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Event Update For 2019-11-29

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Variety Pack

2019-11-29 - Underground electrical explosion and fire cause blackouts at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa (California), near the coast:

2019-11-29 - Auto salvage yard hit by fire, six vehicles burn, in Jurupa Valley (California):

Quote: "A fire engulfed six vehicles at a salvage yard in Jurupa Valley Friday before being knocked down in about 20 minutes."

2019-11-29 - Five cars and auto shop go up in flames in Fresno (California):

Quote: "Fire crews say five cars were inside the shop and were damaged by the fire."

2019-11-29 - Towing business destroyed by fire on Cyrus Creek Road in Barboursville (West Virginia):

2019-11-29 - Heavy truck goes up in flames in the wee hours and kills man while parked in Kanpur (India):

Quote: "A truck driver from Etawah was charred to death after the vehicle’s cabin mysteriously caught fire near Bara Jod toll plaza on Kanpur-Etawah highway in Kanpur Dehat district in the wee hours of Friday."

2019-11-29 - Two cars and home destroyed by fire at 12:34 AM, another home damaged, in coastal Chestnut Hill Cove (Maryland):

2019-11-29 - Amazon fires are causing glaciers in the Andes to melt even faster:

2019-11-29 - First drought and now a heatwave bring misery to South Africa:

2019-11-29 - Food prices are skyrocketing in a variety of areas around the world and economists are hungry worried:

2019-11-29 - People protest climate change inaction around the world days before climate conference in Madrid (Spain):

Quote: "Protesters in cities across the world staged rallies Friday demanding leaders take tougher action against climate change, days before the latest global conference, which this year takes place in Madrid. The rallies kicked off in Australia, where people affected by recent devastating wildfires joined young environmentalists protesting against the government's pro-coal stance."

2019-11-29 - Boat damaged by explosions and fire in coastal Cape Coral (Florida):

Note: This is the 959th boat/ship to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-11-29 - Tanker truck bursts into flame at 6:45 AM on Highway 97 south of Culver (Oregon):

2019-11-29 - Two semi tractors go up in flames in field in Wichita (Kansas):

Quote: "SEMI TRACTOR FIRE | Area E 77th St N / N Rock Rd | E37 has two semi tractors on fire in the middle of a field | 12:14 PM · Nov 29, 2019"

2019-11-29 - Semi tractor bursts into flame at business, fire spreads to warehouse, in Calgary (Canada):

Quote: "A semi tractor caught fire Friday, which then spread to a shipping warehouse in southeast Calgary."

Note: These are the 2050th, 2051st, 2052nd and 2053rd tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-11-29 - Four trucks go up in flames at Department of Transportation facility in Winsted (Connecticut):

2019-11-29 - Van bursts into flame on I-89 near Richmond (Vermont):

2019-11-29 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on Old Great Mills Road in Great Mills (Maryland), 2 miles from the coast:

2019-11-29 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on I-80 in Roseville (California):

2019-11-29 - Car bursts into flame on I-95 near Gardiner (Maine):

2019-11-29 - Car bursts into flame at gas station in Sycamore Township (Ohio):

2019-11-29 - Car bursts into flame on Highway 17 bypass in Horry County (South Carolina):

2019-11-29 - Two cars go up in flames while parked in Love Lane in coastal Burnham-on-Sea (Britain):

2019-11-29 - Car bursts into flame on Kirland Road in Bodmin (Britain):

2019-11-29 - Car bursts into flame on M3 slip road in Surrey (Britain), separate crash too:

2019-11-29 - Car bursts into flame on Lyncastle Way in Warrington (Britain):

2019-11-29 - Vehicle bursts into flame on Highway 18 near Otis (Oregon), near the coast:

2019-11-29 - Vehicle bursts into flame on Sea View Road in coastal Poole (Britain):

2019-11-29 - Home damaged by fire on Bisland Drive in Raleigh (North Carolina):

2019-11-29 - Home damaged by fire on Kennedy Road in the Crystal Lakes area in Bethel Township (Ohio), 1 injured:

2019-11-29 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 4:45 AM on Oak Hill Road in Lake Barrington Shores (Illinois), 1 injured:

2019-11-29 - Home heavily damaged by garage fire on Lowell Drive in Evesham Township (New Jersey):

2019-11-29 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Wick Street in Buffalo (New York):

2019-11-29 - Home heavily damaged by fire on East Main Street in Ephrata Borough (Pennsylvania), several pets killed:

