Sunday, April 15, 2012

Two More Clues

Let me assemble for you a couple of clues that support what I've been saying, little pieces of this grand puzzle that snap right into place. The first clue begins with this science article, about hydrogen sulfide causing rats to go into 'suspended animation':

Interesting information. Further work shows it does not have the same effect on pigs, so it probably doesn't work on humans either, although it might be based on the size of the mammal too, so maybe it would work on small humans (e.g. infants). Anyway, so H2S puts rats into suspended animation. Well, next story, about a hamster that was 'resurrected', seemingly coming back from the dead after being buried:

Obvious conclusion: hamsters are sufficiently like rats that hydrogen sulfide also puts them into suspended animation, lowering body temp, heart rate, etc, so that that hamster appeared dead, but wasn't. After being buried, it awoke and dug its way out.

Next story, about a recent huge explosion that happened at a GM plant in Michigan (which is surrounded by the Great Lakes and is having plenty of fires, explosions and corpses being found):

Quote: "During the extreme testing process, hydrogen sulfide gas collected in the testing area and when that cloud of gas ignited – we had the massive explosion that injured five and did significant damage to the Alternative Energy Center testing area including blowing out windows and at least one 8” thick door."

So they were testing a new prototype battery, that needs to work with hydrogen sulfide in the air. Um, why would we need that...unless we're expecting there to be hydrogen sulfide in the air? Also note the sheer power of that explosion: it blew down an 8" thick door. BOOM!

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