Thursday, May 31, 2018

Event Update For 2018-05-31

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2018-05-31 - Unknown chemical odor hits DMV and sickens person in coastal Long Beach (California):

Quote: "A strong chemical odor wafting through the DMV office in Long Beach on Thursday, May 31, caused breathing problems for a person and prompted evacuation of the office."

2018-05-31 - Passenger plane hit by unknown odor, plane makes emergency landing in Orlando (Florida):

2018-05-31 - Passenger plane pilot has seizure, plane makes emergency landing in Gainesville (Florida):

Quote: "An Allegiant airplane made an emergency landing at Gainesville Regional Airport Thursday morning after its pilot suffered a seizure mid-flight."

2018-05-31 - Passenger has 'medical emergency' on passenger plane after departing from coastal Dublin (Ireland):

Quote: "AN Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to Milan diverted to London Gatwick due to a medical emergency involving a passenger."

2018-05-31 - SUV goes up in flames and critically burns person at Benson Park in Omaha (Nebraska):

2018-05-31 - Auto salvage yard hit by fire, hundreds of scrap cars burn, in Carrollton (Ohio):

Quote: "The recycling plant owner says about $500 thousand worth of vehicles went up in flames."

Quote: "'It was all contained in the scrap metal,' Wells said. 'He (the owner) said between 300 and 400 cars.'"

2018-05-31 - The Thomas Fire, the biggest wildfire in California history, which began in late 2017, is now officially out:

Note: Whew, it's finally over...and now it's time for fire season!

2018-05-31 - California wildfire count outpacing record-setting 2017:

Quote: "According to Cal Fire, the state has experienced 1,421 fires as of Sunday. During the same time last year, the state had experienced 156 fewer fires, for a total 1,265."

2018-05-31 - Apartment building explodes and burns in Shenyang (China):

Note: This is the 136th residential explosion in 2018...

2018-05-31 - Recycling center heavily damaged by fire at 11 PM in Chicago (Illinois):

2018-05-31 - Recycling center erupts in flame at 11:55 PM in coastal Widnes (Britain):

2018-05-31 - Transformer bursts into flame near outlet mall in Woodstock, Atlanta (Georgia):

2018-05-31 - Truck stop and casino devastated by massive blaze in coastal New Orleans (Louisiana):

Quote: "Damage to the Irish Bayou Truck Stop and Casino following a three-alarm fire Thursday will likely be in the millions of dollars, according to State Fire Marshal Butch Browning."

2018-05-31 - Ship 'Netty' explodes into flame near coastal Ijmuiden (Netherlands):

Quote: "On May 15, 2018, at 2:03 p.m.the KNRM IJmuiden was alerted by the Dutch Coast Guard after the 'Netty' had suffered an explosion on board off Ijmuiden. One of the two engine rooms was on fire."

2018-05-31 - Yacht bursts into flame in Puget Sound near coastal Whidbey Island (Washington):

2018-05-31 - Boat bursts into flame at 1:18 AM, explodes and sinks, in the Selkirk Waterway in coastal Victoria (Canada):

Note: These are the 468th, 469th and 470th boats/ships to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-05-31 - Transit bus bursts into flame on street in Kiev (Ukraine):

2018-05-31 - Double-decker bus bursts into flame at 2:56 AM on highway in Bukit Mertajam (Malaysia):

2018-05-31 - Passenger bus bursts into flame at 4:45 AM on Indian Ocean Drive in coastal Numbung (Australia):

Note: These are 331st, 332nd and 333rd buses to burn in 2018...

2018-05-31 - Car-hauler bursts into flame on M56 slip road near Lymm (Britain):

Quote: "M56 slip road onto M6 closed after car transporter fire..."

Note: This is the 40th car-hauler to burn in 2018...

2018-05-31 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-95 near coastal Cocoa (Florida):

2018-05-31 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame just after 2 AM on I-81 near Nanticoke (Pennsylvania):

2018-05-31 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame at 5:55 AM on the Tri-State Tollway near Glenview (Illinois):

2018-05-31 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on Highway 65 in Boone County (Arkansas):

2018-05-31 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-75 in Findlay (Ohio), separate fiery four-semi crash too:

Quote: "About 8:32 a.m., the cab of a tractor-trailer driving on northbound I-75 caught fire on Findlay’s north side, the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office reported. That truck’s driver was able to safely stop just north of the County Road 99 interchange and escape without injury, but the firefighting effort closed two of three northbound lanes until 10:12 a.m., the sheriff’s office said."

