Thursday, February 11, 2016

Event Update For 2016-02-10

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Aircraft Incidents

2016-02-10 - Military plane smokes then crashes into home in Malang (Indonesia), 4 killed:

Quote: "A neighbour who witnessed the crash, Slamet, told MetroTV that the plane appeared to be nose-diving out of control with smoke billowing from its tail when it crashed."

Quote: "An Indonesian air force plane crashed into a house on the main island of Java on Wednesday, killing both people on board and two people in the house, a senior official said."

Note: This is the 13th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2016...

2016-02-10 - Child, 2, has seizure, passenger plane makes emergency landing in Green Bay (Wisconsin):

Quote: "Lt. Jody Crocker of Ashwaubenon Public Safety says a passenger had a seizure, but is OK."

2016-02-10 - Military plane crashes and burns shortly after takeoff in Naypyitaw (Myanmar), 5 killed:

Note: Initially it was 4 killed and 1 survivor, but the survivor died too...

2016-02-10 - Small plane crashes and burns - or vice versa - near Lake Success near Springville (California), 2 killed:

Quote: "Debris from a crashed plane can be seen on a hillside near Lake Success in Tulare County on Wednesday, Feb. 10."

Quote: "It’s not clear whether the plane was ablaze in the air, or crashed or landed and began burning, emergency medical services officials say."

2016-02-10 - Home explodes and burns in coastal Gulfport (Mississippi):

2016-02-10 - Home destroyed by explosion and fire in Middlesboro (Kentucky):

Note: These are the 48th and 49th residential explosions in 2016...

2016-02-10 - Mine rocked by explosion in Zonguldak (Turkey), 2 killed:

2016-02-10 - 'Flash fire' critically burns woman at apartments in Wichita (Kansas):

Quote: "A woman has suffered critical burns in a flash fire at an apartment comlex in south Wichita."

2016-02-10 - Pallet business destroyed by fire in Concord (Georgia):

2016-02-10 - Substation heavily damaged by major fire in Kolkata (India):

2016-02-10 - Update and overview of the landfill fire burning near nuclear waste in Bridgeton (Missouri):

2016-02-10 - Fishing ship 'American Eagle' bursts into flame 1800 miles south of Hawaii, crew of 42 abandons ship:

Quote: "A U.S. Coast Guard airplane was heading south of Hawaii on Wednesday to help 42 people who abandoned their fishing vessel after it caught fire. The fishing crew boarded two life rafts, three work boats and one skiff upon leaving the 258-foot American Eagle. The U.S.-flagged vessel caught fire about 1,800 miles south of Hawaii."

2016-02-10 - Ship hit by cargo fire while docked in coastal Singapore, 3 injured:

Quote: "Three people were hospitalised this evening following a noxious fire inside a container on a ship calling at Singapore’s Pasir Panjang Terminal. 20 crewmembers and three dock workers were evacuated from the ship as a precautionary measure while a raft of fire fighting vehicles were deployed to the scene."

Note: These are the 143rd and 144th boats or ships to burn in 2016...

2016-02-10 - School bus bursts into flame on road near Ndundulu (South Africa):

Note: This is the 35th school bus to burn in 2016 and the 89th bus to burn in 2016...

2016-02-10 - Car-hauler bursts into flame on US 30 near Merrillville (Indiana):

Quote: "A fire involving a car carrier trailer on U.S. 30 has been extinguished, but it's still causing motorists in the area to hit the brakes."

2016-02-10 - Car-hauler bursts into flame on I-85 near Gastonia (North Carolina):

Quote: "Traffic was clogged for more than four hours Wednesday when a tractor trailer loaded with cars caught fire. The incident happened around 2 p.m. Wednesday on I-85 South near the U.S. 74 off-ramp at exit 10B."

Note: These are the 11th and 12th car-haulers to burn in 2016...

2016-02-10 - Tanker truck bursts into flame at oil field near Lapoint (Utah), 2 injured:

2016-02-10 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on road near I-20 near Tyler (Texas):

Quote: "Shortly before 3 p.m., crews were called to the Farm-to-Market 2015 exit at Interstate 20 in response to a vehicle fire. When they arrived, they found an 18-wheeler on fire."

