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2014 - SEP - Animal Die-Offs

2014-09-30 - Cats mysteriously dying outdoors in coastal Fort Myers (Florida):

Quote: "People have been searching, but then she spotted something else in her neighborhood and it has made it seem like an exercise in futility. 'I found other cats that were dead, it just looks like they were laying down in people's yard,' said Jacobsen. Others neighbors we spoke with in the Hawks Preserve neighborhood say they too have spotted dead cats, mainly along Nature Point Loop."

Note: Ironic that all the PEOPLE mysteriously dying hasn't particularly alarmed anyone around there, but cats start dying and people notice. All the outdoor cats in my neighborhood - and there used to be many - are dead, died off some time ago. Another neighborhood near me (St. Louis) had the same thing happen. It's just like the dying bees, birds, fish, etc. Hydrogen sulfide will eventually poison anything that breathes oxygen, including cats, and people...

2014-09-30 - Pygmy sperm whale washes ashore dead at beach near coastal Hong King (China):

2014-09-30 - Around 280,000 salmon killed by algae bloom on Vancouver Island (Canada):

2014-09-29 - Fish dying in pond in Chuzhou (China):

2014-09-28 - Hundreds of fish found dead in Marsh Creek near Creekside Park in Oakley (California):

2014-09-28 - Critically endangered whale shark washes ashore dead at beach in coastal Panambur (India):

2014-09-27 - Four separate areas hit by fish kills within a month in northwest Iowa:

2014-09-27 - Dolphin washes ashore dead at beach in Saudi Arabia:

2014-09-26 - Dozens of water birds found dead in De Rust (South Africa):

Quote: "Our first thought was that they might have been shot, but upon inspection we could not find any injuries. We clean the shoreline daily and on Thursday the water birds were all fine."

Note: Much like all the PEOPLE being found dead with no injuries near bodies of water...

2014-09-26 - Hundreds of fish dying in Reliance Creek in coastal Habana, Queensland (Australia):

Quote: "Mackay Recreational Fishing Alliance president Lance Murray said the site looked like the scene of a 'plane crash'. 'There are dead fish everywhere,' he said. 'There are several different types of fish including barramundi, catfish and more.'"

2014-09-26 - Major fish kill hits the Maalimango River in Cavite (Philippine Islands):

2014-09-25 - Large number of birds found dead in coastal Pismo Beach (California):

Quote: "Best and her daughter, Annabelle, went to Pismo Beach with their dogs on Thursday for a relaxing afternoon. Instead, they were surrounded by dead birds."

2014-09-25 - Sole male lion found dead near Miyanda Pool at Liuwa Plain National Park (Zambia):

Quote: "It is with regret that African Parks Zambia announces that Liuwa Plain National Park’s sole male lion has died, probably as a result of poisoning or disease. The pride male’s carcass was found by park management close to Miyanda Pool in the east of the park on 16 September 2014."

Note: Near a pool, so they're probably right about the cause being poisoning. Hydrogen sulfide poisoning. Very much like all the PEOPLE being found dead near or in bodies of water. I guess there won't be any new baby lions appearing in this park unless some immaculate conception goes on...

2014-09-24 - Fish dying in Horseshoe Lake near Granite City (Illinois), near the Mississippi River:

2014-09-23 - Large number of birds dropping dead in park in Kazan (Russia):

Quote: "A resident of Kazan, about the death of the birds in the park Urickogo: 'We walked there with a child, and in the morning he began to vomit'..."

Note: Birds are highly vulnerable to hydrogen sulfide poisoning (or any toxin but especially gases) due to their small size and rapid respiration. Children are also more vulnerable than adults because they're smaller and their air intake systems are closer to the ground than is the case with adults. Kazan is located at the confluence of the Volga River and the Kazanka River...

2014-09-23 - Birds dropping dead all over Tyumen (Russia), near the Tura River:

2014-09-23 - Thousands of fish wash ashore dead at Barangay Malanday (Philippine Islands):

2014-09-22 - Hundreds of fish dying in lake in coastal London (Britain):

2014-09-22 - Hundreds of fish found dead in canal in Pontedera (Italy):

2014-09-22 - Hundreds of fish dying in the River Summam in Bejaia (Algeria):

2014-09-22 - Thousands of fish washing ashore dead in Central Java (Indonesia):

2014-09-22 - Hundreds of birds washing ashore dead on the coast in East Lothian (Scotland):

Note: Carrier pigeons have been mysteriously dying between Britain and Scotland since at least 2012 too, so many that they've dubbed the area the 'Birdmuda Triangle', mentioned in the 2012-08-29 update. Birds have low body mass and high respiration rates so they're naturally vulnerable to poisonous gases, thus the 'canary in a coal mine' thing...

2014-09-21 - Unknown cause killing poultry in Bhaktapur (Nepal):

Note: They've identified no bacterial or viral cause so this may not be a disease at all...

2014-09-21 - Fish dying in coastal Kuwait Bay (Kuwait):

Note: Kuwait City was the first major metropolitan area in the history of the human race to be told to shelter in place because of hydrogen sulfide, mentioned in the 2012-10-17 update...