2018-05-31 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on Route 9 in Deep River (Connecticut):

2018-05-31 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the Trans-Canada Highway in Coquitlam (Canada):

2018-05-31 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on Highway 6 near Caledonia (Canada):

2018-05-31 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the M60 near Heaton Park (Britain):

2018-05-31 - Tractor bursts into flame on Farley Road in Much Wenlock (Britain):

Note: These are the 1075th-1085th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-05-31 - Garbage truck bursts into flame on the M50 in coastal Dublin (Ireland):

2018-05-31 - Truck bursts into flame on I-70 near Odessa (Missouri):

2018-05-31 - RVs, antique car, lawn mowers and barn destroyed by fire just after 4 AM at home near Java (New York):

Quote: "The barn, owned by Bruce and Paula Catlin, also contained recreational vehicles, tools and lawn mowers."

2018-05-31 - RV, semi trailer, farm equipment and barn destroyed by fire in German Township (Ohio):

Quote: "The barn reportedly contained a semi trailer, an RV and other farm equipment."

Note: These are the 260th, 261st and 262nd RVs to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-05-31 - Two vans go up in flames at 1:02 AM while parked in compound on Reservoir Road in coastal Hull (Britain):

Quote: "Reservoir Road, Hull. Thu 31 May 2018 01:02 (No:10585) Two vans on fire inside compound, triple extension ladder, one hose reel and eletrical spreaders in use. Incident left with Police."

2018-05-31 - Van bursts into flame at 4:43 AM on Station Road in Taplow (Britain):

Quote: "Thursday 31 May, 4.43am Van on fire, Station Road, Taplow. One appliance and crew from Maidenhead attended. Firefighters used one hose reel."

2018-05-31 - Minivan bursts into flame while parked in carpark at Ikea store on Europa Boulevard in Warrington (Britain):

2018-05-31 - Alfa Romeo bursts into flame at home in coastal Venice (Florida):

2018-05-31 - Two cars go up in flames while parked in carport at condos on Soledad Canyon Road in Santa Clarita (California):

2018-05-31 - Car bursts into flame in CVS parking lot in Wallingford (Connecticut):

2018-05-31 - Car bursts into flame on Lexwood Court in Lexington Park (Maryland):

2018-05-31 - Car bursts into flame on Plymouth Road in coastal New Plymouth (New Zealand):

2018-05-31 - Car bursts into flame on West Hill Road in Putney (Britain):

2018-05-31 - Car bursts into flame on Malbourne Way in Orton Malbourne (Britain):

2018-05-31 - Car bursts into flame on Pool Bank in Leeds (Britain):

2018-05-31 - Car bursts into flame at 4:46 AM in Cranmere, Worfield, Bridgnorth (Britain):

2018-05-31 - Vehicle bursts into flame on I-78 in Greenwich Township (New Jersey):

2018-05-31 - Vehicle bursts into flame on I-20 in Augusta (Georgia):

2018-05-31 - Vehicle bursts into flame on I-95 in Glynn County (Georgia):

2018-05-31 - RV trailer destroyed by fire while parked at campground in the Town of Barton (Wisconsin), nobody there:

2018-05-31 - RV trailer bursts into flame at 3:30 AM while parked on Aureole Way in Concow (California):

2018-05-31 - Two cars and garage go up in flames shortly after 2 AM at home in Pasco (Washington):

2018-05-31 - Motorcycle, ATV and garage destroyed by fire near Marion Lake in Perham (Minnesota):

Quote: "The garage contained farm implements and supplies along with a ATV and a motorcycle."

