Monday, February 1, 2016

2016 - JAN - Zombie Files

2016-01-02 - Naked man found running down the A10 in coastal London (Britain):

2016-01-03 - Mostly naked man with a meat cleaver arrested in Brantford (Canada):

2016-01-04 - Naked man damages vehicles, attacks 3 cops, gets arrested, in Bransholme (Britain), near the coast:

2016-01-05 - Naked man, 44, runs around at St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, Rome (Italy):

Quote: "Giampaoli – who calls himself 'Cherubino' on his Facebook profile – is being guarded in a psychiatric ward, with sources describing him as 'deranged'."

2016-01-06 - Naked man arrested at property on Quay Street in Depot Hill area in Rockhampton (Australia), near the Fitzroy River:

2016-01-07 - Naked man runs around on street in Tallahassee (Florida):

Quote: "A naked man spotted on Mahan Drive Thursday was taken into protective custody by Tallahassee Police. According to TPD Spokesman Officer David Northway, police received a call from the Circle K on Weems Road about the unclothed man around 9:30 a.m. Thursday. He was located in the area of Brewster Road just to the east and Baker Acted and taken to a local facility."

2016-01-08 - Man, 23, found naked and yelling in his car near Lake Katrine (New York):

2016-01-08 - Mostly naked man, 50, causes trouble, gets arrested, in coastal Singapore:

2016-01-10 - Man, 39, crashes car into the Clarence River, strips naked, fights with people, in Lawrence (Australia):

Quote: "A Yamba motorist has been arrested after crashing a vehicle into the Clarence River at Lawrence and stripping naked in public in a bizarre series of events."

2016-01-11 - Naked man flees cops, captured at convenience store, in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma):

Quote: "The driver took off, but reportedly stopped at a 7-Eleven near N.W. 16th and Rockwell. However,  initial reports indicate the driver was naked when he went inside the convenience store."

2016-01-12 - Man, 44, tells nanny baby is dead, tries to get baby, then man found naked on therapist's couch, on coastal Long Island (New York):

2016-01-12 - Naked man reported near business in Rockford (Illinois), near the Rock River:

2016-01-13 - Woman attacks customers, strips naked, screams incoherently, at Waffle House in Kennesaw (Georgia):

2016-01-14 - Naked man runs around on the M1 and disrupts traffic, in Johannesburg (South Africa):

2016-01-15 - Naked man, 29, tries to break into home and steal car at 6 AM, in coastal San Francisco (California):

2016-01-17 - Naked man, 68, shoots at friend in home, then surrenders, in coastal Stuart (Florida):

2016-01-18 - Naked bloody man, 24, runs around near River Street in Ypsilanti (Michigan):

2016-01-19 - Naked man tased and arrested after domestic incident at home in coastal San Diego (California):

2016-01-20 - Naked man found walking down Poplar Street in coastal Bridgeport (Connecticut):

Quote: "Report of a man walking naked in the 400 block of Poplar Street, first responders on the way. It’s 29 degrees out, talk about shrinkage!"

2016-01-21 - Naked man found walking around talking to himself near Pentagon Row in coastal Arlington (Virginia):

Quote: "Authorities initially received a call for a 'naked male walking in cold weather talking to himself,' said ACPD spokeswoman Ashley Savage. Temperatures hovered close to freezing throughout the day yesterday."

2016-01-22 - Naked man, 34, found covered in sawdust and running around at 11:30 PM in Lincoln (Nebraska):

2016-01-23 - Naked man found wandering near Lake Bennett (Australia):

2016-01-24 - Naked man found walking around near Tower Grove Park in St. Louis (Missouri):

Note: That area is where one of my best friends, early 40s, got into an accident he didn't remember, then dropped dead in the shower a couple of days later, near the Mississippi River. Here's a Google Maps link of the area. This area is also not far from where a naked guy climbed on vehicles in traffic at 6:15 AM on I-44, mentioned in the 2014-06-05 update...

2016-01-25 - Man exits car on I-465, strips naked, flails arms, gets hit by car, in Indianapolis (Indiana):

Quote: "Preliminary information indicates the man stopped his car on the right shoulder for unknown reasons, got out of his car and started walking on the shoulder leaving a trail of his clothes behind him on the ground. Witnesses saw him repeatedly flailing his arms and throwing himself on the concrete wall along the interstate and falling down as he was taking off his clothes."

2016-01-26 - Naked man found walking around streets in Braintree (Britain):

2016-01-28 - Naked man attacks mailman, eats person's mail, babbles all kinds of crazy stuff on street in Austin (Texas):

Note: '911 is not the prime number!' Heh, actually 911 IS a prime number...

2016-01-30 - Naked man walks into takeaway, gets taken away, in Bolton (Britain):

Quote: "Police were called to the takeaway at about 5pm on Friday. A staff member from Caesars said: 'We gave him a T-shirt to wear because it was very cold. Someone called the police and he was taken away.' The man was detained under section 136 of the Mental Health Act and was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital, police said."

2016-01-31 - Naked bloody hallucinating man found on street in Asheville (North Carolina):

Quote: "Reports of a naked, bloody man walking around downtown Asheville surfaced Sunday evening. The unidentified man was seen on Coxe Avenue. According to Sgt. Cecil of the Asheville Police Department, the man was having mental issues. 'I believe he was having hallucinations,' said Cecil."

2016-01-31 - Three people bitten by people in a week in coastal Napier (New Zealand):

Quote: "In Napier, New Zealand, police are investigating a spate of biting attacks. Which you’ll appreciate is, in the words a police spokesperson, a 'little bit weird'. Last weekend there were three such incidents."

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