2019-11-29 - Home destroyed by fire at 1:17 AM on Weaver Avenue in Kalamazoo (Michigan), nobody there:

2019-11-29 - Apartment building damaged by fire in Montgomery Village (Maryland), several injured:

2019-11-29 - Apartment building destroyed by fire in Beaver (Utah):

2019-11-29 - Condo building damaged by fire on Cape Henry Court in coastal Virginia Beach (Virginia), 1200 feet from the ocean:

2019-11-29 - Deadly fire burns home just after midnight on East 128th Street in Ensley Township (Michigan), 1 killed:

2019-11-29 - Deadly fire burns home on Grandview Drive in Colonie (New York), 1 killed:

2019-11-29 - Deadly fire destroys home in Kaysville (Utah), 1 killed:

2019-11-29 - Vacant home destroyed by fire on Burr Road just outside Springfield (Tennessee):

2019-11-29 - Vacant home destroyed by fire just before 1 AM in Woodstock (Vermont):

2019-11-29 - Vacant warehouse burns in Highlands County (Florida):

2019-11-29 - Porpoise washes ashore dead on beach in coastal Whitstable (Britain):

2019-11-29 - Man, 43, collapses on boat after diving, hits his head and dies, near coastal Juno Beach (Florida):

Quote: "A diver died after he collapsed on a charter boat in Juno Beach Friday afternoon, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. Deputies say the charter boat captain requested assistance from the U.S. Coast Guard after 43-year-old James Ligon of Kennesaw, Georgia collapsed on the deck and hit his head."

2019-11-29 - Man found dead in Lake Berryessa (California), empty 'ghost boat' found first:

2019-11-29 - Man, 39, found dead in Stevens Creek in Edgefield County (South Carolina), empty 'ghost boat' found first:

2019-11-29 - Man drops dead near freeway off-ramp in the Chollas Creek neighborhood in coastal San Diego (California):

2019-11-29 - Woman found dead in the Lindo Channel near bike trail in Chico (California):

2019-11-29 - Person found dead in submerged car in lake in Monroe (New York):

2019-11-29 - Man found dead in field in Gallup (New Mexico):

2019-11-29 - Man, 38, found dead in Laurel Bed Lake (Virginia):

2019-11-29 - Driver has 'medical event', pulls over and dies, on State Highway 1 near Ohaeawai (New Zealand):

Quote: "A driver who pulled over after suffering a 'medical event' on State Highway 1 at Ohaeawai has died, police say. In a statement this morning, police said a lane was blocked about 10am after a single-vehicle crash that blocked one lane. However, they later confirmed it was not a crash but that the driver had pulled over as they suffered a medical event."

2019-11-29 - Man drops dead in apartment in Angeles City (Philippine Islands), near the coast:

2019-11-29 - Woman, 55, found dead in apartment in Delhi (India):

2019-11-29 - Infant boy dies at home in Mangotsfield (Britain), 10 miles from the coast:

2019-11-29 - Man found dead in Victoria Park in Leicester (Britain):

2019-11-29 - Passenger has 'medical event' on passenger plane, plane diverts to the island of Tahiti:

Quote: "A plane bound for Houston made an unscheduled landing in Tahiti Friday morning, related on to an on-board medical event."

2019-11-29 - Passenger has 'medical emergency' on ferry ship off the Isle of Man:

Quote: "The Steam Packet Company says it's due to a medical emergency on board."

2019-11-29 - Person has 'medical incident' and falls off bicycle near Cobham (Britain), 1 injured:

Quote: "We were called at around 12.30pm to Portsmouth Road (A307) near Cobham to someone who had reportedly collapsed off a bike. It was believed to be a medical incident and they had fallen off as a result of that."

2019-11-29 - Small plane crashes in Woodville (Australia), 2 killed:

2019-11-29 - Tanker truck overturns at 3 AM on I-40 in Nashville (Tennessee), 1 injured:

2019-11-29 - Box truck veers across median, crashes into pickup truck and overturns, near Houston (Texas), 1 killed:

Quote: "Investigators are working to determine if the driver had some sort of medical emergency before the crash."

2019-11-29 - Van and pickup truck crash in Four Corners (Oregon), 3 killed, 10 injured:

2019-11-29 - SUV overturns at 1:55 AM on I-295 in coastal Yarmouth (Maine), 4 injured:

2019-11-29 - Three cars crash in Madison County (Alabama), 1 injured:

Quote: "Crews on the scene said the person taken to the hospital may have had a medical issue."