2016-02-10 - Tractor trailer tow truck bursts into flame shortly after 7 AM while parked at business in Coburg (Canada):

Quote: "Owner Rob Chadwick said he believes the fire is suspicious in nature as the truck had been sitting in a locked, fenced in compound for over two days. Firefighters couldn't determined the cause of the blaze. Chadwick said the 2006 tow truck was a show truck that didn't hit the road until 2008. It had a articulating boom and was the only one around from approximately Toronto to Montreal. The truck only had 64,000 miles. "

Note: Some kind of super-sized specially-made big-rig-based tow truck. This is probably what they used to tow off the burned remnants of other semis that burst into flame in the area...

2016-02-10 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame at 5:36 AM on I-640 in Knox County (Tennessee):

Note: These are the 300th, 301st, 302nd, 303rd, 304th and 305th tractors/tankers/semis to burn in 2016...

2016-02-10 - Box truck bursts into flame while parked in driveway on Central Street in Stoughton (Massachusetts):

2016-02-10 - Heavy truck bursts into flame on road in Sudbury (Canada):

2016-02-10 - Van bursts into flame while parked at Walmart in Victorville (California):

2016-02-10 - Van bursts into flame near Munro Street in coastal Greenock (Scotland):

2016-02-10 - Van bursts into flame on Hay Lane in Braughing (Britain):

2016-02-10 - Van bursts into flame on Glatton Road in Sawtry (Britain):

2016-02-10 - Minivan bursts into flame on road in coastal Humboldt (California):

2016-02-10 - SUV bursts into flame while parked at health center in Barberton (Ohio):

2016-02-10 - Car bursts into flame while parked at muffler shop in Davison (Michigan):

2016-02-10 - Car bursts into flame at 7 AM on street near high school in Racine (Wisconsin):

2016-02-10 - Car bursts into flame on Winter Street in Belmont (Massachusetts):

2016-02-10 - Car bursts into flame at 7 AM on Red Gap Road near Glendale Road in Wilbraham (Massachusetts):

2016-02-10 - Car bursts into flame in parking lot in Henderson (Nevada):

2016-02-10 - Car bursts into flame on street in San Antonio (Texas):

2016-02-10 - Car bursts into flame at 6:30 AM on Carnley Avenue in New Lambton Heights (Australia), separate crash too:

Quote: "A nearby collision involving two other vehicles compounded the traffic problems."

2016-02-10 - Car bursts into flame on Erindale Drive at Long Gully Road in Tuggeranong District (Australia):

2016-02-10 - Car bursts into flame at 3:40 AM on Warren Close in coastal St Leonards-on-Sea (Britain):

2016-02-10 - Car bursts into flame in Lopen, South Petherton (Britain):

2016-02-10 - Car bursts into flame on Fleming Way in Crawley (Britain):

2016-02-10 - Car bursts into flame at Caxton Road Industrial Estate in St Ives (Britain):

2016-02-10 - Car bursts into flame on the A1 near Water Newton (Britain):

2016-02-10 - Car bursts into flame on Ascot Road in Holyport (Britain):

2016-02-10 - Vehicle bursts into flame on I-10 in Tucson (Arizona):

2016-02-10 - Vehicle bursts into flame at 11:45 PM at business in Laredo (Texas):

2016-02-10 - Vehicle bursts into flame on the A1 near Doncaster (Britain):

2016-02-10 - Car and garage destroyed by fire and explosions, home damaged, in coastal Anchorage (Alaska):

2016-02-10 - Van, motorcycle and garage destroyed by fire at home in Massillon (Ohio):

2016-02-10 - Vehicles and auto shop destroyed by fire in Garland (Texas):

2016-02-10 - Auto parts business damaged by fire in Vacaville (California):

2016-02-10 - Barn destroyed by fire on Eagle Lake Road in Eagle Lake (Canada):

2016-02-10 - Wildfire burns 871 acres, destroys two tractors, truck and building, near Gorum (Louisiana):

2016-02-10 - Forest fire rages in Hoàng Liên National Park (Vietnam):

2016-02-10 - Dumpster bursts into flame at hospital in Spartanburg (South Carolina):

2016-02-10 - Beachside seafood restaurant damaged by fire in coastal Destin (Florida):

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2016-02-10 - Chemical plant damaged by fire in Barnsdall (Oklahoma):

2016-02-10 - Strip mall hit by fire at 2:45 AM, three businesses burn, in Palos Hills (Illinois):

2016-02-10 - Commercial building damaged by fire at 6:21 AM in South Bend (Indiana), near the St. Joseph River:

Quote: "The call came in around 6:21 a.m. to the 3600 block of East Jefferson Street. Dispatch says there are three different suites at the complex, two of which are vacant and one is a doctor's office."

