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2014 - SEP - Zombie Files

2014-09-30 - Man gets naked, dances, does yoga, urinates on himself, at 2:30 AM in coastal Wrightsville Beach (North Carolina):

Quote: "Paschal said at one point the man was naked and urinated on himself. Paschal also said the naked man did yoga and started dancing in the parking lot."

2014-09-29 - Naked man screams that he's Jesus, gets arrested, at the Capitol in Madison (Wisconsin):

Quote: "A naked man came screaming into the Capitol rotunda Monday before quickly being arrested. The unidentified and unclothed man was heard to shout that he was Jesus Christ. 'The Wisconsin State Capitol Police escorted him out of public view quickly. He will be taken to Dane County Jail,' said Stephanie Marquis, a state Department of Administration spokeswoman."

Note: Hydrogen sulfide is neurotoxic and damages brains. It also heats people up so they strip naked to cool off. As a result, as the atmospheric contamination continues to intensify, a rising number of people are going nuts and stripping naked. Sometimes they drop dead shortly after their craziness since hydrogen sulfide isn't JUST a neurotoxin but a broad-spectrum poison that affects all parts of the body. It's also extremely flammable and highly reactive, so to go along with animals and people going crazy and/or sickening and dying, there are a lot of fires and explosions occurring, and this will all get progressively worse as time goes on. Things have been steadily deteriorating for years already...

2014-09-28 - Naked man, 40, dances in parking lot, lays down, hides in elevator, gets caught, in coastal Norwalk (Connecticut):

2014-09-28 - Naked man, 50, runs around neighborhood and masturbates in Rocklin (California):

2014-09-28 - Naked man strolls down street in coastal Singapore:

2014-09-27 - Naked man causes disturbance at gas station on River Road in Piedmont (South Carolina):

Quote: "According to reports, deputies were called to the fuel station on River Road just after 3 p.m. Thursday. When arriving, deputies asked the man what he was doing. Reports state that he said, 'They're coming to get us all.' When asked who was coming to get him, the man replied 'the government,' reports state."

Note: Piedmont is located along the banks of the Saluda River...

2014-09-26 - Naked man, 18, walks onto campus at Timber Creek Elementary School in Flower Mound (Texas), apprehended:

Note: Flower Mound is located on the northeast (downwind) shore of Grapevine Lake...

2014-09-24 - Woman in her 40s acts erratic, strips naked, gets apprehended, drops dead, in Santa Ana (California):

Quote: "A woman died while in the custody of security guards at El Toro market in Santa Ana Wednesday morning, soon after witnesses said she began acting erratically and removing her clothes in the store."

Note: Aberrant behavior, stripped naked, dropped dead. She was almost certainly brain-fried by hydrogen sulfide. She probably walked near a ditch or creek or alley and got a whiff on the way to this market...

2014-09-24 - Naked man, 23, covered in blood, runs around screaming in street at 6:15 AM, dead woman found nearby, in Topeka (Kansas):

Quote: "Responding officers quickly located the naked man, who they said didn’t comply with their commands and was being combative. Officers used a Taser on the man to bring him under control."

2014-09-23 - Man, 33, injures himself, strips naked, advances on officer, on I-70 in Putnam County (Indiana):

Quote: "Trooper Mike Wood approached the man's vehicle, a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado, and saw the driver was slumped over the steering wheel, appeared somewhat incoherent and was acting suspiciously, according to the news release. Moments later, the driver began striking his own head against the passenger window and then threw himself to the ground, at which time he struck his head on a cement ditch. Bleeding from his injuries, police report, the man removed all his clothes and appeared to advance on the trooper. Wood radioed for assistance and used his Taser electronic device, which stopped the man."

Note: Sounds kinda similar to that scene in 'World War Z' where a zombie jumps on a car and smashes his own head against the windshield...

