Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Time For A Dip?

Here are some pool-related incidents, mostly deaths, from recent times. This doesn't include anyone found dead in canals, lakes, seas, quays, at beaches, washed ashore, vehicles crashing into pools or lakes, etc. This list is strictly pools and people.

Why are pools potentially such a danger? Well, for one, they are depressions that hold water. In other words, by default, they are the lowest-lying area around, which is why they hold water and it doesn't flow to lower ground. That means that a heavier-than-air gas like hydrogen sulfide will accumulate where there are pools. Also, hydrogen sulfide is somewhat water-soluble, so it is getting in the water, where it is a weak acid (ph 6.9) and is called hydrosulfuric acid. Pools will probably absorb hydrogen sulfide overnight, when it's cooler, then evaporate it out when the morning sun hits the water. Also, when you are in a pool, often you will have your head down near the water, which is precisely where you are apt to breathe in hydrogen sulfide if any is present at the time. It doesn't have to be strong enough in terms of concentration to kill you directly in order for you to end up dead either, because if you are simply knocked unconscious then you will drown. Breathing is an involuntary reflex; if you're unconscious then you will breathe water until you are dead. Thus a lot of these 'drowning' deaths are almost certainly being caused by unconsciousness resulting from hydrogen sulfide poisoning. If you lose consciousness driving then you crash. If you lose consciousness in the water then you drown. Simple as that.

Anyway, take a look, observe the escalation...

2012-07-03 - Woman, 49, found dead in swimming pool in Phoenix (Arizona), called a suicide:

2012-07-02 - Woman, 32, found dead in swimming pool at her home on Shore Road near Linwood (New Jersey):

2012-07-01 - Boy, 9, dies at Indian Mountain Lakes community swimming pool in Pennsylvania:

2012-06-30 - Missing 7-year-old found dead in swimming pool in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

2012-06-30 - Toddler, 2, dies in swimming pool in Moosic (Pennsylvania):

2012-06-30 - Man, 40, found dead in swimming pool in Phoenix (Arizona):

2012-06-30 - In separate incidents, 4 people sicken at pool in New Jersey, and 5 people at pool in Pennsylvania:

Note: First blamed on chlorine release, second blamed on pool chemical mix.

2012-06-29 - Man dies after being pulled unconscious from hotel swimming pool in Overland Park (Kansas):

2012-06-29 - Teen, 17, found dead in pool in Magnolia Park in Beaumont (Texas):

2012-06-29 - Boy, 6, in critical condition after nearly dying in pool in Overland Park (Kansas):

2012-06-28 - Man, 55, found dead in swimming pool in Jackson (Tennessee):

2012-06-27 - Twin boys, 4, found dead in swimming pool at home on Hunter Cove Drive in Arlington (Texas):

2012-06-27 - Award-winning young man, 19, found dead in hotel swimming pool in Ibiza (Spain):

2012-06-26 - Man, 82, found dead in his swimming pool in Allegheny County (Pennsylvania):

2012-06-24 - Boy, 2, found dead in swimming pool in Salford (Canada):

2012-06-23 - Child, 5, found unconscious in pool in Mesquite (Texas), dies shortly after:

2012-06-22 - Boy, 8, dies in swimming pool at resort in Owensboro (Kentucky):

2012-06-21 - Man, 58, found unresponsive in pool at hospital in Little Rock (Arkansas), dies shortly later:

2012-06-21 - Man, 76, found dead in swimming pool in Potomac (Maryland):

2012-06-21 - Teen, 13, dies in swimming pool in Arlington (Texas):

2012-06-21 - HazMat event at swimming pool in Indianapolis (Indiana) sends more than 80 to the hospital:

2012-06-20 - Young girl, 3 or 4, almost dies at waterpark in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), but is revived:

Quote: "A crowded pool of park-goers watched in horror as a little girl – lifeless and blue – was pulled from the water..."

Quote: "A spokesperson for the park says the girl may have suffered a seizure before she went underwater."

2012-06-19 - Girl, 2, found dead at bottom of family pool in St. Clair (Missouri):

2012-06-19 - Woman, 47, found dead in her swimming pool in Turkey:

2012-06-17 - Rodney King, 47, found dead in his swimming pool in Los Angeles (California):

2012-06-17 - Boy, 12, pulled lifeless from pool in Delaware County (Pennsylvania):

2012-06-14 - Woman, 70s, found dead in back yard swimming pool in Arlington (Virginia):

2012-06-12 - Two fully-clothed 5-year-old girls found dead in pool in Paulding County (Georgia):

2012-06-12 - Man found fully-clothed and dead in his pool in West Toledo (Ohio):

2012-06-11 - Boy, 5, falls unconscious then dies at community pool in Phoenix (Arizona):

2012-06-10 - Woman found floating dead in apartment complex pool in Phoenix (Arizona):

2012-06-08 - Man, 27, found dead in pool at Harry Bailey Aquatic Centre in Saskatoon (Canada):

2012-06-04 - Man, 28, found dead at bottom of pool at Holiday Inn at Chicago's North Shore in Illinois:

2012-05-23 - Woman, 52, found dead in her swimming pool in Phoenix (Arizona):

2012-05-19 - Woman found dead in her pool in Bridgewater (Massachusetts):

2012-05-16 - Missing man found dead, partially submerged in pool in Oceana (West Virginia):

2012-05-04 - Firefighter's 3-year-old son left for 1 minute in inflatable pool in Florida, then found dead:

2012-04-30 - Woman looking for cat found dead in neighborhood pool in Edgewood (Indiana):

2012-04-29 - Woman found unconscious in her pool in Tempe (Arizona), then dies:

2012-04-18 - Two-year-old found floating in family pool in Indio (California), dies shortly after:

2012-04-16 - Clothed person found dead in St. Albans (Vermont) community pool:

2012-04-12 - Elderly woman, 78, found dead in pool in Texas:

2012-04-10 - Woman found dead in back yard pool in Chandler (Arizona):

2012-03-23 - Three-year-old girl and grandmother found dead in Woodbridge (California) pool:

2012-03-19 - Man, 30, found dead in Golden Gate apartment complex pool in Florida:

2012-03-11 - Boy, 16, suddenly drowns in East Toledo (Ohio) hotel pool:

2012-03-08 - Kroc Community Center pool in Salem (Oregon) closed after man found dead:

2012-03-05 - Student, 19, skilled swimmer, pulled dead from pool at UW Milwaukee (Wisconsin):

2012-03-04 - Woman, 45, found unconscious in Florida pool, taken to hospital where she died:,0,931480.story

2012-02-29 - Missing UCF (California) student, male, 24, found dead in nearby residential pool:

2012-02-18 - More than 30 people at a pool in Phuket (Thailand) hospitalized after 'chlorine leak':


  1. Don't get me wrong, I find your blog/research/thesis fascinating but drownings have always occurred, what concrete proof exists that could establish a link between these and your H2S hypothesis? How do you know this represents an "escalation"?
    An ardent swimmer

    1. I'd advise you to read the science docs explaining how this extinction event works. You will see that every little detail occurring in the world fits the same-ol' same-ol' hydrogen sulfide and methane extinction scenario: people and animals dropping dead, especially in low-lying areas and near coasts, the fires and explosions, the flashes of light in the skies, the piles of metal bursting into flame, the explosions and fires involving substances that are reactive with hydrogen sulfide, the strange smells and unexplained HazMat events, the documented hydrogen sulfide events, and on and on.

      The deaths that are occurring are not all drownings. Many people are simply being found dead NEAR bodies of water. Oh sure, there are the incidents with ghost boats, where the driver goes missing and is found dead. But there are simply lots of people dying NEAR bodies of water. Animals too, obviously, with all the apocalyptic fish kills in the last year or two.

      But odds are, you won't die from drowning, even if you're an avid swimmer. You'll more likely die from simple poisoning at home, and it'll be called 'natural causes'. Or your car will ignite and you'll be incinerated. Or you'll lose consciousness driving and crash into a lake or head-on into a family and kill all of them and you too. Or your house will ignite and you'll die in that fire. Or an explosion will destroy your neighborhood. Even avid swimmers spend most of their time at home or driving, so I wouldn't worry overly about dying while swimming; odds are still that it'll be some other aspect of this extinction event that kills you.

      I'm speaking reality, and reality is self-substantiating. If the fires and explosions alone have yet to convince you that I am speaking truth, then all you need to do is be patient and watch the world as fires, explosions and poisonings march onward. Reality will unveil itself, to whatever degree you require.

  2. Thanks for all your hard work, it takes a lot of time to do this research and even so...there are probably many other H2S related events taking place that aren't reported or you didn't find due to time restriction, poor search engine placement etc. Even so, I'm always amazed at the sheer amount of incidents you list and the increasing number of events is now becoming evident. What's really concerning is the lack of awareness or preventative measures from public officials. Even worse, that the criminals running the intelligence agency will create a story aimed at blame-shifting the explosions onto "domestic terrorists" as a way to further the police state apparatus. Have you contacted or worked with Dane Wigington at yet? He's working hard to get the word out on the methane expulsion event and the dangers of geoengineering. I'm curious if he's familiar with your work...this data is exactly what he's been warning ppl about. Thanx again!

    1. I doubt Dane and I would agree on everything. Have you read this e-mail interview with a purported chemtrail scientist?

      That was almost 10 years ago, but still relevant. I found that man to be very credible. He suggested following up on some specific lines of inquiry, which I did. If by geoengineering you mean chemtrails, then I think those are a desperation measure to buy us some time, as Deep Shield said in that interview. (He killed himself afterwards, or at least that's the story, but the way he died is also an easy way to disguise a murder - hose from car exhaust into car.)

      That doesn't mean chemtrails are good! Hell no, they're terrible! As Deep Shield said, some estimates were that the chemtrails ALONE might kill 2 BILLION PEOPLE. But large-scale hydrogen sulfide and methane releases will kill everyone on the surface of the Earth. So, to prevent killing everyone for as long as possible, they tried (and are still trying) chemtrails despite their slow poisoning effects on people and the environment. That's also why 'they' continue to deny there are any chemtrails at all - people would ask, if the 'solution' is THAT BAD, then just how bad is the PROBLEM?! And the problem is so bad that awareness of it might very well collapse civilization. But my contention has always been that no matter how hard they may try to hide the truth, eventually the truth DOES make its way into the peoples' awareness, so at some point we're just going to have to face it down, like it or not.

      Also, this problem probably began when the phytoplankton on the ocean surfaces began mysteriously dying in the 1970s, long before there was any geoengineering. The problem was still small then, but it had begun. So one can't really blame this problem on geoengineering, since the problem pre-dates geoengineering. That doesn't mean that geoengineering isn't ITSELF a problem, thus the possibility of 2 billion deaths resulting from it.

      You're absolutely correct that no matter how hard I try, I will only ever be able to find but a small fraction of the events that are occurring. I'm not trying to find everything, just ENOUGH to show a rational person that there is PLENTY of evidence out there that shows that this is a very serious and very real problem. And people can look for themselves too, like Thorondor has been doing in Germany, and they'll see the signs for themselves, everywhere they look.