2016-02-10 - Mobile home goes up in flames on Scott Hollow Road in Coopers Creek (West Virginia):

2016-02-10 - Home destroyed by fire in Belleville (Illinois):

2016-02-10 - Home destroyed by fire near Laura (Ohio), nobody there:

2016-02-10 - Mansion destroyed by fire in Camden County (Missouri), near Lake of the Ozarks, nobody there:

2016-02-10 - Apartment building heavily damaged by huge fire, 30 units burn, in Pine Bluff (Arkansas):

2016-02-10 - Motel damaged by fire on Harbor Boulevard in coastal San Pedro (California):

2016-02-10 - Deadly fire burns home just after midnight in Fitchburg (Massachusetts), 2 killed, 1 injured:

2016-02-10 - Vacant home burns just before 1 AM in Toledo (Ohio):

2016-02-10 - Vacant home burns at 2 AM in Steubenville (Ohio):

2016-02-10 - Vacant mansion destroyed by fire near Titusville (Pennsylvania):

2016-02-10 - Hundreds of eels found dead in creek in coastal Marlborough (New Zealand), plants dying too:

Quote: "Marlborough District Council freshwater ecologist Pete Hamill said he counted more than 200 eels in the two-kilometre creek, and estimated there could have been hundreds more below the surface and out of sight. 'It's killing the plants along the bank as well. Whatever it is, it's toxic to both,' Hamill said."

Note: Marlborough is where a man just burned to death when his SUV burst into flame, on State Highway 1, mentioned in the 2016-02-07 update...

2016-02-10 - Minke whale washes ashore dead at beach in Sheringham (Britain):

2016-02-10 - Whale washes ashore dead at beach in Ratnagiri (India):

2016-02-10 - Endangered sei whale washes ashore dead at beach in Johor (Malaysia):

2016-02-10 - Dolphin found dead in coastal Estero Bay (Florida):

2016-02-10 - High school girl sickens and dies at high school in Wausau (Wisconsin):

2016-02-10 - Man, 51, has 'medical emergency' and slumps over dead in car, in Petaluma (California):

2016-02-10 - Man, 43, found dead in the water near Osprey Road in coastal Old Lyme (Connecticut):

2016-02-10 - Man, 78, goes fishing, has medical emergency, falls into Calaveras Lake and dies, near San Antonio (Texas):

2016-02-10 - Woman, 67, found dead in Chambers Lake near her home near coastal Lacey (Washington):

2016-02-10 - Person found dead near the banks of a river in Colrain (Massachusetts):

2016-02-10 - Man, 38, found dead in Spring Lake Forest Preserve in Barrington Hills (Illinois):

2016-02-10 - Man in his 30s found dead partially submerged in creek on Mud Creek Trail in Fayetteville (North Carolina), possible toppler:

2016-02-10 - Man, 27, found dead in the Siletz River near Siletz (Oregon):

2016-02-10 - Person found dead in the water at beach near the North Umpqua Jetty in coastal Gardiner (Oregon):

2016-02-10 - Man in his 20s found dead in the Long Tom River near Monroe (Oregon):

2016-02-10 - Man goes out on snowmobile, next seen dead on Big Rush Lake near Ponsford (Minnesota):

2016-02-10 - Woman found dead in submerged vehicle in the Elk River in Charleston (West Virginia):

2016-02-10 - Woman found dead in home on Flat Creek Road in Kershaw (South Carolina):

2016-02-10 - Man, 56, found dead outside barn in Bedford County (Tennessee):

2016-02-10 - Man in his 40s found dead on yacht in coastal Mooloolaba (Australia):

Quote: "Police are investigating after a man's body was found on a yacht at Mooloolaba earlier today. The Queensland Ambulance Service was called to the Mooloolaba Yacht Club at 9:14am, where a man in his 40s was declared dead on arrival."

