Monday, December 30, 2019

Event Update For 2019-12-29

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2019-12-29 - Mysterious explosion at 10:43 PM shakes homes and causes sky to glow green in Saratoga County (New York):

Quote: "Police are trying to figure out what caused a large 'explosion' that was heard, felt and seen in southwestern Saratoga County late Sunday. The Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office received an estimated 30 calls from people about the explosion around 10:43 p.m. Sunday. Some reported their homes shook, and others described a green glow in the sky as it occurred."

Quote: "Possible electrical problems, such as a transformer explosion, were also reviewed, as an ice storm hit part of the region, but no widespread power issues were found. There was also no lightning in the area at the time."

Quote: "The Sheriff’s Office has been in contact with National Grid, National Weather Service, the U.S. Navy base in West Milton, and the Federal Aviation Administration, and none of them report any issues or problems that could account for the explosion."

Quote: "Some suggested the possibility of a meteor landing in a rural part of the county, but the sheriff said an observatory was contacted and nothing was seen crossing the sky."

2019-12-29 - Car bursts into flame while parked on street by river, starts itself and takes off, pushes another car, in Ljubljana (Slovenia):

Quote: "Occurred on December 25, 2019 / Ljubljana, Slovenia 'I was walking by the river and I saw a fire, so I start filming.'"

2019-12-29 - Transit bus bursts into flame on street in coastal Selangor (Malaysia):

2019-12-29 - In separate incidents, two more transit buses burst into flame, at dawn, two days apart in Rome (Italy):

Quote: "Another Rome bus has been engulfed by flames while in service, the second in two days, along Via Cristoforo Colombo on 29 December. As with the bus that turned into a fireball on 27 December, the latest bus fire also occurred at dawn, with no passengers on board."

Note: These are the 627th, 628th and 629th buses to burn in 2019...

2019-12-29 - Van explodes into flame while parked at home, fire spreads to 2 homes and garage, in Cumberland (Rhode Island):

Quote: "A van that caught fire in a possible explosion Sunday in a driveway between 5 and 9 Maple St. ignited both houses and the garage at 9 Maple, a Cumberland fire official said Sunday night."

2019-12-29 - Freight train hit by unknown mist, two workers sickened, in coastal Suffolk (Virginia):

Quote: "A Norfolk Southern train stopped at Lake Meade Drive and Lake Cohoon Road after two workers on the train took ill after the train reportedly passed through what was described as a mist at the Saratoga Street crossing, the post stated."

2019-12-29 - Home destroyed by explosion and fire at campground at Brackett Cedar Park in Cleveland County (North Carolina), 1 killed, 1 injured:

Quote: "The Chief of Polkville Fire Department said firefighters believe an explosion happened. Heavy smoke and flames could be seen coming from a building."

Note: This is the 189th residential explosion in 2019...

2019-12-29 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-90 near La Crosse (Wisconsin):

Note: This is the 2172nd tractor/tanker/semi to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-12-29 - Two garbage trucks go up in flames while parked at complex in Scott (Louisiana):

Quote: "Upon arrival at the scene, which was at another Republic Services complex, firefighters located a trash truck engulfed in flames. The fire had also spread to a second trash truck."

2019-12-29 - SUV bursts into flame at 12:39 AM while parked at apartments in Aberdeen (Maryland):

2019-12-29 - SUV bursts into flame on H-3 near coastal Halawa (Hawaii):

2019-12-29 - Pickup truck bursts into flame at 5 AM while parked at home, fire spreads to garage, near Triumph (Illinois), nobody there:

2019-12-29 - Pickup truck bursts into flame in bank parking lot in Whitehall Township (Pennsylvania):

2019-12-29 - Pickup truck bursts into flame at landfill on West Spring Creek Road in Chattooga County (Georgia):

2019-12-29 - Car explodes into flame inside building in Fargo (North Dakota):

Quote: "The initial call was for a car that had exploded and was on fire in a building structure."