2019-11-29 - Car veers off road, crashes into pole, fire erupts, in Portland (Oregon), 1 injured:

2019-11-29 - Car veers off road, plunges hundreds of feet into canyon, on Sycamore Canyon Road, near coastal Pfeiffer Beach (California), 2 injured:

2019-11-29 - Car veers off road at 4:17 AM, crashes into tree, bursts into flame, near Bowman (South Carolina), 1 killed:

2019-11-29 - Car veers off road at 5 AM, crashes into ditch and tree, near coastal Rainbow Haven Beach (Canada), 1 killed:

2019-11-29 - Car veers off road, crashes into home, in coastal Stamford (Connecticut), 1 injured:

2019-11-29 - Dog attacks and injures man at park in coastal Mashpee (Massachusetts):

2019-11-29 - Man has 'medical episode' while working on scaffold in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania):

2019-11-29 - Dangerous volcano Fuego erupts again in Guatemala, other volcanic activity around the world too:

2019-11-29 - Magnitude 4.5 earthquake strikes near coastal Port Orford (Oregon):

2019-11-29 - Large waterspouts filmed near Split (Croatia):

2019-11-29 - Strange trumpeting sounds heard in coastal Anchorage (Alaska):

2019-11-29 - Amazonian tree with human-sized leaves finally identified as new species:

Note: Whoa, now that's a leaf!


  1. G'day Jonny and all your readers! Here we go with another week on the road to certain doom.

    Let's see what's going on, besides all the residential fires, boats burning, people having medical episodes, infrastructure fires, explosions and collapse. Much more of the same on the way.

    BLACK BEAR NEWS - Paris Agreement Breached - Regreening [~ 7.5 min.]

    BLACK BEAR NEWS - Headlines [~ 10.6 min.]

    Sunday, 1 December 2019
    The paradox which is Africa: The crippling drought in the south which is drying up the world-famous Victoria Falls': While unprecedented rainfall kills hundreds further north

    [before humanity started using pipelines to transfer toxic oil and gas across great distances, we SHOULD have used pipelines to pump water from places with way too much to drought stricken areas - north to south and east to west]

    Anomalous Concentration of Methane Vents Discovered at the Northern Cascadia Margin

    Off the coast of Washington, columns of bubbles rise from the seafloor, as if evidence of a sleeping dragon lying below.
    But these bubbles are methane that is squeezed out of sediment and rises up through the water. The locations where they emerge provide important clues to what will happen during a major offshore earthquake. [more]

    [oh this is SO intelligent - what could go wrong?]
    Almost 100,000 metric tons of nuclear waste to be transported to Arizona and Texas for temporary storage by road, rail and water through major American cities (new proposal)

    [that amount is a drop in the proverbial bucket]

    Yesterday, Gail Snyder, a board member of the Nuclear Energy Information Service (NEIS) sent me a very disturbing video, which can be watched below, called, "The problem with transporting radioactive waste."

    A proposal by the American Nuclear Industry will put the lives of American people in danger by shipping nuclear waste all over the country, using trains, trucks and barges. Almost 100,000 metric tons of nuclear waste will be transported to Arizona and Texas for temporary storage. Shipping this much radioactive material would put the lives of millions of people as well as freshwater supplies across the country in danger.
    [more, incl. ~ 6 min. video; "so let's DO IT!" - fictional industry spokesperson]

    Snowmageddon Around the World: Meters of Snow in California – Europe’s Exceptional Snowfall Continues – Japan, Canada and China Winter Storm Alerts

    While a record-breaking bombogenesis has brought record amounts of snow in the Sierras and the Rockies this week, weather specialists say a powerful atmospheric river is set to dump much more starting on Sunday. [more]

    [2nd part follows]

  2. [the trouble with vaccines continues]
    FDA shocking study: Cells used in vaccines contaminated with serious viruses including cancer

    An experiment injecting rodents with vaccines yielded surprising results showing that the rats now had tumor cells.

    "In some cases the cell lines that are used might be tumorigenic, that is, they form tumors when injected into rodents," the FDA paper explains.

    Some of these tumor-forming cell lines may contain cancer-causing viruses that are not actively reproducing. Such viruses are hard to detect using standard methods. These latent, or 'quiet,' viruses pose a potential threat, since they might become active under vaccine manufacturing conditions.