2014-09-20 - Hundreds of thousands of bees die near Brandon (Canada):

Quote: "Because other bees kept in the area out of sight of the road were unharmed, he said he’s convinced it was a targeted attack. 'If there was a disease, or if farmers had sprayed pesticide, those bees would’ve all been hit,' he told the Brandon Sun this morning."

Note: Hydrogen sulfide is neurotoxic, just like pesticides are, and it might blow over some hives and not others, exactly as happened here, just as it blows over some people and kills them but not others. The winds are kinda random that way, lots of chaos in the system. This doesn't look much different from the various flocks of birds that have dropped dead from the sky in the last couple of years or so...

2014-09-18 - Massive red tide bloom killing off life in the Gulf of Mexico:

2014-09-17 - Thousands of fish wash ashore dead in Atlixco (Mexico):

2014-09-15 - Fish dying in Manteno Little Lake in Manteno (Illinois):

2014-09-15 - Huge fish kill hits river in Quanzhou (China):

2014-09-15 - Fish dying in Castle Lake in Huangshi (China):

2014-09-15 - Fish dying in canal in Vicenza (Italy):

2014-09-14 - Hundreds of fish washing ashore dead at beach in Alicante (Spain):

Quote: "Environment agents from SEPRONA and biologists from the Institute of Coastal Ecology are investigating the appearance of hundreds of dead fish that were washed up on San Gabriel beach, Alicante. They were dead on the sand and shoreline amid a strong odour, forcing red flags to be flown to prevent people from swimming in the area."

2014-09-13 - Fish kill hits Rocky Mountain Lake Park (Colorado):

Quote: "The city is trying to find out why fish are dying at Rocky Mountain Lake Park near Interstate 70 and Federal. Dead fish have been lining the shores of Rocky Mountain Lake Park all weekend. Denver Parks and Recreation says they've scooped up more than 100 dead fish from the small lake. So far, wildlife officials aren't sure what's caused the fish to die off so quickly."

2014-09-12 - In 'first of its kind' event, massive numbers of fish wash ashore dead at beaches in Qatif (Saudi Arabia):

Quote: "Thousands of dead fish have appeared along the coast of Qatif amid hide tides, prompting authorities to launch an investigation into the bizarre incident. 'The Presidency of Metrology and Environment (PME) and the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAF) were immediately tasked with investigating the first-of-its-kind situation,' said Al-Arqoubi."

2014-09-12 - Fish sickening and dying in the Baltic Sea near Sweden, Finland and Germany:

Quote: "There is an 'unexplained' problem in the Baltic Sea, has warned Oceana. Its waters are registering high mortality of fish."

2014-09-12 - Seven sperm whales beach, four die, at Punta Penna in Vasto (Italy):

2014-09-11 - Many fish dying in river in Adana (Turkey):

2014-09-11 - Hundreds of fish dying in two rivers in CĂșcuta (Colombia):

2014-09-11 - Thousands of fish found dead in river in Taipei on the island of Taiwan:

2014-09-10 -  Fish dying in the Liuyang River (China):

2014-09-10 - Large numbers of fish wash ashore dead along 5 kilometers of beach in coastal Jambeli (Ecuador):

2014-09-09 - Bald eagle found dead in gated community in Newark (New Jersey):

2014-09-08 - Fish kill hits lake in Sabaudia (Italy):

2014-09-08 - Eight sea lions and ten pelicans found dead at the mouth of the River Moche (Peru):

2014-09-07 - More than 40 seals strand and die in August at beaches in California:

2014-09-07 - Hundreds of fish wash ashore dead at beach in Alicante (Spain):

2014-09-07 - Major fish kill hits river in China:

2014-09-05 - Race horse drops dead during race in coastal Charlottetown (Canada), on Prince Edward Island:

2014-09-03 - Eighteen dolphins found dead in August alone in Indian River Lagoon (Florida):

2014-09-03 - Hundreds of fish and jellyfish washing ashore dead at Honeymoon Island State Park in Pinellas County (Florida):

2014-09-02 - Fish dying in George Winter County Park in St. Louis County (Missouri):

Quote: "Josh Riggs is a fisherman, 'I was here two weeks and it wasn’t like this I don’t know what could have happened.'"

2014-09-02 - Large number of fish dying in lake in Xinjian (China):

2014-09-01 - Huge fish kill hits Lake Cajititlan (Mexico):

2014-09-01 - Vast numbers of jellyfish wash ashore at beaches in coastal Yantai (China):
2014-09-01 - Fish dying in river in China:

2014-09-01 - Thousands of fish dying in river in Mohammedia (Morocco):

2014-09-01 - Carriage horse drops dead during funeral procession in Hornchurch (Britain):

Quote: "The Romford Recorder reports the horse, named Ronnie, appeared to be in good health before he keeled over."

Note: Not unlike all the healthy people keeling over dead nowadays...

2014-09-01 - People reporting a decline in fireflies:

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