2019-12-29 - Car bursts into flame while parked at auto shop in Springfield (Illinois):

2019-12-29 - Car bursts into flame on Park Avenue in Wilkes-Barre (Pennsylvania):

2019-12-29 - Car bursts into flame on I-95 near Fellsmere (Florida):

2019-12-29 - Car bursts into flame in High Bullen (Britain):

2019-12-29 - Car bursts into flame on Shenley Road in Kingsmead, Milton Keynes (Britain):

Quote: "Sunday 29 December, 9.35pm Car fire, Shenley Road, Kingsmead, Milton Keynes. One appliance and crew from Bletchley attended. Firefighters used one hose reel and one set of breathing apparatus."

2019-12-29 - Vehicle bursts into flame on Route 8 in Shelton (Connecticut):

2019-12-29 - Vehicle bursts into flame on Coats Lane in Boone County (Missouri):

2019-12-29 - Vehicle bursts into flame on Bromsgrove Road in Redditch (Britain):

2019-12-29 - Motorcycle bursts into flame on Bude Road in coastal Hull (Britain):

Quote: "Bude Road, Hull. Sun 29 Dec 2019 15:15 (No: 028938) Damage by fire to one small motorcycle. Fire Service used Scotty Back Pack to extinguish."

2019-12-29 - Three cars and garage destroyed by fire at home in Brockton (Massachusetts):

Quote: "The wood frame garage and three cars are beyond repair, according to authorities."

2019-12-29 - Pickup truck and shed destroyed by fire at home in Conway (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Firefighters managed to prevent it from reaching the house, but the shed and a pickup truck next to it were already totally destroyed."

2019-12-29 - Pickup truck and garage destroyed by fire at home in Fairfield (New York):

Quote: "A Garage and Pickup Truck were destroyed Sunday night following a Fire."

2019-12-29 - Barn destroyed by fire just before 7 AM on Raymond Road in Deerfield (New Hampshire):

2019-12-29 - Post office and home destroyed by fire at 7 AM on East Main Street in Burkittsville (Maryland):

2019-12-29 - Sports center destroyed by fire at 2:50 AM in coastal Tyne Valley on Prince Edward Island (Canada):

2019-12-29 - Two sheds destroyed by fire at home on Saranac Drive in Colorado Springs (Colorado):

2019-12-29 - Garage destroyed by fire at home on South Wall Street in Macon (Georgia):

2019-12-29 - Home heavily damaged by fire in the wee hours on Lititz Avenue in Manheim Township (Pennsylvania):

2019-12-29 - Home destroyed by fire on Sheldon Road in Swanton (Vermont):

2019-12-29 - Home destroyed by fire on Old Polk City Road in Haines City (Florida):

2019-12-29 - Duplex under renovation heavily damaged by fire shortly after 6 AM in Omaha (Nebraska), nobody there:

2019-12-29 - Triple-decker home heavily damaged by fire just after 2:30 AM on Pendelton Street in coastal Cranston (Rhode Island):

2019-12-29 - Apartment building damaged by fire at 2 AM in Trois-Pistoles (Canada):

2019-12-29 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire just before 4 AM on Dylane Drive in Griffith (Indiana):

2019-12-29 - Apartment building destroyed by fire on Garrett Street in South Charleston (West Virginia):

2019-12-29 - Deadly fire burns mobile home on Shambley Road outside Mebane (North Carolina), 2 killed:

2019-12-29 - Deadly fire burns home at 5:30 AM on Keithmont Road in Catonsville (Maryland), 1 killed:

2019-12-29 - Deadly fire burns home at 4:23 AM on Lakeview Drive in Alpena Township (Michigan), 1 killed:

2019-12-29 - Deadly fire burns home on North Applegate Road in Enfield (New York), 1 killed:

2019-12-29 - Deadly fire burns apartment building in Parsippany (New Jersey), 1 killed:

2019-12-29 - Vacant home destroyed by fire just before 5 AM, fire spreads to two adjacent homes, in Indianapolis (Indiana):

2019-12-29 - Woman and son, 44 and 15, die in river in Pothuhera on the island of Sri Lanka:

2019-12-29 - Two teen boys die in pond in Marathwada (India):