    The list of tumorigenic or cells that run the risk of causing cancer include MDCK and CHO cells (for influenza virus vaccines), 293 and PER.C6 cells (for adenovirus-vectored HIV-1 and other vaccines), and tumor-derived cells such as HeLa cells (for HIV-1 vaccines) according to the FDA. [more]

    The FDA is also evaluating the risk of retrovirus infections in humans such as Simian foamy virus (SFV) which can be transmitted from monkeys to humans. Although, the FDA says "there is no evidence that SFV causes disease." However, the FDA cautions that the virus can "remain in a lifelong quiet state in the DNA after infection."

    Despite these claims, we know that polio and smallpox vaccines contain monkey, pig, kidney and other foreign cells that are contaminated with SIV, SFV, and various other cancer-causing viruses. Most are also well aware that the Polio vaccine SV40 is documented on record by the CDC themselves (on a now-deleted page) to have cost people their lives and caused cancer. However, you can confirm the web page existed by using's time machine. Also there's other evidence that SV40 has been detected in some human tumors.

    So the claim made by the FDA "there is no evidence that SFV causes disease" is a laughably ill-researched statement.

    In other gene sequencing news, recently it has been reported by scientists in a separate study that there are 560 cancer genes in the human gene sequencing for GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK) combination vaccine for measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella (MMRV). [more on this study incl. in SOTT comment]

    Thiomersal isn't the only ingredient in vaccines; they have admitted to traces of aluminum, which is classified as a neurotoxin to the body and stated that "despite using it for 90 years medical sciences' understanding about using aluminum as a vaccine adjuvant is remarkably poor."

    [SOTT]Comment: Bottom line: Vaccines contain a chemical shitstorm of heavy metals, viruses, genetic material (including human) of unknown consequence and God knows what else. That the pro-vaxxer camp has the audacity to claim vaccination poses an absolute zero risk is either shockingly ignorant or equally shockingly malificent [sic]. [more]

    [3rd piece next]

  3. Third whale in two months found dead in River Thames, London

    "A whale is very unusual in the River Thames, however we have now had three in the past two months," said Martin Garside of the Port of London Authority (PLA).

    "They are all different species and there is no obvious, simple cause. Hopefully we can learn about what causes it, is it just nature or is there some external reason.' [more]

    Avalanche following heavy snowfall kills 3 shepherds in Pakistan

    Seven to nine inches snow has been received in the areas. The locals said that people were confined to their houses. They said that they faced shortage of firewood and essential commodities. The temperature in the areas has dropped below minus 6 Celsius [~ 21 F]. [more]

    Two Indian Army personnel killed in avalanche on Siachen glacier

    Two personnel of the Indian Army were killed in an avalanche in Siachen glacier in Ladakh early on Saturday, PTI reported.

    On November 18, four Indian Army personnel and two civilians were killed in an avalanche in the northern part of the Siachen Glacier [more; so maybe stay off the glacier?]

    Mont Blanc avalanche: Two skiers die in accident on Italian Alps

    [quick note from the politi-sphere]
    Fruit of the poisonous tree: FISA alterations may pose significant trouble for the FBI

    Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz's anticipated report will reveal that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Application warrant was tampered with but the significance of that cannot be understated. It means that Horowitz's discovery will discredit the bureau's handling of its investigation into President Donald Trump's campaign and Russia during the 2016 presidential election and it could make any information discovered during the course of seeking approval for the FISA and after 'fruit of the poisonous tree," according to numerous sources who spoke to

    What we now know is that FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, allegedly altered an email that FBI officials used to prepare to seek court approval to renew the wiretaps on former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page, as first reported by the New York Times and verified by The extent of the alterations in the FISA application is still unknown but it was significant enough for Horowitz to refer Clinesmith to Connecticut Federal Prosecutor John Durham, who was appointed by Attorney General William Barr to investigate the origins of the FBI's handling of the probe.

    Durham's probe has also expanded to the CIA [more]

    [#4 below]

  4. Study Links Short-Term Air Pollution Exposure to Hospitalizations for Growing List of Health Problems

    The Harvard researchers focused on a tiny, troublesome air pollutant [PM 2.5] that comes primarily from vehicles, power plants and wildfires. [more]

    Vermont Doubles Down on Wood Burning, with Consequences for Climate and Health

    [no matter WHAT we do, humanity affects the biosphere]

    World’s Emissions Gap Is Growing, with No Sign of Peaking Soon, UN Warns

    'We need to catch up on the years in which we procrastinated,' said UNEP's Inger Andersen. 'If we do not do this, the 1.5°C goal will be out of reach before 2030.' [more]

    [always late to the party, we're either already AT 1.5 C above or OVER that measurement now]

    [this is an excellent short read]
    Warming toll: 1 degree hotter, trillions of tons of ice gone

    Plane crash kills nine, injures three in South Dakota

    A plane crash in the US state of South Dakota killed nine people, including two children, and injured three others on Saturday while a winter storm warning was in place, officials said.