2018-05-31 - Wildfire grows to 1,200 acres in Ute Park (New Mexico):

2018-05-31 - Wildfire breaks out in the Jones Creek area near Camas (Washington):

2018-05-31 - Teachers' Union office building heavily damaged by fire at 2:11 AM in coastal San Jose (California), nobody there:

2018-05-31 - Home damaged by garage fire in Albany (Oregon), 520 feet from the Calapooia River:

2018-05-31 - Home damaged by fire in Springfield (Massachusetts), 620 feet from the Connecticut River:

2018-05-31 - Home damaged by fire on Deep Creek Boulevard in Chesapeake (Virginia), 1 injured:

2018-05-31 - Home damaged by fire in Merrimack (New Hampshire), nobody there:

2018-05-31 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 3:30 AM in Wilmington (Massachusetts):

2018-05-31 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Thoroughbred Road in Scott Depot (West Virginia):

2018-05-31 - Home heavily damaged by fire just before 3:30 AM in Syracuse (New York):

2018-05-31 - Home destroyed by garage fire near Lake Osakis in Osakis (Minnesota), nobody there:

2018-05-31 - Home destroyed by fire at 1:30 AM on Northlake Drive in Warner Robins (Georgia):

2018-05-31 - Home destroyed by fire shortly after 2 AM in Pleasant Hill (Oregon):

2018-05-31 - Home destroyed by fire shortly after 3 AM in Ravena (New York):

2018-05-31 - Three homes go up in flames in coastal Newark (New Jersey):

2018-05-31 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire at River Park Village East Apartments in Lampasas (Texas):

2018-05-31 - Deadly fire burns mobile home in Leland (North Carolina), 1 killed:

2018-05-31 - Deadly fire burns home in the Town of Bradley (Wisconsin), 1 killed:

2018-05-31 - Vacant home burns at 12:12 AM in Lynchburg (Virginia):

2018-05-31 - Vacant home burns at 1 AM in Omaha (Nebraska):

2018-05-31 - Vacant home destroyed by fire shortly after midnight on Lakeside Drive in Lynchburg (Virginia):

2018-05-31 - Humpback whale washes ashore dead on Admiralty Island (Alaska):

2018-05-31 - Around 100 freshwater turtles mysteriously found dead this year across Florida:

Quote: "The die-off began five months ago. Freshwater turtles began turning up dead along the St. Johns River in January. Now about 100 dead or dying turtles have been found in water bodies in Orange, Seminole and Putnam counties. A few reports have come in from other locations, such as Trout Lake near Eustis. Examinations of the turtles and tests of their tissues have, at this point, failed to pinpoint a cause of death, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. There were no obvious signs of injury."

2018-05-31 - Many fish dying in Kiwassee Lake in Midland (Michigan):

2018-05-31 - Couple in their 50s drop dead at home in Madison (Wisconsin), 2300 feet from Lake Monona:

Quote: "The man and woman, both in their 50s, were found just before 7 p.m. inside a home in the 100 block of Harding Street, according to a release. Police said there were no signs of foul play, and the Dane County Medical Examiner will determine the cause and manner of the deaths."

2018-05-31 - Two men found dead in home in Yucaipa (California):;-death-investigation-underway/3543476/

2018-05-31 - Two boys, both 15, die in the water at quarry near Ennis (Ireland):

2018-05-31 - Four people, 17, 18, 18 and 20, found dead in the Chenab River in Sialkot (India):

2018-05-31 - Two girls, 9 and 11, die after being pulled from pond in Gajrajpur (India):

2018-05-31 - Three people, 12, 18 and 40, die in water in Yavatmal (India):

2018-05-31 - Three boys, all 11, die in pond in Kanakarasampalayam (India):

2018-05-31 - Two children, 10 and 6, found dead in pond in Tirupur (India):

2018-05-31 - Firefighter, man, 37, has brain aneurysm and dies in coastal Cape Coral (Florida):

2018-05-31 - Man found dead in lake at Dallas Park in Dallas (Texas):

2018-05-31 - Man, 66, dies after being pulled from swimming pool in Augusta (Georgia):

Quote: "A third person has died in a local swimming pool in as many weeks in the CSRA."

