Sunday, July 26, 2020

Event Update For 2020-07-25

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2020-07-25 - Woman ignites and jumps in pond, almost dies, in Shreveport (Louisiana):

Quote: "Just before 6pm officers responded to the 1000 block of East Kings at the Duck Pond on reports of a woman in the water. Bystanders pulled her out. Officer arrived and observed burns to her body. She was transported to Ochsner LSU Health with life threatening injuries. Preliminary investigation suggests no foul play however the matter is still under investigation by SPD and SFD."

2020-07-25 - More starving birds found in the Bering Strait region for 4th consecutive year, 6th year in a row for Alaska:

2020-07-25 - Number of wildfires soars in Maine:

Quote: "The Maine Forest Service said Friday that Maine has had a 170 percent increase in wildfires so far this year over 2019, resulting in the highest fire count in 10 years."

2020-07-25 - Swamp fire erupts in Rittman (Ohio):

Quote: "Sweigert doesn’t believe a person could have caused the fire because it’s too difficult to reach where the point of origin. Theories range from sparks off the substation hit the dry plant life or a bird picking up a lit cigarette and dropping it over the swamp. 'We don’t know the cause,' the chief said. It was the worst field fire Sweigert had ever seen in the city limits."

2020-07-25 - Wildfire burns 5,400 acres near Nespelem (Washington):

2020-07-25 - Man, 68, has 'medical incident' in swimming pool at Riverside Acres Campground and Cottages in Clayton (New York):

Quote: "Boston was swimming in the deep end of the pool when he 'suffered a medical event,' police said. Boston went unconscious and sank to the bottom of the pool as his wife Linda called for help, police said."

Note: If this place sounds familiar it's because a boat just burst into flame at this very same campground the day before, mentioned in the 2020-07-24 update...

2020-07-25 - Man has 'medical emergency' in swimming pool in Maplewood (New Jersey):

Quote: "Saturday afternoon, July 25, there was a Medical Emergency at the Maplewood Country Club Pool, as told to TAPinto SOMA by Deputy Chief Brett Derewsky. An elderly male, not breathing and blue, was rescued from the pool by one of the two female lifeguards on duty. As soon as the man was out of the water the second lifeguard administered CPR."

2020-07-25 - Home explodes in Orekhovo-Zuevo outside Moscow (Russia), 10 injured:

Note: This is the 63rd residential explosion in 2020...

2020-07-25 - Chemical plant damaged by fire shortly after 5 AM on Conquest Drive in Garner (North Carolina):

2020-07-25 - At least four boats go up in flames at Evers Marina in coastal Bronx (New York):

2020-07-25 - Boat bursts into flame off coastal Nantucket (Massachusetts):

2020-07-25 - Boat bursts into flame on Lake Texoma (Texas):

2020-07-25 - Boat and pickup truck destroyed by fire while parked inside garage in Buhl (Minnesota):

Quote: "According to the Friends of the Northland FireWire a boat and pickup truck were destroyed Saturday night during a garage fire in Buhl."

Note: These are the 669th, 670th, 671st, 672nd, 673rd, 674th and 675th boats/ships to burn/explode in 2020...

2020-07-25 - Passenger bus bursts into flame on road in coastal Kocaeli (Turkey):

2020-07-25 - Passenger bus bursts into flame on street in coastal Lagos (Nigeria):

Note: These are the 174th and 175th buses to burn in 2020...

2020-07-25 - Tanker truck bursts into flame at school near coastal Accra (Ghana):

Note: This is the 1052nd tractor/tanker/semi to burn/explode in 2020...

2020-07-25 - Utility truck bursts into flame on I-40 in Henryetta (Oklahoma):

2020-07-25 - Van bursts into flame on Woodville Road in coastal Exmouth (Britain):

2020-07-25 - SUV bursts into flame while parked at Walmart in Ammon (Idaho):

2020-07-25 - Car bursts into flame on US 65 near Saddlebrooke (Missouri):

2020-07-25 - Car bursts into flame on I-376 near Edgewood (Pennsylvania):

2020-07-25 - Car bursts into flame on Lynch Street in Hughes (Australia):

2020-07-25 - Car bursts into flame on the M5 outside coastal Weston-super-Mare (Britain):

2020-07-25 - Car bursts into flame near roundabout in Shrewsbury (Britain):

2020-07-25 - Vehicle bursts into flame on Manilla Street in coastal Bridgeport (Connecticut):

2020-07-25 - Vehicle bursts into flame on Portville-Ceres Road in Portville (New York):

2020-07-25 - Four cars and home destroyed by fire just before 1 AM in St. George (Utah):

Quote: "There were four vehicles that caught fire: two in the garage and two parked in the driveway. All four of them were totaled."