2014-09-22 - Man gets pulled over just before 1 AM, strips naked, threatens cop, in Decatur (Illinois):

2014-09-21 - Man yells, runs around in traffic, foams at the mouth, declared brain-dead at hospital in Decatur (Alabama):

Quote: "The first caller reported a man at B&B Trailer Park, running through the park yelling that someone was trying to kill him. The caller did not see anyone else with the man. Additional callers reported that the man was attempting to flag down and then get into cars on Modaus Rd. One caller reported that the man was nearly struck by traffic. Another caller reported that he had driven his vehicle into a ditch to avoid hitting the man. That caller advised the man was foaming at the mouth."

Note: Hydrogen sulfide is neurotoxic and can damage the brain, resulting in hallucinations, disorientation, aberrant behavior (sometimes violent), memory loss, etc. If you breathe the gas (as opposed to being poisoned by skin contact like touching contaminated water or objects) then it can cause chemical damage to the lungs resulting in foaming at the mouth. Quite a number of people have been found mysteriously dead and foaming at the mouth around the world in recent times, sometimes multiple people. You're most likely to be so afflicted yourself when outdoors and in, near or downwind of low-lying areas (ditches, like the one mentioned in this event, ravines, valleys, bodies of water, etc) and in the wee hours. Decatur is located on the shore of Wheeler Lake where it meets the Tennessee River..

2014-09-20 - Mostly naked man, 20, runs through streets, robs person, at 6:40 AM in Santa Clarita Valley (California):

Quote: "Ryan Cruz, 20, was taken into custody after residents of the Valencia Summit subdivision reported seeing a man running naked in the streets..."

2014-09-20 - Naked man strolls through shopping center in coastal Darwin (Australia), not caught:

2014-09-19 - Mostly naked man flees cops, breaks into church, in Bolivar (Missouri):

Quote: "A man was arrested in just his underpants after breaking into a church in Bolivar on Wednesday. Police officers responded to a call of a man wearing next to nothing standing outside of a home. When officers arrived, the man bolted into the Calvary Missionary Baptist Church. He was then found hiding in the attic and taken to the Polk County Jail."

2014-09-19 - Naked man in his 20s spotted jogging in New Castle (Delaware):

2014-09-18 - Naked man, 36, beats on a parked Hyundai in a parking lot, gets arrested, in coastal Boca Raton (Florida):

2014-09-17 - Naked man, 19, attacks and injures man, swims into pond, gets caught, in Goshen Township (Ohio):

Quote: "A man running around naked in Goshen Township attacked another man and swam away from police in a pond."

2014-09-17 - Woman, 49, gets violent, pants, sweats, foams at the mouth, at home in Bay City (Michigan):

Quote: "She shouted vulgarities at the officers and told them to leave as well. Officers wrote in their reports, contained in court records, that she was 'sweating profusely, panting and foaming at the mouth.'"

2014-09-16 - Woman, 23, mostly naked, armed with baseball bat, enters school, yells and acts crazy, in Memphis (Tennessee):

Quote: "Memphis police say they got a call to 774 Frayser Boulevard about a woman in her bra and panties running around the neighborhood with a baseball bat. The first officers on scene were flagged down by a teacher who said the woman was inside Westside Elementary School. Officials say the woman came onto campus and entered the cafeteria through a back door while screaming in one of the most frantic and berserk manners witnesses say they've ever heard."

2014-09-16 - Man gets violent, attack people, gets hit by car, foams at the mouth, in Yeovil (Britain):

2014-09-16 - Naked person spotted running in wooded area in coastal Mahone Bay (Canada):

2014-09-15 - Man kills girlfriend, eats part of her, in Jeffersonville (Indiana):

Quote: "According to a probable cause affidavit, Oberhansley told police he ate a portion of her brain, her heart and part of a lung."

2014-09-13 - Woman breaks into home, bites woman on the face, in coastal Lakeside (Oregon):

Quote: "Authorities in Oregon say a woman has been arrested after breaking in to a house, pushing a woman down the stairs, pulling her hair, biting her on the face and telling her victim she was playing 'the zombie game.' Coos County sheriff's Sgt. Pat Downing says Jessica Rocha broke into the home in coastal city of Lakeside early Monday."

2014-09-13 - Mostly naked man, 25, grabs 11-year-old girl, threatens her with knife, in coastal Dongguan (China):

Quote: "A preliminary investigation shows the hostage and the suspect do not know each other."