2018-05-31 - Boy, 17, found dead in Lake Lorelei in Brown County (Ohio):

2018-05-31 - Boy, 16, dies after being pulled from water in Horseheads (New York):

2018-05-31 - Man, 66, dies while cleaning drain at church in Mount Haley Township (Michigan):

2018-05-31 - Man, 55, goes into cardiac arrest and drops dead in Frick Park in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania):

2018-05-31 - Man found dead in pond in Royal Palm Beach (Florida), near the coast:

2018-05-31 - Woman, 51, drops dead on sidewalk in coastal Berkeley (California):

2018-05-31 - Man slumps over dead in car at Burger King in Bay Minette (Alabama), near the coast:

2018-05-31 - Woman, 65, slumps over dead in car at shopping center in Weldon Spring (Missouri):

2018-05-31 - Person slumps over dead in pickup truck in coastal Bayonne (New Jersey):

2018-05-31 - Man, 33, found dead in South St. Vrain Creek near Bohn Park in Lyons (Colorado):

2018-05-31 - Man, 48, found dead in Mission Lake in Salem (Oregon):

2018-05-31 - Man found dead in the Colorado River in Bullhead City (Arizona):

2018-05-31 - Teen boy found dead in the Welland Recreational Waterway in Welland (Canada):

2018-05-31 - Man, 56, foams at the mouth and slumps over dead in car in coastal Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia):

Quote: "Around 3pm, a lady on her way home spotted Chung and realising that he was not breathing, she immediately notified a nearby coffee shop owner, 50, who went to investigate and found the deceased foaming at the mouth."

2018-05-31 - Boy, 16, dies after being pulled from Burnham Lake in Baguio (Philippine Islands):

2018-05-31 - Man found dead in pond in Halban (Oman), near the coast:

2018-05-31 - Man, 29, found dead in submerged car in the River Wear in coastal Sunderland (Britain):

2018-05-31- Man, 46, has 'medical condition', pickup hits pickup head-on, near Grants Pass (Oregon), 1 killed, 1 injured:

Quote: "Sergeant Jeff Proulx with OSP reports that the driver of a pickup truck heading northbound on U.S. 199 is believed to have suffered from some sort of medical condition."

2018-05-31 - Man, 24, has seizure, car plows into apartment building, in Troy (Alabama):

Quote: "The driver of the vehicle, 24-year-old DeQuante Shockley, reportedly had a seizure while driving down the busy corridor Thursday at approximately 2:40 p.m. The medical episode caused him to careen off the road and plow straight into the apartment’s living space."

2018-05-31 - Small plane crashes and burns at airport in Midland (Texas), 2 killed:

2018-05-31 - Small plane clips semi while making emergency landing on I-80 near Evanston (Wyoming), engine failure:

2018-05-31 - Tanker truck and tractor trailer crash before 1 AM on US 30 near New Haven (Indiana):

2018-05-31 - Tractor trailer hits car, veers off road, crashes into woods, bursts into flame, on I-55 near Batesville (Mississippi), 3 injured:

2018-05-31 - Tractor trailer crashes, bursts into flame, on I-95 in Colleton County (South Carolina):

2018-05-31 - Tractor trailer overturns on Ohio River bridge near Lawrenceburg (Indiana):

2018-05-31 - SUV crashes on I-40 in Nashville (Tennessee), 1 killed:

Quote: "Police are investigating into whether a medical event may have played a role in the crash."

2018-05-31 - SUV plows into store in coastal Vancouver (Canada):

Quote: "The driver was taken to hospital for assessment and police say he may have suffered a medical incident prior to the collision."

2018-05-31 - Pickup truck veers over centerline, hits SUV head-on, in coastal Deerfield Beach (Florida), 1 killed, 2 injured:

2018-05-31 - Car veers across median, hits semi and car, on I-10 near Scott (Louisiana), 1 killed, 2 injured:

2018-05-31 - Car veers across centerline, hits SUV head-on, on Wading River Road in Manorville (New York), 2 injured:

2018-05-31 - Car veers off road at 2:41 AM, hits dumpster, bursts into flame, in Detroit (Michigan), 1 killed:

2018-05-31 - Pit bull attacks and injures 15-year-old girl, woman shoots dog dead, in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania):

2018-05-31 - Building partially collapses in Marshall (Indiana):

2018-05-31 - Hole opens on I-40 bridge in Del City (Oklahoma):

2018-05-31 - Sewer line collapses, sinkhole opens, in Huntington (West Virginia):

2018-05-31 - Sewer collapses, sinkhole opens, in coastal Wilmington (North Carolina):

2018-05-31 - Man, 21, goes missing in Lake Cochichewick in North Andover (Massachusetts):

2018-05-31 - Woman, 61, has heart problems on cruise ship near coastal Noyes Island (Alaska):

Quote: "A Coast Guard Air Station Sitka MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew medevaced a woman from the 'Celebrity Solstice' near Noyes Island, west of Craig, Alaska, on May 30, 2018. Coast Guard Sector Juneau watchstanders received notification from the captain of the vessel who reported that a woman was suffering symptoms of a heart attack."