    The Pilatus PC-12, a single-engine turboprop plane, crashed shortly after take-off approximately a mile from the Chamberlain airport, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said. [more]

    [Let's swim with the dolphins!]
    Dolphins drag British girl, 10, underwater during 'ethical' swimming experience in Mexico

    Two bottlenose dolphins dragged a frightened schoolgirl underwater and left her injured after a swimming experience with the animals went wrong. [more]

    [this should help . ..]
    Trump administration plan 'would cut food stamps for millions of people'

    Millions of poor people could lose access to vital food stamps under proposed rule changes by the Trump administration.

    New rules proposed by the Department of Agriculture (USDA) would see stricter work requirements for food stamp eligibility, and change the way 40 states enrol families into the programme, officially called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). [more]

    [fifth piece next]

  5. [from our recurring There Goes The Food section]
    (Almost) nothing can stop bacterium decimating Florida's oranges

    Florida farmers have observed, almost powerless, the spread of the huanglongbing bacterium ("yellow dragon disease" in Chinese), known worldwide as "HLB" and native to China. It was first reported in Florida in 2005, and has been conquering groves ever since. [more; another "gift" from China]

    At Least 2 American Tourists on Carnival Cruise Trip Dead, 5 Injured After Bus Crash in Belize

    Two Americans were killed and five others were injured during a bus crash in Belize this week, as they traveled in the country as part of a Carnival Cruise Line trip.

    [the bus was] traveling on a roadway in Belize in a passenger van when they collided head-on with a red SUV. [more; 2 vids]

    [big games are becoming problematic due to climate change]
    Evacuations in Philippines as typhoon threatens SEA Games

    The Philippines has begun evacuating thousands of people, local officials said Sunday, as a powerful typhoon rumbled in off the Pacific, bringing heavy rain, strong winds and threatening SEA Games venues.

    Forecasters expect Typhoon Kammuri to hit Monday evening or Tuesday morning, packing gusts of 170 kilometres (105 miles) per hour and maximum sustained winds of 140 kph. [more]
    Cow Aren't Killing the Planet: The Questionable Link Between Meat and Climate Change

    A key claim underlying these arguments holds that globally, meat production generates more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation sector. However, this claim is demonstrably wrong, as I will show. And its persistence has led to false assumptions about the linkage between meat and climate change. [more]

    As sea engulfs coastline, Indonesians pay high price to shield homes

    [last part below]

  6. [from our Possible Topplers list]
    2 Hikers Fall To Their Deaths In Utah's Arches National Park

    Two California visitors fell to their deaths while hiking to the Delicate Arch sandstone formation in Arches National Park.

    An unidentified 60-year-old woman and 65-year-old man were killed in the fall Friday into the lower bowl area next to the iconic arch, according to a statement from the Grand County Sheriff’s Office in Moab, Utah.

    A third Californian, a 30-year-old man, also fell and was injured. He was airlifted to Moab Regional Hospital.

    It wasn’t immediately clear why the three fell. [more]

    [from our Legal desk]
    ARCO is taking a fight over toxic-waste cleanup to the US Supreme Court

    The US Supreme Court will this week hear oral arguments in a high-stakes case about corporations, hazardous waste, and paying to clean up pollution. [more; you can guess what this is about - they don't want to have to pay to clean up their mess!]

    [last update on this, but the death toll will continue rising]
    Search ends for survivors of Albanian quake as death toll reaches 51

    [Let's Go To The Beach!]
    Million-gallon raw sewage leak shuts down miles of California coastline

    A broken pipe leaked more than a million gallons of raw sewage into the sea off the California coast, shutting down miles of Orange County beaches as authorities scrambled to fix it.

    The spill was first reported on Wednesday afternoon, and the source of the leak was later tracked down to a valve on a 24-inch city sewage main near the Aliso and Woods Canyon Wilderness Park.

    It forced the closure of beaches from Crystal Cove State Park in Newport Beach to Poche Beach at Dana Point.

    On Friday, six miles of beaches were re-opened.

    The remaining areas are still closed until testing shows the water is back to acceptable standards of cleanliness. [more]