park. Police said Tuesday that neither death is being treated as homicides."

2016-09-05 - Man, 40, and girl, 4, die in the Animas River (New Mexico):

Quote: "Police have identified the man who drowned on Labor Day in the Animas River as Benjamin Armstrong, a 40-year-old Bloomfield resident."

Quote: "Meanwhile, a Farmington school has created a website to support the family of Emily Winer, the 4-year-old Aztec girl who drowned Monday in the Animas River."

2016-09-05 - Two children, 8 and 11, drop dead in the wee hours, another loses consciousness, at school in Villupuram (India):

Quote: "Ayyanar, an 8-year-old, was found dead near the hostel toilet by other children in the wee hours of Sunday. Before the police could move Ayyanar's body to a hospital, his 11-year-old sister, Subbulakshmi, also collapsed along with another 11-year-old boy Rajadurai. Shocked officials rushed them to the Villupuram government hospital but the doctors failed to save Rajadurai’s life. They were, however, able to stabilise Subbulakshmi."

2016-09-06 - Two people found dead in the Lyari Canal in coastal Karachi (Pakistan):

2016-09-06 - At least 12 children die in bodies of water in Bangladesh:

Quote: "At least 12 minor children in Habiganj, Narayanganj and Jhalokati districts drowned on Tuesday."

Note: People still let their kids go near bodies of water?!

2016-09-06 - Woman found dead near beach, and another woman, 39, drops dead in apartment, in coastal Manama (Bahrain):

2016-09-07 - Two men drop dead at home in coastal Virginia Beach (Virginia), 2 blocks from the ocean:

Quote: "Police say a call was received at 1:44 p.m. for a report of a cardiac arrest. Responding officers found two adults dead. Police say there is no indication of foul play or danger to the public at this time."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2016-09-07 - Four children found dead along road in Lakhisarai, Bihar (India):

2016-09-09 - Boys, 12 and 5, found dead in canal and septic tank, respectively, in same area of Dhaka (Bangladesh):

2016-09-10 - Two people found dead in home on West Futura Drive in Sun City West (Arizona):

2016-09-11 - Mother and daughter, 55 and 34, found dead at home in coastal Batticaloa on the island of Sri Lanka:

2016-09-12 - Two boys, 13 and 14, found dead in Srebrno Lake (Serbia):

2016-09-13 - Two boys, both 13, found dead in Park City (Utah):

Quote: "However, officials will not confirm if the drug warning has anything to do with the students’ deaths, or if the students’ deaths are even connected. Carpenter said investigators have not found the drug at the boys’ homes at this time."

Note: They're sure trying hard to blame some kind of drug for this, despite not having any evidence of such...

2016-09-13 - Woman, pastor's wife, found dead in Montbello (Colorado), another person found dead 2 miles away too:

Quote: "Denver Police are no longer calling the death of a Montbello woman Tuesday evening suspicious. It's the second death investigation in the area in less than a day. "

2016-09-13 - RV trailer goes up in flames at 4:33 AM and kills two people at Montreal Lake Cree Nation (Canada):

2016-09-16 - Three men, 20, 22 and 28, die in Ganesh immersions in bodies of water in Pune (India), man, 52 dies in water too:

Note: I think I'd be doing my Ganesh worship from dry land if I were them...

2016-09-16 - Sister and brother, 11 and 9, found dead in well in Madhya Pradesh (India):

2016-09-17 - Five engineering students die in Dharmasagar Lake in Warangal (India):

2016-09-18 - Two people found burned to death in burned car on Canoe Creek Way in Morganton (North Carolina):

2016-09-18 - Three men in their 20s/30s die in the water at beach in coastal Mandarmani (India):

2016-09-19 - Couple, 59 and 58, found dead in home in Gaston (South Carolina):

2016-09-21 - Family of four foams at the mouth and dies in hotel room in Guwahati (India), near the Brahmaputra River:

Quote: "This morning when the family did not open the door of their room till 10 am, the hotel authorities checked through the ventilator and found four of them lying on the bed with froth on their mouths, hotel authorities said. The police were informed immediately. The family had come from Sipajhar in Darrang district of Assam in a car and checked into the hotel. They went out for dinner and had returned to the hotel at 8 pm, they said."

2016-09-22 - Man and woman, 25 and 32, drop dead in apartment in Alton (Illinois), just east (downwind) of the Mississippi River:

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2016-09-23 - Couple, late 20s, found dead in home in coastal Hollywood (Florida):

2016-09-24 - Three people found dead in the water near coastal Islamorada (Florida):

2016-09-24 - Man and woman found dead in home in coastal Bellingham (Washington):

2016-09-24 - Two people drop dead at home in Wabasca (Canada), near North and South Wabasca Lakes:

Quote: "Mounties from the Wabasca-Desmarais detachment were called to a report of two sudden deaths. Officers from the detachment, Edmonton major crimes and Peace River forensic identification unit are continuing to investigate, RCMP said Saturday."

2016-09-25 - Man, 31, and man, 67, drop dead at Beech Bend Park in Warren County (Kentucky):

Quote: "Officials said the second body was found at the Beach Bend race track area at 11:34 a.m. Sunday. They said Robert Howard, 67, was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators did not release a cause of death but say they do not suspect foul play."

Note: Doesn't look like the two men knew each other. They just both dropped dead at the same place on the same day...

2016-09-25 - Seven boys, ages 10 to 14, go to bathe in pond, all seven found dead in pond, near Piprauda (India):

2016-09-25 - Seven people die in one day in/near Cleveland (Ohio):

Quote: "The drugs that caused the overdoses are still unknown and the incidents are under investigation, authorities said."

Note: So they don't even know if it WAS a drug that killed them. They're probably assuming that because these people died foaming at the mouth. Of course, competent people don't start with any kind of assumptions...

2016-09-26 - Man, woman and pet found dead on boat on Chickamauga Lake (Tennessee):

Quote: "Authorities say two boaters reported missing since Saturday have been found dead aboard their boat on Chickamauga Lake. According to local media reports, Kristy D. James and Mike L. Richardson were found Monday in their boat in a cove near Harrison Island. A pet also was found dead. Authorities say carbon monoxide poisoning is suspected in the deaths aboard the 34-foot vessel."

2016-09-27 - Two sisters, 37 and 42, drop dead in resort room at coastal resort in the Seychelles:

Quote: "A pair of Minnesota sisters were on a dream vacation off the African coast last week, when they mysteriously died. Annie Korkki, 38, and Robin Korkki, 42, were found unresponsive in their room at the Maia Resort at Anse Louis on Sept. 22."

Note: Looks like a likely place to drop dead nowadays. Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2016-09-28 - Six people found dead in brothel, two more unconscious, in Umuahia (Nigeria):

2016-09-30 - Man and woman, early 60s, found dead on mud banks of the Breydon Water near coastal Great Yarmouth (Britain):

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