2018-05-31 - Woman collapses at 12:04 AM on Ferensway in coastal Hull (Britain):

Quote: "Ferensway, Hull. Thu 31 May 2018 00:04 (No:10584) Adult female fallen in road. Left in care of ambulance."

2018-05-31 - Lightning strike kills 2 people, injures 2 others, in Calbayog City (Philippine Islands):

2018-05-31 - Extreme rainfall in the US has been rising since 1990:

2018-05-31 - Blue whale seen in the Red Sea for the first time:

2018-05-31 - Eerie sounds heard in coastal Southampton (Britain):

2018-05-31 - Snowy owl turns up on Skomer Island, Wales (Britain):

2018-05-31 - Your body has a 'second brain' in your butt, scientists say:

Quote: "The professor noted that the brain in your rear is technically your 'first brain' because scientists believe it actually evolved before the brain and central nervous system in mammals."


  1. BLACK BEAR NEWS 5.31.18 Tourists told to stay away from Indian city of Shimla due to water crisis

    Crazy May! Warm and sunshine records SMASHED in the UK, Western Europe and Scandinavia while the Mediterranean was cool and wet

    Confidential military report analyzes recent Navy Tic Tac UFO encounters near California coast

    Over a two-week period in late 2004, an unknown, 45-foot long Tic Tac shaped object played cat and mouse with the U.S. Navy off the coast of California. The mighty U.S.S. Nimitz aircraft carrier, and its support ships including the U.S.S. Princeton, carrying the most sophisticated sensor systems in the world, repeatedly detected recurring glimpses of the Tic Tac but were unable to lock on.

    On Nov.14, F-18s were ordered into the area and saw it up close. Veteran pilot Dave Fravor, commander of the elite Black Aces unit, says the Tic Tac reacted to the presence of the F-18s then took off like a bullet fired from a gun. [more]

    Indonesia's Mount Merapi explodes in biggest eruption this year, red alert issued with flight warnings

    Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano entering a quiet phase, scientists say’s-kilauea-volcano-entering-a-quiet-phase-scientists-say/vi-AAy8B5o

    [short video]

    Hawaii Kilauea volcano destroys more than 80 homes

    The number of homes swallowed by the lava flowing from fissures has jumped to at least 87, up the from the 77 reported destroyed Thursday. [more; ~ 2 min. video]

    Saturday, 2 June 2018
    Kilauea volcao update - 06/01/2018

    "Heed Evacuation Order Or Face Arrest" - Hawaii Eruption Begins More Violent Phase

    [~ 47 min. video followed by ZeroHedge article, pics, maps, and another ~ hour long video]

    More than 50 dead sharks found on beach near Swansea, Wales

    10km earth crack emerges on Elgeyo escarpment, Kenya

    [see SOTT comment for a long list of others around the world]

    Dead humpback whale washes up near Port Lincoln, South Australia

    Dead whale found on beach in Queens, New York

    Lightning bolt kills 13 goats in Ganjam, Odisha, India

    [so it's another kind of kids being killed in India besides all the ones in today's post]

    Lightning strikes kill 8 across West Bengal, India

    [(SOTT)Comment: Elsewhere in India 7 people and 20 sheep were killed by lightning in the state of Andhra Pradesh.]

  2. Sign washed away in Hurricane Sandy lands on beach in France

    Hurricane Sandy wrought havoc on the Jersey Shore town of Brielle when it made landfall in October 2012.

    Homes filled with water. Boats washed up on people’s lawns and on the Brielle Avenue bridge.

    Also, a real estate sign went missing.

    It had been planted in back of a house for sale on Cedarcrest Drive, facing a narrow inlet called Debbie’s Creek. The sign was 18 by 24 inches and about an inch thick and made of plastic composite. It disappeared along with the post it was mounted to and was never seen again.

    Until around 14 May 2018.