2020-07-25 - Two cars and home destroyed by garage fire at 6:54 AM on Snydertown Road in Churchtown (New York):

2020-07-25 - Tire business heavily damaged by fire on Hubbell Avenue in Des Moines (Iowa):

2020-07-25 - Warehouse heavily damaged by fire in Phoenix (Arizona):

2020-07-25 - Mobile home destroyed by fire in Tucson (Arizona), 1 injured:

2020-07-25 - Mobile home destroyed by fire on Hanover Street in Skowhegan (Maine), 5 animals killed:

2020-07-25 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 1:20 AM on Elliott Avenue in Grand Haven (Michigan):

2020-07-25 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Meadow Lane in coastal Fort Pierce (Florida):

2020-07-25 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Price Street in Scranton (Pennsylvania), nobody there:

2020-07-25 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Massachusetts Avenue in coastal Portland (Maine), nobody there:

2020-07-25 - Apartment building damaged by fire on Wortman Avenue in coastal Brooklyn (New York), 4 injured:

2020-07-25 - Apartment building damaged by fire at 6:30 AM in Phoenix (Arizona):

2020-07-25 - Deadly fire destroys mobile home in Rainier (Washington), 1 killed:

2020-07-25 - Deadly fire burns home on Hathaway Road in Clearcreek Township (Ohio), 1 killed:

2020-07-25 - Vacant building burns on South Sacramento Street in Lodi (California):

2020-07-25 - Vacant school building burns near Keystone Lake in Prue (Oklahoma):

2020-07-25 - Two men, 22 and 23, die after being pulled from small pond in Rock Township (Wisconsin):

2020-07-25 - Man, 29, dies after being pulled from swimming pool at apartment complex in Shreveport (Louisiana):

Quote: "A man who drowned in a west Shreveport apartment complex’s swimming pool Saturday afternoon has been identified by the Caddo Parish Coroner’s office. Joseph Dixon, 29, of Shreveport, was pronounced dead at Willis-Knighton South Hospital at 4:41 p.m. Saturday."

2020-07-25 - Person dies after being pulled from swimming pool at apartment complex on Cole Street in Austin (Texas):

Quote: "Austin-Travis County EMS said it happened at a complex in the 2900 block of Cole Street. La Casita Apartments is listed at that address, which is just east of Interstate 35. ATCEMS said medics performed CPR on an adult person after they were taken out of the water. About 40 minutes later, ATCEMS said the person was pronounced dead on scene."

2020-07-25 - Girl, 10, dies after being pulled from Lake Shelbyville in Sullivan (Illinois):

2020-07-25 - Man, 39, found dead in car on Beach 98th Street in coastal Rockaway Beach (New York):

2020-07-25 - Man, 21, dies after being pulled from the Merrimack River in Lowell (Massachusetts):

2020-07-25 - Soldier, man, found dead at his off-post residence near Fort Sill (Oklahoma):

2020-07-25 - Man found dead in van near swampy trail in Munising (Michigan):

2020-07-25 - Man, around 50, drops dead at gas station in Shamokin Dam (Pennsylvania):

2020-07-25 - Woman, 70, drops dead in parking lot in Victorville (California):

2020-07-25 - Man, 22, former football player, dies in Shuswap Lake (Canada):

2020-07-25 - Man, 46, slumps over dead in car at layby along the A77 in coastal Ayr (Scotland):

2020-07-25 - Woman has 'medical episode', car overturns twice, on Riverdale Road in Riverdale (Utah), 2 injured:

Quote: "'The driver of the vehicle had a medical episode while she was driving, which caused her to lose control of her vehicle,' Warren said. 'It subsequently rolled at least twice off the road.'"

2020-07-25 - Small plane crashes into residential area, home ignites, in West Jordan (Utah), 3 killed, 4 injured:

Quote: "West Jordan Police Department confirms three are dead after a plane crash near the Jordan Landing shopping center Saturday afternoon."