2019-12-29 - Boy, 10, dies after being pulled unconscious from public swimming pool in coastal Sibu (Malaysia):

2019-12-29 - Infant stops breathing and dies at home in Adams County (Indiana):

2019-12-29 - Person found dead in Prefumo Creek in San Luis Obispo (California):

2019-12-29 - Man found dead in the water near coastal Long Beach (California):

2019-12-29 - Person drops dead in room at inn in Collinsville (Virginia):

2019-12-29 - Man found dead sitting in grassy area near his car at shopping center in West Valley City (Utah):

2019-12-29 - Man drops dead at 4:35 AM at shopping center in Leawood (Kansas):

2019-12-29 - Man, 29, found dead near school on Commissioners Road in London (Canada):

2019-12-29 - Girl, 7, found dead in the Moore River in coastal Guilderton (Australia):

2019-12-29 - Man, 45, dies after being found unconscious while swimming at coastal Helicopter Island (Philippine Islands):

Quote: "Police said the victim refused to wear a jacket when he left their boat to swim and dive in the vicinity. His companions later saw him unconscious floating in the water and took him back to the main island of El Nido. Police said Ong was dead when they arrived in the Medical City at 12:10 p.m."

2019-12-29 - Waitress, 32, drops dead in apartment in coastal Mumbai (India):

2019-12-29 - Man dies in canal, another person missing, in West Medinipur (India):

2019-12-29 - Man, 40, professional diver, loses consciousness while diving in the Owenabue River, dies shortly later, in coastal Crosshaven (Ireland):

Quote: "A diver , who was working on boat moorings in a popular river beauty spot has died in hospital this evening. The 40-year-old man, who was an experienced diver, was brought ashore in a critical condition this afternoon after another diver realised he was unconscious."

2019-12-29 - Man found dead in the River Cale in the Henstridge area of Somerset (Britain):

2019-12-29 - Man, 43, drops dead on North Parade in coastal Whitley Bay (Britain), 600 feet from the ocean:

2019-12-29 - Driver has 'medical issue', car mows down row of mailboxes, in Chillicothe (Missouri), 1 injured:

Quote: "Police indicate the crash was precipitated by a medical issue experienced by the driver while in transit, causing the vehicle to depart from the roadway in the 200 block of Park Lane."

2019-12-29 - Passenger plane carrying the Kansas Jayhawks basketball team makes emergency landing in coastal San Jose (California), engine failure:

2019-12-29 - Twin-engine jet makes emergency landing in field near Otamendi (Argentina), engine failure:

2019-12-29 - Small plane crashes into residential area, bursts into flame, in New Carrollton (Maryland), 1 killed:

2019-12-29 - Tanker truck crashes several hundred feet into ravine near the Bonds Creek Bridge near Ellenboro (West Virginia), 1 killed:

Quote: "It is uncertain at this time if Russell suffered a medical issue or if the truck may have had a mechanical issue, according to the sheriff’s office."

2019-12-29 - Two tractor trailers crash at 5 AM on I-5 in Williams (California), 1 injured:

2019-12-29 - Box truck veers off road and crashes, on Highway 87 in coastal San Jose (California):

2019-12-29 - SUV veers off road, crashes into pond, in Columbus (Ohio), 1 injured:

2019-12-29 - SUV crashes into bank in Brentwood (Pennsylvania):

2019-12-29 - Two cars collide head-on on I-40 near Weatherford (Oklahoma), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2019-12-29 - Man in his 20s has 'medical emergency' in coastal Great Yarmouth (Britain):

Quote: "Paramedics from the East of England Ambulance Service Trust (EEAST) and the air ambulance were called out at 10.19am on Saturday, December 28 after a man in his 20s suffered a suspected medical emergency in Great Yarmouth."

2019-12-29 - Increasing eruptive activity reported at Mt. Shishaldin (Alaska):

2019-12-29 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Tolima (Colombia), 8 missing:

2019-12-29 - First chip-to-chip quantum teleportation harnessing silicon photonic chip fabrication:

2019-12-29 - Ten things we learned about humans in 2019:


  1. On the Eve of the new year, Jonny, thank you for your critically informative blog. This is where one can discover reality by examining and pondering un-spun news, often combined with clear-headed analysis, great pictures, and follow-up articles when available. Here's to
    another year!