    On a beach in France, 3,595 miles away. [more]

    Across U.S., toxic algal blooms threaten lakes and other waterways, with alarming rise from 3 blooms in 2010 to 169 blooms in 2017

    Across the U.S., a growing epidemic of toxic algal blooms is polluting lakes and other waterways, according to a new report by the Environmental Working Group. [more]

    Colombia palm oil plantations reduce species richness by 47 percent – Government says oil palm agriculture to double to one million hectares by 2020

    “We found that the number and diversity of species differed significantly between oil palm plantations and their neighboring forests, with the number of species inside oil palm plantations 47% lower, on average, than in the forest,” said Mr Pardo. [more]

    Reduction in pollutant emissions slowing down in U.S. – “Air quality is better than it was decades ago, but now we’re starting to see the improvement slow down”

    The air we breathe today in the United States is much cleaner than it was in the 1960s and 70s. But recent satellite data show that air quality is not improving as quickly as predicted by models.

    “Air quality is better than it was decades ago, but now we’re starting to see the improvement slow down,” said Helen Worden, atmospheric scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

    In a recent study supported by NASA, lead author Zhe Jiang, Worden, and a group of researchers used satellite data and advanced computer simulations to find that major air pollutants are not decreasing as rapidly as expected. That is, air quality is not improving as much as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) inventories and computer models indicate they should. [more; i'm sure Scott Pruitt has NOTHING to do with this . . ..]

    Wall Street Journal commentary grossly misleads readers about science of sea level rise – “If this were an essay in one of my undergraduate classes, he would fail”

    This commentary published by The Wall Street Journal, written by Fred Singer, claims that warming (and therefore greenhouse gas emissions) has no effect on global sea level rise. Although Singer concedes the physical fact that water expands as its temperature increases, he claims that this process must be offset by growth of Antarctic ice sheets.

    Scientists who reviewed this opinion piece explained that it is contradicted by a wealth of data and research. Singer bases his conclusion entirely on a cherry-picked comparison of sea level rise 1915-1945 and a single study published in 1990, claiming a lack of accelerating sea level rise despite continued warming. But in fact, modern research utilizing all available data clearly indicates that sea level rise has accelerated, and is unambiguously the result of human-caused global warming. [more]

    Additional energy in atmosphere in line with high temperatures over land and high sea surface temperatures

  3. CAPE ALERT FOR JUNE 2, 2018

    [look at the map - it's @ the center of the U.S.]

    IT'S A TRADE WAR: Europe, Mexico, and Canada retaliate against Trump's steel and aluminium tariffs

    Oil and gas geopolitics: No shelter from the coming storm

    There could be widespread ramifications from US energy independence and looming US sanctions on Iran and Russia; states in Central Asia could be hit hard, as well as serious possible impacts on global oil production and the West. [more]

    Does it matter? USA in a debt trap death spiral

    The US economy and its financial structures have never recovered from the great financial meltdown of 2008 despite the passage of ten years. Little discussion has been given to the fact that the Republican Congress last year abandoned the process of mandatory budget cuts or automatic sequestration that had been voted in a feeble attempt to rein in the dramatic rise in US government debt. That was merely an added factor in what soon will be recognized as a classic debt trap. What is now looming over not just the US economy but also the global financial system is a crisis that could spell the end of the post-1944 dollar system. [more; looks like all those greenbacks will be becoming worthless . . ]

    Trumptopian Supernova aka. Mega Crash For All Ages

    This week, Trump imposed tariffs on America's closest trading allies, having "put on hold" tariffs on finished goods from China last week. Needless to say the jackass-in-chief does not possess the acumen to understand that aluminum and steel are inputs to U.S. finished goods e.g. Boeing aircraft. So all these new tariffs will achieve is to make U.S. finished goods less competitive. To date, he has monkey hammered global bonds, Emerging Markets, global financials, U.S. Industrials, and dividend stocks. Yet, oblivious U.S. gamblers are snapping up Go Daddy with both hands.

    What remains of the global "everything" bubble is Y2K 2.0. To say that the Trump Supernova implosion will be spectacular is an asinine understatement. It will prove to even the most ardent denialist, that the everyone-for-themselves "model" is a colossal failure. [more]

    [from our Vacations, Come On Down! segment]
    Maryland reached a 10-year high in flesh-eating bacteria infections in the Chesapeake Bay so far this summer

    Why Is The Mainstream Media Suddenly Buzzing About “Another Global Financial Crisis”?