2014-09-11 - Man, 20, strips naked, spits and fights with cops, runs around in traffic on I-40, in Knoxville (Tennessee):

2014-09-10 - Naked man, 27, does all kinds of crazy stuff in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma):

2014-09-10 - Naked man, 45, throws brick through home's window, breaks stuff, yells nonsense, in coastal West Palm Beach (Florida):

Quote: "A naked man threw a brick through a neighbor’s window and broke items in the house in West Palm Beach last week in a case authorities are calling 'excited delirium,' according to an arrest report. Robert Alvarez, 45, was not listening to Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies and yelling words that didn’t make sense when they arrived on scene..."

2014-09-09 - Naked man runs around golf course, attacks person, sideswipes deputy's car, in coastal Tarpon Spring (Florida):

2014-09-09 - Naked man spotted in field along I-86 near Pocatello (Idaho), not located:

Quote: "The man was reportedly between the Portneuf River and the I-86 entrance. The callers could not provide a detailed description of the individual except to say that he was male."

Note: With all the corpses being found in and near bodies of water nowadays, they might wanna check that river and see if there's a naked guy's corpse in it...

2014-09-09 - Naked man, 20, flees cops in car at 2:30 AM, crashes into ditch, flees on foot, bites police dog, in Prince Albert (Canada), near the Saskatchewan River:

2014-09-08 - Naked man, 18, jumps on car at 12:55 AM, attacks cops, gets arrested, in coastal Arlington (Virginia):

Quote: "The suspect, 18-year-old Arlington resident Kevin Broderick, was charged with disorderly conduct and two counts of assault on a police officer."

Note: They say 'under the influence of narcotics'. There's no way to know that without a tox, which they didn't do. Any drug charges? I don't see any drug charges, and you know that when someone attacks cops, they load up on all the charges they can. So there was no evidence of drugs. You can't look at someone's behavior and assume 'drugs' is always the answer. You never could, but nowadays that's more true than ever...

2014-09-08 - Man, 32, fights with cop and strips naked, gets arrested, near Powhatan Point (Ohio), near the Ohio River:

Quote: "The man, identified as Jason E. Hess, 32, of Clarington, took off his clothes as he and the officer engaged in the scuffle."

2014-09-08 - Naked man lies down on ramp after 11 PM, gets run over and killed by tow truck, in Brockton (Massachusetts):

Note: Did he lay down or did he lose consciousness and fall down?

2014-09-07 - Man, 26, attacks cars and woman on highway, strips naked, gets hogtied, on Brookton Highway in Karagullen suburb of coastal Perth (Australia):

2014-09-06 - Naked man wanders around, gets pepper-sprayed, hit with rubber bullets and tased, in coastal San Jose (California):

Quote: "A naked man wandering around downtown was taken into custody within a block of City Hall early Saturday afternoon after being tased, pepper-sprayed and struck with rubber bullets by police."

2014-09-06 - Naked man attacks people, tries to jump out window, in Lakeside (California), near the coast:

Note: They say he may have been on drugs, but that assumption is based solely on the insane behavior. And maybe it's so, but not necessarily the kind of drugs that they're thinking - hydrogen sulfide heats people up so they strip naked. It's also neurotoxic and damages brains, causing loss of memory, hallucinations, insane behavior, seizures, etc. As a brain-affecting chemical, one could call it a 'drug'. They thought the original face-eater was on drugs too but it turns out that wasn't the case. Competent cops don't make assumptions. Observant cops would also know that there is a rising number of such incidents and in many cases, after tox tests are done, no 'illicit drugs' have been detected...

2014-09-06 - Naked man, 20s, breaks into house, sleeps, owner wakes him, they fight, owner shoots him dead, in Greenville (Michigan):

Note: The Flat River runs right through town...

2014-09-06 - Naked man, mid-20s, found shortly after midnight wandering in Bridgewater (Canada), arrested:

Note: The LaHave River runs right through town...

2014-09-06 - Naked man wanders down street in coastal Marseille (France):

Quote: "A surprise to all Rue St Ferreol shoppers in the center of Marseille, a lone man was walking up and down the busy shopping street completely naked and seemingly without a cause."