    Tuesday, 31 December 2019
    Aussie Bushfire Update No 15: Thousands of people trapped on a beach: Whole communities cut off: NSW 120 fires, 68 not contained: Towns without safe drinking water

    Fires are creating their own weather, causing thunderstorms and dry lightning

    Thousands of people are trapped on a beach in Victoria's East Gippsland as bushfires close in on Tuesday

    Authorities believe about 4000 people are still at Mallacoota, with many seeking shelter at the beach

    Whole communities cut off

    Towns without safe drinking water

    Western Sydney sweltered through its hottest ever December day on Tuesday, with a peak of 46.3 [more]

    A Wind Turbine’s Blades Fly Off In New York City, Crushing A Billboard And Vehicle

    Blades from a massive wind turbine crumpled to the ground Monday, smashing a car flat and damaging another piece of infrastructure, authorities said. [more]

    50 Numbers From 2019 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

    One of the best ways to determine where things are heading is to look back at how much has changed over the past 12 months. [more]


  2. Typhoon "Phanfone" claimed 50 lives, affected 2.1 million people and wiped out 20 million dollars worth of farm products, Philippines

    Typhoon "Phanfone," locally known as Ursula, has claimed 50 lives as of December 31, 2019. 143 people were injured and 5 are still missing. The storm wiped out almost 20 million dollars (1 billion pesos) worth of farm products following its devastating landfall on Tuesday, December 24, 2019.

    Seattle Company Used Secret Drain to Dump Toxic Waste Directly Into Sewer System

    [dollars to donuts there's a lot of this going on]

    It turns out, both the company’s owner and the manager of the plant, who happen to be cousins, have been lying to regulators since at least 2009, according to the indictment. The scheme was discovered in 2018.

    The Seattle Barrel and Cooperage Company collects used 55-gallon industrial drums and resells them after undergoing a reconditioning process that involves washing them in a tank full of highly-corrosive chemical solution. The family-owned company is legally obligated to dispose of the caustic solution properly. [more]

    [Nex-yee wool jis dump it in da ocean]

    ‘I’m slowly dying here’: ‘Sedated’ Assange tells friend during Christmas Eve call from UK prison as health concerns mount

  3. Regrowth of Logged Amazon Forests is Much Slower than Previously Thought

    a new study warns that the regrowth of logged Amazon forests, and the amount of CO2 they store, is far less than previously believed.

    The study, published in the journal Ecology, said that after 60 years of regrowth, the secondary Amazon forests studied by researchers stored only 40 percent as much carbon as undisturbed woodlands and had only half as much biodiversity. [more]

    BLACK BEAR NEWS: Climate crisis linked to at least 15 $1bn plus disasters in 2019 [~ 19.6 min.]

    Two people die as tropical cyclone Sarai continues to hit Fiji

    Tropical cyclone Sarai, which is expected to exit Fiji by on Wednesday, continues slow and steady movement in southern Fiji. The maximum winds at its center are up to 120 km per hour, with momentary gusts to 170 km per hour, hitting the southern part of the nation.

    Two tropical cyclones are expected to affect Fiji this cyclone season from November to next April and the peak period for cyclone is usually from January to March. [more]

    One Shot, Twenty Two Kills: Cow Herd Reportedly Gets Electrocuted by Lightning

    The cows were apparently killed by a powerful electrical discharge when a lightning bolt struck a fence they were gathered near during a thunderstorm.

    Indonesia – Homes Destroyed, 5 Missing After Flash Floods in North Sumatra

    It is thought that the 5 missing are all from the same family. The disaster occurred when their home in Pematang was swept away by the flooding. In total the floods destroyed 9 houses and damaged 17 others, according to disaster authorities. Some residents have been evacuated to safer ground. Bridges were also destroyed, leaving communities isolated, in particular in the village of Hatapang. [more]

  4. I have been following you for about 8 yrs an want to thank you for your amazing finds an your simplicity on delivering it all.