    All of a sudden, the mainstream media is starting to sound a lot like The Economic Collapse Blog. . .European financial markets are already in meltdown mode, a major international trade war has just erupted, the worst “retail apocalypse” in modern U.S. history is accelerating, and our debt problems continue to grow with each passing day. [more]

    ["suddenly?" where has Michael Snyder been? oh, right - campaigning for a U.S. Senate seat]

  4. The Truth About The Employment Numbers – Nearly 102 Million Working Age Americans Do Not Have A Job Right Now

    Don’t get too excited about the “good employment numbers” that you are hearing about from the mainstream media. The truth is that they actually aren’t very good at all. For years, the federal government has been taking numbers out of one category and putting them into another category and calling it “progress”, and in this article we will break down exactly what has been happening. We are being told that the U.S. unemployment rate has fallen to “3.8 percent”, which is supposedly the lowest that it has been “in nearly 50 years”. If these were honest numbers that would be great news. But these are not honest numbers… [more]

    Ute Park Fire grows to 27,000 acres

    The Ute Park Fire in Northeast New Mexico expanded to over 27,000 acres on Friday according to a mapping flight at 11 p.m. Friday night. [more]

    Wildfire potential, June through September

    [the first 5 videos from MrMBB333 are worth the watch]
    Most Recent Videos

    Hurricane Season 2018: Experts Warn of Super Storms, Call For New Category 6

    In Rebuke to Pruitt, EPA Science Board Votes to Review Climate Policy Changes

    [about time they grew a pair]

    Pakistan’s 'shocking' spring heat drives up water use, health risks

    "Temperatures we used to record in June and July are now being recorded in March," Pakistan's weather agency says. [more]

    Why Sea Level Rise May Be The Greatest Threat To Civilization - 6

    [see comment at bottom of article too]

    [That was all from Tom while our commenting ability is 'compromised'.]

  5. [And some more too...]

    News Links, June 1, 2018
    Rice Farmer

    Liquidity Crisis Coming: Here, There, Everywhere

    Why the Eurozone and the Euro Are Both Doomed
    Papering over the structural imbalances in the Eurozone with endless bailouts will not resolve the fundamental asymmetries.

    Global growth too dependent on cheap borrowing – OECD

    Trump Started a Global Trade War Today: Canada, Mexico Responded, So Will Europe

    Flip This Well: How Fracking Company CEOs Get Rich While Losing Billions

    Shale Surge Crashes Into Bottlenecks From Pipelines to Ports

    Three U.S. Nuclear Plants Get Poor Marks from NRC

    Hepatitis A is usually not a problem to recover from. But in Michigan, 27 people died since this outbreak began.

    May shaping up as USA's hottest on record, breaking mark set during 1934 Dust Bowl

    Turning Trees Into Enemies. The New War on Forests

    Toxic Chemicals From E-Waste Are Working Their Way Into Our Food Packaging
    The "50 tons" in the first sentence is obviously an editing error for "50 million tons." -- RF

    Even a dead hard drive can give away your private info. Here's how to delete it for good

    Governments all over the world buy spy products that let them track and eavesdrop on global cellphones, especially US phones

    May You Live in Stupid, Corrupt and yet Fascinating Times

    The US is running out of commonly used drugs including ones used in epidurals, and it's put us on 'the brink of a public health emergency'

    Wind turbine catches fire during thunderstorm in Cambridgeshire

    Illinois Pension Benefits, Other Promises, and Insolvency

    To Avoid Raising Wages, Firms Are Now Hiring Felons And Drug Addicts: Beige Book

    Burrito Index Update: Burrito Cost Triples, Official Inflation Up 43% from 2001
    Welcome to debt-serfdom, the only possible output of the soaring cost of living.

    Another Nuclear Bailout?
    Last week, New Jersey joined the list of states seemingly eager to bail out politically well-connected nuclear power plant operators.

    If the job market is so great, why aren't many people getting pay raises?

    Report: Pennsylvanians carrying $33.2 billion in credit card debt [who, ME? oh shit . .]