2020-07-25 - Small plane crashes into residential area, fire erupts, in San Antonio (Texas), 1 killed, 2 injured:

2020-07-25 - Small plane crashes and burns in the Swiss Alps (Switzerland), 4 killed:

2020-07-25 - Pickup truck veers off road, crashes into two homes, in Monona (Wisconsin), 3 injured:

2020-07-25 - Car veers across median, hits car head-on, fire erupts, in Armadale (Australia), 4 injured:

2020-07-25 - Car veers off road, crashes into church, on Routledge Road in Kenansville (North Carolina):

2020-07-25 - Motorcycle veers off road, crashes into pole, in coastal Huntington Beach (California), 1 killed:

2020-07-25 - Hurricane Hanna batters southern Texas:

2020-07-25 - Hurricane Douglas approaches Hawaii:

2020-07-25 - Flooding intensifies in Bangladesh, death toll rises to 111:

2020-07-25 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Zagreb (Croatia):

2020-07-25 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Taif (Saudi Arabia):

2020-07-25 - Next week we’ll learn how much GDP fell in the US in the second quarter:


  1. Happy Monday Jonny, everyone. We're still in the heat around here in s/e PA (and the humidity is up too). Working outside takes a lot out of ya.

    If it isn't already obvious that many water sources are toxic, today's report will help clear that up, jeez.

    Your lede story is the scariest - what caused the woman to ignite? None of the news articles/videos give a cause.

    Then we have all the fires: wildfires, a SWAMP fire (wtf?), a home and a chemical plant EXPLOSION (and fire), a bunch of boat and bus fires, tons of vehicle fires and some residential & commercial fires.

    Let's see what's up this morning. [forget "going back to normal"]

    Latest climate study predicts disaster for oceans, coastlines and life as we know it

    A disturbing new climate change study predicts global temperature increases of up to 8 degrees Fahrenheit as atmospheric carbon concentrations double:

    [I]t now appears extremely unlikely that the climate sensitivity could be low enough to avoid substantial climate change (well in excess of 2°C warming) under a high‐emissions future scenario. We remain unable to rule out that the sensitivity could be above 4.5°C per doubling of carbon dioxide levels, although this is not likely.

    Humanity, it’s clear, is close to missing [?!] the chance to avoid the worst ravages of fossil fuel pollution. [more]

    Monday, July 27, 2020
    Arctic sea ice could disappear completely within two months' time

    Arctic sea ice fell by 3.239 million km² in extent in 25 days (i.e. from July 1 to 25, 2020). Melting will likely continue for another two months. If it continues on its current trajectory, the remaining 6.333 million km² of Arctic sea ice could disappear completely within two months' time. [more]

    Looking at Methane & Arctic Sea Ice with Margo (July 26, 2020) [~ 42.3 min.]

    Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 25, 2020, #259 (Dane Wigington) [~ 54.75 min.]

    Monday, 27 July 2020
    So far 2020 has brought the world colossus problems and this season's Atlantic Hurricane appears to be joining the party: An 80% chance of a new tropical cyclone developing in the next 48 hours which will be named Isaias.

    According to the National Hurricane Centre, there is an 80% chance of a new tropical cyclone in the next 48 hours. The new tropical system is a thousand miles east of the Lesser Antilles. [more]

    [2nd part below]

  2. [collapse of "health care" begins - UK]
    The real NHS crisis: 250,000 nurses consider quitting because of low pay

    Up to a quarter of a million nurses are now considering quitting their jobs because of pitifully low pay.

    Many of them erupted in fury days ago when the Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced wage rises for 900,000 public sector workers but left them out. [more]
    Four dead, 4 missing, property destroyed as flood wreak havoc in Abuja, Nigeria

    At the end of the downpour which lasted for between six to eight hours, five residents had been swept away and several houses and cars destroyed while six people who were rescued from the rampaging flood are currently hospitalized. Of the five swept away, one of the bodies has been recovered while four are still missing as of press time. [more]

    Flood death toll tops 100 in Assam, India

    On Sunday, three more people died in Assam taking the toll past 100, while seven people lost their lives in Bihar.

    According to the daily flood bulletin by the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA), 23 districts are still affected, impacting nearly 25 lakh people, about 1.5 lakh less than Saturday. Almost 46,000 people have taken shelter in 269 government relief camps. The overall flood situation, however, improved on Sunday as water levels of all major rivers started receding.

    However, Central Water Commission (CWC) has predicted heavy to very heavy rainfall in Assam and Meghalaya from Tuesday.[more]

    Yemen flooding kills 14, washes away houses

    Heavy rains and flash flooding hit almost all Yemeni provinces in the last couple of days, killing at least 14 people and washing away dozens of houses, local media and local officials said on Sunday.