2016-02-10 - Woman has 'medical condition' and drops dead at park in coastal Port of Spain on the island of Trinidad:,223883.html

2016-02-10 - Man, 35, found dead in pond in Fatepur (Bangladesh):

2016-02-10 - Woman, 36, found dead near mall in coastal Singapore:

2016-02-10 - Woman, 35, found dead in the Merlin Woods in coastal Galway (Ireland):

2016-02-10 - Man, 60, drops dead on walking trail near Saltline Way in Hassall (Britain):

2016-02-10 - Woman found dead in pond in Houghton (Britain):

2016-02-10 - Woman, 60, has 'medical emergency' at 6:45 AM, school bus crashes, in Pasadena (Maryland), 1 injured:

Quote: "The students had called 911, saying that the driver suffered a medical emergency which led to the crash."

2016-02-10 - Tanker truck and car crash, tanker bursts into flame, in Sheikhupura (Pakistan), 10 killed, 20 injured:

2016-02-10 - Three tractor trailers crash at 1:45 AM in Desert Center (California), 1 killed, two more big rig crashes too:

2016-02-10 - Tractor trailer veers off road, crashes into wash, in Desert Center (California), 1 killed:

2016-02-10 - Three tractor trailers crash, one bursts into flame, on Highway 401 west of Woodstock (Canada):

2016-02-10 - Two tractor trailers crash at 6 AM on I-84 near Matamoras (Pennsylvania):

2016-02-10 - Tractor trailer veers off road, hits trees, bursts into flame, on I-94 near Rogers (Minnesota), 1 killed:

2016-02-10 - Tractor trailer overturns at 12:40 AM on I-91 in Windsor Locks (Connecticut):

2016-02-10 - Tractor trailer overturns at 11:15 PM on I-15 in Roy (Utah):

2016-02-10 - Box truck veers off road at 2:15 AM, hits pole, bursts into flame, in Industry (California), 1 killed:

2016-02-10 - Van and two cars crash, van bursts into flame, in coastal Bootle (Britain):

2016-02-10 - Van blows tire, overturns, bursts into flame, in coasta Lagos (Nigeria):

2016-02-10 - SUV crashes off bridge, plunges into dry canal, bursts into flame, in Ahmedabad (India), 3 killed:

2016-02-10 - Car slams into school bus in Menifee (California), 22 injured:

2016-02-10 - Car veers over centerline, hits ambulance head-on, near Innisfil (Canada), 4 injured:

2016-02-10 - Car and pickup collide head-on, in Lakeshore (Canada), 2 injured:

2016-02-10 - Car veers over centerline at 6:25 AM, hits car head-on, on M-66 near Ionia (Michigan), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2016-02-10 - Car veers off road at 1:27 AM, hits tree, bursts into flame, in coastal Quincy (Massachusetts), 2 killed, 1 injured:

2016-02-10 - Car overturns just before midnight, bursts into flame, near I-49 in Belton (Missouri), 1 killed:

2016-02-10 - Car crashes into median before 4 AM, bursts into flame, in coastal Miami (Florida), 2 killed:

2016-02-10 - Man tries to break into church, strips naked, runs off, in coastal Bridgeport (Connecticut):

Quote: "The church at the corner of Arctic and Kossuth Street reported a man broke down their front door.  At the time he had his pants on. Radio reports say he was fighting with the priest and then fled down Kossuth towards Barnum Avenue where he was reported to be fully naked."

2016-02-10 - Naked man tries to break into homes in the wee hours in Clarksville (Tennessee):

2016-02-10 - Woman, 36, attacked and killed by her own dog at home on Snug Harbor Road near coastal Hertford (North Carolina):

2016-02-10 - Wolf attacks and kills pet golden retriever in Duluth (Minnesota):

2016-02-10 - Elephant goes on rampage, destroys homes, cars and motorcycles, in Siliguri (India):

2016-02-10 - Radioactive tritium leak 80% worse than initially reported at nuclear plant in Buchanan (New York):

2016-02-10 - Water main breaks, sinkhole forms, school bus trapped, in Jackson (Mississippi):

2016-02-10 - Water main breaks, sinkhole forms and swallows pickup, in Kitchener (Canada):

2016-02-10 - Water main breaks, sinkhole forms, van falls in, in coastal Perth (Australia):

2016-02-10 - Man, Air Force major general, slumps over unconscious onto podium during briefing in coastal Washington DC:

2016-02-10 - Volcano Fuego erupts in Guatemala, fountains lava, spews ash 5 kilometers high:

2016-02-10 - Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes in the ocean near La Serena (Chile):

2016-02-10 - Earthquake swarm rattles McAdam, New Brunswick (Canada):