2014-09-05 - Man, 50, strips naked outside business, urinates, gets apprehended, in St. George (Utah):

Quote: "St. George Police responded to its third call of a naked person this year on Friday after employees at several local businesses allegedly witnessed a 50-year-old man naked and urinating in front of a floral shop."

2014-09-05 - Naked man walks down street, gets thrown to the ground and apprehended, in Thailand:

Quote: "A video clip on YouTube is purportedly showing a naked Kuwaiti man being wrestled to the ground by Thai police, reports Al-Shahed daily. The daily quoting sources said the Kuwaiti was apparently caught roaming naked on a street in Thailand and had to be overpowered and taken into custody because he refused to wear clothes."

2014-09-04 - Knife-wielding man strolls into park, mumbles, strips naked, in coastal New York City (New York):

Quote: "The John Doe was wearing a shirt and boxers when he stumbled into Martin Luther King playground near Lenox Ave. and 114th St. carrying a knife and mumbling to himself. Witnesses said he shoved an older man to the ground and then went to the sprinklers. Heedless of the kids around him, he stripped off his clothes."

2014-09-04 - Man brandishes two large kitchen knives, gets chased and tasered, in coastal Seattle (Washington):

2014-09-04 - Naked man, 21, breaks into apartment and beats man with broomstick, in coastal Hyannis (Massachusetts):

Note: All three of these events occurred in coastal areas, which is not terribly surprising. All three of these probably neuro-zombied people still retained the ability to use simple tools, so their brains weren't completely fried. They may even recover, more or less. The original face-eater, he was the most heavily-damaged person I've seen yet that was still mobile: unable to speak, just growl, and he used no tools, just his hands and teeth. Not much was left of his mind by the time he'd crossed that causeway over the ocean in Florida. Even if they hadn't shot him dead - which took six bullets - he probably wouldn't have lived much longer anyway...

2014-09-03 - Naked man, 32, does pushups and dances on road at 1 AM, gets tased, in coastal Stamford (Connecticut):

Note: Also see the home that exploded and burned in Stamford on this day. They say this man may have been on hallucinogens. Indeed, hydrogen sulfide is neurotoxic and can cause hallucinations, so I guess you could call it a 'powerful hallucinogen'. It also heats up the body sometimes, so people are stripping naked to cool off as they go crazy, even in the winter - which apparently starts in the summer nowadays in some places!

2014-09-03 - Man, 38, walks into police station, strips naked, then runs down road, in Colorado Springs (Colorado):

2014-09-03 - Naked man, 55, walks down street, tries to break into apartment, in coastal Beaufort (North Carolina):

2014-09-01 - Naked man, 53, scribbles graffiti, eats toothpaste, at university in coastal San Diego (California):

Quote: "A 53-year-old man was taken to a mental health facility after being found running naked, eating toothpaste and scribbling graffiti inside a classroom building at San Diego State University, campus police said. The man had called 911 to report his activities, police said."

Note: 'I'd like to report a naked man doing crazy shit.' 'Do you know the man, sir?' 'Yeah, me, ahahahah!'

2014-09-01 - Naked man enters gas station just before 1 AM, then runs into traffic and gets hit, in Omaha (Nebraska), 1 injured:

Quote: "A man entered a gas station naked before running into traffic. It happened at the Anderson BP near 140th and West Center Road before 1 a.m. Monday. Douglas County 911 said the man was taken to a hospital with unspecified injuries after being hit by a vehicle."

2014-09-01 - Naked man found walking down Fulkerth Road in Turlock (California):

Note: Yep, madness and nudity are definitely on the rise now. Hydrogen sulfide damages brains (among other things), which can cause memory loss, personality changes, seizures, hallucinations, insane behavior, coma, death. It also heats up the body so some people may strip naked and run around doing crazy things, sometimes very violent, to themselves or others or both. You're most likely to be so afflicted yourself in the wee hours and when in, near or downwind of low-lying areas like bodies of water, valleys, canyons, gorges, ditches, basements, etc.

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