    The largest death toll was recorded in the western province of Hodeidah, where 13 people died and more than 35 houses in three districts were destroyed. [more]

    Home surveillance camera captures bright meteor fireball over southwestern Illinois

    The short clip showed a bright object streaking across the sky. According to the eyewitness, a loud sound similar to a jet flying can be heard as the fireball flew overhead. [more]

    [3rd piece follows]

  3. DoD Doctrine on Nuclear Operations Published, Taken Offline

    The Joint Chiefs of Staff briefly published and then removed from public access a new edition of their official doctrine on the use of nuclear weapons. But a public copy was preserved. See Joint Publication 3-72, Nuclear Operations, June 11, 2019.

    The document presents an unclassified, mostly familiar overview of nuclear strategy, force structure, planning, targeting, command and control, and operations.

    “Using nuclear weapons could create conditions for decisive results and the restoration of strategic stability,” according to one Strangelovian passage in the publication. “Specifically, the use of a nuclear weapon will fundamentally change the scope of a battle and create conditions that affect how commanders will prevail in conflict.”

    The document might have gone unremarked, but after publishing it last week the Joint Chiefs deleted it from their public website. A notice there states that it (JP 3-72) is now only “available through JEL+” (the Joint Electronic Library), which is a restricted access site. A local copy remains publicly available on the FAS website.

    LeShow for Sunday, July 26, 2020 [~ 1 hr]

    Study reveals South Atlantic magnetic anomaly is a recurring feature

    In a new study, scientists from the University of Liverpool in England traced back the strange behavior of the magnetic field in the South Atlantic region and found that similar anomalies existed as far back as 8 to 11 million years ago.

    The new four-year study, published in the journal Review of Geophysics by an international team of 25 top experts, indicates average global temperatures are now very likely to increase 4.1 to 8.1 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s at the high end of the range consistently predicted by major climate studies going back to 1979. [more]
    Hurricane Hanna Slams Texas TWICE With Heavy Rain and Strong Winds

    Hurricane Hanna lashed the Texas shoreline with heavy rain and winds as it pummelled the Gulf Coast on Saturday. [more]

    After UK, Dozens of People Receive Mysterious Seed Packets from China in Several US States

    A strange package has been sent to people in multiple states: random, unidentified seeds from China.
    The seeds are just one more indication that the US is now in the midst of a chemical and biological terror war with its enemies.

    “The seeds are sent in packages usually stating that the contents are jewelry. Unsolicited seeds could be invasive, introduce diseases to local plants, or be harmful to livestock.”

    The seeds often come in sealed packages, and people should not open the packages, officials said. It should be reported to the U.S. Department of Agriculture for agricultural smuggling.

  4. [some first of the week headlines from RF]
    News Links, July 27, 2020
    Rice Farmer

    Financial System – A Hubristic Swindle

    Massive oil-services company Schlumberger is slashing 21,000 jobs

    Las Vegas Strip casinos notify staff of furloughs, layoffs

    Infographic: Big Four US Airlines Hit Air Pockets

    Pompeo Lays Out New US Cold War Against China

    Ethiopian foreign minister outrages Egyptians with 'Nile is ours' tweet, as US 'considers sanctions'

    Israel Demolishes Covid-19 Clinic in Epicenter of West Bank Outbreak

    Turkey: how President Erdo─čan is using coronavirus to clamp down further on dissent

    U.S. Asks China To Make More Nuclear Weapons

    Australia Pours Money Into Insane US War Games Yet Won't Support Its Own Citizens

    Micronesia climate refugees increasingly relocate to Oregon

    Only 2 US coal companies not expected to report a loss in Q2'20

    New supply-chain crisis during pandemic: not enough cans for food

    Parasitic infection linked to bagged salad spreads to 641

    We Are On Our Own In The Post-Covid World

    CDC: 'Rapidly growing' Salmonella outbreak has hit nearly 2 dozen states, source unknown

    Alaska is getting wetter. That's bad news for permafrost and the climate

    Methane apocalypse? Not likely. [complete bullshit]

    Weatherwatch: Melting Arctic ice triggers winter storms, study finds

    Meltwater from Greenland creates freshwater pond at the ocean surface that whips ups storms in northern Europe

    Record numbers of coronavirus cases in every global region

    U.S., Brazil, Mexico, India lead surge of coronavirus; death toll passes 650,000 [nobody checks these numbers]

    Tighter mask rules, more tests as WHO warns of Europe virus spike

    Young, healthy adults with mild COVID-19 also take weeks to recover: CDC

    Doom or denial: Is there another path?

    Public losing faith in govts, says survey, as virus cases surge [GREAT! About time!]

    Essential—and Expendable—Mexican Labor

    37 Senate Dems Join GOP to Approve $740 Billion War Budget

    Brick & Mortar Retailers, Malls, Mall-REITs, and their Debts: The Whole Schmear is Coming Apart
    There's Just No Good Way Out. [what i've said all along]

    COVID-19 testing capacity and supplies are strained. Some labs are turning to pooling tests to meet the demand.