2016-02-10 - Boil water advisory issued over bacteria fears in Flint (Michigan):

2016-02-10 - Warm weather breaks over a dozen temperature records across Alberta (Canada):

2016-02-10 - Lake Poopó has fully evaporated in Bolivia:

2016-02-10 - Even a monster El Nino can’t beat the drought in the Southwest:

2016-02-10 - Over 50 percent of the world breathes toxic air:

2016-02-10 - Scientists find new cause of strong earthquakes:

Quote: "A geologic event known as diking can cause strong earthquakes -- with a magnitude between 6 and 7, according to an international research team. Diking can occur all over the world but most often occurs in areas where the Earth's tectonic plates are moving apart, such as Iceland, Hawaii and parts of Africa in the East African Rift System. As plates spread apart, magma from beneath the Earth's surface rises into the space, forming vertical magma intrusions, known as dikes. The dike pushes on the surrounding rocks, creating strain."

2016-02-10 - Information about the Cascadia subduction zone and the threat it poses:

2016-02-10 - NASA releases 360-degree view of Mars from perspective of Curiosity rover:


  1. i appreciate when you post early Jonny!

    So much occurring on this day (as usual, eh?): we have two car haulers burning, PA contributing, all kinds of planes and boats being destroyed by fire, not to mention buildings and people. Lotsa people dropping dead, passing out, and "something" killing both marine life AND plants in the same location (gee, i wonder if it could be, ya know, POISONOUS GAS bubbling up from the water?!).

    Barns and residential buildings bursting into flames, buses burning, businesses on fire (lots of b's) and a couple more zombies!

    Animal attacks and sinkholes rounding out the record.

    That picture of the general slumping over at the podium is PRICELESS! It completely sums up the entire military effort of the U.S. - creating its own problems and then trying to fix them through lies and deception - it's all too much! What have we done?!

    [i may have posted this before, can't remember]
    Sinkhole blocking road in North Carolina growing significantly say officials

    Meteor sighted off the coast of San Diego

    Friday, 12 February 2016
    World economy: World Now On The Edge Of Total Panic
    With the world on the edge of panic I hope you are prepared. None of our friends are.

    World Now On The Edge Of Total Panic As Gold Spikes $60 And Global Stock Markets Plunge

    [more here]

    Articles there (and elsewhere) report that we now have Zika in PA, northern CA and China.

    [The race between economic collapse, environmental collapse and WWIII is getting really interesting, i'n it?]

    Small plane crashes off Florida Panhandle; search underway

    California gas leak under control

    [yeah, sure it is - the damage is done]

    La Nina expected in next months for the first time since 2012

    [we'll see]

    [they just called one off in Hawaii due to small waves]

    [here we go - blame the dog]
    Puppy's collar likely the cause of Mississippi home explosion

    [this explanation is so convoluted and stupid]

    Here's some more complete nonsense
    Increased water stored on land has slowed sea level rise by 20%, study finds

    Deep Freeze For 65 Million Americans

    [video report]

    Police: Cop killed wife, son, torched home then shot himself

    Colonie police officials described Israel Roman as a hardworking, decorated officer who had no history of behavioral problems prior to Tuesday.

    "We had absolutely no indicators of any kind of misbehavior," said Colonie Police Chief Jonathan Teale. "This was completely out of character for him."


  2. Mysterious die-off of dozens of monkeys in Central America

    In recent months, around 40 howler monkeys have been found dead or dying in the tropical rainforests of Nicaragua. The animals have all had relatively full stomachs and no obvious signs of trauma. Experts fear there may be many more cases that have not been reported.

    USGS: Powerful 6.5 earthquake strikes Indonesia

    Global Stocks Continue To Crash As Oil Plummets And Gold Skyrockets

    Majestic wildflower display in Death Valley heralds a potential ‘super bloom’



  3. 2/12/2016 — Noteworthy M4.1 earthquake strikes Hawaii — Pu’u O’o Volcano / Kilauea Volcanic Complex

    Mysterious boom heard in Howard City, Michigan

    "The whole ground was shaking, the house was shaking," said Sue Eastman of Coral. It was just before 10 a.m. Thursday when she heard the loud boom. As she was trying to figure out what was going on, so were several others.

    Heavy snowfall cripples life in northern Pakistan

    Bizarre, dragon-like sea creature discovered on New Zealand beach