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2013 - DEC - Multiple Corpses

2013-12-31 - Couple burns to death in burning RV trailer at 6:48 AM in Weymouth Township (New Jersey), near the coast:!/news/local/Fatal-Camper-Fire/238255191

2013-12-28 - Five men found dead at the mouth of the Atrato River in the Gulf of Uraba (Colombia):

2013-12-27 - Woman and niece, 40 and 26, found dead along road in Udayapur (Nepal):

Note: Separate incident mentioned, where a man, 20, was found dead in room that had burned...

2013-12-25 - Father and son go cave diving in coastal Weeki Wachee (Florida), both found dead:

2013-12-24 - Mother and two daughters, 30, 5 and 2, found dead in home in Kashmir (India):

2013-12-24 - Tourist couple, 53 and 48, found dead in home in Kathmandu (Nepal):

2013-12-22 - Mother and three children found burned to death at home in Chitrakoot (India):

Quote: "Thirty-four-year-old Gayatri and her three children Vikas (12), Vipin (8) and Kajal (13) were found dead with burn injuries in their house in Markundi area in Chitrakoot district..."

2013-12-22 - Couple, 31 and 40, drop dead in animal pen at their home in Kabad (Iran):

2013-12-21 - Two sewer workers collapse and die inside sewer in Jinja (Uganda):

Quote: "One of the victims, Atube, went down the 15-metre-deep manhole and suffocated inside, he said. Then the other, Mugoda, took a descent the same route to try and rescue his colleague, but he too suffocated to death."

Note: Jinja is located on the shore of Lake Victoria. This was highly likely caused by hydrogen sulfide, commonly known as 'sewer gas'. And hydrogen sulfide events frequently end up like this, where one person succumbs then someone else tries to help and they succumb too...

2013-12-20 - Three men, all 36 to 48, found dead in sauna in Ennepetal (Germany):

Note: Blamed on drinking. Who knows, but I doubt it. It's not the first time multiple people have been found dead in saunas or hot tubs either. Three men in Russia were found dead in a sauna, as mentioned in the 2013-04-14 update. A couple was found dead in their hot tub at home in coastal Edisto Beach (South Carolina), mentioned in the 2013-09-28 update. Two people were found dead in a hot tub at 3:30 AM at a home on Lakeview Drive in Sharps Chapel (Tennessee), as mentioned in the 2013-07-23 update. A man and woman were found dead in a hot tub in Florida, as mentioned in the 2012-02-11 update. And so on...

2013-12-18 - Woman and son, 35 and 4, incinerated when car bursts into flame at gas station in Mehu (India):

Note: This sounds like the work of the Ghostly Match. I mentioned refueling specifically, and events like this are the reason why...

2013-12-13 - Two tourists, men, 62 and 55, drop dead in hotel room in Nagarkot (Nepal):

2013-12-12 - Two men found dead in car with engine running, foaming at the mouth, in Asaba (Nigeria):

Quote: "The lawyer and the passenger were said to be returning from a court session when they suddenly started foaming in the mouth and nose in the air-conditioned car. They were dead within minutes according to eye witnesses."

Quote: "Many who were at the scene of the bizarre discovery screamed in shock and ran off..."

Note: We're gonna be seeing a whole lot of this as time goes on, to go along with many people burning to death or simply dropping dead. This is why the US government has procured millions of 'coffin liners'. Your corpse is gonna have to go somewhere, and those 'coffin liners' are airtight, so any residual gas in your lungs or clothing won't kill the people moving your corpse to a mass grave or wherever you end up...

2013-12-11 - Couple, 44 and 38, found dead in car in Bheemunipatnam (India):

Note: They 'suspect' suicide by poison. Heh, that's what they always say. I do like how predictable India is as they try to hide all the people dropping dead. If you believe them - which would be insane - then every other person in India is walking around with some poison, ready to consume it at the first sign of any difficulty. 'Damn, I didn't beat the red light, might as well eat some poison!'

2013-12-10 - Missing father and daughter, 46 and 11, found dead in/near submerged taxi in the Tunalia River (Fiji Islands):

2013-12-09 - Family of five found dead in home in Karachi (Pakistan), foaming at the mouth:;-gas-poisoning-suspected

Quote: "...the victims were all foaming at the mouth."

2013-12-07 - Mother, 31, and infant daughter found dead in home in Ilam (Nepal):

2013-12-06 - Two inmates, 25 and 51, found dead in their respective cells at Attica Correctional Facility (New York):

2013-12-04 - Couple found dead outside apartment block in coastal Bournemouth (Britain), possible dual topplers:

Note: They may have been on their balcony enjoying the view and got hit by a cloud of hydrogen sulfide, which, if concentrated enough, can cause nigh-instantaneous unconsciousness. Once unconscious, people slump forward and, if leaning out over a balcony, they fall...

2013-12-04 - Man and woman, 47 and 32, found dead in apartment at 4:19 AM in Madison (Florida):

2013-12-03 - Two people burn to death when car explodes and burns in coastal Thorpe Bay (Britain):

2013-12-01 - Father and daughter, 40 and 6, found dead in Lake Tarawera near Rotorua (Australia):

Quote: "The kayak, its paddle and an adult life-jacket were recovered earlier in the day."

Note: Empty 'ghost boat' found first, as usual...

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