    Guns and ammunition flying off the shelves in recent months due to pandemic and civil unrest

    Millennials are Caught in the Two Recession Trap
    [anyone older too]

  5. [let's play ball, again]
    Miami Marlins Cancel Home Opener After Team COVID-19 Outbreak

    Phillies-Yankees Game Postponed After COVID-19 Outbreak Among Marlins

    The Phillies-Yankees game scheduled for Citizens Bank Park Monday has been postponed after a coronavirus outbreak among the Phils' last opponents, the Miami Marlins, according to multiple reports.

    As many as 12 players and two coaches for the Marlins have tested positive for COVID-19, according to multiple reports. The Phillies hosted the Marlins for three games over the weekend; the Marlins were in the Phillies' visitors clubhouse, where Phillies staff work. [more]

    Virus Updates: National Security Adviser Tests Positive; Vaccine Phase 3 Trial Begins

    The director of the World Health Organization Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus tweeted Monday morning that the coronavirus pandemic is "easily the most severe" global health emergency of the six that have ever been declared.

    Ghebreyesus' statement comes after the number of confirmed virus cases worldwide topped 16 million Sunday, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University. The U.S. leads the count with 4.23 million cases and 147,000 deaths, according to NBC News.

    Trump's National Security Adviser Has Coronavirus

    National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien has tested positive for the coronavirus, NBC News reported. [more]

    [Let's hit the beach!]
    More Than 2 Dozen Jersey Shore Lifeguards Test Positive for Virus

    More than two dozen lifeguards from two New Jersey beach towns have tested positive for the coronavirus after having been together socially, authorities said.

    Officials said the lifeguards are from Harvey Cedars and Surf City, neighboring boroughs on Long Beach Island. [more]

    [The test is bogus, the numbers are padded and we're all just going along with it (as if we have a choice).]

    Minivan Crashes Into NJ Home
    [~ 1.6 min. news piece; esp. hear 1 min. 10 sec in - description of tiny fire in engine that roared to life]

    Hurricane Douglas Gains Strength, Skirts Hawaii

    Hurricane Douglas gained some strength and began to spin away from many of the Hawaiian Islands as it skirted the state late Sunday.

    Forecasters said a hurricane warning was canceled for Oahu but remained in effect for Kauai County, including the islands of Kauai and Niihau, which could still be hit by the system with strong wind gusts and rough surf.[more]

  6. FOUR asteroids to shoot past Earth in ONE DAY, after astronaut warns there are 1 MILLION out there that can hit us

    To kick things off, the small-house-sized asteroid 2020 OO1 will buzz by at a distance of 669,000km on July 27.

    Next, the real fun begins with the car-sized (2.9m) 2020 OY4, set to skip by at a distance of just 41,500km. It will be followed by the plane-sized (26m) 2020 OR4, which will pass us at 10 times that distance, looping beyond Earth at 457,000km.

    Both of these might be considered a little too close for comfort, as the distance between Earth and the Moon is just 384,400km. [more]

    WATCH: 28-story tower ablaze in Turkey's Ankara

    A massive fire has erupted in a 28-story business center called Via Tower in the Turkish capital of Ankara. Stunned locals looked on and filmed the incident as huge clouds of dark smoke billowed from the building.
    The blaze broke out on Monday evening local time at the site in the business district of Sogutozu. The fire started on the fifth floor, according to local reports, and eyewitness footage shows the lower part of the building enveloped by thick black smoke. [more]

    Keeping borders shut for long 'almost impossible', WHO says, as countries fear Covid-19 spike

    Keeping international borders shut for too long over Covid-19 would hardly be possible, according to the World Health Organization. Its statement comes as virus spikes in some countries spark fears of a second wave. [more]

    UK’s post-COVID economic recovery could take 18 months longer than expected, reveals latest EY ITEM Club forecast

    GDP not expected to return to 2019 level until late-2024 as hopes of V-shaped recovery diminish. [more]

    Mexico flooding: Tropical depression Hanna drenches north

    Streets in Monterrey in northern Mexico were flooded by heavy rains from tropical depression Hanna on Sunday.

    A search continues for an 11-year-old boy who is believed to have fallen into a stream in Monterrey and dragged away by the current.

    In Apodaca, the fire service had to tow an ambulance which got stuck in the floods. [more]

    Five more killed as rain plays havoc in Karachi for second day

    As many as 10 people, including a child, have died in the last two days of rainfall in the city [more]